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									Country       Competition            School(s)                           Team Name

                                     Ecole Nationale Superieur
Algeria       Software Design                                            Epsilon

                                     Ecole Nationale Superieur
Algeria       Embedded Development                                       Green Stroumpfs

                                     Yerevan State University, State
Armenia       Software Design                                            X-Tech
                                     Engineering University of Armenia

Australia     Software Design        Canberra University                 UCEEG

Bangladesh    Software Design        American International University   Rapture

Belgium       Windows Phone 7        Campus karel de goedelaan Howest    Digitron-WP7

              Game Design
Belgium                              Campus karel de goedelaan Howest    Crash Games

Bosnia and
              Software Design        Slobomir P University               CPU Team

Brazil        Software Design        Federal University of Pernambuco    LevelUp

Brazil        Embedded Development   UFPE, Universidade de Pernambuco, Embedded Brain
                                     Universidade Federal Rual de

              Game Design
Brazil                                                                   Replay
                                     Federal University of Pernambuco
             Game Design
Brazil                                                                           Signum Games
                                          Universidade Positivo

Brazil       Digital Media                                                       Quarentaedois

                                          Universidade Estadual Paulista

Brazil       Interoperability Challenge                                          Bells Team

                                          Federal Univeristy of Pernambuco

                                          Technical University of Sofia, New
Bulgaria     Software Design              Bulgarian University and Sofia         Walk2Help

Bulgaria     Game Design (Web)            Sofia University, University of        GreenWorld
                                          Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa
Chile        Software Design                                                     Lifeware S.A.C.

China        Software Design                                                     Care Everyone
                                          City Institute, Dalian University of

China        Embedded Development                                                Harmonicare

                                          Tsinghua University

China        IT Challenge                 Huazhong University of Science and     Xuewen Tian

Colombia     Embedded Development                                                Freakin' Mind

                                          Universidad Icesi

                                          Universidad de Costa Rica, Campus
Costa Rica   Software Design                                                     CarPooling Mate Finder

                                          Faculty Of Electrical Engineering And
Croatia      Software Design                                                    Apptenders
                                          Computing , University Of Zagreb
Cyprus           Software Design        University of Cyprus                iDoc

Czech Republic   Software Design                                            Celebrio Software
                                        Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk

                 Game Design
Czech Republic                                                              WickedTeam
                                        Brno University of Technology

Ecuador          Software Design                                            Falcon Dev
                                        Escuela Superior Politécnica del

Egypt            Software Design                                            Cairo Team 3
                                        Facultiy Of Computers And
                                        Information - Cairo University

                                        Ain Shams University, Computer and
Egypt            Embedded Development                                      Ideas 4 u
                                        Systems Engineering

Finland          Software Design        Turku University Of Applied Sciences 25k

                                        École Française d’Électronique et
France           Software Design                                            Dream'n'Touch

                                        École Française d’Électronique et
France           Embedded Development                                       Give Me 4

France           Game Design (Mobile)   Epitech                             Close World Mobile
France      Game Design (Mobile)         Ingesup, Supinfogame                   Geekologic

France      IT Challenge                 Supinfo International University       Jean-Sebastien Duchene

Germany     Software Design              Dresden University Of Technology       majiRanger

                                         Duale Hochschule Baden-
Germany     Embedded Development                                                JOFNET

Germany     IT Challenge                 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology      Alexander Wachtel

                                         School of Electrical and Computer
Greece      Software Design              Engineering, Aristotle University of   Epione
                                         Thessaloniki, Greece

                                         Athens University of Economics and
Greece      Interoperability Challenge                                          alaniarides

                                         University College of Engineering,
India       Software Design                                                     Infiniti
                                         Punjabi University

India       Embedded Development         V.E.S. Institute of Technology         Drushti

                                         Madurai Kamaraj University,
India       Digital Media                                                       Green Uno
                                         University of Bermingham

Indonesia   Software Design              Telkom Institute Of Technology         Gatotkaca

Indonesia   Embedded Development         University of Indonesia                MACARA
                                 American University of Iraq-
Iraq      Software Design                                             Hawk

