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					                        Questions Asked On Each Application:


  Please submit a brief self-introduction that may include career highlights, achievements and education

  Please describe your community, professional and other organizations of which you are, or have
  been, a member.

  2009 GLIDE attendees will take the first step in helping the Greater Louisville region define its "ONE
  Dream®" - the vision for a new strategic plan that will lead us through the next decade. As a young
  professional, what is your one dream for this region?

  Please list the motivation for your GLIDE Emerging Leader Application.

                               POINTS TO BE AWARDED:
Leadership: MAX: 15 points
Community Involvement: MAX: 10 points
Vision: MAX: 20 points
Need: MAX: 15 points
Total points that can be awarded to an applicant: 60
                   GLIDE Emerging Leader Score Sheet:
1. NAME: Eric Gunderson

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

2. NAME: Elisabeth 'Libby' Summers Gray

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

3. NAME: John J. Guthrie

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

4. NAME: Stacie Linn

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

5. NAME: Bradley E. Snider

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

6. NAME: Sundar Sridharagopal

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

7. NAME: Devin Ellis

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______
                   GLIDE Emerging Leader Score Sheet:
8. NAME: Tammy Burke

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

9. NAME: Kevin M. Jones

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

10. NAME: Nick Maxim

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

11. NAME: Eric Seto

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

12. NAME: Steve Kempf, Jr.

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

13. NAME: Steve Bittenbender

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

14. NAME: David Yates

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______
                    GLIDE Emerging Leader Score Sheet:
15. NAME: Greg Taylor

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

16. NAME: Ashley Roberts

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

17. NAME: Daniel Johnsen

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

18. NAME: Keisha Mabry

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

19. NAME: Heather Howell

Leadership: ______ Community Involvement: ______ Vision:______ Need: ______
Total SCORE: _______

        Please send GLIDE Emerging Leader Score Sheets To:

          Tracee Troutt, Chief Administrative Officer, Greater Louisville Inc.
     or Fax: 502.625.0010.

        If you should have any questions, please contact Tracee at 502.625.0079.
NAME: Eric Gunderson
TITLE: Chief Executive Officer
COMPANY: Valeo Communications
ADDRESS: 268 St. Matthews Avenue, Louisville, 40207
WORK PHONE: 558-1717
FAX NUMBER: 415-7156
AGE: 37

Maverick Marketing & Media       Partner 04/02 – 07/07
Tradecast Securities    Director of Marketing     12/99 – 04/01
Doe-Anderson Advertising & Public Relations       Senior Account Manager 1/95 – 12/99

I am a Louisville native who grew up in St. Matthews with my parents and two younger sisters. I attended
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School and St. Xavier High School before moving north to Peoria, Illinois
where I received my degree in communications and political science from Bradley University. After
college I moved back to Louisville for 5-1/2 years before heading southwest to Houston, Texas where I
was a the marketing director for a software company. After marrying Jenny Turner, from Oldham
County, I moved back to Louisville to start my own business and get involved in the community where I
grew up and plan to stay. I sold my original business in 2007, started a new company that helps physician
and dentist practices to be more profitable by inspiring more and better referrals from other doctors. I
have two children under the age of three and am still very much involved in the community to ensure
their experience in Louisville is even better than mine.

-Arena Authority - Chair, Parking & Transportation Committee

-Young Professionals Association of Louisville - President, Vice-President and Public Issues Chair

-Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - Gala Chair, Media Chair, Fundraising Chair

-Health Enterprises Network - Board Member

-GLI - Member, Capital Projects & Civic Amenities Committee

-Advertising Federation - Member

To see Louisville compete, on an international basis, to retain and attract businesses that require a highly
educated workforce, are great stewards in and for the region, provide good paying jobs for the local
workforce and inspire our citizens to take pride in the community.
The agenda for this particular GLIDE trip is of great interest to me since the objective is to set a tone for
efforts to further improve our community as a whole over the next several years. As a small business
owner, involved citizen and father, I want to have a voice in this effort and make sure that the direction of
this plan is representative of the wants and needs of other small business owners, involved citizens and
NAME: Elisabeth 'Libby' Summers Gray
TITLE: Attorney
COMPANY: Greenebaum Doll & McDonald PLLC
ADDRESS: 3500 National City Tower, Louisville, KY 40202
WORK PHONE: 502-587-3768
FAX NUMBER: 502-540-2288
AGE: 39

Greenebaum Doll & McDonald           Attorney                     9/98 – Current

Having lived in Louisville the past 11 years, being married to a native Louisvillian and now raising my two
children (Emma, 6, and Kate, 4) here, I undoubtedly consider Louisville home. However, I have spent the
majority of my life living elsewhere. I grew up in Minneapolis, MN, and started my undergraduate
education at DePauw University in Greencastle, IN.

After my freshman year, I decided to take a year off to live in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico,
and work in a bi-lingual preschool, teaching English to local bank tellers (since I had taken French in
school, I also studied Spanish while in Mexico). This experience was wonderful and taught me more
about our own culture and myself than any other single experience.

When I returned to the United States, I finished my undergraduate studies at University of Oregon,
majoring in Spanish, and graduated in 1993. I spent some time on the West coast, and ultimately spent
my first year of law school at Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco (1995-1996), and
transferred to Vanderbilt University School of Law in Nashville, Tennessee, graduating with a J.D. in 1998.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview with Greenebaum during the beginning of my
second year at Vandy. My first visit to Louisville was during my call-back interview that fall. After living in
many parts of the United States and Mexico, in communities both big and small, I knew exactly what I was
looking for in the community where I would begin my legal practice. Louisville fit the bill to a tee: small
enough to avoid “big city” headaches like high crime, traffic, and high cost of living, yet still offering all of
the cultural diversity and opportunity that I wanted. And although I was years from meeting my husband,
I knew that Louisville would be a great place to raise a family. Of course the mild winters after a
childhood in Minnesota were nice too! I went with my “gut” and gave Louisville, and Greenebaum, a
chance, and have never once regretted my decision.

I have prospered in the Commercial Litigation practice at Greenebaum with all of the support and
opportunity the Firm has given me. I was honored to be named Forty under Forty by Business First in
2003, and to be made a Member of Greenebaum (partner) in 2006. I was further selected as the
Recruiting Chairperson for the Firm in January 2009, and truly enjoy selling the great benefits and
opportunities of Greenebaum and Louisville to law students and others who are considering a move.
Over the years, I have always enjoyed my volunteer work with such organizations as Big Brothers/Big
Sisters, Legal Aid Society of Louisville, and the American Cancer Society, where I participated as a Board
member from 2002-2005 and chaired its fundraiser, Taste of the Grapevine, in 2002.

I have also enjoyed participating on the committee level of numerous professional organizations, including
the American Inns of Court, Brandeis Chapter, the Louisville Bar Association, US Law, and Defense
Research Institute (DRI). I have been fortunate to have been selected for three local professional
leadership classes, the Executive Institute of the Center for Women and Families in 2002-2003, Ignite
Louisville in 2005, and the Louisville Bar Association Leadership Academy in 2008. Those opportunities
have been invaluable for my professional growth, as well as expanding my network.

