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CLSA Moves to Hecker Center


									                                                                               CLSA Moves to Hecker Center

CLSA Newsletter                                                                T
                                                                                        he move of the Executive Coordi-
                                                                                        nator’s Office from Alexandria
                                                                                        Virginia to the Hecker Center for
                                                                                        Ministry finally took place on
                                                                               January 24, 2007 as last minute building
                                                                               details delayed their move by two weeks.
                                                                               The Society is deeply indebted and appre-
                                                                               ciative of the activity of Mrs. Kathye Geary,
                                                                               our CLSA Bookkeeper, who supervised the
                                                                                                                                          vated wings of the Paulist College next to
                                                                                                                                          the United States Conference of Catholic
                                                                                                                                          Bishops and is a five minute walk from
                                                                                                                                          the campus of Catholic University of
                                                                                                                                          America. The mission for the Hecker
                                                                                                                                          Center is to serve as office space for non-
                                                                                                                                          profit organizations. Approximately fifty
                                                                                                                                          percent of the available space is already
                                                                               movers in the absence of the Executive                         The new office space should serve the
                                                                               Coordinator who was attending the Board                    members of the Society well in the years
                                                                               of Governors Meeting in Orlando, Florida.                  to come. Our computers are networked,
                                                                                   Boxes and dismantled office furniture                  and we have added wireless capability for
                                                                               created the atmosphere of the USS Refugee                  visitors to the office. In addition to a
                                                                               for a week or two, but the office attempted                storage room, we have one large work-
                                                                               to conduct business and store away the gear.               space with a conference/worktable and a
                                                                               As of this writing, much of the work is                    smaller office for the Executive Coordi-
                                                                               completed, and the office routine is getting               nator. Individual thermostats provide the
                                                                               back to normal.                                            office the ability to control the levels of
                                                                                   The new office space is on the first floor             heat and coolness as needed.
                                                                               in Suite 111 of the Hecker Center for Min-                     One very important item about the
              A quarterly publication from the Canon Law Society of America

                                                                               istry located at 3025 Fourth Street, NE in                 move with which you can help us is our
                                                                               Washington, DC 20017-1102. It has                          change of postal address and telephone/fax
                                                                               parking and is accessible from the Metro                   numbers. If you could ask your business
                                                                               Red line. Our new telephone number is                      office to update their computers with our
                                                                               202/832-2350 and fax number is 202/832-                    new address as well as your own address
                                                                               2331. The Hecker Center is named for the                   books, this will facilitate communication
                                                                               Father Isaac Hecker, the missionary, author,               between the Executive Coordinator’s
                                                                               and founder of the Paulists who was born in                Office and our members. It is something
                                                                               New York, 18 December, 1819 and died                       of a mystery, but some mail continues to
                                                                               there, 22 December, 1888.                                  be forwarded to the old offices at Catholic
                                                                                   The Hecker Center occupies two reno-                   University.

                                                                                              CLSA’s new
                                                                                            office space at
                                                                                      Hecker Center will
                                                                                     serve the Society for
                                                                                           years to come.

