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									                 Company and Product Presentation

         Kazmi Obaidullah
    Sales Manager – Middle East
Company Background
  Mission
     Deliver easy to use and cost effective solutions for protecting email servers
  Founded December 2002
     Research and development since 2001
  Barracuda Spam Firewall Launch October 2003
  Barracuda Spyware Firewall Launch April 2005
  Headquarters in Mountain View, California
     Offices in Europe (UK), China (Shanghai), Canada, Australia, India, Japan, Pakistan, United Arab
      Emirates (Dubai), and USA
     130+ employees worldwide
     Experienced management & development team
  Privately Funded
     Profitable
  Market Leader
     21,000 customers worldwide

Experienced Management Team
   Dean Drako, President and CEO
   Zach Levow, VP Engineering
   Michael Perone, VP Marketing
   Niall King, VP & Managing Director, Asia Pacific
   Paul Thackeray, VP & Managing Director, EMEA
   Peter He, VP & Managing Director, China
   Ezra Hookano, VP Sales, North America
   JoseLuis Sanchez, VP Sales, Latin America
   Gail Holmen, VP Enterprise Sales

Market Outlook
 Anti-spam market
    Similar in size and scope to firewall and anti-virus markets
    By 2007, 80% of all security solutions will be delivered via
     a dedicated appliance.*
                                                         *Source: IDC Research

 Firewall market                                     Anti Spam Market Size

    Reached $3.8 billion in 2003               6

    Expected to reach $5.5 billion in 2005*    4

 Anti-virus market                             3                                Anti Spam
    Approximately $4 billion in 2004
                                                                                 Anti Virus

    Expected to reach $4.4 billion by 2007*    0
                                                    Market Size (2007)
                                                        Billions $

Barracuda Networks Strategy
 Similar in progression to firewall market

      Firewall Market
       Check Point              Nokia/Cisco             NetScreen
        Software             Software/Hardware          Hardware
          $50K                     $50K                    $5K

      Spam Firewall Market
        Brightmail           IronPort/CipherTrust   Barracuda Networks
        Software              Hardware/Software          Hardware
          $100K                     $50K                   $5K

Barracuda Spam Firewall
 Comprehensive email protection
    Blocks spam and virus – inbound and outbound
    Integrated hardware and software solution
 Ease of use
    Plug-and-play
    No changes needed to email servers
 Enterprise Features
    Reliable and Robust
                                          **Launched October 2003**
 Aggressively Priced
    No per user licensing fees
 Market leading anti-spam appliance

Barracuda Spam Firewall Family
   Spam Firewall 200
       1,000 users
       1 million messages/day
   Spam Firewall 300
       2,000 users
       4 million messages/day
   Spam Firewall 400                  Clustering support
       10,000 users              for redundancy and higher
       10 million messages/day             capacity
   Spam Firewall 600
       25,000 users
       25 million messages/day
   Spam Firewall 800
       30,000 users
       30 million messages/day

Barracuda Spam Firewall
   Eliminates Spam and Virus
   Protects your email server and your company

Key Features
 Spam Blocking                            Administration
      Tagging, Quarantine, Blocking
                                                Reporting
      Bayesian Algorithm
                                                Email Processing History
      SpamAssassin Scoring
                                                Whitelists & Blacklists
      RBLs
                                                Clustering
      Keyword Filtering
                                                Configuration Backup
      Rate Control
                                                Per-user quarantine
      Denial of Service Protection
      Intention Analysis                  Others
      Anti-spoofing/phishing                   Hardened OS
      SPF/Sender ID                            Compatible with all Email Servers
      Include basic outbound filtering         Multiple Domains
                                                Multiple Email Servers
 Virus Filtering                            
                                                 HTML Analysis
                                                 Syslog compatible
      2 layers
      Decompression of Archives
      File Type Blocking

Architecture: 10 Defense Layers
 High performance
 Easily scalable


Barracuda Central - Energize Subscription
 Barracuda Central
    24x7 operation
    Monitors Spam and Virus
       Trends
       Changes
       New outbreaks
 Hourly Updates
    Spam rules
    Virus definitions
 Keeps Barracuda Spam
  Firewall worry free and
    No maintenance for IT dept.