Ireland   Software Design        Institute Of Technology Sligo        Hermes

                                 University Frederico Secondo of
Italy     Software Design                                             Nea Soft

Japan     Software Design        Dosisha University                   MI3

                                 Kyoto University of Technology,
Japan     Embedded Development   Salesian Polytechnic, Osaka          SunDonation
                                 Municipal College of Design

                                 German Jordanian University, Petra
Jordan    Software Design        University, Princess Sumaya          Oasys

Korea     Software Design        SeJong University                    Four Leaf Clover

Korea     Embedded Development   National University                  Link Your Passion

                                 Dongguk University, Samgmyung
Korea     Windows Phone 7                                             HOMERUN

                                 Seoul National University of
                                 Technology, Soongsil University in
Korea     Windows Phone 7        Seoul, Korea University of           Zipi Zigi
                                 Technology and Education, Ewha
                                 Women's University

Kuwait                           American University of Kuwait        SWAP Team

          Software Design

Lebanon   Software Design        American University of Beirut        D4W
                                     UCTI University, Asia Pacific
Malaysia      Software Design                                              Team Cyber Knightz

Mexico        Software Design        Universidad Iberoamericana            Ibero Mexico

                                     Universidad Nacional Autonoma de
Mexico        Game Design (Mobile)                                         Fomis Phone Team

                                     École Marocaine des Sciences de
Morocco       Software Design                                              Whitelight

                                     Delft University of Technology, TU/e,
Netherlands   Software Design        Rotterdam University                  Olife

New Zealand   Software Design        University of Auckland                OneBuzz

Nigeria       Software Design        Federal University of Technology      Nerds Inc.

Oman          Digital Media          Sultan Qaboos University              Brothers Forever

Oman          Software Design        Sultan Qaboos University              Edunology

                                     Lahore University Of Management
Pakistan      Embedded Development                                         The Pioneers

                                     FAST — National University of
Pakistan      Software Design        Computer and Emerging Sciences,       V3C

              Software Design        Palestine Polytechnic University      Vital Dreams
                                           Universidad Católica Santo Toribio de
Peru          Software Design                                                    Nawy Harkay

Philippines   Game Design (Web)            De La Salle University                Signum Fidei

                                           Ateneo De Manila University, Del La
Philippines   Software Design                                                    polymor.ph
                                           Salle University
Poland        Embedded Development         Wojskowa Akademia Technicza           WCY_TEAM

Poland        Game Design (Web)            Uniwersytet Im. Adama Mickiewicza Cellardoor

                                           Uniwerstytet Adama Mickiewicza W
Poland        Interoperability Challenge                                         DemosceneSpirit

Poland        IT Challenge                 Poznan University of Technology       Blazej Matuszyk

Poland        Software Design              Polytechnika Lodzka                   CodeRaiders

                                           Instituto Politecnico Do Cavado E Do
Portugal      Software Design                                                   RescueMe

                                           Universidad Metropolitana, Sistema
Puerto Rico   Software Design                                                    Team A41
                                           Ana G. Mendez

                                           NW College London, Universitatea
Romania       Digital Media                                                      M.N.A.

Romania       Embedded Development         Gh. Asachi Technical University of Iasi Endeavour_Design

Romania       IT Challenge                 Alexandru Ioan University             Sinescu Ionut

Romania       Software Design              Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca Simplex
Russia         Embedded Development   Saratov State Technical University   Calvus

Russia         Game Design (Mobile)   Yaroslavl State University           CRS

Russia         Software Design        Moscow Aviation Institute            Oriteam

Senegal        Software Design        L’ecole polytechnique de Dakar       CYAN GIRLS

Serbia         Software Design        University Of Novi Sad               4K-join

Singapore      Embedded Development   Nanyang Polytechnic                  Skynet

Singapore      IT Challenge           Nanyang Polytechnic                  Yunheng Mong

Singapore      Software Design        Temasek Polytechnic                  ElderGuardian

Singapore      Windows Phone 7        Tamesek Polytechnic                  Code Instincts