                                                                                 IN THIS ISSUE
              February 2007

                                                                               2 3 4 5 5


                                                                              … in Christ Jesus the life-giving law of the Spirit has set you free from the law of sin and death. (Rom. 8:2)
   ANNOUNCEMENTS                                 announced the appointment of Ms.              ident of the council in 1994 and was
                                                 Meg E. Romano-Hogan to assume                 elevated to the College of Cardinals in
• As of Friday, December 1, 2006, the            duties as Director of the Marriage            2003. A priest of Opus Dei, he was the
  Pontifical University of Saint Thomas          Tribunal as of February 1, 2007. She          first member of the personal prelature
  in Rome announces the appointment              replaces Mrs. Sandra Leighton who             to lead a Roman dicastery. Replacing
  as, the Reverend Bruno Esposito, OP            retires after more than twenty-five years     him will be Auxiliary Bishop Francesco
  as the new Dean of the Faculty of              of tribunal ministry. The new Director        Coccopalmerio of Milan, who turns
  Canon Law. The Reverend Francisco              is a JCL graduate of The Catholic             69 in early March. A canon and civil
  J. Ramos, OP completed his term as             University of America and a CLSA              lawyer who also picked up two degrees
  Dean of the Faculty of Canon Law.              member since 1989. She and her                in theology along the way, Archbishop
  Expressions of congratulations and             husband, Dennis, married in 1994              Coccopalmerio was elevated to the
  gratitude may be forwarded to both             and reside in Frisco, Texas.                  episcopacy in 1993 and has since
  of these outstanding canonists at            • Pope Benedict XVI has changed the             served as the Italian episcopate’s lead
                        r                        leadership of the Pontifical Council for      voice on legal issues and a national
• Sister Elizabeth McDonough, O.P.,              the Interpretation of Legislative Texts,      spokes person on ecumenical and inter-
  J.C.D., S.T.L., is a member of the             accepting the resignation of its pres-        religious dialogue. Since 2000, the new
  Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the           ident, Cardinal Julián Herranz, and           archbishop served as a member of the
  Springs, Columbus, OH. She holds a             naming the Spanish prelate’s successor.       Apostolic Signatura, the church’s
  J.C.D. from The Catholic University            Cardinal Herranz, 76, was named pres-         highest court.
  of America, and an S.T.L. from the
  Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate
  Conception. Sr. Elizabeth has been
  awarded the “Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice”
  Cross by Pope Benedict XVI upon
                                                 CLSA Website Adds Features
  the request of Cardinal Theodore                        he CLSA website now has a          have your password e-mailed to you
  McCarrick. She received this dis-
  tinction in recognition of her
  outstanding service as a canonist and
  advisor to Cardinals Hickey and
  McCarrick of Washington, DC. The
  Cross was conferred on her Sunday,
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• The Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas,

2 t CLSA     NEWSLETTER                                                                                             FEBRUARY 2007

Society Loses Two Gifted Servants
                               s I write these   istry and service to the Church.               diligence, and hard work in coordinating

                     A         reflections
                               we have com-
                     Ash Wednesday and
                     the season of Lent
                                                     As many of you know our Society
                                                 recently lost two wonderful and gifted
                                                 servants of the Church and law in the
                                                 untimely deaths of Msgr. William Sul-
                                                 livan, Judicial Vicar of the Diocese of
                                                                                                the move from Alexandria, VA. There
                                                                                                were a number of delays but Art saw it
                                                                                                through along with Mrs. Kathye Geary
                                                                                                of the Executive Coordinator’s office who
                                                                                                provided invaluable assistance to make
                     has begun. I have to        Richmond, Virginia, and Msgr. William          sure CLSA operations continued through-
                     confess that Lent was       A. Varvaro, former President of the            out the transition. Thank you Art and
