Minutes of the Steering Committee

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                   Minutes of the Plenary Meeting
                              Thursday, June 11, 2009

                            EBMUD – Training Resource Center
                                 Phone: 1-866-206-0240
                                     ID No. 958410#
                                  9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

 Group 1:                                       Jeff Stephenson, SDCWA
Lisa Amaral, City of Roseville                  Scott Summerfield, East Bay MUD
Norma Armenta, Apple Valley Ranchos WC          Lori Swanson, San Diego County WA
Hossein Ashktorab, SCVWD                        Gail Tauchus, Sacramento County WA
Tim Barr, Western MWD of Riverside              Andy Walker, City of Fairfield
Rebecca Cassidy, California American Water      Alice Webb-Cole, MWDSC
Kyle Ericson, City of Folsom                    Melinda Weinrich, California American
Penny Falcon, LADWP                              Water
Len Fleckenstein, Santa Barbara County WA       David Wenslawski, City of Benicia
Andy Florendo, Solano County WA
Sharon Fraser, El Dorado Irrigation District    Group 2:
Julie Friedman, City of Sacramento              Juliet Christian-Smith, Pacific Institute
William Granger, Otay WD                        Heather Cooley, Pacific Institute
Dana Haasz, SFPUC                               Jim Metropulos, Sierra Club
Richard Harris, East Bay MUD                    Ed Osann, NRDC
Mike Hazinski, East Bay MUD
Pedro Hernandez, City of San Jose               Group 3:
Debbie Ivazes, City of Redwood City             Angela Anderson, Brown & Caldwell
Elena Layugan, Upper San Gabriel Valley MWD     Courtney Booth, Southwest Environmental
Matt Lyons, Long Beach Water Dept.              Mary Lou Cotton, Kennedy/Jenks
Harley Lukenbill, PCWA                           Consultants
Aerin Martin, City of Santa Cruz                Jack Hawks, California Water Association
Robert McLaughlan, NCWD                         David Isaacson, WaterWise Consulting
Lily Meyer, City of Vacaville                   Brian Lennon, Irrometer Co., Inc.
Gus Meza, West Basin MWD                        Bill Maddaus, Maddaus Water Mgmt.
Dan Muelrath, City of Santa Rosa                Tom Noonan, Ewing Irrigation
Tammie Myers, Park Water Company                Charlie Pike, Charlie Pike & Associates
Renee Olsen, DSRSD                              Beth Ross, Resource Solutions Group
Ken Payne, City of Folsom                       Erika Walther, Energy Solutions
Ben Pink, San Jose Water Company                Scott Warr, Rain Bird Corporation
Carrie Pollard, Sonoma County WA                Karyn Wathen, ShowerTime
Mario Remillard, Carlsbad MWD                   John Weber, Southwest Environmental
Alice Ringer, City of San Jose                  Bill Zingg, Kern Turf Supply, Inc.
Jarred Ross, City of Anaheim
Toby Roy, SDCWA
Patricia Saldivar, City of Anaheim
Fiona Sanchez, Irvine Ranch WD                   Staff/Other:
Maria Sharma, LADWP                              Wayne Blanchard, CUWCC
                                                 Chris Brown, CUWCC
Don Smith, City of Folsom                        Elizabeth Dougherty, Holy H20/ARCSA
Minutes of the Plenary Meeting
June 11, 2009
Page 2

Beth Ernsberger, CUWCC                             Anna Sutton, USBR
Marci Flores, CUWCC                                Dave Todd, DWR
Andrew Chastain-Howley, Mira Water                 Bryce White, USBR
Marsha Prillwitz, Consultant
Melinda Rogers, CUWCC
Babak Tondre, EcoHouse/Ecology Center

Elizabeth Gregory, USBR
Conference Call
Group 1:                                            Group 2:
Joe Berg, MWDOC                                     Marty Laporte, Stanford Utilities Dept.
Stephanie Pintar, Monterey Peninsula WMD            Ben Silverman, Rain Bird

Introductions, Announcements, Changes to Agenda
At 9:30 a.m. Convener Jim Metropulos called the meeting to order. Self-introductions
were made around the room. Fiona Sanchez commented that with two Polycoms in
the room, the echoing was a distraction (one was subsequently turned off). There
were no changes to the agenda or public comments.

Jim Metropulos announced the Group 3 table participants:
        •    Chris Manchuck – HydroPoint Data Systems
        •    Scott Warr - Rain Bird Corporation
        •    Dale Chesser - Southwest Environmental Inc.
        •    Glen Bowlin – Irrigation Association

Welcome by Host
Jim Metropulos introduced Dennis Diemer, EBMUD General Manager. Dennis thanked
everyone for coming to EBMUD, and congratulated everyone on the 10 year milestone
with the BMPs and the latest BMP Revisions. Dennis noted that EBMUD was in
mandatory rationing 18 years ago, and that in the last 3 years, two of those were
voluntary rationing and the last year was 15% mandatory rationing. In looking to the
future in attaining the Governor’s goal of 20% reduction by 2020, tools like automated
meter reading are going to enable EBMUD to reach this goal.

