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LNG • Ethylene • LPG • Process • Storage • Marine
G B S • F E E D • P M C • E P C • Ta n k I n t e g r i t y & R e v a l i d a t i o n
Whessoe is a market leader in designing
and building low temperature and cryogenic
storage and handling facilities. Committed
to fulfilling client needs, we offer cutting-edge
design and engineering expertise, based on
over 40 years continuous experience in the
hydrocarbon and petrochemical industries.

Our engineers are renowned for their skills in providing
technically and commercially strong project solutions, from
concept, scoping studies and FEED, through to full EPC,
commissioning and project completion. In addition, we offer
tank integrity, revalidation and life extension services.

With over 100 years international contracting experience,
Whessoe has the capability to deliver on all five continents.
& Commissioning
Overview                                                   life extension services, through to full development
As a well established, vastly experienced and multi-       and build of new green field LNG import terminals.
disciplined contractor, Whessoe combines proven            Our main focus is on high integrity, quality assured
technology, quality and safety with global capabilities    systems and structures for cryogenic and low
in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and              temperature service, including LNG, ethane, ethylene,
Commissioning (EPC&C) to deliver comprehensive and         propylene, LPG and ammonia. We have been
value-engineered solutions to clients in the               responsible for more than 120 cryogenic and ambient
hydrocarbon, petrochemical and energy industries.          storage projects on all five continents, including:
Whessoe has an engineering and contracting pedigree        •   6 LNG terminals
dating back over 200 years. Over the last 40 years, we     •   17 LNG tanks
have developed specialist expertise in the storage and     •   32 LPG tanks
handling of liquefied gases in cryogenic, low              •   26 ethylene tanks and their associated
temperature and pressurised forms.                             process facilities.
From our UK base, we combine our experience in
                                                           Health, safety, quality and
Project, Contracting and Risk Management with
sound engineering and design skills to offer clients a     environmental priorities
single focal point for the completion of their             Whessoe’s policy statements show our commitment
project requirements.                                      to H&S for our workforce, the public and our clients’
                                                           operational personnel, through good engineering
Comprehensive knowledge and                                practices within CDM guidelines, and the
                                                           implementation of proven and well developed H&S
capability around the globe                                management plans.
Our engineers are renowned for their skills in
providing technically and commercially strong project      We are equally committed to providing engineering
solutions, based on their involvement in the value         and construction solutions which carefully consider
engineering process developed through experience           any potential environmental impacts, and we
with, and responsibility for, full EPC projects.           incorporate aspects of sustainability within
                                                           our operations.
Whessoe is able to take a project through the full life
cycle, from concept, scoping studies and front end         With handling potentially harmful or dangerous liquids
engineering design (FEED), through to full EPC,            and gases, it is imperative that we meet the
commissioning and readiness for operation, as              appropriate quality standards in our work to ensure
principal contractor or in a PMC role.                     the safe and long-term operation of our
                                                           engineered facilities.
We use our widely recognised expertise to undertake
contracts from existing tank integrity, revalidation and
PROJECT MANAGEMENT                                            providers. We carry out competitive bidding and
The ability to control and manage a project through           negotiate long-term agreements to obtain competitive
all of its phases is critical, and Whessoe has accredited     prices for materials and services, to ensure delivery of
quality systems and procedures in place to assist             materials and equipment within the project schedule
the process.                                                  timeframe and to meet construction requirements.
Whether the requirement is for the collation and
assessment of data for a feasibility study, the
management of an EPC turnkey project or the                   Our experienced construction managers and engineers
provision of a PMC team, we have the capability and           work closely with the engineering and procurement
experience to deliver.                                        functions to ensure that constructability,
                                                              modularisation, logistics and safety are fully
                                                              considered in the design and supply process.
                                                              Whessoe can utilise its experience to develop robust
Whessoe can provide a full engineering service to our
                                                              construction execution strategies and work with
clients from concept through to fully detailed design.
                                                              partners, sub-contractors and suppliers to maintain a
As a full EPC contractor, all our designs start with the
                                                              commitment to a safe project delivery.
determination of an appropriate execution
philosophy to establish a suitable configuration and          Construction procedures, methods, build sequences,
construction methodology and procurement strategy.            schedules and guidelines have been developed and are
                                                              continuously improved through our worldwide
Taking into account location, topography, weather,
                                                              experience as a Construction Contractor and
local facilities, logistics, process safety, and associated
                                                              Subcontract Manager. This experience has also enabled
codes and standards, we provide an engineering
                                                              us to build up a strong awareness of the major risks
solution and execution plan that addresses the full
                                                              associated with construction, and to implement
project criteria for our clients.
                                                              measures to reduce them through design,
Our Engineering Group covers project, process, piping,        modularisation, standard construction method
instrument, electrical, mechanical, equipment and             statements and specific risk assessments.
civil/structural disciplines, with a specialist technical
services section responsible for welding, tankage, NDE        COMMISSIONING
coatings and insulation.                                      Whessoe’s experience in dealing with cryogenic and
We use the latest engineering and design techniques,          low temperature liquids means that we ensure that
utilising industry standard software, both procured           cool down and commissioning philosophies are
and proprietary, backed up by knowledge gained from           incorporated within the basic design of our tanks
previous projects and coupled with fabrication,               and plants.
construction, testing and commissioning experience to         We have developed a controlled process via our
provide true, cost-effective and safe designs.                database for mechanical completion, pre-
                                                              commissioning, cool down, commissioning and
PROCUREMENT                                                   performance testing to ensure the safe commissioning
Whessoe’s expertise spans the entire supply chain,            of projects. This expertise is also utilised for de-
from sourcing, purchasing and transportation logistics        commissioning existing tanks and plants for
to inventory control, inspection and quality assurance.       revalidation and their subsequent re-commissioning.
Each and every product and service we use has
to comply with our demanding quality and                      WHESSOE – A SINGLE FOCAL POINT FOR
safety requirements.                                          DELIVERY OF YOUR PROJECT
Over the years, we have developed strong relationships
with key industry suppliers, manufacturers and service
Whessoe FEED
& Technology
For the development of LNG, LPG and refrigerated
gas storage and handling facilities

