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					                                                       AVerTV Satellite Hybrid+FM ((A770066))

                                                        Your PCTV entertainment deserves a better 3-in-1 solution!

   AVerTV Satellite Hybrid+FM allows you to access free-to-air digital satellite TV,        At a Glance
analog TV and FM radio broadcasting with stereo sound on your PC.
                                                                                               Auto scan transponder by
Never miss any of your favorite TV shows                                                       select satellite
Wow! Excellent design! The dual-mode function allows you to watch or record                    32/64-bit support
DVB-S and analog TV at the same time.                                                          Satellite internet access
Exclusive AVerMedia MCE Plug-in Solution                                                       Blind-scan
AVerTV Satellite Hybrid+FM is shipped with a “Universal DVB” plug-in and the best              16-Channel preview
MCE software encoder solution for Windows Media Center Edition (MCE), providing                PIP/POP
you to watch or record DVB-S TV programs directly under “My TV” on XP and Vista                Color/Brightness/Contrast
platforms. Also, AVerMedia’s exclusive Vista MCE Video Gaming Plug-in and Video                adjustment
Quality Enhancement Plug-in can synchronize the video and audio of video games on              Exclusive AVerMedia MCE
Vista MCE.                                                                                     Plug-in solution
                                                                                               Windows Vista certificated
Enjoy your shows on iPod with real-time H.264 recording technology
The newest AVer MediaCenter offers advanced real-time H.264 recording compression           Specifications
technology up to resolution of 320X240 iPod Video format recording. It also saves
more than 4X hard disk spaces comparing with MPEG-2 format.                                 Input Signal

                                                                                                75 Ω TV Antenna
ProgDVB and My Theatre Software support
                                                                                                Composite (RCA)
AVerTV Satellite Hybrid+FM is supported by ProgDVB and MyTheatrerDVB-S
                                                                                                Remote Sensor
watching software, allowing you to enjoy the digital broadcast in your favorite choice of
software. AVerTV Satellite Hybrid+FM, in addition to its advanced AVerMedia
                                                                                                Audio In(L/R)
software, gives you options to customize your DVB-S watching habit.
                                                                                                FM Radio Antenna Input

    This product does not support DVB-S2. The HDTV is only available in DVB-S format.
    Satellite internet support will be excepted Windows Vista system.
Software Features – AVer MediaCenter                                                      Package Included

                                                                                          ● AVerTV Satellite Hybrid+FM
                                                                                          ● Quick Installation Guide
                                                                                          ● Installation CD
                                                                                          ● Remote Control
                                                                                              (Batteries Included)
                                                                                          ● Infrared Sensor Cable
                                                                                          ● All-in-One Cable
                                                                                          ● FM Radio Antenna

                                                                                          System Requirements
                                                                                          ● For Timeshift and Record in

                                                                                              - Intel Pentium ® 4 2.4GHz
                                                                                              - AMD AthlonXP 2400+

                                                                                          ● For HDTV (H.264) Previewing

                                                                                              -Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz or
                                                                                          ● For H.264 Recording and TV on

                                                                                            MCE platform
                                                                                              -Intel Pentium ® 4 3.0GHz
                                                                                              (Hyper-Threading) or equivalent
                                                                                          ● VGA card supports DirectX 9.0c

                                                                                              or above
                                                                                          ● 512 MB RAM or above
                                                                                          ● PCI 2.1 compatible slot
                                                                                          ● Digital Satellite Dish
                                                                                          ● Sound Card

                                                                                          ● Windows® XP/XP MCE/Vista/

                                                                                              Vista MCE

*(Only for analog TV) To encoder MPEG-4 format, we suggest that users should download
DivX codec from www.divx.com or XviD codec form www.xvid.org. The codecs are not
                                                                                          ● HDTV will only function when the TV signal is
developed by AVerMedia. Therefore, AVerMedia could not guarantee the function of MPEG-4
                                                                                            in HDTV format

                                                                                          ● Please visit AVerMedia website for the most

                                                                                            updated driver and application.

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