Yo scl YO year old by MikeJenny


   The Frankli
[ ~ndal~
       5..0o [
                                                                                                                      W8 E,ery
                                                                                                                            Thursday              Iscl
    II, 4~
 Vol. No,                                               MIDDLEBUSH.N, J,,       THUP~DAY,SEPTEH~ER6, t956                                                    Be PER ~O1~’

 te, g
Mi Ua,                                                                                            Schools
                                                                                    for 2 Elementary
ofs Dr, Do.~..                                                                     Board       by
                                                                                         Approval 5-1 Vote
 Tbe M.~n                                                                                                                                             to edver~hmfar
Franklin TDwnshlp’a traVeling
minister, is scheduled to be off
                                                                      TaxB’dRules Night ,o~ooo~oo.ooal
                                                                                Out   b,~           ~,~oo.                                list, of Elizaboin Avenue and
                                                                                                                                          Franklin P~rk schools was gra~t-
again  Sunday evening a trlp
                      on                                                                                                                  ed ..... hat reluetmltly by the
      .it, t.he to
 that A~rien, bi~mro~,
 Asia and
              He expect~                                                           on , sessments
                                                                      ¯ .,,~X’Xea’Zn~’°-,nAn                                              S~rd ~d.e.t,~.,
                                                                                                                                                 of               as~
                                                                                                                                          meeting Tuesday ~lght th Pine
return       In
        early Nove~ber,                                             Night         will
                                                                           se~ions notbe held                                           Gr~veMmlorSchOol.Th~ bi~
  Dr. Hoffman acting minfister                                    by the County Board of Taxation       YOU CAN REGtSl~R TODAY W~I[be oPened           Oct, 8.
of the E~t MllLs~on~ Reformed                         {Nee photol to hear t73 ap1~a~ais on 1956ta~      TO ~OTE [D NOV]~E~.               On the motion ~o acc~pf, flea[
Church, During his absence bls                           ~        assessments,            "/3
                                                                                including from                                          Diana and specifications for the
place in the pulpit Will be Ssken     The Rvv. Milton Hoffman     Franklin ToWr~hip.                    th Bowresidents now elll~ble
                                                                                                            win ~n re@~ter from 7 p.m.
                                                                                                                                       ! lwo scbeoZa, the vote was5 to 1
         ogea HeldinC readers ~ed S.,.~,edTo..-~.~inr~d
H.wDruo.~o. ~.~
by Robert Blc~k, s t~den in the
                  untyJai] Tbo   the
                             D....      ,.
                                         ,~  .e w. to d.is.
                                                                    At tbe requestof several            in 9 p.m,today [oUr
                                                                                                                       at              , wlth abstentiolls.
                                                                                                                              SlXmlally two
inary.        0     board if night aessJDns could
Toco~.~ "" Pi~cammg""--lose,hat be s",.bo.., indeC~J~dy~dPer~is~g l’orforthe
         r%r     --
                                .o apo.ila.. ".,~bI~, call ~ter-
                    ,ebod.,ed b | p--CommlnRy Volml6~ oa.~. .ran.~o
                    wo~Id  not      timefrom  their
                                                    "ow.,’,, whichwould F.rk
   The             travels take
        minisler’s will                                                                                     KtoSeinn  Sohr~l  end FrankSu
 him~ppro~lr~alely ~-~,0~ nille~                                       lobs.                               ]Park FJlr~k~l&                  I Pre-e£kqineered desig~ of Str~cto
 in the Union of South Africa. Dr,         A Nixon man wa~ released      But al Its meeting Tu~day in        Any ~ult who I~i Seed in Sch0ois Corp.
 Deffmao"*w~l] make a study o~ frovn County Jail Tuesday      after- the CountyAdministration Build- the State @no        year altd In th~      Advertising must await State
 race relations.                                                       inK, Some~viIle,the board decided                                      Del~artmentof Education approv-
                                  , noon~nder $~,~I)0 bend ine k~f- il could ill[ the request he- T~wlmhip slx ~tered, ~n pe~- ~1 of preitralnary plans and spa-
                                                                                not                        maid.lily                ~b~r~
   "I’m part[ct~isrly eager," he
 said, "to see what changes ]1~ve  ins a NewMarket youth during ca~[se the hearings are similar" of the I~m~raUe and gePUb- elflsaCons ~ubmltted by Structo
                                      brawl Sunday evening
 taken place in race relation UkrapD~.nVillage. Cederin the in court se~slons and mt~t he Seen p~tlt~ wSI be on inoad to Tuesday Mternoo~, A2thr get-
                                                               Grove held in Ibe Cau~LyCourt House
since my l~d v~t"                                                                                          l~4a| wi~ Ibe resin-at{on.         SJng Bta~e approval, SLrttcin m~t
   The main ef~1,~ of th stud: La~e,                                ] whichis closed at night,             BetS ~ m’e ¢o~duMtq a prepare final plane and speclfl-
                          e          Magistrate George Shinny Men- Tentatively, the board decidec driv~ to register all ell|lble cations to present the bO~d,
 will be made by Dr, Heffm~l,      day had ~et l~ndfor Samuel                                              vs4~l~,
~ne of the r~erves, Whlck ar~                                         t~ hold be~rm~#beginning Mot~,                                        :Time P.&~
vestareasset~ideforthenatine~      Ktlrchy, 40. on a chaTge of as- day sad as ng through Th~rs-              Ai~yone mhlalng out insight        Str~eto is attempting to get
 where white menare not allowed aault and battery. He allegedly day from 9 a m to 4 36 ~,m,, The has ~ULS
                                                 .                                                                  Sest, g’/ ~ reg~ltor in State approval lfl tLrde for the
to ownland or other property.      stabbed           R.
                                              MeLvdle Brown,
                                              .                  18, lasttwo day , s Wednesda and the County Admlnisisefien
                                                                                                  y                                           board to open ll~ bids o~ ~, d
                                   A preliminary he,ring will be
   This z,eserye in northern
                    is                                                     r w Se eld~ & 3 rob Betiding. Somerville.                            "PLnal"pleas and specifications
Transvaal    Prey[.....  he~eDi’,held Monday           in
                                                 night Municipal sda ~l’
                                                                      Thin          bePts to h;arth~p
                                   Cotlrt.                                                                                                    for the two schOOlswere submit-
Hoffman will be a guest of the                                        Fi’~n kiln appeals      Appellants POLICE RESERVES’ PICNIC             ted Tuesday night by the board.
Dee. A, J, Reyneke of the ABe? s~abbJng,    the       , Brcren  w~k~ w be o             by mnil when--°SCHEOULED FOR SEPT, 16                atvhiseeis,     Micklewright     &
Sekewanis    Mh~sinn.              taken St. Peters
                                           to           Hospital   Jn
                                                  . and releasedappear.                                     TheTownship   Police  Reserves             of
                                                                                                                                           Mountford Trentotl.
                                   New Bl’qn~wlrk                                     .               .
                                                                               .I ified arethe equlv will
   During his stay, the locala er ge ag ....hasn hs .~.s                 the-hearings                                a
                                                                                                               hold family    picnic           The
                                                                                                                                      Sunday, base      plan theELisaheth
mir~ter al~ ",viii visit ~ger                                         aient orjudicial sessions, ine Sept. I6 at the Sunset Hills Club school c~lls for 21 elalmroaom
                                   ef th g  h
National Park, the largesf wild      The stabbisg was the c imax appellants vctll be sworn befo        re House. Bttnker Hill Bead. Griggs- with an alternate of 19 roor~.
animal preserve ~r~ the world.                                    ,   giving testimony JudGements town. The picnic will begin at.eFne Franklin schOOlp]an is for
                                   of a IWo-part brawl ace~rdJng
ThepaYkiS 8,000           miles
                    ~lllare In                           ’ ¯                              for
                                                                      by the b~rd sta~d Iwoye~rs,
area. he slze ef NewJersey.                                                                                             Fallmeeting nateelght
                                                                                                          J:3OTheP.~.first ofthe                             roc~ms, ~l~er.
                                                                                                                                                 ofC]~aP°~rn~10 ~n  with
                                   Special Ofllc~rs Charles Smith ~]e~s there is a sucee~ful ap-
To      V~D       .~               and WilLiam Rihar                  Deal to the   State Bcerd Taxa-Deserves scheduled S0pt,Mr, MinMewrigbt one of
                                                                                                of                   is             for                            and
Dr l~offmant inave# fo~
                 erllpisne cult° oltAd°Iph6evei’alCanave~IOyouthsproperty valU~ 27, 8 p,m.~ in Township Hall.
                                     That were tom that Kur~hy Don or the
   Whenhewill he~ Strudel,SELiu                                whoand                                                                        b i s firm’s eri41~ exhiintod
he D~ in ~.... *his,
  Wi, o. ~.~ IBS,t w.h=kenb, ST,. P,.’D,I~,--~es.
                        ,p ’D F,]D PIro                               ehanl[N,
                                                                                                                Rubs:ew~                                      O~
                                                                                                                                                 (Co~tthtled ~tgk P~)
Amsterdam a two-d~ty Vislf: wek~       dancing wlth their girls. An
with relatlves       and f:l,nds,  Then argumerdstartedthet led to a KINGSTONVDLSTO MADCH, C--~                      ~lF ,,J[[~J[~7~’L’JrU