Slovakia       Game Design (Web)      Slovak University of Technology      Quegee Team

Slovakia       Software Design        Technicka Univerzita V Kosiciach     Zippers

Slovenia       Software Design        University Of Maribor, Feri          2ndsight

South Africa   Software Design        University of Cape Town              Komodo1
Spain         Software Design        Castilla La Mancha University       Software4life

Spain         Embedded Development   Mondragon Unibertsitatea            Argitech

Sri Lanka     Software Design        University of Peradeniya            Pera Soft

Sweden        Software Design        Uppsala Universitet                 Life Map

Switzerland   Software Design        Hendrik Knoch                       Texting4All

Taiwan        Software Design        Taipei University                   Miner

Taiwan        Embedded Development   National Tsing Hua University       NTHUCS

                                     National Taipei University of
Taiwan        Digital Media                                              Cottoncandy

              Game Design
Thailand                             Mahidol University                  JubJub

Thailand      Software Design        Chulalongkorn University            NewKrean

Trinidad &
              Software Design        University of the Southern Caribbean Codec

Tunisia       Software Design        Engineering school of Gabes         Sight Browser
Turkey         Software Design        Bahcesehir University                 Co2ncerned

                                      Makerere University College of
Uganda (East &
               Software Design        Science; Makerere University College Quest-0
South Africa)
                                      of Computing and Informatics

Ukraine        Software Design        Odessa Computer Academy “Step”        DashPoint

Ukraine        Digital Media          IT Academy Step, Kharkov              Digital Dream

               Software Design        University of Wollongong in Dubai     The Hex Pistols
United Arab

United Kingdom Software Design        University of Manchester               Project OVE

United Kingdom Embedded Development   University of York                    Cycling into Trees

USA            Software Design        Arizona State University               Note-Taker

USA            Embedded Development   Santiago Canyon College               Syntax Errors

USA            Game Design (Web)      Ithaca College                        ICsquared

                                      UCLA; University of California, Davis;
USA            Windows Phone 7                                               LifeLens
                                      Harvard; Univeristy of Central Florida
USA         Game Design (Mobile)   Rice University                    Team Dragon

Venezuela   Software Design        Universidad Central de Venezuela   UCV-Ideas

Vietnam     Software Design        Hanoi University of Technology.    MIGI
Project Description
SurgeReal helps students and surgeons practice basic surgeries by
providing a 3D organ image and step-by-step learning. With a solution
much cheaper than its competitors and other simulators, SurgeReal
answers a very critical issue faced by surgeons living in difficult areas
around the world.
I'm Powering gives companies and green installations opportunities to do
something for the planet by reducing or cutting off their electricity bill
and improving their image after being labeled Green & ecofriendly.

Teach Me Now is an interactive process on an educational, group-based
exchange platform. The system implies conditions that will interest
everyone interested in delivering trainings on an issue and those
interested in acquiring new skills and knowledge.
UCEEG provides a faster way for handicapped people to type with the
power of thought by using the Emotiv EPOC brain-signal acquisition
headset. It can detect mental commands, facial expressions and
emotions which are translated to text by mapping the eight strokes of
digital digits.
ThirdEye is a smartphone device for the visually impaired. It has camera
assistance, a special UI with vibration and speech feedback, voice
command and more.
Dregon is a game where players Combat widespread disease by going on
a quest to find a potion that will cure the sick to save themselves and
their fellow Dregons.
Global Green helps players learn about many global problems while
having a lot of fun trying to achieve the highest score for saving the
Coming soon

EduAcademy is a cloud computing educational platform that provides
teachers services, communication tools and specialized software for the
most distinct situations faced within the learning-teaching environment.

1stCareTaker is a monitoring system for patients that implements low-
cost hardware integrated to an embedded platform. Patients have their
vitals monitored automatically, which eliminates feelings of
abandonment and makes service prioritization more effective.

HopeBlocks allows players to take steps towards changing the world by
putting the player in charge of organizing people so that they work
together and improve their surroundings.
In UCan, players create strategies to find the best way to help the world.
Their resources are volunteers and money, and players must manage
them intelligently.