Recently, in an effort to continue to network and to be involved in my children’s schools, I have taken
leadership roles with my children’s preschool, Temple Trager, as a Board Member and on the committee
level. This year, my oldest daughter has started school at Kentucky Country Day and I am involved with
the Parent Board and also involved on several committees. I have found these experiences to be a
wonderful way to achieve work-life balance and be involved with my children’s education, while still
making valuable contacts.

In the spring of 2008, I was asked by the government in my City of residence (Crossgate, Kentucky) to
take over the term for the then Mayor, who was moving out of state. I was appointed the Mayor of
Crossgate, Kentucky in July 2008, and then was elected Mayor in the November 2008 election. I have
enjoyed this foray into politics, and have been gratified to see my efforts while in office pay off with short
and long term improvements to the City.

While we have made tremendous strides in the revitalization of our downtown (i.e., Arena, Fourth Street
Live, waterfront development, etc.), there is still much more to do. The economy certainly has impacted
downtown development, and I truly hope that exciting projects like Museum Plaza and the Center City
District will become realities. I believe the key to a thriving downtown is to increase the number of
people who live downtown, which will bring more entertainment options for all. Louisville has made the
revitalization of downtown a priority and has done so much, although we can still learn from other cities,
such as Indianapolis, and develop additional ways to bring life back to our downtown after hours!

I would love the opportunity to network with the leaders of our community, and learn from the best! I
also believe that I would have some unique insights to share given my experiences, background and time
living in other areas of the country and the world. Finally, I truly care about making Louisville the best it
can be as I see myself living here for the long-term, and also want to make it a wonderful place for my
children and future generations.
NAME: John J. Guthrie
TITLE: Consultant
COMPANY: Ashley & Associates
ADDRESS: 2525 Nelson Miller Pkwy Ste 106,
WORK PHONE: 5022445835
FAX NUMBER: 5022445837
AGE: 35

Ashley & Associates     Consultant       09/06/2005 to Current
Community Partnership for Arts & Culture Director of Development and Public Affairs 05/17/2004 -
United Way of Muncie & Delaware County, IN       Community Service Director         04/17/2000 -
Museum of Modern Art, NY         Administrator   07/06/1999 - 12/31/1999

Four years ago I made a conscious decision to return to Louisville, my hometown, after being away for
ten years with school (Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University and an MBA from Case
Western Reserve University) and career experiences in Bloomington, Muncie, New York and Cleveland.
My career has been spent working for and with nonprofit organizations to improve and serve their

The last four years I’ve worked for a local consulting firm that works with nonprofit organizations
throughout the community on fund development, strategic planning, campaign counsel and Board
development. It gives me the opportunity to interact with corporations, nonprofits and individual donors
and volunteers and offers a unique perspective that could be of value in the discussion.

I had the honor just last week of being named to Business First’s Forty Under 40. I am currently serving
on the GLI Tax Advisory Committee, am a member of Association of Fundraising Professionals
membership committee and have recently become involved with the Social Media Club of Louisville. Due
to the nature of my work I have not been as involved as I would like.

Everywhere I have lived I have made a point of getting involved, here are some the efforts and
organizations I’ve been involved with over the past ten years.

Association of Fundraising Professionals –Program committee 2006 to 2007

Focus Louisville 2006

YPAL Nominating Committee – 2005
Center for Nonprofit Excellence – Annual Leadership & Awards Conference – Fund Development panel
planning committee 2005 – 2006

Graduate Business Student Association, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve
University (Cleveland, OH) – Vice President of Career Services & Alumni Relations – 2003 – 2005

Issue 31 campaign volunteer (Cleveland, OH) – arts and cultural ballot initiative 2004

Muncie Jaycees – Board President 2002, Board member 2000 – 2003

Youth Empowerment Initiative (Muncie, IN) – 2002 – 2003

Ball Cancer Center, Education Committee (Muncie, IN) – 2002

All American City, Marketing Committee (Muncie, IN) – 2001

September 11th Heroes of the Heartland, Coordinating Committee (Muncie, IN) – 2002

To live up to our potential! Louisville has some incredible assets (neighborhoods, nonprofit organizations,
merged government and consolidated school system) that need to be leveraged to do and accomplish

As a young professional in Louisville GLIDE provides an opportunity for me to participate in an important
conversation at a very high level. When I read about a new economic development initiative in Business
First, my first thought is what could I add to the conversation and wouldn’t it be great to be in the room
articulating my ideas and thoughts. This is an opportunity to do that. One of the reasons I came back was
to participate in moving this community forward. Having a seat at the table would have been impossible in
New York and difficult in Cleveland. This is a unique opportunity to step up, so I am.
NAME: Stacie Linn
TITLE: Airline Ground Training Instructor
ADDRESS: 802 Grade Lane
WORK PHONE: 502-359-8497
FAX NUMBER: 502-359-8858
AGE: 38

UPS      Airline Ground Training Instructor          10/06/2006 – Present
Jefferson County Public Schools    Flight Instructor 02/11/2002 - 10/05/2006
Cardinal Wings, Inc.      Director of Operations 03/15/1995 - 04/11/2001
University of Louisville  Tour Guide         07/26/1990 - 06/30/1994

I have lived in Louisville all of my life. I went to Jefferson County Public Schools and graduated from the
University of Louisville. I have traveled abroad and throughout the 48. I started flying at the age of 15
and have flown ever since. My career began when I started working for Cardinal Wings, Inc. During the
time I worked for Cardinal Wings, it grew into the largest flight school in the state of Kentucky with a
customer base of 4000 and 50 employees. In 2002, I began teaching as a flight instructor for Jefferson
County Public Schools. I obtained my Kentucky Teaching Certificate and taught over 300+ students
aviation of which 189 became licensed pilots. In 2006, I began instructing crewmembers aviation for UPS

Co-chair for Metro United Way for the UPS Flight Training Center.

Flown over 200 kids for the Young Eagle Program granting kids 7-17 free flights and encouraging them to
continue to work towards their dreams and goals. Women 4 Women, Experimental Aviation Association
chapter 110, Women In Aviation, United Way, Zonta, Bowman Eagles, Bowman Historical Society, Girl
Scouts of America, Clothe-a-Child, Fly the Ford-chair, Organization of Black Airline Pilot/Shawnee
Aviation Camp, Treasurer for Stuart Benson for Metro Councilman campaign
Grow the economy by attracting new businesses, educating our youth through vocational training,
highlight the cities gems (historical, people, industry, community)

I believe the City of Louisville is emerging with continued greatness. I want to be a part of a dynamic time
in our cities history to bring together all groups and to help stimulate excitement, prosperity and
community for all.
NAME: Bradley E. Snider
TITLE: 1st VP - Louisville Market Executive
COMPANY: Citizens Union Bank
ADDRESS: 11601 Bluegrass Parkway
WORK PHONE: 502-267-3547
FAX NUMBER: 502-267-3586
AGE: 31

Citizens Union Bank 1st VP 08/01/2001 – Present

I graduated from Shelby County High School in 1996 and went on to attend Georgetown College in
Georgetown, KY. Georgetown is a liberal arts college that helped to shape as a person by introducing
various subject matter while I was able to focus on my major in finance. While at Georgetown I
participated in several student groups and fraternity positions as well as being an intern at Merrill Lynch in
Lexington. I began working at Citizens Union Bank (CUB) in Louisville in 2001 where I was hired as a
lending associate. I began to advance quickly while at CUB and was promoted to Assistant Vice President
of Loans and transferred to Shelbyville in 2003. While in Shelbyville as a loan officer I was chosen as the
loan officer of the year in 2005 and 2007. Additionally, I served on the Board of Directors for the
Chamber of Commerce, committee chairman for Shelby Development Corporation, led the CUB United
Way campaign, and graduated from Leadership Shelby. Also in 2008 I graduated from Graduate School of
Banking at Louisiana State University after completing a 3 year program. I was recently transferred back
to Louisville as a commercial lender in order to grow both personally and professionally. I view this as an
immense opportunity. In mid 2009 I was promoted to be the Louisville Market Executive for Citizens
Union Bank. In this role, I am responsible for the strategic vision, profitability, and goal setting etc for the
Louisville Market.