  Oll his ~ut’~ ~Lp he w~d ~i OffieeT    ~th.                    The DLngstonVolun~"
                                                                                                                                             ws ~s
Ill !~; ~ v/b~ ~!11 ~lvql: Kttrch in]d policethe fight                                  Sept,
                                                                             participate 3~
in Flc~n~e i~ Poml~i~, whleh [ ~o~e
                                    7out qaJ~ in "~e e,~dln~
                                                                      in ,. .-,.ls .,kt.-. .l Candidat.
                        Thmhe~ wh~ he wl~ pushed th the the New dvme¥ State Fair in
Will moveealltwardl to Athens,~ greund. He lald he ~ousht the ’l’~m1~,                              ~omerset’s Democrats mus~t to the m¢~r~her~ Of tl1~ tm$~1~
fstst~inil ~nd AJI~OI~,        [ yeuins wer~ gelling ready lo    Fire Cbis[" CharlesPe~ri[in wit[ ~[t,d a newc~ndldate the’ Ft’oe- and "therefore I~ Is Wifh ~gre~
  ADer leav~s/~klwa,~.’l’~-l    "wOrk him over" and he pulled attend a lunehebn s~lut[ng s~nte holder to oppose Republican in- that I ’take myself out of the
m~nwill move   |oath into the,the knife defend
                                        t~        inmsel{,     firemen Bepb in the Hotellambent I. Va~ C)~fIn the fceeholder
                                                                       on       29                         C,                                 pace,"
    (Continued on Back Page)                                   H~deb~vht,                         November eleetlan,                 Mr.              his
                                                                                                                                         S.vkee, m~hlng first ~tt-
                               I      9ut~rlb~ ~o ~o N~w,        The fi~ companywilt meet at                                       tempt to Winele~tLve   office, w~
                                                                                                    This unexpected of events
                                                            ,  8 p m Mondayin the firehOUSe came ,bout yesLerdey, when it ~OPl~Sedin the P’2i~,ry l~lee-
        ,.~ .,,,. v.~..,,,e, ~,~o, loter ~.a.oooorrd eaml~dgning, De, pile his
u ,.~0a. ~.-.,’s.- ~ ~~__ WIllbe,or,.,oino ~r~on Brook ,ha, little ..t inal~.~o.
:......,,,.. :,.,     ’,,,eu     discussed,
                                            thisof          ~k  ~k..on, .~.
                                                       Township bad
F                     V
                                 ~.,~,.c~.O,SHSwlthdrawl’~1o theracesa the c0n¢inded,o~thethei’a¢0,he
                                                            from            withdrawal
    or Low-Rel) tPHADeelopm l t,~Ew aBAseD MONDAY DemOCratiestaodardbeMr. ac~iwmemberbewiileonB
                                                   A e~ndMate

   Una~)irneos         wu
               approval dlV4~.[    ~’heU, S, Publin  HousinS The Franklin willhaveSykes scheduled be selected
                                                                            Club           is            to            0rs~nisatinn,                                         :;
’rueeduy  nightby the Pretdtlin  AutberJty madean inBallls first
                                           bes                          Fallmeeting 8 p,m.TUesday
                                                                                   st            ~nlght,  Counts  ehalr.
’~ usg Authority ~omodet~               I ,ran, $ 1,325 cover Monday CoI~nlal~Far~s,_=:~__
                                               of         o       be     in......
                     ,          Author ty’s budgetunt Oct
tlrsign for the Townships Federall The Authority had received s 30 NEW SPEED LIMITS
Iovs:t)g develo~e~L           i loan of more than tabOO0     fcor~ the FOBLINCOLNHIGHWAY ~ta pl~co s~ll tobe se]e~ted.

liv!lal" sonsWuction ~or the 60     ~onard Rt~pperb ehn~rrnan st          Chief Ed F. ¥oorS~-~s.
                                                                      POUCO                      eflt Union. These two pursuRs
Iow-ret~t apartments inat Will b~ lhc au~hority’s pt~bl[e reletion~            ~f
                                                                       A mxh~um 50 m[l~s per eauaed him to wtlbdraw from the
        PAGE 2                                                                      THE       FRANKLIN               NEWS                                    q~URSDAy. SEPTEMBER 198d

                                        nkly Speak ’ng                                Miu Horvath Wed ~ B I RTH~_.] Troop Resumes
                                                                                      ToJohn Ports                               In St. Peter’s Hospital
                                                                                                                                                               Meetings lS
                                                                           In a 3 p.m. ceremonySaturday                                                           Boy Seout Troop 100 of Frank-
        [tome new residents here have date for Tewn~hlp Committee in St, Ladialaus Church. Sow                               AUS*  ~-A daughter, Elizabeth
                                                                                                                           Fatima. to Mr. & Mrs. Morris        Bn Park will resume meetings
      oomp/m|fit~q at uat’~t/s time4 ~, Is ~r~dy ~tty a~v& Ho’s Buun~wtck, Mixs Arlene Horvath                                                                 Sept, id after the SumlrJerree~s.
      oh~t overly obtlmtstlo plut~u been harnlmf Up at most meeUngaof 109 AmbroueStreet, became                            Crania of 30 Holly Street.          Meetings wBl ~ In the Six Mike
     aa taxes and sehmB styes to of th e Committee, Planntnl             the bride of John Gary Polls of                         Tn Semm~et Hospital
                                                                                                                             Aug. 3~-A daUlthter to Mr, &      Run Reformed Church.
      the~ by SEVOIosers from whom Board) Board of AdJn~tment and Princeton. The Ray. John C.                                                                    S~u~asler Jsnlee C. Melee
     the), bought their horace, We Boardof Edneatton, busily t~klng Body performed the ceremony,                           Mrs. Roberi Houanlan of Middle
                                                                                                                           bash.                               will meet with members of hls
     were over ha Branehburg Taws- ~otes, Mr. Ltsi opened what you Mrs. Ports is the daughter af                                                               staff and the troop leaderS lo
     shl b [or a Planning Bo~rd meet- I~lght eaS his hai’r~al eatithaigm Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Horvath,
                                     ol,~ ~ a,
     ~,. f.~ ~b~ ~da d.- ~or ~,th .po~ theand hos~nd.....f Mr Donchak ~to~ The troop hawgettcn all the
                  a,n.                                         her isth Miss   Wed th~.a~o’~         ao.v~*i.
     vstoper there lave a different recent Democratic picnic, where                    lumber and cleared the land for
     ~.t o~.,                       ~lrd
                                h~ to~m~ha ~,.~   fo~er                 TO Aleksanis ashen ~s1huBd the
                                                                          Fred    ~o        It                on
      This developer was having ~eat Batuy & Tramatl by t~viag                                                              Marriage vows vere exchanged! Zo]to farm, Skil]man’s Lane,
     some dfffleulUus getting the his opponent, Incumbent Charley                                                         Saturday by Miss Mary Donahah, Several fathers met with Mr.
    board to aecep~ a new subdlvt- SIcora, merry old hell Ior every,                                                      daughter e Mr. & Mt~. Sievcn Melee at the sl~ Saturday to
    Men. T~e b~rd w~ted to make thing wrong in the Tow~p,                                                                 C[bula of Monlrcal, Canada, and mske plans for coas~rucllng of
     sara that he provided drainage       M~nwhlle, back at the main                                                      Fred AIeksanS son of Mrs. John the cobra..
     and streets     that ~me up to ~nch, Mr. SIcora is takitlg froth-                                                    Aleksanls ef ~alph Street a~d the Mr. Mols~ reported that the
     Branehburg speeffieatlorm, and hag for granted and Is running a                                                      la~ Mr. AleSs~mis,               troop madea ~rotit of more than
’   olze board member meliSoned real "scared" race. He and his                                                              The ceremony was perfo~led ~100 from several recent paper
    complaints about develol~rs not advisors have been in several                                                         in St, ~oseph’s Church of New sales,
    dolltg good Jobs in their develop- huddleS working out strategy,                                                     : Brunswickhy the Rev. Alcxandcl
    nlertt~                            : and $leora Is aetna to depend                                                                                     GUEST OF ffONOR
       lU reply, the developer replied: heavily on a house-re-house                                                         The bride was given in marri      Mrs Paul Horsvig nf Onkdale
    "The problem of bad develop- canvass, whichhe’s already start,                                                       age by her stepfather, She wore Village re~ently was guest of
    mea~s wot~ld be ~4~]ved very t~, to relate h~s op~nen¢’eargo                                                                                           honor at a dinner ~y In Arbor
                                                                                                                         a lu110 and lace gown with
    qale]tly if mortga~orswould re- ~ents.                                                                               headpiece of seed pearls and      ~ The o~cssion m~’ked her
    hute ~o finance luSt any deVelep.                                                                                                                      ]’etirement ~romAxaericanCyana.
                                                   * ¯ *                                                                 fingertip veil of iBuslon calol-e mid C~pany.
    ment, They don’t particularly         Id you)re a beer drinker you

