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    I don’t know my user name or password.                              How do I apply for OSAP? Where do I pick up
If you forget your user name or password or are having                  my OSAP loan?
problems with your account visit Room B195* with valid              You can apply for free online at Be
photo ID or call the Office of the Registrar at 905-459-7533        advised that it may take 4 to 6 weeks to process your
(select option #4, then #1). * On Sept.4th, visit Room B123 *       application. If you have already applied, OSAP loans will be
                                                                    released from Sheridan‘s Financial Aid Office (Room B200) –
    Do I have health and dental plan?                               check your loan status online to make sure it is available for
Yes. All students (excluding international students) are covered
                                                                    pick up. To receive your loan, you must present your Social
by the Sheridan SU Health and Dental Plan until August 31st.
                                                                    Insurance Card, valid government issued photo ID, and a void
For a complete coverage details, visit If
                                                                    cheque (or your bank account number and bank transit
you are already covered by an equivalent plan, you can opt out
anytime on or before September 21st.
                                                                        How can I apply for a job on campus?
    Where do I get my timetable?                                    There are a variety of on-campus part-time job opportunities
To access your timetable, log in to AccessSheridan at
                                                                    for students at Sheridan. To learn about recent job postings, and click on OASIS Self
                                                                    visit the Career Centre (Room B219) or check for postings
Service  EnrollmentMy Weekly Schedule. You must
                                                                    online at
change the ―show week of‖ date to September 8th in order to
view your timetable.                                                    Who can I talk to about my financial
    Where is my SLATE course?                                           situation?
If you cannot access SLATE or cannot see a particular class in      You can obtain assistance in person at the Financial Aid Office
your list of SLATE classes call (905) 459-7533 ext. 2150 or         (Room B200) or over the phone (905-459-7533, select option
email with your student number,       #1, then dial ext. 5061). No appointment is necessary—
user name, and missing course name and code.                        students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. You can
                                                                    also email Financial Aid at:
    How do I register for a General Elective?
You will enroll in a General Elective via AccessSheridan. For           Where do I find out about Scholarships and
assistance, visit the Student Advisement Centre (Room B231).            Bursaries, and how do I apply?
                                                                    You can obtain information and application forms for privately
    How do I find out what textbooks I need?                        sponsored scholarships and bursaries from the Financial Aid
Your timetable acts as your unofficial booklist. The 4-letter and   Office (Room B200). All students who need financial
5-number course codes (e.g. MATH 10000) correspond with             assistance are encouraged to apply for Sheridan‘s Tuition Set-
textbooks in the Bookstore (Room B107).                             Aside Bursary online at AccessSheridan (Fall Deadline=Oct.9th)
    Where can I add/drop a course?
You should always discuss your decision to add or drop a
                                                                        Can I speak to a Counsellor?
                                                                    Free professional counsellors offer a solution-focused approach
course with a Student Advisor in the Student Advisement
                                                                    to support students. Feel free to drop in during drop-in hours
Centre (Room B231) or with your Program Coordinator. If you
                                                                    every Monday to Friday in Room B230.
decide to add or drop a course, please visit the Office of the
Registrar (Room B201). The last day to add a class is                   Is there someone I can talk to if I am
September 14th and the last day to drop a class without
                                                                        struggling with my first year of college?
academic penalty is November 27th.
                                                                    The Student Advisement Centre staff is dedicated to helping
    Where do I get my student ID card?                              you make the transition to college by providing you with
You must have your student ID card with you at all times as         advice, information, and assistance to help you navigate your
campus security conducts random checks. You can get your            way through your Sheridan experience. Feel free to drop by the
card from the ITSC (Room B195). Please ensure that you bring        Centre (Room B231) where staff will work together with you
government issued photo ID, and your student number. If you         to ensure you have all the information you need. You can also
lose your student ID card, you can purchase a replacement card      e-mail (you will receive a
from Room D100 for a fee of $10.                                    response within 24 hours).

