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To utilize the template please complete the following fields:

   1.    “Department” - enter the department name.
   2.    “Cost Center” - enter your department‟s cost center number.
   3.    “Date” - enter the current date.
   4.    “Name” - in the first appointment block, enter the name of the department chairperson, if
         applicable (last name, first name).
   5.    “ESG” – Enter the letter “R” if employee is regular faculty, the letter “T” if employee is temporary
         faculty, or the letter “G” if the employee is a graduate assistant.
   6.    “Campus ID #” - enter the employee‟s campus ID number (also referred to as “personnel
   7.    “Base Salary” – enter the employee‟s 10 month base salary if applicable.
   8.    “CR HR Rate” – enter the employee‟s credit hour rate if applicable.
   9.    “2011 Summer Course” - enter the course name (i.e.: ENG 102), or, for a chairperson
         administrative release, enter “Chair”.
   10.    Complete the rest of the block by moving your cursor through the template, adding course
         information requested and placing an „X‟ in the appropriate cell to indicate the weeks worked.
   11.    When all courses are entered for an individual, move to the “Name” cell in the next block and
         continue to enter the assignment information for other faculty members who will have a summer
         session assignment.
   12.    After you have completed all entries, save the file with a new name. Please use a 3-character
         acronym for your department, and then add ‘SS11’ (i.e.: HEVSS11). Saving the completed files
         with new names will avoid duplicate files with the same name being sent to Deans, and will
         preserve the template for future use.
   13.    After saving the file with the new name, send it as an Excel attachment via e-mail to your Dean.
         Your completed summer session appointment information should be sent to the Dean by March
         18, 2011.

To assist you in completing forms for summer, some reminders are listed below:

        Time Sheets -- Faculty with summer appointments may not appear on your time sheet(s) for the
         first pay period of Summer I since these time sheets are printed in advance. Until the time sheets
         are complete, please write in the missing names and campus ID numbers so that payroll is
         notified. If someone who is not working and is not on the 24 pay plan appears on the time sheet,
         please cross the name off and notify Caral Turner at 7383.

        Chair Substitution -- Any arrangement for a faculty member substituting for a chairperson must
         address both the division of the summer stipend as well as the division of the annual salary
         stipend. Both parties and the Dean must agree to the terms in writing, and send a copy of the
         agreement to FPS (WA308).

        Maximum workload -- An individual may be compensated for a maximum of twelve (12) credit
         hours or its equivalent during the summer. This includes both on-campus and off-campus
         assignments. Prior to finalizing your on-campus summer schedule, you should ascertain whether
         each individual you are planning to appoint is scheduled for off-campus assignments.

        New Hires During Summer – When employing a new hire to CMU to work in the summer, it will
         be necessary to list them on the summer payroll sheets and complete a Faculty Personnel
         Transaction Form (FPTF), if one has not already been completed. The FPTF is needed to
         provide required personnel information on new hires.
  1. Any modifications of summer appointments must be processed on a Revision - 2011 Summer
     Sessions template (file SSREV). Open the template and complete the required information in
     the same way as you did the original summer school payroll template.

  2. Fill in the name and campus ID number.          Please indicate the type of change (A=Addition,
     D=Deletion, C=Change) in the first column. For a changed assignment, fill in the course number
     and the information as it should be. For additions and deletions, please fill in all blanks so that the
     change can be verified by FPS.

  3. After you have completed the revision template, save the SSREV file with a new name. Please
     use a 3-character acronym for your department, then add REV and the revision number you have
     assigned (i.e.: HEVREV1 or HEVREV2). E-mail completed revision files to your Dean.

  4. FPS will make the change to the original summer payroll sheets, update salary and FTE totals
     and note the latest revision date on the departmental totals worksheet. Departmental revisions
     will be included as separate worksheets within the primary summer payroll file, and will be named
     “REV 1”, “REV 2”, etc. The revised summer payroll file will be e-mailed to the department and

  5. When the revised appointment information is returned to the department by FPS, the
     department must communicate the revised appointment to the faculty member.