Metro United Way, Leadership Shelby, Shelby Development Corporation, Shelby County Chamber of
Commerce, YPAL, GLI.

My One Dream for this region is to be 'It Town'. There are so many possibilities in this community to be
'It'. With our central location, waterfront, vibrant neighborhoods, and energetic people we can be the It
town. My vision for Louisville encompasses several factors from Business, Lifestyle, and the Arts. We
need to create a hub for next generation businesses to locate here that are focused on technology and
energy. In doing so, we need to create a lifestyle for residents that is fun, energizing, electric, peaceful,
safe, and healthy. In addition we need to to create an arts mecca that will attract people from all over to
visit a music festival, theater, film festivals, or simply creative expressions. My One Dream is for Louisville
to be It.
As a lifelong resident of the Greater Louisville Area, I have always been interested in promoting our area.
I am extremely proud to be from Kentucky and from the Louisville area. Now as I have moved to
Louisville and work in Louisville full time, I want to be part of something special and help make a
difference in the community. By being a part of this, I can not only meet new and exciting people, discuss
new ideas, and dream big, but I can be proud of Louisville and the opportunities it provides.
NAME: Sundar Sridharagopal
TITLE: Partner
ADDRESS: 11030 Symington Cir, Louisville, KY 40241
WORK PHONE: 502-608-1565
AGE: 35

Techneek LLC Partner 09/01/09 – Present
SHPS Sr Database Administrator                 03/19/09 – Present
Digital Software Technology   VP of Business Development        06/01/05 - 03/18/09
Fortknox National Company     Database Administrator 02/06/2003 - 03/15/2005

I was born and raised in India. In 2001, I came to Louisville, KY for work. I have more than 12 years
experience in Information Technology and 5 years experience in running a business. I have a MBA in
Entrepreneurship from University of Louisville and Masters in Computer Applications from Indian
University. Also I have work experience in startups, healthcare, banking and non-profits.

I have been active in Indian community. I have played different roles (president, vice-president, chairman)
in various non-profits those are YPAL (Young Professional Association of Louisville), Steward Staff, Hindu
Temple of Kentucky and Kentucky Tamil Sangam. I am also a Ignite 2009 graduate from Leadership
Louisville Center (LLC)

“Dream for Louisville” is to make attractive (sexier) place for entrepreneurs, young professionals, skilled
workers, technology companies and warehouse & logistics companies. I think Louisville has its own
strengths (good schools, great leaders, tons of restaurants, cost of living is less, can reach any place in 20
minutes and less traffic). I think that the Louisville city needs to be projected such a way to attract lots of
young professionals, technology companies, immigrants and entrepreneurs here.

'Single tree alone will not become a forest but we can grow a forest from a single tree' - like a single tree,
I am not able to make a change alone but with the support of scholarship and corporate help I believe as a
team, we can make an impact in our business development and community improvement in Louisville.
NAME: Devin Ellis
TITLE: Adjunct Professor / Entrepreneur
COMPANY: Brown-Mackie College
ADDRESS: 3605 Fern Valley Rd
WORK PHONE: 502-439-0840
AGE: 32

Brown-Mackie College       Adjunct Professor        01/2009 – Present
Vupal Network Marketing Strategy Consultant         07/2008 - 12/2008
Pro-Liquitech International        Marketing Consultant     11/2007 - 06/2007
Greenebaum Doll & McDonald         Marketing Analyst        06/2007 - 08/2007

I attended Jefferson Community College for general education purposes and transferred to the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I graduated with a BS in Business Administration.

After college, my career revolved around promotions, marketing, and a few, smaller entrepreneurial
ventures. Wanting to achieve on a larger scale, I enrolled in the MBA in Entrepreneurship program at the
University of Louisville. I achieved Entrepreneurial Fellow status and represented the university in
International Business Plan Competitions.

Currently I am teaching business and computing courses to non-traditional students at Brown-Mackie
College. At the same time, I am developing a software start-up with a partner for the home healthcare

Some other achievements include:

-Successfully planned an innovaton event, in conjunction with IDEA Festival, held at the Kentucky Center
for the Arts for YPAL

-Principal Co-curator of Ignite 502, an innovation event held at 21c this past August

-Helped develop a 3-part Entrepreneurship Series for YPAL held at the University of Louisville

Before leaving for North Carolina:

-Coaching Youth Sports
-Louisville International Cultural Center
-Participated Model United Nations Conferences, and sat on the economic committee for high school
conferences near Boston
-Salvation Army Volunteer
At the University of North Carolina:
-Concept of Colors, which promoted international understanding through fashion
-Finance Club

-University of North Carolina General Alumni Association
-Busines Networking International
-Volunteer for Brightside
-Associate Director, Professional Development Committee of YPAL (Young Professional Association of

My one dream for this region is to have an amazing entrepreneurial community that will help drive the
economy and tackle the challenges of the 21st century, which will include healthcare and energy. A
vibrant entrepreneurial community will correlate very well with larger corporations and give more
reasons for younger, innovative and creative talent to move to Louisville.

I have traveled to Denver/Boulder and Austin and have seen these entrepreneurial communities at work.
They have created a synergy between government support, financial resources, innovative talent, and
communication/help between entrepreneurial parties, which has created a great deal of growth and
sustainable development.

I believe it will be a huge resource for Louisville.

I want to be alongside other leaders and innovators Louisville as we learn and develop new ideas that will
positively change the region.

There is a great deal to be said about the collective intelligence of a group of leaders in general, and that
will specifically be at this conference. To be able to exchange ideas with, learn from, and help implement
new possibilities for Louisville will be great, and FUN, thing.

