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website content


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									Optimized website content

Content is king. That the key to success to get a high ranking on search engines. This section will explain
how to design the content of web pages search engine friendly. But still must be maintained, so that
your visitors feel at home reading it. One thing to remember is that you have a website designed for
visitors, not for search engines. Do not be too much just to get a high ranking, but it makes the content
of the web page unpleasant to read. If this is not you notice, so visitors will only come once and they will
be reluctant to visit again. The first step, craft your web content as usual. Create sentences that are
interesting and pleasant to read. But try to keywords in meta tags, used in sentences at the beginning of
the paragraph. Keep the topic is not very widespread and remains specific. A good web page contains
only two to three focus discussion. If the Indonesian Language, is called the main ideas that animate an
essay:) Ok, next step to optimize your web pages by following these tips.

    1. Note the use of images. Avoid the use of images / image that is too heavy on your website. Try
        to keep the size of a web page + image remains below 64 kb. Use software such as Adobe
        Photoshop (File menu - save for web) to optimize the image. The use of Flash and Java excess
        should be avoided.
    2. Avoid the use of frames. The frame is either used as a navigation, but it can confuse the search
        engines. The main frameset page usually does not contain any content. Even if you are forced to
        use frames, please remember to include tag <noframe></noframe> and write a summary of the
        contents of your web pages on the tag so that search engines that does not support frames can
        still read it.
    3. Design for your web can be read by all browsers. Web pages that look nice in Internet Explorer
        sometimes just looks blank in Netscape Navigator. Be careful with this because it can lower the
        rankings on search engines. Is not beauty that is also relative to everyone:)
    4. Use the main keywords on a web page title. The contents of the tag <title></title> very
        influential on the search engine rankings. Design an interesting title to read and keep the size
        does not exceed 70 characters.
    5. Try to keep your web pages using page headline (H1-6), and use as a primary keyword <H1>
        healine </H1> .
    6. Avoid using fonts that are too small <font size="1">and hard to read.
    7. If you attach the image remember to equip it with the alt attribute. Some search engines use
        the alt tag as a guideline the relevance of search results. <IMG SRC="gambar.jpg" alt="add a few
   main keywords here"> . Although not many, some search engines also read the comment tag.
   Fill in the comment tag you with some relevant keywords.
8. Some of the major search engines like Altavista and Google gives more points to paragraphs
   which were located at the beginning. So as already mentioned earlier, try to use keywords at the
   beginning of your pledge page.</font>

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