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					                     UCSF University of California, San Francisco
 University of California, San Francisco
                          ...A Health Sciences Campus

                                                                   DATE: August 28, 2008

                                                 NUMBER: RFP-VENDINGMACHINESERVICES-DH-08

                                                                 THIS IS NOT AN ORDER

                                                         REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

                                                   VENDING MACHINE SERVICES


Vendor’s Signature                                                                      Vendor’s Name (Printed)
(Sign both this page and the enclosed submittal sheet.)

Submittal due Date and Time:

Three (3) hard copies, one with original signature,and two (2) CDs must be submitted and received by
4:00PM on Friday, October 3, 2008
                                                        University of California, San Francisco
                                                        Campus Procurement and Business Contracts
                                                        1855 Folsom Street, Ste. 304
                                                        San Francisco, CA 94143-0910
                                                        Attn.: Dianne Holmes
                                                        Tel: (415) 502-3025 Fax (415) 514-9607 Alt. Fax: (415) 502-3031

                                                        Late Submittals Will Not Be Accepted

Respondent Identification                                      (Return this completed page with your hardcopy submittals.)

Company Name                                                                                  Company Contact

_____________________________                                ________________________         _____________________________
Tel: (include area code)                                     Fax no.                          E-Mail
                                                                                                                   Aug. 28, 2008
                                                                                                                           Pg. i.
                                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

PART A   INTRODUCTION ....................................................................................................... Pg. 1

         A. General Description & Background Information
               (Statement of Purpose)
         B. Timetable
         C. Definitions

PART B   GENERAL REQUIREMENTS, TERMS & CONDITIONS .................................... Pg. 4

         1. Contract Period
             1.1 Initial Contract Period
             1.2. Contract Extension

         2. Usage
            2.1 Contract Utilization
            2.2 Quantity Estimates

         3. Pricing and Commissions
            3.1 Commission Structure
            3.2 Price Adjustment
            3.3 Price Protection

         4. Commissions
            1. Commissions Terms
            2. Commissions Payments

         5. Specifications
             5.1 Scope of Work
             5.2 Customer Cash Refunds
             5.3 Personnel
             5.4. Product Specifications – Individual Components, Product Size & Weight
                                           Packaging Materials
                                           List of Ingredients and Allergens
                                          Nutritional Label (calculated)
                                          QC & Microbiological Specifications
             5.5. Sample Submittal
             5.6 Equipment Submittal
             5.7 Sanitation & Pest Control Protocols
             5.8 Parking

         6. General Conditions
            6.1 Product Liability Indemnity Provision
            6.2 Record Keeping and Auditing
            6.3 Terms and Conditions
            6.4 Termination of Contract

PART C   INSTRUCTIONS TO RESPONDENTS .............................................................. Pg. 12

         1. Responsive Quotations and Bid Acceptance Period
         2. Required Information and Data
                                                                                                             Aug. 28, 2008
                                                                                                                    Pg. ii.

             2.1 Signed University Request for Proposal form
             2.2 Bid Valid term
             2.3 Bidder Certification
         3. Caution to Bidders
         4. Withdrawal or Modification of Bids
         5. Questions relating to bid document
         6. Submittals and Correspondence
         7. Submittal Costs
         8. Contacts with UCSF Management
         9. Disclosure of Records/Confidentiality of Information
         10. Respondent Certification
         11. Penalty for Collusion
         12. Bid Results
         13. Bid Protest

PART D   EVALUATION FACTORS & BASIS OF AWARD............................................. Pg. 13

         1. Evaluation Criteria
         2. Reference Checks
         3. Rejection of Offers

PART E   SUBMITTAL REQUEST ...................................................................................... Pg. 14

         1. Price Quotation
         2. Submittal Responses
         3. RFP Exceptions
         4. Submittal Acceptance Period
         5.  Respondents Certification
         6.  Compliance with Insurance Requirements
                (Insurance Certificate Form)
         7. University of California Business Information Form


         1. Appendix A               Terms and Conditions
         2. Exhibit 1:               Vending Machine Types and Campus Locations
         3. Exhibit 2:               Current Product List
         4. Exhibit 3:               Checklist for Submissions
         5. Exhibit 4:                New Vendor Set up Forms
         6. Exhibit 5:                Intent to Propose (due 9/18/08)
         7. Exhibit 6:                Category Price Response Sheets
         8. Exhibit 7:                Seller‟s Certification
         9. Exhibit 8:                Reference Contact Forms (4)-Financial (2)
         10. Exhibit 9:               Stipulation Questions
         11. Exhibit 10:              Contract Template
         12. Exhibit 11:              Exceptions to Contract Terms (reference by section)
         13. Exhibit 12:              California Retail Food Code (7/1/07)
         14. Exhibit 13:               AMI Microbiological Testing
         15. Exhibit 14-1&14-2         Inspection Sample & Form
         16. Exhibit 15                Certification of Transaction Influence
         17. Exhibit 16                Debarment
                                                                                                         Aug. 28, 2008


The University of California, San Francisco, Campus Life Services-Retail, hereby solicits a proposal for furnishing all
equipment, materials, supplies, and labor to provide for the supply and service of vending machines for food, snacks
and non-alcoholic beverages to serve its staff at various locations throughout the University of California, San Francisco
Campus and satellite locations

The University is looking for a contractor who will provide such services and be willing to share in the profits from the

This is a Request for Proposal, and as such, the University reserves the right to clarify, negotiate, and correct errors
taken by bidder(s)

Throughout the term of the resultant contract(s), the University reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of
vending machines at each site, services requested, and/or to expand the services to other UCSF sites. Such changes to
the contract, or additional contracts, shall be at the same prices, terms, and conditions provided herein.

