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									                                CHAPTER 21 GREEN WORKSHEET
Directions: Choose the correct word from the bank to complete each sentence.
Decorum        Espouse         Exhilaration           Exorbitant         Extricate
Facilitate     Orthodox        Rejuvenate             Synchronize        Tenuous

   1. Ignoring all standards of cafeteria _________________, students sat on the tables and threw French fries
       at each other.
   2. Some premature babies are so tiny and weak that their hold on life is very ___________________.
   3. The ads for the anti-wrinkle cream claim that it will _______________ aging skin.
   4. The new restaurant went out of business because of its ___________________ prices.
   5. The children’s ___________________ at the amusement park was contagious—their parents soon felt
       excited too.
   6. If you’re giving a dinner party, preparing some food platters ahead of time will _______________ your
       work when the guests arrive.
   7. At age two, Patrick got his head stuck between the bars of an iron railing. His parents had to call the fire
       department to come and __________________ him.
   8. During the 1960s and 1970s, there were bitter clashes between those who _________________(e)d the
       United States’ involvement in Vietnam and those who were opposed to it.
   9. New members of the water ballet club have trouble coordinating their swimming, but with practice, the
       group is able to ____________________ its movements.
   10. “The ___________________ treatment in this kind of case,” the doctor said, “is surgery followed by
       chemotherapy. But some specialists are exploring the possibility of using surgery alone.”

Directions: Write a synonym and antonym on the line for the vocabulary word.
    Vocabulary Word                 Synonym                        Antonym
1. Decorum
2. Espouse
3. Exhilaration
4. Exorbitant
5. Extricate
6. Facilitate
7. Orthodox
8. Rejuvenate
9. Synchronize
10. Tenuous

Directions: On a separate piece of paper, create a sentence for Chapter 21 vocabulary word. Each sentence
must be at least 8 words long.
Name __________________________________________________________________                      Hour _______

                           Unit 4 Vocabulary       Chapter 21         Green Level

                                1         2    3



     6                                    7




 ACROSS                                              DOWN

  2 to make (someone) feel or seem                     1 to support, argue for, or adopt
    young again                                        3 cheerfulness; high spirits
  4 excessive, especially in amount,                   5 correctness in behavior and
    cost or price                                        manners
  7 to make easier to do or to get                     6 having little substance or basis;
  8 following established, traditional                   weak
    rules or beliefs, especially in religion
  9 to free from a tangled situation or a
 10 to cause to occur at exactly the
    same time

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