  Msgr. F. Stephen   never my favorite           Canon Law Society of America, both in          Kathye!
      Pedone         liturgical season but       January. Bill Sullivan died as a result of         I am happy to report that Msgr.
                     this year seems dif-        pulmonary fibrosis. He hosted the Eastern      Ricardo Bass has agreed to chair a com-
ferent. Perhaps I need more than I care to       Regional Conference of Canonists’ meet-        mittee implementing the resolution
admit that “desert time” where we push           ing last May. Bill Sullivan was a warm,        passed at our Fort Worth Convention in
the world aside temporarily to be alone          hospitable, friendly guy who always made       October 2006 on developing regional
with the Lord who seeks our company              you feel comfortable in his presence. Bill     workshops for advocates in penal cases.
and who yearns to give us the grace and          Varvaro suffered a massive stroke while        In response to another resolution, I
strength we need for another day of min-         vacationing in Aruba. He was brought           appointed the senior consultors, Father
                                                 back to the United States for treatment        Michael Joyce, Father Ricardo Garcia, and
                                                 but died never regaining consciousness.        Lori Brower Albanese to serve as the Task
                                                 We had been on retreat together in             Force to review and make recommenda-
                                                 December at St. Joseph’s Abbey, in             tions to the BOG on revising our Code
   President                                     Spencer, Massachusetts, and he seemed          of Professional Responsibility.
         Msgr. F. Stephen Pedone                 well. But life can change so quickly, in the       The BOG had a very productive
   Vice President                                twinkling of an eye. I will miss seeing both   series of meetings in Orlando, Florida, in
         Rev. Paul Counce                        of them at our national conventions and        January. We reviewed plans for the 2007
                                                 at our Eastern Regional gatherings. You        Convention to be held in Costa Mesa,
   Secretary                                                                                    California, October 8-12. The theme of
                                                 could always depend on Bill Varvaro
         Msgr. Michael A Souckar
                                                 striding to the closest microphone during      the convention is: Ecclesia Docens, Ecclesia
   Treasurer                                     a business meeting or question and             Diserns: The Learning Church, The
        Sr. M. Dominica Brennan, OP              answer session following a presentation        Teaching Church. We’re gathering an
   Consultors                                    or seminar, with that familiar and antici-     excellent slate of speakers and presenters
        Rev. Michael P. Joyce, CM                pated announcement preceding a probing         and we’re hoping that many attend. Please
        Ms Lori Brower-Albanese                  question or insightful comment: “Bill          mark your calendars!
        Rev. Ricardo Garcia                      Varvaro, Brooklyn” Bill served as CLSA             The BOG met with Msgr. John
        Rev. John Vaughan
                                                 president from October 1984 to October         Alesandro, chair of the Publications Task
        Mrs Rita Joyce
        Eileen Jaramillo                         1985, and received the Role of Law award       Force (PTF), and Sr. Sharon Euart, chair
                                                 in 1996. For years he served as convener       of the Future Initiatives Project (FIP),
   Past President                                of the Eastern Regional Conference of          who made a presentation relative to the
         Msgr. Daniel F. Hoye                    Canonists and was its treasurer at the time                        (See PRESIDENT, p. 4)
                                                 of his death. To Msgr. William V. Sullivan
   Executive Coordinator
   Rev. Arthur J. Espelage, OFM                  and Msgr. William A. Varvaro – priests,           NEW MEMBERS
   Canon Law Society of America                  Church lawyers, colleagues, mentors, and
   The Hecker Center, Suite 111                  friends – Requiem aeternam dona ei             Rev. William E. Graf
   3025 Fourth Street NE                         Domine. Et lux perpetua luceat ei, Requi-        Rochester, NY
   Washington, DC 20017-1102                     escant in pace. Amen.                          Ms. Kathryn S. Cone
   Tel 202/832-2350
                                                     Finally, our CLSA offices have moved         Indianapolis, IN
   Fax 202/832-2331                              to the Hecker Center on the Paulist            Rev. Sean O. Sheridan, TOR                          campus in Washington. I am very grateful         Washington, DC                                  to our Executive Coordinator, Father           Rev. Hans Kast
                                                 Arthur Espelage, OFM, for his patience,          Santiago, CHILE

