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At a Glance!
Sep - Dec 2011
                                                      Find us on Facebook and follow us on twitter a fantastic season here at YOUR Customs House.
And welcome to our new look At a Glance brochure which we hope will encourage you to buy tickets for the
cinema and theatre, inspire you to visit our great exhibitions and sign up to our many community activities.

Whether you’re interested in the Big Band or Hindu Dance we have a range of activities to get involved in so
why not give one a try?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those businesses and individuals who have rallied to the
cause and made donations to support The Customs House and the planned restoration to our Grade II listed
façade. Thanks to your fundraising, donations and direct debits we are now able to commission a full survey
of the building which in turn will give us a better understanding of the extent of the necessary restoration.

You can continue to contribute to the fund by visiting our website or picking up information at the box office.
It doesn’t matter how big or small your donation is as every penny really does account.

You may be interested to know the Green Room team is now delivering the catering offer at Jarrow Hall so
if you fancy visiting a venue with a difference why not get along to Bede’s World, which is part of Jarrow -
Wearmouth Unesco World Heritage bid 2012.

I’m delighted to announce we now have over 600 members of our Friends Scheme and this is a real
indication that the venue and its work is loved and cherished by its users.

The scheme has many great benefits including advance information on shows, special events and discounts
on tickets and purchases in the Green Room. As part of our exciting new partnership with Bede’s World
Friends will also be able to enjoy further discounts at this wonderful venue.

There’s so much to do and see at your Customs House so please continue to support us - we really need you!

                                                                A £1 contribution has been added to our ticket
                                                                prices on selected shows. This will contribute to
Ray Spencer MBE                                                 the day to day running of The Customs House
Executive Director                                              and help to restore parts of this historic Grade II
                                                                listed building back to its former glory.

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           Please note: That all times and information are correct at the time of going to print. Please check
02 for any alterations to the content of the brochure. The Customs House cannot
           accept responsibility for the content of any external sites that are visited using links from our pages.
SEPTEMBER                            The King’s Speech (12A)                  The Rake’s Progress

                                                                                                                    SHOWS AT A GLANCE!
                                     Thurs 6th / 1.30pm / The Studio          Fri 28th / 7.00pm
Assault On The Tyne Comedy Jam
Tues 30th Aug - Thurs 1st / 7.30pm   The Customs House Big Band               Jo Caulfield - Cruel To Be Kind
                                     Fri 7th / 7.30pm                         Fri 28th / 8.00pm / The Studio
Fri 2nd / 7.30pm                     Sarah Millican                           The Performers
                                     Thoroughly Modern Millican               10th Anniversary Concert
The Stones                           Sat 8th / 8.00pm                         Sat 29th – Sun 30th / 7.30pm
Sat 3rd / 7.30pm
                                     Life Is A Dancefloor
Stags n Hens                         Sun 9th / 7.00pm                         NOVEMBER
Wed 7th - Sat 10th / 7.30pm
                                     Friend or Foe                            Magical Extravaganza on Ice
Weekend Breaks                       Mon 10th / 2.00pm & 7.30pm               Tues 1st / 7.30pm
Wed 14th / 7.30pm                    Francis Dunnery                          The Haunted Bride
Master Musician                      Tues 11th / 8.00pm / The Studio          Wed 2nd / 7.30pm
Stepan Konczal Piano                 Frank Vignola in Concert                 Real Diamond
Thurs 15th / 1.00pm                  Wed 12th / 8.00pm / The Studio           The Jazz Singer Tour
An Evening with Blake                                                         Thurs 3rd / 7.30pm
                                     Jane Eyre (2011 / PG)
Thurs 15th / 7.30pm                  Thurs 13th / 1.30pm / The Studio         Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know
One Night Of Elvis                                                            Fri 4th / 7.30pm
                                     The Men Of The Tyne
Fri 16th / 7.30pm                    Tales and Pictures Of The Tyne           South Tyneside Dance
Squeeze                              Thurs 13th / 1.30pm                      Workshop Gala Show
Fri 16th / 6.30pm / Gypsies Green                                             Sat 5th / 2.00pm & 7.00pm
                                     Elio Pace
Tartuffe                             Thurs 13th / 7.30pm                      Born to Perform
Fri 16th / 8.00pm                                                             Sun 6th / 2.00pm & 6.30pm
                                     Mods and Rockers
                                     Fri 14th / 7.30pm                        Keep Calm and Carry On
Stand Up Comedy                                                               Wed 9th - Sat 12th
@ The Customs House                  Big Howard Little Howard                 7.30pm & 2.30pm (Thurs only)
Sat 17th / 8.00pm                    Sat 15th / 2.00pm
                                                                              Stand Up Comedy
The Ray & Bob Show                   Westoe Brass Band                        @ The Customs House
Wed 21st - Thurs 22nd                Sat 15th / 7.30pm                        Sat 12th / 8.00pm / The Studio
7.30pm & 2.30pm (Thurs only)
                                     The Musical Theatre Experience           Encore
A Salute to Satchmo                  Sun 16th / 7.30pm                        Tues 15th - Sat 19th
Fri 23rd / 8.00pm                                                             7.30pm & 2.30pm (Sat only)
                                     Youth Arts Week
Scooch Do Glee                       Mon 17th - Fri 21st / 7.00pm             Master Musician
Sat 24th / 7.30pm                                                             Young Lions of the Keyboard
                                     Arta Arnicane                            Thurs 17th / 1.00pm
The Enzymes                          Thurs 20th / 1.00pm
Sun 25th / 7.30pm                                                             The Tim Kliphuis Quartet
                                     Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011 / TBC)   Sat 19th / 8.00pm / Daltons
Shine On                             Thurs 20th / 1.30pm / The Studio
Tues 27th / 7.45pm                                                            DECEMBER
                                     Sarah Ellen Hughes
Master Musician                      Fri 21st / 8.00pm / Daltons              A Jazz Christmas Party
The Manchester Trio                                                           Fri 16th / 8.00pm / Daltons
Wed 28th / 1.00pm                    Hindu Nari Sangh
                                     Sat 22nd / 7.00pm                        Aladdin
Let’s Talk Football                                                           Wed 30th Nov – Sat 7th January
Wed 28th / 7.30pm                    Musicality                               Various Times
                                     Sun 23rd - Mon 24th / 7.30pm
Debt Collectors                                                               Santa’s Naughty Elf
Thurs 29th - Sat 1st Oct / 7.30pm    Nutcracker                               & The Magic Sleigh Ride
                                     Tues 25th / 7.30pm                       Fri 16th – Sat 24th / Various Times
                                                                              South Shields Central Library
OCTOBER                              Hare and Tortoise
                                     Wed 26th / 11.00am & 2.00pm / Daltons
Northern Spies                                                                COMING SOON in 2012!
Mon 3rd - Tues 4th / 7.30pm          The Ghosts of Ruddigore                  Hansel and Gretel
                                     Wed 26th / 7.30pm                        Thurs 12th Jan / 8.00pm / The Studio
A Timeless Collection
Wed 5th – Fri 7th                    Larry Crowne (PG)                        Limehouse Lizzy
2.30pm & 7.30pm (Thurs only)         Thurs 27th / 1.30pm / The Studio         Fri 20th January / 7.30pm
Explore with Paul Rose               T-Rextasy                                Brendan Healy in Concert
Wed 5th / 7.30pm                     Thurs 27th / 7.30pm                      Fri 27th January / 7.30pm
                                                   S. Tyneside Older   Trailer   Friends   Meal     Pre Show       Community Charitable
                                                   People’s Festival   Online     Offer    Deal   Meal Available   Production Contribution

