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AUGUST - York University


									              YUTC THIS WEEK – August 4
    1.   YUTC at OTFA Bantam, Midget, Juniors!!
    2.   National Legion Championships!
    3.   Ontario Summer Games!
    4.   Remaining Track Meet Schedule
    5.   Cross Country Season Schedule
    6.   YUTC Results

                        SYLVRIN SMITH
It’s the end of a long season but that did not slow down YUTC athletes, as they had 9 personal
bests on the way to winning 5 medals at this past weekend’s OTFA Bantam, Midget, Youth
Championships held at York University.

Leading the way for YUTC was bantam sprinter Sylvrin Smith, who won the 100m and placed 2nd in
the 200m. Sylvrin ran a personal best time in the 100m qualifying of 13.92 followed by another
personal best of 13.61 in the final to take the GOLD! On Sunday, Sylvrin ran 28.13 in the 200m
qualifying and a 28.3 in the final for the silver. Sylvrin is now ranked 2nd on the YUTC 2008 outdoor
performance rankings. Congratulations to Sylvrin and Coach Basil on a really good weekend.

Other YUTC athletes medalling this weekend were youth throwers Allison Loyst and Eric
Brathwaite who both placed 3rd in their hammer competitions.

YUTC results are below with personal best performances marked in bold. For complete results visit
the OTFA website at We are still waiting for the OTFA Club overall championship results.
YUTC season best performance list is posted on our club website at

          Update – Chloe Major Scratches Due to Injury.
YUTC high jumper Chloe Major will miss this coming weekend’s National Youth
Championships due to injury to her plant leg. Chloe had to withdraw from last
weekend’s OTFA Youth girl’s high jump when she felt something strange in her
plant leg. Chloe is coming off a season best at Canadian Junior Championships
and was looking forward to Sherbrooke.
YUTC is still sending two athletes; Eric Brathwaite (hammer & Shot) and Adam
Engel (javelin).

The Legion Athletics Championships that take place each year will now serve as
the Canadian Youth Track and Field Championships. The Legion Canadian
Youth Athletic Championships will now combine the Legion U15 and U17
programs with an open youth Canadian Championships. Each provincial
command will still send teams to compete in the U15 and U17 categories, but
additional athletes will be allowed to compete in the U17 category, if they meet
the eligibility criteria.

                         ONTARIO SUMER GAMES
The Ontario Summer Games are a biennial multi-sport competition involving over
3,500 participants. 120 of Ontario’s top Espoir athletes (ages 16 to 21yrs of age)
have been selected to compete in the track & field competition. At the same
time, the 5th Eastern Canadian Espoir Team Championships will be held
involving teams from Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Novia Scotia, PEI,
Newfoundland and Labrador. Ontario will have two teams made up from the 120
athletes selected for the Ontario Summer Games.

In each track event there will be a single competition for both meets with
standings extracted for each competition with overall results. Special Ontario
Summer Games medals will be presented to the top 3 Ontario athletes in each

Since the age group for the Ontario Summer Games and the Espoir competition
coincides with that of the 2009 Canada Summer Games , this competition will
serve as an important identification tool for potential team members for the
Ontario Canada Summer Games team.

Three YUTC athletes have been named to the Ontario Summer Games/Espoir
Team and they are:

   Shennae Steele – 100m, 200m
   Kristin Obrochta – Hammer, Shot Put, Discus
   Daniel Novia – Shot, Hammer, Discus

Ontario Summer Games will be held in Ottawa from August 13 to 16th, with track
& Field being held on the 14th & 15th. Please visit the following link to the Ontario
Games website for more information on this exciting summer games -
    6 to 12      National Legions/Youth Championships – Sherbrooke
    13 to 18     Ontario Summer Games – selected athletes only – Ottawa
    18           Throwers Allcomers – (19yrs +) – Stouffville
    15 to 20     Olympic Games

                   CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE:
                        (Tentative to be approved by executive)
    20        SSD MTA                              Barrie
    27        MTA                                  Bradford

    4            MTA                               Burlington
    18           MTA                               Brampton
    25           MTA Championships                 Burlington

