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Professor of Plant Biology
Department of Plant Biology                     Fax:          +1 (480) 965-6899
Arizona State University                        Telephone:    +1 (480) 965-3391
Tempe, AZ 85287-1601, USA                       E-mail:


B.S. Biology        1962   Southwest Texas State College
Ph.D. Botany        1968   Washington University, St. Louis

Professional Experience:

1962-64      Science Teacher, Alvin Public Schools, Alvin, Texas
1964-65      Teaching Assistant in Botany, Washington University, St. Louis
1965         Teaching Assistant in Marine Botany, Marine Biological Laboratory,
             Woods Hole, Massachusetts
1965         Instructor, University College, Washington University, St. Louis
1968-73      Assistant Professor of Botany, Arizona State University (ASU)
1972-77      Director, Botany Program, ASU
1974-77      Associate Professor of Botany, ASU
1978-        Professor of Botany, ASU
1981-88      Chair, Department of Botany and Microbiology, ASU
1988-89      Chair, Department of Botany, ASU
1989-        Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, ASU

Awards and Honors (selected):

NSF Summer Fellow, University of Texas, 1963
NDEA Fellow, Washington University 1966-68
Sigma Xi, Washington University, 1968
Fellow, Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science, 1981
Graduate College Research Mentor Award, Arizona State University, 1985
Alumni Association Outstanding Faculty Award, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences,
Arizona State University, 1987

Teaching Interests and Accomplishments:

General Botany, Plant Morphology, Survey of the Plant Kingdom, Phycology,
Experimental Phycology and Water Quality Assessment. Supervised the graduate degree
programs of 32 M.S. and Ph.D. students and supervised 21 undergraduates in
independent study projects.

Selected Publications:

Amalfi, F.A., Atkinson, E.M., McNaughton, J.D., and Sommerfeld, M.R. 1990. Use of
    biotoxicity tests for estimating impact of stormwaters on aquatic life. Hydrology and
    Water Resources in Arizona and the Southwest. 20:27-34.
Gretz, M.R., Sommerfeld, M.R., Athey, P.V. and Aronson, J.M. 1991. Chemical
    composition of the cell walls of the freshwater red alga Lemanea annulata
    (Batrachospermales). Journal of Phycology 27:232-240.
Ellingson, S.B. and Sommerfeld, M.R. 1992. Ionic composition of high conductance
    waters of the arid Southwest. Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science
Spindler, P.H. and M.R. Sommerfeld. 1996. Relations among algal species and chemical
    gradients in Pinal Creek, near Globe, Arizona. U.S. Geological Survey, Water-
    Resources Investigations Report. 94-4015, pp. 1107-1113.
McGinnis, K. M., T. A. Dempster and M. R. Sommerfeld. 1997. Characterization of the
    growth and lipid content of the diatom Chaetoceros muelleri. Journal of Applied
    Phycology 9:19-24.
Rousch, J. M. and M. R. Sommerfeld. 1998. Liquid-gas partitioning of the gasoline
    oxygenate methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) under laboratory conditions and its growth
    on selected algae. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 34:6-
Dempster, T. A. and M. R. Sommerfeld. 1998. Effects of environmental conditions on
    growth and lipid accumulation in Nitzschia communis (Bacillariophyceae). Journal
    of Phycology 34:712-721.
Youngs, H. L., M. R. Gretz, J. A. West and M. R. Sommerfeld. 1998. The cell wall
    chemistry of Bangia atropururea (Bangiales, Rhodophyta) and Bostrychia moritziana
    (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) from marine and freshwater environments. Phycological
    Research 46:63-73.
Rousch, J. M. and M. R. Sommerfeld. 1999. Effect of manganese and nickel on growth
    of selected algae in pH buffered medium. Water Research 10:2448-2454.
Rousch, J. M., S. E. Bingham and M. R. Sommerfeld. 2000. Protein expression during
    heat stress in thermo-intolerant and thermo-tolerant diatoms. Journal of Phycology.
    36:59 (Proceedings Supplement).*
Hu, Q., Sommerfeld, M., Baker, L. and Westerhoff, P. 2003 Canal wall brushing - a
    control measure for taste and odor problems in drinking water supplies in arid
    environments. J. Water Supply: Res. Technol. - AQUA. 52:545-554.
Wang, S., Hu, Q., Sommerfeld, M. and Chen, F. 2003 An optimized protocol for
    isolation of soluble proteins from microalgae for two-dimensional electrophoresis. J.
    Appl. Phycol. 15: 485-496.
Wang, S., Hu, Q., Sommerfeld, M. and Chen, F. 2004 Cell wall proteomics of the green
    alga Haematococcus pluvialis (Chlorophyceae). Proteomics 4: 692-708.
Wang, S., Sommerfeld, M. and Chen, F. and Hu, Q. 2004 Proteomic analysis of
  molecular response to oxidative stress by the green alga Haematococcus pluvialis
  (Chlorophyceae). Planta 220: 17-29.

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