; Katherine Mansfield and Virignia Woolf
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Katherine Mansfield and Virignia Woolf


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									Bloomsbury West Chronology
Date                        Mable/Gertrude                      Ottoline Morrell                          Georgia O’Keeffe                           Virginia Woolf
                            Stein/Taos                          /DHLawrence/Dorothy
                                                                Brett/ KatherineMansfileld
1873                                                            Ott b. June 16
1879                        MD b. Feb 26
1882                                                                                                                                                 Virginia Stephen b. Jan. 25
1885                                                            DHL b. Sept. 11
1887                        MD (18)—social debut                                                          Georgia O'Keeffe B. Nov. 15
1888                                                            KM Born, October 14, 1888
1895                                                                                                                                                 (13) death of Julia Stephen (Mother)
                                                                                                                                                     possible suicide attempt; 1st
1897                                                                                                                                                 1897 (15) death of Stella Duckworth
                                                                                                                                                     VS begins first journals; reading in
                                                                                                                                                     father's lib ; Greek &history classes
                                                                                                                                                     King's College
1899                                                            Ott in Florence wi Vernon Lee
1900                        MD (21) m. to Carl Evans (July)
1902                        MD (23) Birth of son, John          Ott M. Philip Morrell feb 8                                                           (20) begins private Greek w/ Janet
1903-07                     MD (24) 1903--Death of husband      1903-07: KM and sisters attending         GOK Attends Chatham in Virginia 1903-5     1904--death of Leslie Stephen 2nd
                            Karl in hunting accident. Feb 25,   Queen’s College, Regent’s Park, Harley    Art Institute, Chicago, 1905 -1906: John   serious breakdown; suicide attempt.
                            1904—July leave for France; Oct     St.                                       Vanderpoel                                 Dec. 14 1st review published
                            m. Edwin Dodge                                                                1907-08-- Art Students League in New       move to Gordon Sq.
                            MD (26) 1905-12 Lives with Dodge    1906 Ott & PM move to 44 Bedford Sq.      York: Wm Merritt                           1906--Bro Thoby dies. Publishes 21
                            at Villa Couronia                                                                                                        reviews, most TLS
                                                                                                          Rodin, Matisse at 291
                                                                                                                                                     (25) Vanessa marries Clive Bell; VW
                                                                                                                                                     movies to Fitzroy
1908-09                                                         KM returns to London, marries (George     1908-- Summer school at Lake George
                                                                Charles Bowden) leaves husband; gets
                                                                pregnant (Garnet Trowell) Six months in
                                                                German pensions; miscarries; gets VD
1910      Russian Ballet                                        Returns to London; Perionitis. Begins     Abandons painting; commercial art in       Dreadnaught Hoax
          London.                                               publishing in New Age & other small       Chicago                                    Working for suffrage
          1st Post-                                             mags:”The Child Who Was Tired” In a
          Impressionist                                         German Pension. Pub..Dec.
          Exhibit in Dec.
1911-2                     Spring 1911: MD (32) meets GS in      KM Meets JM Murray; JMM moves in.          1911 (24) First teaching exp. as            1911 (29) Shares house in Brunswick
                           Paris                                 DHL (26): The White Peacock                substitute at Chatham                       Sq. wi Adrian, Keynes, Grant, Woolf
                           MD returns to USA; lives in                                                      1912--(25) Visits art class Alon Bement
                           Greenwich Village.                                                               at Virginia: Arthur Dow                     1912 (30 VS finds and rents Asham;
                           Begins affair wi John Reed.                                                                                                  Aug 10: VS marries Leonard Woolf
                           1912: GS visits MD in Italy;
                           writes”Portrait of MD at VC”

1913                       Armory Show; pub. Pamphlet by         Rhythm becomes Blue Review. BR fails;      1913-1916—3 summers teaching wi             (31) Voyage Out accepted for
                           Gertrude Stein at show                JMM bankrupt                               Bement at Virginia                          publication; delayed b/c breakdown
                           Meets Van Vechten;                    DHL(28): Sons and Lovers                   1913—misses Armory Show in Feb.             & suicide attempt
                           Paris wi John Reed;

1914     War declared      MD (35) Wi JR in Province-            1914-16: KM close with DHL                 1914 Amarillo art teacher
         Aug 4             town. Follow him to Italy. Breakup.                                              (27) attends Columbia Teacher's College
         Vorticism         Isadora Duncan                                                                   NY wi Arthur W. Dow
                           Meets painter Maurice Stern                                                      Braque, Picasso, Hartley, Marin at 291
                           Begins PA with Brill
1915     Prufrock pub.                                           June: Ott & PM move into Garsington        (28) Teaching in Columbia S.C. begins       (33) Voyage Out Pub
                                                                 DHL(30): The Rainbow                       abstract charcoal drawings “Specials”       VW begins Diary
                                                                                                                                                        Dec 1915 (L2, 73) VW writes that
                                                                                                                                                        hearing DHL poem made dog sick
1916                                                             April—KM: Cornwall with DHL & F            Jan 1. Pollitzer shows drawings to
                                                                 KM at Garsington--summer                   Stieglitz
                                                                                                            Feb-- Returns NY more work wi Dow;
                                                                                                            May exhibit at 291
                                                                                                            Sept. Canyon Texas
1917     Feb: KM and       August: Mable (38) marries            KM Re-writes Aloe as Prelude. Close with   (30) solo exhibit at 291                    (35) "The Mark on the Wall"
         VW meet           Maurice Stern (painter)               Ottoline. Dec. spot on lung.               AS photographs for 1st time.
         July: KM at                                                                                        Trip to Colo & NM
         Asham             Nov: Sterne invites Mable to Santa
         October: dinner   Fe; she arrives Dec

