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   Unlimited, Uninhibited, Unleashed.                                              You’ve picked the BEST, now it’s our turn.

✣ Best Way to Teach          Do you know the seven directions? Take a stab at
                             it. There’s north, south, east and west—simple
                                                                                     express themselves. Hecht launched the institute
                                                                                     a few years ago and offers a number of classes
                             enough. The others? Well, let’s see. There’s UP         each week—ceramics, drawing, painting and
  Your Kids How to           and then there’s DOWN—that’s two more. How              more—along with workshops for both adults and
                             about the last one? It’s right where you’re             children. Most interesting perhaps is Hecht’s
         Paint and           standing. And how brilliant is that? This ingenious     ability to work well with his “artists”—he favors
                             philosophical joie de vivre is served up ever so        originality and offers a completely supportive
        Be Creative          creatively by Ben Hecht, whose Seven Directions         environment. It’s all good if not wonderfully
                Ben Hecht    Children’s Art Institute within Santa Cruz’s funky      colorful. Seven Directions Children’s Art Institute,
                             Sash Mill complex received buzz for its savvy           303 Potrero St., Ste. 7A, Santa Cruz, 427-9500.
      Seven Directions Art   ability to offer children—and now adults—      | Greg Archer
                Instructor   opportunities to explore their artistic side and

✣ Best Place to                                                ✣ Best Place to                                                                                ✣ Best
  Meet a Lawyer                                                  Take Your Uncle                                                                               Skin
 Santa Cruz County Courthouse                                    for the Whole                                                                                  Care
 Tired of the teeny-bopper bar scene? Only meeting
 losers over the Internet? Here’s a strategy to find your
 responsible, gainfully employed future husband/wife.
                                                                 Enchilada                                                                                      Diva
 The county courthouse is just teeming with young,              El Toro Bravo                                                                                     Migdalia
 nubile attorneys waiting to meet you. The great thing          Taquerias are fine places to feed                                                                 Denike
 about lawyers is that they have real jobs (hard to find in     yourself on the run, but sometimes the                                                           The woman who
 these parts), tend to dress well, and their letterhead         urge to sit down to a fancy Mexican dinner                                                     keeps an eye on
 comes in ever so handy in precarious situations. Some          becomes undeniable. For that and more, El                                                     my skin care is
 tips: Get to the county courthouse about 8:25 a.m. and         Toro Bravo in Capitola offers the whole enchilada—the                                      esthetician Migdalia
 stand in the security line. Queue up behind an attractive      cheese ones with the vegetarian green sauce                                            Denike.      Confession—
 individual wearing a suit and nice shoes. After a ring         elevate the cuisine to the height of the Sierra                                                      she’s       a
 check, strike up a conversation. Suggested lines:              Madres. Their tostadas and burritos also hit                                                         friend, and
 “Wow, this line is long, huh? It reminds me of the long        the spot. The atmosphere—candlelight                                                                 because of
 journey to legalize medical marijuana. Do you think the        casual. The menu doubles as a                                                                        this I know
 9th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision in the Raich case       placemat. Due to its popularity, the wait                                                            she’s not a
 will hold, or will O’Connor swing in the DOJ’s favor?” If      for a table can be a wee bit long,                                                                   sham. Her
 you get all the way into the courthouse without a bite,        especially during the tourist season.                                                               philosophy is
 keep trying. Hang out, look lost, and ask another good-        And they don’t take reservations, so                                                               that         of
 looking suit for directions. Try: “Excuse me, can you          plan ahead. The chili rellenos are a                                                              education and
 help me find Judge Atack’s courtroom? I’m an expert            powerful enough incentive to bring                                                             individual care.
 witness in a medical malpractice suit, and I can’t be          my uncle all the way down from                                                              Denike won’t rip off
 late!” If that doesn’t work, head back to the bars. Opt for    Seattle. Afterwards, walk along the                                                   her clients by selling them
 Thursday nights at Cloud’s (for prosecutors) or The Red        Esplanade and watch the moon shimmer on the water.          products they don’t need. Bottom line—she’s honest,
 Room (for public defenders.) If all else fails, contract       With a full stomach and the memory of the hot salsa still   which can sometimes be a rarity in a commission-
 whiplash and shop the Yellow Pages for the ambulance           on your tongue, the scene becomes something bordering       based industry. Not necessarily a fan of “frou-frou”
 chaser of your dreams. Santa Cruz County Courthouse,           on happiness. El Toro Bravo, 123 Monterey Ave., Capitola,   products that may feel and smell good but have no
 701 Ocean St., Santa Cruz. | Laurel Chesky                     476-1553. | Bruce Willey                                    warrant, Denike plugs skin care lines such as Jan
 Marini (which is sold at Tonic, where Denike often           topical wonder product that clears out blackheads)        to a relationship—kidding … well, we’ll have to chat
 works) for its breakthrough results. Ever the student,       and benzocline (another topical miracle worker that       about that over coffee, but anyway—I was thoroughly
 Denike is continually researching products, studying         goes right on the zits, causing them to disappear         impressed with Saltzman’s enneagram techniques. The
 ingredients and is well versed on caring for all skin        within days). A year and a half later and I have nary a   enneagram is a system of psychological and spiritual
 types—she’s getting my skin to glow. (She’s also an          zit. There is medical help for acne and Dr. Beckett       growth that basically describes nine different personality
 expert de-fuzzer, aka diva of the waxing world.) You         holds the answers. Santa Cruz Medical Clinic,             types—each boast their own strengths and challenges
 can reach Mig at 359-0211. | Christa Martin                  Dermatology Dept. 2025 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz.                            and core motivations. (Each one is
                                                              458-5548. | CM                                                             numbered one through nine.) It’s not
                                                                                                                                         quite therapy—something east of
✣ Best Dermatologist                                                                                                                     spiritual-paint-by-numbers, perhaps—