Background Information:

About Campus Life Services
Campus Life Services (CLS) is located organizationally under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and
Finance, and is operated under the direction of the Assistant Vice Chancellor. CLS provides a diverse range of support
programs and services to the campus community, including the following Business Units:
     Housing Services
     Programs and Services: Recreation and Fitness, Outdoor Programs, Arts and Events, Child Care/ Elder Care),
       Retail Services, Conference Centers, Facilities Management
     Transportation Services: Shuttle Services, Fleet Management, Parking Services
     Documents, Media, Mail / Retail Services (DMM/RS): Reprographics, Campus Bookstore, Computer store, other
       retail services located at various sites, Campus Mail Services,
     Distribution & Storage.

About Campus Life Services -Retail Services—
Through our partnerships, collaborative efforts, professional management, and staff expertise we are a valued contributor
to the quality of life at UCSF. Retail Services provides quality services to support the daily work-life needs of the students,
staff, faculty, patients and visitors at UCSF. Retail Services contributes to the enrichment and development of a campus
community through:
      The application of funds generated from rents and commissions to support innovative programs and facilities
      The provision of gathering spaces and facilities for social, cultural and intellectual exchange
      Sponsorship and collaboration on arts, entertainment and cultural events

Retail Services provides services that are flexible and adaptable to changing customer needs and desires. Driven by
customer input, our products and services are customized by location to reflect the price, quality, and product type
representing the diversity of the UCSF community.
                                                                                                       Aug. 28, 2008

                Tuesday, September 2, 2008…..RFP-VENDINGMACHINESERVICES-DH-08 ..Issued

                Friday, September 12, 2008………………Deadline for Questions Submitted (emails only)

                Tuesday, September 16, 2008………Mandatory Bidders Conference @ Mission Bay Campus

                Thursday, September 18, 200……Summary of Questions/Answers from Bidders’ Conference
                                                                         (posted on CPBC website)

                Friday, September 26, 2008........................ Deadline for Final Questions Submitted (emails)

                Tuesday, September 30, 2008 ……….Summary of Final Q & As (posted on CPBC website)

                Friday, October 3, 2008……………..CDs & Hard Copy Bid submittal Due Date 4:00 p.m.

                Wednesday, October 28, 2008…………………………Completion of Bid Evaluations

                Monday. November 3, 2008........................ Finalist(s) Presentation to Selection Committee

                Tuesday, November 11, 2008…………………………Intent to Award Contract Announced

                Monday, January 5, 2009…………………….....................Contract Signed & Executed

`               Monday, January 19, 2009…………………………………Contract Commences

University does not guarantee the above schedule and reserves the right to modify this schedule to best meet its needs.
The commencement period includes a possible switchover period from incumbent to possibly a new service provider
and/or services.

Note: There will be a Mandatory Bidder’s Conference held on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 2:30 p.m. The
location for the Bidder’s Conference is as follows:
William J. Rutter Center
University of California, San Francisco
1675 Owens St. Room 414
San Francisco, CA 94143

NOTE Parking is available in the parking structure located at 1625 Owens St.


UCSF’s CPBC Website:
Posting of the RFP under ‘Do Business with UCSF” (left); under Current Bids, then click drop down
                                                                                             Aug. 28, 2008

  OWNER:            The Regents of the University of California

  BUYER:            University of California, San Francisco
                    Campus Life Services-Retail
                    500 Parnassus Avenue, Room 245E
                    San Francisco, CA 94143-0234

  CLS:              Campus Life Services -Retail

  SELLER:           The term "Seller", "Supplier", "Contractor", "Respondent", "Provider", “Proposer” and,
                    "Vendor", are used interchangeably herein and refer to the same entity, the provider of
                    goods and services to the University.

  CONTRACT:         The contract document to be furnished to Seller(s) by University jurisdictional personnel,
                    which specifically describes goods and/or services plus terms and conditions to be covered.

  ADMINISTRATORS:       University of California
                        Campus Life Services-Retail
                        500 Parnassus Avenue, Room 245E, Box No. 3025
                        San Francisco, California 94143-0234

  UNIVERSITY:       The terms "University", "University of California, San Francisco", "UCSF", "Buyer",
                    "Department" and "Regents of the University of California” are used interchangeably
                    herein and refer to the same entity: Regents of the University.

  WORK:             "Work" shall include all obligation, duties, requirements, and responsibilities required for
                    the successful completion of the Contract by the Seller, including the furnishing of all
                    supervision, labor, equipment, materials, supplies, incidental to the execution of the
                    Contract and in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Contract.

