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									Excelsior Springs High School        January 2011                                 Guidance & Counseling
Dear Seniors & Senior Parents,                                    Graduation Requirements
       It seems this year is flying by!             Remember to keep an eye on your grades in classes
                                                    needed for graduation. The counselors will be meeting
Don’t let your opportunities fly by, too.           with all seniors on January 12th & 13th to review credits
It’s not too late to do most college                and courses needed for graduation. A letter home will
applications, but the deadlines will be             follow shortly after these meetings and will outline for the
here soon. Also, it is just the right time          students and parents exactly which courses and how many
                                                    credits each senior needs in order to graduate. Please
to work on your FAFSA, the first step in
                                                    monitor your/your student’s progress in these courses and
qualifying for grants, loans and work-              contact the appropriate counselor at any time with
study. Plan on attending the Financial              concerns.
Aid Night mentioned in this newsletter
for more information, but basically the                        Dates to Remember
FAFSA requires information from a                   Senior Financial Aid Night will be January 27th
student and parents’ 2010 tax forms                 at 7:00 PM in the ESHS Library. This is important for
and cannot be filed until January 1,                everyone who will attend any kind of post-secondary
                                                    institution. A financial aid expert will be here to inform
2011.      You can estimate from your               students and parents on how to file the FAFSA (Free
2009 forms, but you would have to                   Application for Federal Student Aid) and to answer any
revise later and your aid would likely              questions about this process.         The FAFSA is a
change. The easiest thing to do, if                 requirement for students expecting to access A+ money
                                                    for school, and it is the gateway to many financial aid
possible, is to do your taxes early and             resources such as grants, loans and work-study.
do the FAFSA early (by the end of Feb)
for     your      best     financial    aid         MCC Careers Unilimited
opportunities. There is a copy of the               MCC will host this event on February 9th at 8:30-9:30 AM
FAFSA worksheet attached to this                    or 12:30 -1:30 PM at the Business & Technology campus
                                                    to feature MCC’s 80+ career and technical programs.
newsletter to help you prepare to                   RSVP to Katie Cone at katie.cone@mcckc.edu
complete the application online.
       Don’t forget to watch those                  A+ Transition Workshop
scholarship deadlines! More and more                Learn how to use you’re A+ benefits at MCC as well as
local scholarships will be announced in             how to transfer to a four-year institution on Tuesday, Feb.
the next several months and we must                 8th from 6-8 PM or Tuesday, March 22nd from 6-8 PM.
                                                    To attend, sign up at www.mcckc.edu/visitmw or call
strictly adhere to those deadlines. But             816-6-4-3263.
local scholarships are great because
someone from ESHS is guaranteed to                  Missouri Cadet Patrol Academy
be awarded those scholarships, and                  The American Legion and the Missouri State Highway
scholarships are funds that you don’t               Patrol sponsor this program from June 5 – 10th for any
                                                    students interested in law enforcement as a career. The
have to repay, unless there are                     $400 fee may be covered in part by the American Legion.
specifics       mentioned       in      the         Applications are available in the guidance office and are
announcement.                                       due by February 15, 2011.

ESHS Parent/Teacher Conferences                                              Financial Aid Tips
ESHS will be hosting Parent/Teacher conferences of
                                                                   1.    Watch deadlines.
February 17th from 2-8PM.          This is an excellent
                                                                   2.    Get help - call your high school counselor,
opportunity to speak with your student’s teachers.
                                                                         college admissions representative and college
                                                                         financial aid office.
                    FAFSA Frenzy                                   3.    File a FAFSA early- even if you don’t think
             Sunday, February 13th 2-4 PM                                you’ll qualify. www.fafsa.ed.gov
Take advantage of this opportunity to get help completing          4.    Apply for every scholarship you qualify for.
your FAFSA form. All seniors and their parents are                 5.    Avoid scholarship scams – never pay money for
invited to FAFSA Frenzy, hosted by Maple Woods,                          a scholarship search.        This information is
Liberty High School, NWMSU, MWSU and other                               available for free on the internet.
locations. Check out the following website for more                6.    Register with scholarship websites.
http://www.dhe.mo.gov/                                         Does Missouri Western University accept A+ for
                                                               student tuition?
