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									 Summer 2011

                                     Trinity Topics



                                     T H E N E W S L E T T E R O F T R I N I T Y U N I T E D C H U R C H O T TA W A

                                     ELLIE’S THOUGHTS

                                     Resurrection Reflections on
                                     Falling Down Stairs
                                     Gardening season is pushing up and I sit planted on my couch,
                                     crutches beside me and my broken foot encased in a black ‘moonboot’
                                     cast. Here I have been put, challenged to ‘make meaning’ of falling
                                     down the stairs at Trinity in this first week of our Easter Resurrection
                                     season. I have already done the ‘Why, God?’ And ‘Why me?!’ And
                                     ‘Why now?!’ whining that the Psalms teach us to do so well. Today,
                                     my Easter lily from the Pastoral Care Team is helping me to sniff

                                     out some sense in my ‘senseless accident.’ Each time the delicious,
                                     distinctive scent of lily wafts my way, my attention is drawn towards
                                     its blooming white beauty. I notice it. I recall the caring of its senders.
                                     I appreciate all the sweetness of healing love and renewing energy that

Matters!                             surrounds me, even - and especially - when life hurts.

                                     I wonder how many of our friends are also sitting near a healing
                                     lily or cheery chrysanthemum from Trinity? How many of us are
Please Join Us                       regularly being reminded by scent and bloom that our church
                                     community remembers and cares for us? And how many of those who
Sunday Mornings                      deliver our flowers are conscious that they bring Christ to life again,
                                     with each caring visit? Any action that restores someone’s sense of
                                     belonging, resurrects their hope or revives some real pleasure, can
Music in the Sanctuary at 9:30 am,
                                     be a Christ kindness. Our hand-delivered Easter plants are so much
some Sundays
                                     more that just flowers. They are lively expressions of our loving.
                                     Reminders that these too, are resurrection times.
Worship Celebration at 10:00 am
                                     After the Easter Sunday climax of Hallelujah choruses, we sing “Every
Coffee and Conversation in the       Morning is Easter Morning From Now On.” Resurrection is about
Friendship Room after worship        a lot more than Jesus emerging from his tomb. It is the Christian
                                     lens for seeing life, searching out what new thing the Creator is
                                                                                                  continued on page 2
                                                                   Resurrection Reflections on Falling
                                                                   Down Stairs
                                                                   continued from page 1

                                                                   doing, even as we are dying to the old. It is a practise
                                                                   of making meaning of all the small ‘deaths’ we go
                                                                   through, so that the life losses that we all have to
                                                                   compost can become soul nutrients, nurturing new
                                                                   possibilities into flowering - in and among us all.
Sunday Mornings at 10:00
                                                                   My lily keeps opening up new blooms, increasing in
May 15 - Etienne LeSage preaches on John 10:1-10                   sweetness. Outside my window, my Spring garden is
         Ellie leads Worship                                       springing up, despite my fall. And having broken my
         Aged in Harmony Choir leads our singing                   foot, surely now I am now on the path to healing. Every
                                                                   day can be a resurrection day, from now on. Summer is
May 22 - Season of Creation I
                                                                   coming and Christ is alive and I will revive. You too!
         Dedication our new Butterfly Garden

May 29 - Season of Creation II Eco-spirituality                    Love,
         Cantiamo Girls Choir leads our music

June 5 - Season of Creation III and Communion
         Joyful Noise sings and we honour our Children’s
         Teachers                                                  Worship
June 12 - Pentecost Celebration and Blessing our
          Ministry Students ~ Etienne LeSage and Mark              Over the last few months, Ellie has inspired and
          Laird go on the next step of their ministry              challenged us with a variety of different themes
          journeys. Last Day of Sunday School till                 and service formats. Now we have moved past the
          September 11 or 18th (tba)                               emotional roller coaster of Easter - dealt with some of
                                                                   the hard stuff and celebrated the sources of joy.
June 19 - Aboriginal Sunday
          Ellie and Kathryn Fournier lead worship                  So, we will continue on our spiritual journey. In
                                                                   particular, Ellie plans to bring us a series of services
June 26 - Rev. Dianne Cardin leads worship
                                                                   high-lighting Resurrection / Seasons of Creation.
July 3      - Ellie leads worship                                  This may give us an opportunity to use some more
                                                                   contemporary music and inspiration from other faith
July 10 - Ellie leads worship                                      traditions while, of course, staying in touch with our
                                                                   Christian roots. Please bring any ideas or resources to
July 17 - Ellie leads worship, Communion                           us that may fit with these themes.