Web Interface
   Easy
   Intuitive
   Consistent
   Multiple Languages

 Configure and forget
     96-98% spam blocking with
      no adjustments

Award-winning Barracuda Spam Firewall
                            “I’ve reviewed many security products, but it’s rare for me to be so
                            impressed with a product that I want to keep and use it after the
                            review Barracuda Networks’ Spam Firewall is my favorite keeper
                            so far this year.” – Roger Grimes, InfoWorld

     “Meet Barracuda Networks’ inexpensive, easy to set up,
     effective and very manageable antispam and antivirus
     firewall appliance.” - Editorial Staff, Network Computing

                                “We have found that the Barracuda Spam Firewall system works
                                extremely well, such that we will regret sending it back. We may
                                well get very difficult about it.” – Mark Gibbs, Network WorldFusion

                                                         Competitive Analysis
Features                                  Barracuda               Borderware              Brightmail            IronPort   Proofpoint
Antispam Engine:                               Yes                      Yes                    Yes                Yes          Yes
Antispam Quarantine:                           Yes                       No                    Yes                Yes          Yes
Notification/Auto delete
Antivirus Engine                          Proprietary               Kaspersky              Symantec             Sophos     McAfee/Soph
Delegated Administration                       No                       Yes                    No                 Yes          Yes

Mail Server Access                            None               POP3 access,                 None               None         None
                                                                  Web mail
High availability/ scalability           Cluster/sync                   Yes                  Cluster             Round     Master/agent
                                           master                                                                Robin
Price: Per user/year                       $0.90**                   $26.55                 $21.82              $34.13      $21.00
for 1,000 users
**Pricing estimates b ased on three year amortization; Barracuda Spam Firewall has no per-user licensing fees
Statistics reported b y Network Computing (May 13, 2004)

Education   Government   Financial     Internet    Corporate


What Customers are Saying…
                                                                   “We were attacked by a server
                                                                   sending out the
“In my humble opinion, you need look no further… The
                                                                   Worm.Bagel.AF.2 virus. Nothing
     Barracuda Spam Firewalls provide the optimal                  on the network got infected,
     balance of spam/virus filtering at a cost effective
                                                                   though. When my boss asked
     price point.” -Richard Applebaum, Caltrans
                                                                   about what happened, I told him
                                                                   „The Barracuda ate the virus.‟
                                                                   Thanks again for the great
                                                                   product.” -David Goranson,
                                                                   Gores Technology Group
“We are very happy with the
Barracuda Spam Firewall. It's doing
its job, so we can do ours."
- Darryl Dirickson, Georgia Institute
of Technology                              “My employees were spending so much of their time
                                           weeding through spam emails, often times deleting
                                           important emails in the process, that they couldn't get
                                           their work done. The Barracuda Spam Firewall has
                                           turned email into a productive business tool again. We
                                           are very pleased.“ -Robert Stephen, NMCGroup

Customer Support

 World Class 24x7 technical support
 Support objective
                                                   “…You really went out of your way to help troubleshoot our
   No voicemail                                   network…my sincere thanks for your insight and help.
                                                   Things all seem to be very smooth now.”
   No phone trees                                     -Dan Cochran, Saratoga-Los Gatos High School District

   100% satisfaction
  “I emailed (technical) support with a couple of quick     “…The response from your technical support in
  questions and they got back with me very quickly, I       addressing issues, has been good…. Many times
  also added a few suggestions about future software        (they have) assisted me on Saturdays … (they)
  enhancements that they said would be forwarded            always goes out of the way to help and respond to my
  on down the line. All in all, great product at a great    e-mails very rapidly.”
  value.”                                                           -Don Logan, City of Fairbanks, North Borough
                  -Chris Martin, Hampton City Schools