What we do:                                                   Expertise across the full range
•   Pre-feasibility and scoping studies                       of front end spectrum
•   Feasibility studies
•   Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
•   FERC application support for U.S. based LNG projects
•   Technology development.                                            Pre-Feasibility/Scoping Studies

Why we add value:                                                         Feasibility/FERC Studies
• We are fundamentally an EPC company with a core
  business of successfully designing and building terminals                          FEED               Level of
  and storage facilities for the oil and gas industry                                                  Definition
• We exploit our knowledge, substantial experience,
  strong engineering skills and commercial and                                       EPC
  economic awareness gained in executing EPC
  projects, and utilise this in our Front End business
  to achieve economic results
• We are motivated and flexible, offering our services
  across a wide range of diverse projects in terms of         Recent experience/track record
  size and technical complexity
• We work closely with our clients to ensure their            Pre-feasibility/scoping studies
  requirements are met.                                       •   Dragon LNG terminal at Milford Haven, UK
                                                              •   Isle of Grain LNG terminal upgrade, UK
Our capabilities:                                             •   Browse LNG tank concepts, Australia
• Concept definition and development                          •   Mashal LNG terminal, Karachi Port, Pakistan.
• Process design from initial concept through to detail
  design phase
• Plant layout and optimisation
• Storage tank specialists
• Equipment selection, specification and optimisation
• Civil and structural design
• Seismic design specialists
• Technical services including material selection,
  welding, painting and insulation systems
• Process SHE including HAZID, HAZOP, SIL
  assessment, risk assessment, dispersion modelling,
  fire and gas detection systems and ESD systems
• Instrumentation and control systems design
• Electrical systems design
• Piping system design.

Who we work for:
Independent developers, global oil and gas companies,
national utilities, investors and major contractors.

Innovation                                                    Dragon LNG terminal – from concept to construction;
                                                              workscope included pre-FEED study for complete