July 24, 31 August 7,14, 21                                        This summer, when Ellie is away for a few weeks, we
Worship Committee hosts Lay and Guest Worship Leaders,             have some new worship leaders lined up. Hopefully, we
while Ellie is away for one week of Continuing Education and
                                                                   will have a couple of pleasant surprises for you. I hope
3 weeks of her holidays
                                                                   you will make an effort to attend at least some of these
Aug 28 - Ellie leads worship                                       services. Stay connected!!!

Celebrate our Ministry Students
~ Moving On!
For the first time since the ‘90s, Trinity has spawned
Candidates for the Order of Ministry in the United
Church of Canada. We are very proud of Mark Laird
and Etienne LeSage. Both have made significant                  baptized at Trinity on Mother’s Day), will be taking up
contributions as members of our congregation over the           residence in a manse not too far from her family.
past few years. This June, both will be moving on to the
next stage of their different journeys to Ministry.             Many Members of Trinity have enjoyed and felt
                                                                spiritually enriched by participating in the year-long
Etienne is giving up his own home in Gatineau and               Discernment Committees for our two students. All of
his Federal employment to become a full-time student            us will very much miss Mark and Etienne when they
at United Theological College, living in an apartment           leave us in June. On Pentecost Sunday, June 12th, we
in Montreal as of July. Spirit-willing, he will earn his        will celebrate their Calls to Ministry and bless them on
Master of Divinity and be Ordained to the Ministry              the next steps of their journeys. Come be a part of the
of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care in a few years.            Spirit, moving with them.
Etienne promises to come back and visit his ‘home’ at
Trinity regularly.                                              Those who would like to make a contribution to a cash
                                                                gift to help each of our students with the cost of
Mark, who has done his part-time student placement              their studies, to be presented June 12th, may do so by
at Trinity this year, will continue his study modules at        putting money in an envelope labelled Gift for
the Centre for Christian Studies in Winnipeg, while             Mark and Etienne then placing it on the collection
taking up a full-time Student Minister appointment in           plate, or by giving it to Mary Myles or Jennifer
the three point pastoral charge of Mono Mills, North            Grant. (Envelopes for this purpose will be provided in
of Toronto. After two more years, Spirit willing, he will       the pew racks.) Cheques are to be made out
be Commissioned as a Diaconal Minister. On July 1st,            to Trinity United Church and noted that the money is
Mark, his wife Julia and their new baby Lily, (who was          for Mark and Etienne. Please remember your
                                                                contribution is a gift, not a charitable tax donation.

Sharing Our Passions!
Do you have a passion that you’d like to share with             shared with a small or large group, please don’t hesitate
your Trinity family? The Congregational Life Group              to make a suggestion. Feel free to speak to any of the
has planned two events for May (see Special Events)             CLG members about what you’d like to see offered
and is in the process of planning additional events             in the months ahead. Congregational Life Group
for the summer and fall, including a rally day and a            members are Phil Augustine, Derek Kitchen, Joyce
presentation on feeding birds in your yard over the             MacLeod, Sheila Rogers and our newest member,
winter. If you have an idea for an activity that can be         Alexandra Dunn.

Special Events                                               Garden Centre Tour

                                                             On Wednesday May 25, please join us for a hosted
Would you like to be more at ease                            tour of Green Thumb Garden Centre. Proprietor
speaking to a group?                                         Mary Shearman Reid is a horticulturist and landscape
                                                             designer who will be showing us the many exciting
 On Tuesday May 17 at 7:30 pm in the friendship              trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials that can be
room, Rev. Dianne Cardin will be sharing her passion         incorporated into a garden of any size. Ms. Reid will
for public speaking with us. Join Rev. Dianne as             show us the very newest plants that are available, and
she provides us with practical advice for addressing         will answer your questions about your own home
groups, including some particular tips that have served      garden, so please bring your gardening challenges.
her well as a preacher. Please sign up in the lobby for      The tour begins at 7:30 pm, and we will be happy to
this interesting and informative event.                      coordinate transportation for those who need a lift.
                                                             Please look for the sign-up sheet in the lobby.