Dream is a short video expressing the team's hope that people never stop
dreaming for a better world as they believe it is through dreams that
technology expands and gives us a better world.

#ProDeaf is a mobile application that aims to allow a fluent real-time
communication between deaf and non-deaf by converting any speech
sounds into sign language and vice versa.
This project encourages us all to limit our carbon footprint while also
supporting good causes around the world. It utilizes multiple Microsoft
technologies and the power of social media.
Technologies: Windows Phone 7, Windows Azure, Bing Maps
GreenWorld is an online multiplayer game concerning the world's biggest
ecological and health problems; this game was developed on a Silverlight
Coming soon

This project aims to provide a convenient and efficient method for
physically disabled people to get access to information without barriers.
By combining image and speech recognition, they can use computers to
surf online, communicate with others and play games.

Harmonicare is lung training equipment based on a harmonica. This
device converts boring respiratory training into entertainment by
improving a user’s health situation and bringing a sense of achievement.
These students will compete to establish a technological infrastructure
based on Microsoft technologies for a foundation to support its grant
funding process.

S8VER is a technological tool that aims to address the high mortality rates
when natural disasters occur by flying over the areas affected by natural
disasters and identifying survivors that need to be rescued.
This solution currently uses Windows Phone 7 and social networks to
help individuals find groups for carpooling based on the routes people
take every day.
KiDnect is a technology to aid in physical therapy for children with
cerebral palsy.
Technologies: Kinect,
A Windows Phone 7 application that allows the user to diagnose health
related problems he/she may have. It is integrated with Bing Maps, which
provides the user the ability to view a list of doctors that are specialized
in the specific area based on the user’s current location.
Technologies: Windows Phone 7, Bing

Celebrio is an operating system designed specifically for the elderly. It
also helps people with low vision, bad dexterity or technophobia by
giving users a natural way to control a computer through touch.
In Firefighters: Whatever It Takes, players must find ways to evacuate
civilians in danger and extinguish fires as fast as they can in order to save
the largest area of forest possible.

Skillbox is an affordable and accessible solution to teach children with
disabilities; it aims to improve living conditions with hearing loss or motor
disabilities by providing a viable solution through stimulating the senses
and the ability to learn while playing.
Through this online system, patients have the ability to look for a doctor,
set an appointment and read about their medical condition in Arabic;
doctors can develop electronic medical records for their patients and
move away from paper records.

Now I See is a system that serves as an extra set of eyes for someone
who is visually impaired. Rather than relying on someone else to describe
objects and colors, this device is able to do that.
Vigilis software is a tool for parents to keep a watchful eye on their
children in a world where socializing is done with the press of a button; it
provides children with the ability to immediately document any
cyberbullying or sexual harassment they experience online or via mobile.
The eBakPak embeds the majority of tools any pupil can have in his or
her backpack in a single application.
LinkTV is a project that aims to help elderly or isolated people connect
with others thanks to the realization of 4 modules: Messaging, Video /
Photo, Video-conferencing, and social activities.

In this game, Hilomi is a little child living alongside many other species,
one of which doesn't pay attention to the planet. She cannot accept it
and thus decides to change their behavior.
Brainergy is a Windows Phone 7 Puzzle Game in which the player has to
solve different challenges based on renewable energy. From the
beginning of the adventure, players are confronted by a polluted world
and will need to use renewable energy to clean it.
These students will compete to establish a technological infrastructure
based on Microsoft technologies for a foundation to support its grant
funding process.
majiSolution is a data management system that aims to bring efficient
drinking water supplies in African countries.
JOFNET is an automatic job adviser for day laborers specifically designed
for the poorest people in developing countries.
These students will compete to establish a technological infrastructure
based on Microsoft technologies for a foundation to support its grant
funding process.

Epione is an integrated system for managing physical and emotional pain.
Technologies: Windows Azure, .NET

Touring Machine is an innovative platform designed to offer a new kind
of experience in culture for adults and children. It is a personalized,
highly customizable tour guide which conforms to the visitor’s
characteristics and demands.
Patiala provides numerous assistive technology features to give disabled
people, especially those who are visually impaired, easier access to
information on the internet.
This project provides visually impaired users a natural way of interacting
with a computing device via a proposed tactile grid. Drushti means ‘sight”
in Hindi, one of India’s most-used languages.