Need a summer job?                                             The answer is “yes,” but only for one-year and two-year
Wonderland Camp is looking for employees for the               associate programs. Four-year bachelor degree programs
upcoming summer to work at a residential summer camp           are not covered by the A+ program
at Lake of the Ozarks for children and adults with special
needs. For an application or more information go to                     Midwest Student Exchange Program
www.wonderlandcamp.org Applications are due by                 MHEC is a program that enables residents from Missouri
February 18, 2011.                                             to enroll in designated institutions and programs in
                                                               Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota and Nebraska at reduced
                  Lunch Visits                                 tuition levels. The goal is to provide more affordable
          College & Military Recruiters                        educational opportunities for students to attend out-of-
January 6th-Marines                                            state institutions. Check out the following website for
January 20th-Navy and Washburn University                      more information:
Test Date                             Registration Deadline             Kindest Kansas Citian Essay Contest
Feb. 12th                                          Jan. 7th    Synergy Services is once again proud to announce the
April 9 th
                                                   Mar. 4th    Kindest Kansas Citian essay contest. Students at any
June 11  th
                                                   May 6th     grade level are invited to write an essay about a non-
If you still need to (re)take the ACT, you can, but hurry      family member who has made a difference to them
and register ASAP! You can still late register or test         personally.          Forms      are     available   at
stand-by for the February test for an extra fee.               www.synergyservices.org and must be post-marked by
                                                               February 11, 2011.
MU Music Audition Days are Feb. 21st and March 5th.
Music Students should apply for admission to MU as                       College Visit Days
soon as possible to be considered for other scholarships,      Many universities still have special days set aside for you
too. Go to music.missouri.edu or call 573-882-4471 for         to visit their campuses this spring. Take advantage of any
more information.                                              scheduled days with no school to make any last minute
                   Senior Tidbits                              visits. See college websites or call the admissions offices
College Applications –Remember to let the guidance             for more information. See your counselor if you need any
office know if you have completed an application online,       help.
so that we will know to mail your transcript. If you do a
paper application, bring it in and we will mail it with your
transcript for you!

Check out the following websites for scholarship and
financial aid information:

                  Scholarships                               John Dennis Scholarship ($1,000)
                                                             This scholarship is for criminal justice majors who
Many      universities offer competitive, academic
scholarships for students who apply early. Sometimes         will be attending a Missouri college or university.
these applications are automatic with your admissions        Applicants must be in good standing with their
application and some require additional applications.        school, have a good reference from their school
Check with the universities that you are interested in for   counselor, demonstrate financial need, have a 2.0
the various scholarships that you may qualify for.           GPA or greater, and be active in extra-curricular
         Examples -Mizzou offers scholarships through        activities. Email Karen@mosheriffs.com to obtain
the Trulaske College of Business and the deadlines for       an application. They are due to the guidance office
these scholarships are Feb. 1st. Mizzou also offers the      by January 26, 2011.
Alumni Scholars program with amounts from $500 to
$5000. You do not have to be related to an MU graduate
                                                             James L & Nellie M. Westlake Scholarship
to qualify. Apply online at www.mizzou.com/scholarship
by Feb. 1st.                                                 Program (award covering tuition, books &
         Colorado Technical University (CTU) offers a        supplies)
$3000 JUMP Start scholarship to qualified applicants.        This scholarship is for seniors from Missouri who
         Cottey College – several scholarships are           plan to enroll in a four-year university or college.
offered through P.E.O. International.                Visit   Applicants must demonstrate financial need with an
www.peointernational.org to find out about their Cottey      EFC of $7,000 or less and a family adjusted gross
College scholarships and others.                             income of $50,000 or less. They also must have at
         Northwest offers a scholarship for students         least a 2.5 GPA. Applications are available in the
interested in majoring in Family & Consumer Sciences,        guidance         office      or       online      at
due to NWMSU by Feb. 1st.