 Powerful Enterprise-class Solution
       Comprehensive feature set
       Spam and virus protection
       Automatic updates
    Easy to install and use
    Affordable (no per user fees)
 Award-winning Spam and Virus Solution
 Strong and Focused Reseller Program
 Price, Performance, and Market Leader

Barracuda Spam Firewall – Outbound
Barracuda Spam Firewall - Outbound
  Comprehensive MTA
     Ensure properly formatted outbound email
  Includes Barracuda Spam Firewall Features
     Easy to use and Configure (web interface)
     Secure
     Reporting and logging
  Stops Virus Proliferation
  Enforces Corporate & Regulatory Policies
     Foul language and security
     HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley
  Prevents Spamming & Open Relay Function

Barracuda Spam Firewall - Outbound

         Barracuda Spam Firewall - Outbound
                    Key Features
   Stops Virus Proliferation                Administration
        Dual Layer Virus Blocking                Email Blocking, Quarantining
        Decompression of Archives                Reports, Graphs, and Statistics
        File Type Blocking                       Clustering Support
        Virus Outbreak Warning                   Multiple Domain Support
                                                  Web-based Interface
   Enforces Corporate Policies
        Footer Attachment (HTML/text)       Others
        Keyword Blocking/Quarantine              Hardened OS
        Attachment Blocking/Quarantine           Compatible with all Email Servers
        Regular Expression Matching              Supports Multiple Email Servers
   Prevents Spamming
        Rate Controls
        Domain Restrictions
        IP Restrictions
        User Authentication
        Remote User Support

Firewall –


Web Interface
   Easy
   Intuitive
   Consistent
   Multiple Languages

Barracuda Spam Firewall - Outbound
 Spam Firewall 200 – Outbound
     1,000 users
     50,000 messages/day
 Spam Firewall 300 – Outbound
     2,000 users
     200,000 messages/day
 Spam Firewall 400 – Outbound
     10,000 users
     500,000 messages/day
 Spam Firewall 600 – Outbound   Barracuda Spam Firewall–
     25,000 users                    Outbound Mode
     1 million messages/day
 Spam Firewall 800 – Outbound
     30,000 users                Pricing is the same as
     1.5 million messages/day   Barracuda Spam Firewall

Barracuda Spyware Firewall
Barracuda Spam Firewall Background
 A powerful anti-spam and anti-virus appliance that is
  easy to use and affordable for businesses of all type
 Features unique layered defense approach and
  intuitive management console for administrative control
 One of the highest spam and virus accuracy ratings in
  the industry

 Success
    Quickly became the price and performance leader
    Recipient of a dozen awards and industry honors
    More satisfied customers than any competitor (20,000+)

Spyware Defined
 Spyware is software that is downloaded onto a
  computer and then secretly collects and forwards
  information or displays advertising

 Dangers
      Intellectual property theft
      Productivity loss
      Privacy invasion
      Identity theft

Spyware: What is the Pain?
 User productivity severely impacted
    Desktop contains distractions
    Desktop very slow to operate
 Help desks are overwhelmed with calls
      Gartner claims 25% of help desk calls are about spyware
      Cost to diagnose and repair computers
      Cost to replace or reinstall computers
      Difficult to remove
 Infrastructure performance
    Degrades desktop performance
    Uses bandwidth and therefore increases bandwidth costs
 Unknown risks and liability
    Information going out of the organization without any controls
    Spyware reporting to servers on the Internet

Spyware is Nasty
 Installation of spyware can be done with five lines of code
    Thousands of exploits on Windows and IE systems enable installation
    Tricky text and social engineering to install
    Moving scrollbar can install spyware
    Drive by downloads require no installation – simply viewing a spyware Web site can do
     the trick
    Exploits in toolbars
 Spyware download can compile on the fly
 Typical spyware installation contains 25 Trojans that will infect
  different areas of the computer
 Some spyware is nearly impossible to remove and requires re-
  installation of the OS

Getting Spyware is Easy
 Drive-by installations
    Socially engineered downloads
    Spoofed certificates
    Spoofed DNS
 OS and IE exploits
    Thousands of exploits can install software
 Bundled free software
      Kazaa and other music-related software
      DIVx and other video-related software
      Smileys
      Toolbars
      Discount programs/systems

