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1           Company Details

2.          Introduction

3.          Mission Statement

4.          Vision

5.          Policy

6.          Objectives

7.          Social Responsibility

8.          Equity Status

9.          Management Structure

10.         Communication and Supervision

11.         Conclusion

0|P a g e            ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’
1.          DETAILS


SNPRP Security Services CC (hereafter SNPRP Security) is duly registered Close
Corporation with CK 2005/132914/23. It is also accredited and registered with Private
Security Industry Regulatory Act with SIRA number 1380292

COID number 1028/984/1970


SNPRP Security Services is a registered provisional tax payer with income tax number

VAT No. : 4360237152

The company is a registered UIF payer with UIF number 1683891/5

G.S.S.C VENDOR NO. 1100031496

1|P a g e       ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’

PHYSICAL ADDRESS                                                                  POSTAL ADDRESS
155 Louis Botha Ave.                                                              155 Louis Botha Ave.
FELLSIDE                                                                           FELLSIDE
Johannesburg                                                                       Johannesburg
2192                                                                               2192

Tel: (011) 483 3388

Fax: (011) 483 3388

1st Person Contact Name                  :              Sibangani Msipha
1 Person Contact Number                  :              083 373 5394

E-mail                                   :    

2|P a g e      ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’
Letter from the company C.E.O.

Dear Client:

The South African Criminal Statistics: In the long war against crime are exceptionally qualified human
resources who identify with their mission. The human factor is augmented by investing in training,
technology and continued education. Simply stated, the South African security experience proves that
when security issues are dealt with as a top priority, damage as a result of crime is greatly mitigated and
people feel less threatened. Reaching this state of readiness requires knowledge, practical training,
simulation of unusual situations and mental toughness.

Today's security threats require serious responses by professionals to ensure that your facility does not
present itself as a weak-link and a target of opportunity. Beyond guarding precious human life and
valuable property, I take pride in providing a SENSE of SECURITY, a priceless and often elusive
commodity. I established my company because I was not thrilled with the quality of security services that
were available for hire on the market. I decided to offer a better service by drawing on my experience of
more than fifteen years in the industry and my networking with the members of the SAPS and local
security specialists. It is therefore my personal mission to ensure that we hire exceptionally qualified
security personnel, employ only seasoned supervisory staff and focus on clients that have reasons to be
concerned about their vital interests.

I trust that you understand, and appreciate the fact that premium security service cannot, and will not,
compete on the basis of the lowest bid price. I take pride in our services and trust that you will join a
growing list of clients that have come to recognize that cost difference between exceptional security and
average security is well worth the service and PEACE OF MIND that comes when SNPRP Security
Services is on the job.
Thank You for considering SNPRP Security Services.

Sibangani Msipha,

3|P a g e         ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’
2.          INTRODUCTION

SNPRP Security Services is a leader in high quality security personal (armed and
unarmed) offering, innovative surveillance, access control systems, and expert
consulting. Our management consists of seasoned professionals who are experienced in
security planning for both the South African government and private sectors e.g. Mines
,town house complex’s ,banks, Hospitals etc. . The company's executive, operational
management and senior consultants are well experienced personnel in the security
industry of South Africa and have proven track records.

We fully understand the threats and risks when implementing security solutions. Our
security personal are registered with PSIRA according to the South African security labor
laws and we provide our security personal with basic training in self defense and first aid.

SNPRP delivers effective solutions to combat any criminal or security elements. We have
gone to great lengths to insure a superior level of professionalism, discretion and
confidentiality. The success of SNPRP Security Services is based on tailoring solutions
and meeting our client’s specific requirements at the point of their need. Our principles
insure that our securities personal provide our clients with the best service possible.


           We strive to be innovative, diverse and professional.
           To Understand and work together with all races, tribes and ethnic groups.
           To be reliable and competent at all times.
           To insure the safety of all our clients and customers.


 A zero tolerance approach to risk, corruption discrimination and crime.
 Effective sourcing, training and criminal checks of security personnel.e.g.Identity
  documents, polygraph tests, finger print checks with the SAPS etc.
 Non-discriminatory equitable recruitment of company personnel in terms of minority,
  gender, disability, race, ethnic, religion as well as HIV and AIDS status.
 To provide an effective and prompt service to all our clients.

4|P a g e          ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’

SNPRP is committed to providing employment for all South Africans and to insure safety
for all clients.

We are aware that illiteracy and poverty have contributed to crime in South Africa .Our
quality of Service comes from our commitment and experience of both office and field
personal. We take pride in providing an excellent service and having recorded a zero
incident ratio during the South African FIFA World Cup.