This project proposes to implant individual sensors with the aid of robots
as a fool-proof mechanism against tree. Under such unique id system,
every tree can reclaim to its right to grow, mature and blossom.
Offers a simple solution for malnutrition issues by giving information
access and first-stage malnutrition detection to a community through a
mobile-phone application.

The goal of EDCOS is to reduce the energy crisis and malnutrition through
the breeding of algae to help reduce the effects of global warming.
The Refugee Welfare project is a secure system for registering refugees
and their welfare needs such as health care monitoring, education and
aid distribution. It provides a mobile way for staff and users with little
training to enter data relevant to the needs of the refugees.

This project uses embedded technology, mobile devices and cloud
computing technology to change driving habits and reduce road deaths.

OMCR supports users with severe disabilities by enabling them to use a
personal computer to communicate, learn and play without relying on
traditional interaction devices such as a mouse and keyboard.

This project helps local residents by harnessing the power of the cloud to
solve the problem of doctor shortages in some parts of Africa.

This new donation system utilizes touch display and digital signage to
enable residents to donate to charities by watching an advertisement
rather than giving money out of pocket.
This affordable and innovative system allows quadriplegia disabled
patients to control a computer with their head.
This project is both a portal for donations and a communication platform.
This device helps people locate clean water in an effort to reduce child
Peekaboo enables members to communicate efficiently without limits of
space and time with a system that combines a treasure-hunt game with a
private network dedicated to family.

Hot Potato fights indifference by showing users where and when local
problems are happening through Bing Maps. As more and more people
look into the matter, the spot gets bigger, suggesting the importance of
the event and increasing public awareness.

Revolutionary Reporting System is an image reporting software that uses
geographic location tagging to report accidents, environmental hazards,
theft and medical emergencies.

Tale of a Tree Wisp raises awareness about the environment in
developing countries by building an experience designed to deeply
impact as many people as possible.
Health3 system helps cancer patients monitor their health, treatment
and diets. It also assists patients and their loved ones reach out to online
resources and others in similar situations.

Project Brain is designed to make people, particularly children of
developing nations, aware of environmental issues.
The Chronicles of Balam is a 3D adventure game where players assume
the role of a young jaguar who must improve the world to earn
Millennium Insignias.
Whitelight is a set of applications to guide visually impaired individuals
from Point A to Point B using vocal instructions while also offering tools
to help families and NGOs stay connected with them.
The City Cloud is a cloud computing platform that brings together
different kinds of data generated by its inhabitants, businesses and
government, with the goal of providing the first steps towards a self-
regulating city.
This project focuses on tackling malaria with sophisticated technology
that identifies areas of high risk and provides real-time information to
those concerned so they can act accordingly.

Project Medicare enables doctors to communicate with patients and
make diagnosis from patient data on the Medicare system when they are
unable to have physical contact with their patients due to long distances.
The video, narrated by a man from the future, shows us a better future
with a great invention that can help reduce pollution by filtering smoke
and toxins from the air.
Project "HELP me Educate Others" enables donors to participate in
educating less fortunate individuals in the world by acting as a hub
between the helper, the school and the student being financed.
Project CleverGrid enables better power distribution and management
for the developing world by using smart-meters and an embedded
supplier power-monitoring system.
Voice Controlled Cellular System for Special Citizen is designed to enable
physically handicapped and visually impaired users to operate a
computer with voice controls.
The project uses a speech recognition technology to translate the user's
questions to text, search for the answer on the internet and then spell it
out to the user. It is designed for people without an education, children
and individuals with disabilities.
The project enables users to operate Windows 7, with minimal effort by
using their eyes instead of their hands.
Conjunct! was developed using HTML 5 and represents social issues and
problems as puzzles in different locations around the world.
Coming soon
COP4CE combines a portable device and a central command center
system to enable police and rescue unit coordination and support.