    he.,treated up ue,,a,
          .p o.t.,
    ,ov.omenor f.or.ohr.’oothe.er,eo,.
       .... ,.oasen..oi. a.a,o t.0
    bother to check howwell they’re mayknowthat the pelee of your                      ~      - ~
    will fluance anythfftg that looks brewers are blaming the increase                                                                                                  LAWN
    like it’ll makemo.ey."            on the ris,ng cost of grain and                                .       .            ’ fy,ac ok ,rid Mar,m H ........
                    )                 tabor’ Rut a FrhnkIln retailer                       Given an l°arrlag° IlY htr[ bhla gowns with bouquets o[                      SUPPLIES
       You coo tell ~t’s ~//Sukln     ag~igu~ anolher rea.~on to C/re                   falser, the bride w re a go~’n el)
    time, or t~lghty close to it. price hike, }mepredJc{5 tllat a                               .                             , P nkcari~Otong
                                                                                        J’~acp.mt lace and [ulh. r:lc)~ He ry Pie "ucha was has                .aa
    Michael LIsL D ...... tie ennui- fair trade price will be p,aeed oa                 I,:fotfa tan, had, o,,t,eSrsl h’),in, and sh ........     Vincent Mafia,,
                                      bPer, ~n~ lhe brPwer a~z] Ibe                     A orowno[ b ~)sstl:ll~ and [eav,,~ and ~OU         ~V3rfe~.                 LAWN        SEED         ~¢
                                                                                        he[dher 1l ......        I Shee,r
                                                                                                                 iL              After ecLomcny ~cceph.n ff-1O-~
                                                                                                                                         ?he          a
                                                    ~us ~$#[ble.                              rJed a white orchid and whtle, washeld in l[le Ha~ail~onPoll(
                                                                 ¯ * ’                  carnations.                          } Clob. The couple ~eft inlet lot
                                                               Ihat ....
                                                  ,t ,,,se,,c~tedrep                        ,,,,
                                                                                       ~,,,,~ .......the b..’ ....
                                                                                             .                              , o wedding tripio he ~lwr~ao          FERTILIZER
                                                   ta~lvesofthedersey Development rcumn, Miss Joyee Dancers of 3i Mot~nialns.                                                            ~[[~
    [~O~L~                       wholesagar           wa,tlttobeashlgh
                         ~                          Comp,ny would appear at the Bll~rWood ......     D            B~desnla,ds] Mrs. Aleksanls ~ enlplnyed b~ 80 lb. be,                  w~ ¯
                                                    Planning Board meeting last W~I~ [~e Mfage8 Evelyn ~an.[ the John WaldrvnCorporation of
                                                    night with plans for the first      kanlcs, L~onara Gallon and] Highland Park and her husband
                "rO~OOL ~fo~OF’~.                  seettonofh ......    the2,000-acre Arlene Sl,llwa~en. M~s~dnne!bv Javar Constru,tien Corapanv LIME
                                                                                                                    xJ                                                                     6~
                                                   peoperly they /~ught ~’~’~e~¢$/y CareHo)wal O~] i }:~PP A ~OIJ{’ ¯I ~fSp’ . g ’ ed
                                                                                                     )                                                              ~lb.b~
                                                   at[ Eas~iz Avenue and LeUpp ceusm of he bride, was jol* or
                                                   L~e. Bqt as at yesterday after, bridesmaid,                                 IIOLMSE8 BACK HOME
                                                   noon the appearance Was ran-           All the hrldesmaida w o re             Y~qr, & ~lrs. BeniamJ~Holme.~
                                                  celled I~.’L.¢~ttl~ Of eagle.ring de-white ~]eor length g .....       Mie~ of Oakdale V}ll[~ge ,ece.lly re
                                                   lays. /DO r~ow plans te make Daneses wore a blue tulle head- turned after vacationing for two ~’ A"~’~k                              BROS *
                                                   1~ pre~nthtloll at the board’s piece and carried white ros~s and weeks in North Carolina.
                                                   Oohabormeeting,                     carnations. The bridesmai~ wore                                                 FARM SUPPLIES
                                                                     ~mort toeMf       pink tulle crowos end else car- LADIES AID TO MBET
                                                                                       rled White roses and carnations           The Ladies Aid Society of ~he        POWER        MOWERS
                                                  MR. & MRS. S. HORVATB                   Mi~s Patricia Horvafh of 11 K~Griggstow ReformedC h u r e h:
                                                                                                                                         n                                ~[~I~D~RE
                                                                                       Avenue, a cousin of the bride will meet In the home of Mrs
                                                  OH TRIP TO RANGOB                    arid MIss JaequeBn~ Perorm DavidSmith oo Sept, 18 at B p,m,                            FEEDS
                                                     Mr. & Mrs. sLepsen Horvath of nicer of the bridesroom, wer~ Proceeds of $#50 fro~ a Har’¢e~
                                                   10d Ambroee   Street left Tueeda~ flower girls, They wore white Homeheld Aug. ]5 will he as-                        I~gANHJLJSq       N.
                                                                                                                                                                                   ]PARK) J.
                     ~(t]n~ht~tlf~B               mor~lng fora brief vacation in tulle g~wr;s and carried ~uqu~t~ |~Ble~: tO *.he ebLlrchdu~qd.                             , VII 4-~1~
            ,        ,       .     ~       ~      BtpdOf, Me, A~mpanyi~td th~ of whlth flowers,
                                                  were Mrs. Hnrvath’s mother, Mrs A brother of the bridegroom,
                  ][om0~l~                     , Theresa Ge~9,and her brother, Robert Ports, was best man
            ¯    , . Vl~               D ~     ’ Joseph, both of 575 H~’~ll~on Uohere were D~vldPorts, another
                                               I g"eet’                                bmtbor, Ralph Carnevale
                     ~W~ll~                          ~ will r¢~ ~th58ay h~ ’lw.~deriek            I~l~/lrd,
            ¯        ¯ ,    ~          ~          order to wekom~ba~k on the Feint brotLar of the brlde~oem                                                                                        ’-
                                                  fO]lOW~n day the Horv~tha’ WaS
                                                              d                             JunJo¢ uther.
        ¯   ¯ ¯     ~                  ~          daughter, Mre, dohn Gary Ports                                                   J[~W~g p~ , . ~/IO~ O[
                                                                                         The sitar was decorated wJlh
        . ) . ]~ll~v~                             a~d ~ husband,         f~m N~sau White carnations. Mrs, Dorothy
            ¯ , . ~’I~$ ~                         where tboy were honeymooning flmelBt of Met~.ohen.was letoirL
                                                 af~ lbotr waddles I~t Seha~. The organ WH               pltyed by flktor
        ¯        ¯      ¯ ~        ~                          ~                       Blanche0f the Sisters of Divine
                     !11~                        SUS~ ALSOP BN~SI~                    Charity.
        ’’ ’                                     CglV~’EKABy COLLWGE                     After the ~erumuny a r~pUon
        lw l~ . 0hO~
        ¯ ¯                                          Miss Elizabeth H. AI~op,dough- for 350 people was held in Far
                                                  ter of Mr. & Mrs. Thorns# R, P. Hills ~rm, after which the couple
        ’ ’ ¯ ]~ntt4z’~[~                       Al~p of Overbrooh                                           trip
                                                                       Farm, Middle- left on a weddL~S to IUa~au.
    ’     ¯ ¯ . ~ l~                             bush, wSI be a memberof the U~ their return) italy will lt~e
                                                 new frubrntn class at Ce;~lenary at 143 SpruceSt~’eet, ~*~rlneeton.
        .   .    .     ~ ~                       ~ollep for Women H|cketts-
                                                                       in                Mrs, Pet~ I| ~ Iffaduate of I~ew                                        ~ I~|~p~J
           , ~ood L11~k NJ~f~                    town. Classes begin Sept, 24 HrunswJck High ~choel and is                                                      ~ef th~ tdt~tM hi
        ’’                                       She is a gradl~te of Miss ]~V~e’s emplOyed the N. ,,I. Bell Tele-
                                                                                                  by                                                           ]av~ ~ut~) la~ ~ . .
        ¯ . . strictly   lPrmh ~                 S~hool In Prineetnn.                 phone Company, Her husband,                                              million) Of ~e/~
                                                                                      a gradugto Of Princeton High                                             ~o(md, 11~:~1,~$]~.~g~$
                                                MISS ~J;INBON TO WED                  School) Is an employee of the
                                                q2RBNTONIAN ~ATUKDAY
                                                                  ON             Princeton Post Office.                                                         ~ SPfCJA£
                                                     MJ~ J’UOe He/n~on of Market                                                                               ~H| eah~o~yom’~tdo~/~.
                                                Street,E~st MBlstone, will be HRISTENINO                    HELD                       ~l~.q.~@                irtg With colorful ~- t’ofa.
                                                married to Hobart Hannah of POR WALTERDEUTBCHIt                                    ~]utrlent l)a~ked    m      hines beauty and ~k’e.
                                                Trenton. at d p.m. Saturday Jn           Walter Deutseh II was christ-            ~oo~ tl~t bl’~ a~d           l Jb--~l.2~     ~ 1b$--$~.~5
            HeavyCream                          the E~t Millstone Reformed            ened Sunday in St, LedJs]aus
                                                Church. The cer~ony will be Church. New Brunswick. He w~
                                                                                                                                  thld~r) stronger Seepet
                                                                                                                                                                ~ UTILITY
                                                                                                                                   root~ townS.
                                                performedhytheHev. Dr¯Mllt0n bntm Aug¯ 10 to Mr, & Mrs,                            I~ted25001~¢~2,50          Qui& and httdy g~m ~v~
                                               Ho~fman.                              Wa/ter Deu~ch of Amwell Head                     ~000 ~ if-- |~.95       age , . . ru~ am. take.It
                                                              __                     Middlehush.                                     JO,~ $~ It i |7.85       lawn, 1 I~-’~r      ~ Ib~-44.7~
                                               HINGS’BOH AUXILIAHY                      Sponsors the chrlslenlng
                                               HAS IS’J~ ME~’4~NGTODAY               were M~ Hernias Nemce an~

                                                ll+o, o ol..+ B Fallo,
                                                                     0o Manville
                                               Au thotO. ".w,.wloh. og
                                                    The newly organized Ladlet t~arles AI Bomenek, both