    Can I receive credit for courses taken at                           Does Sheridan offer tutoring?
    another College or University?                                  Free math and English tutoring is available in the Career
Advanced Standing recognizes the courses that you attained at       Centre (Room B219). If you encounter problems in a different
another College or University and allows you to earn credit for     subject area, Peer Tutors are available at a cost of $20.00 for 10
them. You can pick up an Advanced Standing Form from the            hours of tutoring. For more information about our Tutoring
Student Advisement Centre (Room B231). You must provide             Program or to apply for a tutor, please visit the Career Centre
an official transcript and course outline of the course you wish    (Room B219) or
to receive credit for.
    Where can I get a Student Handbook?                                     Where do I get my Library Card?
You can pick up your Student Handbook from the Sheridan                 Your student ID card acts as your Library Card.
Student Union Office (2nd floor of the Student Centre).
                                                                            Where can I buy a Parking Pass?
    How do I find a telephone extension or e-mail                       You may purchase a Parking Pass from the Office of the
    address for Faculty, Staff or Administration?                       Registrar (Room B201). Please be advised that parking after
Sheridan extensions and e-mail addresses are listed in the              3:00 p.m. is free. Prices (including taxes) for 2009-10 are $8.00
Corporate Directory at You          daily, $163 for one semester, and $300 for two semesters.
can also call the Switchboard Operator for assistance at 905-
459-7533 or press ‗0‘ on a Sheridan internal phone.                         Where can I get public transit info? Where
                                                                            can I buy bus tickets and monthly passes?
    I have a physical, emotional or learning                            Please visit the Bookstore (Room B107) for bus schedules, city
    disability. What kind of assistance is                              maps, and Brampton Transit tickets, and the Office of the
    available to me?                                                    Registrar (Room B201) for Discount Application Forms for
Disability Services is committed to providing fair and equitable        GO Transit.
access to all students with disabilities by taking an                                                   GO Transit       Brampton Transit
individualized approach to help you meet your academic goals                    Single-ride                Varies             $ 3.00
and achieve your full potential. To learn about what kind of                    10-ride                depending on           $25.00
                                                                                Weekly pass            starting point/        $26.00
accommodations can be arranged for you, visit Disability                        Student monthly pass     destination         $102.00
Services (Room B230).
                                                                            Where is the Lost and Found located?
    What does the Athletics Centre offer?                               The Lost and Found is located in the Security Office (Room
Your gym membership is included in your student fees, and               B113).
your student ID card acts as your membership card. Take
advantage of the Athletic Centre‘s cardio room, weight room,                Where can I find out about events going on at
and gymnasium. For a minimal fee, you can also sign up for                  the college?
various fitness classes and intramural sports. For more                 To keep up to date on campus events, frequently check the
information, check out the Athletics website at                         Student Union website at or drop by the                                        Student Advisement Centre in Room B231.
    How can I find a place to live off-campus?                              ANY OTHER QUESTIONS?
Updated local housing lists are available online at                     Please visit the Student Advisement Centre in Room B231, or                                                e-mail or call 905-459-7533
                                                                        ext. 5400.

                     Athletics and Recreation                    C-wing, 1 Floor
                     Bank Machines (2)                           Outside of the Rec Room, Cafeteria
                     Bookstore                                   B107
                     Cafeteria                                   B-wing, 1 Floor
                     Career Centre                               B219
                     Cooperative Education Office                B219
                     Counselling and Disability Services         B230
                     Financial Aid Office                        B200
                     Health Centre                               B202
                     International Centre                        B227
                     IT Support Centre                           B195
                     Library                                     B212
                     Office of the Registrar                     B201
                     Open Access Computer Lab                    B123, B125-B128, B131
                     Security Office                             B113
                     Student Advisement Centre                   B231
                     Student Union (SU) Office                   2nd Floor of the Student Union Building

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