The Book of Elm illustrates the importance of taking care of environment
in everyday life through the interactive story of Elm, a creature on a
quest to fix the mistakes done by people around the world. This game
was developed using Silverlight.

This project helps prevent and respond to devastating floods.
These students will compete to establish a technological infrastructure
based on Microsoft technologies for a foundation to support its grant
funding process.
Coming soon
Helps disaster rescue teams coordinate their forces on the ground and
provide better distribution of resources.
All 4 One Solutions is designed to increase awareness and community
participation in addressing environmental and social issues.

This team asks: what if technology suddenly became available to those
less fortunate? What if technology could offer the ones without food or
shelter a new chance to a better life?
An intelligent robotic system designed to automatically avoid obstacles
and find its way back to its control signal when it loses contact with its
human operator.
These students will compete to establish a technological infrastructure
based on Microsoft technologies for a foundation to support its grant
funding process.
Medical Interactive Recovery Assistant (MIRA) is an application to enable
people suffering from temporary handicap to recover interactively at a
faster pace. It also enables doctors or specialized medical personnel to
facilitate the recovery process for their patients.
An embedded device to automatically control the very specific
environmental conditions for the breeding and rearing of larval axolotl, a
kind of animal used in stem cell research.

Cleaney: Smiley Who Saved the Earth is a game for kids aged 2 to 5 years
to learn about the world around them and how to treat the environment.
Oricrafter is a multi-touch system that supports creating and exchanging
This project addresses agriculture, fishing and breeding and allows all the
actors in these sectors to interact to reduce poverty and hunger, enable
gender equality, and preserve the environment.
HAUS project helps consumers manage their monthly energy bills by
optimizing their electrical energy and non-replenishable resource
L.O.C.U.S is a low-cost system for retrieving and collating data in post-
disaster situations.
These students will compete to establish a technological infrastructure
based on Microsoft technologies for a foundation to support its grant
funding process.
The Elder Rehabilitation Support System (ERSS) uses Kinect for Xbox 360
to aid in stroke rehabilitation and recovery with exercises specifically
designed for stroke patients.
Technologies: Kinect
The Recyclocator mobile application makes recycling more convenient by
enabling users to locate the nearest recycling bin using a Windows Phone
7 device.
Developed on a Silverlight platform, the Green Game challenges players
to solve common environmental issues using new and exciting
technologies, intelligent devices and unusual ideas.
Coming soon

This software for smart phones is based on the adjusted user interface
for blind and partially sighted people so they can easily access various
applications and menus on their devices.
Project HAWK is a crowd-sourced, collaborative information-aggregation,
reporting and geo-visualisation system geared towards community-
centric disaster management and neighborhood improvement.
WaterSense aims to bring drinkable water to the poorest areas of the
world with a 3-layer structure that gives support to the volunteers of the
area. ONGs manage projects and get donations and a social media
component allows citizens to give donations.