Host Presentation: AMI, Leak Detection, Water Smart Certification &
CII Guidebook – Richard Harris
Richard Harris presented slides on EBMUD’s AMI and Leak Detection (“Looking for
Savings in the Data”), and Water Smart Certification (“Water Smart Business
Certification Program”). Richard noted that Dave Wallenstein can give greater detail
if needed. A discussion was held and questions were asked.

Fiona Sanchez: Account management – Do you have the staff to manage the CII sector?
Minutes of the Plenary Meeting
June 11, 2009
Page 3

Richard: We have 10 staff.

Matt Lyons: You’re taking a real broad approach to this. Will you eventually present a
report to the membership?
Richard: EBMUD will present a paper to State and Federal agencies. Because of
monthly data analysis, we will report sooner than 18 months.

Mary Lou Cotton: How much collaboration with CII audits?
Richard: EBMUD has a referral program with PG&E and shares results with PUC.

Question: Of the systems piloted, data analysis capability?
Richard: Meter data management systems – Dave Wallenstein is the expert.             A
server/software vendor is keeping the data.

Question: What’s the battery life?
Richard: The manufacturers claim 20 years. No data to back it up. First generation
lasted 3-4 years.

Question: Is it a standalone product?
Richard: The AMI is now standalone, but with a future grant, will install them into the
Blackhawk area (Danville). An online tutorial, a hard copy, and training will be

Question: Is CII included in the Tool Box?
Richard: 80% residential; 20% schools, Starbuck’s, strip malls

Adoption of Consent Calendar – Metropulos/Brown
Hossein Ashktorab moved and Elena Layugan seconded the approval of the Consent
Calendar as proposed, including the draft March 12, 2009 Plenary meeting minutes.
All agreed, none opposed, motion carried.

Introduction of New Signatories - Metropulos
The following agencies were introduced as new signatories and members of the
Council by Jim Metropulos and were each given a 15th anniversary glass and a
Council lapel pin.
        •    Norma Armenta, Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company - Group 1
        •    Bill Zingg, Kern Turf Supply, Inc. – Group 3
        •    Karyn Wathen, ShowerTime – Group 3

The following were introduced as new signatories and members of the Council;
however a representative was not in attendance:
        •    Raymond Kincy, Arvin Community Services District – Group 1
        •    Robert Edwards, City of Indio/Indio Water Authority – Group 1
Minutes of the Plenary Meeting
June 11, 2009
Page 4

        •    Dan Madden, City of Turlock – Group 1
        •    Ryan Arroyo, – Group 3
        •    Jeff Smith, Natural By Design – Group 3
        •    Glenn Sheargold, Sustainable Solutions International – Group 3
        •    Holly Macriss, Western Carwash Association – Group 3

Executive Director’s Report - Brown
Chris Brown presented slides:
        •    GPCD
             o Explained calculations and options included.
             o If chosen, adjust targets based on ET and rainfall, and report every 2 years.
        •    20x2020
             o Workshops are over, with more than 58 comment letters received.
             o The final initial plan is due in July (numbers will be refined over time).
             o The stakeholder input will be incorporated.
             o The recommendations in the final report are focused on Landscape and on
                system water losses.
             o Council recognized with success of BMP process and recommend universal
                adoption by all California utilities of the BMPs (regulatory, statutory, voluntary)
             o Without improved data collection and analysis, this won’t be possible.
        •    CEC Irrigation Standards
             o Work has begun.
             o Mandated under AB 1881.
             o Considering controllers (affects all fixtures impacted through irrigation), rain
                and soil moisture sensors, pressure regulation, check valves.
             o June 30 is the next workshop, the formal regulatory process will follow.
        •    New Standards
             o Greywater Standards are in formal regulatory process.
        •    Smart Rebates
             o Lots of enthusiasm for agency funding, despite the DWR Stop Work Order.
             o More than 700 rebates issued for about a quarter of the budget.
        •    CUWCC Workshops
             o More than 100 attendees at the Cost Effectiveness, Flex Track & BMP
                Implementation, and CII workshops.
        •    Upcoming Council Workshops
             o Water Conservation Coordinator Training later this month in Marin.
             o Flex Track & BMP Implementation Workshop at MWDSC on July 9 in Los Angeles
                and at SDCWA on July 14 in San Diego (co-hosted by Kennedy/Jenks
             o Water Loss Workshop (BMP 1.2) at the City of Roseville on July 16.
             o CII Workshop at the City of Otay on July 22-23, Bill Hoffman is the presenter.
             o Wastewater Avoided Cost Model Workshop on July 28 (Moulton Niguel) and July
                29 (City of Pittsburg), Gary Fisk and Tom Chestnut are the presenters.
        •    New Initiatives
             o Steering Committee adopted an underwriting policy for the Water Saver Home
                website for banner ads and a web listing service with feedback.
Minutes of the Plenary Meeting
June 11, 2009
Page 5