SEPTEMBER                                                               Mawsam Wareham present

Boyle Yer Stotts present
                                                                        Alan Fox and
Assault On The Tyne                                                     Sue Sweeney
                                                                        Sunday 11th September / 7.30pm
Comedy Jam                                                              £13.00 / £11.00 conc.
Tuesday 30th August - Thursday 1st September / 7.30pm                   Alan Fox and Sue Sweeney perform a fantastic night of
£11.00 / MEAL DEAL - £17.50 (ticket & a two course light supper)        comedy that will be recorded for DVD release.
An evening of music and comedy sketches with a selection
of special guests to be announced.
                                                                        Reform Theatre Company present

Alfie Joey presents                                                     Weekend Breaks
Monopolise                                                              By John Godber
                                                                        Wednesday 14th September / 7.30pm
Friday 2nd September / 7.30pm
£13.00 / £11.00 conc. / £9.00 FRIENDS                                   £15.00 / £14.00 conc. / £11.00 FRIENDS
BBC Radio Newcastle presenter Alfie Joey performs his                   GODBER DOUBLE DEAL - £13.00 (when ticket purchased
one man comedy musical about wannabe detective and                      for Debt Collectors at same time - see page 6)
hopeless romantic Lucky Schwartz.                                       MEAL DEAL - £25.00 (ticket & course meal)
                                                                        From the writer of April in Paris, Bouncers and September
Morningside Management presents                                         in the Rain, comes a play full of bittersweet humour

The Stones                                                              which paints a picture of family life that will strike a
                                                                        chord in everyone! Martin has gone to the Lake District to
Saturday 3rd September / 7.30pm / £17.00 / £15.50 conc.
Join ‘The Stones’ as they recreate world - renowned hits                concentrate on writing his Hollywood blockbuster, with all
such as Satisfaction, Start Me Up, Honky Tonk Woman and                 the peace and quiet he could hope for – or so he thought...
Jumping Jack Flash to name but a few.
                                                                        Master Musician Lunchtime Concert
ION Productions present

Stags n Hens                                                            Stepan Konczal
                                                                        Thursday 15th September / 1.00pm
By Willy Russell                                                        £7.00 / £5.00 as part of a season ticket
Wednesday 7th - Saturday 10th September / 7.30pm                        Stepan Konczal (piano) will perform works by Chopin,
£13.00 / £11.00 conc.                                                   Schumann & Liszt.
ION Productions brings to life this fantastic black comedy
focusing on a group of girls and local lads who venture out
for a night of pre-marriage stag and hen party celebrations.            Upbeat Management presents
The hilarious action takes place in the toilets of a tacky
Newcastle club - the same club where Dave and Linda have
                                                                        An Evening with Blake
decided, unbeknownst to each other, to hold their stag and              Thursday 15th September / 7.30pm
hen parties and the madness ensues. PLEASE NOTE: This                   £18.00 / £17.00 conc.
show contains adult content and strong language.                        Mixing classical, pop and musical songs, with totally unique
                                                                        four part harmony vocals Blake will perform songs from
                                  Stags and Hens
                                                                        their new album along with classics like ‘Nessun Dorma’,
                                  Wednesday 7th
                                  - Saturday 10th September             ‘Bring Him Home’, ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Chasing Cars’.
                                                                        Early booking is strongly recommended.