Fall ‘3 Evening Retreat’

Rev. Sharon Moon, author of The Healing Oasis and
songwriter/musician Pat Mayberrry are creating a
new ‘3 Evening Retreat’ including meditation and
singing, which they will be offering first at Trinity this
Fall. Held in the Friendship Room on 3 subsequent
Monday or Wednesday evenings in September and
October, this spiritual group will be offered to Trinity     Men’s Breakfast and Fellowship
folks first. Watch for sign-ups in September. Limited
enrolment.                                                   Trinity United Church Men have a tradition of
                                                             gathering one morning a month to share reflections on
Fall Book Study                                              Scripture and topics of personal interest. We meet at
                                                             Summerhays at the corner of Woodroffe and Baseline,
Our Monday Supper Book Study will be a novel.                on the 2nd Thursday of each month, for good food
Putting Away Childish Things is a new work of fiction        and fellowship. We have a strong base and are open to
by our favourite theologian Marcus Borg. Through the         welcome others. We will take time off in the summer
relationships and romances of an American woman              but our next two dates are May 19th and June16th. Feel
college professor, this story gently introduces some         free to contact John Comfort at jcomfort@sympatico.ca
progressive Christian theology and helps us see the          or 613-225-8831 for more information.
student face of American fundamentalist Christianity
as well. We’ll gather for 3 or 4 evenings to enjoy the       Healing Pathways Training Weekend -
characters, plots and our observations about ‘the two        Sept 23-25
Our Community,
Our World
Pause Table Thank You

Trinity Outreach Committee (TOC) thanks the
people of Trinity who helped support the “Pause
Table.” We provided snacks for 750 students in a span
of 2 1/2 hours. The students are always amazed at the            litter of piglets every year to sell at market. One pig is
fact that the food is free. Sad to think in our world            great--and three are terrific--to help a family break the
today nobody believes anything is free.                          cycle of poverty!”

Camp Project                                                     Focus on Aboriginal Issues

Members of the congregation can help support                     For the last year, Church in Society (CIS) has focused
the Project by placing a donation into the special               on aboriginal issues, hence screening the movie “Third
envelopes found in the pews. HI HO HI HO it’s off to             World Canada” in March. A section of the library
Camp I go!!                                                      has now been dedicated to Aboriginal material, and
                                                                 CIS has donated a few books for the cause. Some are
School Supplies                                                  reviewed later in this issue. We encourage folks to
                                                                 attend the upcoming Odawa Festival of Aboriginal
As summer ends and you start organizing your family              Culture, which will be held May 27, 28, and 29 at
to go back to school, think of the students who always           Ottawa Municipal Campground, 411 Corkstown
struggle to buy their supplies. Maybe you can pick up            Road. There is much to be learned of, and from, our
some extra items and drop them off into the TOC box.             aboriginal population. Next year’s focus is still under
Items such as paper, pencils, pens, crayons, etc. are well       discussion.
received and delivered to students in the Carlington
area.                                                            Solar Installation

A Piglet                                                         CIS is working with the Property Committee to apply
                                                                 for a MicroFIT solar installation on Trinity’s roof (see
Every dinner book study session generates a little extra         full details under Bricks and Mortar). On April 30,
money after food is paid for. After our lenten book              CIS was present at the Solar Fair at City Hall, which
study, the group chose to donate the money to                    included a bus tour of some local solar installations.
World Vision. We purchased a piglet... “Everybody                Ecology Ottawa will visit Trinity on Friday May 27
loves the practical gift of piglets. They’re simple to           to give a talk on the benefits of installing solar panels
raise, can plump up to 90 pounds in three months, and            on your roof. Watch the bulletin for an update.
are a great source of protein. One sow can produce a

