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Click here to Sample Massage Therapist Resume in The Best Sample

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									                          Sample Massage Therapist Resume

If you are seeking a position as a massage therapist and you want a dynamic resume for
this post, then you have come at the right place. This sample massage therapist resume
will help you in writing your dynamic massage therapist resume. You can promote your
own experience in the field of massage therapy. This massage therapist resume example
is the best way to sell you.

                                     Molly Ryan,
                                    654 Hill Street,
                                    San Diego, CA,
                                 Cell: (818) 555-5643

To obtain a position as a massage therapist in a company that will develop my skills in
massage therapy, and where I can provide excellent patient care.

Summary of Qualifications:

      More than five years of experience as a massage therapist.
      Ability to offer a variety of massage treatments.
      Excellent verbal communication and customer service skills.
      Positive, enthusiastic, and helpful attitude.

Professional Experience:

Lifetime Fitness, Inc, Georgia, 2004-Present
Massage Therapist: Duties included

      Provided safe, appropriate and effective massage techniques.
      Designed specific sessions based on client's individual needs.
      Maintained inventory of all products necessary to perform treatments.
      Maintained professionalism and cleanliness of therapy rooms and common areas.
      Assessed the needs of each customer individually and selected the appropriate
      Observed client reaction to massage and modifies as necessary.
      Maintained complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental policies,
       procedures, and standards.
      Demonstrated a pleasant and enthusiastic demeanor at all times.

Massage Envy - Reno, NV, 2000-2003
Massage Therapist:Duties included

      Performed consecutive 50-minute quality massage therapy sessions.
      Directed and assisted guests in the proper use of steam or sauna, whirlpool bath
       and suntan units to ensure the guests satisfaction, safety and well-being.
      Educated guests about individual massage and body treatment needs and other
       services available.
      Served customers quickly while maintaining a cheerful attitude in a high-stress
      Maintained client confidentiality and sensitivity to age and gender related issues
       during all client interactions.
      Maintained positive guest relations at all times.


Managing Massage Therapist Degree
Toledo Academy of Health, San Diego, CA, 1999

Highly Qualified in:
Chair massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, stone massage, body stretching
and ROM, prenatal/side-lying massage.

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