FEBRUARY 2007                                                                                                CLSA     NEWSLETTER t 3
                                            CLSA Convention Set for Southern Cal
  CLSA Publications
                                                    he 69th Annual CLSA Con-           major freeways, Orange County / John

                                            T       vention will be held in Costa
                                                    Mesa, California.

                                               The Hilton Orange County / Costa
                                            Mesa hotel is centrally located to all
                                                                                       Wayne Airport and the world renown
                                                                                       South Coast Plaza shopping resort. The
                                                                                       Hilton Orange County / Costa Mesa
                                                                                       hotel features the highly acclaimed
                                                                                       Bristol Palms Restaurant and Bar set
           LSA Publications has used

                                            major points of interest in Orange         amidst towering palm trees in the hotel’s
           PMDS (Professional Mail          County and Southern California.            naturally lit 7-story atrium. The Hilton
           Distribution Service) since      Tel:1-714-540-7000 Fax: 1-714-540-         Orange County /Costa Mesa hotel is
           1998 to warehouse and            9176 . To gather more information          100% smoke free. The Hilton Orange
  distribute CLSA books. For almost         about the hotel and near by attractions    County / Costa Mesa hotel features
  20 years PMDS has been a leader in        including nearby restaurants consult       48,000 square feet of state-of-the-art
  association support, growing from a                   meeting and function space.
  mail processing facility into a com-         The Hilton Orange County / Costa           For members looking for reasonable
  prehensive provider of integrated         Mesa offers convenient access to all       airfares, we provide the following:
  business solutions in the areas of
  personnel management, facilities
  management, on and off site               Airlines Serving John Wayne Airport
  support, and so much more. As of
  February 1st, PMDS is known by            Commercial
  the name of BrightKey. The new                 Alaska Airlines                      (800) 426-0333          Terminal A
  name and logo were drawn from                  Aloha Airlines                       (800) 367-5250          Terminal B
  one of our country’s founding fore-
                                                 America West Airlines/US Airways     (800) 235-9292          Terminal B
  fathers, Benjamin Franklin, who,
  after discovering electricity during           America West Express (Mesa)          (800) 235-9292          Terminal B
  his kite and key experiment in June            American Airlines                    (800) 433-7300          Terminal A
  of 1752, coined the pharse, “The               Continental Airlines                 (800) 525-0280          Terminal A
  used key is always bright.” The logo           Delta Air Lines                      (800) 221-1212          Terminal A
  builds on the legacy of the PMDS
                                                 Frontier Airlines                    (800) 432-1359          Terminal B
  square by turning it on it’s side to
  form a kite, signifying the future             Northwest Airlines                   (800) 225-2525          Terminal B
  growth of both BrightKey and its               Southwest Airlines                   (800) 435-9792          Terminal B
  clients.                                       United Airlines                      (800) 241-6522          Terminal B
      For ordering CLSA Publications
  by telephone the existing number          Commuter
  remains: 301/362-8197; by fax
  301/206-9789; by e-mail there is               American Eagle                       (800) 433-7300          Terminal A
  a change:                   Delta Connection (Skywest)           (800) 221-1212          Terminal A
                                                 United Express (Skywest)             (800) 241-6522          Terminal B

(PRESIDENT, from p. 3)                      asked Msgr. Alesandro to chair the PAB     excited about and committed to the work
                                            and he agreed. This will provide conti-    that lies ahead. Membership on com-
November 2006 PTF report to the BOG.        nuity between the recommendations of       mittees and several committee chairs have
The PTF was established by the BOG to       the PTF and the work of the PAB. I also    changed. You can view these changes on
review the work and scope of publications   appointed Rev. Kevin McKenna, Very         the “Committee Chart” that can be
for the CLSA. One of the recommenda-        Rev. Lawrence DiNardo, Rev. Paul           found by logging into our Web site at
tions made by the PTF and passed by the     Hartmann, and Sr. Rose McDermott to        www.clsa.orgw
BOG was to suppress the Publications        serve on the PAB. All appointments are        To all of you I wish a holy Lenten
Review Committee and replace it with a      for five years.                            season as we prepare to celebrate the
more comprehensive and encompassing            This year promises to be a very busy    great feast of Easter, a joyful time of
Publications Advisory Board (PAB). I        and productive time and the BOG is         resurrection and new life!

4 t CLSA    NEWSLETTER                                                                                       FEBRUARY 2007
   IN MEMORIAM                                of the Sacred Heart, Richmond (2005).            The Reverend Joseph L. Waters
                                                 Msgr. Sullivan also served the            S.S.J., 86, died January 5, 2007 at
         xecutive Coordinator’s Office        Diocese of Richmond as an advisor            St Joseph Manor, Baltimore, MD. St.