                                               toer Fire ComBany
                                                                               Hardware ¯
                                                                 writ ~Id ft~ chrBhmthg, the parents beI~
                                               fLtt meetthg at 8 p~. t~; th openhouse for about ~ people,                                        MI~    BlrgN1tB
          IPSSS PAEKEB          should be readverfised next year, services begin at 11 a.r~
          ttTh~ CPea|              The eecond bid was a aontraet ’ The Chef,alan Endeavor Sort-
                                t~ transport one child to Lincoln sty will hold iL~ first meeting of         ~T OU11~   HOMK ~bT~O1~’~,~c
      Locomotive    Chase"                                         ~he FaIJ ~t 7~t) pro, S~:~day i~
                                ~r’h~l it~ NewBrun~wirk. It the church amlex,
               ALSO             was awarded to Mrs, Priscilla
          TONY CUST~S                       a£
                              ’ Panettiere a cosl of ~ per day.
                                                                          ST. AUGUST[NE’~
    ’~                         This also wgsthe nnly bid
    *’The Rawhide Years           A mextmt2r~of $300Was              ~ass will be
                                                          ~rs~t. a.m. Sunday, celebratedat 9:30
                                ed to School Superlntendent          The Altar & R~sary Society
                                JumeaM. Lynehloprintapprolo"
    CO~’~ AB LA~AS d F~, & ~a~ly l,OOO copies of his a~nual held Hs first Fall ~ling at B
    STILL dSg MAIN FEATPRS I report, The report will he dis" p.m, Tuesdayin the church base-
                                tributrd 1O parenir,               men| Plans were discussed for
                                                                   s turkey supperto "De heed Sept,

                                                                      The Ladies AuxlllaW of the

IIIfA                                                                    ont,.,o
                                                              l[I-,fihot..d.n            Fire
                                                                    gast Frank n Volunteer Co

II~x~/~’~[~._                lk R /l
                                          t c, tl9
                                            .~n [ JIU

                                                                   to be heldin O~thher wl]lbe

]    ~
                  EXPENSES       --
                 - HBATIWG ]1 M,&~.. c~,~ ~l.0 ov
           CLOTmNG                                                 _.__ A__
[      ~                           ~0~I C~’t     Ha~e            |1 hosth at a family r~mnionbarbe.
                                    ..........                      ~ !deMc Sunday aflornoou at

                                                                                                             DUETO RELIGIOUS  HOLRIAY$
                           on                                                                            .      WEWILL BE CLOSED
                     AUTO- FURNITURE                                  ALL SCOldS                               THURSDAY  AND FRIDAY
                PERSONAL                                                LAWNCARE                                  SEPT, 6 AND7th

                                                                        Suool;es ¯ ~,~...,,, ~o,,-,,~,~,,.~,o-,.
    IRA 2H70430                /
                                                              ] _Fertilizers .., 5-10-5
                                                                    100 Ibs ......         $2.75
                                                                                                                            .r         -~-
           QUICK, CONFIDENTIAL                                             ~ou.d
              FRIENDLY                SERVICE                           Limestone,.. 61
                                                                       Lexga Balls     F~t M~

             MANVILLE                                                        Be
                                                                    OpenSleety B a,l~ to U a.~
             FINANCE COMPANY                                                  CO
                                                                     N.B. FLOWER
                          , ta~ N~ ~1~                              ~l Met~ St.      t’~   t-al~a                           1~llot   6-1975
    PAGS 6                                                                     THS       FRANKLfH            NSW8                                                 SSPTEM~IgE 8, 19/~

