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S t . M i l d r e d ’s - L i g h t b o u r n S c h o o l                     Fall 2007


                                                            for Millies
                                                             Featured Alumnae:
                                                                Margaret Burritt ‘36
                                                           Lara Farooque Korba ‘90
                                                                    Susan Bogle ‘86
                                                                 Paulette Bethel ‘66
                                                                    Jean McNab ‘34

                             A Magazine for the SMLS Community
Head of School’s Message
During the past year, I have invited all the girls from           consistent     positive
Grade Three to S6 to visit me in my office (in part so that       influence of an all-girls
they could learn it’s not a scary place!). With each group of     school.
students, I’ve asked a number of similar questions, including
                                                                  In this issue of Jubilate,
“What do you see as the advantage of going to an all-girls
                                                                  you will read more
                                                                  about the benefits
What I’ve learned is quite interesting. From the youngest         of single-sex education
to the oldest, they told me that they like being at a girls’      and what we have
school because they find it much easier to concentrate in         learned through recent
the classroom. Another thing I heard consistently is that         brain research about
they value and take comfort from the friendships they make        the differences between
at SMLS.                                                          boys       and      girls.
                                                                  Janet Worboys, Dean
Just before this year’s wildly successful Mosaic event,
                                                                  of Academic Adminis-
Dr. Voros, a faculty member from McMaster University,
                                                                  tration, has done a
visited the School to speak to the girls about issues of
                                                                  wonderful job of surveying our graduates to measure the
multiculturalism. After the formal presentation, I invited the
                                                                  impact of their experience at SMLS on future educational
Mosaic committee to meet her in my office for an informal
                                                                  pursuits, and I know you’ll be impressed by her findings.
question-and-answer session. Afterwards, Dr. Voros told me
how impressed she was, adding that she wished her university      You’ll also read about another remarkable characteristic shared
students were as articulate, informed and empathetic.             by our students – their seemingly endless capacity for
                                                                  compassion and service to our community. The students of
These comments – from students and educator alike –
                                                                  St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School are very privileged and we
confirm my passionate belief in the value of single-
                                                                  believe it’s important that they understand the responsibilities
sex education. As researchers like JoAnn Deak, David
                                                                  of privilege. As you will read, the more opportunities we
and Myra Sadker, Carol Gilligan and others have shown, girls
                                                                  create for them to reach out to others, the more eagerly they
perform best in an environment tailored to their learning
                                                                  seize them. The future is in good hands.
styles. They also become more confident and poised leaders.
They learn to speak up for themselves and to see their            A special photo story in this issue highlights our campaign
potential as limitless. And surely that’s what we want for        reception, so generously hosted by the Powells at their
our daughters and granddaughters.                                 magnificent home, Chelster Hall, on June 20. It was a
                                                                  wonderful social event for the SMLS community, and a timely
There are those who would say that the age of single sex
                                                                  reminder that the future of this school rests in all our hands.
education is past - that we live in an enlightened world where
                                                                  We must all ‘Dare to Dream’ for the future, and then work
men and women stand as equals. I’m not so sure. I keep an
                                                                  together to make it happen.
eye on the appointment notices in the Globe and Mail
business section, noting how many directors and CEOs are          And finally, this issue of Jubilate reminds of us of the
women. The glass ceiling still exists, and gender stereotyping,   special connection that links the School to its graduates.
although more subtle than it once was, is a reality. All the      The unique St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn experience doesn’t end
more reason, I believe, to ensure that girls and young women      with graduation; it’s something that lasts a lifetime. I know
are educated in an environment that celebrates their strengths.   you will enjoy meeting Jean McNab and Margaret Burritt,
                                                                  who both attended the School in the 1930s, and some of
No school can solve all the challenges of parenting girls,
                                                                  the many alums who volunteered with our new Junior
however. As JoAnn Deak’s remarkable book Girls Will be Girls
                                                                  Mentorship Program.
reveals, girls pass through many phases of development and
one of the most difficult is the pre-adolescent phase. Deak’s     Good reading!
wisdom is a wonderful resource at this stage, and so too is the
                                                                  – Jane Wightman –
Table of Contents
Head of School’s Message
Vive la Différence           1-3
Voices from the Past         4-5
Remembering the Past,            6
  Leaving a Legacy
Remembering                      7
  Miss Lightbourn’s School
Learning to Help             8-9
Dare to Dream              10 - 13
School News                14 - 17
Class News                 18 - 21

Vive la
Girls’ Schools like SMLS teach the
ways girls learn – and help them
develop confidence.

It’s a debate that has raged for decades. Do girls learn best in an all-girls
environment, or in a co-educational school? Janet Worboys, Dean of Academic              “I am a
Administration at St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School, has no hesitation. She            great proponent
graduated from the School herself, and her two daughters were “lifers.”
                                                                                     of single-gender
There has always been evidence of the benefits of single-sex education. In a
20-year Australian study of 270,000 students, researchers found that both          education,” she says.
boys and girls performed 15 to 22 percentile points higher on standardized tests    “It allows girls to
when they went to separate schools. A 2001 British study of nearly 3,000
high schools and 1,000 primary schools found that nearly every girl, regardless      flourish, to find
of ability or socio-economic status, performed better in single-sex classrooms
                                                                                     their strengths.”
than in co-ed ones.

                                                                                           (continued on page 2)

    The debate once focused on issues
    of equity and sexism, with evidence,
    for example, that teachers are
    more likely to call on boys in the
    classroom, and to reinforce, praise
    and encourage them. In the past
    decade, the debate has shifted
    somewhat, as researchers have begun
    to understand more about gender
    differences in brain structure and
    development. It is now clear that
    girls learn differently from boys
    because their brains are different.
    “Advances in neuroscience are
    just beginning to shed light on
    fascinating differences between
    female and male brains,” writes
    JoAnn Deak, an educator and
    psychologist who has worked with
    faculty at SMLS. “Research is also
    advancing dramatically in the study
    of hormones and other physiological
    and psychological aspects of growing
    up female. Every new scientific
    finding... underscores the need
    for parents, teachers, schools and
    communities to see girls in a new
    light and move more deliberately
    toward gender equity in all these
    In an all-girls school like SMLS,
    curricula     and      extracurricular
    activities are shaped around
    the needs, strengths and learning
    preferences of girls and young
    women. Team work is encouraged.
    Math concepts are taught using
    real-world examples. Literature is
    explored through role-playing and
    inductive exercises. With no subtle
    stereotyping, girls are more likely to
    make non-traditional subject choices
    and pursue interests in the sciences
    and engineering. Research in the
    U.S. found that 13% of girls from
    girls’ schools pursued science and
    math studies in post-secondary
    education, compared to just 2% for

