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									                                   Faculty Pre-Departure Checklist

This Checklist is your tool to track the completion of things that needs to be done to assure a safe and effective WKU Study Abroad
Program. These dates serve as guide based upon proven practices of other Program Leaders.

Program Title


                                                                       Enter the date the program departs the US >       1/2/2010
                                                                   Enter the date the program ends in destination >     1/20/2010

Ninety (90) Days:                                                                                                       10/4/2009
□ WKU Program Proposal Approved by IEC
□ Provide SAGL material and text for web site to promote program (should be provided in separate electronic
format with Proposal)

□ Complete Program Leader Preparedness (you will be contacted by SAGL)
□ Complete PL Alcohol Awareness session (you will be contacted by SAGL)
□ Review Risk Management Policy Manual

Forty-five (45) days:                                                                                                 11/18/2009

□ Develop and administer relevant application criteria and procedures (i.e. application process)

□ Provide SAGL Program and Course Information (items below)
   □ Program enrollment deadlines
   □ Program and course requirements, guidelines and policies
   □ Preliminary itinerary
   □ Transportation information
   □ Accommodations information
   □ Create Payment and refund policy
   □ Create Syllabus/syllabi
   □ Student application/registration process

□ Implement Marketing and Promotion plan with SAGL if necessary, as stated in Proposal

□ SAGL to market and promote program as agreed to with PL
□ Plan and conduct information session
□ Create course in Banner
□ Submit Request for Authorization for Out-of-Country Travel to Academic Affairs (copy SAGL)
□ Research CDC website
□ Communicate status of Program details to SAGL

Thirty (30) days:                                                                                                       12/3/2009
□ Develop a code of conduct for all relevant policies and explain the sanctions regarding alcohol, illegal drugs,
academics, and behavior
□ SAGL to start medical insurance billing to your Program Account

1:54 PM                                                       8/8/2011                                                           1/2
Twenty-one (21) days:                                                                                                12/12/2009
□ Provide updated Itinerary and transportation plan to SAGL
□ Conduct program-specific orientation sessions covering topics stated in Risk Management Policies
□ Provide WKU Study Abroad Emergency Contact form to SAGL
□ Inform SAGL of destination vehicle insurance and status related to program travel
□ Send to SAGL complete invoices for all charges for each participant
□ Provide final roster of ALL travelers to SAGL
□ Deliver SA Approval Forms to SAGL (or communicate to students to do so)
□ Complete Export controls check
□ Communicate status of Program details to SAGL

Fifteen (15) BUSINESS DAYS:                                                                                          12/18/2009
□ Submit Emergency Plan to the SAGL
□ Provide airline flight information to SAGL
□ Provide WKU Study Abroad Emergency Contact form to SAGL

□ Provide International Release and Emergency Contact Information form for all non-student travelers to the SAGL

□ Confirm compensation for PL(s) and Co-PL(s) with SAGL
□ SAGL to provide communication protocol
□ Communicate status of Program details to SAGL

Seven (7) BUSINESS DAYS:                                                                                             12/26/2009
□ Register travel roster with DOS (SAGL)
□ review and inform program travelers of SAGL communication protocol

Post-Program Activities to be completed within thirty (30) days of the start of the next academic semester:            4/7/2010

□ SAGL conduct post-program evaluation
□ PL provide report to SAGL

  *SAGL may request other information not listed on this Checklist or may ask that you provide material on dates different from
     those listed here. All Program Leaders are encouraged to submit materials prior to the dates listed on this spreadsheet.

1:54 PM                                                     8/8/2011                                                              2/2

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