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					         Janet Van Arsdale has been actively involved in art and photography for over forty years. She has studied art
         throughout Europe, Africa and South America. Janet began working in art galleries at age 16 and started her
       own business in 1971 as an art consultant. She has been a photographer for over 25 years and now travels around
         the world taking photographs. Janet has a library of over 400,000 images and she is very enthusiastic about
             experimenting with different digital techniques. All of these techniques can be seen on her website:

                                            •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Carlisle,	PA          •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Kodak,	TN
•	   Aquarius	Hotel,	Laughlin,	NV           •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Chantilly,	VA         •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Lafayette,	IN
•	   AmericaInn	Hotel	&	Suites,	            •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Charolette,	NC        •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Laredo,	TX
     Deadwood,	SD                           •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Chattanooga,	TN       •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Louisville,	KY
•	   Baltic	Inn,	San	Diego,	CA              •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Chesapeake,	VA        •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Loveland,	CO
•	   Best	Western,	Cuba,	MO                 •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Clarksville,	TN       •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Mc	Allen,	TX
•	   Best	Western,	Fredericksburg,	VA       •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Clearwater,	FL        •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Madison,	WI
•	   Best	Western,	Goodyear,	AZ             •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Cleveland,	TN         •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Manhattan,	KS
•	   Best	Western,	Helena,	MT	              •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Clovis,	CA            •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Manassas,	VA
•	   Beverly	Hills	Inn,	Beverly	Hills,	CA   •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Cincinnati,	OH        •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Manchester,	CT
•	   Cambria	Suites,	Madison,	WI            •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Columbia,	MO          •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Maumee,	OH
•	   Cambria	Suites,	Traverse	City,	MI      •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Columbia,	SC          •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Merrimack,	NH
•	   Cambria	Suites,	Noblesville,	IN        •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Conway,	AR            •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Mesquite,	TX
•	   Cambria	Suites,	Oklahoma	City,	OK      •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Corpus	Christi,	TX    •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Middleboro,	MA
•	   Cambria	Suites	CEO,	Silver	Spring,	    •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Cookville,	TN         •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Midland,	TX
     MD                                     •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Coventry,	RI          •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Millbrae,	CA
•	   Cambria	Suites,	Roanoke,	VA            •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Dedham,	MA            •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Milford,	MA
•	   Cavalier	Inn,	Charlottesville,	VA      •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Denver,	CO            •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Mission	Viejo,	CA
•	   Champions	Bar,	Marriott,		Boston,	MA   •	   Fairfield	Inn,	East	Point,	GA	       •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Mobile,	AL
•	   Comfort	Inn,	Colorado	Springs,	CO      •	   Fairfield	Inn,	East	Rutherford,	NJ   •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Mooresville,	NC
•	   Comfort	Inn,	Downtown	Atlanta,	GA      •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Emporia,	VA           •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Naples,	FL
•	   Coral	Princess,	Princess	Cruiseline    •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Evansville,	IN        •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Nashville,	TN
•	   Country	Inn,	Anderson,	SC              •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Fayetteville,	NC      •	   Fairfield	Inn,	New	Bedford,	MA
•	   Crowne	Plaza	Silver	Springs,	MD        •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Frankenmuth,	MI       •	   Fairfield	Inn,	New	Stanton,	PA
•	   Crowne	Plaza	LA	Harbor,	CA             •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Frankfort,	KY         •	   Fairfield	Inn,	New	York,	NY
•	   Crowne	Plaza,	Denver,	CO	Fairfield	    •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Frederick,	MD         •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Newton,	IA
     Inn,	Abilene,	TX                       •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Fredericksburg,	VA    •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Norman,	OK
•	   Crystal	Cruises                        •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Ft.	Collins,	CO       •	   Fairfield	Inn,	North	Charleston,	SC
•	   Doubletree,	Berkeley,	CA               •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Ft.	Pierce,	FL        •	   Fairfield	Inn,	North	Platte,	NE
•	   Doubletree,	Syracuse,	NY               •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Ft.	Worth,	TX         •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Odessa,	TX
•	   Embassy	Suites,	Loveland,	CO           •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Greenland,	NH         •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Olive	Branch,	MS
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Absecon,	NJ             •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Greensboro,	NC        •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Omaha,	NE
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Akron,	OH               •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Henrietta,	NY         •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Opelika,	AL
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Albuquerque,	NM         •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Hobbs,	NM             •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Orangebeach,	AL
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Amarillo,	TX            •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Holiday,	FL           •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Ottawa,	IL
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Anderson,	SC            •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Hooksett,	NH          •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Overland	Park,	KS
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Aurora,	CO              •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Houston,	TX           •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Pittsburg,	PA
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Avon,	OH                •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Indianapolis,	IN      •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Plainville,	CT