SNPRP Security Services takes pride in its role as a participant in the provision of
quality service to all community members, employees and patrons who frequent those
sites in which we provide security services. During an emergency our highest priority is
to provide safety first for the people on the premises. We have dedicated personnel from
the South African fire brigade and police service who from years of working together
have volunteered in providing their expertise in tailoring training courses for both
business and private sectors. For the business sector our Fire and security certificates
insures our graduate can attend to any emergency. E.g. Nandos stores, South City Capital,
Investec and brick manufacturing firm South Africa Block.
Our Goals

     To recognize that the primary purpose of our organization is not only the skillful
            enforcement of our mandate, but the delivery of humanitarian services that
            encourage community harmony.

     To understand that we must maintain a level of professional competence that
            ensures our safety and that of the public without compromising the constitutional
            guarantees of any person.

5|P a g e          ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’
      To base our decisions and actions on ethical as well as practical perspectives and
            to accept responsibility for the consequences.

      To foster a collaborative relationship with the various levels of Clients,
            Management while assisting in providing the best possible private security

      To strive for innovation, yet remain prudent in sustaining our fiscal health through
            the wise use of resources

      To never tire of our duty, never shrink from the difficult tasks and never lose sight
            of our own humanity.

4.          VISION

To take a supreme leading role in taking Security solutions in South Africa to greater
heights, proffering transformational change to protect our clients and secure premises.
                                 “enabling a safer environment to all RSA citizens”

5.          POLICY

The backbone to our culture of operations is our business ethics policy. It describes the
Company’s core standards, and must be adopted by all employees as a minimum
standard. It is published quarterly and made available to all sites and incorporated into
employment contracts wherever applicable. This policy is also a living document. It is
reviewed regularly, to ensure it continues to reflect our business model and areas of
operation, and issued to all senior managers and executives. Adherence to the policy is
monitored regularly and reviewed annually as part of our compliance processes. Senior
managers are asked to reaffirm their personal commitment to it every year

6|P a g e          ‘ S N P R P    S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’

                We ensure a high visibility so as to deter any criminal elements and to
                   provide our clients with peace of mind 24 hrs.

We ensure a conducive working and home environment for our clients providing ease,
minimum interruption and disruption.

The following will be supportive of the above policy objectives in a direct or indirect
      SNPRP shall maintain a non discrimination policy.
      Recruitment and selection to consider fair representation at all levels and
            appointments on merit.
      SNPRP shall enforce a skills development strategy based on ever changing
            market and employment requirements.
      Management of performance of all employees at all levels through clinical
            supervision to ensure effectiveness and adherence to company policy.
      Harassment practices to be identified and acted upon promptly.
      Co-operate social investment projects to be accompanied by all new business

We believe in being pro-active, responsive, and customer centered. To accomplish these
objectives, we attend our local home community and business forums. Where our main
focus is in addressing the Security risks and operations in our communities or business
and in understanding the needs. Although we know that no solution is full-proof, our
experience over the years has taught us that prevention is better than a cure and therefore
we advise our clients to install our latest security equipment which will ensure maximum
protection and surveillance in real time. Our qualified technical teams are always
working around the clock and maintaining all equipment installed 24hrs.e.g. CCTV
cameras ,electric fencing ,alarm systems ,biometrics’ systems etc. ,

7|P a g e          ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’
We believe that where they are security risks or problems it’s mostly because of human
error, faulty equipment and finance. Because safety and security comes first our
consultants are qualified and trained to provide our clients with a professional solution
for any situation that may occur. Offering years of experience and working together with
our clients, most of our guarding sites have recorded a zero crime ratio in incidents.

24hr Guarding

Our guarding department has grown over the past few years and our secret has been
employing individuals with proper documentation. Our vetting process is conducted by
our HR department and working together with the SAP ensures all staff personal undergo
an extensive criminal check. Furthermore our training programs have seen us produce
highly experienced, reliable, proactive and professional security personal.

24hr Armed Response

All our response officers are trained in SWAT (special weapons and tactics) and in basic
first aid .We endeavor to respond and assist in any emergency e.g. fire ,medical ,hostage
& ambush situations ,burglary ,armed robberies etc.

Our state of the art response centers are fitted with technology that enables our response
officers to attend to an emergency in the smallest time possible. Trained in basic fire arm
use and self defense our officers can handle any situation .To also protect our clients
effectively we encourage them to test the security equipment twice a month and to
contact our technical support for assistance 24hrs .We however only provide response in
areas were our vehicles are visible. Our operations department can provide information
on the areas we are providing response and future areas for response.

