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Lance Seidman - Resume


									                             Lance Seidman
                                       Valley Village, CA. 91607
                                             (702) 580-3603

I am looking to obtain a variety of experience s in a hands-on, fast-pace business environment where I
can further my skills in management and being a leader while learning from my co-workers or offering
support to those I may be of service to. I additionally desire strongly to constantly be constructive and
be motivated by those who surround me and hopefully be a motivation to others.

Throughout the years I have been able to help startup business for my family and friends from Retail
Stores to e-Commerce Websites. Within this time I have also been able to work with some very large
names in Technology (e.g. Microsoft, Adobe, Creative, etc) and have had successful relationships in
providing support and feedback with Microsoft Beta products and still an Ac tive Microsoft Beta
Participant in my spare time.

       2002-2003 Golden Web Award Winner
       2004 – Awarded Certificate & Disc for MSN Beta Program – Signed, 24K Gold CD signed by Bill
        Gates, Steve Ballmer, and Paul Allen for “sincere appreciation and gratitude for contributions to
        the MSN Testing Program”

I am highly skilled in almost anything electronic. I also have many technology/computer related skills
and experience, this includes but not limited to: Basic/Advanced Computer Knowledge, Operating
System Installation/Configuration/Repair, Website Design, Business Card or Menu Design, Product or
Manual Writing/Technical Writing, User Support, Customer Service, Cashiering, Management,
Cooking/Pastry Arts and much more.

       Graphic Design in Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Gimp (Linux), Bryce 3D, Poser 3D, etc...
       Website Design in Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, Notepad (WIN)/VI (Linux), etc...
       System Building for Personal Computers (PC), Workstation, Server, Rack mounts, etc...
       OS Knowledge of Microsoft Windows (98/ME/2K/XP/Vista/7), Linux/Debian (Mandriva, Ubuntu,
        OpenSuSE, OpenSolaris, SE-Linux (NSA Security Enhanced Linux), BeOS, etc...
       Server, Web & Administrator for Web Hosting (OS: CentOS, Solaris, Windows,
        cPanel/WHM/Plesk & SSH Administration), Doctors/Medical Office(s) (Alteer experience), Retail
        Food/Beverage (POS (Multi-Editions) Experience), etc...
       Technology Repair for LCD/TFT Screen Replacement (Laptops), CPU/RAM/Hard Drive/Etc
        Replacement/Diagnosis/Repair, Windows/Linux/OSX(Minor Experience) Diagnosis/Repair, etc...
       Computer & Technology Trainer for Computers/OS, Mobile Phones, Network Creation,
        Intrusion Detection, House/Office Security, etc...

Business, Personal, and or Other references provided upon request.

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