 James H. Beckett, MD
                                                             ✣ Best Way To Get                                                           but it allows you to glance, even
                                                                                                                                         explore the inner portrait that is, well,
                                                                                                                                         you. A great opportunity to learn more
 A year and a half ago I was thoroughly sick of it—“it”        Your Number                                                               about yourself and have fun at the
 being adult acne. In my case it was more like lifelong                                                                                  same time. Check out Saltzman on the
                                                              Ben Saltzman,                                                              Web at
 acne—not horrible, but it was none-too-pretty. I’d tried
 all the fancy, expensive skin care lines, but those were     Enneagram Man                                                              He regularly holds workshops, which
 unhelpful and only caused my checking account to             “This system more than                                                     always prove enlightening, especially
 dwindle. (I later discovered some of those products          any other that I tried                                                     when you listen to another person who
 work … if you’re not plagued by what seems to be             allows people to                                                           shares your own enneagram number.
 uncontrollable acne.) I succumbed and made an                accurately explore                                                                       (Had I known enneagram’s
 appointment with James H. Beckett, M.D. at the Santa         their inner world                                                                        “fours”—like myself—love
 Cruz Medical Clinic on Soquel Avenue. Nervous?               and explore those                                                                        to ride emotional roller-
 Absolutely. What if he said I was incurable? This may        interior     hidden                                                                      coasters, I wouldn’t have
 sound like pure superficiality to those not socially         motivations and                                                                          felt so lonely on that long
 hindered by acne, but for anyone who has struggled           emotions and core                                                                        descent into personal hell.)
 with it, it affects your self-esteem, in a deep and sad      beliefs that lead                                                                        With enneagram work like
 way. My experience with Dr. Beckett eliminated my            them,” says Ben Saltzman of the Enneagram process.                         this, all I have to say is: There’s safety
 fears. Not only did he seem genuinely concerned for          “It’s the most amazing system I have run                                                 in numbers. Ben Saltzman,
 my skin ailment but he also took some time and               into that maps us so precisely—it is                                                     9019 Soquel Dr. #125,
 explained to me how and why people get acne. And             staggering.” OK. I’ll bite. Never one to walk                                            Aptos, 662-3145.| GA
 then we got down to the prescriptions: minocycline           away from a personal growth experience
 (an antibiotic to kill the internal bacteria), tazorac (a    unless it involved long-term commitment
                                                                                                               .: BEST OF .: EDITORS’ PICKS