    16 OTFA Championships Sunnybrooke Park, Toronto
    29 Cdn Championships  Guelph, Ontario

                                YUTC RESULTS:
MTA PROVNICAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – Shanna Flynn Wins Triple Silver!
Oshawa, Ont. – July 19th

Shanna Flynn – Mite Girls
2nd 100m Mite 16.70 PB (17.32 preliminaries)
2nd 200m 34.97
2nd Long Jump 3.25m

Atom Girls 100m
3rd Rachelle Jacobs 14.62
8th Seriah Satoo 15.67

Rachelle Jacobs - DNS
Seriah Satoo – qualified for final by time but was not included! ??

Atom Girls 200m
11th Seriah Satoo – 33.10 PB
Atom Girls 800m
11th Kelsey Horner 2:56.29

Atom Girls 1500m
9th Kelsey Horner 5:53.78


Girls 100 Meter Dash Bantam - Preliminaries
3 465 Smith, Sylvrin   96 York University      13.92Q 0.2 PB
10 458 Jacobs, Rachelle 96 York University      14.71 +0.0
11 464 Satoo, Seraiah    96 York University       15.33 +0.0
1st 465 Smith, Sylvrin  96 York University     13.61 PB 1.1 10pts – Ontario Champion!!

Girls 100 Meter Dash Midget - Preliminaries
26 463 Saliwonczyk, Megan 93 York University        14.17 NWI 4

Boys 100 Meter Dash Midget - Preliminaries
12 553 Facey, Kirk-Andrew 93 York University        12.03 -0.1 3

Girls 200 Meter Dash Bantam - Preliminaries
1 465 Smith, Sylvrin   96 York University     28.13Q –1.3 PB
2nd Smith, Sylvrin   96 York University     28.30 0.8 8pts – Silver Medal!!

Girls 200 Meter Dash Midget - Preliminaries
21 463 Saliwonczyk, Megan 93 York University        29.19 0.1 PB

Boys 200 Meter Dash Midget - Preliminaries
13 553 Facey, Kirk-Andrew 93 York University       24.55 0.9
24 557 Tsekouras, Simon 94 York University         26.23 0.3
25 555 Sauchez, Eric     94 York University        26.27 –0.5

Girls 200 Meter Dash Youth - Preliminaries
27th Betha, Tifphany  91 York University               29.42 1.2 PB

Boys 400 Meter Dash Midget
11 557 Tsekouras, Simon 94 York University         57.64 1 PB
12 555 Sauchez, Eric   94 York University        58.40 1 PB

Girls 800 Meter Run Midget
24 459 Lavallee, Summer 93 York University        2:43.81 PB

Boys 800 Meter Run Midget
12 555 Sauchez, Eric   94 York University       2:15.49 PB
Boys 1500 Meter Run Midget
16 556 Smith, Nicholas 93 York University       4:55.55

Boys 3000 Meter Run Midget
9 556 Smith, Nicholas 93 York University       10:14.60

Girls Shot Put 4.00kg Youth
4 460 Loyst, Allison   92 York University      9.25m      5

Boys Shot Put 5.00kg Youth
5 552 Braithwaite, Eric 91 York University     14.00m PB 4

Girls Discus Throw 1.00kg Youth
9 460 Loyst, Allison  92 York University       23.97m

Boys Discus Throw 1.50kg Youth
10 552 Braithwaite, Eric 91 York University     35.49m

Girls Hammer Throw 4kg Youth
3rd 460 Loyst, Allison 92 York University       28.84m - Bronze Medal!!

Boys Hammer Throw 5kg Youth
3rd 552 Braithwaite, Eric 91 York University     39.30m – Bronze Medal!!!

Open Women’s Hammer Throw 4kg
1st   Obrochta, Kristin  89 York University 45.87m

Open Men’s Jr Hammer throw 6kg
1st   Novia, Daniel        89 York University 53.32m

Open Men’s Javelin Throw 800g
4th   Parkinson, Richard    64 York University 54.41m

August 3rd, Regina, Sask
Men’s 40 to 44yr Javelin – 1st Richard Parkinson 51.74m

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