                                                             http://sms.scholarshipamerica.org/westlake     They
                                                             are due to the guidance office by January 27, 2011.
            Other Scholarships
Watch our due dates! Sometimes, for processing               MSPE Western Chapter Scholarship ($1500)
and mailing time, we have the scholarships due to us         Seniors interested in engineering should apply for
earlier than the dates on the applications.                  this scholarship. Eligibility requirements include a
                                                             minimum 3.0 GPA, minimum ACT math subscores
Donate Life – North Kansas City Hospital                     of 29 and 25 in English, enrollment in an ABET-
Scholarship ($750, $1,000 or $1,500)                         EAC      accredited     program.         Letters     of
Create a project to increase awareness about organ           recommendation and an essay are required. All
and tissue donation to win one of these scholarships.        materials are due to the guidance office by January
Creativity is encouraged!           Entries must be          28, 2011.
postmarked by Jan. 14, 2011. More information is
available in the counseling office.                          Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers Scholarship
Mensa Education and Research Foundation                      Students who are children of Ray-Carroll members
Scholarship Essay Contest forms may be                       or members of Ray-Carroll themselves may apply
downloaded at                                                for this scholarship. Applications, essays and
http://www.mensafoundation.org/scholarships/       or        teacher recommendation forms are due to the
are available in the guidance office. Entries must be        counseling office by January 28, 2011.
postmarked on or before January 15, 2011 and this
contest is open to any senior.                               ACT National High School Poster Concept
                                                             Contest ($1,000-5,000)
Washington Crossing Foundation Scholarship                   This contest is open to juniors & seniors to design a
($1,000-$5,000)                                              poster, including ACT visuals and tagline that
History buff? Enjoy politics?        Government or           encourages students to attend college and to take the
military service in your future? Visit www.gwcf.org          ACT test. Visit www.actstudent.org/postercontest to
 to apply for this scholarship by January 15, 2011.          access more information. Posters and applications
                                                             must be postmarked by January 31, 2011.

DECA Scholarships                                        above. To complete this scholarship please visit
DECA has a variety of scholarships offered based on      www.co-op.edu
your part-time work experience and DECA
participation. Many are due soon (Jan.-Feb.) Please      Kansas City Associated Equipment Distributors
see Mrs. Smith at the Career Center, your DECA           Scholarship ($1,000)
sponsor for applications and details.                    Students interested in pursuing a certificate or
                                                         associates degree program in the areas of diesel
KFC Colonel’s Scholarship Program ($5,000-               mechanics or heavy equipment repair should apply
renewable for 4 years)                                   for this scholarship. Applicant must enroll to be
This scholarship is for students with at least a 2.75    full-time students and must have a minimum 2.5
cumulative GPA who plan to pursue a bachelor’s           high school cumulative GPA. Applications are
degree in Missouri. Applicants must demonstrate          available in the guidance office and are due to us by
financial    need     to    qualify.    Apply       at   February 24, 2011 or must be post-marked by
www.kfcscholars.org by Feb 9, 2011.                      March 1, 2011 if you mail it yourself.

MO United School Insurance Council                       Stephen R and Dorothy Pratt Scholarship Fund
Jack Holley Scholarship ($2000)                          ($750 renewable for 4 years) LOCAL!
ESHS can select one applicant. To be considered as       This scholarship is for an ESHS student who plans
a nominee, complete the application and return to        to major in music and must have at least a 3.0 GPA.
the guidance office by February 9, 2011.                 Financial need must be demonstrated. Applications
                                                         are available in the guidance office and are due to us
Knights of Columbus                                      for processing by February 24, 2011.