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Bedford,	PA             •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Jacksonville,	FL      •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Portland,	OR
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Belleville,	ON          •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Jefferson	City,	MO    •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Raleigh,	NC
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Bismark,	ND             •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Jupiter,	FL           •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Reynoldsburg,	OH
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Bloomington,	MN         •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Kansas	City,	MO       •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Richfield,	UT
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Bluffton,	SC            •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Kingsland,	GA         •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Rochester,	NY
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Bremerton,	WA           •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Kenner,	LA	           •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Roseville,	MN
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Brooklyn,	NY            •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Knoxville,	TN         •	   Fairfield	Inn,	Russellville,	AR	
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	San	Antonio,	TX         •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Battle	Creek,	MI       •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Greenwood,	SC
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Salt	Lake	City,	UT      •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Beavercreek,	OH        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Gulfport,	MS
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Sea	Tac,	WA             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Bethel,	CT             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Hamilton,	NJ
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Seymour,	IN             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Bloomington,	IN        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Hardeeville,	SC
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Spanish	Fort,	AL        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Bluffton,	SC           •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Harrisburg,	PA
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Spearfish,	SD           •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Boca	Raton,	FL         •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Haslett,	MI
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	St.	Charles,	IL         •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Boerne,	TX             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Hayward,	CA
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	St.	Cloud,	MN           •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Bowling	Green,	KY      •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Hazleton,	PA
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Strasburg,	VA           •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Brookings,	SD          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Helena,	MT
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Streetsboro,	OH         •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Buford,	GA             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Hillsboro,	OR
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Temple,	TX              •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Camarillo,	CA          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Idaho	Falls,	ID
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Temple	Terrace,	FL      •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Casper,	WY             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Independence,	MO
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Titusville,	FL          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Cheektowaga,	NY        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Jacksonville,	FL
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Verona,	CA              •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Chesterfield,	MO       •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Johnson,	TN
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Virginia	Beach,	VA      •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Christiansburg,	VA     •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Jonesboro,	AR
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Waco,	TX                •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Clemson,	SC            •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Joplin,	MS
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Weatherford,	TX         •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Clovis,	CA             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Kenner,	LA
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Weslaco,	TX             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	College	Station,	TX    •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Kennett	Square,	PA
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	West	Covina,	CA         •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Colorado	Springs,	CO   •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Kennewick,	WA
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Westminister,	CO        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Columbia,	MD           •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Killeen,	TX
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Whit	Marsh,	MD          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Conway,	AR             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Lafayette,	IN
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Whytheville,	VA         •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Concord,	NC            •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Lake	City,	FL
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Wilkes	Barre,	PA        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Corbin,	KY             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Lake	Oswego,	HI
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Wilmington,	NC          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Corpus	Christi,	TX     •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Lakewood,	NJ
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Woodbridge,	VA          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Charlotte,	NC          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Laramie,	WY
•	   Fairfield	Inn,	Youngstown,	OH          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Clarksville,	TN        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Las	Cruces,	NM
•	   Four	Points	Hotel-	Restaurant,	        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Channelview,	TX        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Las	Vegas,	NV
     Orlando,	FL                            •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Chattanooga,	TN        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	LAX/El	Segundo,	CA