females and 10% for males in co-ed environments. In                   • Over the past five years, 24% of Millies have
an all-girls environment, girls have more opportunities                 chosen programs in science and engineering.
to lead and to take risks. As researchers Myra and David
                                                                      • 90% of Millies who graduated in 2002 (and
Sadker put it, “When girls go to single-sex schools, they
                                                                        were surveyed in 2006) rated their preparation
stop being the audience and become the players.”
                                                                        for university or college as very good or
There is also evidence that girls exposed to this kind                  excellent.
of education value it. A 2000 study involving more
                                                                      • 73% of Millies who graduated in 2002
than 4,000 graduates of U.S. girls’ schools found that
                                                                        indicated that they were planning to pursue
85% rated their experience as good or excellent, nearly
                                                                        graduate studies. For 2003 graduates, the
three-quarters felt their single-sex experience was an
                                                                        number was 60%.
advantage when deciding to take on leadership roles, and
78% rated their schools as very good or excellent                     • 95% of Millies who graduated in 2003 felt
in terms of instilling self-confidence. The same study                  they benefited from a single-sex school. The
found that average Standard Achievement Test math and                   number was 82% for students who graduated
verbal scores for the girls in the study were 588,                      in 2002.
compared to 477 in math and 427 in verbal for males
                                                                St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School is also participating
and females in the same period.
                                                                in a national tracking project in partnership with the
Janet Worboys’ faith in all-girls school isn’t based entirely   Canadian Association of Independent Schools and the
on her own experience or the work of researchers                Canadian Educational Standards Institute. As part of the
in other settings. She collects and analyzes data about         project, individual schools will look at the relationship
the success of the School’s graduates. Among the key            between high school and university grades, and explore
findings:                                                       factors such as participation in leadership, sports and
                                                                co-curricular activities.
      • Virtually all Millies go on to post-secondary
        education.                                              Statistics are important, Worboys says, but so are the
                                                                comments she hears consistently from SMLS graduates.
      • In 2006 and 2007, 80% of the graduating
                                                                “They tell me that we helped them develop leadership,
        class received Ontario Scholarships (for
                                                                self-confidence and independence,” she says. “Our girls
        averages over 80%) and 40% received
                                                                believe that they can be anything they want to be. They
        entrance scholarships.
                                                                are ready to speak up and take on leadership roles, and
      • Millies at the mid-point in their first year of         they feel really good about themselves – and that really
        post-secondary education feel well prepared             is the key.”
        in leadership, decision-making and
        communication skills.

  The Advantages of an All-Girls School (adapted from the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools)

     • Provides more opportunities for appropriate,              • Guarantees that math, science and technology
       educational risk-taking                                     are integral parts of the curriculum
     • Counters mass-media influences, giving girls              • Promotes athletic participation to encourage
       room to decide for themselves who they are                  both leadership and team play
     • Reinforces a ‘can do’ philosophy                          • Maximizes girls’ verbal and writing skills
                                                                   in learning
     • Ensures that learning takes centre stage, with
       social life reserved for time outside the classroom       • Offers strong female role models
     • Teaches collaborative as well as competitive skills       • Emphasizes ‘real-life’ skills

    Voices from           Paulette Bethel ‘66 has a very full schedule. She is the
                          Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Bahamas
                          to the United Nations in New York and a member of
                          the UNICEF Executive Board, and she has a 16-year-old

    the Past              daughter. Yet she took the time to participate in a new
                          program at St. Mildred’s-Lighbourn School that connects
                          alumnae with current Millies. “I love children,” she explains
                          simply, “and I thought it would be fun.”
    A new mentorship      Bethel is one of 40 graduates who agreed to become part
                          of the Junior Mentorship Program, sharing their memories
    program at SMLS       of the School’s past and providing current students with
                          inspiring role models. The pilot program, inspired and
                          managed by Debbie Barker of the School’s Advancement
    links distinguished   Office, involved an exchange of letters between volunteer
                          alums and Grade Three students.
    alumnae with young    Bethel grew up in the Bahamas and came to St. Mildred’s
                          as a boarding student. She was a Prefect and Head of
    Millies.              Brant House, played on the volleyball and basketball teams
                          and competed in gymnastics. After completing a PhD in
                          sociology, she began a distinguished diplomatic career that

culminated in her appointment as the first female
Ambassador of The Bahamas to the United Nations. “My
greatest pride,” she says, “is having had the opportunity to
participate at the international level in an ongoing dialogue
contributing to the establishment of a culture of peace.”

       Bethel believes that mentorship
      at all levels is important. “There is
    always room for more learning about
       the options that are out there,”
    she says. “Being in touch with young
    Millies and letting them see what the
    possibilities are is one way graduates
        can give back to the School.”

Lara Korba ‘90, who now lives in Texas, also joined the
Junior Mentorship Program as a way to give back. “I have
incredibly fond memories of acting in school plays,
debating, being silly with friends, grub days, drinking tea
in the common room, a school trip to Egypt, Finlay Feud
in Religious Knowledge classes, oxfords that were falling
apart and of course, the wonderful nuns and the convent.”
Korba went on to complete a BSc and MBA, and is now
a sustainability consultant who helps companies “do well
by doing good.”
Korba, herself the mother of a daughter, has had
influential mentors throughout her life and knows what a
difference they can make. To her delight, she found that
she also learned from her Grade Three pen pal. “One of the
topics we were asked to write about was the most important
things we learned at SMLS. I thought long and hard
about what profound wisdom I could share with her. She
really humbled me when she told me that the most
important thing she has learned was how to make friends.”
Sue Bogle ‘86 also agreed to participate in the pilot project.
Bogle, who trained as a lawyer at Queen’s University, is
a Crown Prosecutor in the Yukon and has three sons
between the ages of one and six. “For a long time, I didn’t
have much connection with the School,” she admits. “But as
I get older, I realize the benefits it had for me, and I wanted
to renew my connection.”
For Bogle, the Program is all about celebrating the School’s
long and rich history and helping young Millies dream
big. “It’s important for them to realize that they’re part of
something bigger than their day-to-day life here,” she says.
“The School helped us get to where we are. This is an
opportunity to show the girls coming through, what’s
possible and what a benefit it is for them to attend
the School.”