I believe that I also bring a great deal of talent, innovation, and open communication that will help add to
the energy and conversation that will be happening in Indianapolis.
NAME: Tammy Burke
TITLE: Community Relations Coordinator
COMPANY: Webster University
ADDRESS: 1031 Zorn Ave., Suite 200, Louisville, KY 40207
WORK PHONE: (502) 896-1835
AGE: 35

Webster University       Community Relations Coordinator 10/10/2002 – Present
Self-employed   Artist, muralist, craftsperson       10/10/1998 - 10/10/2004
Various         Artist assistant, production artistant                10/18/1995 - 10/23/1998

Building on a BA in Fine Arts from the Herron School of Art, part of the IU system, I earned a Masters in
Media Communications from Webster University in May of 2008. My position with Webster has grown
from part- to full-time, and encompasses not only recruitment, but also marketing strategy and
implementation, curriculum development, and student and alumni affairs. Webster is a non-profit,
graduate level university with business, HR, and communications programs, and a Master of Arts in Mental
Health Counseling. One highlight of my time at Webster is having been selected to participate in the
Energizer Global Staff Exchange, a two week stint at our London campus in 2006, a life-changing
experience. My heart and goals are in the arts. I am a practicing visual artist and musician.

I am involved in several formal and informal communities across many interests. Through Webster, I am a
member of GLI, One Southern Indiana, the Advertising Federations Louisville Chapter, and The Radcliff
Chamber of Commerce.

Informally, I am 'associated' with many musicians, artists, dancers, and other creative types and participate
in and support those communities.

Technology has helped decentralize economies to a point. Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta
are no longer the only centers of culture and commerce. I would like to see our region prosper in an
authentic way, not by exploiting a culture of creativity to attract talent and encourage growth, but by
continuing to nurture it. What would be repellent is a corporate-style branding of creativity that casts it in
a kitsch light. Louisville has a strong creative culture, and those who are interested in the arts across the
country are aware. If we expand opportunities for innovators and creative types, we will attract new
'outstanding citizens'.
I imagine myself as a skeptical devils advocate in the discussion. As expressed above, I know what I don’t
want to see, but I do understand the need to be able to present something to a target market.
NAME: Kevin M. Jones
TITLE: Teacher
ADDRESS: 7506 Gadwall Way
WORK PHONE: 502 485-8342
FAX NUMBER: 502 485-8999
AGE: 29

Jefferson County Public Schools     Practical LivingTeacher   01/15/2008 – Present
Franklin County School Board        Fifth GradeTeacher        08/15/2007 - 01/01/2008
Kentucky State University           Resident Hall Director/ Student Advisor    05/30/2006 - 06/15/2007
Fayette County School Board         First GradeTeacher        08/13/2004 - 05/22/2006

I am a native of Louisville, KY, and attended Kentucky State University where I served as the Vice
President and then President of the Student Government Association. There I received my bachelors in
Elementary Education. I continued my education at the University of Kentucky and have earned a Masters
Degree in Elementary Education and another in Educational Leadership. My plan is to continue my studies
at the University of Kentucky in spring 2010 in work towards my Ed.D.

I am a co-coordinator for The League of David, a not-for-profit organization, which reaches out to young
men who are currently incarcerated. Our goal is to establish blueprints for young men as they exit the
penal system. I serve as a mentor for two students that are apart of Fighting Chance of Louisville
Organization. I serve as Youth Director for my Church, basketball coach at Watterson Elementary
School, and volunteer my services as a tutor to G.E.D. students.

My dream would be that we have adequate and willing personnel to drive our education system to a point
in which all people are learning at their highest level. Placing books in the hand of each child and providing
them with a mentor to walk them through the path of life. Making adult education possible for all who
want a “second chance” and therefore equipping them to be vital parts of the community. My dream is to
see each individual functioning at their highest aptitude and with that, making Louisville the best place to
live, grow, and dream.


I have had personal dreams and seen those dreams come to fruition. As a child growing up in the West
End of Louisville, I dreamed of going to college. I accomplished that dream and more, but only because a
mentor told me it was possible. As a benefactor of mentoring, and as I give back to the community, I
know the benefits of instilling mental preparedness and therefore actually creating a better tomorrow. I
want to share my enthusiasm for this vision with fellow young professionals.
NAME: Nick Maxim
TITLE: Business Banking Officer
ADDRESS: 1900 S. Third St
WORK PHONE: 502-773-7564
FAX NUMBER: 5026378775
AGE: 35

PNC Bank         Business Banking Officer 7/16/2007 – Present
Freedom Mortgage Funding          Loan Originator 10/01/2004 - 6/01/2007
ELM Financial Services    Loan Originator 7/01/2002 - 09/30/2004
Associated Research Services      Program Manager 05/01/1999 - 07/5/2001

Self made professional. I served four years in the U.S. Navy, which included two overseas tours to the
Persian Gulf during operation Desert Shield. Immediately after my four years of service I attended San
Diego Mesa College while working for Rockwell Semiconductor. I started as an Office Clerk and earned
several promotions to Admin Support to Insides Sales to Distribution Sales. I worked 55 hours weeks
plus attending night school taking up to 17 credit hours a semester. I networked my way on to getting
hired at Associated Research Services and took my first outside sales job selling to primarily fortune 500
companies in the IT sector selling financial research. Within 6 months I got promoted to Manufacturing
Cost Analysis Program Manager where I completed my most significant career highlight. I successfully
negotiated Sharps Ink Jet Printer division’s contract with Xerox which ultimately put Xerox out of the
inkjet arena and turned around Sharps Ink Jet division profit margins which is still in business today. After
911, and an acquisition of ARS, I moved to Louisville with my wife. During 2nd meeting in Louisville it was
suggest that I get in touch with GLI. I stopped in one day and introduced myself and after a year of
attending events and being engaged I was asked to look at becoming an ambassador for GLI. During the
last six years and I have built 80% of my business relationships strictly by being actively engaged with GLI.
I built a reputation as being very well connected and caught the attention of PNC Bank. During a GLI
business blitz PNC noticed my passion for being able to convey GLI’s message to the small business
community and they recognized that I would be a valuable asset to their business banking team. I’ve been
with them ever since and I owe it all to the opportunity GLI provides through is vast array of programs
and initiatives they have in place to enhance Kentuckiana’s business community.

Presently I am on the leadership team for GLI’s Ambassador program. My seat to lead the mentor
program for all new GLI’s ambassador and assist them in learning all the different aspects of GLI which
will enhance there ability to spread the work about what GLI is and what they do for the business
community. I’m also involved with the Talent Attraction Forum working with various leaders in the
community sharing best practices on retaining and attraction top talent to Louisville. I am a friend of
Louisville. I am the team leader for PNC’s Total Resource campaign where my goal this year is to raise
$9,000 in renewals and $5,000 in new memberships/sponsorships. I am on the Host Committee for
Louisville Uncorked in which we raised about $50,000 a year for various local charities. I sit on the
Resource Development Committee for Brightside where we are delicately trying to separate from Metro
Government and become 100% self supporting. I am a table captain for the Kentucky Humane Societies
Pause for Pets campaign in which my tables raised $12,000 this year to help the campaign surpass this year
goal which we thought would be difficult in today’s economic environment. Before the birth of my son,
which is about to turn two, I coached girls volleyball for three years. We I had the opportunity to work
with a great bunch of young ladies where they won the 2006 14 & under AAU National Championship. I
have also helped numerous other charities and non-profits get established and/or offered free business

I really think Louisville is on the cutting edge to great progress as being a leading community on how
growth and come from within. I see all the projects that are in the works really establishing this region as
a focal point for other communities to understand the fundamentals of work-life balance. Louisville is a
great place to raise a family. Louisville is a great place to build a fortune 500 company (Humana, Papa
Johns). Louisville is a great place for enjoy the parks systems, the arts, College Sports. The ability to host
'The Ryder Cup', the Equestrian Games, the Breeder Cup. How many other cities can offer these
worldwide events and have the value of our cost of living. U of Ls continuous expansion of facilities and
research capabilities are key factors of Louisville making 'the list' of most attractive places for businesses
to move to. Yes the economy is bad, a lot of people are without jobs, but this regions focus on staying on
the offense with expansion plans will keeping Louisville’s momentum going and will create better quality of
work and that ideal of a better life. Everyone Reads and Everyone Reads More is making a difference. I
am excited for the future. I see Louisville with a Museum Plaza, as a Medical Research Leader, as a
Logistics Hub for the nation, as a pioneer of how to grow companies organically, as one community
united and focused on better quality of life.