            The Fran                                                                                                                                 MOon,
                                k"nNEW8                                                        ON
                              A NashNewspaper
                           Published Every Thureday
                      ManvBlePttbll~h~g Compslay                                     COMMUNISM
                                                                          By Dr. Aluzmldor B. Ihlil~
                    Edward No~h, EdRor al~ l~bll~er
                   Louis F, Brown, Advert~h~l[ Mmlaggr                   ,~mNLnt pt~r at ~oaomm
                                                                         mad |~IMUK Rmmilax
                 OiftCel RGI]roadSquKre, ML~diehu~ ~.f4".                              BuLg~rl
                                                                         &ltd. e~onoml~l,     UntventW,
    F, ntered aa Second Ct~a ~ttor on $¯nuLry d, 1955, trader the A¢~ thl st~ trntv.rglt~ o~ New/~’~r.
         of M¯l~.h3, 187g, at the Post Office at Mlddtehtedl~ J,
                                                               N.       ~
    All nev~ stories and letters of eomm~at   subodtt~t for puhBealtee [P.dt~r’s note: Dr, BalLqk.vwr~te
              mutt beBr the name and addm~aof the wrlter,              this caiman on communism in
        ftthg[e ¢oplegBe; I-year aubsex’iptlon, ~t,g0; g yelk’~ $4,~0  3araaica while vtslttns that
             ~l~phon~: Viking 4. 7000, ~dolph 5 o ~B00                 ~onntry during his retttrn trip
    ~H.         N.       J.,         THURSDAY,                       ~ ~roma vacation stay th Verier-
                                                             -         natal
                 Safety Patrols on Duty                                           Kl~o~.~A~CA--~bst
                                                                               ~appens to American commuK~
         With aohool doors opening and that hold their classraates a~ a ~he¢l they are dePOrtedfrom this
     the voices of ehildreR again fill- crossing or permit themto leave eounlry under the ~mith Act? f
     in[[ our halL~of ]earning, our of across the road. Pine o~ the great- found the answer to at least one
     the great instttut ons of our and csl tribotes to the Patrol ia how ea.~e here in Jamaica, Theanswer
     r~houid be acknowledged G’.ie respectfully most ~ehoolchildren, carc, e ~n en intervie~ with Per-
    moment,                               and many adults, ~ollo~ their dinned Smith who eurreotly~
     it has becometbaLover the             inMractJons, accepting them         leads Janlalcml eommunish~.
    -- is the Ba[ety Patrol                      wonld a polleeman’s              On Aug. 15, 1951, "Ferdie" ] ~*|        ~~~/~4                                                        ~:~:~’~
        T I~ a s a "patrolmen" ~re the                                                                                  ~’5~?~?~1’                       ....
                                                                              bJmith a lap Negro communist              ~’~
     young boys a~d girls on guard (raPs success the h3ndJwoek            Of          dt.~orte d fronl the UiliK.d                                                                   ,¢’b¢~42~’
     at street cornet’s, ever alert ~ local ~Irld StatePo]ieo,the latter Statics for advocatingthe vlo]ent
     protect their cla~smst~.~from the ~l’gaai~al~on .spend ng manyman overlbro of tile I~ovet’nlnent.
     violence that cornea from jay- hout’~ 0 h ,]p It eke Safe y Patrol                 w
     walldng and speeding earn, With a effective, and traditic~a],            Tho "Only" Rag                            O/ BOO,/~’S ~ P~tys ~ ~l~ndr’¢ T/I[~.,$,                     , . ,
    their disthlctlve mslgnla, spree- aniz-sllon, Withsuch poller el-             I f<~und him seated under a
    t[roe~ g~t’bed ~l~ Palrol z’alneo~s ~rt behind tb~s movenlenla two- hugo poctrai[ of Stalls in party                             ]                                        S ¯
    daring ~m.lement weather, they headed monster is being allseked hcadqoarte,~, ~4 R~rry St.. Kieg-
     dutifully take thch" posl~ near           death on the roads and ~uven- sio,l~ Jamaica. Far die Smith
                                                                                                                                T~e Super.Colossal                        Keg                  I
    schools as youngsters wa ] k to il~ dtdJnquen .., ~ for here are rialtos to Ix             1 the only communist
    ac]lool, leave for ltnlrl b rettlr~l Ic)lnl!~S[els ~lle sre learnblg tbc hi damah’a, because Ills pariy
    again, and then depart for borne ,xeccd for respect of laws while ~oes bx ~ different nameon this                           ,~[
                                                                                                                         SOLOn fhe tnnvira re/enscd: rTi,or bitllSt’ll. Thephilosophic
     when lasf class oiler0 is done. :t few aft an sbep]lerd s for their ial:m(t It has lhe lofty tit]e of Ihis ~o.nlilel have beenalmost[ i.qllb.afioas ~,f tlw n.,ve] ac,. re-
                                                                                                                      a~ Stlllei-[’oh~.~alas the z~(lSw:~uld tlaccd ill tile picture to e ronfiict
        ’I’he~e Safety Patrol members~~la~motes,                              The People’s FreedomMow’meat. have~’ntl brllol’e, SO fl few words betweenl"thtib and his flrsl mate,
    h~Fs and girls, comprise a high           The Safety Patrol is a wonder- Smith does uoI h0ld atly follnal                                                  ~hubuck, between Ilia man~A+ho
    mark in citizenship training. Be [ul asFet Jn lheconlmuuity, and r×tcutiec tJile il~ the party, in °n [we or the best s,,~ln ili o£ile3,
    fore other students begin the trek those v, ho staf~ the orga~li~e~o~l order to fool the nniv~ into be-                                                    is tcmVkllred   that the force reline
    ~o seitool Patrol members on nnd those who help direct its ]ievlng that the People’s Freedom "The King and I" was a beatltb the universe is an evil one and
                                  are                                                                                                                          the conventionsl religionist But
    duty, waiting to give the signals actions are deserving of plaudits, Movement is not just another ful show sad is fin even more this particular waydf looking at
                                                                              arnt o[ tho conlmunistparty, but beautiful motion picture. But It "Moby                  Dick," if sol the enD"way,
                                                                                                                      has a lot more to offer than
                                                                              he is president of the Jamaican ve v deco~Rtldgel’s alld l[azn is a valid way. Credit nlus[ be
       "      " Give
                  th            Kid
                                e             s a  Brake!                     Fcdo, a,o,, of Trade Unions.
                                                                                  Smith ela~ms a dues-paylog
                                                                                                                      merslein c,utdid themselves wh,,n        given ¢0 the producer of the film
        With ~cho0]s back in se~qJoll,           le                                                                    h~.v wrote this musical show for attempting to deal with the
                                              SimP ’e~ ]Ilic* s, and nares- memberstdp ]2,000 people with rased on the true expet’ienec~ nf difficult problemat all.
    this also is a goodtime for driv- ar~                                     more than twice as many non- a governess from Victorian Ring- As in, the mc~vie a very gond
    era to review traffic laws per-                                                                                                                                                   is
                                              School’s open, Mr, Motorist. dues-paylng sympathizers. Evan IoHd at lhv ~iam,.ae court. Hal one. It could have been really
   tathing tO SChOOl   buses. The   rag- Give the kids s brake!               Blake, editor and publisher o[ only is the In usie unusually
   ulatinns need review because Jn                                            *~SpotEght" {Jamaica’s "Time" cho n ng. bu he. s o" serf s great had ~n adequate Captain
                                                                                                                                                                            bee~ found. Gregory
    1955there were 3,646 arrests for                                          magazineb puls the communist pariicularly mature and moving. Peck’~forte is not it~tense emotion
   violations of this statute, 13 per-    NEWJERSEY ON TOP                    figure at under 1,000.                 Throughthe subtle interaction of such aa that which possessed
   ee~lt rdore thal~ ia the pr0violl~ OF BLUEBERRY             hl8~              Twoconditions here are con- two strong-minded eharacIers the Ahab. He ~ unable to project
   year, andin the first five raontbs NewJersey ranks an out-and- ducive [o cummuntsm.
   of this year there were 1,903 ~mT,-out "first" on just about all                                                  age-old conflict betweenEast and Ahab’s ]nsai~e passlott ex~pt by
                                                                                 One is the burning nationalism
  at, cones ~ue&                          scores when it comes to blue- of the Jamaican people. Theother West is resolved. It is the rare eye and head raiLings which seem
       ~urlag school hettre drivers bathes. The cultivated blue- is widespread unemploymentsad Hollywood musical wh~h can only homeywhen they are with-
                                                                                                                     boast a situation of such depth, out the inner fire which would
   shouldkeepwatchfor yellow berry was "invented"                   here, in lackof unemployment        Jrlsursnc~                                            makethemconvincing. his      With
   buses bu~e0        withtheoNiefld      191~$.          top          of
                                                   We’re producer theor social                       on       one
                                                                                          ~ecarlty this, of Wlsoly, Bry~ner allow-  Yul         we8
                                                                                                                     edtoreereatetherole~theking               ~hortbeard, wbenhewalksahout
   yeUowscho~lbussigns. W~.en a nation with close to a $4,000,0u9 the last British possessions, ff                                                             the deck it, black ~tovepiPe hat
   achool bus stop~ to take on Or crop. And we’ve pioneered Jn there is any one certain cantle- which he originated on Broad- and frock coat, he looks dtatre~-
   dlnchlrgg children, the methrist rehash to make the berrl~ sion it is that ~’atr~aioin people waY~He looks the king~ cono thgly                                     like  Abraham   Line.In.
                                                      um-y~myfor home are ~ti-~IrRiak            and. w~nt their                 to
                                                                                                                     ~rlvtng be unbelievably          Ira-
¯ ~n~Its~opat ~t I0 feetaw~lr~ eH~¢IaRy                                                                              beHous and e¢~nldet~/ ~,.,,~.-               ’I~g      Oth¢.~         ~ ere
  .~n~ ~’ put ~ntil all p/uBeni~xs ¢o~umpRon, $1o says 9uz Bte|o ~den~. .,
           in the ~ ~e h~ve ~ ~t of ~t~oftur~                                                                        th~h: at the same ~e. As fe~ good, L4OGermit ¯ ~lmk and
                                                                              Anot~t Amteo~a                         Anna--well, there are tho~e of atheere Starbuek, ~nd Rlehard
        If a busis s~l~ed $2mcuxb September fromtheLatin "Suppose patty
                           at                            is                                 your                   us
                                                                                                         suoeeed~ wilethought           thatanyone                         Js
                                                                                                                                                      mastBasehet’t¢ouyhlcklg             ¯s Ishmael
    th ~flt d ¯ lleh~~ldyen~ ~            implore, levett, and ~zlgtnlJly Was free~g the Jamtlcanpeople pale In thlt role before the the teller of the tale.
                                                                                                                                                                  Particularly effective is tbe
    ~lyl2~[t~-~ ~0 I It ~.0 fl @~ the seventh month ~n the calen- from .British domin~tthn." this memoryof Gertrude Lawrence.
                                          da~.                                                                        But Deborah Kerr is quite as color. Most color movlea ar~
                                                                                                                      good as one could hope. She more ViVidthan life, but in thk
       ~ICKL~I~                                                 ~ ~1o1~ "what woula you Put in Ite
                                                                              ply?"                                   bringsgre~t vitality to the rote, one th@ U~ Of Iome I~rt O~
                                                                  I               ~]t~Ith~s very candld ar~w~is more romance           tha~ we remember fL1ter gives the effect Of ¯
                                --           .    ~ ~"- .~.....-~             probablY the reason whythe ms- being there before, Besides, she whlth wash over the whom
                                                    /                         Jorlty of the Jan’,ale~t~ do ~ot b¯s a most pte¯s~nt siring voice, piethre, pallas the colors to a
                                                                               rush to join his party, He replied                      emd
                                                                                                                         ’~rhe i.~og P’ might just degree which Increases both the
                                                                               ~hat when the d¯Y comes Wbe/1 be the m~t ~r~eot m~ie¯l x~lllhlm I~d the m~lteriousne~                                       [
                                                                             ,Jamaie¯ Is free af I~rttl~h con- motion picture ewr made,                        of the t~l eHeeh
                                                                               ~rol, It |hall he null¯led attar                      * * *                        ’l~ao~ghlthe~Radefec~,"Mol~
                                                                               Lho  ~,ov[e~~ysterP,                      Johia Hell,ten has managedto l)Jch" k well worth seeing be-
                                                                                  A man whocan speak                          to              a         of
                                                                                                          withfar bring thescreen version cause is a respoaslblenot    it                     and
                                                                               ~reaier authority for the Jamai- Herman MelvUle’s masterpiece, unsuccessful effort to film one of
                                                                               a~, people--and whoreprese]tts         "Moby Dick," which, ~n]ike ott~ greatest huf most difficult
                                                                               themaJorRyvlew--ls       editnr-puh- earlier versions, somebears       role-    n0V$1$*
                                                                               lisher Evar, Biahe. Blake Is sin- alan t0 the originsh TOcapture                                            --Barb
                                                                               ccrely and deeply dedicated to completaIy the Vt~St, fnrnlles~
                                                                               the cause vf Jamaican nntional- novel would hsve beenJmpns- HEWARKFI~T TO 8TART _
                                                                               :aa. Ills ztrength with hia own sible, but Houstonhas turned out SUMMERSCHOOLS
                                                                               people lies in the fnet that he a rousing good advenlure story                              was
                                                                                                                                                                   Newark the first city in the
                                                                               fights for freedom from British whk.b does not Ignare the book’s satin n to establlsh summer
                                                                                !*ule from s nora-communist,    non- deeper impiicaS0ns,                        sth0vls for its studenks paid for
                                                                                Marxist point of view. Blake nnd         All the excitement and drama out of public funds¯ This was in
                                                                               .qmlth arealmost      symbols---~ym-~he whalehunt has been 1806, a $ix-weeke
                                                                                                                      of                                               Rnd                course was
                                                                                bels everywhere in the world            ictnrlalized. Reyond this, the deemed the answer to a problem
                                                                                whPrepeople are ptrt~ggIbng for dialogue attempts to preSetlt~On~pof Rrowlng                  concern:

                                                              ~                 independence, Ferdtnand Smith ~f the reasons MelvlIle suggested "~at to do with the large
                                                                                offers the people ¯ substitute OI for Captain Ahab’s monomaniac number of children who cannot
                                                                                Soviet for British rule, Evan obsession witb the whtte whale, l~ava the cry during the long