Our Community,                                                                               A Wonderful Success!
Our World
continued from page 5                                                                        Our 2011 Trinity Jubilee Campaign has been a
                                                                                             wonderful success! Thanks to all, the Trinity Jubilee
Butterfly Garden                                                                             Foundation (TJF) will be able to contribute the
                                                                                             $8,500 promised to Cause Canada for support of the
A representative from Greening Sacred Spaces spoke                                           Sulamania school in Sierra Leone; and $2,000 to
to CIS last year. One of the initiatives suggested was to                                    the Multi Faith Housing Initiative here in Ottawa.
establish a butterfly garden. As a result, and in keeping                                    Approximately $7,400 has been donated to TJF so far
with Worship Committee’s Season of Creation, CIS                                             this year, and that together with about $1,000 net from
will indeed be creating a natural garden in the area                                         the April 2nd Dance and Dessert Auction, and some
by the hydro tower. We anticipate Sunday School                                              available income from investments, has ensured the
children will disperse indigenous wild flower seeds on                                       successful meeting of our 2011 program undertakings.
May 22. Whether the flowers that survive will attract
butterflies, we can only wait and see, but a sure benefit                                    We have heard many positive comments on our April
will be that there will be less lawn to cut.                                                 dessert and dance event, as Trinity folk and friends
                                                                                             kicked up their heels to the music of “Live Fade.”
                                                                                             We thank all those who supported this evening at
Support the Carlington Community! Buy
                                                                                             Trinity with their delicious dessert contributions and
Loblaws Win-Win Gift Cards                                                                   monetary support.

for sale every Sunday.
                                                                                             Look for information on our future projects in the Fall.
                                                                                             Contributions to the Foundation, either for the Active
Interested in justice-related issues?
                                                                                             Ministering Fund or the ongoing Capital Fund, will
                                                                                             continue to be welcomed and appreciated.
CIS’ June meeting, a pot-luck, will be held on May
31. Anyone who is considering joining CIS is cordially
                                                                                             Members of TJF are Barbara Fraser, Stan
invited to get a feel for the committee’s work. Contact
                                                                                             Piechochinski, Chris Humphrey, Mary Myles, Bill
any of the CIS members. And pot lucks are fun!
                                                                                             Hamilton, Mary Heather White, and Linda Hearty.

To May 1, 2011 - 18 weeks
                Projected Receipts
                Year                                                                         Difference
                            18/52                                        Receipts
               52 wks.
   Local      $239,468    $ 82,893                                      $ 82,454              -$ 439
   M&S        $ 56,356    $ 19,507                                      $ 21,413              +$1,906
              $295,824    $ 102,400                                     $103,867              +$1,467
           Please note the M&S total does not include the Easter M&S offering of $526.
                                                               Metis, with Cheryl embracing her cultural heritage
Book Reviews                                                   while Beatrice tries to shed that reality and live as
                                                               a white person. The story deals with the personal
One of the topics being pursued by CIS this season is          evolution and search for identity of the two sisters
a review of literature featuring Canadian Aboriginal           within the cultural context of racism, alcoholism,
life, issues, developments and perspectives. Various           discrimination in schools, and abuse of Native
CIS committee members have read and reviewed such              women.
books. CIS is/will also be devoting a small section of
Trinity’s library in the Gallery area to a collection of
books on Canadian First Nations peoples.                       Harold Sheehan looked at “A Short History of
                                                               Indians in Canada” by Thomas King, the well-known
                                                               and prolific Aboriginal author of “Green Grass,
Chris Humphrey reviewed “Funny, You Don’t Look                 Running Water”; “The Truth About Stories”, and
Like One” by Drew Hayden Taylor, and is one of the             “Medicine River, Truth and Bright Water”, among
author’s earliest works, who has also written various          others. Tom King also writes and performs in the
stage and TV plays. It is a collection of 34 essays by         weekly CBC radio program “The Dead Dog Café”.
the ‘blue-eyed Ojibway’ who grew up in Curve Lake              This book is an eclectic collection of short stories
First Nations Reserve near Peterborough, but has lived         and essays, both funny and poignant, of the
most of his life in Toronto. In a humourous manner,            foibles, aspirations and disappointments of various
the book depicts the multiple everyday injustices and          Aboriginals as they experience life in the ‘white man’s
stereotyping faced by indigenous peoples, evoking              weird world’. While some of the selections are better
both amusement and sympathy, despite the often                 than others, with only a few lacking in direction, the
jaundiced views of the author. It is recommended as an         book is an easy read with a gentle pace.
entertaining, educational and simple read.