✣ Best Unusual Local Building
 519 Fair Ave., Santa Cruz
 After all these years, the brick and abalone shell            the triangular plaque at its center used astrological       Kitchen is rumored to have been whisked off to
 structure at 519 Fair Ave. remains Santa Cruz’s most          symbols to foretell an apocalypse preceding an Age of       Pensacola, Florida by the Navy after he successfully
 intriguing architectural anomaly. Legend has it that          Peace. Another version of the tale states, more             used his device to stop submarines in the Monterey
 bricklayer Kenneth Kitchen built this Tim Burton-esque        blandly, that the cryptic symbols on the plaque were        Bay Canyon.
 oddity as a yoga temple in 1935. Kitchen supposedly           nothing more than a pseudo-religious bid for tax-            Since Kitchen’s departure from Santa Cruz, his
 worked by night, which, depending on who you believe,         exempt status.                                              curious creation has at various times served as an
 was either an extension of his mystical beliefs or a tactic     One of the most bizarre claims about the building is      Eastern Orthodox Christian church and a crash pad for
 for evading building inspectors.                              that a buried wheel made of railroad ties (flanked by two   homeless locals. Its current owner, councilman Mark
   According to one account, the arch at the front of the      pillars that allegedly served as radio towers) sent out a   Primack, has been instrumental in preserving this one-
 temple was known as the Gate of Prophecy because              signal for stopping submarines during World War II.         of-a-kind piece of Santa Cruz history. | Damon Orion

✣ Best Place to Get Lit
 Om Gallery
 I’ve seen the light and it’s at Om Gallery. Positioned at the south end of Downtown Santa Cruz’s Pacific
 Avenue, this little gem of a store is all about lanterns and lamps and anything Vietnam. After his teaching
 gig in India led him to Vietnam, Halterman became impressed with the curious silk and bamboo lanterns
 that he discovered there. Last July, he opened Om Gallery as somewhat of an homage to the often vibrant
 lanterns, which come in a variety of striking hues: violet, green, lemon, passion orange—the list goes on.
 These lanterns are more than “lights,” they’re works of art—and downright affordable works of art at that. I
 was impressed with the purple, seven-foot lantern hanging from Om’s ceiling. I want it in my office. (My
 birthday is in December. I’ll accept presents early.) Beyond lanterns, check out the colorful womens’ shoes
 and clothing—also from Vietnam—and the artwork on hand. Assisting you in this Om journey? Halterman’s
 friendly dog Scout.—he’s at the store every day. Om Gallery, 805 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz. | GA

✣ Best Place to Get A Hollywood Buzz
 Cinemar Schmoozefest
 Pockets lined with glossy business cards? Check. Headshots on hand? Check. Lipgloss perfect? Check.
 Los Angeles? No. Santa Cruz? Ironically, yes. One Friday night every month a growing collection of
 cinematic artists meet and schmooze it up. They do the whole “Hollywood thang,” mixing, rubbing
 elbows, making connections, living out the “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” mantra. But they
 don’t have to deal with all the L.A. junk that comes along with trying to “make it” in the reel world. Here,
 grassroots indie films are shown at each meeting. Crew people might pick up their next job. Actors might
 land an audition—legitimately, no sleaze involved. It, in conjunction with the Santa Cruz Film Festival, is
 putting this sleepy little town on celluloid. Get the scoop on Cinemar by visiting | CM