  CONTRACTOR:       The terms "Contractor," "Seller," "Supplier," "Vendor," and "Bidder" are used
                    interchangeably herein and refer to the same entity, the provider of Vending Machine

  RFP:              Request for Proposal

  Days:             Calendar Days

CONFERENCE:      *****There will be a Mandatory Bidder’s conference for this bid. *****
                                                                                                           Aug. 28, 2008

1.1 Contract Period

      The initial agreement period shall commence approximately Monday, January 19, 2009 through January 18, 2012
      (a thirty-six (36) month term). Contract award is subject to appropriate upper-level University review and approval.

1.2       Contract Extension
      The University, at its sole option, reserves the right to extend any resultant contract for an additional twenty-four (24)
      months in two (2) twelve- (12) month increments. The extension (including the above consideration) will be at the
      same terms and conditions as originally stated. Bidder recognizes and agrees that the business obtained under the
      extension will constitute the sole consideration for the extension. The University will notify the contractor 30 days
      prior to the contract end of its decision to extend or cancel the additional extension period.

      In the event the above option is not exercised and additional time is required by the University to initiate a new
      contract, Contractor agrees to continue providing services to the University on a month-to-month basis for a period
      not to exceed six (6) months at the same prices, terms and conditions of the original contract.

      This contract is for the Campus Life Services-Retail, 500 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94143-0234.

2.1 Usage

      Vending machine locations by type of machines are listed on Exhibit 1. Total sales from all vending machines in
      2007 were approximately $200,000.

2.2 Contract Usage

      The University does not guarantee any minimum number of machines or sales volumes. Contractor shall supply
      machines and service as required. The University may add or delete machine locations and the types of machines at
      each location based upon space and usage requirements.

      The University anticipates adding new equipment for newly constructed building at its Mission Bay and/or Parnassus
      Campuses. Contractor shall be required to provide machines within three (3) working days after notification by the
      University. Rolling estimates of new building openings will be provided well in advance of additional vending
      We anticipate new machines will be needed at the end of 2009 and continuing throughout the life of the contract.

      If, at any time, the number of machines at any location exceeds the number reported on the monthly income statement
      for that location, the extra machine(s) will be considered to have been in place since the beginning of the contract.
      Commissions on the extra machine(s) will be due and payable immediately as if the machine were generating as much
      revenue as the highest revenue machine dispensing similar products. The addition of machines without notifying the
      Campus Procurement and Business Contracts office and the CLS-Retail office will constitute breach of the contract
      and may be considered grounds for immediate termination of contract.

      The contract is not intended to be an exclusive agreement and the University reserves the right to purchase like items
      and services from other sources when it is considered to be in the best interest of the University.
                                                                                                      Aug. 28, 2008

3. Pricing and Commissions

   3.1 Commission Structure

   The commission structure rate will be substantiated in the contract as basis for award.

   3.2. Price Adjustments

       If price changes on food products and beverages occur, they must be substantial changes in cost of raw
       Materials or Products only. The University must approve any price adjustment prior to its effective date.

   3.2 All requests for price adjustments shall be submitted to:
        Campus Life Services- Retail
       500 Parnassus Avenue Box 0234
        San Francisco CA 94143-0234

       All requests for price adjustment shall reference the contract number (that will be the result from this RFP) for
       review sixty (60) days prior to the proposed effective date of the rate change. If the University agrees to price
       adjustment, or has a counter offer to make to the Contractor, resultant price adjustment shall become effective
       thirty (30) days after acceptance by the University and the Contractor and substantiated in addendum to the
       original contract. Requests for price adjustments shall be no more than once every twelve (12) months. Contractor
       will be obligated to document and verify the incremental Cost of Goods from the Contractor‟s supplier(s)‟ price

   3.3 Prices as stated herein are maximum throughout first year of contract term.

   3.4 All Pricing shall be F.O.B. Destination to various locations at University of California, San Francisco

4. Monthly Commission Payments

   4.1 Commission Terms

       The Contractor shall pay commissions within twenty-one (21) days following the end of each reporting
       Period (calendar month unless otherwise stated). For example, a sales report for the month of October (on
       November 1st), a total commission must be paid to UCSF by November 21st.

   4.2 Commission Payments

       Contractor shall issue a check payable to „Regents of the University of California‟, care of:

       Campus Life Services- Retail
       500 Parnassus Avenue Box 0234
       San Francisco CA 94143-0234

       Commission check shall be accompanied by a statement showing sales and commissions for each
       food/beverage category for each machine for each location associated with that account.

   4.3 Commission Payments should be accompanied by gross sales information/report per machine per location

   4.4 The University reserves the right to audit the Contractor‟s books and collected vending revenues at any time in
       order to verify sales volumes.
                                                                                                       Aug. 28, 2008

5. Specifications

   5.1 Scope of Work
       Contractor will install and manage vending machines at various UCSF campus locations and facilities.
       It shall be the Contractor‟s responsibility to operate a vending machine business at optimum professional and food
       safety standards and to provide high quality products at all times. Contractor shall ensure that machines are in
       good operating condition at all times, which includes maintenance, servicing, temperature monitoring and the
       replenishment of items dispensed by the machines.