The Knights of Columbus have several scholarships
available for students who have a parent who is a        Janice Cox-Profitt Memorial Scholarship
member. Applications are available in the guidance       This $300 scholarship is for residents of Ray County
office and are due to us for processing by Feb. 11,      who have at least a 2.5 GPA and are planning on
2011                                                     attending a university, college or technical school.
                                                         Due to the counseling office by Feb. 25, 2010.
Mediacom World Class Scholarship ($1000)
Mediacom is offering this scholarship to seniors in      FCS Financial Services Scholarship Program
the North Central Division. The scholarship criteria     ($1,000)
is academic performance, leadership and financial        For Missouri seniors who are children or
need. Applications are available in the guidance         grandchildren of customers with FCS Financial
office and are due to the guidance office by Feb. 11,    through their loan or crop insurance programs. Visit
2011.                                                    their                                       website
                                                         myfcsfinancial.com/aboutus/ScholarshipProgram for
Best Buy Scholarship ($1,000)                            more information. Applications are due to the
Students need solid grades and to be involved in         guidance office by February 25, 2011            for
volunteer community service or work experience.          processing.
Apply online at www.at15.com or www.bestbuy-
communityrelations.com by Feb. 16, 2011.                 LEAP Scholarship
                                                         Due Feb. 28, 2011 – Seniors interested in becoming
                                                         a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) should apply
NCCE Partner Colleges- Merit Co-Op                       for this scholarship. This award is based on
Scholarships                                             academics, leadership and an essay. Applicants
Application deadline Feb. 15, 2011 – For students        must attend a college/university in Missouri. To
attending Drexel U, Johnson & Wales U, Kettering         apply, go to www.leap-forward.com
U, Pace U, Rochester Institute of Technology, U of
Cincinnati, U of Toledo or Wenworth Institute of         U.S. Bank Internet Scholarship Program ($1,000)
Technology. Students must have at least a 3.5            Apply online at www.usbank.com/scholarship for
cumulative GPA and complete all required                 these random-drawing scholarships. Students must
admissions materials at one of the institutions listed   attend an accredited two or four year college full-
                                                         time next fall. Deadline is March 1, 2011.
Blue Springs School of Economics ($500)                  least a 2.75 GPA and must apply by March 15,
For students to be eligible for this scholarship, they   2011.     Applications are available online at
must have attended the Blue Springs School of            www.dillenkoffer.org
Economics on a field trip during their
elementary/middle school years at some point. The        Robert V. Pirrie Memorial Scholarship (1,500)
GPA requirement is 2.75 or higher and an essay is        Students interested in land surveying or a land
required. Applications are available in the guidance     surveying related field as a college major should
office and are due to the guidance office by March       apply for this scholarship. It will be awarded based
2, 2011 or must be post-marked no later than March       on scholarship, leadership, activities and need. One
4, 2011.                                                 letter of recommendation is required. Applications
                                                         are to be completed online by March 15, 2011 and
SAMMY 2011 Award Program ($7,500)                        can              be              found             at
The “Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year”          www.missourisurveyor.org/forms/RVP_scholarship.
program recognizes outstanding scholar athletes in       asp
grade 12 Judging of applicants is based on
academics,     athletic  excellence,    leadership,      Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund
community service and milk experience essay.             Leadership abilities, academic achievement and
SAMMY 2011 applications will only be accepted            financial need are the criteria for this scholarship.
online at bodybymilk.com until March 4, 2011.            Application packets must include an essay, a copy of
                                                         the student’s FAFSA forms, a transcript, a photo and
Missouri Gaming Association Project 21                   two letters of recommendation. Applications are
Scholarship ($1000 or $1500)                             available in the guidance office and are due to us by
MGA sponsors the Project 21 scholarship to               March 25, 2011.
promote the awareness of gaming laws in Missouri.
