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The Dr Michael H Sullivan School is a diverse learning community of students, families and
community partners whose mission is to provide a nurturing, safe and challenging learning
environment where children and adults are successful learners and responsible citizens.

Experience and research informs us that a cohesive team made up of students, parents and
teachers who work together collaboratively is one of the critical components that drives
students forward to reach set academic standards – any beyond. This team’s strength is
encouraged, fostered and maintained by its commitment to the PIP (Parent Involvement Plan);
designed purposefully to fortify the shared roles and responsibilities between family, student,
and the school to insure students’ highest academic performance.

STANDARD I: Parents and families are vital members of the Sullivan School Community.

Sullivan School offers its present and potential families a welcoming community, where parents
and family members are encouraged and supported in actively participating in the daily life of
the school by:

-   Welcoming all visitors as they enter Sullivan School
-   Encouraging and supporting parents to be active participants in their children’s education
-   Providing parents with access to multiple modes of communication with school staff and
    faculty, including phone, email and inclusive of interpreting and translating services as
    necessary and appropriate.
-   Utilizing the Family Service Coordinator to prevent and eliminate barriers to both
    communication and augment and foster participation daily in the school
-   Maintaining an “Open Door Policy”, where administration, staff and faculty are always
    accessible to parents and families
STANDARD II: Sullivan School employs many modes of communication to insure a “seamless
garment of support” with the ultimate goal of optimal student academic achievement.

-   Sullivan School website is maintained and updated regularly with schoolwide and classroom
    “pages”, and including a monthly school calendar
-   Classroom weekly and monthly newsletter in “hard copy” form to parents
-   Utilization of computerized phone call and email messaging for families to receive
    emergency and timely information (snow days, date reminders, etc)
-   Ongoing translation and interpreting services as necessary, pertinent
-   All staff, including principal, main office, special services and teachers maintain and supply
    email systems of communication for families

STANDARD III: Sullivan School utilizes multiple and ongoing programming that incorporate
parent involvement, supporting students’ academic success.

-   Extensive opportunities for parents to volunteer and involve themselves in the daily
    programming including library, tutoring, various and ongoing classroom activities, book
    fairs, the dental clinic, Field Day, Celebrate Sullivan Week, Staff Appreciation Day, Newport
    Public Education Foundation programming and celebrations
-    Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies Family events, held during the events hours
    during the course of the academic year. Additional culminating activities at the end of each
    21st Century Community Learning Center cluster (every 8 weeks)
-   Title I Parent mtgs (twice per year)
-   Volunteer organizations such as BOLD and VINE, and Raytheon Math Tutors, training
    parents and community members to support students academically through weekly, hour
    long, one-to-one practice and tutoring sessions
-   Incoming Kindergarten and Grade 5 (Thompson Middle School) orientation evenings
-   Extended School Day and Extended School Year programming for students (after school and
    during the summer) for remediation and enrichment, including “Homework Academy” four
    days per week

STANDARD IV: Sullivan School provides ongoing opportunities to increase parent
involvement, providing pertinent, timely and important information regarding instructional
programming and student achievement.

-   Title I Report Night (November)
-   School Report night (June)
-   Family Center “Dinner Conversations” monthly with topics designed specifically for parent
    interest and need (eg “Your child, ADHD and School Success”)
-   Twice yearly parent teacher conferences, held during afternoon and evening hours, also
    scheduled individually with parents with scheduling issues. Additionally, teachers avail
    themselves to parents throughout the course of the school year and after school by
    appointment with parents
-   Standards-based reports sent to parents four times per year, inclusive of NWEA,
    AIMSWeb, and IEP progress reporting

STANDARD V: Sullivan School provides many and different types of opportunities for parents
to participate in school-based decisionmaking. This allows for parents with varied interests
and comfort level to participate confidently, according to the nature of the decisionmaking
activity, including

-   Home – School Learning Compact
-   Parent Involvement Plan
-   Title I School Report Night
-   School Improvement Team
-   Friends of Sullivan School (PTO)
-   SurveyWorks annual survey
    and other decisionmaking committees, creating and developing after school academic and
    recreational programming (eg Spanish, Creative Movement, Double Dutch Jumprope, Yoga,
    Homework Academy, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, etc)

STANDARD VI: Sullivan School provides many informational resources for parents to become
more involved in the education of their children.

    -   District-based Parent Advisory Committee for families who have one or more children
        in Special Education. This group supports parents in advocating for their child in the
        Special Education system, knowing and using Procedural Safeguards, translation and
        interpreting services
    -   District-based ELL parents’ advisory committee. This group supports students and their
        families in regards to policies, procedures and programming within the ELL system,
        translation and interpreting services, and helps families to successfully navigate through
        the Pre-K to Grade 12 educational system.
    -    Create and maintain an atmosphere where parents are comfortable in the school
        building and with school staff so that they can explore existing and new vehicles and
       pathways to increase their awareness and level of participation in the school and in the
       education of their children, including a parent work room in the Family Center (housed
       within the school building) and with the Family Service Coordinator.

The Sullivan School Parent Involvement Policy, in concert with the Sullivan School Improvement
Plan, is reviewed annually by the Parent Involvement Committee, adhering to local, state and
federal guidelines and timelines.

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