             o   A water conservation newsletter will be launched; and Group 3 member
                 workshop sponsorships. Potential revenue could cover the cost of a third web
                 staff position.
        •    Office News
             o Council will be moving to a less expensive location downtown.
             o Many Council publications are now clearance priced.
             o Maria had a baby girl, Malia.
        •    BMP Resources
             o The BMP Reporting database upgrade process will follow the work of the BMP
                 database committee.
             o Volunteers are encouraged to contact Beth Ernsberger, the next meeting will
                 be in July.
             o Residential, Landscape, and Education guidebooks are underway, CII and Utility
                 Operations will soon follow.
             o Recruitment of a co-chair for the Landscape Committee is currently being
                 sought – please contact Chris Brown or Joe Berg.

Greywater – Babak Tondre, EcoHouse/Ecology Center
Babak Tondre presented slides and noted the following URLs:

Weather Based Irrigation Controllers – EBMUD & MWDSC
Chris Brown announced Alice Webb-Cole of MWDSC and Scott Sommerfeld of EBMUD.

Alice Webb-Cole presented slides of the “Statewide Smart Irrigation Controller
Project” and noted that it was the largest statewide study done that was grant
funded by the state.

Scott Sommerfeld reviewed the Nor Cal WSIC Grant – WBIC. A discussion was held and
questions were asked.

Question: Did you require a catch can test before installation?
Scott: No, they didn’t want to intimidate users.

Question: What are the ongoing costs to consumers?
Scott: $50/year residential for readers.

Question: Will there by a survey of satisfaction with the Smart Controller?
Scott: It will be posted on the CUWCC website at a later time.

Chris Brown made an announcement for ballot collection during lunch.
Minutes of the Plenary Meeting
June 11, 2009
Page 6

Lunch/Networking/Group 3 Exhibits (12:20 p.m. - 1:10 p.m.)
Counting of ballots (GPCD Compliance Option)

Announcement of Election Results - Brown
Chris Brown announced the GPCD Compliance Option election results:

Proposed Changes – Terms:                 Proposed Changes – Exhibits:
Section 3.2 YES                           EXHIBIT 1 YES

Presentation on Proposed BMP 3 Revision – Metropulos/Chastain-Howley
Jim Metropulos reviewed BMP 3 history, BMP 1.2 proposal highlights, and noted that
Attachment #7 was voted on at the Steering Retreat and was up for a vote at the next
Plenary meeting in Santa Barbara.

Andrew Chastain-Howley reviewed oversized reporting worksheets (easier to read),
examples for Philadelphia and Canada. Andrew noted that BMP 1.2 is the base and
software version 4 is on the website at
Andrew presented slides of “Water Loss BMP 1.2”. A discussion was held and
questions were asked.

Question: What’s the cost of moving through the grading matrix?
Andrew: We don’t have the data for that (the different levels).

Question: Will there be training for using this software for the operations staff?
Andrew: There will be ongoing workshops and a Webinar in about a year.

Question: What’s the difference between the new M36 Manual and the last?
Andrew: The new M36 Manual is very different, about 2/3 of the manual is different.

Jim Metropulos thanked members of the PAC and Steering Committee for their
participation – Ed Osann, Richard Harris, Otis Wollan, Matt Lyons, Joe Berg, and

Attachment #7 will be used as a draft for the 60-day comment period and will be
voted on at the next Plenary meeting in Santa Barbara on September 16.
Minutes of the Plenary Meeting
June 11, 2009
Page 7

Proposed Bylaws Changes – Board of Directors - Metropulos
Jim Metropulos reviewed the process of changing the Bylaws for clarity. Attachment
#8 will be voted on at the Plenary meeting in September. No comments from those in

Smart from Start Landscape Designs – Prillwitz/Erickson
Marsha Prillwitz presented slides and introduced Melissa Erickson of DC&E (present)
and Sarah Sutton of DC&E (not present).

Legislation Update - Brown
Chris Brown presented slides:
       • AB 408 Saldana – low impact developments (dead bill for this year)
       • AB 460 Anderson – water softeners (dead bill for this year)
       • SB 261 Dutton – 20% conservation target (may be merged with, but not identical to SB 460)
       • SB 460 Wolk – 20% conservation target (may be merged with, but not identical to SB 261)
       • SB 736 Pavley – resource consumption fee (dead bill for this year)

Convener Jim Metropulos adjourned the meeting at 2:50 p.m.

Next Steering Committee Meeting: August 13 at SDCWA (San Diego)
Next Plenary Meeting: September 16 in Santa Barbara

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