& Excellence                                                  terminal, indicative cost estimate and project schedule,
                                                              and support during permitting application process.
Feasibility studies
•   Icthys modular LNG storage, Australia
•   Guangdong LNG terminal, China
•   Jiangsu LNG terminal, China
•   Zhuhai LPG terminal upgrade, China
•   Ratnagiri revival (formerly Dhabol LNG terminal),
•   Lebanon LNG terminal
•   CMS LNG, offshore GBS LNG terminal, Gulf of Mexico
•   Taiwan LNG terminal
•   GASCO LPG plant conversion, UAE
•   Refrigerated LPG tank revalidation and life
    extension, BP Grangemouth, UK.
FERC application full terminal scope, U.S.
• Cameron LNG, Louisiana – first FERC application for
  LNG terminal for over 20 years
• Bradwood Landing LNG, Oregon
• UGI Temple, Pennsylvania
• Calais LNG, Maine.
FERC application storage tank scope, U.S.
•   Golden Pass LNG, Texas
•   Pascagoula LNG, Texas
•   Downeast LNG, Maine
•   Sparrows Point LNG, Maryland.
•   Hackberry LNG (Cameron), Louisiana, U.S.             Modular LNG tanks, Adriatic LNG - from concept
•   Costa Azul LNG, Baja, Mexico                         to construction.
•   Liongas, Netherlands
•   Manzanillo LNG storage tanks, Mexico for Samsung.      against rival technologies.
                                                         • Selected technology in FEED competition for
Technology                                                 Adriatic LNG (ALNG) project
Modular LNG tank                                         • Licensee from ExxonMobil for the modular tank technology
                                                         • EPC contractor responsible for the detail design,
• Member of original concept design team brought
                                                           procurement, fabrication, installation, testing and
  together by Mobil in 1996
                                                           commissioning of the modular storage tanks for ALNG.
• Contributed significantly to the development of this
  technology over several years with ExxonMobil,         Pre-stressed concrete cryogenic storage tank
  resulting in participation in a FEED competition       • License holder of the preload Cryocrete technology
                                                         • Several PC-PC tanks of this type previously
                                                           constructed and with operational history
                                                         • Currently undertaking detailed study of next
                                                           generation PC-PC storage tanks for Shell
                                                           Global Solutions.
                                                         Very large LNG storage tanks
                                                         • Design studies carried out confirming possibility of
                                                           cryogenic tanks up to 300,000m3 useable capacity
                                                           for Statoil and BP.
                                                         Offshore GBS storage and regasification
                                                         • Design studies for integrated offshore GBS LNG
Guangdong LNG feasibility study
                                                           storage and regasification facility.