1918     Ulysses in        Jan: MDL and Sterne go to Taos        KM marries J.M. Murry                      (31) Feb 1918; watercolors: blues & lndsc   (36) VW visits KM weekly at end of
         Egoist            June 1918: MD (39) buys ranch in      1st TB hemorrhage Feb                      nudes of Leah;                              year
         July: Prelude     Taos                                  "Bliss" pub. Living S. France, wr. Je Ne   returns to NY wi P. Strand.
         pub by Hogarth    Marsden Hartley arrives in Taos;      Parle Pas Francais.                        AS moves in July. Hot photos.
         Press             stays 18 mos.                         KM: Hampstead House                        Lake George
         Armistice, Nov.

1919     Hogarth P pubs    Mary Austin moves to Santa Fe         JMM editor of Athenaeum                    (32) Painting steadily in oil               (37) "Kew Gardens" pub.
         TSE's Poems                                             autumn: KM in Italy “Man without a         Music Pink and Blue; Blue & Green           “Modern Novels”
                                                                 Temperament”                               Feb. AS photos of OK exhibited 1st time     Night and Day pub.
                                                           Nov--Mansfield's Rev. of N&D                                                           VW & LWBuy Monk's House

1920                   Walter Pach, “The Art of the        KM: Bliss and Other Stories                  Still Lives (plums)                       "Unwritten Novel" wr
                       American Indian” pub. in Dial       DHL(35): Women in Love; The Lost Girl                                                  “Solid Objects”.

1921                   MD builds sun porch                 KM. wr. “Garden Party,” “At the Bay,”        (34) Doing lots of still lives (apple     (39) Monday or Tuesday
                       MD reads DHL Sea and Sardinia in    “Marriage a la Mode”                         families) & Lake Geo. landscapes          "A Haunted House" wr
                       Dial                                DHL(36): Psychoanalysis and the                                                        VW learning Russian
                                                           Unconscious and Fantasia of the                                                        VW reading WnL but bored (L2, 474)
1922   The Waste       Sept: DHL and Frieda arrive; stay   KM: The Garden Party pub.                                                              Jacob's Room pub.
       Land in the     wi Mable until Nov. Move to Del     Reminiscences of Leonid Andreyev. Tr.                                                  Begin work on MD
       Criterion and   Monte Cabin until March, 1923       By KM & S.S. Koteliansky pub.
       the Dial                                            KM: Move to Gurdjieff’s commune,
                                                           DHL(37): The Fox pub in Dial May-July
1923                   MD (44) m. Tony Luhan               Jan 9: KM Dies                               100 Wks OK: 1st solo in 6 yrs; 116 wrks   (41) “Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown”
                                                           DHL(38): Studies in Classic American         AS,                                       Working on MrsD, CR,
                       DHL + Frieda + Witter Bynner +      Literature. “Indians and an Englishman”      Starts painting torn leaves
                       Spud Johnson in Mexico March-       pub in Feb Dial; “ Taos” pub in March Dial   Avocado paintings
                       July.                               DHL drafts Plumed Serpent
                                                           Nov-March 1924: DHL back in London
1924                   MD (45) begins writing              March-Oct: DHL +F back in NM wi Brett;       (37) Joint exb wi A
                       autobiography                       stay wi MDL.                                 OK begins large florals, trees, leaves
                                                           DHL wr. “Pan in America” “Hopi Snake         OK marries AS Dec. 11
                                                           Dance” “St. Mawr, “The Princess,” ”The
                                                           Woman Who Rode Away”.
1925                   Jan: C.G. Jung visits Taos          MD Gives ranch to DHL: receives MS of        (38) begins NY paintings; move to         The Common Reader
                       Willa Cather visits Santa Fe;       Sons & Lovers                                Sheldon                                   Mrs. Dalloway pub.;
                       spends 2 weeks in Taos wi MD                                                                                               begins TTL
                       Jean Toomer visits Taos