                                                                        Artistes International Management present

                                                                        One Night Of Elvis
                                                                        Friday 16th September / 7.30pm
                                                                        £18.00 / £17.00 conc.
                  for more information visit                            Join award winning Elvis singer Lee ‘Memphis’ King for a
                                        very special tribute to The King.
September                                                                         Box Office: 0191 454 1234

South Tyneside Council & The Customs House present

+Jen Stevens and The Hiccups
Friday 16th September / Gates 6.30pm / £27.50
Gypsies Green, Sea Road, South Shields.
The legendary Squeeze are coming to South Shields as the
official opening for the Great North Run weekend.

Formed in 1973 in South London by Chris Difford and Glenn
Tilbrook, Squeeze have written some of the most instantly
recognisable pop songs of modern times including Up The
Junction, Cool For Cats and Tempted. Outdoor concert,           Friday 16th September
PLEASE NOTE: Standing only. Onsite bar available – you
are not allowed to bring your own drinks.
                                                               Rico Tomasso performs
Northumberland Theatre Company present                         A Salute to Satchmo
Tartuffe                                                       Friday 23rd September / 8.00pm
                                                               £14.00 / £13.00 conc. / £11.00 FRIENDS
Friday 16th September / 8.00pm / The Studio
£13.00 / £12.00 conc.                                          Join award-winning trumpeter Rico Tomasso and his
Tartuffe is the hilarious and outrageous classic story about   London band for a special jazz concert paying tribute to the
a man who worms his way into Orgon’s household before          Louis Armstrong All Stars.
attempting to drive away his son, marry the daughter, seduce
his wife and imprison Orgon leaving the family destitute.
                                                               Scooch Do Glee
                                                               Saturday 24th September / 7.30pm
                                                               £13.00 / £12.00 conc. / £44.00 Family
                                                               Join Eurovision stars Scooch as they sing the songs from
                                                               Glee alongside their own hits like Flying The Flag.

                                                               The Enzymes + The Good Souls
                                                               Sunday 25th September / 7.30pm / £5.00
                                                               South Shields band The Enzymes take on classic songs in a
                                                               rock/punk style. The show is in aid of The Claire Coiley Trust.

 Friday 16th September
                                                               Shine On
                                                               Tuesday 27th September / 7.45pm / £16.00
                                                               The UK’s number one tribute to Pink Floyd returns to The
The Grinning Idiot Comedy Club present
                                                               Customs House for a hometown show.
Stand Up Comedy
@ The Customs House                                            Master Musician Lunchtime Concert
Saturday 17th September / 8.00pm
£11.00 adv / £13.00 door
                                                               The Manchester Trio
                                                               Wednesday 28th September / 1.00pm
Performances by Seymour Mace, Mick Sergeant and Andy           £7.00 / £5.00 as part of a season ticket
Watson. PLEASE NOTE: Line ups are subject to change.
                                                               Eva Thorarinsdottir (violin), Joris van den Berg (cello)
                                                               and Tristan Lee (piano) perform works by Haydn, Liszt

The Ray & Bob Show                                             and Shostakovich.

Wednesday 21st - Thursday 22nd September
7.30pm & 2.30pm (Thursday only) / £13.00 / £12.00 conc.
The comedy legends bring their unique blend of music and
comedy back to the Customs House stage.                          Box Office: 0191 454 1234                                05
PLEASE NOTE: Early booking is strongly recommended!
Sept / Oct
                                                   S. Tyneside Older   Trailer   Friends   Meal     Pre Show       Community Charitable
                                                   People’s Festival   Online     Offer    Deal   Meal Available   Production Contribution

Heroes Events present

Let’s Talk Football
Wednesday 28th September / 7.30pm
£14.00 / £11.50 conc.
MEAL DEAL - £22.50 (ticket and a two course meal)
Join former Sunderland star Micky Horswill, Newcastle full
back Frank Clarke & Geordie legend Malcolm MacDonald
for an evening of anecdotes, stories and banter hosted by
former Premiership referee Dermot Gallagher.

Theatre Royal Wakefield and
The John Godber Company present                                            Debt Collectors
                                                                           Thursday 29th September
Debt Collectors
By John Godber                                                          Speakers From The Edge present
Thursday 29th September - Saturday 1st October / 7.30pm
£15.00 / £14.00 conc. / £11.00 FRIENDS (first night only)               Explore with Paul Rose
GODBER DOUBLE DEAL - £13.00 (when ticket purchased                      Wednesday 5th October / 7.30pm
for Weekend Breaks at same time)                                        £15.00 / £14.00 conc. / £12.00 FRIENDS
MEAL DEAL - £25.00 (ticket & two course meal, Thurs only)               MEAL DEAL - £25.00 (ticket & two course meal)
                                                                        BBC presenter Paul Rose talks about a lifetime of
This brand new comedy from one of the most popular                      remarkable adventures from Antarctica to Everest via the
playwrights of all time mixes money and love with the love              planet’s last true remaining wilderness - it’s vast oceans.
of money, as two out of work actors fall into the world of
debt recovery.