I really appreciated the opportunity to apply for this GLIDE scholarship. I realize impact of this
opportunity will be a great resource for me. The amount of information, the collaborative efforts of
business leaders, the access to the discussions that will be held, to be able to take it all in and use it as a
tool to inspire others. I cant think of a better opportunity to enable me to continue to deliver the
message of what our business community is committed to and what are the long term effects of be
committed to it. Once again thank you for your consideration, just filling out this application was
NAME: Eric Seto
TITLE: Executive Director
COMPANY: Louisville Asset Building Coalition
ADDRESS: 334 East Broadway, 3rd fl, Louisville, KY 40202
WORK PHONE: 502-292-5479
AGE: 32

Louisville Asset Building Coalition         Executive Director       08/01/2005 – Present
Center for Women and Families Associate Director             04/30/2004 - 07/31/2005
Self      Consultant       01/01/2002 - 10/02/2009

Eric C. Seto serves as the Executive Director of the Louisville Asset Building Coalition (LABC). He
oversees operations of a 90-member public/ private partnership influencing $32M impact to Metro
Louisville and works with local, regional and national partnerships to promote a continuum of asset
building resources. His effort ensures the strategic leverage of partners to find collective opportunities
and solutions that promotes the overall financial stability of families as citizens, consumers, clients or
employees. He has lead LABC to grow 3 times in budget, 7 times in staff and increased ROI from 8 to 63

He is also involved in a statewide council on asset building working with partners from government, public
and private sectors across Kentucky to find long-term solutions for citizens to be financially successful.
He is a member of the Kentucky Statewide taskforce on the High Cost of Being Poor as well as
involvement in health, banking and non-profit sectors. He has presented on national topics around asset
building, scale & sustainability, partnerships & collaboration, civic engagement and many others for groups
such as National League of Cities, United Way of America and Points of Light Institute.

Mr. Seto holds two Bachelor’s degrees in Business from the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH. In
his career, he has worked in various resource and development roles in addition he is currently partner in
a consulting agency and ownership in several businesses.


• Greater Louisville Project – Advisory Committee, 2005 – Present
• BB&T Bank – Steering Committee, 2005 – Present
• Women 4 Women – Advisory Committee, 2007 – Present

• Children’s Hospital Foundation Alliance, 2005 – 2008, Strategic Committee, 2006 – 2008
• Young Professional Association of Louisville – Board of Directors, 2004 – 2005; Community Committee,
2006 – Present
• Hands On Louisville – Chair, 2007 – 2008; Secretary, 2003 – 2006; Founding Member
• The Kentucky Center for the Arts – Young Advisory Board, 2003 – 2005
• Churchill Down, Kentucky Derby Host, 2004 – Present; Breeders Cup Host, 2006
• Bingham Fellows – Leadership Louisville Center – The Future of Leadership, 2005
• Ignite Louisville – Leadership Louisville Center, 2004, selection committee, 2005, 2006
• Forty Under 40 Award, Business First of Louisville, 2004
• Governor’s Citation – Governor Ernie Fletcher, 2007; Governor Steve Beshear, 2008, 2009
• Kentucky Commission on High Cost of Being Poor, 2007 – Present
• Leadership Southern Indiana, 2007

Since moving to this community in 2002, I was always excited at the limitless opportunities for personal
and professional success. Our community, since merger has placed itself in some of the strongest
strategic alignment compared to peer cities. We have strong and experienced leadership from public,
private and non-profit; a growing economic driver as a leader in our region and state; and the ambition of
an organized and fast paced network of future leaders. Participation in this GLIDE opportunity will
provide me additional insight on how to shape our community future by linking all these important
aspects together for the future. I believe this is be an additional resource to enable me to make our
community one where we can continue and always say Louisville is a place where you can have 'A Good
Job and Great Life'.

I have the unique opportunity through my role as the head of the Louisville Asset Building Coalition to
bring together the public and private sector together in many ways around financial and economic stability
for our citizens. Over the years I have witness fantastic opportunities where bringing together new
partners in synergies have given outcomes beyond our hopes. I hope to use this GLIDE trip to gain a
deeper insight into the business economics of other communities to see how we can design and build an
even better success for our community.
NAME: Steve Kempf, Jr.
TITLE: Program Manager
ADDRESS: 500 W. Main St., 40202
WORK PHONE: 502-476-4248
FAX NUMBER: 502-508-1686
AGE: 33

Humana              Program Manager 02/12/2007 – Present
Norton Healthcare           Manager         08/07/1999 - 02/12/2007
Univ. of Louisville Research Manager        01/01/1998 - 08/07/1999

A Louisville native, I have over 10 years experience in healthcare. I received the Business First Forty
Under 40 award in 2007. During my time at Norton Healthcare, I was able to contribute toward an
exciting turnaround. I have been at Humana for 3.5 years, and experienced exciting career growth as well
as contributed toward key enterprise efforts. I hold a Masters in Business Administration from UofL.

I have been active in Greater Louisville Inc through the Total Resource Campaing as an officer for the last
five campaigns. At Norton, I was a member of the Leadership Louisville Center Ignite Louisville class, and
served several organizations through board appointments and volunteer opportunities (St.Baldricks
Foundation, American Cancer Society, Childrens Hospital Foundation).

My dream is that we can come together as ONE community with a common purpose and alignment of
focus. This will enable us to achieve the incremental value that brings Louisville greater opportunities.

The opportunity to learn and contribute to the Louisville community in more meaningful ways. The
opportunity to engage with Louisville leaders led by a management guru.
NAME: Steve Bittenbender
TITLE: Sr. Business Development Specialist
COMPANY: National Government Services, Inc. (Anthem BCBS)
ADDRESS: 9901 Linn Station Road
WORK PHONE: 502-423-2029
AGE: 35

NGS/Anthem        Sr. Business Development Specialist       04/16/2007 – Present
Metro United Way           Marketing/Communications Specialist      03/2006 - 01/2007
Greater Louisville Inc.    Communications Manager           10/01/2001 - 06/30/2005
Business First    Staff Writer     10/09/2000 - 08/15/2001

I am a 35 year-old young professional living in Southwest Louisville. For the past decade, the focus behind
my career has been to do whatever has been needed to improve my community. In my current position, I
have worked on several proposal teams to win new contracts from (or retain existing business with) the
federal government. Our organization has a large presence in Louisville and seven other cities. It is
Business Developments job to identify opportunities within the government to grow our workforce.