✣Best Place to Spoil Yourself Silly
 Tonic Salon & Spa
 I can remember the moment so vividly. I was going about my frenzied life—learning, growing, obsessing,
 wanting, wilting—when all of a sudden I found myself speeding in the fast lane of “totally stressed out.” I
 knew sanity—once or twice. (Had I left it with my hopes, dreams and wishes somewhere … somewhere
 on the other side of OK, the place I wanted to live in again; the place that was beginning to feel foreign?)
 Dear Lord—had I been kidnapped by my “life” and kept hostage by the “got-a lot-to-do” terrorists brooding
 within? Not pretty. It was a rainy Monday afternoon and I was waxing Karen Carpenter when I heard one
 of our freelancers, Cougar Montgomery, chatting up Tonic Salon & Spa. He’d penned a little piece about
 the new spa and salon back then, so I decided to give it a try. It took my breath away—and it was kind
 enough to give it back. There’s nothing bad to say about Tonic. (Although, one word for 2004: Expand!) It’s
 hip, chic, fun, refreshing. It offers a gaggle of impressive spa services—everything from deluxe facials,
 manicures, pedicures, haircuts, massages, tropical shower scrubs, Botox and exfoliations. Best bets?
 Book a Spa Day. But each of the services here are unique and performed by Tonic’s professional and
 friendly staff. Owner Carolyn Staico’s vision for the spa blends Carmel classiness with Big-City cool for a
 result that’s all about feeling spoiled. Cougar was right—this Tonic goes down nicely. Tonic Salon & Spa,
 765 Cedar St., 426-4311 or | GA
                                                OM ON THE RANGE
                                               Max Halterman, owner,
                                                         Om Gallery.

✣ Best Life Coach
 Todd Phillips
 Life Coach Todd Phillips runs a business that sports a very
 interesting moniker: Whose Life Is It Anyway? Ask him that question
 and he’ll probably answer: “It’s your life. And you can live it in a way
 that is richly satisfying, full, and balanced. What you put your
 attention and energy into, you actually draw into your life.” Phillips
 has been a professional life and business coach for more than five
 years and has created a wonderful following for himself locally. A life
 coach, by the way, is not a therapist. The main thrust of a coach is
 to support individuals stepping into their own lives more fully by
 providing structure, accountability and support to focus on the goals
 that are most important to them. And Phillips definitely assists others
 in doing all that and more. Sessions revolve around—do you love
 this?—you! You decide what goals are important to—you’ll love
 this—you. In other words, it’s all about—you’re gonna love this—you!
 But you in the healthiest sense. I sought out Phillips for a book
 project I wanted to gain clarity on and create structure around. The
 project was intense and, after a number of sessions with Phillips, I
 mapped out a plan for my project and brought into focus the details
 requesting my attention. I enjoyed coaching so much that I found
 myself delving into other areas of my life in which I wanted to create
 shifts. The bottom line? I found Phillips’ professional techniques to
 be life-altering and truly rewarding. (And it would be remiss to not
 share that information with as many people as I can.) “As a coach, I
 support clients to build the skills that allow them to better distinguish
 and come from their essence,” Phillips says. Whose life is it anyway?
 Yours. Get to know it.Todd Phillips, Life and Business Coach, 429-
 1926, | GA

✣ Best Father
  and Son Mechanics
 Ed Pettengill and his son,
 Ed Pettengill Jr. @ E&R Performance
 I’ll let you in on a little secret: The father and son duo that run E&R
 Performance in Scotts Valley are 100 percent trustworthy. Clients
 who go to them once usually continue to do so. I’ve been taking my
 cars to them since I was 16. Always reliable, easily accessible,
 dependable and honest, Ed and Ed are a rare find. Need an oil
 change? Fan belt about to give out? Anything under the hood in
 desperate need of attention? The Pettengills are worth it. E&R
 Performance, 2 Victor Sq., Scotts Valley, 461-1383. | CM