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Tank Integrity
& Revalidation
Capabilities                                                  continue to sit on the code committees that drive the
With its engineering pedigree dating back to 1790,            LNG industry forward towards increasingly safe
Whessoe has developed its technical excellence by             practices and greater technical excellence.
working for the oil and gas, refining, petrochemical,
nuclear, water, power and offshore industries.                Lox and Lin
Whessoe’s specialist expertise is now in the storage          Small single containment tanks for the storage of
and handling of liquid gases in both refrigerated and         liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen. Because of the small
pressurised form.                                             size, stainless steel is used for the prime container.
                                                              Whessoe has designed and constructed numerous Lox
Our capabilities include:
                                                              and Lin tanks over the years and we have the
• Revalidation of tankage and associated facilities           experience to conduct reviews, inspection and
• Decommissioning / inspection /                              modifications to these tanks.
  modification / recommissioning
• Scoping and feasibility studies                             Ethylene and ethane
• SI studies                                                  With similar technical requirements to LNG,
• Plant configuration                                         the storage and handling of ethylene has long been
• Tank and vessel design.                                     a speciality of Whessoe. Over a period of 40 years,
                                                              we have been responsible for the construction of
Revalidation of tankage and associated facilities             26 ethylene tanks and terminals.
With many of the world’s refrigerated storage
facilities in their third decade of service, both             LPG
authorities and operators are concerned about the             Whessoe has experience in the storage and handling of
integrity of these facilities and need them to be             LPG in both its refrigerated and pressurised state.
revalidated. Whessoe has the theoretical and practical        Pressurised storage expertise exists for both spherical
expertise to carry out this revalidation on LNG, LPG,         and mounded storage options. For environmental,
ethylene and ammonia storage.                                 safety, operating and technical reasons, mounded
                                                              storage is becoming more widely used and in many
Decommissioning / inspection /                                countries is the only solution allowed. The Mariveles
modification / recommissioning                                import and distribution terminal in the Philippines,
This type of work is often required for a number of           designed, built and commissioned by Whessoe, is a
reasons - a change of purpose, operating deficiencies,        prime example of this type of storage.
cold spots etc. The key to success in undertaking this work   Refrigerated LPG storage is normally used in association
though lies in forward planning, complying with               with bulk shipping. With more and larger LPG
procedures, stringent safety requirements and experience      refrigerated ships becoming available, the size of
– and Whessoe has a proven track record in carrying out       refrigerated tanks is also increasing, with tanks in excess
this work on LNG, LPG and ammonia storage tanks.              of 40,000m3 being the norm. Our recently completed
                                                              LPG facility at Jamnagar, India, fits into this category.
Starting with the world’s first commercial LNG import         Ammonia
terminal and regasification plant at Canvey Island in         The storage of NH3 in its refrigerated form is prone to
the UK, and continuing to present day terminals both          problems of stress corrosion cracking. By careful
on and offshore, Whessoe has been continuously                selection of materials and welding techniques,
involved in the LNG industry for over 40 years. Our           together with careful control of a number of other
engineers were co-authors of a number of the original         variables, Whessoe has developed the technology to
patents for the LNG storage industry, and our staff           eliminate this problem.
Storage tanks and plant
Decommissioning / modification / revalidation / recommissioning
PROJECT                                                CONTRACT TYPE     CLIENT     LOCATION            YEAR
Procedures and inspection of propane storage tank      Inspection services GASCO    Abu Dhabi           2009
Feasibility to assess the impact of converting         Study             GASCO      Abu Dhabi           2008
propane storage tanks to butane service
Decommission ammonia tank, modifications,              Full scope        JPMC       Jordan              2008
inspect, revalidate, re-commission
Study and design for sphere modification               Study             Shell      Stanlow, UK         2007
of nozzles to suit change in service
LPG tanks external blast analysis                      Study             BP         Grangemouth, UK     2006
Technical revalidation of LPG tanks                    Study             BP         Grangemouth, UK     2003
Assistance on RBI review for 22,000m3                  Study             BP         Hull, UK            2003
ammonia storage tank
Ethylene tank decommissioning                          Decommissioning   BPC        Philippines         2003
Decommissioning, modification, revalidation            Full scope        Lattice    Isle of Grain, UK   2002
and recommissioning of LNG tanks
Study for ethylene tank decommissioning                Study             BP         Philippines         2002
Study into revalidation of LNG tanks converted         Study             Lattice    Isle of Grain, UK   2001
from peak shaving to base load
Decommissioning LPG tanks,                             Full scope        HACE       China               2001
modify and re-commission
Review ethylene tank decommissioning procedures        Study             BP         Barry, UK           2000
LIN tank design revalidation                           Study             BOC Gases UK                   2000
Technical assistance decommissioning/                  Study             Mobil      Coryton, UK         1998
recommissioning butane tank
Cut down, revalidate, rebuild and                      Full scope        Shell      Philippines         1998
commission propane sphere
Decommission ammonia tank, inspect,                    Full scope        JPMC       Jordan              1998
revalidate, re-commission
Repairs to ballast tank No 02                          Full scope        Phillips   Seal Sands, UK      1996
Decommission and recommission ammonia tank             Decommissioning   BP         Hull, UK            1995
Technical assistance on revalidation of ammonia tank   Study             BP         Hull, UK            1995
Study of blast damage and refurbishment                Study             Texaco     Milford Haven, UK   1995
of ambient storage tanks
Conversion and revalidation of two tanks               Conversion        Texaco     Milford Haven, UK   1993
to column supported
Repairs to sphere T1054                                Full scope        Shell UK   Shell Haven, UK     1992
Modification to sphere                                 Full scope        Enichem    Grangemouth, UK     1992
Validation and conversion of existing ethylene         Validation        Finaneste Antwerp, Belgium     1991
tank to propylene service                              conversion
Rebuild of 80ft sphere to BS 5500                      Rebuild           Amoco      Pembroke, UK        1991
Decommission, modify and re-commission                 Full scope        British Gas Westfield, UK      1989
existing LOX tanks for LIN service
Removal, modification and re-certification             Full scope        Conoco     Hull, UK            1987
of LPG storage vessels
Revalidation of pressure relief capacity               Study             BP         Baglan Bay, UK      1987
Revalidation of process plant, pressure vessels,       Revalidation      Phillips   Seal Sands, UK      1987
columns and floating roof tanks
Single skin propane tank converted to double           Conversion        Phillips   Seal Sands, UK      1985
skin by addition of alloy inner tank
Our recent clients include:

Aker Kvaerner • Atlantic LNG • BG • BP • Calais • DEPA • ENAGAS • ExxonMobil
GASCO • INPEX • KBR • MW Kellogg • KOGAS • Petronas • Petronet
Northern Star • Punj Lloyd • Ratnagiri Gas and Power Private Ltd • Samsung
Saudi Aramco • Sempra Energy • Shell • Statoil • Sumitomo • Technip • 4Gas

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