I am currently a member of the Louisville/Jefferson County Democratic Party Executive Committee, the
International Association of Business Communicators and a member of the St. Lawrence Catholic Church
Parish Council. With the council, I am leading an effort to create a 3-5 year strategic plan for the parish.

Previously, I served on the board of directors for the Young Professionals Association of Louisville. With
YPAL, I served as the Public Affairs Director and VP of Community Outreach. I was heavily involved in
creating the groups advocacy program and leading its efforts to push for a downtown arena.

I also was a member of the inaugural Ignite Louisville class.

My one dream for Louisville is to see a community that witnesses growth and prosperity in all of its
neighborhoods. As a native South End resident, I am hopeful that growth opportunities at Fort Knox will
help spur much needed development in my area. I’m also hopeful that efforts to extend River Road do the
same for Portland and the West End.

I have an office in Indianapolis and travel there several times a year, so I am quite familiar with how the
city compares to my hometown. In addition, I also have had the privilege of attending past GLIDE sessions
in Jacksonville and Louisville. I can share with fellow participants those experiences and share with them
my insights about Indianapolis. It is heartening to see GLI continuing its embrace of young professionals. I
believe my generation should play a more vocal role in planning Louisville’s future. I would like to be a
part of that presence, and I believe my background makes me highly qualified to do so.
NAME: David Yates
TITLE: Attorney
COMPANY: David Yates, Attorney, PLLC
ADDRESS: 811 S. Second St., Ste 143
WORK PHONE: (502) 992-9426
FAX NUMBER: (502) 992-0397
AGE: 29

David Yates, Attorney, PLLC         Attorney                2009 – Present
United Auto Workers Union Legal Plan         Staff Attorney 2007 - 7/2009
Office of the Attorney General, Kentucky Assistant Attorney General              2006 – 2007
United States District Court, Eastern District              Law Clerk            2005 -

I was born and raised in the South end of Louisville, off Dixie Hwy. I am the older of two children, raised
in a family that believes in the power of public service to improve people’s lives. My grandfather served
22 years in the Kentucky General Assembly. I often accompanied him as he met with constituents,
traveled to Frankfort and facilitated community events. At an early age I learned how a dedicated public
servant can positively impact the people in our community.

I am a graduate of Holy Cross High School where I was active in service and even received a medal for
heroic behavior in saving the life of a young girl during a freak accident.

With the aid of student loans and academic scholarships, I attended University of Louisville where I
received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and then went on to earn my Juris Doctorate degree from
Northern Kentucky University.

While at U of L I served as President of the College Democrats and interned with the Legislative
Research Commission. I studied public policy and worked closely with members of the General Assembly
and State Senate.

In law school, I was clerk to United States District Court Judge, William Bertelsman and then went to
work for the Commonwealths Attorney’s Office. I worked closely with the President of the
Commonwealth’s Attorney Association, Linda Tally-Smith, to advocate laws and policies that better
protect our citizen from violent offenders.

Soon thereafter, I was sworn in as an Assistant Attorney General. As an Assistant Attorney General I
represented the Commonwealth of Kentucky before the Kentucky Court of Appeals and Supreme Court,
I researched current and proposed legislation, and assisted and gave expert advice to Commonwealth and
County Attorney’s throughout the state. Additionally, I was appointed to Megan’s Law Team, a special
taskforce designed to better protect the public from sexual predators through legislation and prosecution.
I was later retained by the United Auto Workers Union Legal Plan where I practiced primarily in
consumer protection litigation. I had the privilege of assisting families; taking on fraudulent corporations,
and irresponsible behavior.

When GMC filed bankruptcy the UAW Legal Plan was forced to cut my position.

In August of this year I opened my firm where I focus my practice on general litigation services.
Additionally, I work part-time as an Adjunct Professor at Jefferson Community College Southwest
Campus. I have been teaching a Criminal Procedure class at night for the past two years, and enjoy
helping those students realize their strengths.

I recently filed my letter of intent to run for the Louisville Metro Council. I recently filed my intent to run
for the Louisville Metro Council District 25. I have been humbled by the outreach and support I have
received from the community. I look forward to working with community leaders to improve Metro

I am a candidate for the Louisville Metro Council. I am an active member of St. Lawrence Parish, serve on
the Parish Council, and teach vacation bible school at St. Paul. I’m a volunteer coordinator of Financial
Peace and serves as a youth mentor for the National Guards Kentucky Bluegrass Challenge Academy. I
am the elected Advocate of the Knights of Columbus Council 14471. I am a member of the Southwest
Dream Team. I am an officer in the Producers Chapter of the Business Networking Institute. I support,
volunteer, and participates in numerous events throughout the community.

My dream is true economic growth for our city and citizens. Job creation in our communities would
strengthen our neighborhoods. With Fort Knox bringing thousands of jobs to the area my community in
the South Louisville could prosper greatly. But we must work together to setting aside partisan politics
and political games that have created barriers to the realization of Louisville’s true promise. The same old
business as usual is an option that we can no longer afford.

I want to better myself so I can better my community. I was recently laid off work, had a child and
started a law practice. A scholarship would greatly assist me and my family by allowing me to participate
in this opportunity.
NAME: Greg Taylor
TITLE: Realtor
COMPANY: RE/MAX Associates
ADDRESS: 9405 Mill Brook Rd
WORK PHONE: 502-599-1700
FAX NUMBER: 502-384-4343
AGE: 32

RE/MAX Associates         Realtor September 1, 2009 - Current
MC DEL INC. Realtor September 21, 2005 - September 1, 2009
RE/MAX Professionals      Office Administrator    June 2005 - September 2005
Greg Taylor Enterprise Inc.       Owner 2007 - May 2005

As a young child I had to experience what most children in today’s society are faced with, a split family.
My parents divorced when I was eight and I lived with my mother until I was thirteen. We lived in the
best that she could provide at the time which was two dollars annually above poverty level at that time in
the state of Florida. At the age of thirteen I decided I wanted to live with my father which was an
independent truck driver and gone for weeks at a time. His wife at that time decided she had two children
of her own and my older brother and I were too much and I ended up in the best place I could have
ended up. My father’s parents took me in and raised me here in Kentucky. They provided me everything a
child could need or want. I was able to get caught up in school with a lot of extra work, tutoring, special
educational classes and studying. Several years later my father divorced and joined us in Somerset KY. I
was able to make the High School football team and excelled to the collegiate level at Murray State
University under Houston Nut. As a true freshman I earned a starting position on the 1996 Ohio Valley
Conference Champaign ship team. In the spring of 1997 my father asked the question most parents want
to know, “what are you going to do in life?”, my answer was that I was going to start my own company. In
the fall of 97 Greg Taylor Enterprise was started. I graduated from MSU in the Spring of 2000 and moved
home to run the business full time and take care of the grandparents. In May of 2005 I married my high
school sweet heart and moved to Louisville were I have been successful in the Real Estate Market where I
have applied the values my family taught me, hard work, dedication, loyalty, and passion. In June of this
year my life changed with the arrival of my first daughter Adalynn. The arrival of a child can not be
summed up in the words “life changing”. I experienced not only the birth of my daughter but also the
birth of my new life and I think everyone experiences that with the arrival of a child into their life.