                                                               Mary Myles reviewed another interesting collection of
Virginia MacLatchy reviewed “In Search of April                12 short stories by Drew Hayden Taylor in “Fearless
Raintree”, written by the Metis author Beatrice                Warriors”, and found them to be as bridges of
Culleton Moisionier in 1983. Set in Winnipeg, it tells         understanding between cultures, giving access to
the story of two young Metis girls, Beatrice and her           the often inexplicable actions of characters at the
younger sister Cheryl, who are removed from their              distant edges of our imaginations. The author’s wit
parents and placed with a series of foster homes. The          and observational skills give the reader a better
sisters proceed to take different approaches to being          understanding of modern Aboriginal life in Canada.
Book Reviews
continued from page 7
                                                       Bricks and Mortar
                                                       Solar Panel Project Proposal
Jane McKeague reviewed “Stolen Continents”
                                                       at Trinity
by Ronald Wright, a 1992 book commemorating
the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’
                                                       Ontario Hydro has a solar panel program that offers 80
arrival, and the interaction of Europeans with
                                                       cents per KW hour for electricity that feeds back into the
the indigenous peoples of North, Central and
                                                       hydro grid up to a 10 KW system. This rate is limited to
South America. Examining the in-depth contact
                                                       roof top installations and is guaranteed under a formal
with the Iroquois, Cherokee, Aztecs, Mayas, and
                                                       contract for a 20 year period. This rate will undoubtedly
Incas, it clearly demonstrates the white man’s
                                                       be reduced over the years, likely starting later this fall.
shocking exploitation and betrayal of the various
                                                       This rather generous rate is being offered in order to
aboriginal people, while affording a better
                                                       offset start-up costs and to establish a large infrastructure
understanding of the situation today.
                                                       for renewable energy. There are currently approximately
                                                       30,000 applications for this Ontario program.

Anthea Brandon reviewed the 1993 Thomas
                                                       All of the electricity produced by the panels is fed back
King book entitled “Green Grass, Running
                                                       into the electrical grid. The electricity is not consumed
Water”, which was a finalist for the GG’s Award
                                                       directly on site.
in Fiction. Using satire and gentle humour, the
author explores the interrelationships, problems
                                                       This program was discussed at the March council
and myths of the four main characters with the
                                                       meeting led by Chris Humphrey, after the CIS committee
monikers of Lionel Red Dog, Charlie Looking
                                                       had a guest speaker from the Greening Sacred Spaces
Bear, Alberta Frank and Eli Stands Alone, in
                                                       organization. Council asked that further information be
the small Alberta community of Blossom, as
                                                       gathered on the program and options for introducing the
they try to stop the building of a Hydro dam
                                                       program at Trinity. Chris Humphrey and Mike Velichka
on historical Blackfoot territory, while also
                                                       agreed to investigate the program further. Additional
mingling with the aspects of Judeo-Christian
                                                       information was provided at the April council based on
European tradition.
                                                       the research completed and the quotes received. Council
                                                       supported the project in principle, but no motions have
                                                       been put forward or decisions taken. Communication of
CIS invites Trinity folks to browse the new,
                                                       the project to the congregation was discussed, including
albeit small, section of the Library for interesting
                                                       an information session that will be scheduled soon.
books on the lives, experiences and perspectives
of Canadian Aboriginal peoples.
                                                       Three companies were contacted and each provided
                                                       quotes. The following are the equipment/material
                                                       required: solar panels, support racks, electrical inverter
                                                       to convert DC to AC, a metering system and connection
                                                       to electrical pole/grid. A 10 KW system would require
about 48 panels, but the number of panels obviously            panels’ efficiency, and average hours of sun in Ottawa.
impacts the start-up costs. Two companies provided
a quote that provided for installation on the upper            These figures are also based on a loan not being
most roof top. A third company, Ottawa Solar Power             required. Is this possible? Actually, there is currently
provided an option of mounting the panels (7KW or              a bequest of $40,000 that was provided to Trinity
10KW system) flat along the 3 foot angled roof on the          for property maintenance and repair purposes. It is
Maitland side that joins the outer-most brick wall to          proposed that this money be invested in this solar
the copper wall that extents to the main roof. This is         project, with the revenue being returned to repay the
known as a “hip roof ”. This option was considerably           bequest amount, and additional revenues would be put
less expensive primarily because the racking system is         towards a maintenance and repair fund which would
much cheaper, as the upper roof has a concave design           grow over the 20 year period and beyond.
which would require a modified racking system.
                                                               So what are the risks? From all of the information that
The 7 KW (30 panels) Hip Roof proposal is the option           has been reviewed the risks are minimal. The 30,000
that we would recommend. Not only was this option              applications are a good indication of the investment
the most cost effective, but it also provides visibility       opportunity against risk. The panels have a very
from Maitland which lets our community know that               good warranty. The panels used by Ottawa Solar
Trinity is involved in environmental initiatives.              Panel have a 12 year free replacement if the power
                                                               performance drops below 90% of its rated output.
The alignment of the panels in relation to the south           And it’s guaranteed to produce 80% of its output by
is a key consideration, as well as the angle of the            year 25. Similarly the inverters have a 15 year free
panels and shading. The hydro tower lines run almost           replacement warranty. The racking system is made of
directly north/south, so the hip roof would be at about        aluminium, so longevity would not be a factor. After
45 degrees alignment off direct south. Not optimal,            the 20 year contract, one can reasonably expect the
but not too bad. The angle of the hip roof (45 degrees)        rate to be much lower than 80 cents per KW hour. So
is optimal in relation to the sun, but as well, snow           the greatest return on investment will be in the first 20
accumulation would not be a concern. The trees on              year contract.
the lawn would not shade the panels and could be
trimmed to ensure no future shading.                           So what are the next steps? We will be holding an
                                                               information session for the congregation in the
So aside from the environmental benefits, what is the          upcoming weeks where you can pose any questions
return on investment? The 7 KW Hip Roof proposal               you may have. This will also allow us to understand
provides an average of a 11.4% rate of return over             the level of support for this type of project. A final
the 20 year contract. The cost of the 7KW Hip Roof             proposal will be presented to council for decision.
option is $46,500 (including taxes, some of which
would be subject to a rebate). The 20 year average             Mike Velichka and Chris Humphrey are the Project
annual revenue would be $5,577, for a 20 year total            Leaders.
revenue of $111,555, with a net profit of $65,161.
These figures account for the angle of the panels in
relation to southern exposure, degradation of the
 Kids Korner