But all is not what it seems in this hilarious comedy of                The Older People’s Film
unpaid bills, offers of sex and boozy bailiffs! Join the Debt
Collectors as they dig into a world of cash and collection
                                                                        Festival 2011
                                                                        1.30pm / The Studio / £2.00 (per ticket)
and what we will do to avoid it!
                                                                        Tickets available from Friday 26th August

OCTOBER                                                                 Thursday 6th October
                                                                        The King’s Speech (12A) Starring Colin Firth
The Vision present                                                      The Oscar winning movie about the King’s stammer and
                                                                        the speech therapist who helped him overcome it.
Northern Spies
Monday3rd - Tuesday 4th October / 7.30pm                                Thursday 13th October
£7.00 / £4.00 conc. and under 19s                                       Jane Eyre (2011 – PG) Starring Mia Wasikowska
When Adam and Luke become involved with a mysterious                    The classic story about a governess who softens the heart of
woman they don’t know how much their world is about to                  her employer only to discovers that he’s hiding a terrible secret.
change... they can’t keep a secret so how can they become
secret agents?                                                          Thursday 20th October
                                                                        Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011 - TBC)
Timeless Theatre Productions present
                                                                        Starring Gary Oldman
A Timeless Collection                                                   In the bleak days of the Cold War, espionage veteran
                                                                        George Smiley is forced from semi-retirement to uncover
Wednesday 5th - Friday 7th October / 2.30pm & 7.30pm
(Thursday only) / £13.00 / £12.00 conc.                                 a Soviet agent within MI6’s echelons.
Back by popular demand! Join us for a show packed with
                                                                        Thursday 27th October
great songs from the good old days of Music Hall, through
the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and finally into the some of the                  Larry Crowne (PG) Starring Tom Hanks
beautiful harmonies of the 1970’s.                                      After losing his job, a middle-aged man reinvents himself
                                                                        by going back to college.

                  for more information visit                            PLEASE NOTE: Tickets are limited to two per person
                                        or ten per group and can only be purchased by those
                                                                        with a South Tyneside postcode only.
October                                                                            Box Office: 0191 454 1234

The Customs House
Big Band With Ruth Lambert
Friday 7th October / 7.30pm
£11.00 / £10.00 / £8.00 FRIENDS
The Customs House Big Band, under the direction of Peter
Morgan, perform a specially selected programme of light
music designed to keep your feet tapping throughout.

Chambers Management Present

Sarah Millican –
Thoroughly Modern                                                                                            Frank Vignola
                                                                                                    Wednesday 12th October

Millican                                                        YourTube present
Saturday 8th October / SOLD OUT!

DANI School of Dance present
                                                                Francis Dunnery
                                                                Tuesday 11th October / 8.00pm / The Studio / £20.00
Life Is A Dancefloor                                            Former It Bites singer performs his solo material.
Sunday 9th October / 7.00pm / £8.50
A night showcasing local talent using a fusion of traditional   YourTube present

                                                                Frank Vignola in Concert
dance styles with an inspiring new twist.

                                                                Wednesday 12th October / 8.00pm / The Studio / £13.00
                                                                MEAL DEAL - £24.00 (ticket & two course meal)
                                                                The American Jazz guitarist performs an intimate concert.

                                                                The Customs House presents

                                                                The Men Of The Tyne
                                                                - Tales and Pictures Of The Tyne
                                                                Thursday 13th October / 1.30pm / Commences at The
                                                                Customs House / £7.50 (includes tea and cake)
                                                                Tales and Pictures Of The Tyne is the culmination of a
                                                                project where Ray Spencer will perform monologues based
                                                                on men’s memories of working on the River Tyne. The show
                                                                will be part of a two hour cruise on the River Escapes Cruise
                                                                Ship ‘The Fortuna’ which will start at The Customs House.

                                                                Upbeat Management presents

                                                                Elio Pace
                                                                Thursday 13th October / 7.30pm
                                                                £18.00 / £17.00 conc.
Scamp Theatre and Watford Palace Theatre present                Calling all TOGs!
                                                                Elio Pace is the featured artist on BBC Radio 2’s “Weekend
Friend or Foe                                                   Wogan” and has performed with a wonderful array
By Michael Morpurgo                                             of stars such as Brian May, Huey Lewis, Katie Melua, and
Monday 10th October / 2.00pm & 7.30pm                           Ronan Keating. The show will see him sing his own songs as
£13.50 / £12.50 conc. / £5.00 Schools                           well as a selection of his personal favourites.
MEAL DEAL - £19.00 (ticket and a two course light supper)       “Sensational” Sir Terry Wogan
This thrilling tale of extraordinary friendship is set at the
height of the Second World War, when two boys – David
and Tucky - embark on a wondrous adventure deep in the           Box Office: 0191 454 1234                              07
Devonshire countryside.
                                                 S. Tyneside Older   Trailer   Friends   Meal     Pre Show       Community Charitable
                                                 People’s Festival   Online     Offer    Deal   Meal Available   Production Contribution

Upbeat Management present                                             Thursday 27th October

Mods and Rockers
Friday 14th October / 7.30pm / £16.00 / £15.00 conc.
A night of music by the likes of The Who, The Rolling
Stones, The Small Faces ,The Kinks, The Doors, early Pink
Floyd - in fact all your favourite singles from the years
1964 - 1970.