As a Realtor, community involvement is critical. I was a volunteer with the RED CROSS when Hurricane
Katrina hit the coast. I am still active in the blood drives they do. I am very involved on the local level of
the Association of Realtors with the Community Relationship Committee. We sponsor meals for some of
the community shelters, we provide volunteers to serve at the shelters, we sponsor clothing drives,
school supplies, and I am part of the Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics. I am a member of the ICE
SOCKES team that has been the largest fund raising team the past 3+ years. I am also involved on the
state level the Kentucky Association of Realtors and a member of that Community Relationship
To unite Louisville and the surrounding areas for the common goal of togetherness. As a whole we can
accomplish more together then we can as individuals.

To become a better Leader
NAME: Ashley Roberts
TITLE: Private Banking Officer
COMPANY: Republic Bank & Trust
ADDRESS: 661 S. Hurstbourne Parkway, Louisville, KY 40222
WORK PHONE: (502) 584-3600
FAX NUMBER: (502) 561-7188
AGE: 28

Republic Bank, Private Banking Officer, 5-14-2004 - Present
Wells Fargo Financial, Credit Manager, 6-4-2003 - 5-1-2004

I am a Louisville native who attended Sacred Heart Academy and then went on to get my Bachelors of
Science in Communication from the University of Kentucky. After graduation I moved back to Louisville
and began working in the financial services/mortgage industry.

Some career highlights include opening the Republic Bank branch at Jewish Hospital in 2006, receiving the
Joseph T. Burch UK Young Alumni Award in 2007, and being named one of the Forty Under 40 by
Business First in 2009.

YPAL: Currently serve as Immediate Past President. Have also served as President, President-elect, VP of
Community, and Community Outreach Director. Received the MVYP (Most Valuable Young
Professional) Award in 2006.

UK Alumni Steering Committee: Currently a Board Member (Greater Louisville) and National Board

UK Young Alumni: Served as President 2005-2007. Received the Joseph T. Burch Young Alumni Award in

GLI: Served as the YPAL representative on the Board 2008-2009

Leadership Louisville: Served as the YPAL representative on the Board 2008-2009. Currently on the
Membership Action Committee. Graduate of Ignite Louisville Class of 2008.

Healthcare Fellows (a sub-set of HEN): Currently on the first Healthcare Fellows Board since March
2009. Healthcare Fellows Graduate in 2008.

National Kidney Foundation: Board Member since 2008. On the gala planning committee.

Kentucky Harvest: Board Member 2005-2009

Sacred Heart Alumnae Board: Member 2005-2007
I would like to see Louisville become a "cool place" for young professionals to come and find work in the
knowledge-based economy. We need to continue to capitalize on our low cost of living and wonderful
park system. We need to continue to invest in the healthcare and biosciences niches.

I would also like to see Louisville become recognized as an "entrepreneur-friendly" environment that
fosters new ideas and products.

One are for improvement is in green initiatives such as recycling. We do not currently have viable
options for businesses to recycle aluminum, plastic, etc. downtown, and this needs to change. I am
encouraged by several "pioneer" green citizens installing living/green rooftops, and would like to see more
steps towards sustainability.

I attended the 2008 GLIDE trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul and found it to be a very rewarding experience. I
want to contribute to the discussion of our community's vision for the next decade, and offer my unique
perspectives as an engaged young professional. I am excited for the future of our community and I want
to do my part to contribute.
NAME: Daniel Johnsen
TITLE: Client Services Coordinator
COMPANY: The Oliver Group
ADDRESS: 13500 Oliver Station Court
WORK PHONE: 5022412292 x123
FAX NUMBER: 5022411913
AGE: 26

The Oliver Group          Client Services Coordinator       07/23/2009 - Present
University of Louisville  MBA Program Graduate Assistant 05/01/2007 - 06/31/2009
Self     Independent Business Analyst      10/01/2006 - 07/31/2009
igNew, LLC        Founding Partner 01/01/2005 - 10/01/2009

A native of Somerset, KY, I knew my career and personal life would flourish in a larger city. I initially
chose to attend the University of Louisville because of the academic programs, but quickly fell in love with
Louisville as the Commonwealth's economic engine. Since earning my degree I have become an engaged
citizen of Louisville Metro, always on the lookout to participate in catapulting the region into the national
spotlight. I keep a close tab on the actions of peer cities for best practices that Louisville can implement
to become and remain competitive for talent attraction and retention.

Most recently I had the privilege to be the youngest and only member of the Millennial generation of
Leadership Louisville Center's 2009 Bingham Fellows. We studied and implemented recommendations to
make the Greater Louisville region a talent magnet.
Additionally I have served on the Board of Directors for the Young Professionals Association of Louisville
(YPAL) and continually participate in the organization's events and committees including, but not limited
to 1) Recruitment Committee; 2) Public Issues; 3) Public Relations; and 4) Technology. I see YPAL as a
catalyst for change for the region.
I have also started the seeding and planning phase to create a UofL Young Alumni club to harness young
energy for the purposes of networking and social activities.
I also serve on the Technology Sub committee for ElderServe, INC. In this capacity I work with other
industry leaders to suggest and implement best practice ideas for this non-profit.

Become an Entrepreneurial Hotspot! Not only do entrepreneurs bring big ideas for innovation to
business and organizations, but they also have a natural inclination to question the status quo, propose
new solutions and champion change in their community. Intentional creation of a community and region
focused on encouraging and embracing new ideas for both business and civic projects. Infusion and
importing of raw talent can bring new life to dilapidated areas and an opportunity to embrace new and
exciting schools of thought while propelling Louisville among the nation's best cities and regions.
I am encouraged by the forward thinking many Louisville organizations embody. As business and civic
leaders continue to outline steps for progress, it is important to create working groups that envision
Louisville not as it can't become, but as what attributes we have and can leverage. The working groups
should maintain balance among demographics and backgrounds but should build upon the notion that
Louisville is one of America's next best cities. I simply want to be involved in improvement projects from
inception to completion.
NAME: Keisha Mabry
TITLE: Volunteer Coordinator
COMPANY: American Red Cross
ADDRESS: 510 E. Chestnut Street
WORK PHONE: 502.599.0785
AGE: 25

American Red Cross        Volunteer Coordinator 08/2009 - Present
University of Louisville  Research Assistant        09/2007 - 08/2009
YUM Brands        Marketing Intern 08/2008 - 05/2009
Cintas Corporation        Sales Representative      09/2006 - 09/2007

Keisha Mabry is the Volunteer Coordinator for the American Red Cross where she specializes in
volunteer recruitment, retention, recognition, and training for thirteen counties in Kentucky and Southern
Indiana. Prior to joining the American Red Cross, Keisha was a research assistant for the University of
Louisville, a state supported research university ranked among the "Top 25 Entrepreneurial Colleges for
Graduate Students," and a sales representative for Cintas Corporation where she focused on business-to-
business account development and management for Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Keisha is a native of Louisville, Kentucky and a graduate of Central High School. She received her B.S. in
Merchandising from the University of Kentucky, Magna Cum Laude, and her M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship
from the University of Louisville, Summa Cum Laude.