       Contractor will install the follow types of vending machines:
          o Cold Drink
          o Coffee (espresso)
          o Snack (non-perishable)
          o Cold Food (perishable) *minimally required at Medical Center/Hospital locations with 24 hour vending

       Contractor will provide machine implementation schedule to be operational on 1/19/09 at all locations.

       Contractor will provide specifications for operational temperatures for each machine and submit their temperature
       control audit reports on machines to be used in this contract.

       Contractor will submit a Replenishment schedule in parallel with their pricing proposal.

       Contractor should be able to provide office coffee/tea set up as requested.

       Contractor may propose new, innovative vending ideas to CLS for placement at UCSF locations.

       Contractors‟ equipment must be energy efficient machinery –“Energy Star” equivalent or equipped with an
       energy miser.

       Contractors‟ equipment must be suitable to operate with the existing physical plant, layout, utility and outlet
       locations to avoid blow outs of utilities.

       Contractor shall install equipment at the locations on the attached list within five (5) days of the effective
       date of the contract. Within thirty (30) days of the effective date of the contract, Contractor shall install NEW
       equipment. NEW equipment shall be defined as equipment of less than three (3) years old.

       Eighty (80) percent or higher of the machines shall be capable of handling $ 1.00 bills (validator/ bill accepter)
      Contractor may change (with prior approval from the University) the type of machines in each location as
      long as the selection of product meets or exceeds existing offerings listed below. Inability to supply new
      machines as requested shall be considered breach of contract and grounds for termination.

       Manual type machines shall be accepted only at locations where UCSF does not provide electrical outlets.

       The Contractor warrants and represents that the equipment, when delivered, shall meet or exceed all
       applicable standards and requirements of the California Occupational Safety & Health Act and California Retail
       Food Code.

      All non-manual equipment to be supplied with a three-wire grounded power cord and wired with a U.L.
      approved “Hospital Grade” plugs.
                                                                                                   Aug. 28, 2008
    At Medical Center locations, Contractor shall coordinate with Medical Center Facilities Management department
    to insure compliance with all requirements from the State of California Office of Statewide Health Planning and
    Development (OSHPD) are met.

   Machine malfunctions: Contractor shall provide machine maintenance and repair service between the
    hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. seven days per week. Service technician shall arrive promptly at the site
   of any machine reported as malfunctioning within twenty-four (24) hours of malfunction notification. A
   copy of the work order noting the cause and remedy of the malfunction is to be provided to the assigned
   UCSF Campus Life Services-Retail.

    Contractor shall maintain a log of all UC inquires, including requests for addition or removal of machines,
    service problems and requests for refunds. Requests for service are to be responded to within 24 hours after
    receipt of request by phone and followed up in a written request.

    Contractor shall supply an Equipment Installation Plan and a Service and Repair Plan as specified below.

    Upon Contract award, negotiated percentage of installed machines must have credit card acceptor and/or
    a cashless solution capability as method of payment.

    Machines shall be subject to annual audit by Campus Life Services-Retail, and any necessary corrective
    actions must be corrected within the requested time frame.

    Contractor will participate in vending promotions including but not limited to, raffles (Salty Sweep) and offering
    healthy vending options (Your Choice).

5.2 Customer Cash Refunds

    With cooperation from the University, Contractor shall be responsible for handling customer cash refunds.
    A label on each machine, or a sign prominently displayed at each machine location, containing clear and
    concise instructions as to the procedure for obtaining cash refunds shall be provided by Contractor. In
    addition, the Contractor shall reimburse the University for cash refunds the University has paid to customers, due
    to empty, jammed or otherwise inoperable machines.

    Upon request, Contractor will set-up on-site refund banks, these locations include, but are not limited to
    Moffitt/Long Hospital, Laurel Heights, Mission Center Building, Genentech Hall, Mission Bay Housing, Rock
    Hall, QB3, William J Rutter Community Center, and Mount Zion Hospital.

5.3 Personnel

    Contractor shall provide the necessary trained personnel, satisfactory to the University, to adequately stock,
    service, and repair all machines on a daily basis or as needed.

5.4 Product Specifications



                                                                                                 Aug. 28, 2008
   Green Initiatives: Contractor to include any green or sustainability initiatives they have.
   There is a UC system-wide directive from Office of the President to achieve the following waste product
   diversion goals:
   By 2008- 50% (currently at 44%)
   By 2010- 75%
   By 2022- 0%

   Styrofoam and plastics with BPA (Bisphenol-A) additives are to be avoided for food and beverage
   containers. It is the contractor’s responsibility to review any potential hazards from contaminants
   migrating from packaging into food.

   Proposers may be required to provide product samples at shared expense for use in the analysis of their
   proposal. A variety of vended goods will be provided in a manner so the employees are offered choices at
   frequent intervals.

   CLS (or their representatives) shall determine whether contractor's food is of satisfactory quality and
   whether sufficient variety is being offered. CLS reserves the right to request specific products to be
   dispensed in vending machines on its premises and shall have the final right of approval on all types of
   products. CLS intends to take an active role in the selection of products to be vended on its premises. An
   employee group may be included for this purpose and quarterly reviews with the vendor will take place
   for the purpose of determining product selection and quality evaluations of vended products. Alcoholic
   and tobacco products will not be vended on UCSF premises.