        i                             ,                                         Blakestrugglesto give his people Of nece~lty, those explanations sumlfler vacation." Edueator~
                                                                                true Independenceand re.t self- are vastly simplified because from ¯ll over wrote to ask how
              "Daddy, wouJd you t[ko to hear I~1~ ImR&~Jon ¯       G[          detormln~tJon.                         MeIvRle    n~varmade    them very : it woHt~L        ~dld the idea spread.
                                   cat fight?"
 ~tmSDAY,                   ES~S~e,~0                                                        TH~ F~ANgLZN                  ~RWf                                                                          PA6S7
 REAL             I~STA’I’E                                                                   Help        Wanted          M~le        RI~AX,          2BTAT2
                                                                              Service        man to repPes~nl      i~rge
               3OSEFH BIELANSK[                     REAL BSTAT~ A(~IIN~   mid-wes~era appliance                manufac-                           IOflN     KRIPOZAK &GENCY
                                                                          tutor in Somenet County. This                                        G. L MORTGAGI~I AgRANGIJD
                               REAL" RETATE                               Is an opporttmity for an excel.
                                                                          lent career.                Home owner pro-           S~morVllle--N.       Richards Avenue, 9-room pro-war Cape COd
      Man.,file--Modern 6-r0om home, "die bath, basemenl~ off hen’s,
                                                                                           Must have late model home. Tik. bath and kitchen,                         Automatic   gaa heat.      Set.ned
 venetian hlhids, screens and storm windows, garage~ nicely land- letted.                                                  porch, l-ca~ garage; 75x12g nLcely landscaped Lot Asking$18,~,
                                                                          car. Ash 25-4& We ftLrnJsh all
 l~aped. AskMg $14,70tt                                                                                                         MlmvBlv.,.Modern       g-year-old     C~pe Cod b~m~e, Large expsn.
                                                                          ~ulpment and stock.                  8eMcted
  ¯     MamvLlle---Modern 6-r0om house, tim bath, basement, venetl~       ma~. writ be lratnefl,               Verified   sion attic,      automatic gas heat. Aluminum combinations.           $12,900,
 blinds, combination slorm windows, 2~ar garage, nicely la.~d~ap-         earnings $40G-508 a month. All                        FindBme--Business       property,    8gx]80~ with masonry building.
 ed. Asking $]8,000.                                                      applications confidential.                 Box 80x48. Ashing $10,000,
                                                                          E-I The News
      Manviile--2-famiIy     house, 8 and 4-room apartments, wRh bath,      .                                                   Hlllsbe~uyh.     on MIS La~v--F~nv 2.acre buDdit~g plot AskJng
 hot water hea~ combination storm wl~dows~ lot 40xlS0. Asking l~Olp ~n~od ~sm~lf~ $2,800,
 $]~ 800                                                                  Salesgirls.             Excellent   opporfun~
                                                                                                                 full or condRion. Recreation8-room Ca!~ Cod home Jn aple-and.apen
      Brldgawater   Towel.=go    acresof land, send fo~ deve]olk~g,    ity for permanent              Position,                                         ba~emen~ Wi~h bar, aufomatic g~ hea+~
 Asking $20,000.                                                          part t i m v. Ah’ conditioned,                   aluminum combination,         nicely l~LRdscaped.         Improved ~h~et.
      MBnv~lt~...ModeA, tl~ laYge S-i~om Pancb type home, besemenl, pleasanl ll,olkm~ enndltlons.                     U~. Owner leaving state.         ~acriflee at $13,500.
                                         . an bhnds. Lo                   der new mana~cmenL                     Ca or
 bet water heat, kltrl~en range, ve~m                     75 xl0O. Ask apply In person,                                         ~rankllt~ Township, JaaL off Btls Lioe---~-b~dz’~vm CaPe Cod
                                                                                                          D~[els Spe-
 h~g $15, .                                                               elalty         ~hops, 60 W, Main St. aty]e hnm~ All improvements, l-ea~" gin-age, Lot I00 x I~0 w|th
      Manville--Modern      2 family house, 5- and 4-r~om apartmOnls      Somerville, SO 8 1894, (~-g-Sgb)                 trees.    Widow must sell¯       $9,100.
 W’JLb baHL r~rate heating ay$1ems. Lot 80 x i00. Good locatian                                             ’         ’ "       ~rldb~w~er--5-roo~          Ca~ Cod ho~. ,4.11         improv~e,~.
 Asking $18,900.                                                          POI* fllH~lO                                    .A_lu~uinum comblnations.          Lear garage. Nice grounds, 188~.~O,
      blanville~Large    7-room house, 2 baths, basement, slearn heat.        6-room Cape Cod home, gar- fro]ttio~[                      on two roads, SuRabio for eonstruetlt~g        allother home,
                                                                          age.12 footpatio,new shingles,                  Asking $]2,800.       Seasonable    offerconsideA’ed.
 sarape.   Lot 6~ × I D0. Very rc~sonable,
                                                                          many other e~tr~s,lot 80xl00.                         Sr~ehhurg--New      8-room split |evcl home, g b~t~roorn~,
      Hl~Ishorou~hTown~hlp--M~del’n          4-room ranch type llome~ of- Very z’~nahle.                 SO 8-7~gZ
                                                                                                                          place, built-in oven counlertop r~nge, garage and hasemen~ l-
 Inched garage Rc~rc~tio. basement Large shade t~ee~, g~.~                                                     (3-928b) acre ploL A very goo buy at $14,700.
 8crt~    of fang n~eely landtcaped.          Asking $17,500.     Will consoler          ............                                                 d
 rea~anable o~fer.                                                            Thr~e parakeets,              2 blue,     ]       M~,~vllle---Weston       ~eetion, 7-room Older type house, all ~.
                                                                          ~recn.Trained tO talk.Reasc~- provements, bathrooms.              2               Lot 75 x I00. A~king $1~g0O,r~on~hie
      ManvIUe---S~m’i, 5-room livlngquarler~,bath,base~nl abla 233 N. 3rd Ave., MsnvHM.
 $1eanl  hta!.~ilehcn   :’an~e,            LOI
                                 garage:," IO0~l(J(~    1~easunable,                                            (£-9-0x)
      Ft~nkl~ Towltshlp--~,iodern        4-ro~m home, eneJ~ed breeze                    .........                               Hlllsborouffh.--Ncw        An]well ~oad, near sehoo[~ new deluxe
                                                                              Used GE clothes             washer with ~plit-levci           homes. Colot’ful kitehnR with GE built-in           even end
 wa~’, ;dtached gal’age~ hath, b~scment, ell heat, ~. acres of land. ~mnll spinner. Low cost because                       cou~ter top lan[~c,, luxurious eoiortxi tile bath, with beautiful
 Askin~ 1.800. Willec~Isider
         $I                          re.~soaabie  offer,                  of laek of space, RA 5-2fi37or vonity,                    utillv roolo    aild~- bath.fini.dled                  room
                                                                                                                                                                              rc~.reatio#l spacious
                                                                          lg24.                                           J~hlisll(2d gala;~L’, ]aI’~e ~x~flllSlo]1 attic for aH purpese      room. Beau-
                                                                             Lot ]00~471, with a iounda-                   lilul inter]0f d(rco~atinll, ~:~ uer~’ plo(, $i7,500.  "i~erma.
              (;l   MORTGAGES AN][} LOAN~ A~I~AN@ED                       tim, FOP        infnrnlalion, wrile Petro
                         MANY OTHER LISTINGS                                                                                    l~I;invi]le.    Norlh Sidc--Atllaetive    nuw Cape Cod beret, s, large
                                                                          Silnlan e/o General                 Delivery,
                                                                          ]~:IS[ ~g]stol]e.                     (.~.~.~X) C’X~IISlOll attiC, ~last~,I’ %all~, ho~. waLcr baseboard heat¯ First
                                                                              ..............                              home nearl> completed, $12,750,
                    JOSEPX~          ~XE~ANS~I                                                 S,~,rm     and
                                                                                                    w~ndew~ door~.
                            ~r~o~I          l~Eh~te           .~en~"                         t]elipsc  ~a ~ry mowers. Mowers       Manville -S. 5th Ave, ileal" school and stores. Substantial ~-
                                                                                                                               family brirk house, 4 room8 .~nd bath in each aparlmen~; g-c~r
                        ARTHUR L. SKAAE~ Sal~tman                                            shnrpen¢’d and repaired, Gardel~
                                                                                             ~upplies, ,~’ixon Service Center, ~arage, A~king $]4,9110.
              l~5 N. l~t &venue, Mal;Yfll~ SOW~’~II I-II~8
                                                                                             CH 9 - 2007.            (S-4-19b)
                                                                                   ~                                                                 ,Yohn            ~r~IPCZ~        &l~eno~’
 ....................                                                   .....                  4 lois [teated      an North fit:’,
 ~eal            ~st~t~                              N~ql~nt~d         TO B1LI~              Av~, M~nvi]le.        CEll HA 9-Bg14           ~8 S,   MRIN STREET          gO 8-g881          MANVILI,E, N. d.
                                                        Scrap iron, metals, balte~ie~,                                    {4-8-81x)                        I[   NO Anmwer~ Call   RAndolph 5~g
                                                     iodustrial metals, S. Klein, 181~
           $. E. CI~IARNESKI                         W. Camplaia Rd.,       Manville.   ~O~                   l~@n~                                    ......
                                                     RA 8-7618.               (S-5-18M 3½-room aparlmebt~            heat &i
                     Realtor                                                            hot wa~er, .20g Fiiak ~t., Manville, J
                                                       J, B. Auto W~ecking,         I ~ RA 8-321g.
                          .                                                                                          (l -I)-6bl
        for     buyioS or ~eiling                    cam and trucks for scrap. U#Od
                                                     auto paris for ~,ale, 94 S. gist     S-ream apartment,        heat and
        zeal estM¢ of all kinds                      Ave.,Manville. RA g. B079.         hot water furnished, N. 8th Ave,,
     ~l~ege                    ~e           ~                                {~-14h)    Mar, ville.    Call Che~ter    House,

               M~vlne, J.                                                                      ,.~ h .... ~-~, ~od...,
                                                       Reconditioned~sed b/cy¢leL s;J im~oveme~m O~ ~we]l                                                        ClauifiedAd Rates
                          g-0~$                      Will pick up and deliver, Olx’l         Ed,,H]l’~borotlgh,     Call SO S-l~8.
,,            ~                                      mack# RA 2-19~0, 10lO Ro~eve]
        MAN~[LLE G~BAG~                                                                                                   ($-9-(b[)
                                                     Ave., Manville.          (~-9-~b
           80 S, MAIN ST.                                                                      Modern store, 2,000 square feet,
     Opt. ManvilleNational Bank                        C~t~ NFtio ~ eleane~,            ol     ~7 E, Main St.,       Mm~!lio.         ~q,           ~ m~ Im~ ~,         I}1.011      ~ttm   ~mrp ~

              d GAS         Pl~S                                                             men, with kitchenF~vtlege~In.
                                                                                                                                        Ya~"i a~ le wldck ’repSeg            m addremed t° fftta     ~eWUJd4N~--
                                                                  ~sOOS                      qu[A’e~S N. 7th Ave.,Mm|ville.
~      Ar:~--~             ~f~,--~              ~