Intelligent Lighting System (Smart Light) is a public street lighting
management system that collects data from the status of the street and
lights them according to their specific needs rather than by the time of
day, which results in a reduction of power consumption.
Hear through Eyes is a solution designed to enable the hearing impaired
to rely on visual aid for many channels of communication and to aid in
Life Map helps make the world a better place by making it easier for
people to donate money to charitable organizations.
The EasySMS application empowers illiterate people to read, compose
and send text messages to their contacts through text-to-speech
Adeona aims to aid in the search for missing children and aged persons
during search and rescue missions through innovative visual data mining
and information extraction techniques.
With an eBox at the core, team NTHUCS is taking the classic routing
problem to help solve the challenges of evacuations and increase public
This team tells the story of many species becoming extinct because of the
“HIPPO dilemma” and shows viewers how they can help with animal
Junk Master: The Journey to Junk Lord is a challenging and innovative
game; it can educate the player about garbage classification and 3Rs
(Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).
Terra allows disaster victims to broadcast their location through social
networks in the event of a disaster to alert rescue workers, friends and
family to their exact location.
Education Elevated through Technology enhances the motivation and
communication level of the three major stakeholders in education:
teachers, parents and students.
Sight Browser targets people with visual impairments; achieving a tool
tailored to meet their stringent criteria is necessary to ensure that blind
and partially sighted people can benefit from access to the internet.
Co2ncerned created a system where individuals and corporations
calculate their CO2 emissions and balance it by donating to
environmental projects. CO2ncerned is a common platform for
environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Crimex a desktop, mobile and web based system focuses on crime
pattern analysis in developing countries. Its capabilities range from crime
pattern recognition to facial recognition capabilities in hopes that a
decrease in crime will result in a decrease in poverty.
Enables people who are both deaf and blind to communicate with the
world through the use of special vibration device connected to computer.
This project works to reverse the problem of at-home injuries sustained
by children.
momEcare is a mobile application that assists medical staff to give quality
medical assistance to pregnant women by guiding them through the
steps of performing a self-checkup if they are unable to go to a hospital.
This is a solution that aims to bring together world problems and people
who volunteer to solve them in a fresh and innovative way by using the
latest Microsoft platforms and an interesting twist on peer-to-peer
‘Child Sleep Safe’ uses a mixture of embedded hardware, software, and
home automation systems that aims to reduce cot death numbers by
monitoring a baby while sleeping.
A portable device that helps visually-impaired students by utilizing a
touch-based tablet connected to a camera that shows the whiteboard on
one half of the screen and allows notes to be taken on the other half.

This self-contained mobile workstation based on an embedded RTOS
platform and managed code application allows emergency workers to
track assets such as medical suppliers, water, food, and personnel in real
time during emergency relief efforts.

Developed on an HTML5 platform, Embryonic is a combination of arcade
style games to promote awareness and education of maternal health and
an awareness of rudimentary genetics.

Lifelens is an innovative point-of-care tool to diagnose malaria using an
augmented mobile smartphone application. The project addresses the
unacceptably high child mortality rates caused by the lack of detection
and availability of treatment of malarial diseases.
Azmo the Dragon is a game that helps children learn about their asthma
as they play as a dragon that destroys civilizations.

This product helps people connect online to recycle items and material
that are no longer used but still valuable for other uses and needs.
Migi is an online community web site to share used items. Migi makes
giving, receiving and using second hand and brand new items simple, fun
and accessible to everyone.
Technologies: Windows Phone 7, Bing
Rank           Country   Competition         School(s)

First Place    Denmark   Orchard Challenge   Aarhus University

                                             Escola Politecnica Da Universidade De
Second Place   Brazil    Orchard Challenge   Sao Paulo and Universidade Estadual de

                                             Metroplitian University and Tehnicki
Third Place    Serbia    Orchard Challenge
                                             Fakultet Mihajilo Pupin
Team Name                  Project Description
                           This project creates a way for website administrators to make
MP Brun                    content more accessible on any internet browser.

                           This solution aims to help blog readers take an immediate call to
Virtual Dreams - Orchard
                           action rather than just reading information about a particular issue.
                           Project eSchool enables fast and effective publishing of learning
                           materials online, which helps teachers be more productive by giving
Zveen Zveen Team
                           students access to learning material at school and home.
Rank           Country     Competition       School(s)               Team Name

                           Windows 7 Touch
First Place    France                        University of Orleans   India Rose

                           Windows 7 Touch   Telkom Institure of
Second Place   Indonesia                                             _dreambender_
                           Challenge         Technology

                                             Senior High School at
                           Windows 7 Touch
Third Place    Japan                         Komaba, University of   IUVO
Project Description
The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) helps in
developing relationships with autistic people and children in particular.
The advent of computer science and Touch Screen technology will
make this method more accessible to children.
Sparkins is a Touch-based solution to help visually impaired children
learn the Perkins Brailler. It works exactly like the Perkins Brailler, but
uses a multi-touch support tablet PC powered by Windows 7 Touch.
Scriboo is a touch-based application for Tablet PCs that helps hearing-
impaired people communicate with others. It behaves like a touch-and-
mobile-suited intelligent paper, providing a completely new writing-
based communication method.

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