   Contractor shall submit their quality control protocols used for microbiological control, quality assurance
   and recall protocols along with their target microbiological specifications and audit reports for each
   refrigerated item.
   Contractor shall submit their sanitation plan and schedule for cleaning all machines for which they are
   responsible in this contract. Contractor must follow GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) for food
   processing, preparation, storage, packaging and distribution according to 21CFR (Code of Federal
   Regulations). The contractor will not prepare, process or primary package food products in any UCSF
   campus sites.

   Merchandise, food products, and beverages shall consist predominantly of popular, national, well-accepted
   brands. Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola brand beverages are to be used in soda machines. University shall have
   the option of which brand to use.

   Product replenishment shall be on a six day per week basis, unless otherwise agreed upon by the
   University, according to a mutually agreed upon schedule arranged to meet the needs of the consuming
   public. Special attention shall be given by contractor to ensure adequate supplies and selection during
   weekends and holidays. Contractor shall instruct their service people to pay particular attention
   to expiration dates. Product shall be rotated or removed so as to ensure that no product remains in machines
   past its expiration date. Replenishment schedules shall be submitted to CLS and updated as required.

   The Contractor shall maintain records of all calls for replenishment of machines and review periodically
   with the authorized UCSF representative to ensure the needs of the customers are being met. No minimum
   order requirements.

   Contractor shall inform University of any products that were removed from machines as a result of a food or
   product recall by the manufacturer or the appropriate government agency such as the Food and Drug

   Contractor shall submit their food safety and recall program plan.

5.5 Sample Submissions
                                                                                                      Aug. 28, 2008

       At any time during the contract period the University may request a sample of any product to be provided
       against this contract. Contractor is required to deliver requested samples within three (3) working days of
       such request. The University will determine, within ten (10) working days of receipt of sample (s), if
       products samples, meet the University‟s requirements.

 5.6 Equipment Submission

       Contractor must submit manufacturer cut sheets for the vending machines and digital photos of machine
       types that you propose to use.
       Vending machines must be secured to the walls where appropriate, according to earthquake safety codes.

       Contractor shall provide scuff protectors on bottoms of all installed vending machines.

5.7   Sanitation & Pest Control

       The Contractor shall comply with University regulations, the Joint Commission regulations, as well as all federal,
       state, and local health regulations relating to personnel, maintenance, and services associated with operating a
       vending food service. The University reserves the right to make additional recommendations to such regulations
       with respect to all such matters. Failure to maintain University recommendations and the highest rating of City,
       County and California State Health Department, shall constitute a breach of contract on the part of the Contractor.
       City of San Francisco requires that the prevailing SF minimum wage be paid to all workers.

       Contractor agrees to provide and maintain policies and procedures in compliance with the Joint
       Commission covering infection and pest control for vending food services.
       Policies and procedures shall include schedules, methods used, equipment used, personnel qualifications, and
       copies of labels from products used to sanitize, clean, or control pests.

       The Contractor shall adhere to continual standards of cleanliness in all functions and matters related to food
       service operations including food handlers‟ appearance & personal hygiene and performance in the preparation,
       service, transport, storage and distribution of food related items.

       Microscopic bacteria counts of food may be performed at random at the University‟s option. All laboratory
       charges required to check any food actually suspect will be an expense of the Contractor. Contractor‟s self-audit
       micro testing data ideally will be shared with UCSF‟s CLS & Environmental & Health Safety representatives.
       Machine temperature monitoring records along with product temperature maintenance records must be shared
       with UCSF. Contractor‟s HACCP analysis program also is required for this submission.

       A copy of all inspection reports on Contractor‟s operations shall be furnished to the appropriate University
       Contract Administrator. Contractor shall be responsible for implementing corrective measures required as a
       result of these inspections and reports in a timely manner.

       The University reserves the right to make at any time, without notice, sanitary and safety inspections. A checklist
       or audit sheet will be provided to the Contractor as a guideline.

       Premises and equipment shall be maintained by Contractor throughout the contract period in a condition
       satisfactory to the University. The interior of each machine and the areas behind, on top of, and around the
       base of each machine shall be maintained in a clean and orderly manner by Contractor. Machines and all
       related equipment and accessories shall present a neat, clean, and sanitary appearance, be of uniform height
                                                                                                          Aug. 28, 2008
       and façade, and or complimentary color and design. Each machine shall be located such that the space
       around the machine can be readily cleaned and that insect and rodent harborage is not created.

       Contractor shall furnish written work orders to appropriate Contractor Administrator for each service call
       associated with cleaning, sanitizing, and pest control.

       University Contract Administrators will conduct periodic inspection of vending area and machines as part of the
       University‟s monitoring process of this contract. A checklist or audit sheet will be provided to the Contractor as a
       guideline for monthly self-monitoring audits.

       Contractor may be required to visit each location to resolve problems that may develop or require
       resolution within 24 hours upon request.

   5.8 Parking

       No free parking facilities on the campus will be provided for Contractor‟s personnel. Arrangements for loading
       and unloading material can be made by contacting the University Parking Office at (415) 476-2566

   5.8 Loss of Equipment

       The University will not be responsible for the loss of equipment or materials left on University premises or in
       University departments located off-campus by a contractor during the performance of work covered by
       any contract.