E        learned of the passing on
         November 26, 2006 of the
         Reverend Roman Galiardi, OSB.
Born on May 22, 1930 and professed on
June 24, 1951, he was ordained on June
                                              to Bishop Francis DiLorenzo on the
                                              Bishop’s Administrative Advisory
                                              Council, as a member of the Council
                                              of Priests, the Diocesan Planning
                                              Commission, and the Pastoral Center
                                              Planning Committee. He served four
                                                                                           Joseph Manor is the retirement and recu-
                                                                                           peration facility for St. Joseph’s Society
                                                                                           of the Sacred Heart, the Josephite
                                                                                           Fathers and Brothers. The Josephites are
                                                                                           a Roman Catholic Society of Catholic
                                                                                           Service for Evangelization to African
1, 1957. A long time CLSA member,
Father Galiardi earned his JCL at the         years as a member of the Administrative      American Communities throughout the
Catholic University of America in 1959        Advisory Committee of the U.S. Con-          United States founded in 1893.
and his JCD from the Angelicum in             ference of Catholic Bishops and served           Father Waters, born May 24, 1920
1983. Abbot Dismas Kalcic and the             a term as Chairman of the Eastern            in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania of Charles
Community of St. Procopius Abbey,             Regional Conference of Canonists.            E. Waters and Mary E. Ryan Waters,
Lisle, Illinois have posted a pictorial and      Msgr. Sullivan was widely known as        was the middle of five children. Father
biographical announcement on the life         a “southern gentleman,” whose genteel        Waters was an outstanding scholar. He
and career of this beloved member of          manner sprung from a deep Christian          was educated at Our Lady of Lourdes
their community. You may view this            compassion. In his work with the             School and West Philadelphia Catholic
entry at            Diocesan Tribunal, he never lost sight of    High School before beginning studies for
                                              the ministry of service that characterizes   the priesthood. He completed college at
   Msgr. William V. Sullivan was born         such work at its best. His leadership        Epiphany Apostolic College, Newburgh,
on February 4, 1941, in Richmond,             and expertise among canonists have           New York and St. Joseph Seminary in
Virginia, to William V. Sullivan, Sr., and    extended the Church’s healing mission        Washington D.C. This major seminary
Alice Rooney Sullivan. He was educated        locally and nationally. He will be missed    is the Josephite center for studies in
at St. Paul Elementary School and             by his colleagues and the people of the      Philosophy and Theology. Joseph Waters
Cathedral High School in Richmond;            diocese who were his primary concern         was ordained to the priesthood on Feb-
St. Charles College in Catonsville,           for so much of his life. Eternal rest        ruary 3, 1944 at the National Shrine in
Maryland, and St. Mary Seminary in            grant unto him, O Lord.                                     (See IN MEMORIAM, p. 6)
Baltimore, Maryland. After studying at
the Pontifical North American College
and the Gregorian University in Rome,
Msgr. Sullivan was ordained to the
priesthood in Rome on December 17,                                                           Faith concerning Graviora delicata;”
                                               • The CLSA Website offers a number
1966.                                                                                        “Sexual Abuse of Children and
                                                 of new features to visitors and
   Msgr. Sullivan studied canon law                                                          Young People by Catholic Priests
                                                 members of the society. The website
for the Diocese of Richmond at the                                                           and Religious;” “the Bishop and
                                                 has added a section on Faculties of
Catholic University of America in Wash-                                                      Priests with Problems;” and
                                                 Canon Law throughout the world,
ington, D.C., where he received both a                                                       “Recourse against Singular or
                                                 listing contact information and
Licentiate in Canon Law and a Masters                                                        Particular Administrative Acts of
                                                 where possible a link to that
Degree in Church Administration. He                                                          the Diocesan Bishops concerning
                                                 particular school of canon law.
served his diocese on the Diocesan Tri-                                                      Graviora Delicta cases.” For
                                                 Members will also find a Chart of
bunal for 37 years. During that time, he                                                     personal copies, of the CLANZ
                                                 CLSA Committees and a link to
served as Secretary and Judicial Vicar. He                                                   Proceedings, contact Sr. Elizabeth
                                                 contact a particular committee.
was named Monsignor with the rank of                                                         Delaney, sgs, Publications Editor,
Prelate of Honor, by His Holiness Pope         • CLSA Members may wish to consult            P.O. Box 368, Canberra, ACT
John Paul II, on February 16, 1997.              the Proceedings of the Fortieth             2601, AUSTRALIA
   A faithful priest of the Diocese of           Annual conference of the CLANZ
Richmond for 40 years, Msgr. Sullivan            held in Canberra, Australia, Sep-         • Mr. John Matthew Huggins wishes
served as pastor in the following parishes:      tember 18-21, 2006 for information          to offer his set of The Jurist for the
St. Peter, Richmond (1973); St. Bridget,         regarding Graviora delicta cases.           price of $400.00 US. Anyone who
Richmond (1983); Star of the Sea, Vir-           Monsignor Charles Scicluna of the           is interested should contact him at
ginia Beach (1995); St. Ann, Ashland             CDF provided four presentations:            P.O. Box 4226 Steubenville, OH
(1996) along with St. Mary of the                “The Procedure and Praxis of the            43952 or telephone him at 1-740/
Annunciation, Caroline County (2004);            Congregation of the Doctrine of the         424-1844.
and as rector of the Cathedral