    Remembering the Past,
    Leaving a Legacy
    Miss Margaret Burritt
    honours her warm
    of St. Mildred’s

    Recently St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School had a very special        Miss Burritt, who is now 87, has enjoyed her golden years.
    visitor. In June, Miss Margaret Burritt, an alumna who             “I’m great on crafts and I belong to a garden club,” she says.
    graduated from St. Mildred’s College in 1938, visited the          “I am pretty well housebound now, but the girls at the club are
    modern incarnation of her beloved old School.                      wonderful about taking me to the meetings.” Her first love,
                                                                       though, is painting, which she continues to pursue at home:
        Miss Burritt, who was Head Girl in 1935-36, has                “I couldn’t do without it.”
        warm memories of her school days. “St. Mildred’s
          was a small, intimate and friendly School,” she              Nearly 70 years after her graduation, Miss Burritt is still in
      recalled. “It felt like a family. The Sisters had a great        regular contact with two of her St. Mildred’s classmates. The
       influence and I think gave us something just a little           visit to the modern School was a highlight for her. “I enjoyed
            extra special to take out into the world.”                 that trip so much,” she says. “It’s a beautiful facility. With
                                                                       the arcade of columns across the front it looks immense!”
    Graduating at 18, Miss Burritt spent some time studying at art
                                                                       Although it’s a very different place from the one she
    school, then joined the RCMP at the outbreak of World War
                                                                       remembers, Miss Burritt was pleased to find the plaque listing
    Two. She worked with the national police force throughout
                                                                       her as Head Girl on the wall by the Senior Resource Centre.
    the war and for 18 years after. Then she made a career change,
    becoming an assistant to several medical practices. One of         Miss Burritt has included a bequest to St. Mildred’s in her
    the doctors she worked for, Dr. Jim Lowe, was married to a         will. She explains simply: “I’ve decided that leaving something
    St. Mildred’s Old Girl, Midge Harris Lowe. When Dr. Lowe           in my will would express in a small way my appreciation and
    and his partner retired, she worked for a plastic surgeon at the   thanks for what I received those many years ago.”
    Wellesley Hospital until her own retirement.

Planned gifts
– those gifts made
                       Remembering Miss
through a will
or life insurance –
                       Lightbourn’s School
                       At about the same time that Margaret Burritt was enjoying her
are an attractive      experience at St. Mildred’s College (then in Toronto), Jean McNab
                       was making happy memories at Miss Lightbourn’s School in Oakville.
way to leave           In 1968, the two Schools were formally amalgamated and became the
                       nucleus of today’s St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School. Here, Jean McNab
a legacy at            shares some of her brightest moments.
St. Mildred’s-         I have wonderful memories of Miss               into the classroom, she had in her hand
                       Lightbourn’s School where the classes           a nut and a bolt – and she showed us
Lightbourn School.     were held in her house on Park Avenue.          how the bolt fitted into the nut. And then
                       We lived on Howard Avenue, so each day          she put the bolt on the big range stove in
Donors have the        I simply walked down to the bottom of           the kitchen and left it there for a little
                       our garden, climbed the fence, and I was        while. When she eventually took the bolt
use of their assets    at school.                                      off the stove, she showed us that now
                                                                       the bolt wouldn’t fit into the nut because
throughout their       In addition to the excellent teaching of        the heat of the stove had made the metal
                       various school subjects in our classes each     expand. Many, many years later when
lifetime, and are      day, there were extra little things that Miss   I was at home and trying to unscrew a
                       Lightbourn taught us. One morning in            very tight lid from a jar of marmalade,
able to make a         the month of March, she gave each of us         I remember putting it under the hot water
                       a flowerpot and some earth and we               tap to solve the problem, and I quietly
significant gift       planted hyancinths – and then we put            said, ‘Thank you, Miss Lightbourn’.
                       them in the cellar and looked at them
that lives on after    each day to see if they had grown.              At the end of the month of May, the
                                                                       Sports Day was great fun. And then the
them. For more         In the middle of March, we made a               School Closing was in the month of June,
                       Nature Chart – listing the names of birds       and chairs were arranged in rows in the
information or to      that we would see when they came back           garden and all the parents attended. We
                       from the south, and then the first person       had learned the Maypole Dance and all
let us know about      who saw one of the birds would record           the girls wore wreaths in their hair for that
                       her name on the chart beside the name of        event. I also took part in something called
your intentions,       the bird.                                       “The Greencaps Dance.” I still have the
                       There was a rather special contest at           little green costume I wore . . . !
please contact Sally   School to see who could sit up the              My schooldays at Miss Lightbourn’s
                       straightest during the whole term. It was       School were very special indeed – and
Dobie, Director        called “S.U.S.” – “Sitting Up Straight”.        now, all these years later, I’m so pleased to
                       Whenever Miss Lightbourn saw someone            be in touch with St. Mildred’s Lighbourn
of Advancement,        whose posture wasn’t good, she would            School.
                       say “S.U.S.!”
St. Mildred’s-                                                                            Jean McNab, July 2007
                       I’ve always remembered the first bit of
Lightbourn School.     science that I learned from Miss
                       Lightbourn. One day when she came

    Learning to Help
    Millies are involved in a wide range of charitable activities, learning a lifelong habit of service.

    Eight-year-old Adia Stone giggles when she remembers the skit she and
    her fellow members of the Kids Helping Kids club presented to the
    Junior School to stir up interest in KidsFest Canada.

    “It was like a game show,” she says gleefully. “The blue team was the silly
    team and the red team was the smart team. The first question was,
    ‘What is KidsFest?’ The blue team rang the bell and shouted, ‘I know,
    I know! It’s a place where they give kids lots of candy.’“

    Of course Adia and the others in the club know very well that KidsFest
    is a national organization committed to fighting child poverty. The skit
    was designed to get as many Millies as possible involved in the KidsFest
                                                                                (L-R): Yaara Docrat, Mari Alex Forgione and
    School Kits Program, which asks students to fill plastic bags with new Megan McFarlane running a bakesale.
    school supplies. The supplies are then packed into backpacks and given
    to children who might not otherwise have new supplies to start the school year. More than 100 bulging bags were returned to
    SMLS. “I really like helping kids,” says Mari Alex Forgione, another member of Kids Helping Kids. “Being involved with
    KidsFest, I learned that other kids are less fortunate than us and they need our help.”

