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Newsletter Mar-Apr 2005


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									Newsletter of                                                    VOL. 1 NO. 5      MARCH/APRIL 2005

                        Center                   for the

                STUDY OF THE             KOREAN WAR
    THANKS TO THOSE WHO                                     MORE CONTRIBUTIONS
   HELP US REMEMBER WITH                               The late Jim Herdman, a sailor aboard the
    THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS                                attack transport USS Montague (AKA 98),
                                                       carried an interesting seabag. He had written
                                                       the names of places he’d been, from Okinawa
 Amber Christianson, of Graceland University,
                                                       to Pusan, Old Mexico to Fresno. He also had
 and Kid’s College in South Korea donated a
                                                       drawn a picture of Mount Fuji on the bag.
 frame-style piece of barbed wire from the
                                                       This seabag is one of perhaps 100 items—
 demilitarized zone (DMZ) in Korea. This
                                                       letters, photographs, playing cards, even a
 commemorative edition was produced by the
                                                       Comservpac personnel badge— that were
 government of Paju on the fiftieth anniversary of
                                                       donated to the Center by Jim’s wife, Laura
 the signing of the Armistice.
                                                       Herdman. Many of these items are on
 Floyd C. Fears, Independence, Missouri, was a         display in the Captain Sandy room at the
 combat engineer during the Korean War. He             Center. This is a very significant and
 recently visited the Center and donated a jacket      important collection as it gives a broad
 that was made for him in Korea in February 1952       personal view of life as a Navy man.
 by a Korean woman (mama-san) in exchange for a
 carton of American cigarettes. The lining is from             STUDENT ACTIVITY
 a blanket and the outer shell of the jacket is from   Mark Corriston, director of Records
 a sleeping bag. There are four handmade flags         Management at the Central Plains Region of the
 sewn on the back of the jacket: U.S. flag, United     National Archives and Records Administration,
 Nations flag, Korean flag, and British flag.          brought his archives and records management
                                                       class to the Center as part of a tour of local
 The Center for the Study of the Korean War will       repositories that hold special collections. The class,
 add four flagpoles with landscaping to the            through Emporia State University, is held annually
 Graceland University Independence campus as           with local and out-of-state students.
 the result of Eagle Scout projects by two
 brothers. Josh and Nick Hecht (sons of David               YOUR CONTRIBUTION?
 and Lisa Hecht of Blue Springs, Missouri, and         We are close to meeting the requirements of
 students at Blue Springs South high school)           the Courtney S. Turner Charitable Trust
 conceived of the idea to honor Korean War (and        matching grant! Anything you give will be
 all) veterans. The young men, Scouts with Troop       doubled, so this is a great time to make a
 332, organized, found funding and donations for       financial contribution to the Center. We have
 the projects, and plan to begin work in mid-April     until the 31 June 2005 deadline. Thanks!
   The Center for the Study of the Korean War                           1
The Center held its sixth Annual Conference on                           THANKS!
War and Media in Independence, Missouri, in                 Thanks to these generous donors
February 2005. This was an exciting conference               for their sponsorship of the sixth
and included academic sessions, a banquet and            Annual Conference on War and Media.
entertainment, a reception at the Truman                             Kiu Young Bae, PhD
Presidential Museum & Library, and several                          Edwin and Joy Browne
important presentations on war and nonfiction.                 Mary Ellen Carter Foundation,
Dr. Michael Devine, director of the Truman                         (especially Don McClain)
Presidential Museum & Library, gave a present-       Central Plains Region of the National Archives and
ation Thursday evening at the Truman Library.              Records Administration, (especially Mark
Dr. Devine also received the Center’s annual                 Corriston, Diana Duff, and Tim Rives)
award for contribution and support. Helie Lee,                        Coldstone Creamery
author and speaker, addressed the conference                       J. E. Dunn Construction
guests Friday night about the daring rescue of her             Madison Edwards Foundation
uncle from North Korea in 1997. Ms. Lee also                          Kansas City Chiefs
conducted a Writers’ Workshop on Saturday                  Missouri Korean Veterans Association
afternoon.                                                      Pelsmith-Monroe Publishing
                                                                  R. Robert and Ruth Speaks
Conference attendees included area scholars,                   Speaks Family Legacy Chapels
historians, veterans, and students, including            Truman Presidential Museum and Library,
several from the classes of Mike and Alexandria        (especially Dr. Michael Devine, Kathy Cornelius,
Casey at Graceland University’s Lamoni, Iowa,                            and Scott Roley)
campus. Hava Maloku, a Graceland University                           Xi Mu Tau Sorority
student, delivered an impressive paper on war
from a child’s perspective. Other attendees and
presenters came from places as far away as           CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS
Arizona, California, Stellenbosch University in      The Proceedings for the sixth Annual Conference on
South Africa, and Lincoln University in the          War and Media will be available in late April 2005. If
United Kingdom. The Center wishes to thank all       you were unable to attend the conference, this
participants who made this conference a success.     journal provides the texts of some of the
We appreciate the support from our conference        presentations. To order a copy, e-mail Gregg
sponsors (see next column) and enjoyed meeting       Edwards at
new friends and seeing old ones again.