Howard Read and Harrogate Theatre present
Big Howard Little Howard in

Little Howard’s BIG Show
Saturday 15th October / 2.00pm / £10.50
CBeebies stars and human-cartoon double act, Big Howard
and Little Howard make their Customs House debut
with a brand new comedy spectacular featuring songs,
sketches, magic, a cheeky pigeon from Barnsley, a brand
new invisible character, The Royal Monkey Philharmonic
Orchestra and a large frying pan.

Westoe Brass Band
Saturday 15th October / 7.30pm / £7.50 / £5.00 conc.
                                                                      The Ravenswood Singers and Opera Live present
South Shields premier brass band perform a selection of
traditional favourites and fresh new music.                           The Musical Theatre
                                   Big Howard Little Howard           Sunday 16th October / 7.30pm / £12.00 / £11.00 conc.
                                       Saturday 15th October          The group will perform a fabulous evening of West End
                                                                      smash hits - ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘Wicked’, ‘Les Miserable’,
                                                                      ‘Carousel’ and many more as part of their 25th anniversary

                                                                      Youth Arts Week
                                                                      Monday 17th - Friday 21st October / 7pm
                                                                      £4.00 / under 19’s £2.00
                                                                      Youth Arts Week returns featuring an exciting blend of
                                                                      artwork, film, music and drama and is designed to give all
                                                                      of the talented young artists within the borough a chance
                                                                      to perform on stage.

                                                                      Master Musician Lunchtime Concert

                                                                      Arta Arnicane
                                                                      Thursday 20th October / 1.00pm
                                                                      £7.00 / £5.00 as part of a season ticket
                                                                      Arta Arnicane (piano) performs works by Liszt (Sonata),
                                                                      Schumann (Symphonic Etudes) and Prokofiev.

                                                                      Sarah Ellen Hughes
                                                                      Friday 21st October / 8.00pm / Daltons
                 for more information visit                           £12.00 / £11.00 conc.
                                      Award-winning jazz vocalist Sarah Ellen Hughes performs
                                                                      songs from her new album “The Story So Far…”
October                                                                              Box Office: 0191 454 1234

Hindu Nari Sangh                                                   Opera Della Luna present

Saturday 22nd October / 7.00pm / £6.00 / FREE Unders 5s            The Ghosts of Ruddigore
Hindu Nari Sangh presents an evening of music and dance.           Wednesday 26th October / 7.30pm
Join local groups in a celebration of diversity within the         £18.00 / £17.00 conc. / £15.00 FRIENDS
community. Tickets also include a post performance meal - a        MEAL DEAL – £28.00 (ticket and a two course meal)
chance to sample authentic Indian cuisine.                         Back by popular demand! Gilbert & Sullivan meets Rocky
                                                                   Horror as Opera Della Luna revisit Ruddigore in their own
John Christopher Theatre Company present                           unique style. Ghosts and apparitions take to the stage in

Musicality                                                         this haunting tale of rural romance as you have never seen
                                                                   or heard it before!
Sunday 23rd - Monday 24th October / 7.30pm / £10.00
JCTC return to the Customs House with their own special
blend of Musical Theatre and popular songs. With live              Morningside Management present
music from The Revue
The State Ballet Academy of Minsk present                          Thursday 27th October / 7.30pm / £18.00 / £17.00 conc.
                                                                   The world’s only ‘official’ tribute to Marc Bolan & T-Rex.
The Nutcracker                                                     The former winners of “Best Live Tribute Band in the UK”
Tuesday 25th October / 7.30pm                                      perform songs of T-Rex including Ride A White Swan,
£20.00 / £18.50 conc. / £12.00 under 16s                           Telegram Sam and Get It On.
The famous ballet tells the story of Marie, a little girl, whose
godfather Drosselmeier gives her a nutcracker as a present         Strangeface Theatre Company present
on Christmas Eve... little does she know that the nutcracker
will take her on a magical journey into the world of the           The Rake’s Progress
Sugar Plum Fairy.                                                  Friday 28th October / 7.00pm
                                                                   £13.00 / £12.00 conc. / £44.00 Family
tutti frutti productions and York Theatre Royal present            Customs House favourites Strangeface make a very

Hare and Tortoise                                                  welcome return with Rakes Progress – the story of Tom
                                                                   Rakewell, who travels to London in the company of Nick
Wednesday 26th October / 11.00am & 2.00pm / Daltons
                                                                   Shadow... who turns out to be the devil.
£6.00 Children / £5.00 Adults
                                                                   Early booking is strongly recommended.
The classic fable about a race between a hare and a tortoise
brought to life for children aged 3+ and their families.
                                                                   The Grinning Idiot Comedy Club present

 Jo Caulfield
 Friday 28th October
                                                                   Jo Caulfield
                                                                   - Cruel To Be Kind
                                                                   Friday 28th October / 8.00pm / The Studio
                                                                   £11.00 Adv / £13.00 Door
                                                                   Nominated as “Funniest Woman 2010” The ‘Mock The
                                                                   Week’ and ‘Have I Got News For You’ regular, performs her
                                                                   new show Cruel To Be Kind - The Tour of Towns I’ve Heard
                                                                   Of But Never Been To.

                                                                   The Performers Stage and Dance School present

                                                                   10th Anniversary Concert
                                                                   Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th October / 7.30pm
                                                                   £8.00 / £7.00 conc.
                                                                   An evening of song and dance featuring current and
                                                                   returning pupils as well as students from Performers
                                                                   Dance School.