    Opportunities to Help                                                    Mosaic
    KidsFest is just one of many diverse                                     S6      student       Indu
    opportunities that Millies have to reach out to                          Voraganti, Head Girl for
    others. From stuffing envelopes and helping                              2007-2008, did more
    out at local fundraising events, retirement                              than seize an existing
    homes and hospitals, to volunteering in                                  opportunity – she created
    developing countries, the opportunities have                             one. Mosaic, the School’s
                                                          Indu Voruganti
    grown, and Millies have seized them in                conceived of       multicultural festival, was
    growing numbers. In 2006-2007, for example,           Mosaic Event idea.
                                                                             her brainchild, designed
    more than 100 students from Grades Six to             to build understanding and appreciation for
    Eight participated in the Canadian Cancer             the many different cultures represented
    Society’s Relay for Life, raising more than           within SMLS and beyond. “I’m of Indian
    $17,000. Says Judy Ross, Director of the              heritage and I learn Indian dance and a
    External Studies Program, “At SMLS, we think          lot about my culture outside of School,” she
    it’s important to give the girls the chance to get    explains. “I knew there were many kids like
    beyond the walls of the School and see how            me in the School who do neat things related
    other people in the world live. We hope the           to their culture and I thought it would
    ability to look beyond themselves and help            be great if we all came together and shared
    others who are less fortunate becomes part            with one another.” As the event evolved,
    of who they are.” Adds Nicki Newhouse,                it also became a fundraising event for local
    Community Service Coordinator at the                  and international charities. The first Mosaic
    School, “The more we can teach young                  was held in March 2006, with the second in
    people about giving back, the better off our          January 2007.                                    The Bazal cousins dress in traditional
                                                                                                           Pakistani outfits for Mosiac Night 2007.
    community will be.”

And what an event! Groups of students set up mini-                  “I’ve really grown as a leader,” says Indu of her experience with
pavilions representing their cultural backgrounds. This year,       Mosaic. “I’ve also learned about the importance of giving
they also presented a cultural fashion show, dancing, music         back to the community by doing something that benefits
and other entertainment. In all, some 600 people attended           not only the community but also the people involved in
and more than $3,000 was raised. The proceeds were divided          the event.”
between COSTI, an immigrant services group in the GTA,
and Canadians in Support of Afghan Women.

International Service
Just before the first Mosaic event in 2006, Indu had another        the final week of the trip she wrote, “I donated many of the
transformative experience: she spent two weeks in the               things that I had brought to a local orphanage and to my
Dominican Republic helping to build homes in a small                homestay mother. Even though these things are not much to
village. “It really opened my eyes up to the problems that are      me, my homestay mother was unbelievably appreciative. I feel
happening in our world,” she says. Students Alex Quimby             very happy that I was able to give these things to people who
and Alyssa Jones had a similar awakening last May when              need them more than I do.”
they a spent four weeks in rural Ghana. They were among
seven Millies who had the opportunity to work in developing         For Alyssa, the trip was also an opportunity to reflect on
countries during their one-month, S5 work placement. Alex           her own good fortune. “I am grateful,” she later wrote, “that
worked in a small hospital and did outreach in a nearby             I attend a school that provided such a great experience,
village school, while Alyssa helped out at a day care centre.       not only for me, but for all future students in the
                                                                    Experiential Learning Program. I would definitely do
For Alex, who plans to become a doctor, it was an                   volunteer work abroad in the future; it feels amazing and it
opportunity to experience medicine at its most basic level,         has changed me forever.”
and to learn more about herself and others. In her account of

Special Olympics
                                Recent graduate Aubrey Miner        The day ends with an awards ceremony. Aubrey got involved
                                found another way to reach out,     with the first event when she visited a friend helping with the
                                by volunteering with the School’s   tournament. “When I saw the joy that the athletes got out
                                Special Olympics soccer tourna-     of participating, I wanted to do it again,” she says. Last year,
                                ment. The tournament came           she organized the event’s officiating and this year, she was
                                about as a result of the Toskan     responsible for the opening and closing ceremonies.
                                Casale Foundation Youth and
                                Philanthropy Initiative, in which   Aubrey says she has learned a lot about organizing events and
                                groups of students research local   managing volunteers. Watching the participants, she also
                                charities and prepare proposals     learned important lessons about sportsmanship. “They’re
                                for funding. The winning group      really competitive, yet they are also really concerned about
Aubrey Miner provided student   is awarded $5,000 to give to its    each other,” she says. “It’s the way all athletes should be.”
leadership for Special Olympics
Home Town Games.                chosen charity. In 2003-2004,       It’s important that students have opportunities to help
                                the winning group at SMLS           through the School, Aubrey believes. “School is about
 supported the Special Olympics. The organization in turn           learning a bunch of different things, not just academics,” she
 suggested that the money be used to host a tournament at           says. “We might not go into the community looking for ways
 the School, and the event immediately took off.                    to contribute, but it’s easy to get involved at School.” Indu
The tournament involves 12 teams of athletes with                   agrees. “The School’s philosophy really fosters the idea of
intellectual disabilities. There are three divisions and            service and giving back to the community. My experiences
throughout the day they play a series of 20-minute games.           have helped me grow as a person in so many different ways.”

     Dare to Dream
     A special event at Chelster Hall launched the next phase
     of the SMLS Master Plan
     Everything we do at SMLS is about supporting our students to discover
     the world around them and the world within them. Giving them the
     knowledge and skills to go forward with confidence. Encouraging them
     to ‘Dare to Dream.’