Submissions may be done in three categories –            General Hospital Perpetual Trust Fund ($500)
article, poster or video. All submissions are due to     African-American students pursuing a degree in
MGA by March 4, 2011. More information is                nursing in the five-county greater Kansas City area
available in the guidance office.                        & St. Joseph, Missouri should apply for this
                                                         scholarship. An essay, passport photo, transcript
Pastor Otis L. Cobbins, Sr. Memorial                     and references are required. Applications are
Scholarship ($1,000)                                     available in the guidance office and are due to us for
This scholarship will honor a young individual who       processing by March 28, 2011.
exemplifies the attributes of Pastor Otis L. Cobbins,
Sr. These attributes include: honesty, hard-working,     Missouri Women’s Golf Association Scholarship
strong character, love of humanity, etc. Short essays    This scholarship is given in recognition of pas golf
and letters of recommendation are required.              performance which includes overall high school
Applicants must be in good standing with school          records and golf achievements. Applications are
currently attending and must enroll in at least 12       available in the guidance office and are due to us by
credit hours in the fall of 2010. Applications are       March 29, 2011 for processing.
available in the guidance office and are due to us for
processing by March 10, 2011.                            Ray County Farm Bureau Scholarship ($200 –
                                                         renewable up to 4 years)
McDonald’s Scholarship – LOCAL!                          Applicants must be Ray County residents, have a
Seniors at ESHS who work at McDonald’s are               parent who is a Farm Bureau member, be in the top
encouraged to apply for the McDonald’s                   30% of their graduating class, and show academic
scholarship. Applications are in the guidance office     and leadership abilities. Applications are due to
and are due by March 15, 2011.                           RCFB by April 1, 2011.

The Dillenkoffer Endowment ($10,000 –                    Go-Long Scholarship Fund (amount varies)
renewable for 4 years)                                   To qualify for this scholarship, students must
This scholarship is designated for gay, lesbian,         continue their education full-time at a two or four
bisexual or transgendered students who plan to           year college or technical school, demonstrate
pursue higher education. Applicants must have at         financial need, maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher and
complete eight hours of community service when           Big Sun Scholarship ($500)
they receive the award. Applications are due to the      All student athletes are eligible for this scholarship
guidance office by April 12, 2011.                       regardless of what sport they play.              Visit
                                                         http://www.bigsunathletics.com to learn how to
Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship (up to $1,500          apply. The application deadline is June 23, 2011.
– renewable for 4 years)
This scholarship is for students in the top ten          Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program ($1,000)
percentile on the ACT (27-28 or higher) and who          This scholarship requires that students submit an
have been accepted to college for the fall of 2009.      essay on experiences outside the classroom that
Applications are in the guidance office and are due      demonstrate qualities sought after by universities.
by April 13, 2011.                                       Full      details        are        available       at
Women’s Retail Network (up to $5,000)                    The deadline for this scholarship is June 18, 2011.
WRN is offering scholarships up $5,000 for females
pursuing programs in automotive retail areas,
Enrollment in an accredited automotive program or
institution providing automotive retail and/or service
management degrees or certificates is a requirement.
Visit www.gmsac.com to download a copy of the                  Excelsior Springs High School
application. It need to be postmarked by April 15,
2011.                                                             Guidance & Counseling
The Fountainhead Essay Contest ($50-$10,000)
                                                                      612 Tiger Drive
Essays based on the novel The Fountainhead will be          Excelsior Springs, Missouri 64024
judged on both style and content. Judges will look
for writing that is clear, articulate and logically                816-630-9210, 2603
organized. Detailed instructions are available in the
guidance office. Submit online or by mail by April,                 816-630-9227 (fax)
26, 2011.                                                            Colleen Agler, A-K
David G. Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund                             Heather Grove, L-Z
This award is for students who have played
basketball for at least two years and exemplify the
characteristics of a contributing team player.
Applicants must also plan on attending a two or four
year college, university or technical school, have at
least a 3.0 cumulative GPA and demonstrate
financial need. Applications are available in the
guidance office and are due to us by April 26, 2011.

Attached to hard copy
FAFSA on the web worksheet
Selective service flyer
College comparison worksheet


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