                                                                    Box Office: 0191 454 1234                             09
                                                S. Tyneside Older   Trailer   Friends   Meal     Pre Show       Community Charitable
                                                People’s Festival   Online     Offer    Deal   Meal Available   Production Contribution

                                                                     The MsFits present
 The Haunted Bride
 Wednesday 2nd November
                                                                     Mad, Bad and Dangerous
                                                                     To Know
                                                                     Friday 4th November / 7.30pm / £12.00 / £11.00 conc.
                                                                     A one woman comedy drama. May, a fun loving
                                                                     grandmother is left in charge of the granddaughter from
                                                                     hell, will they make it to the end of the school holidays?
                                                                     And what secrets is her glamorous neighbour Mia hiding
                                                                     behind her velvet curtains?

                                                                     South Tyneside Dance Workshop present

                                                                     A Gala Show
                                                                     Saturday 5th November / 2.00pm & 7.00pm / £7.50
                                                                     South Tyneside Dance Workshop present their amazing
                                                                     annual gala show.

                                                                     Viv Needham School of Dance present

NOVEMBER                                                             Born to Perform
                                                                     Sunday 6th November / 2.00pm & 6.30pm / £7.50
                                                                     A variety show full of music, song and dance.
Timeless Theatre Productions present

Magical Extravaganza                                                 The Customs House proudly present

on Ice                                                               Keep Calm
Tuesday 1st November / 7.30pm
£15.00 / £14.00 conc. / £11 FRIENDS                                  and Carry On
Enter the mystifying world of Magical Extravaganza on Ice            By Helen Russell
where you will be transported to a world of enchantment,             Supported by Friends of The Customs House.
make believe and dreams.                                             Wednesday 9th - Saturday 12th November
                                                                     7.30pm & 2.30pm (Thursday only)
Rumpus Theatre Company present                                       £13.00 / £12.00 conc. / £11.00 FRIENDS (First night only)

The Haunted Bride                                                    MEAL DEAL - £23.00 (ticket & two course meal, Wed only)

Wednesday 2nd November / 7.30pm
                                                                     From the star of Dirty Dusting, Three Devoted Sisters and Off
£13.00 / £12.00 conc.
                                                                     The Shelf comes this brand new play about a war time family
MEAL DEAL - £23.00 (ticket & course meal)
                                                                     struggling to live in abnormal times.
Based on Charles Dickens’ classic Victorian chiller. Amid
the shadowy rooms and moonstruck gardens of a peeling,
                                                                     Blitz-Plagued London, 1940, and Mary Robson dreams of
overgrown Italian palazzo, the dreams that haunt a
                                                                     an escape - entertaining the troops on stage. However her
young bride’s sleep reach their terrifying climax... let the
haunting begin!                                                      parents Ellie and Joe don’t hold the same aspirations for her.

Morningside Management present                                       Follow Mary’s coming of age in this brand new heart-
                                                                     warming play, packed with humour, and tenderness. Will
Real Diamond                                                         Mary’s dreams of a life on stage live up to her expectations?

- The Jazz Singer Tour                                               The Grinning Idiot Comedy Club present
Thursday 3rd November / 7.30pm / £17.00 / £15.50 conc.
The Real Diamond sings all the songs from Neil Diamond’s             Stand Up Comedy
famous album ‘The Jazz Singer’ alongside his classic hits.
                                                                     @ The Customs House
                                                                     Saturday 12th November / 8.00pm / The Studio
                 for more information visit                          £11.00 Adv / £13.00 Door
                                     Performances by Sol Bernstein, John Scott and John
                                                                     Whale. PLEASE NOTE: Line ups are subject to change.
Nov / December                                                                            Box Office: 0191 454 1234

Tuesday 15th - Saturday 19th November
7.30pm & 2.30pm (Saturday only)
                                                                          Turn the page for
£13.00 / £11.00 conc. (not available Frid or Sat Evening)
Encore is the cabaret group that combine comedy sketches
and dramatic excerpts which take their audience on a
                                                                          Christmas Shows
magical, musical journey through many of the West End’s
biggest hits... and beyond.                                               at YOUR Customs House!
Master Musician Lunchtime Concert

Young Lions                                                            COMING SOON... Booking Now!
of the Keyboard                                                        Northumberland Theatre Company present
Thursday 17th November / 1.00pm
£7.00 / £5.00 as part of a season ticket
Ruta Skudraite and Ugnius Pauliakonis (piano) perform
                                                                       Hansel and Gretel
                                                                       Thursday 12th January / 8.00pm / The Studio
works by Scarlatti, Beethoven and Chopin.
   x100904_TCH_p1_iw.pdf   1   29/06/2011   11:42
                                                                       £13.00 / £12.00 / £44.00 FAMILY
                                                                       The much loved fairytale about a brother and sister
                                                                       who must fight off an evil witch is brought to life by the
                                                                       Northumberland Theatre Company.

                                                                       Limehouse Lizzy
                                                                       Friday 20th January / 7.30pm / £14.50 Adv / £16.00 Door
                                                                       Limehouse Lizzy return to perform the songs of Thin Lizzy -
                                                                       one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

                                                                       Brendan Healy
                                                                       in Concert
                                                                       Friday 27th January / 7.30pm / £17.00 / £16.00 conc.
                                                                       Geordie comic Brendan Healy makes a welcome return
                                                                       to The Customs House for a fantastic night of comedy.