✣ Best Weatherman
 Jim Vanderzwaan KSBW
 One of the few people who doesn’t make light, vapid talk when
 he talks about the weather is Jim Vanderzwaan, longtime lead
 forecaster at KSBW—21 years and still going strong.
 Vanderzwaan is the consummate educator, meteorological
 artiste and scientific diviner of weather to come. And he’s a
 smooth communicator. Whether he’s doling out the forecast for
 an upper-level low from Alaska about to pound our coast in the
 winter, or five days of early morning fog, clearing by morning
 in the summer, Jim is most always right on the money. Night
 after night people depend on him and Jim wields his power
 and fame with humility and grace—everything from what to
 wear to where to surf. Best of all, he doesn’t dumb down the
 weather report for the masses, nor overcomplicate it for the
 meteologically challenged. Instead he blends a perfect
 balance of science and weather wisdom, inspiring a
 generation of people to look up into the sky with a new
 appreciation for all things Jim. | BW

✣ Best Seamstress
 Lisa Bibbee, Salty Canvas
 Have tape measure, will travel. That could be the motto of Lisa
 Bibbee, one of the most unique seamstresses I’ve ever come
 across. Bibbee’s work stands out because it fits outside of the
 fashion box. Eight years ago she was more than “into” clothing.
 Then she branched out. Now Bibbee’s interesting seamstress
 universe comprises creating canvas covers for boats. WIth a
 booming boating industry, that sounds like good business. Also
 interesting are the design pockets Bibbee creates for slick
 speedboats, whose interiors are often stripped to keep the
 weight light. Within Bibbee’s 900 square-foot shop on the
 corner of Seabright Avenue and Murray Street, she uses about
 four über sewing machines and a table—that and a lot of
 needles. As for the curious name of the shop, Bibbee says she
 came up with the term “salt” because it suggested wisdom and
 all things sailor-ish for those boat canvasses she creates. We
 hear her repairs on surfboard bags isn’t so bad, either. Lisa
 Bibbee, 500 Seabright Ave. #205, Santa Cruz, 426-9296. |GA

✣Best Place to Get Picked Up
 Red Room, Santa Cruz
 My 40-year-old girlfriend—let’s call her Minnie—has a perfect
 batting average. Every time we go to the Red Room, and I
 mean every time, she scores. The woman is amazing to watch.
 Usually she fixates on one unsuspecting cutie, plants her
 Angelina Jolie-esque lips on his, makes out with him for awhile,
 then moves on through three or four more until she finds Mr.
 Right for Tonight and disappears with him for the evening. I
 know what you’re thinking. Why is a 40-year-old woman picking
 up college guys? (Need I answer that?) It’s true, Minnie
 gravitates toward the fresh-faced and nubile. But while she
 carries on her antics, I have discovered that all the meat in the
 Red Room isn’t necessarily of the inexperienced sort. A more
 mature, professional set hangs out there, too. In fact, in my
 three years here in Santa Cruz, the three most attractive guys
 I’ve dated (and I use that term loosely) I met at the Red Room.
 (And no, they weren’t students.) There was the lawyer, the trust
 funder and the … well, I won’t go into too many details here.
 (C’mon guys, you should know by now, if you’re going to hang
 out with me, you’re going to get written about eventually.)
 There’s just something about the Red Room that gets folks
 feeling fiery no matter what time they have to work in the
 morning. Maybe it’s the velvety haze of the air in there, or the
 kitschy girly photos on the wall, or the red lights draped behind
 the bar. It could also be the dominatrix bartenderesses and
 their intoxicating generosity. Whatever it is, if you can’t get
 picked up at the Red Room, you can’t get picked up in Santa
 Cruz. Red Room, 1003 Cedar St., Santa Cruz, 426-2994. | LC