CHILDREN, YOUTH, AND FAMILIES          the specifics TBA - please keep your cleanup, and for the great time
                                       eyes on the bulletin for details!    we all had together in fun and
Hi everyone,                                                                fellowship. In upcoming events,
                                       Children                             we’re also looking forward to
Spring is here, and excitement                                              helping the Church in Society
is in the air! As we celebrate the     On the Sunday School side, we        committee plant a new butterfly
new life and warm weather spring       were able to raise well over $100    garden later this month.
represents, I wanted to express my     in offerings to go with midwife
thanks at the blessings of this past   Jan Teevan to the birthing centre    IMPORTANT NOTE: June 12 is
Lenten and Easter season.              in Haiti. We were also so proud of   the last week of Sunday School for
                                       our children’s choir, Joyful Noise,  this year. On June 5th we will have
Youth                                  joining with other children’s choirs a little celebration for the children
                                       at a special service at Dominion     and teachers (and parents of
I truly enjoyed our friends from the   Chalmers United Church, with         course) who have helped make the
Eramosa-Guelph pastoral charge         United Church moderator Mardi        program so fun and successful this
coming to visit our Youth Group in     Tindal, on April 3. Last but not     year; we look forward to everyone
February, and while our numbers        least, we had a very successful      joining in, and wish everyone a
were small, a good time was had        potluck lunch for all the staff,     great summer ahead! See you in
by all, and the spaghetti dinner       volunteers, parents and children     September! :)
we got to make and share together      involved in the Sunday School,
was very enjoyable. We are looking     Nursery, and Joyful Noise programs Love,
forward to at least one more Youth     on April 10; thanks everyone for     Sarah
event before the end of June, with     pitching in with the cooking and

                                A Tough Act to Follow
                                Trinity United Church was founded on the hard work and vision of a generation
                                of our elders who deserve to be deeply appreciated for all they have done for
                                those who follow. Our church here is a microcosm and testament to what
                                our parents and grandparents believed to be the most important values to live
                                by. These values included a selflessness and dedication to build communities
                                where family, church, and the care of each other took precedence over the
Spirit Moments                  accumulation of personal wealth.

In many ways what this generation of our elders has done for each of us, all the way to the kind of country we
now live in, seems to be taken for granted. This was a generation whose high school graduation gift was a war,
a war from which many of their friends did not return. For some, a university education became only a dream,
those years lost on a sad battlefield in a faraway place. Lost years for them became freedom for those who follow.