                                                                                             ~ Lliht         hommkeep~        ~         ~Tl~m~-’~em~l~tw~wmmwee~l~                                             m
                                                                                              Hew eleet~e          t~   all     de-     mar   h~mmthtn~       ee~  ~ twowaza~,aldawch~
              ANDREW        IAOR                         IB S. Main Sh, Manvl~e               e,~,-~hRlo~        Nea~ b~ a~ ~ ~rlt
REAL       ESTATS          & IN~UP~NOS                         ~ ~-~1~4                      ~ F~e       l~Aa~,     Low"     ~M
                                                                                             No ehl~         Naua     R~mlng            M m~ I~ net      rm~emdbhi  fw xd eeEY tt~lv~                          by
     12.2 Roosevelt Ave., ~anvil]e                                                           Hott~,     IS8 ~ St. ~ervt]]e,       ~,lellmte.
          Exclusive   Agem~                                                                      , , i                        (~’)

           ~rv~tE                                                                                    mc.   somm
                             ~R~                                     ~$’,
     4-~omCape Codh~m~e,
                       e~an.   ~                                  ~8~E~                              Me,lag& 8t~’s~
sion attic,        Alhing $1g,g00,                                                                g$ Ne~h lYth        Avemm
     ,~old., fypeh=..~*                                                                                  ---,,~,N.*.                            All Clau/fied Ads Appear
?$xl00, Axklns $12,800, any tea.                                                                          RA $-V~
s0~able offer will be considered,

                                                                                                     maimn.nan’E                              in     all        Nash Yk~ ewspapers...
       Loretm Mazewski                                                                                            Re~k
            Broker                                                                           ~
        7d~ M,~n ~ s~                                                                        ~0 Maln ~, 80u~a B~und T.,~k
                                                                                                    ~ g-~ -- ~U                                     The Manville                  News
                                                        w~ FAS~ Amo.,                                                         t~
                                                        ~sR~ c~ssa.~s,                                                                              The Franklin News                                        ’
                                                                                                WANT FAST          A~rION~
                                                         lUST DIAL RA |-8100
       Sub|¢rthe          ~ The New|
                                                                                               .SE’mE                                               South Somerset Newe
           OnIF a Year,                                                                         ~ST DIAL K&B.~O0
JlJ~                                 ’ JJ            "’ ’’"                                                                                                      tI
                   PAO;~ ~                               "’P                ~RH PRA~Ig~E~,.                      ~’ZW8                                      YI~BADAy,              ~   6~    i~
                                                                 PEIgSON JJ IS
                  Minister                                                               chool Plans                                            oo.o, Sleorato Make
                                                         p~n of k0H to tomebe I--
                                                     in ~nauth*~ I~’~n~ m~ orI~                                              ~ rut MtU,~no ~ad
                                                     portnd Mm~d~y          ~t the
                  ~0     ill
                  ut a t;o tmemPthe Glove ManorS~ool Mtot                                 c         --
                                                                                         ( ominued l~om p~ l)
                                                                                                                           N. J,

                                                                                                                         St. JoHph~tOhurol%
                                                                                                                                               be ta
                                                                                                                                 B~fe ~ Aid (M~f,

                                                                                                                                             Kut Mill.
                                                                                                                                                          tre~d in h~ ~mp~dn far r~