The Center’s seventh Annual Conference on War
and Media will focus on War and Propaganda.
The conference dates are 23–25 February 2006.
Contact Gregg Edwards or Paul M. Edwards at
the Center for the Study of the Korean War with
any questions or if you are interested in
presenting: or Phone 816-833-0524,
ext. 4304 or ext. 4303.                                                Gregg Edwards
      The Center for the Study of the Korean War                  2
    6 TH A NNUAL C ONFERENCE                            6 TH A NNUAL C ONFERENCE
Thanks to Drs. Arturo and Emmeline
Quiason, Eastern Jackson County Psychiatric
Association, for sponsoring the 2005 Annual
Conference on War and Media Scholarship of the
Center for the Study of the Korean War.
Doctoral student Mike Green of Northwest
University in Chicago received the scholarship,
attended the conference, and worked at the
Center on research for his doctoral dissertation.
                                                    Philip and Liz Swan donated a compact disc
                                                    (CD), titled Bomber Command Airfield, and a book,
                                                    Diary of a Bomb Aimer by Campbell Muirhead,
                                                    about the Royal Air Force (RAF) at Wickenby in
                                                    World War II. Philip Swan, of Lincoln University
                                                    in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, presented a
                                                    paper on the RAF at the Center’s 2005 Annual
                                                    Conference on War and Media.

Arden Rowley, ex-prisoner of war (POW) of the
Korean War and author, visited the Center during
the recent 2005 Annual Conference on War and
Media sponsored by the Center for the Study of      Ian and Noelle van der Waag of the University
the Korean War and donated three of his books       of Stellenbosch, South Africa, and editors of
to the collection: U. S. Korean War POWs: From      Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of Military
Calumny to Vindication; Korea-POW: A Thousand       Studies attended the Center’s 2005 Annual
Days with Life on Hold, 1950–1953; and U. S.        Conference on War and Media. Noelle van der
Prisoners of War in the Korean War. Mr. Rowley      Waag-Cowling presented a paper titled “South
delivered a paper about the experiences of the      Africa and the Korean War: The Politics of
Korean War POWs.                                    Involvement.” The van der Waags donated a copy
                                                    of South Africa’s Flying Cheetahs in Korea, by Dermot
                                                    Moore and Peter Bagshawe, and a travel guide to
                                                    South Africa.

      The Center for the Study of the Korean War                    3
                          THE CENTER FOR
                             THE STUDY OF                                         NON-PROFIT
                         THE KOREAN WAR                                           U. S. POSTAGE
  Graceland University Independence Campus                                               PAID
                    1401 West Truman Road                                             MO
             Independence, MO 64050-3434                                         PERMIT NO. 217


Enclosed please find my tax-deductible donation of $               .



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   The Center for the Study of the Korean War                    4

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