FEBRUARY 2007                                                                                           CLSA    NEWSLETTER t 5
(IN MEMORIAM, from p. 5)                     States, aiding immeasurably the useful         for him,” he said, “I would not have
                                             work of the Josephites. But continuing         become a priest.”
Washington, DC.                              difficulties with his hip and other ail-           In return for the course help, he said,
    Following ordination, Father Waters      ments slowly reduced his range of              “I told Bill there would be a tradeoff. I
was associate pastor at Holy Redeemer        activities. He was always a joyful, positive   would teach him basketball and tennis.
parish in Washington, D.C., as well as       man, with a lively sense of humor, strong      But that didn’t work.”
a student at the Catholic University of      opinions, and not shy about sharing his            Msgr. Sivillo noted that while he
America in Washington, D.C. He               stories with anyone around him.                and Msgr. Varvaro were on vacation in
received his Bachelor’s Degree, the Licen-                                                  Aruba when the latter was stricken,
tiate and his Doctorate in Canon Law             A Funeral Mass for Msgr. William           Bishop DiMarzio was also vacationing
in 1951. He continued in this field as a     A. Varvaro, pastor of St. Margaret’s           nearby. He said the Bishop gave him
member of the Canon Law Society of           Church, Middle Village, since 1993 and         fraternal comfort and support and
America, was also member of the              a prominent canon lawyer, was offered at       immediately visited Msgr. Varvaro at
Catholic Theological Society of America,     the church, 66-05 79th Pl., Tuesday, Jan.      the hospital. “I will never forget what
was professor of Canon Law at St. Joseph     30. Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio was the           you did for us,” he said.
Seminary, teaching Moral Theology as         presiding celebrant and Msgr. Nicholas             At his death, Msgr. Varvaro also held
well. He was secretary to the Seminary’s     Sivillo preached the homily with 150           the position of Promoter of Justice in the
committee for accreditation for Josephite    priests and nine bishops concelebrating        Diocese of Brooklyn and was the director
institutions. He wrote many articles for     with him. The latter included Archbishop       of the National Italian Apostolate
the Josephite Harvest, the Society’s         Michael J. Sheehan of Santa Fe, N.M.,          Conference.
magazine.                                    Bishop Paul S. Loverde of Arlington, VA.,          The late priest earned a doctorate in
    After 1968, Joseph L. Waters served      Bishop John F. Kinney of St. Cloud,            canon law from the Gregorian University
as pastor in New Orleans, Louisiana, at      MN; retired Auxiliary Bishop James J.          in Rome in l986 and served as president
Corpus Christi and Blessed Sacrament         Daly of Rockville Centre; retired Bishop       of the Canon Law Society of America in
parishes, and in Washington, D.C. at         Thomas V. Daily; retired Auxiliary             l984. The society honored him with its
Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish.           Bishop Joseph M. Sullivan; and Aux-            Role of Law Award in l996 as “a true
For a short time he was rector of Saint      iliary Bishops Ignatius A. Catanello and       artisan of canon law.”
Augustine High School in New Orleans,        Frank J. Caggiano and Octavio Cisneros.            For 12 years before becoming pastor
and then pastor in Holy Rosary Church            Msgr. Varvaro, 68, died Jan. 25 at         of St. Margaret’s, Msgr. Varvaro headed
in Galveston, and Holy Family Church         NYU Medical Center from a brain                the Diocesan Tribunal as Officialis/
in McNair, Texas. Hip surgery in 1993        aneurysm suffered several days earlier         Judicial Vicar. Before that he served first
sent him to St. Joseph Manor in Bal-         while on vacation in Aruba.                    as Assistant Chancellor and then as Vice
timore, Maryland for recuperation. This          In his homily, Msgr. Sivillo recalled      Chancellor of the Diocese.
marked the beginning of a long and           his 54-year friendship with Msgr. Varvaro          Pope John Paul II granted him the
difficult series of health issues which      with affection and humor. He remem-            title of Protonotary Apostolic in l993
gradually worsened. He returned to the       bered how his brilliant friend helped          for having served the Church with dis-
major seminary as Rector.                    him in his studies at Cathedral Prep in        tinction. He received the rank of Prelate
    After his term ended, he took respon-    Brooklyn, especially with courses like         of Honor with the title Reverend
sibility for preaching and fund raising at   Greek and other languages, which he said       Monsignor in l981.
various parishes throughout the United       were a challenge to him. “If it were not

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   or associate members, depending on
   specific qualifications of training and
   experience in canon law. The annual
   membership fee is $200.00. Applica-
   tion forms are available from the
   Office of the Executive Coordinator.

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