            Wednesday 9th - Saturday 12 November

The Tim Kliphuis Quartet
 x100904_TCH_A5Flyer_p2_vw.indd 1                   07/07/2011 11:57

Saturday 19th November / 8.00pm / Daltons
£12.00 / £11.00 conc.
An evening of Gypsy jazz and more from the Dutch
violin virtuoso.


A Jazz Christmas Party                                                 Santa’s Naughty Elf
Friday 16th December / 8.00pm / Daltons                                Friday 16th - Saturday 24th December
£12.00 / £11.00 conc. / MEAL DEAL - £27.50 (ticket and a
two course Christmas meal)
The Customs House All-Stars with guests Caroline Irwin
(vocals) and Steve Andrews (clarinet/sax) perform a festive              Box Office: 0191 454 1234                              11
jazz extravaganza.
   Celebrate Christmas with YOUR Customs House...

Santa’s Naughty Elf
                                                         Hi Kids.....I’m Back!!
& The Magic Sleigh Ride!
Friday 16th - Saturday 24th December
11.00am / 1.00pm / 3.00pm
(10.30am / 1.30pm / 3.30pm Christmas Eve)
£5.00 Child / £4.00 Adult

Performance at South Shields Library Theatre

Elfluent has been naughty again! He has taken
Santa’s sleigh for a ride without asking permission...

Can he get it back to Santa’s workshop in time for
Christmas Eve?

Ideal for under 7’s, the show lasts 60 minutes and
also gives children the chance to meet Santa as
well as receiving a special gift.

                   is pleased to announce we have
taken over the Jarrow Hall Tea Room at Bede’s World.
If you are looking for a spacious, comfortable environment to relax The Green
Room provides the perfect setting whether you want a bite to eat or a catch up
cappuccino with friends

The Green Room                                          The Green Room
@The Customs House                                      @Jarrow Hall
Open every day from 11am - late.                        Bede’s World 10am 4-00pm (daily)

The Bar Open 11am - 11pm                                Join us for a terrific selection of Homemade Food
The perfect environment to relax in before a visit to   From our legendary, award winning, Sunday Lunch
the cinema, theatre or gallery.                         (£6.95)
                                                        To our daily selection of Main Courses
Early Bird Menu                                         Everything fresh and made to order
Wednesday to Saturday, 5.00pm - 7.00pm                  Fancy something a little lighter why not try our Soups/
                                                        Pannis/ Quiches /Wraps Jacket potatoes (assorted
Lunch 12 noon - 2.00pm                                  fillings) Pies/ Tray Bakes & Assorted Sandwiches
We offer a wide selection of made-to-order
sandwiches, homemade soups, salads and a menu           Treat yourself to a delicious Homemade Cup cake!
of over ten main courses that change daily.             All in the beautiful setting of Jarrow Hall and right
                                                        next to a great play park for the kids.
Sunday Lunch 12 noon - 2.00pm                           With the added bonus of Free Parking!!!!!
Home cooked Sunday lunch with all the trimmings         See you soon!!!!!!!
just £7.45. Booking is highly recommended.
                                                        Sunday Lunch 12 noon - 3.00pm
River View Private Dining Room                          A Traditional Sunday Roast with all the trimmings just
                                                        £6.95. Booking is highly recommended.
Private dining rooms, which are perfect for
intimate meals, conferences and Sunday lunches.
                                                        Private Dining in The Blue Room
                                                        Corporate lunches, birthday parties for all ages
                                                        community events and Anglo-Saxon themed suppers.
Make a reservation                                      Make a reservation

0191 427 3737                                           0191 489 2106

                                                 FREE ENTRY
Regional, National
International Artists

Sea Works                                                                                              Once Upon A Time
Paul Kenny
                                                                                                       The Materialistics
Saturday 13th Aug – Sunday 25th Sept
                                                                                                       Saturday 3rd Dec - Sunday 29th Jan 2012
Developed over a thirty-five year period, Paul
Kenny’s photographic practice tries to find the                                                        Since the success of previous knitted projects
awe-inspiring in things which are easily passed                                                        Casting Off…A Coat For A Boat, Victorian
by. The work contains issues of fragility, beauty                                                      Christmas and A Grand Tour, the passionate
and transience in the landscape: marks and scars                                                       group of knitters have collaborated with
left by man and the potential threat to the few                                                        Customs House to produce yet another
remaining areas of wilderness. Looking at the                                                          amazing exhibition. Enter the world of
micro and thinking about the macro, he aims for                                                        Children’s Literature and be inspired and
each print to be a beautiful, irresistible, thought                                                    enthralled by a collection of famous historical
provoking object. This exhibition includes work                                                        and contemporary children’s stories, all in
commissioned by the Tobar Gallery, Isle of Mull.                                                       knitted, crocheted, appliquéd, embroidered,
                                                                                                       felted form. Stories range from Alice In
                                                                                                       Wonderland, The Gruafflo, The Wild Things,
Where Wild Things Grow                                                                                 Jungle Book, Hansel & Gretel and Beatrix Potter
                                                                                                       to name a few. Be prepared to unleash the child
Henrik Simonsen                                                                                        within, if you aren’t already!
Saturday 1st Oct - Sunday 13th Nov

In collaboration with Opus Gallery, Newcastle
Danish artist Henrik Simonsen engages with a
Western tradition of flower paintings and still
life, approaching it in a contemporary way. His
charcoal drawings and paintings depict unspoiled
common field plants and flowers, rather than the
cultivated blooms usually found in traditional
flower paintings. Simonsen’s Scandinavian
                                                              Where Wild Things Grow Henrik Simonsen

background is stylistically evident in his economy
of colour and line, and his use of space and light,
along with the dominance of nature as the subject
matter. Although delicately beautiful, these
botanical observations are more than merely
decorative, taking on an intimately personal
element through their skilful, almost spontaneous
execution. Simonsen currently lives and works
in the UK and has exhibited internationally in
locations including London, New York, Copenhagan
and Venice. He studied with Antony Micallef in
Exeter for three years and has shown with him in
Denmark and the UK.
The best value cinema on Tyneside
showing classic films from the
archives to the latest Hollywood
blockbuster movies.