6. General Conditions

        The terms and conditions of Appendix A will apply to any resulting contract. Any different or additional terms
       contained in Contractor‟s purchase order acknowledgement or other document, are unacceptable to the
       University and are hereby rejected.

   6.1 Product Liability Indemnity Provision

   Contractor shall fully indemnify, defend, and hold harmless University from and against any and all claim,
   action, and liability, for injury, death and property damage, arising out of the dispensing or use of any of
   the Contractor‟s product provided under authorized University orders. In addition to the liability imposed
   by law on the Contractor for damage or injury (including death) to persons or property by reason of the
   negligence, willful acts or omissions , or strict liability of the Contractor or his agents, which liability is not
   impaired or otherwise affected hereby, the Contractor hereby assumes liability for and agrees to save
   University harmless and indemnify it from every expense, liability or payment by reason of any damage
   or injury (including death) to persons or property suffered or claimed to have been suffered through any
   act or omission of the Contractor.

       The University agrees to provide Contractor with prompt notice of any such claims and to permit Contractor to
       defend any claim or suit, and that it will cooperate fully in such defense.

       All subcontractors are subject to all of the same requirements as the primary Contractor per Appendix A
       subcontracting requirements.
                                                                                                          Aug. 28, 2008
6.2 Record Keeping and Auditing

            The contract shall be subject to the examination and audit of the Auditor General of the State of California
          for a period of three (3) years after final payment under this order. The examination and audit shall be
          confined to those matters connected with the performance of the contract, including, but not limited to,
           the costs of administering the contract.

        Until the expiration of four (4) years after the furnishing of the supplies and services provided under this
       contract, Seller will make available to the Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Service, the
        U.S. Controller General, and their representatives, this contract and all books, documents and records
       necessary to certify the nature and extent of the costs of those services.
       If Seller carries out the duties of the contract through a subcontract worth $ 10,000 or more over a twelve (12)
       month period with a related organization, the subcontract will also contain an access clause to permit access by
       the Secretary, Controller General, and their representatives to the related organization‟s books and records.
6.3 Management Reports
       Contractor shall furnish a monthly (or similar accounting period) report to UCSF‟s CLS-Retail & Campus
       Procurement and Business Contract Office containing the following information:

                           Department delivery building(s) and room number(s)
                           Brief Product Description
                           Gross dollar sales & commission by product type & Machine Type
                           Dollars by machine
                           Cumulative total of dollars for Campus by gross sales and commission for contract year
                            to date
                           Any changes to ingredients, component weights, and nutritional labeling. All allergens shall be
                            posted or labeled on each item or machine.

            Contractor shall furnish on a quarterly basis:

                   1) Replenishment Request Report listing frequency of calls by location
                   2) Service Call Report listing the date and time the call for service was made, date service
                      was performed , a summary of the service performed on that machine, repair status, next steps, timing
                      and the serial number of that machine.

            Reports are to be submitted within fifteen (15) calendar days after the close of each period.

    6.4     Relation of Parties

            Contractor is an independent contractor, and no agency or employment relationship shall be created by
            any contract with the University.

    6.5     Insurance

            Contractor shall provide University with certification, by a properly qualified representative of the
            insurer, that Contractor‟s insurance complies with this section. In addition, such certification shall
            describe each of the coverages depicted on the attached Appendix S4 as either on an “occurrence” form
           or a “claims made” form. All insurance policies required shall be issued by companies who hold a current
            Policyholder‟s Alphabetic and Financial Size Category Rating of not less than AXIII according to Best‟s
           Insurance Reports. Contractor‟s obligation to maintain the insurance required herein and to provide
           evidence of same shall survive for a period of no less than five (5) years beyond the Termination,
                                                                                                        Aug. 28, 2008
         Cancellation, or Expiration of this Agreement. If Contractor‟s insurance coverages are on a “claim made” form,
        Contractor agrees to maintain such insurance and to provide University with satisfactory evidence thereof fork the
        period stated above. The Certificate must be in the possession of the Campus Procurement and Business Contracts
        Office at the time of contract signing and prior to installation or service.

        Mail to:

                    University of California, San Francisco
                    Campus Procurement and Business Contracts
                    1855 Folsom Street, Suite 304
                    San Francisco CA 94143-0910
                    Attn: Dianne Holmes

          Contractor hereby agrees that no payment shall be made by the University until University is in receipt
          of Contractor‟s Insurance Certificate. All insurance coverages and carriers are subject to the approval of
          the University. A copy of the Contractor‟s Insurance Certificate will also be kept on file with Campus
          Life Services-Retail, 500 Parnassus Avenue SF CA 94143-0234

  6.6      Termination of Contract

           This contract may be terminated by University for convenience in whole or in part at any time in
            accordance with the terms of Article 4 of the attached Appendix A. In the event of such termination,
           University agrees to provide Contractor at least thirty (30) days prior written notice of the effective date
           of termination and the extent thereof.

           In the event of termination for convenience, Contractor agrees to accept as the reasonable amount
           referred to in Article 4 (A) (2) as liquidated damages and not as a penalty the sum of $ 100.00 for
           Contractor‟s lost profits on the unperformed portion of the contract, provided compensation hereunder
           shall in no event exceed the total order cost of goods (minus service costs).