1926                   Paul Strand arrives Taos            Aldous Huxley in Italy wi DHL                (39) dark irises 26-7; sweet peas         (44) writing TTL
                                                           DHL(41): The Plumed Serpent                  clams begin 1926                          VW meets Gertrude Stein at Edith
                                                                                                        Sheel and Old Shingle series              Sitwell’s
1927                                                       DHL(42): Mornings in Mexico                  (40)Surgery benign breast tumor           To the Lighthouse pub; "Slater's
                                                                                                        AS heart attack;                          Pins";
                                                                                                        Dorothy Norman takes up with AS           begins O
                                                                                                        Radiator Building; Red Poppy
                                                                                                        Dark Abstraction
1928                   MD in NYC wi Brett, trying to get   DHL(43): Lady Chatterley’s Lover; The        (41) record $ for Calla Lilies            (46) Trip to France wi Vita
                       AS to exhibit DB’s work             Woman who Rode Away and other                 trip to Maine                            Orlando pub
1929                  June-Oct: John Marin visits                                            (42) New Mex wi Rebecca Strand; stay wi   A Room of One's Own pub;
                      Ansel Admas spends summer                                              Mable Luhan                               begins Waves
                      GOK & Rebecca Strand summer                                            AS wi DN
                      visit                                                                  Ranchos Church; Black Cross
1930                  June-Sept: John Marin            March 2, DHL d. Vence, Italy          (43) return to NM: April-August
                                                                                             Move from MDL to hotel
                                                                                             Jack-in-Pulpit series
1931                                                                                         (44) NM (H&M Ranch, Alcalde) begins       (49) The Waves pub.
                                                                                             bone paintings
                                                                                             Cow’s Skull: Red, White & Blue
                                                                                             White Calico Flower; Jimson Weed
1932                  MD (53) Lorenzo in Taos          AH: Brave New World                   (45) As retrospective wi picts of DN      Common Reader II pub
                                                                                             Fight over mural at Radio City            Lytton Strachey d.
                                                                                              no NM. Canada-- Gaspe
1933                  MD (54) Background (Intimate                                           Feb-Mar: nervous collapse;                (51) Flush
                      Memories, I)                                                            Bermuda; Lake Geo.
                                                                                             no paint for 13 mos.
1934                  MD (55) European Experiences                                           (47) NM: Ghost Ranch (1st visit) June-    Roger Fry d.
                      (Intimate Memories, II)                                                Oct.
                      Winter in Taos                                                         Purple Hills
1935                                                                                         NM: Ghost Ranch July-Nov                  (53) Freshwater
                                                                                             Ram’s Head with Hollyhocks (fusion
                                                                                             life and death)
1936                  MD (57) Movers and Shakers                                             (49) NM. June-Sept. Rancho de los
                      (Intimate Memories III)                                                Burros at Ghost Ranch
                                                                                              AS ill, move to new penthouse
                                                                                             . mural for Eliz. Arden
1937                  MD (58) Edge of Taos Desert      June-Sept: AH & wife staying at DHL   (50) NM July-Oct; wi Ansel Adams;         (55) The Years
                      (Intimate Memories, IV)          Ranch, writing Ends and Means         AS too ill to photo/
                                                                                             Sunflower, Faraway Nearby
                                                                                             Gerald’s Tree
1938                                                   Ott d.                                AS heart attack & pneum.                  (56) Three Guineas
                                                                                             NM Aug-Nov. : Yosemite trip wi A Adams
                                                                                             Red Hills and White Shell
                                                                                             Frida Kahlo exhibit in NYC
1939   War declared   Tom (Tennesse) Williams visits                                         (52) Feb-Apr Hawaii.
       Sept. 3        Frieda & Brett                                                          no NM, Lake Geo.

1940                                                                                         (53) NM 6 mos June-Nov;                   (58) Roger Fry
                                                                                             buys property at Ghost Ranch
                                                                                             Stump in the Red Hills; Red & Yellow
1941                                    NM: May-Nov                                (59) VW dies, March 28
                                        Hires Maria Chabot at Ghost Ranch          Between the Acts
                                        Red Hills and Bones
1942                                    May: visit wi Frank Lloyd Wright
                                        NM: June-Nov.
                                        The White Place
1943                                    (56) 1st major retrospective: Chicago.
                                        NM: April-Oct
                                        Begins pelvises: Pelvis with the Moon
                                        Cliffs Beyond Abiquiu
                                        Begins Black Place series
1944                                    Feb: write Eleanor Roosevelt pro ERA
                                        NM: April-Oct

1945                                    (58) NM May- Oct
                                        buys Abiquiu house; 3 yrs remodeling
1946                                    (59) Retrospective at MOMA.
                                        NM: June; Sept-Nov
                                        AS dies July 13.
                                        Black Bird Snow Covered Hills; In the
1947                                    (60) 1947-9: Three years in NY, settling
                                        AS estate
                                        NM Aug-Dec
1948     MD (69) Taos and Its Artists   NM: April-Oct
1949                                    (62) June, moves permanently to NM
                                        50’s Patio series
                                        1951—trip to Mexico wi Eliot Porter
                                        1953: trip to France, Spain, Tangiers
                                        1956: trip to Peru
1958                                    (70) Ladder to the Moon
1962     MD (83) dies                   1960 travel drawings
1963-5                                  (76) Road Past the View
                                        1963-1965: Sky Above Clouds series
1970                                    (83) Black Rock with Blue
1971                                    (84) GOK loses central vision
1973                                    (86) Juan Hamilton arrives
1981                                    (94) visit from Angelica Garnett
1986                                    (99)GOK d.March 6

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