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									                                                  Mail-In                                         Money Movers of America
                                                                                               One Westbrook Corporate Center
                                                                                                         Suite 120
                                             Registration Form                                     Westchester, IL 60154
                                                                                                      (866) 562-3682

      To register with OTBPay, complete and sign the below form and mail it to Money Movers of America
      at the above address. Copy and enclose the following 3 REQUIRED DOCUMENTS.

                       1) NYC OTB Green Advance Deposit Wagering Account Card (COPY Only)
                       2) Driver’s License (COPY Only )
                       3) Voided Personal Check (ORIGINAL Only)

      When we receive your completed signed registration, we will submit your first load transaction to your bank account that
      same day and email you a confirmation. The funds will appear in your NYC OTB Advance Deposit Wagering Account within
      24 hours. You will then be able to use the OTBPay website (www.LoadOTB.com) or Telephone Touchtone System
      (1-866-LOAD-OTB) to load your betting account from your checking account and get availability of funds in minutes!

      Ways to Load Your NYC OTB Advance Deposit Wagering Account:

      There are 3 ways to load your NYC OTB Advance Deposit Wagering Account with OTBPay after you are registered. You will
      need your NYC OTB# and your OTBPay PIN Code to access your account.

      Your OTBPay PIN Code is your 5 digit ZIP CODE on your check.

      To activate your OTBPay account, you MUST access your OTBPay account within 7 DAYS of your first funding via web or
      telephone and CHANGE YOUR PIN CODE. After 7 days your PIN code will expire and you may call 1-866-LOAD-OTB to re-
      activate your account with an operator.

      1) Visit http://www.LoadOTB.com on the web and login to load your account online.

      2) Call Toll Free 1-866-LOAD-OTB (866-562-3682) and use the touchtone response system to load your account.

      3) Call Toll Free 1-866-LOAD-OTB (866-562-3682) and speak to a live operator to load your account.

      All your transactions, no matter how you accessed your account (whether by touchtone phone, customer service, on the web,
      or in person at a NYC OTB Teletheater or Restaurant) appear in the OTBPay online system at www.LoadOTB.com. You can
      easily view the dates, times, amounts, and funding options of any load transaction you have made.

 Cut Along Dotted Line – Mail the bottom portion – Retain top portion.

     Mail this part in with a copy of your NYC OTB Green Card, Drivers License, and an Original Voided Check to….
               Money Movers of America, One Westbrook Corporate Center, Suite 120, Westchester IL 60154

                  Full Name:                                                    I authorize Money Movers of America and/or its
                                                                                assigns to convert my check to an Electronic Funds
                    Address:                                                    Transfer (EFT) or paper draft that will debit my
                                                                                checking account, inclusive of fees, and load my NYC
             City, State, Zip:                                                  OTB Advance Deposit Wagering Account for the ‘Load
                                                                                Amount’ listed below.
             Phone Number:
                                                                                This authorization shall remain standing to include
     NYC OTB Acct. Number:                                                      future EFT transfers I initiate using my secure PIN
                                                                                code via the OTBPay web site and/or the OTBPay
    Drivers License Number:                                                     telephone IVR system. This authorization will remain in
                                                                                effect until revoked by me in writing and sent by U.S.
    Social Security Number:
                                                                                mail to the above address.

                 Bank Name:                                                     In the event that any EFT or draft is unpaid by my
                                                                                bank, I agree to pay by EFT or draft a $25.00 service
     Bank Account Number:                                                       fee. I further agree to have any available funds in my
                                                                                NYC OTB Advance Deposit Wagering Account applied
                                                                                to cover any returned EFT transactions and/or fees
      Initial Load Amount
   (4.5% fee will be added)      $                                              that I may owe. I specifically authorize NYC OTB to act
       (Minimum fee $4.50)                              (AMOUNT REQUIRED)       upon this agreement by paying such funds over to

Signature: ______________________________ Date: __________ Email :_____________________________________ (040208)
What does it cost to use OTBPay to load my NYC OTB Advance Deposit Wagering Account?


To load UP TO $300 with instant availability of funds in your NYCOTB ADW, the cost is 4.5%
To load OVER $300 with instant availability of funds in your NYCOTB ADW, the cost is 6.5%
(Minimum transaction fee $4.50. Maximum Load per day $1,000. Two transactions per day allowed.)


You may load up to $1,000 and have the first $300 instantly available in your NYCOTB ADW with the
remainder of funds to be applied when your transaction clears your bank in 3 to 4 business days.
This "delayed" funding option is available for the lower fee of 4.5%
(Minimum transaction fee $4.50. Maximum Load per day $1,000. Two transactions per day allowed.)

When will the funds appear in my NYC OTB Advance Deposit Wagering Account?

Funds will appear in your NYCOTB Advance Deposit Wagering Account within 5 to 10 minutes after
your transaction is approved. Plan ahead when loading your NYCOTB ADW and allow for sufficient
time for the system to complete your request. Heavier volume during stakes season may increase
the wait time for loads to appear in your NYCOTB ADW Account. Planning your funding ahead of
time is always a good success strategy.

Is OTBPay Secure?

Whether you login on the web or call the toll free number, your transaction is secure. None of your
personal information is shared with outside parties and you will not receive unrelated solicitations.
Your OTBPay PIN code ensures that only you can access your account and initiate transactions.

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