We are in the process of being one of the first Security Company with an onboard CCTV
unit that will be able to detect a heat signature from any building, vehicle or natural
enclosure. Our officers will be able to see any activity in the evening from an onboard
computer without exiting the vehicle.


The Company management is responsible for ensuring that SNPRP policy objectives,
fundamental principles as well as company standards are adhered to. Business

8|P a g e      ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’
management in every aspect shall bear the policy objectives in mind and are to be
considered before any other alternative.


SNPRP Security Services plays an important role in society. We make a difference by
helping people to operate in a safe and secure environment where they can thrive and

Our size and scale means we touch the lives of a considerable number of people across
South Africa .We have a duty and desire to ensure we make a positive impact on the
people and communities in which we work.

As one of South Africa’s security employers, we have a responsibility to ensure that our
employees are cared for and are given every opportunity to develop and flourish as a
result of being part of SNPRP Security Services.

Integrity is one of the company’s core values - being a responsible business partner,
employer, customer and supplier is an important part of our strategy and forms an
essential foundation on which we carry out our business.

We have made significant progress in implementing our Customer Satisfaction Strategy
and are committed to our long-term CSS goals.

We manage our business in a way that protects communities, the environment, our
people, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders and creates sustainable long-term
partnerships, built on trust and respect.

Different communities across South Africa face different challenges in there societies and
social structures. With operations in different locations, we are very aware of the many
worthy causes and projects which deserve our support and are much dependent on our

9|P a g e       ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’
Our general strategy is for our business units to support local programs and charities
which reflect the issues faced by their local communities. Therefore, SNPRP Security
Services shall provide funding, volunteers and services to a broad range of organizations
in the communities in which our employees live and work as we grow and expand the
common denominator (RESOURCES).

We feel this will benefit our communities and create brand loyalty.

Programs that have been targeted by the company in future include HIV & AIDS,
Education, Social welfare and Children’s homes.

SNPRP Security Services aims to create a real impact on a national scale. We strive to
assist the communities we protect and in doing so our employees are encouraged to play
an active role in supporting charitable and community projects in their local area. The
welfare of our employees is of paramount importance to us.

8.         EQUITY STATUS
         SNPRP Security Services is a one member founded and owned close cooperation
         with owning of 100 percent of the organization.


                                                                                                                                                          Male Black
                                                                                                                                                          Female Black
                                                                                                                                                          Male White
                                                                                                                                                          Female White

10 | P a g e      ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’

SNPRP Security Services is directed by a management board of five individuals which is
the Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Director, the Non-Executive Director and
other members sit.

The pie chart below is an illustration of company directorship.


                                                                        Board Male

                              Board Female

NB. SNPRP fully subscribes to the policy on woman empowerment, affording them
(women) business opportunities available, hence 80% of women to 20% of men are on
the company helm of directorship. The company believes that women must be given
enough leadership space so that they as well demonstrate their capabilities and

11 | P a g e    ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’
The pie chart below is an illustration of the company supreme decision making board.

                                               Decision Making
                                     0%                                                              0%



Comment on above
60% of women to 40% of men sit in the decision making board of the company. The
company acknowledges the ability by women to making meaningful contribution to the
growth of the company hence the above scenario.

12 | P a g e   ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’
                                                           Chief Executive


      Resources                     Accountant                                      Finance Director

      Operations                                                                           Finance                                             Marketing
                                          Accounts Clerk
       Manager                                                                             Manager                                             Manager

    Customer                                                                                   Pay & Records
 Service Manager                                                                                   Admin


        Security Officers

13 | P a g e      ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’
Chief Executive Officer- S.MSIPHA
SNPRP Security Services was founded in 2005 by Mr. Sibangani Msipha a visionary
entrepreneur who has extensive experience in the local security industry dating over 10
years and has passionately worked for various companies including Vodacom and
Namitech as a manager for 8 years. He has a proven track record that is second to none.
His entrepreneurship journey began in 2004 when he and the other black compatriots
took up, the challenge of establishing and competing with other security companies
Together they formed Magwegwe Security and Training academy which rose above the
ranks within 8 months.
In 2005, Mr. Msipha decided to open his own company SNPRP Security Services.
Mr. Sibangani Msipha decided to personally contribute to employment creation in the
industry that had served him so well over the years.