       (left to right) Hugo Powell; Head of School, Jane Wightman; Tracy Powell; SMLS Board of Governor Chair,
             Colleen McMorrow; The Future is Now! Capital Campaign Co-Chairs, Janet Kincaid and Kevin Shine

With those words on June 20, Head of                               (left) Chelster Hall's Gate
School, Jane Wightman set the tone                                 Plaque with property's
for the next phase of the SMLS Capital                             historical significance.
                                                                   Chelster hall is named for
Ms. Wightman went on to describe                                   our beloved golden retreivers,
the School’s four-stage re-development                             Lady Chelsea and Manchester,
project, and to announce that detailed                             and is inspired by fond memories
planning for the final phase will begin                            of Blicking Hall in Norfold,
in the fall. Among the projects being                              England. The building of this
considered are several new classrooms,                             family home reflects our desire
a student centre and cafeteria, improve-                           to create a legacy of enduring
ments to the Senior Resource Centre                                value both for our family and
and enhancements to the music facilities.                          for the community of Oakville
She also noted that SMLS is committed to                           that has made it posiible.
becoming one of Canada’s first Leadership

(below) Mario and Michele Forgione          (above) Cocktails on the Terrace

                                              in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
                                              certified school projects.“It’s the right thing to do,”
                                              she said. “It’s also a wonderful way to teach our
                                              students about their future roles as environmental

                                              The event was hosted by the Powell family, whose
                                              magnificent home, Chelster Hall, is the largest
                                              private residence in Canada. More than 75 School
                                              supporters attended.

                                              Parents are encouraged to ‘Dare to Dream’
                                              about the future of the School and consider
                                              supporting the The Future is Now! Capital Campaign.

     (above) Tracy and Hugo Powell greeting guests on the Terrace   (below) John and Brenda Chisholm

12                                   (above) Sue and Dave Gibbins
(below) Board of Governor Chair, Colleen McMorrow presenting Hugo Powell with a gift from SMLS

(below) Grade 5 Student Hostesses: Britany, Laura, Emma and Iryna

                                                    (right) Susan Hansen
     School News
     J A N UA RY                                                          J A N UA RY

      Perth College Exchange Students                                     Meeting Romeo Dallaire
                                                                          These SMLS young
                                                                          women were among
                                                                          a small group of
                                                                          senior students to
                                                                          hear a very inspira-
                                                                          tional talk by Lt.
                                                                          Gen. Hon. Romeo
                                                                          Dallaire in Toronto
                                                                          on the ‘Failure of
                                                                          Humanity in

                                                                                                         Mariah’s Gift
                                                                                                         Congratulations to Mariah
      SMLS was delighted to welcome our most recent batch of visiting                                    for her generosity in donating
      students from our sister school, Perth College, for a three-month                                  12 inches of her hair to make
      exchange program. Our Australian visitors attended S4 classes                                      wigs for kids with cancer.
      with their exchange hosts and were excited to experience a                                         Seen also in the picture is
      Canadian winter complete with a Snow Day!                                                          Angela from RAINBOW
                                             MOSIAC 2007
                                             On January 25th,
                                             SMLS hosted its
                                             2nd annual, student-led
                                             initiative – an exciting
                                             and colourful MOSIAC
                                             event in the school
                                             gymnasium. This
                                             festivity is a display of
                                             the exotic sights, tastes,
                                             and sounds of countries      S2s snow-shoeing on Adventure Day – part of the Duke of
                                             from each continent          Edinburgh Award Program.
                                             combined with cuisine,
                                             song, dance, and
                                             costume from
                                             around the world!
                                                                                                                     PSAA U12
                                                                                                                     This team won
                                                                                                                     every game to
                                                                                                                     the Finals!

School News
MARCH                                                             APRIL

Anti-Tobacco Initiative                                           Japanese Exchange Students

                                                                  In April, 21 girls and 2 staff members from Osaka
                                                                  International Owada High School arrived at SMLS on
                                                                  exchange for 12-days, marking the 15th year of the exchange
In conjunction with Wellness Week, Senior School students         program between our schools. Hosted by SMLS girls in S3 and
applied for and received a $1000 (Tobacco Action Grant)           S4, our visitors enjoyed a program of cultural immersion with
from the Ministry of Health for the purpose of preventing and     visits to Toronto, Niagara Falls and downtown Oakville with
reducing tobacco use amongst their peers. Six students produced   lots of opportunities to develop English speaking skills.
a short infomercial which showed the dangers of tobacco at a
Chapel attended by students from Grades 6 to S6. The same         Bouldering & Climbing Wall
girls also produced clothing sold during Wellness Week. The
logo they created was “Kick Butt”. Proceeds were given to the
Oakville Branch of the Canadian Cancer Society.

Robotics Winners!

                                                                  After much student anticipation, 2 JK students (assisted by
                                                                  Mrs. Jane Wightman and by Miss Sarah Boyes) cut the
                                                                  Ceremony Ribbon, officially opening the new Bouldering
                                                                  & Climbing Walls in the main Gymnasium.

                                                                  Special Baptism
March was a GREAT month for SWAT (St. Mildred’s Women             Victoria, daughter of teacher, Linda Moore was baptized
Advancing Technology) and Robot, MILDREAD VI. Not only            during an SMLS Eucharist, performed by School Chaplain,
did they finish first overall at the Regional Championships at    The Reverend Maria
the University of Waterloo, the next week they won the coveted    Nightingale. Victoria’s
Regional Chairman’s Award at the Hershey Centre in Missis-        paternal grandmother
sauga. As a result of those two weekend’s wins, SWAT double-      was in attendance and
qualified for the following month’s FIRST (For Inspiration and    grew up in Australia,
Recognition of Science and Technology) International Champi-      where she attended
onship in Atlanta with teams registered from Mexico, Brazil,      Perth College (our
USA and Canada.                                                   sister school there).

