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                EMT Jobs for US Vets!                                                      Vets Helping Vets Since 1988
         Become an Emergency Medical Technician, and you can
                 help others when they need it most                                              EMT Training

If you’re ready for a challenging and rewarding career that can help save lives,
consider becoming an EMT/Paramedic. EMT/Paramedics are the first responders
in an emergency and their skill and training can make all the difference. EMT
professionals and paramedics provide on-the-scene, immediate medical care to
patients in emergency situations such as an automobile accident or heart attack.
They also transport the sick or injured to a medical facility. EMTs and paramedics
are typically dispatched to the scene by a 911 operator and often work with a           First things first. To become an
police or fire department. All EMTs must know how to assess an emergency                EMT, the very first thing you
scene, control bleeding, apply splints, assist with childbirth, administer oxygen       need is a high school diploma.
and perform CPR and other basic life support skills.                                    This will get you into most
                                                                                        emergency medical training
Here at Next Step Center we offer Iraq and Afghanistan era veterans employment          programs.
and a basic EMT training program that qualifies you for the EMT I-Basic program
certification and a job with one of the local companies. If you qualify, this           There are three training levels
program it is available to you at NO COST. In addition, this program guarantees         for EMTs. They are basic,
for qualifying candidates employment upon completion of the training and                intermediate, and Paramedic.
certification through our Job Development Program.                                      EMT Basic is a training program
                                                                                        that covers things emergency
Requirements                                                                            skills like trauma, respiratory,
                                                                                        and cardiac problems. Once
If you are a veteran who has separated (after Auguat 1991), possess a DD-214;           you finish basic training, then
possess a valid California Driver’s License; possess a social security card; posses a   you must pass a written and
high school diploma or a GED; are physically able to do the work, can pass a basic      practical exam issues by either
Math and Reading assessment test; have a clean driving record and can pass a            the state or the NREMT
drug screening an EMT career may be just right for you!                                 (national registry of emergency
                                                                                        medical technicians).
For More Information
                                                                                        EMT intermediate requires
EMT jobs are currently in high demand. There is a shortage of qualified workers         about fifty to three hundred
and many available slots to fill. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics,       and fifty hours of training. This
EMT employment is expected to grow faster than average. This is due to a                takes a lot more time because
number of factors including the need for twenty four hour care, the aging of the        you are taught about
population, and the encompassing communities who are banding together and               medications, advanced devices
replacing volunteer units with paid EMTs that service a number of neighborhoods         (airway and circulation
at once. According to the BLS, there will be a twenty percent increase in jobs          /defibrillator machines), and IV
available over the next ten years. Emergency Medical Technicians make a salary          fluids. The requirements for
of around $25,000. This number can vary widely depending on the job, the                this level also vary greatly from
location, and any sign on bonuses. While the earnings may appear small, they            state to state.
also often include a generous compensation package of healthcare and benefits;
frequently they are similar or identical to those offered the policemen and
                                                                                        EMT Paramedic training is even
firemen in the area.
                                                                                        more advanced and includes
                                                                                        teachings in anatomy and
For more information on starting a career as an EMT, contact Michael by email           physiology. Usually this training
at nextstepcenter@ymail.com. Phone 415-678-9965. Spend a few minutes                    is done at a community or
talking with Michael Kissinger. Attend a Free orientation and personal briefing.        junior college and can be part
Then you’ll be on your way to deciding if being an EMT is the right career choice       of an AS degree.
for you. Request a Free registration application now. Remember, we want to give
you the best opportunity to succeed in your career. Next Step Center is here to
                                                                                        Remember, there is no cost to
help you! Check us out online at www.nextstepjobs.com. Move ahead, so life
                                                                                        qualifying veterans for the
won’t pass you by. Contact the Next Step Center today! You are just a click away
                                                                                        entry level training.
from getting started in a promising new career but you must act today.

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