Gugulethu Nyathi
Financial Manager: -
Gugulethu is a young lady who graduated at Damelin Institute in 2007. She holds a
Diploma in Accounting, and currently studying towards a certificate in Security Studies
with University of South Africa. She worked as an Accounts clerk soon after her
graduation with leading chain stores. Her attachment with financial institutions during her
studies equipped her with invaluable experience to acknowledge what the real world
looks like.
She is a very self motivated lady driven by the passion to succeed. Quality and results
define her wisdom in the implementation of all universally accepted financial and
accounting standards.

14 | P a g e    ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’
Philile Mhlanga
Human Resources: -
She joined the company in May 2009 bringing to the company the experience and
qualities that she has attained in her previous employments. Mhlanga worked as a sales
manager for a number of years including a leading chain store OK Furniture, gaining
good practice on people’s skills. As from 2002 she worked for several companies in the
United Kingdom as a social worker, gained her senior position after she completed all her
National Vocational Levels (NVQS), which are a national requirement. Has full
knowledge and understanding of the importance of human rights, Labor laws, etc. Her
duties involve screening and recruitment of people with good skills, qualifications, as
well as confident in the work that they are hired to do. She is also responsible for staff
training, refresher courses, to make sure that the service we deliver is of good standard.
She monitors the compilation of staff appraisals, staff development in terms of their

Tshuma Leon
Marketing Director: -

Had been in the marketing for a long time as a freelancer in the marketing for a variety of
companies. This has given him valuable experience and expertise on marketing
diversified products.

15 | P a g e    ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’
Gift M. Nyathi
Operations Manager: -
Mr. Nyathi has worked in the security industry for more than 5yrs kick starting his career
as a security officer. His studies saw him rise through the ranks up to the time he was
promoted to his current posts. He has worked for Claw Security Services since 2003
where he gained the much needed experience until he joined the company in 2008 and
combining it with his burning desire to succeed, it was not long before he completed his
Diploma in Security Studies with Intec College through distance learning. He is currently
registered with the Institute for Security Studies.

Mkosi Emmanuel Msipho
Mkosi Msipha supervises all junior staff for adherence to company principles, policies
and is in charge of all deployments. He has vast experience having worked for a number
of security companies in South Africa. He has worked as Prison Warder at Pretoria
Correctional Institution for 2 years and he brings this experience to the company. He has
shown great maturity towards all assigned duties.


SNPRP Security Services has established effective internal communication channels
which ensure that all levels of services provision are in a convenient position to interact
with all levels of management and administration.
Areas of supervision are clearly defined and form part of orientation at any given
recruitment period. SNPRP Security Services believes in an open door policy with its
employees. Labour related issues are addressed at all company level.

16 | P a g e    ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’
The company has professional marketing and communication arm, which ensure that the
external communication obligations with its clientele are effectively serviced. A
communication platform is put in place with each and every client, to ensure that service
delivery is enhanced to the last detail of client` s requirements.
Management site visits forms the core of our clients. Supervisory daily visits to all
sites are compulsory to duty supervisors and area managers. Their visits are recorded in
the occurrence books that are kept in every site and therefore can be inspected at any time
by the client.

11.            REFERENCES
The success story of the company from the day it was formed. Below is list of completed
and current projects:
Cooperate Projects
South Africa Block

SA block is a brick manufacturing group of companies which include Clinker Supplies.
SNPRP Security Services has been providing services since November 2008 and has
scored a first. The client has had an incident free environment from the time when we
began our operations. SA Block is located in the Free State province in VAAL.

17 | P a g e       ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’
Government Projects

SNPRP successfully completed the provision of security services at Klipspruit West in
Soweto under the supervision of Johannesburg Property Company. The project was
completed in October 2009.

Private Projects
Nandos Chicken Land
The company has provided security services to Nandos CBD shops since 2007. Another
milestone has been reached with the food chain scoring yet another first for a growing
company. We are now experienced ion retail security.
Residential & Business Buildings
Among our current projects, we unflinchingly claim to be the best in our league having
been contracted to a number of properties such as ADPROP Property Managers,
Landsgate Property Developers. We have in the past provided services to Trafalgar

11.        CONCLUSION
Our Mission Statement, Vision and company policies as well as sound managerial
structures remain the corner stone of SNPRP Security Operations. We thrive to be
counted amongst the best amid challenges that are synonymous with young and growing
companies. We are guided everyday by the above attributes for a professional customer
centered service delivery, hence our ever growing reputation and recognition in the
industry. We have a motivating vision that shall propel us to greater heights and even
beyond. We urge you to make that wise decision, and consider SNPRP Security Services.

18 | P a g e   ‘ S N P R P   S e c u r i t y   S e r v i c e s , m y   c h o i c e ,   y o u r   c h o i c e ,   e v e r y o n e ’ s   c h o i c e ’

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