     School News
     APRIL                                                              APRIL
     Caring for the Homeless                                            PA Gala 2007
                                               Manitoba student,        The Parent Association Wish Upon a Star Gala, co-chaired by
                                               Hannah Taylor is         parents, Barb Perrone & Sue Gibbins was held on April 27th
                                               Canada’s youngest        at the Burlington Convention Centre. The objective was to
                                               advocate for this        come together as a community
                                               country’s homeless       to enrich the educational
                                               community. Founder       experience for our girls. With
                                               of the Ladybug           the added benefit of exceptional
                                               Foundation, Hannah       Silent & Live Auctions, a
                                               was welcomed to          record $150,000 was raised
                                               SMLS by our Head         to purchase equipment for
                                               Girl to speak about      our new Technology, the Arts
     the simple truth that “everybody should have a home”.              and Athletic facilities.
                                                                        Scottish Homestay
     SMLS Junior and Senior                                             These students were delighted to have been selected to each host
     Synchronized Swim TeamsChamps!                                     a visiting student from St. George’s School for Girls, our sister
                                                 Collectively, these    school in Edinburgh, Scotland from April 5 – May 5. Our
                                                 girls captured the                                                   visitors attended
                                                 Championship                                                         S2 classes with
                                                 title for a second                                                   their hosts and
                                                 straight year at                                                     accompanied them
                                                 Centennial Pool.                                                     on the grade trip
                                                 Scores were taken                                                    to New York.
                                                 from the Figures
                                                 Competition and        MAY
                                                 Routine Competi-
                                                 tion and SMLS
                                                 came out on top.       Earth Day
                                                                        Grade 6 students did a fabulous job as leaders and helped
     Carte Blanche                                                      younger girls to enjoy: planting, crafts, games, shopping and
     SMLS’s first CARTE BLANCHE                                         clean ups! Senior girls presented the Roots and Shoots Program.
     Arts Fringe Festival (think                                        Grade 4 Classes painted Yellow Fish on local sidewalks to help
     carnival’ atmosphere!)                                             raise community awareness about our waterways – the theme
     culminated the creative energies                                   for our Stream of Dreams magnificent fish mural (along the
     and showcased the artistic                                         soccer field fence). Fish were individually painted by
     accomplishments of students in                                     Junior Students and
     the areas of music, dance, drama,                                  erected by the Halton
     visual arts and crafts, language                                   Conservation Team
     arts, and new media. Pictured                                      and parent volunteers.
     here, the Fairy Godmother for                                      Special thanks to
     the Grade 5 mini-musical                                           Mr. Simon Samsworth
     production of Cinderella.                                          for all his work
                                                                        coordinating Earth
                Photo Credit: Andrew Stawicki, Our Kids, Publications   Day.

School News
MAY                                                               M AY
Special Olympics                                                  Junior Sports Day
In support of Special Olympics and Special Olympics
International, SMLS staff (led by Nicki Newhouse) & students
hosted for its 3rd year in a row, the Soccer Home Town
Games. Spectators and organizers receive far more in terms of
                                              compassion and
                                              pure joy by
                                              spending the
                                              day with these
                                              amazing athletes.
                                                                  The weather cooperated for Junior Sports Day where students
                                                                  very much got into the spirit of things by dressing up in House
Round Square
                                                                  Colours to compete in various indoor and outdoor activities.
                                                                  Unfortunately, the Seniors were not so lucky with their Day
                                                                  being rained out.


                                                                  As part of their
                                                                  Social Studies
                                                                  curriculum, Grade
                                                                  4 students in Mrs.
                                                                  Shay’s class dressed
                                                                  up Medieval-style!
SMLS delegates, here with Mrs. Judy Ross attended the 2007
Round Square Conference in Bermuda and participated in a          2007 Graduating Class
15-mile fundraising walk for local charities.

Thank You SMLS Volunteers

                                                                  Congratulations to forty-one Graduates and their families who
                                                                  participated in a Service at St. Jude’s Church, Oakville at
                                                                  8:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 14th to commemorate this
                                                                  Graduation occasion.
On the evening of May 7th, 285 parents and friends of the         Then at 10:00 a.m., the Senior School Closing Ceremonies
SMLS Community were invited to attend a Volunteer                 took place in the SMLS Main Gymnasium where Graduation
Appreciation reception in their honour.                           Certificates and Proficiency Prizes were awarded.

     Class News
     Class of 1957                                                       Class of 1969
                                                  Beverlie SAM-                                      Elaine TUSTIN Saltzberg’s
                                                  MONS Robertson                                     (Hercules, CA) older daughter,
                                                  (Port Carling, ON)                                 Gabrielle Nicastro gave birth to
                                                  has published a                                    her second daughter, Isabella, on
                                                  book ‘With Know-                                   June 19th. Isabella’s older sister,
                                                  ing Eyes; Canadian                                 Emma, now 2 years 4 months old,
                                                  Women in Song’ –                                   and her dad, Lucio, are thrilled with
                                                  a collection of folk                               the beautiful new addition to their
                                                  songs old & new,                                   family. Grandma Elaine dropped
                                                  English & French,                                  everything and flew over to Rome,
                                                  about Canadian                                     Italy (where they live) to pitch in
                                                  women, their role in                               the first week home from the
                                                  the development of                                 hospital. This makes three grand-
                                                  Canada and, their                                  children for Elaine. Devon (now 9
                                                  thoughts & feelings                                months old) is the surviving twin of
                                                  about their lives.                                 younger daughter, Adrienne Saul,
                                                  Issues such as immi-                               and her husband, Casey. They are
                                                  gration, war, sex,                                 expecting once more in February
                                                  abuse, love and        2008. The family is all mourning the loss of their twin grandson,
     childraising are all in the songs. As a mother, her simple search   Shane who died at 7 months in May of this year.
     for relevant songs evolved into a collection that presents a
     social history of women in Canada. Beverlie can be reached for
     concerts & workshops: (705) 765-0340 or        Class of 1971
     ‘With Knowing Eyes: Canadian Women in Song’ may be
                                                                         Norah/Charis COTTER (Toronto, ON) has just published her
     obtained online through Pandora Press (
                                                                         second book, ‘Kids Who Rule: The Remarkable Lives of Five
     or directly from Brandy Creek Music & Publications,
                                                                         Child Monarchs’ with Annick Press. A biography/history book
     2468 Falkenburg Rd. RR #1, Port Carling, ON P0B 1J0.
                                                                         for children ages 9 to 11, it is a lively take on the lives and
                                                                         times of young kings and queens from King Tut to the Dalai
     Class of 1967                                                                                                         Lama. Norah
                                                                                                                           (who now goes
     Elizabeth KURATA Longfield (Wasaga Beach, ON) is formally                                                             by her second
     retired, getting involved in volunteering but most importantly,                                                       name, Charis)
     the proud grandmother of three little girls ages 5, 4 and 2.                                                          has just bought
     She is currently working with several ‘Old Girls’ from the Class                                                      a cottage in
     of 1967 to reach classmates with whom they have lost touch.                                                           Western Bay,
     The Class is celebrating its 40th Graduation Anniversary and                                                          Newfoundland,
     would love to include everyone with whom shared classes                                                               where she plans
     from 1962 to 1967, forms IVB (Grade 9) through to Honours                                                             to spend her
     Matriculation.                                                                                                        summers writing.
                                                                                                                           Her daughter,
     Jill RAMSAY (San Francisco, CA) is proud to announce her                                                              Zoe, is now 15
     recent graduation from San Francisco State University with                                                            and is a budding
     a MS in Counseling, Rehabilitation with an emphasis in                                                                young actor.
     Gerontology. She will continue to teach students with
     disabilities at City College of San Francisco while pursuing
     a counseling position. Jill attended Miss Lightbourn’s and          Class of 1980
     then, St, Mildred’s-Lightbourn School. Jill states that she
                                                                         Jennifer HAMBLIN (Toronto, ON) graduated from the Toronto
     struggled with her education through High School and then
                                                                         District School Board with a T.E.S.L. Certificate in May 2007.
     through College and left the education track for 15 years. In
                                                                         Jennifer is in her third year teaching English as a Second
     her mid-thirties, Jill was diagnosed with Learning Disabilities.
                                                                         Language at a private Korean Christian school.
     She started over (and with remedial work and with a solid
     commitment) to obtain the goal that took 16 years to
     complete. Congratulations, Jill!