Customer Demand for Spyware Solution
 Problem already exists for many companies
    Some industry analysts estimate that as much as 90% of all
     computers connected to the Internet already have a spyware problem
 Growing awareness of problem
    Recent estimates indicate as much as 65% of businesses will
     implement a solution in 2005
 Not many trusted enterprise solutions available
    Handful of vendors offering desktop solutions
 Building on Barracuda Spam Firewall success
    Customers seeking a powerful, easy to use, and affordable
     appliance solution for spyware
           Introducing the Barracuda Spyware Firewall

Introducing the Barracuda Spyware Firewall

The first focused gateway appliance for
powerful spyware, malware, and adware

     Prevent spyware, don’t repair it!

Spyware Solution Criteria
   Prevention
      Stop spyware before it reaches the desktop
      Do not rely on desktop configuration
      Catch spyware so removal is not necessary
   High performance
      Low latency and high throughput
   Low cost
      Easy-to-manage and install
      Automatically keeps up-to-date
      No per user fees, reasonable update fees
   Adaptable
      Configurable and reliable

Barracuda Spyware Firewall
Preventative, reactive & proactive measures

   1. Content filtering
         Blocks access to known spyware Web sites
         Blocks inappropriate content and Web site categories
   2. Stops spyware & virus downloads
         Including drive-by downloads that are unknown to the user often through
         Blocks .CAB, .OCX, .EXE, and .DLL files
   3. Detects & blocks spyware access to the Internet
         Finds and blocks existing spyware installations
   4. Facilitates spyware removal
         Informs Administrator of infected machines and infection type

Key Features
 Web Filtering                      Spyware Activity Blocking
     Block spyware Web sites          & Reporting
     Block Web site categories         Detect spyware access to Internet
     Block inappropriate content       Block spyware access to Internet
     Flexible policy enforcement       Infected client and statistical reports

 Spyware Download &                 Additional Features
                                        IM blocking controls
  Virus Blocking
                                        Web acceleration/caching
     Signature-based blocking
                                        Traffic reporting
     Rule-based blocking
     Dual layer virus blocking      System Administration
     Decompression of archives           Web-based interface
     File type blocking                  Statistical reports
                                          Whitelist and blacklists
                                          Comprehensive logging
                                          Secure remote administration


Barracuda Spyware Firewall
 Powerful, easy to use & install
     Intuitive user interface
 Affordable
     No per user fees
 Available in five models:
       Spyware Firewall 210
       Spyware Firewall 310
       Spyware Firewall 410
       Spyware Firewall 610
       Spyware Firewall 810
 Energize Update Subscription
     Similar to Barracuda Spam Firewall
 Inline hardware appliance
 Complete scalability for growing organizations


Barracuda Spyware Firewall Deployment

Network Deployment
 Barracuda Spyware Firewall      Barracuda Spam Firewall
  at Internet access points        in front of email server

Barracuda Central - Energize Subscription

 Barracuda Central
    24x7 operation
    Monitors latest spyware Web sites & virus threats
 Hourly updates
    Latest updates on spyware & virus outbreaks sent direct to all
     Barracuda Spyware Firewall customers
 Keeps Barracuda Spyware Firewall worry free &
    No maintenance for IT department

Web Interface
   Easy
   Intuitive
   Consistent
   Multiple Languages

Barracuda Spyware Firewall Provides
   Prevention
      Gateway solutions stop spyware before it enters the network
   High performance
      Models provide high performance and near zero latency
   Low cost
      No per user fees
      Simple pricing per appliance
      Low price
   Adaptable
      Flexible configuration options

   Barracuda Networks
      Number one provider of anti-spam appliances
      Reliable, robust, and easy-to-use solutions
   Barracuda Spyware Firewall
      Comprehensive protection from spyware
      Includes content filtering
      Includes virus filtering
   Aggressively priced
   The right solution at the right time
   Prevent spyware, don‟t repair it!

Thank You!

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