                    ✣ Best Place to
                      Cover Your Rear-End
                      Uptown Jean Co.
                      Lucky, Mavi, Silver, Big Star, Paper Denim, Blue Cult,
                      Blue Genius, Agavi, Guess, Rock ’n’ Republic—these
                      are not your father’s blue jeans. Levi’s 501? That’s so,
                      well, two decades ago. Yanking Santa by the outdated
                      fashion collar toward more delicious attire is Kelly
                      Faigley, partner of Uptown Jean Co. It’s become one of
                      the hottest new fashion spots in downtown Santa Cruz
                      and boasts a bevy of denim marvels. Denim, by the
                      way, “has become an accepted lifestyle,” Faigley says.
                      “These days, it’s a complete lifestyle—casually elegant.
                      And that’s the vibe this store gives off. What makes
                      these particular jeans stand out are their amazing
                      craftsmanship—they’re individually sewn and most
                      offer distinct, hand-done finishing touches. Take note of
                      the Japanese denim and Italian ring-spun denim here.
                      Also on the fashion menu are a great selection of
                      shirts: Penguin, Bamboo and Lucky Brand stand out.
                      Get some sole via men’s and women’s shoes such as
                      Skechers, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Cole Haan and
                      Charles David. Don’t be shy—just slip into something
                      more comfortable. Uptown Jean Co., 110 Cooper St.,
                      100A, Santa Cruz, 457-1038. | GA

                    ✣ Best Bathroom Graffiti
BACKSIDE              in Santa Cruz County
Uptown Jean Co.
                      Graffiti is as inevitable a release as anything
wears on you.
                      else that happens in a restroom, so without
                      implying endorsement of this form of
 expression, here are some memorable entries
 seen in local branches of humanity’s foulest

 “Irony: the all-purpose cop-out.”

 “I wish I had been Jesus.”

 (Next to a drawing of an elephant:) “Scotty the
 Prozac Elephant.”

 “Q: How’s your mouth?
 A: It sucks.”

 “Life’s not a bitch. Life is a beautiful woman.

 “I ****ed your mother!”
 “Shut up, Dad! You’re drunk!” | DO

✣ Best Place to
  Dress Yourself All
  The Way to Fabulous
 Ben Sherman is my close friend and it’s all Rouge’s fault.
 The Backstory: It’s a balmy June Day in 2003 and I’m
 bored. Believing that retail therapy is just as effective as
 plopping myself down on the couch, I saunter into Rouge.
 Designer jeans, designer shirts … yeah, it’s boutique
 shopping and the best B.S. at that. What Happens: I try
 on a Ben Sherman designer shirt. Yum. Fits like a glove.
 And then they catch my want-something-now eyes: Ben
 Sherman jeans. My attempt to rationalize my upcoming
 spending spree fizzle like a Liza and David marriage. Love

 the jeans. Look great with the shirt. I’m hooked. Been
 going back ever since. Don’t regret it. Dig the fact the
                                                                ✣ Best New Gallery                                         ✣ Best Long Walk
 store caters to the female persuasion, too, which is my         ? Gallery, Downtown Santa Cruz
 only gripe—there are more clothes to choose from on             The beauty of a question mark? It’s much more               on the Beach
 the gal’s side. (There’s also tons of jewelry, belts,           exciting than the apostrophe, or a boring period. It       From Santa Cruz to Monterey on
 sunglasses and more, but I always knew I was a fashion          asks, it provokes intrigue, as in … how many surviving
 accessory fiend.) Things that make it special: Décor—           art galleries are in this town? Answer: Few. But we can    the proposed Sanctuary Scenic Trail
 can’t go wrong with a leopard-print couch and fancy,            add one more with the addition of the “? Gallery,” a       A quick glance at the personals will tell you that almost
 velvet curtains in the funky dressing areas. I walked in        creative venture by Chip, Kirby Scudder and                everyone enjoys “long walks on the beach”— that and
 feeling like a drag. I walked out one step closer to            associates of the SCICA. The “moveable” gallery often      “sitting around a cozy fire.” Now you can combine both
 happily-ever-after. Dramatic? Yep. But so are Rouge’s           opens and closes in various vacant spaces around           with an adventure that will take you on the longest
 clothes. Rouge, 110 Cooper St., Santa Cruz.| GA                 downtown and features some impressive work from            beach walk of your life. The route is easy to navigate:
                                                                 local artists. Some of its current locales include a       just keep the ocean on your right, civilization on your
                                                                 wonderful space off Pacific Avenue and another on          left, and your willpower pointed south. Camp the first