Class News
Class of 1982                                                         Class of 1987
                                            The Reverend Jill         Attending the May 6th Alumnae Luncheon to recognize their
                                            BROCKLEHURST              20th Graduation Anniversary were: Janice WILLMOTT King,
                                            (Heriot Bay, B.C.)        Sarah CLARKE, Meredith DODD Deasley, Sarah-Jane
                                            participated in the       WALMSLEY Wellington, Sian MIDGLEY and Catherine CIEPLY.
                                            world-famous Free
                                            Hugs Campaign on
                                            Canada Day – likely
                                            the first-ever event of
                                            its kind on Vancouver
                                            Island. A small group
                                            of very huggable folks
                                            from the Island Centre
for Positive Living (ICPL) arrived at the Foreshore dressed in
their matching blue Free Hugs t-shirts while holding up the
black and white signs letting everyone know that hugs were
readily available. Jill reports that the response was simply
amazing. People started requesting hugs, blocking traffic at
major intersections. More info about the Centre is online at          Leslie TOPP (Cambridge, UK) has been Lecturer in History of For more information on the world-wide                 Art and Architecture at Birkbeck College, University of London
Free Hugs Campaign, please visit            since 2005. Leslie is in England with husband, Neil Kenny and
                                                                      their three-year-old daughter, Elizabeth.

Class of 1983
                                                                      Class of 1989
Amanda BLOSS Maloney (Mississauga, ON), author of ‘The
Good Samaritan’ short story launched the anthology, ‘Under                                            Christie HENDERSON
Cover of Darkness’ in February at the Merrill Collection at                                           (Oakville, ON) and her
239 College in Toronto.                                                                               husband Kirk Biggar
                                                                                                      welcomed their third son
Gina SANDFORD Dunnett (Weston, FL), husband, Bruce and                                                (Sorry St. Mildred’s!), Duncan
sons, Nicholas 17 and Harrison 15 announce the graduation of                                          James Bristol Biggar on
their daughter and sister, Kayleigh Dunnett from Florida State                                        Nov. 10th, 2006. Charlie
University, April 2007. Kayleigh received both a B.Sc. in Civil                                       and Finlay are thrilled with
Engineering and a B.SC. in Environmental Engineering with                                             the new addition. Christie
Magna cum laude honors. Gina is leading a team of teenagers
                                                                      is Managing Partner at Henderson Partners LLP – Chartered
who pursue high adventure and has been seen exploring
                                                                      Accountant, servicing owner- managed enterprises in the GTA.
caves, climbing cliff sides, SCUBA diving, whitewater rafting
and backpacking around Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. Gina
invites others from her Class to do something special for their       Class of 1990
25th Graduation Anniversary.
                                                                      Anne-Marie JOBLING Tice
                                                                      (Wimbledon, U.K.) and
Class of 1985                                                         Kevin welcomed their third
Diana LOBB (Cambridge, ON) went on complete a B.Sc. at                daughter on December 15th,
the University of Waterloo after graduating from SMLS in 1985.        2006 at Kingston hospital,
She put that degree to dubious use over the next ten years,           Kingston-upon Thames, UK.
working primarily in the arts and not-for-profit sectors. She         Sophia Hope Jobling Tice
returned to the University of Waterloo and, in 2000, completed        is positively adored by big
at B.A. in English Literature, which was followed by a sojourn        sisters Charlotte (5) and
to the University of Guelph for an M.A. (‘02) and a return to the     Isabelle (4). Sophia is an
University of Waterloo for doctoral work focused on Canadian          extra special gift to her
Literature, pedagogy and multiculturalism, funded by scholar-         mummy who lost her beloved
ships from the Ontario Graduate Scholarship and the Social            mother Joyce in March of
Sciences and Humanities Research Programs. Widowed in                 2006. Although still living in Wimbledon, Anne-Marie and
2003, Diana is currently (and finally) completing her doctoral        Kevin have a home in Burlington where this summer, Sophia
research while continuing to teach. She has re-partnered with         will be christened by The Reverend Michael Patterson who
a budding archaeologist, has three stepchildren and way too           taught at the School.
many pets!