Tickets from only £4.00 conc.
                                      The Muppets Movie... Coming Soon!
& a Family Ticket is just £16.00!

For movie listings & trailers please visit
                                    MOVIE MONDAYS
                                    2 COURSE MEAL
                                    & MOVIE ONLY            £10
                                    FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE CALL
                                    0191 427 8182
 For listings visit                     15
Seating Plan, Booking & General Information
The Theatre

                                  No Smoking

              The Studio/Cinema                South Shields, Central Library

 16    More info: | Box Office: 0191 454 1234
In Person At The Customs House Box Office, open Mon - Sat
10.00 am - 8.30 pm, Sun 11.00 am - 8.30 pm.                                     Gift Vouchers are available from the Box Office for use
                                                                                anywhere in the building, and start from as little as £1.
Telephone 0191 454 1234. There is a 30p card charge.
                                                                                Mailing List Sign up at
Post Cheques should be made payable to The Box Office,
The Customs House, Mill Dam, South Shields, NE33 1ES, and
there is a 50p charge for postage. Please detail your ticket                    Ticket Agents
requirements. The Customs House no longer accepts cheques                       • South Shields TIC • Museum & Art Gallery, King Street
over the counter but will continue to do so through the post.                   • Sunderland TIC • Gateshead TIC • Newcastle TIC
                                                                                • Whitburn Newsagency • TIC South Shields Amphitheatre
Email Please state clearly
the performance you wish to see, the number of tickets,                         How to find us
dates, times, prices and name and address.                                      The Customs House lies on the South bank of the River Tyne
E-mail to:
                                                                                in the historic Mill Dam area. All bus services to South Shields
Online There is a £3 charge.                            stop at the Market Place, and the South Shields Metro Station
                                                                                is only a short walk away. The Shields Ferry terminal is 300
Reservations must be paid for within five days of booking,                      yards walk and we will refund a single ferry fare on the day of
or three days before the performance, whichever is sooner.                      the performance for each event ticket purchased.
Tickets requested after this time must be paid for at the
time of booking. We reserve the right to release uncollected                    Parking Pay & Display 9am - 5pm. Free for patrons in the
reservations for re-sale.                                                       evening. Free for disabled parking at all times. Certain areas
                                                                                offer three hours free parking between 9am and 5pm
Discounts These are available for most events and are
applicable to senior citizens, unemployed people, children,
                                                                                Accessibility All public areas in The Customs House are
students and disabled patrons. You must state concession at
time of booking, and proof of entitlement will be required. Only                accessible including a mobility lift to all floors and a link bridge
one discount can apply at any one time. Free admittance is                      connecting the main building to the community room. Please
given to a wheelchair companion for theatre productions                         call us before your visit and we will be happy to arrange any
and cinema.                                                                     assistance you require. A loop system operates in the Theatre
                                                                                & Studio for hearing impaired people. This brochure is available
Group Bookings will be available on selected shows in the                       in large print if required. The Customs House strives to be an
season. There are also special offers for school bookings. For
                                                                                equal opportunities employer.
more information contact: Angela Hannon on 0191 427 8183
or Dianne Jackson on 0191 427 8182.
                                                                                Venue Tours If you would like to tour The Customs House to
Exchange of Tickets                                                             see the superb facilities we have on offer, we will be happy
Tickets cannot be refunded. In exceptional circumstances,                       to show you around, either individually or in a group. Please
tickets may be exchanged for another show within 72 hours,                      contact Angela Hannon for further details on 0191 427 8183.
for which there will be a service charge of £1.

Disclaimer The Customs House Trust Ltd. reserves the right at all times, and without notice, to vary or cancel any performances or
exhibitions, or to change the prices of events from those advertised. In such circumstances, patrons will be entitled to the refund of
any ticket price paid by them, or to the issue of a replacement ticket to the same value (at their choice) in the event of the performance    17
being re-scheduled to an acceptable later date.
                                                         Join the
                                                         GET INVOLVED
                                                         @The Customs House
                                                         The Customs House is more than a theatre, cinema
                                                         and a gallery, it’s also a place where everyone
                                                         can get involved with fantastic activities in dance,
                                                         drama singing and more! From Break Dancing to
                                                         Ukulele Lessons there’s something for all ages!

                                                         For up to date information on what’s on
                                                         and when please look at our website:

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fee in just one season.
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• fellow Friends and special guest speakers
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Joining is simple, either visit the Box Office or                   £25 per year, So why not
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Box Office: 0191 454 1234                                                        The Customs House
                                                                                  in Partnership with
The Customs House, Mill Dam, South Shields. NE33 1ES.

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