          If within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of written notice to Contractor from University of Contractor‟s
          Breach of any term or condition of this contract, Contractor shall fail to remedy such breach, then University
          may, by prior written notice, terminate this contract in whole or in part at any time.

            In addition to other remedies described in Article 4, it should be understood that future contracts with
            The University may be limited or withheld completely, pending reestablishment of an acceptable record
           by Contractor.

        1. Responsive Proposals shall meet or exceed all conditions specified herein

        2. Required Information and Data shall be furnished as requested

            Signed University Request for Proposal Form and proposal as outlined in PART E, shall be returned to the
            University of California, San Francisco, Campus Procurement and Business Contracts Department, no later
            than 4:00 PM on the date set for bid proposal receipt, in order to be considered. Late bids shall be rejected.
            Please provide your response in the format outlined in PART E and in the Attachments.
                                                                                                       Aug. 28, 2008
           As a condition of participation in this Request for Proposal your bid response must be valid for 120
           days from the Request for Proposal closing date (October 3, 2008).

      The bidder certifies that: 1) the prices, commissions, and terms specified in this Request for Proposal represent
      the most favorable that will be offered any University of California location; 2) the offerer
      agrees, if not awarded a contract as a result of the Proposal submitted, not to solicit business from any
      University of California, San Francisco department for the products and services listed on this Request
       For Proposal at lower prices or better terms than specified in the quotation; and 3) the offerer understands that
      violation of any of the above shall be grounds for disqualification on future bids.

      3. Caution to Bidders: Bidder is cautioned not to delete or make changes in provisions, terms or
       specifications/agreements of this bid request, as such changes may render your bid non-responsive.

      4. Bid Withdrawal or Modification of Bids: Bid quotations may be withdrawn or modified by a written, faxed
      or emailed request from bidder one (1) day prior to the time fixed for receiving bid proposals. The University
      may, by written notice to all bidders, revise or amend the Request for Proposal prior to the due date for bid
      proposals. If, in the opinion of the University, the revision(s) or amendment(s) will require changes in the bid
      quotation, the due date may be extended to all participants.
      All documents associated with this RFP will be posted to the UCSF Campus Procurement and Business Contracts
      website (

      5.     Questions relating to the interpretation of the bidding documents may be directed to:

                           University of California, San Francisco
                           Campus Procurement and Business Contracts
                           1855 Folsom Street, Suite 304
                           San Francisco CA 94143-0910
                           Attn: Dianne Holmes
                           Tel: (415) 502-3025 Fax: (415) 502-3031


1. Bid Evaluation

  The contract will be awarded to the bidder with the highest cost per quality point based upon the following:

          Commission Percent Paid to UCSF
          Varied Product Offerings and Nutritional & Sensory Attributes
          Quality Standards in Systems
          Types of Vending Machines
          PROMOTIONS
          References

      If contract is terminated for breach of contract within ninety (90) days of the effective date of the contract,
      University will award the balance of the contract period to the next highest scoring bidder considered
      responsive to this RFP.

 2. Reference Checks
                                                                                                          Aug. 28, 2008
         Seller must have satisfactory reference checks or satisfactory past performance to qualify for a contract. Sellers
    who have not furnished similar goods or services to the University during the last three (3) years shall furnish a
    minimum of four (4) references. Provide name, address, telephone number, email address, and full contact name for
    each reference given. Unsatisfactory response from one (1) source may result in rejection of Contractor‟s proposal or
    offer without further consideration. The University shall be the sole judge in this evaluation. Contractor must give
    reference contacts permission to speak with a representative of UCSF to verify services rendered.

    References will be evaluated on the basis of regular and timely restocking of machines, freshness of products,
    cleanliness of machines, prompt repair or replacement of malfunctioning machines, promptness and accuracy of
    reports and commission checks, ability to generate detailed commission reports by machine and location,        and
    prompt refund of customers‟ money when machine malfunctions.

3. Selection of Proposals

        The University may reject any and all bids if deemed in the best interest of the University, and reject a bid of any
        party who has been delinquent or unfaithful in any former contract with the University. The University reserves
        the right to re-solicit information or proposals.

        The University reserves the right to negotiate minor exceptions, irregularities, or errors taken by bidder in this
        RFP. These errors may be corrected by the bidder involved, provided that, in the judgment of the Purchasing
        Manager or designee, such action will not negate fair competition and will permit proper comparative evaluations
        of bids submitted.

        If the solicitation does not result in the University of California obtaining reasonable prices and/ or commissions
        in the opinion of the Purchasing Manager, when considering all the price and cost factors associated with the
        installation and supply of Vending machines, the University will reject all proposals.

        All participating bidders shall be notified of the rejection, the reason(s) for the rejection(s), and advised of the
        next course of action with regard to the contract.