  1. When To Use Summer Payroll Forms – These forms should be used for supplemental summer
     appointments for 10 month regular faculty, temporary faculty and graduate assistants. It is
     not necessary to process a Faculty Personnel Transaction Form unless the person is a new hire
     to the University.

      Each block on the Summer Session template contains space for 4 different assignments for each
      person. If an individual has more than 4 assignments for the summer, continue into the next
      block clearly noting the continuation in the name section of that block. e.g. Smith-continued. If
      additional blocks are needed, just copy entire blocks to the end of the template.

  2. Department Chairperson Appointment -- It is suggested that you begin with the department
     chairperson appointment and add the .09 FTE chair release for each summer session along with
     any courses to be taught by the chairperson. Please indicate “Chair” in the course column for the
     .09 release and put an „X‟ in each of the 6 weeks for Session One, then repeat the same process
     on the next line for Session Two. On subsequent lines, list any courses which will be taught by
     the Chair. After listing the department chairperson, list the remaining appointees. Since these
     sheets are used to input payroll, it is important that the name be spelled correctly and that the
     campus ID number is accurate. Please double check to see that these are correct.

  3. Course(s) Taught -- List the specific course(s) which the faculty member will be teaching and for
     which he/she should be compensated, e.g. BIO210, ELE107, MGT312. The Dean's office and
     Faculty Personnel Services should be notified immediately if a scheduled course is

  4. Internships & Independent Studies -- If a course such as an internship or independent study is
     offered under several course numbers or for several credit hour values and a faculty member will
     be compensated for the equivalent of one section, list the course number and credit hour
     value to be compensated only once. DO NOT list each offering as a separate course unless
     the instructor is to be paid for each separately. FPS does not cross check payroll submissions
     with the course offering guide.
     5. Credit Hour Equivalent -- List the course credit hours or equated workload credit given the
        faculty member for his/her summer involvement. This cell will be used in the salary calculation,
        thus you can enter only one value (e.g. do not enter “1-3 hrs” in the cell since such a value cannot
        be used in a calculation). If you do not know the credit hour equivalent value, leave it blank and
        enter the FTE information. For graduate assistants, enter the fraction of time (i.e.: full-time; 1/2
        time; 1/4 time).

     6. Course Salaries -- The department does not need to calculate the course salary for each
        appointee. Salaries will be calculated automatically. Summer salaries for Regular Faculty are
        calculated using the following formula:

                           2010-2011 10 month base salary X .0278 X semester credit hour equivalency

          Summer salaries for Temporary Faculty with base salaries are calculated using the following

                           2010-2011 10 month base salary X .0271 X semester credit hour equivalency

          Temporary faculty paid by the credit hour will receive the same credit hour rate as they were paid
          during the 10-11 fall or spring semester.

          For graduate assistants, enter their 10 month base stipend in the “Base Salary” cell (i.e.:

     7. Maximum Teaching Loads -- Compensation is limited to no more than a combined on-campus
        and off-campus load of twelve (12) credit hours during the summer. The maximum FTE usage for
        one person during the summer is 0.360 (12 hours x .03).

     8. Pay Dates – Please print and post the Summer Pay Schedules (available on the FPS web site)
        so that faculty will be aware of how summer salaries will be paid out.

     9. Grant Payroll -- Do not combine on the payroll form faculty who will be teaching or doing
        research through a grant. Grant payroll should be submitted separately, utilizing a separate
        payroll form. Grant payroll must be approved first by the Department Chairperson, then by the
        appropriate Dean, and finally should be sent via e-mail to for approval from
        the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

     10. Departmental Totals -- After all summer salaries have been calculated and totaled, FPS will
         complete a Departmental Total worksheet, which will be included in the primary Excel file as a
         separate worksheet named “DEPT TOTAL”.

     11. Distribution Of Forms -- After the salaries have been calculated and departmental totals have
         been finalized, FPS will send the summer school payroll to the dean and department via e-mail.
         The department will need to print the payroll sheets and cut them apart to distribute to individual
         faculty members. Each faculty member and graduate assistant should receive a copy of
         his/her appointment only.

Revised 02/28/11

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