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 Post A Level Student Guide for 2009


This guidance document was written before UCAS issued their instructions for 2009
entry. In case of any procedural or other discrepancy, always follow the instructions
given by UCAS visit: www.ucas.com
Important dates

                                             Application must be submitted to the
                                             Careers Office by:

For: medicine, dentistry, vet. sci.          Wednesday 10th September
and Oxford and Cambridge

For: all other applications                  Wednesday 24th September

The school is required to scrutinise every application on behalf of UCAS. It is a long
process. The school cannot guarantee that an application submitted after these dates
will meet the relevant UCAS deadline.

No applications can be processed over the half term. Early application is
therefore strongly advised.

Forms are dealt with by the school in strict order of receipt.

Application procedure

1    Consider your intentions in the light of your A Level results.
     Discuss your A Level results with someone whose opinion you value: your
     tutor, your teacher, your housemaster, a member of the careers team, your
     parents. Discuss your final choice of universities and course. Your decisions
     about higher education must be REALISTIC if they are to succeed.

2    Inform your U6 tutor of your intentions.
     Make sure that your tutor is fully aware of any changes since you left school in
     July. This might be a decision to apply for a different course, a different
     university. Your tutor will want details of your gap year plans in order to update
     your reference.

3    Complete your personal statement and have it checked.
     Refer to the separate guidance document: Writing your personal statement.

4    Complete your online application

     From approximately mid-June onwards you can go to www.ucas.com and
     register your personal details. Your university application is completed online
     and comprehensive guidance is provided by UCAS.

     Complete your application in September when you are certain of your
     intentions. Make sure that you have all the necessary information to hand,
     including your GCSE certificates and all your AS and A Level module/unit
5   From experience, the following are known issues that occur when students
    complete the form:

    about you

    What is my student support code? – the majority of boys should use fee code
    02. You use 02 if you are eligible to be assessed for financial support, even if
    you think your family income will be too high for you to receive any. This is
    true for all British passport holders. Code 01 is only used if you are not eligible
    for assessment, for example because you are a foreign student, and so have to
    pay your tuition fees from private sources.
    Please visit www.studentfinancedirect.co.uk for advice if you are uncertain
    of your situation.


    Check carefully that you are qualified for each course that you apply to.
    You must check the course requirements carefully in Course Search.


    Our centre number is: 17311

    Your schooling ended in July 2008

    To enter your GCSE subjects and the grades you achieved, you will need the
    information printed on your GCSE certificates.

    AS Level
    Only enter the AS Level (or Levels) you did not continue to A Level.

    A Levels
    Enter the subjects you continued to A Level.

    Enter any other academic qualifications you took, such as an AEA or STEP

    Finally, also enter any:

    music qualifications,
    drama and speech qualifications,
    and any additional university admissions tests you have taken such as HAT,
    UKCAT, and BMAT.

    Do NOT enter non-academic qualification such as D of E and Young
    Enterprise awards. Refer to these in your personal statement instead.
6   Add your personal statement (see separate guidance booklet)

    Did you remember to a leave line space between each paragraph?
    Did you check the spelling and grammar, by hand? Do not use a spell checker
    for the final check.
    Is your tutor happy with your personal statement?

    After you have completed your personal statement, DO NOT click ‘send
    to referee’, or sign the declaration, or pay for your application.

7   Hand in your application form.

    Print two copies of your application form, one for yourself and one for the

    Place the school copy in an envelope.

    Add the original certificates for any examination results declared on your
    application form that you sat outside Haberdashers School. We know the
    results for any exam you sat at school.

    Add any non-GCSE exam certificates such as music, drama etc.

    These certificates will be returned to you.

    Label your envelope with the following information:


                    POST A LEVEL APPLICANT / U6 FORM

                    U6 FORM TUTOR’S INITIALS


8    If you are applying to Oxford:

             Include an Oxford Application Form in the envelope. This should be
             collected from the Careers Office.

             Pay the Oxford administration fee by debit or credit card. Precise
             instructions accompany the Oxford Application Form.

             Cambridge no longer uses a separate application form.

9   Take your envelope to the Careers Office and place it in the posting box
10   Corrections and amendments

     The school may ask you to make corrections to your form.
     Do this as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
     Print off two corrected copies of your application, hand one back in to the
     Careers Office.

     Remember: Mistakes will delay your application as we have to check the
     whole thing again!

11   When do I click: ‘send to referee’?

     When the school has approved your application we will tell you by email to
     click ‘send to referee’. Do this straight away. Your application is now locked,
     allowing the school to add the reference.

12   Pay for your application
     You pay by credit or debit card.
     You can use a card belonging to yourself, parent, guardian or relative.
     It takes just a few minutes over a secure link.
     If you forget to pay, your application will not be processed by UCAS.

13   The school adds your reference and emails your application to UCAS.

     DO NOT PESTER US FOR INFORMATION. We will come to you if there is a

14   You can follow the progress of your application online.

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