     Class News
                                  Nadine SANCI Artemis                                                 Marissa SCHRODER (Toronto,
                                  (Haliburton, ON) gave birth to her                                   ON) will be marrying Robert
                                  son, Leif on June 20th. Leif had a                                   Holloway (a real estate devel-
                                  beautiful home-birth on their                                        oper) at their Muskoka cottage
                                  177-acre Private Nature Reserve                                      on September 15th, 2007. The
                                  near the Muskoka/ Algonquin                                          pair resides full-time in Toronto,
                                  regions. Nadine is now living in                                     where Marissa is the publisher
                                  this pristine wilderness and creat-                                  of Get Out There Magazine,
                                  ing her Botanical Formulations for                                   which she founded in 2004.
                                  skin-care lines around the world
                                  and making medicinal alchemical
                                  chocolate with her husband, Ron.
                                                                        Class of 1998 & 1999
                                                                        Jori VAN GORDER (Oakville, ON) will be returning home to
     Nadine can be reached at
                                                                        take on a challenging new role as part of the Marketing/Group
     Samantha WILLIAMS Lloyd (Napa, CA) was married May 5,              Sales Division for The Cruise Professionals after spending sev-
     2006 in Todos Santos, Mexico to Scott Lloyd (hence her new         eral years working in marketing for the Cleveland Clinic in
     name). They had their first child (a son) William Neil on          Ohio. Jori will be in good company, working alongside fellow
     February 16th. Samantha and family live in Napa, California        Millie Alum, Lexa DJOLETO ‘98 (Mississauga, ON).
     and so logically, both of she and Scott work in the wine
     industry! Samantha works for Francis Ford Coppola Presents
     running their e-Commerce and Wine Club businesses.
                                                                        Class of 1999
                                                                                                            Janet BURDITT Ramos
     Class of 1992                                                                                          (Oakville, ON) and her
                                                                                                            husband, John welcomed
                                      Bettina KLENKLER                                                      their first child, baby
                                      (Hamilton, ON) and her                                                John Kenneth on January 16,
                                      husband, Santiago Faucher                                             2007. John was born at
                                      had a baby girl, Sofia Beatrice                                       Trillium Hospital and
                                      Paula Faucher on October 27,                                          weighed 6 lbs. 9oz.

                                                                        Kristin DEMERITT (West Palm Beach, FL) moved from Lusanne,
                                                                        Switzerland after 8 years to Portland, Oregon to complete her
     Michelle PETSOULAS Vedder (Cary, NC) was selected to join          undergraduate degree in Communications. The rain finally
     Team USA (          chased her away and she now finds herself residing in sunny
     ART/2007/05/03/445f4b860961a) for Roller Hockey and                West Palm Beach, Florida where she works as a Real Estate
     competed at the World Championships in Spain July 6-16             Closer for a developer within a large law firm. Kristin sends a
     (at time of print). Michelle hopes to repeat last year’s success   big ‘hello’ to all those classmates from years ago and would
     and bring home the Gold again this year. Michelle has been         love to hear how some of them are doing. Feel free to email
     happily married for 6 years now to Aaron Vedder and lives in       her at
     Cary, North Carolina with their two golden retrievers. She still
                                                                        Sheridan SARHAN (Mississauga, ON) has taken on an exciting
     plays hockey 5 times per week. Michelle is also the Technical
                                                                        new position at William Osler Etobicoke General Hospital as a
     Implementation Software Manager for Defense at a company
                                                                        Clinical Pharmacist in January. Sheridan was previously working
     called IFS (Industrial and Financial Systems) where she has
                                                                        as a Community Pharmacist for the Shopper’s Drug Mart chain.
     worked for the last 7 years.

     Class of 1995                                                      Class of 2000
                                                                        Jennifer MCARTHUR (Toronto,
                                    Kristin MCKNIGHT
                                                                        ON) was called to the Bar of
                                    (Georgetown, ON) gave
                                                                        Ontario in June. She will be
                                    birth to a son, Caleb
                                                                        returning to Stikeman Elliott LLP
                                    James McKnight, born on
                                                                        as an Associate in their
                                    November 24, 2006.
                                                                        Competition Law Group.

Class News
Class of 2002                                                      Alumnae Brunch

                                                                   On Sunday, May 6th, over 40 Alumnae returned to SMLS for a
                                                                   delicious Brunch, great company, singing of the School Song
                                                                   and much reminiscing. Dr. Margaret Swazye introduced Silvi
                                                                   DODMAN and Elaine Tew introduced Peggy JASPER, both of
                                                                   whom officially joined the SMLS Alumnae Association in June
                                                                   2007 upon their retirements. Additional staff and faculty were
                                                                   also in attendance.
Jenny JACKSON (Oakville, ON) decided to follow her passion
with writing and took Corporate Communications at Sheridan                                         Special returning Alumnae
College in Oakville after graduating from Theatre and Film                                         were presented with “Old
studies at McMaster University in 2006. She is now a Public                                        Girls Association” Gold and
Relations Intern at the non-profit organization, Ornge (formally                                   Silver Pins: 50th Year Reunion
known as Ontario Air Ambulance), most notably recognized by                                        Alum (Class of ‘57), Frances
the helicopters that land at the scene of an accident. Jenny has                                   WISHART and Beverlie
also just become involved in Orange Splash, involving                                              ROBERTSON; 25th Year
certification in water sport instruction and boating, along with                                   Reunion Alum (Class of ‘82):
first aid training.                                                Jill BROCKLEHURST; and the 10th Year Reunion Alum
                                                                   (Class of ‘97), Christine FREWAN, Aimee KAIN, Meredith
                                                                   MCCLENAGHAN, Melissa SMITH and Stacey STONEHAM.
Class of 2004
                                  Yasmine RASSEM                   Your 2007 Alumnae Executive
                                  (Mississauga, ON) placed
                                  Top 10 as a semi-finalist,
                                  and was Top 5 for Swimsuit,
                                  Interview and Fitness in this
                                  year’s Miss World Canada
                                  that took place in Toronto
                                  in the Suites at One King
                                  West from March 13th to
                                  the 18th.

                                                                   Your 2007-2008 SMLS Alumnae Executive includes (from left to
                                                                   right): Chantale SENARATNA ‘00 (Treasurer), Leah COUTINHO
                                                                   ‘00 (Vice President), Tracy STREET Houston ‘94 (President),
                                                                   Farah RAHEMTULLA ‘02 (Fundraising), Lesley TOWNEND
                                                                   ‘83 (Past President), and Miranda PLANT ‘03 (Secretary). Also
                                                                   shown is Jodi BROPHY Easton ‘92 (Communications – retired).

                                                                                  We’d Love to See You!
                                                                     Please mark your calendars for the next Annual Alumnae
                                                                        Christmas Reception, scheduled for the evening of
                                                                     Wednesday, December 19, 2007. It’s a terrific way for you
                                                                     to keep in touch with fellow Alum and get the chance to
                                                                        see all the amazing new facilities that SMLS offers!

       St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School   St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School provides a stimulating learning
       1080 Linbrook Road
       Oakville, Ontario L6J 2L1         environment in which young women are supported to
       Tel: (905) 845-2386
       Fax: (905) 845-4799
                                         create, question, take risks, experience the world, practice
       E-mail:           compassion, and fulfill their potential as learners, leaders,
                                         and contributing members of society.

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