Forces and Friction by pengxuebo


									Forces and
 By: Michelle Aukerman
      Third Grade
LA State GLE 24 and 26
Day 1: Before We Start…..

 What is force?
    Force is the push or pull of an
    object. This may include gravity,
    moving an item, or the ground against
    an object.

What is friction?
    Friction is the sliding of one object
  at a certain force against another.
  Ex: Bike tires and the road
Hmm…Let’s look at it a little closer!

  • Look at the following clips.
  • Think about the examples of force and
  • What gets things Moving/Stop
  • A World without Friction
  • Friction Free Tug of War
  • Acceleration and Force
  • Creating Friction between Bus and Book
Your First Task
• In groups of 3 you will use a digital
  camera to find examples of friction
  and force in your environment.
• Your group will print out 3 of the
  pictures you took and combine them
  in order to make a class quilt of
  Force and Friction.
Day 2 Task 1:
More About Forces and Friction

 Yesterday, we discovered what force and friction is. After we read
 Can You Feel the Force? (p.22-25), you will be asked to type in
 what you know about force and friction from yesterday’s activity and
 what we have just read…Good Luck!


Day 2:
Quick thoughts on Forces and Friction
• If a larger weight is added to an object (ex: a truck)
  it will need a greater force to give it energy to move.
• Energy can be applied to an object by a push or
  pull. Other types of energy that can be applied is
  twist or turns.
• Do you think that you would need more energy to
  make an object go faster? What about less energy.
  Do you think it would make an object go slower if it
  is the same object?
• How much energy do you think an object has if it is
  stopped or is sitting at rest?
Day 2 Task 2: Playing around with the energy
that is behind force, pushing and pulling

• Click here to access the Force and Weight
  Truck Game
• Click here to play the Pushes and Pulls game
  and take the quiz
• What have you learned by playing these games?
• What happened when we added more weight to
  the same truck?
• What happened when we pushed or pulled the
  toy horse with different forces?
Day 3 Task 1:
A little background on your next task
• In your groups of 3 we will be looking even closer at forces
  and friction in a hands-on-activity.
• We will be using a ramp made by our text books and a toy car
  to test force and how it’s related to friction. We will change
  the surfaces that will be placed on the books in order to
  decide if the friction between the car and ramp change.
• First, we will observe our surfaces by taking pictures using
  our digital microscope. Observe the coarseness, smoothness,
  or other characteristics of the materials that you think may
  change the force needed on the car in order to get it to the top
  of the ramp.
• Second, We will upload the digital pictures for everyone to
  discuss what we noticed about the materials.
Day 3 task 1:
Exporting the pictures from the digital microscope?
Exporting Pictures using the Digital Blue
  1. Choose the picture you want to export.
  2. Click on the Export button

                                              Click Here to Export

  3. This will bring up a browse area to save the picture.
  4. Save the picture in S drive.
Day 3 task 1:
Exporting the pictures from the digital microscope?
                                 Click Here to Export

  3. This will bring up a browse area to save the picture.
  4. Save the picture in S drive.

                             Save on the S Drive
Day 3 Task 1:
Insert your microscope pictures
Day 4 Task 1:
Begin Lab Report
 • Review your digital microscope pictures
   and observation from yesterday.
 • With your group decide the materials
   you will be using from what your teacher
   has brought.
 • Complete your materials, hypothesis,
   and experiment steps section.
Force and Friction Lab
You will observe the relationship between
forces in friction by observing a cars friction
on different surfaces. You will build a ramp
made of test books. Then, you will place a
surface on top of the books such as: sand
paper, saran wrap, cloth, paper towel, etc.
Next, using the same amount of force you will
try to push the car up the ramp. Also observe
different strengths of pushing forces behind
the car and notice the difference. (HINT:
Much like the toy pony game)
Your Report
• Materials:

• Hypothesis:

• Experiment:

• Observed:

• Was your hypothesis correct? Why or Why not?
• Go through the steps of the experiment.
• Using the same and then different amounts
  of force, push your cars up the ramp.
 Do you note any difference?

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