                                                          letter f~m Pollos ChlMEd and explained th’e eonvo~attonal stone, Gutm t~ltee will be ei~tion~ ~owtmllip ~mmltlee-
                       (Continued tram Page I)          F V~eheu clLlt~rd apl~tl~mt                                      CuaaMy Yn~eeutor ~ ~f.          ~ Char]H Bloats to~d mbottt 80
                                                        ne~|J~n~ ta |poking th~                          ~nd
                                                                                        rmtruetion pk~na slmeifl~- ~y.                                    ~l~ta Ittend~ ~d~y night’s
                                                        tO’OIL                        tons
                                                                                       { "                                                              meotthg o~ the ~ankl~ Township
                                                                                        When they finimhed, be~’d pre-     CaVe, TbemuBuG repotted
                    theMiddleArah-held~t--Leban°tXportiotx~andof Jansor Haywond
                                            Jerus.SYrta Ptae Grove                                                                                       Republican Club in the Cam-
                                                                                      shlent L~n~rd Bards3ey asked thtt durta| &ul~ the Ntmd mu~e VORm¢~r Flr~hou~,
                   stem, tht Holy Land, trod th~ D~vtt informed t~hoOl Sulaerin. Johnd. Kelly, chlirman the tmwer~ ~ l*~mpol~tlon,
                   eas~ into Trmat]0rdlm,              tondent Jamt~ M, LYnchof MS                                      tWO  em~Eene~trod o~e mBeml- M~.Stcota is being        Opposed  tar
                                                                                      BuHdg~g& Grounds Coramltt®,
                      Towards end of his Join’neT, betlef that keys Win’* belr~ for a motion to a~’ept the pr~- lanemus osdl~ ~ ol’pltttxfl~
                             {he                                                                                                                        bhl Committee post by Mlebeel
                   ~r, Hoff~tsn w[K movehtto tl~ U~ gy nDl~thorl~ penmns,                                               lo~ed 7T m~ attd dl~ttp~l ~J~ ID~’A~4~rEL
                   off-rich around the Pe*stm5 ~be beard will
                             loads                                             thv~  t~nh                              ]mum.                               Clubmlmhart wllitakeMr.
                   Gulf, where hol~.o to see
                               he              wlmt    area omstMeeeht~lt~ the Det~dl~ Look                                                             Sicara  into  their ntd~berhoo6s
                   oil millions hlve done to these     lo~be. CM,ffVo~rh,mesaklthtt     Mr. Kelly deelkqrd, ~ylng        The Eli~beth schooL wlll be to andintroduee htm to vowrs,
                  Mnds.                                            m~t
                                                       the sehool~ olV,~m      fut~ndffn;t         a         look
                                                                                            w~nted detaDed ~t twosections, section One          wlth l~ The etob ~1~ beard Peel
                                                                                                                                      be constructed in
                      What is the purpose of these open &ft~ hours wer~ pine the drlwlng~ with M~Miekle- .-t~srooms wilt head wilt contain Thaddeu~V, TuleJa of l~O Re,hey
                  trtDs? "MsLaly ray own
                                  for        selff-    Grove, Mlddlebush and Klnlrs. wright, Mr. Bard~lley a gr e ed, a T+abepe,The                     Avellue, itmistarlt pr0dslmor of
                   thformst on" he say8               ttw~      --                   and Mr. Kelly anal Mr. Mlek]e- !he ¢Mssrcom~,    five on each side heater7 at ~t, Peter’s College dia-
                                                                             ~       wright and the engineer went off ~ a feU-length corridor.
                  l80o~m Ct~llthlPt
                   He been
                       h.                           [
                                                        ,o a                           she.oo .n
                                                                                             w" taln                                beo.,that      The eu~ the e01d w~r.
                                              ’ay1’-anklin" objected to this.Mr. Kell: roomll-room s~etion will he con- sian-Amer]0anpment crisis. has
                                         ,ILLS S r
                  abroad slrtee 194Band hal tott~d
                                                         Aboutan hour later              An
                                                                                            and kitchen,
                                                                                                                        led to tha
                                                                       0. into a noo*h*a will lie in*he.tot expmmlonth, .len
                  .o0o0ben he can re- tm""a"u’y ’ .... ha0klookd hefe~ 10-roomtrait °...waythe drive for .*th.,hat been go-
                  South America, Asia, Africa sad
                  Atlantic ~6 times that         ""qt.u Mieklewright to                            nnd
                                                         e                       ~e
            mem~r~ covering 72,~.00 re|lee,                                               L~r~, hut tha| he Was #sHelled saree dlree~ion as the sha.ft of, Jag on ~or ~entorJes.
              His fh~t tr~s abroad were             Democratic eandidateforTowl’.- and ready to move far ~ceepl- the T.                       .                      However, he saw a thanee or
            made When he was a Rhodes ship                                                                                       Eachroomwl[] havea sinkI peac~in the present             weapon*
                                                         Committeeman   Michael    Llii  ahee~   which did.
                                                                                                         he                   end wast dsunlelIt     Kind.tsar-     stalemate   Muse theyare su
           Scholar Oxford                   in
                                University pledged          today would
                                                                    he         conduct Dr.LyleE, Hagmann            askedMr.
           England   f~or~  tgtO 1913.
                                to                                                                                            tenswlll   contain  toilets, There        h
                                                                                                                                                                  herr e no na oftmay dare     t~e
                                                                  on              of              if
                                                  hiscampaign therecord hisKelly he wasprepared ms- willbe slorage     to                                in
                                                                                                                                                eabinet~ each h~   ’
                        his            in
              lie~ore retirementMay,~pponent,                  CharMs             sn~
                                                                       Sleets, ~omo          s~]eres~’~nsth~IHy da-  ~or
           he had taught 31 years irt the wii] not attack him personally ~]dlng the plens wereearaplete, ela’-~ for books and gapers, and Car H Melr of ke~aRk n Park
           NewBrmisw[ekTheolo~lcalttam- He s~td he hop~ for a etmilaz especlelly since Mr, Kelly had metal locker eloset~ for clothes, will head a p~int-up, fix-up.
           lnary, retiring ~ts professor of pledge frottl Mr, ~icora,                     ~0vnd a few things with which As pvesen*edh7 M, T. Klnne, clean.up committee seeking to
           church historY,                          Oulitnlng the "principles which he wasnot satisfied,                      partner ~a Anderson & Niebels,[ have the first week In November
              Dr. ¯ M~, Holitma-’l ra~ke thel~ i wil~ g~lde the condueL of hl~ Mr. ~eily lt~Jd he w~/~O! diS- Strueto’s parent firm, sad Carl ~ ~roe]aJmedfor sOch ¯ 7~ur~o~
           home on Amw~llReid, midway campaign, Mr, Lisa said he will s~llsfled with anything, but hat] Koetb,chief architect, the Struelo[
           betweeo l~ut Millstone and Mid- seek to show how his opponeat JUst asked the architect to leak schQo[ will coat,tin two wings on I COMMUNITYIXILIAKY
           dlebush. M:* Hoffmen wd failed to keep faith with those into a few m~tters. He said the a domioo pat~rn with flv~ ~om~ 5FO MEEY TUESDAY                              ON
           not makethis Journey.                                                                                              In one wingand three in another.
                                                  whoelected him as aft "lndelMIll- plans he and the /merd had aeen                                                 A meeting of the Ledie* Aux-
                                                  den~ Republlcaa" to OppOse e were .tJ;~a/. Ke ~ed al~o why The walls ’,viii be honeycombed JlJary o~ the CommunitygolUn-
           2 MIDDLI~q~UBHWOMEN                    "machine.ridden Township gay- no beard memberhad joined him s}eel panels with porcelainized tear Fire Company                      will be held
               AID ALUII~YAKGKnr~               I ernment"arid give the P~opta0tR-and the architect in the private finish                           ’             at B p.m. Tuesday in the "fire-
                                                                                                                                Beginning ~¢ d p.m, the board: bonito.
             TWO   Mlddlebush wotnel~ are side the "ruling clique" a voice conference.
           members of the fund eommttte~ io mttnleipal aftalr~.                           ’MonkeyWrefleh’                     wasin session until 10:80 p.m.]         A spaghetti supper will be
                                                                                                                              with the exception o~ s supperI given by the group in the f~’~-
           of the A~,ela~ed Al~mi~lo of             He ~a~d he will point o~t the             Mr. Nagm~t~   ~tdd he thought
                                                                                                                              recess from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. The[ house from ~ p.m, to B
           Douglass College, which this ~neonRisteneles, g~I~ sad over- Mr, Kelly w~ taking too much Strue o plans were d scu0~edun-] 15.                                                    Sept.
           week openedi drLveto raise lappirtgs intheT~wnshlps~ responsthilliy aa sole
                                                                                  g0"r-                           )ndffe"fftil therecess, it t<~s
           $2B,000for the college durinffrnmentale             set.up                                                                         then       . the
                                                                       "~nd the way Im hrow nga monkey wrench, turn of he board’s archtleets~ I ’ NOE~IEVILLE
                                                                                          ,                            ’                                                          SOCIAL
           19~d-~7.                    -.        itis run and f~ra few?smiles," e n Pm throwing he do- Minhtewright
                                                             by                             t~                    it."                      & Mount?oral,
             Mrs.JohnCkrrrcros~      a£ Olcott No onewhoisnot~ Rapubliean              alfred.                                  At 8 p,m. school blds
                                                                                                                                                  hue      were 1 Norseville on Soturdly"
                                                                                                                                                                Labor DaysocialInc.     lie it*
                                                                                                                                                                                   held annual
          Street and Mrs. WilliamJ. Cotter "can ~opeto be asked to cootrth-                 Kenneth Flnk said he hought                                         ] the
          ~f 47~ WinthropRoad are aiding Ute hi~ services to the Township," the entire b~erd ehould co~[er ~ened and thee. the beard wentlegion Norsevllle Pay[IlionLal~g-
                                                                                                                              ~n toMu~eher a~olotments and              St~et. ~’ohn J~’.
          in the drive to benefit under- Mr. Llsi claimed,                               wRhMnMidtlewrlght for a de- othec business
         geadLmtev~ho arSh p aid and As- His campaign, he said, Would tailed consideration of the plen~.                                                        [ fctdt was chairmanof the Mfair.
        ¯ s~e~ate Alumnae    operatioo#.         ~ttaek Tewnshi~ plannMg, zon- "’m a dumbheed on these
             Chairnlanthedrive MIssIns and its erdereement, thins" he said"b t at IcMt
                         of                                                         the       g,
          Barbara G Wells of lqew Brun~ J family eirel~ of Township gov                                    , u              I
                       ’                                                                 ~,d th~ other~ ~holz}d look **t
         w ok. Mrs, Georde Vml Dee Neat I eminent of road funds, and the~ h
                                                |eeorltlg Mr. Sieora ~,’zd the/                "
         of Mtlltow~JS vice-ehltlrt~n.
        "             ~                                                                      Mg Flnk
                                                Town,hip’s ~Nlth I11 end as anyone ~ldtohe WaS ~nxlou|
       ’~                                                                                            else    get the school|
         MUGS,    BI/RKIg, BAUGWI~I~K ]                     in
                                                       ~cord health andwelfare, b UlIL b that approval of plans
        MOME FROM EUKOPK                      I At/ In "---~
                                                    ¯     ~ut~mmm                            Id ~ Ge
                                                                                      Ish0/2 O~ - I ~yed
            Mrs¯ N"CharlesB0.rke
         daughter, Emily, of Am               ’
                                              ] Three camIm dinn~s a~l ffoseph Takaes said his partic
        Mt’~’~t-btt/"~ rethrnod                 rallies have     ~o~en                                    WeB
                                                                       P]~ulne~ bY the olir oonl~rM whether there
            =~     .,,                                                                  w~ret00 lD3tny ~e~r&5"15 the
   .... ~ a ~mtmth to~r                                            .Th~ flrst.wil~  be                He notedthatlast
         took them l=to moltot t~ ~m.                                                                   ~ddeWr~M~l e~tl.
                ol         ~     ~                      S~, ~ ta O~ ~=nNL~
                                              ’ P~k atilt,Tha other two ~t~ nutt~ ~lowed~m *dL~l~way
        ;FOOD S&LB NOV, e                                  dot Oetobee,                   [n the ~natmetton bud~ll, but
            A food stle w~                         Michael Peacos and Victor that earlier in the evening he
         in the ItMlllps ~ho61~ FTtt~k~                       hav~ been nsaw~’l ~- ~[d that eon~ructi~ c~st~had
/~      Psi’k, bF ~                                          for the ~r~t dll~.~er,     ~[~eup al~’mol10 p~.reent In *he
         Guild of thl                                     " ,                                          Mr.
                                                                                        pat month. Taktt~ ¢lall~md
!        form~d Church on El~tlon ~y,                 ~u~It|]~ TO~][~he Kew8            this amounted to 8 $7B+000to.
        Nov.   d*                           "I           Ordy         a
                                                               $~.g0 Yesr               crease,    which would   put school
                                                                                        costs over $7~0,000       allowedin
                                  tha              bond                ~saue,,7
                                                                                        SeeNo Dispute
                                                                                            M~Bardsley, Mrs, Ca?harlem
                                                                                        Pattimn and G~orge Ca~ said
            7                                              ~                            that Mr, M[~ktawridht hid de-
                                                                                        clared the schools I:~ built
                                                                                        within the bo~d Lssae endthey
                                                                                        ~a~v ~o re,son ~o dispute h+~

                                                                                       Me Kelly. apNrently piqued,
                                                                                     withdrew his motion to Iceept

                                            22                               -
                                                                                     the planlL A new ~ot[o~ wits
                                                                                     modeby Mrs.Patt~o~ and st,e-                                                    they Iedu~lryI~
                                                                                                                            It’~ 5pru~ ~lm~--AntJ-liliee s~,l.’ped say.
                               dAI~II~S 0                                            .ILd,.d hy ML’, Carr                   ~ttvit[ese~rrled onbywomen’s cooperating with this public
                                                                                       Vot~n;~ for approval were Mr,        elude, farm and rural gmup~, servi~groupinplanteommtmi-
                                                                                     Dord~ley, Fink,
                                                                                               Mr.        Mrs.Patti.        ed’ea~’’ and/~I~Aall °wr (Ire ohm.Manville
                                                                                                                                          ti"   "mu~°tlt          e°un’rY"-- p tide In
                                                                                                                                                             d             tok~
                                                                                                                            the 48 S~t~ am heinB eoordin,
                                              ED di2gD R, BOYldkI~                   ~on, Mr*Carr end Arthur West.                                 of
                                                                                                                            lied under the banner Keep it~ manymanand women       who,
                                                                                     !~eat. Opposing ~-’~s Mr. H~.          Amer/enBeautiful. Inc. TEe throoghlceal gmup~,$tt~mudt
                                                                                     mann. Mi" Takamarid Mr. Kelly          Uttering of oqr dtlm, country- o[ their time to mteh~o~tmc~
                                                                                     ab~takled.  Walter Campbell wa~        sideand hl~hway~     mu~t he five   ~etivlii~.
                                                                                      ~ho to a~lhoct~
                                                                                        ~ot~on     b~ds                                  ~ Johnl.Manvllle
                         25 l~.~ston        Ave,                                     w~ ~)s~ed uramlmot~ly.                                                                                          )
                                                     ..oo                Ell od.,brickwalls’withota Re~o~rgh Confer * P|anf ¯ [n~|n~OrQn~Cent.or
                                                                               both the Will be consttuetec[
                                                                                    schools tloo,,
                                                                                            o steel
                                    U rm ~r~wer, ~dlV2 4-~               ~llll of red
                                                                                     columns nnd alumin=m wtadows                           Manv|l|o~      N~w $~rsey

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