✣ Best Store                                                     Church Street. Keep your eyes peeled and your
                                                                 checkbooks open. 1101 Pacific Ave., Suite H. Hours 11
                                                                                                                            night at Sunset State Beach. For a scant $2 you get a
                                                                                                                            campsite in the walk/bike area with a fire pit. Next
                                                                 a.m. to 7 p.m. & 204 Church St., Santa Cruz. | CM          morning: Get an early start and start walking toward
  That Gives Back                                                                                                           the Pajaro River. Unless it has recently rained, crossing
                                                                                                                            the river shouldn’t be a problem. Ahead is one of the
 East Meets West
 East Meets West is a fascinating little place loaded with
 colorful free-flowing women’s attire, gifts, cards, jewelry,
                                                                ✣ Best Mojito                                               loneliest stretches of beach you’ll find outside of
                                                                                                                            Southeast Alaska, complete with vultures dining on
                                                                                                                            dead seals and enough flotsam and jetsam to make a
 knickknacks and more. I found an interesting candle             Costa Brava                                                beachcomber drool. After a long day you’ll run into
 that sat in a coconut shell, which rested on triangular         Move over, cosmopolitan. The mojito has become the         Marina State Beach. This is a good place to pull over
 sticks. After I bought it, I learned that portions of my        latest rage among the cocktail-sipping crowd. And no       and camp at the private RV camp off Reservation
 purchase would be funneled into a worthy cause:                 one makes them better than Costa Brava. The mojito         Road that has a few expensive ($35 a night) sites for
 Soaring Spirit Therapeutic Equestrian Center, a                 hails from Cuba, where legend has it that Ernest           tent camping. For even more expensive campsites, try
 nonprofit organization that uses horses and nature to           Hemingway downed them in Havana cantinas in the            the dunes, where they charge $50,000 and one year in
 improve the lives of children and adults with emotional,        city’s heady heyday. Concocted of white rum, sugar,        jail if they catch you. After a restful night’s sleep, get on
 physical, and/or developmental challenges. (A horse as          lime juice and fresh mint, topped off with a splash of     the beach again, but first check out the self-guided
 a therapist? Who knew? The money I could have saved             soda water, it’s as fun to watch the talented Costa        walk through the dunes on a wooden pathway. Then
 on therapy ...) Soaring Spirit is always looking for            Brava barkeeps make them as it is to drink them. But       head due south toward Monterey. This is where the
 volunteers: both teens and adults are welcome. East             drinker beware: They go down as easily as they are         going gets tough. The loose, granular sand bogs down
 Meets West, 1301 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, 423-3676.            strong. Costa Brava: 1222 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz,        any sort of real progress, and you may wish you had
 Soaring Spirit info: 426-6077.| GA                              425-7871.| LC                                              brought snowshoes. Your first contact with humanity
 may come from overhead as hang glider pilots ply the
 upswept winds along the steep bluffs with the brown
 pelicans. Finally, you’ll reach the harder sand of the
 aptly named Sand City. Pass the hotel and you’re
 almost there. By this time you may think the people
 that say they like long walks on the beach are
 completely insane. No wonder they’re still single. But
 someday this walk will become a lot easier. If all goes
 according to plan, there will be a coastal trail
 connecting Santa Cruz to Monterey in a few years.
 And you’ll be able to say you did it when it was still a
 trail-less wilderness; an intrepidly long walk on the
 beach. | BW

✣ Best Thing
  That Happened
  in Santa Cruz
  Ten Years Ago
 The Birth of Palookaville
 Take a look at this picture circa May 1994! Former
 Palookaville owner Michael Horne (right) is seen in the
 midst of constructing what would become another
 musical hotbed for Downtown Santa Cruz. Once
 Palookaville was erected, it attracted the denizens of
 rock, folk, soul, hip-hop and world musics. An icon for
 about eight years, its doors shut—sadly—in 2001. What’s
 there now? Cold Stone Creamery, downtown apartments
 and, arriving soon, Baja Fresh Taqueria. Kudos to Horne
 for attracting the best of the best to Santa Cruz. | GA

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