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ADOPT-A-SCHOOL                                             ISSUE DATE:         11-16-87

I.    The Adopt-A-School Program is a cooperative program of the K-12 schools of
      Jackson County, Mississippi, the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce, and
      the Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce. The program will seek to establish an
      education/business partnership between adopters and adoptees to create a spirit of
      involvement and concern for the schools by the following:

      A.     Providing an opportunity for businesses, professionals, industries, and
             community organizations to participate actively in the education of the
             students in Jackson County by contributing time, personnel, experience, and
      B.     Providing an opportunity for the students and school personnel in Jackson
             County to offer volunteer services to adopting businesses, professionals,
             industries, and community organizations.
      C.     Fostering a better community understanding of the individual schools
             throughout Jackson County.
      D.     Giving students and teachers a realistic picture of the business and
             professional world, including the preparation that students need for success.

      This program offers great flexibility for the cooperating school and adopting
      organization to develop their own plan for the year based upon identified needs of
      the school and the organization and available resources each has to offer the other.

II.   The district directors for each school district and for the private sector will be
      responsible for the actual implementation of the programs under their supervision.
      The official implementation statement shall read as follows:

      Each public school district and the private sector will have a District Director
      responsible for ensuring that each in their respective districts has a School
      Coordinator to plan, communicate, and manage with the Coordinator of each
      respective adopter from the business and industrial community.

      Each school coordinator will be responsible for conducting a needs assessment of
      that school, which will be presented to the coordinator representing the adopter.
      The adopting coordinator will review the school’s needs assessment and make a
      proposal for implementation.

      The district administration and building principals retain the flexibility to exercise the
      option to accept or reject proposed Adopt-A-School activities to ensure that the
      adoption program conforms to the school’s policies and to sound educational

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ADOPT-A-SCHOOL                                             ISSUE DATE:       11-16-87

       The matching of schools and adopters will be conducted by the district and business
       coordinators with these guidelines suggested:

       A.     The following activities will conducted annually and will be considered
              basic terms of the adoption:
              (1)     Student motivation
              (2)     Teacher appreciation/assistance
              (3)     School service project
              (4)     Adopter appreciation
              (5)     Other as mutually approved

       B.     The adoption of a school will be regarded as a continuing relationship as long
              as the arrangement is mutually agreeable.

       C.     An adopter may adopt more than one school; however, the District Director
              will strive to obtain an adopter for each school under his/her supervision prior
              to arranging multiple adopters for a single school.

       D.     Adopters may choose the school or schools they wish to adopt. In the event
              a chosen school has already been adopted, the District Director will match the
              adopter with a school, based upon such factors as proximity, natural
              relationships, and matching needs with resources.

III.   A.     The role of the Advisory Committee will be to develop more dynamic
              partnerships, monitor (survey) ongoing programs, and suggest changes in

       B.     The Advisory Committee shall consist of nine (9) members representing each
              institution as follows:

              1.     One member from each participating public school district and one
                     member representing the collective private/parochial schools of the

              2.     Two (2) members from the Jackson County Area Chamber of
                     Commerce appointed by the Chamber President.

              3.     Two (2) members from the Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce
                     appointed by the Chamber President.

       C.     The District Directors will be ex-officio members of the Advisory Committee.

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ADOPT-A-SCHOOL                                            ISSUE DATE:        11-16-87

      D.     The Advisory Committee will meet at the beginning of each nine-week school
             term (four times per year). The chairman, elected at-large, may call special
             meetings at his/her discretion. District Directors will brief the committee on
             the progression of programs at these meetings. Subcommittees will give
             reports as appropriate.

IV.   A.     The Advisory Committee initially will be responsible for recruiting adopters.

      B.     The Committee will give an application form to those wishing to become an
             adopter. Applications will be forwarded to the District Director who will
             arrange for planning meetings between school personnel and representatives
             of business/industry.

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