        Please submit proposal for Vending Machines Services to:
                           Dianne Holmes, Senior Buyer
                            University of California San Francisco
                            Campus Procurement and Business Contracts
                            1855 Folsom Street, Suite 304
                            San Francisco CA 94143-0910

1. Company Information
a. Identify name, address, and telephone number of key team members and what role they will play.
b. Identify the key contact person and sign that he(she) has read this RFP.
c. Provide details on staffing/management structure
d. Provide your company’s mission statement
e. Provide narrative and pictorial description of relevant comparable vending contracts.

2. Financial Information
a. Provide evidence of financial resources with a minimum of two (2) financial references (copy Exhibit 8), and previous
    two (2) years of audited financial statements.
b. Provide a start up plan-installation of vending machines and replenishment schedules.
                                                                                                       Aug. 28, 2008

3. Marketing and Customer Service Plan (2 pages Max)
a. Provide a marketing plan for promoting vending. Outline example of vending promotions required by this contract.
b. Describe your philosophy as it related to customer service in your profession and provide methods for managing
    customer service.
c. How will business opportunities for local, small, socially and economically disadvantaged, and women owned
    businesses be provided for vending operations?

4. Product and Pricing



5. Equipment


Cold Items
Cold Beverages
Snacks & Candy

REFERENCES (as requested in PART D #2) See Reference forms in Exhibit 8.

Sellers who have not furnished similar goods or services to the University during the last three (3) years shall furnish a
minimum of four (4) references. Provide name, address, telephone number, email address, and full contact name for each
reference given (Exhibit 8 format)

(Any additional information may be added as attachments.)


    All information submitted as a part of this Request for Proposal must be open to public inspection (except
    information items marked as trade secrets and considered a trade secret under the California Public Records Act)
    after the award has been made.

    Should a request be made of UCSF for information that has been designated confidential by the bidder and on the
    basis of that designation, UCSF denies the request for information; the bidder may be responsible for all legal costs
    necessary to defend such action if the denial is challenged in a court of law.
                                                                                                         Aug. 28, 2008
5. Respondent Certification

     The respondent certifies that: 1) the prices and terms specified in this Request for Proposal represent the most
     favorable that will be offered any University of California location; 2) the respondent agrees, if not awarded an
     order as a result of the quotation submitted, not to solicit business from any University department for the products
     listed on this Request for Quotation at lower prices or better terms than specified in the quotation; and 3) the
     respondent understands that violation of any of the above shall be grounds for disqualification on future bids.

     Respondent certifies that the only persons or parties interested in this Request for Proposal (RFP) as Principals, are
     those named herein as Seller and that Respondent is not providing the service through subcontracted firms; that this
     RFP is made without collusion with any other person, firm or corporation, either directly or indirectly, or taken any
     action in restraint of free competitive bidding; and in submitting this RFP respondent has examined instructions,
     terms and conditions and specifications of this RFP. Respondent proposes and agrees to execute and fully perform
     in accordance with any proposal offered to the University.

6. Penalty for Collusion


7.   Bid Results

      Bid openings are not public. Any award summary will be made available to bidders, upon their written request,
      after the award of the contract has been made.

8.   Bid Protest

      Any actual or prospective bidder or contractor who has a complaint regarding the solicitation and evaluation process
      for award of a contract should first attempt to resolve the grievance with the buyer, Materiel Manager, or other
      University contracting officer involved in the transaction. If the controversy over the solicitation or award of a
      contract cannot be resolved at this level, the complainant may file a protest or notice of other controversy with the
      Vice Chancellor-Administration at Laurel Heights Campus. A protest or notice of other controversy must be filed
      promptly to CLS or CPBC and in any event within two calendar weeks after such complainant knows or should have
      known of the facts giving rise thereto. All protests or notices of other controversies must be in writing.

      The Vice Chancellor--Administration shall appoint individuals to investigate the issues involved in the complaint,
      analyze the findings, consult with General Counsel, and promptly issue a decision in writing. A copy of that decision
      shall be mailed or otherwise furnished to the aggrieved party and shall state the reasons for the action taken.

      In the event of a protest timely filed, the University shall not proceed further with the solicitation or award involved
      until the protest is resolved or withdrawn unless the Vice Chancellor--Administration consults with General Counsel
      and makes a written and adequately supported determination that continuation of the procurement is necessary to
      protect substantial interests of the University. It is expected that any decision to proceed with the solicitation or
      award prior to the University's resolution of the protest will occur infrequently. Such circumstances include but are
      not limited to:

      1.   When the award of an extramurally funded contract or grant would be jeopardized, or when a material breach or
           significant delay in timely performance of an extramurally funded contract or grant would result.
                                                                                                    Aug. 28, 2008
2.   Contracts for repair, operation and maintenance of equipment used in scientific and medical research projects,
     food service operations, waste removal, building systems (e.g., utilities, elevators, heating, air conditioning,
     security, etc.), voice and data communications, and computers, provided that the lack of such contracts would
     substantially interfere with the University's functions in these areas.

3.   Equipment, supplies, or services directly or indirectly related to patient care.

4.   Equipment, supplies, and services required for scheduled events (e.g., classes, public functions, athletic events)
     when absence of needed material could result in cancellation or rescheduling the programs and events.

The responsible University official shall document in the contract file, in detail, the reasons for proceeding prior to
resolution of a bid protest. Written notice of the decision to proceed shall be given to the complainant and others
concerned with the transaction.

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