It is when the soldiers returned and a nation took a collective breath, that the building began. War had probably
taught a lesson in depending on each other, an appreciation of home, and the beauty of just being alive.
Communities began to grow and prosper. Churches were built and soon had thriving Sunday schools with 100’s
of children. Volunteerism became the norm as service clubs grew and seniors were cared for. Hospitals were
built out of another smaller war which swept from the west providing all with universal healthcare, thanks to a
firebrand of a man named Tommy Douglas. The social safety net was developed with UIC, pension plans and
care for the disabled. Unions were strengthened to protect workers. No longer would families be separated, with
children sent to relatives far away or to orphanages due to a parents death or job loss.

Through these years of building the communities we now live in, our elders did without what many of us feel
we need today. Weekends consisted of games of cards with children around, taking turns at each other’s houses.
It is amazing that minus hot tubs, a bedroom for all, and winter sun holidays this group seemed to have fun
just spending time together. Many women filled their days raising children, looking after those in need in the
community, doing crafts while sharing stories of the day, and generally keeping their families, churches and
schools afloat.

A vision of social justice, a need to give of oneself even in times of hardship, a pride in family, community and
country were the values which defined this truly great generation. Hopefully, as this generation passes into the
next, their dedication and vision will challenge us not only to remember and appreciate, but to guide us to return
to the basics for the common good . They will indeed be ...

A tough act to follow.

With thanks,
Pam Sheehan                                            11
                                           OUR PEOPLE

Unwrapping gifts
I have started to think of Trinity as a volunteer
organization. People don’t come to Trinity because they
“have to” or they “should.” People come here because
they love the place! People want to be here. And to
prove it, they give hours and hours of personal time to
do unpaid work every year. If I started a list of all of the
various volunteer duties here, there wouldn’t be enough
pages in the newsletter to include them all.

People give, and give, and give. But I think that if I
                                                                A sincere thank you for the many good wishes, cards,
asked any of the many people who volunteer here what
                                                                prayers, enquiries and hugs following my recent
they get back from their work, they would be inclined
                                                                surgery, that greatly facilitated a speedy recovery for a
to say, “I get back so much more than I give.” That’s the
                                                                “refurbished hippie”.
paradox of volunteering. It’s about giving, and receiving.
                                                                Roy McLeod

I learned long ago that the best way to get the most out
of a volunteer organization is to get involved. I’ve given
                                                                Hello fellow Trinity People,
many volunteer hours to Trinity over the years. I gave
                                                                I wanted to write to say thank you as part of the
time, and in return I received friendships, insights,
                                                                closing of my field placement this year at Trinity. I
personal growth, support, and a spiritual home.
                                                                had an amazing time these past 8 months. I learned a
                                                                lot from all of you and feel that this year has been an
I encourage you to consider Trinity as a volunteer
                                                                important one in my growth both as a minister, but
organization and to ask yourself, “What gifts of mine
                                                                also as a person of God. It is a little sad to say goodbye
can I unwrap for Trinity?” When you do, you will find
                                                                as my family and I move to start my own ministry
yourself unwrapping surprising wonderful gifts in
                                                                in Mono Mills Ontario, just north of Toronto. I am
                                                                truly grateful for the opportunity I had to meet all
                                                                of you and to build friendships, and I know that you
My latest volunteer venture is co-chair of council. As I
                                                                will keep Julia, Lily and myself in your thoughts and
work with Phil in the next year, I will be unwrapping
                                                                prayers as we continue on our journey called life. Julia
some of my gifts to give to you. I’ll give my time, for
                                                                and I would also like to say a thank you for all the
sure. I’ll do some writing, maybe. I do my best to give
                                                                well wishes and generosity shown to us as our family
balanced leadership and inspiration. In return, I know
                                                                has grown. We know that we are well loved by this
I will receive many gifts. I don’t know what they will
                                                                community and for that we are truly grateful.
be yet, but I look forward to unwrapping them as they
                                                                Thank you and blessings to all,
come to me, one by one.
                                                                Mark Laird
Arlene Smith
                                            OUR PEOPLE

Rev. Ellie Barrington
Sarah Daigen, Minister of Children, Youth and Families
Arlene Smith, Co-chair of Council
Bruce Henderson, Chair of Worship
Helen Shaw, Envelope Secretary
Jean Meldrum, Trinity Outreach Committee
Chris Humphrey, Church in Society
Mike Velichka, Solar Panel Project, Property Committee
Harold Sheehan, Church in Society
Linda Hearty, Trinity Jubilee Foundation
Derek Kitchen, Congregational Life
John Comfort, Men’s Breakfast
Pam Sheehan
Mark Laird, Ministry Student
Roy McLeod

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