Her academic, leadership, and volunteer honors and awards are numerous and consist of the following:
Barack Obama Fellow; Who's Who of America; Lyman T. Johnson Young Adult Leadership Award
recipient; Rohm and Haas Chemistry Scholar; Rohm and Haas Volunteer of the Year; Kentucky Governor
Scholar; WHAS-11 Fulfill the Dream Scholar; Churchill Downs Winner Circle Scholar; Bill Gates
Millennium Scholar; Whitney M. Young Scholar; William C. Parker Scholar; University of Kentucky Delta
Epsilon Iota Honorary Society Charter Member; Cintas Achiever's Club; the National Dean's List and

Professionally, Keisha serves on the board of the National Black M.B.A. Association Kentucky Chapter, is
a committee member for Big Brothers Big Sisters Kentucky Rico's Roundtable initiative to close the
achievement gap, an advisory committee member for Lincoln Foundation's Project BUILD (Business
United in Leadership Development) mini-M.B.A. program, and co-Chair of The Seed 2020, a meet-up to
showcase minority-owned and women-owned businesses. She is also involved in many community
organizations, associations, and projects which include: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.; Leaders of
Tomorrow (a mini-M.B.A. mentoring program to help average performing high school students realize
their full potential); Southern Belles of Louisville Reality Television Show; Project Warm; and 100 Wise
Women of Louisville.
Personally she is a member of St. Stephens Church and enjoys mentoring and tutoring for the No Child
Left Behind Program and the Jefferson County Public School System. Her personal mission statement is to
change the world whether for one person or the entire population.

Many of my peers have left Louisville and I have contemplated doing the same. After I received my MBA, a
mentor encouraged me to leave, but if we all leave who will be around to fix the problem for the next
generation? If we are not apart of the solution then we are apart of the problem, and I want to be apart of
the solution. I want to help make our region a place where young professionals of diverse backgrounds
feel welcomed. That's my dream and I feel it's achievable.

"So this is service," I thought as I laid in a hospital bed listening to friends and family recall my car accident
the day before. On November 21, 2001 a drunk driver ran a red light and hit the van I was riding in; I was
instantly knocked unconscious. Bystanders immediately banned together and pulled five children and one
adult from a ticking van that was thought to ignite in flames at any moment.

A month later when I returned to school stories of my hometown heroes played constantly in my head.
"So this is service," I thought and at that moment I dedicated my life to serving others. That year I
campaigned for class president and won. My biggest project as class president was the implementation of a
mentoring program similar to Big Brothers Big Sisters. It paired upperclassmen with lowerclassmen to
make their adjustment to high school easier. That year I was awarded a Lyman T. Johnson Young Adult
Leadership Award and a Rohm and Haas Volunteer of the Year Award for my commitment to service and

In 2002 I graduated high school and enrolled at the University of Kentucky. While at the University I
stayed dedicated to leadership and service. I joined Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated for their
pledge to sisterhood and service which allowed me to spearhead and chair many service projects. I
mentored and tutored elementary through college students, organized forums to shed light on the
Invisible Children and war crimes against women and children, collected canned goods, non-perishables,
clothes and money for the homeless and victims of Hurricane Katrina, walked to raise money for cancer
research and implemented free wellness programs to tackle the growing rate of Americans with diabetes
and high blood pressure.

In 2006 I graduated from the University of Kentucky and moved back to Louisville, Kentucky. Since
moving back I have engaged in service projects that focus mainly on educating and mentoring youth from
lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Currently I serve as the Director of Leaders of Tomorrow and the Coordinator for Project BUILD.
Leaders of Tomorrow is a network of M.B.A. professionals that mentor and empower students at the
high school level. The curriculum consists of self discovery, team building, leadership, entrepreneurship,
college and life preparation, case studies, career exploration and community service. Project BUILD is a
four-week mini-MBA program for high school students designed to introduce students to the world of
business inside the classroom and outside the classroom.
Recently I have become involved with Wired 65, an initiative to keep qualified professionals in Louisville.
This provides an avenue to combat a major problem in my hometown and makes me excited. In
conclusion, my personal mission statement is to change the world whether for one person or the entire
population and I feel GLIDE is the ideal platform from which to continue my efforts.
NAME: Heather Howell
TITLE: Consultant, Talent Outreach
ADDRESS: 500 W. Main Street
WORK PHONE: 502-580-1224
AGE: 36

Humana Consultant, Talent Outreach          01/01/2007 – Present
Trillium Talent Resources VP, United States Division 01/01/2003 - 01/01/2007
Marsh & McLennan Companies         Benefits Consultant       01/01/2000 - 01/01/2002
Humana Senior Recruiter            01/01/1998 - 01/01/2000

VP, US Division of Trillium (International recruitment/HR consulting firm)- opened the first office in 2003
in Birmingham, AL and grew the company to $1.7MM in profits. Opened the second office in Nashville,
TN - Sold the business to support the monetary efforts to open my husband's solo practice, in

Wrote the business plan for my husband's private practice, which opened in April, 2007. Handled the real
estate purchase/transactions. We purchased the old Norton Urgent Care facility near Westport Village.

Bingham Fellow, 2009

Humana - I created my position -labeled consultant, but is truly the Louisville Ambassadorship role

Established Skills Based Volunteering at Humana with our INFUSION (Accelerated Development
Program). The following community efforts are under my direction:

1. Americana - Grants
2. Luci Center - Grant writing, annual fundraiser
3. YMCA - Diabetes Campaign
4. Jefferson County Public Schools - HealthE schools -helping children eat well and exercise!

Humana currently has approximately 50 MBA's working with the above organizations in our community.

Bingham Fellow, 2009

Attend St. Francis in the Fields

Mentor - Bulldogs in the Bluegrass
Member of Talent Attraction Forum

Member of National Hispanic MBA's, National Black MBA, National Women's MBA, Reaching Out MBA,
Net Impact

Identifying, developing and connecting future leaders helps to create a dynamic social network that drives
creative, ongoing, proactive solutions to the region's problems. Business success is so intimately tied to
the strength of intellectual capital – our people. Despite the immediate economic crisis upon us as a
nation, we are in a war for top talent. It is critical to build a talent pipeline now if we are to survive the
massive workforce shrinkage as Baby Boomers retire. We need to attract top talent to the region – not
just to Humana, not just to YUM! or GE, but to the whole region. Candidates and current residents need
to feel the vibrancy and the possibility of a future here in Kentucky. As a Louisvillian and a working
mother of two young children, I consider it my duty to identify, develop and connect with leaders who
will ensure our city and region continue to grow and prosper.

Christine Johnson of Leadership Louisville brought this to my attention at the Bingham Fellow's NULU
culmination project this weekend. My husband and I have no family in Louisville, we moved here for the
'possibilities!' I would like to share my experiences as I travel to the top 20 MBA institutions across the
U.S., and the national diversity conferences seeking top talent to bring back the best and brightest to
Louisville to work, live, and play!

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