•	   Grand	Lodge,	Brian’s	Head,	UT          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Cheektowaga,	NY        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Lexington,	KY
•	   Hampton	Inn	&	Suites,	Cary,	NC         •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Christiansburg,	VA     •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Louisville,	KY
•	   Hampton	Inn		&	Suites,	Dartmouth,	MA   •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Cupertino,	CA          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Loveland,	CO
•	   Hampton	Inn	&	Suites,	Wichita,	KS      •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Dallas,	TX             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Lufkin,	TX
•	   Handlery	Hotel,	San	Diego,	CA          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Dania	Beach,	FL        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Madison,	WI
•	   Hilton,	Chicago,	IL                    •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Deerfield	Beach,	FL    •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Mankato,	MN
•	   Hilton	Durham,	NC	                     •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Denver,	CO             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	McAllen,	TX
•	   Hilton	Seelbach,	Louisville,	KY        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Draper,	UT             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Mettawa,	IL
•	   Hilton	Gaslamp,	San	Diego,	CA          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Dulles,	VA             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Miami,	FL
•	   Hilton	Harbor	Island,	San	Diego,	CA    •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Dothan,	AL             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Milledgeville,	GA
•	   Hilton	Springfield,	VA                 •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Dover,	DE              •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Milwaukee,	WI
•	   Hilton	Houston	Westchase,	TX	          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Durham,	NC             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Minneapolis,	MN
•	   Hilton,	Washington,	D.C.               •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	East	Peoria,	IL        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Mission	Viejo,	CA
•	   Hilton,	Quebec	City,	Canada            •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Elgin,	IL              •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Monument,	CO
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Absecon,	NJ         •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Erie,	PA               •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Muskogee,	OK
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Agusta,	GA          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Fishkill,	NY           •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Myrtle	Beach,	SC
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Aiken,	SC           •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Flagstaff,	AZ          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Nashville,	TN
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Albuquerque,	NM     •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Fort	Collins,	CO       •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	New	Buffalo,	MI
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Algonquin,	IL       •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Fort	Myers,	FL         •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Newark,	NJ
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Allen,	TX           •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Fort	Wayne,	IL         •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Newburgh,	NY
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Ames,	IA            •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Fort	Worth,	TX         •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	North	Charles,	SC
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Anchorage,	AK       •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Fountain	Valley,	CA    •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Norwalk,	CT
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Ankeny,	IA          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Franklin,	TN           •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Oak	Creek,	WI
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Arcadia,	CA         •	   HIlton	Garden	Inn,	Franklin	Park,	IL      •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Oakbrook	Terrace,	IL
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Arlington,	TX       •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Frisco,	TX             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Absecon,	NJ
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Arlington,	VA       •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Gadsden,	AL            •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Oconomowoc,	WI
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Asheboro,	NC        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Gatlinburg,	TN         •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Okemos,	MI
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Austin,	TX          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Goodlettsville,	TN     •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Oklahoma	City,	OK
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Avon,	OH            •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Grand	Rapids,	MI       •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Oldsmar,	FL
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Avondale,	AZ        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Great	Falls,	MT        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Omaha,	NE
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Bangor,	ME          •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Greenland,	NH
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Bartlesville,	OK    •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Greensboro,	NC
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Oxford,	AL             •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Wooster,	OH           •	   Marriott	Washington,	D.C.
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Palmdale,	CA           •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Valdosta,	GA          •	   Marriott	West	Loop,	Houston,	TX
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Panama	City,	FL        •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Valley	Cottage,	NY    •	   JW	Marrriot	Buckhead	Atlanta,	GA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Pearl,	MS              •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Verona,	NY            •	   JW	Marriott	New	Orleans,	LA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Philadelphia,	MS       •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Victorville,	CA       •	   JW	Marriott,	San	Francisco,	CA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Plainville,	CT         •	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Vienna,	VA	           •	   JW	Marriott,	Washington,	DC
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Raleigh,	NC            •	   Holiday	Inn,	Austin,	TX                  •	   JW	Marriott	Super	Suites,	Washington,	
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Rancho	Bernardo,	      •	   Holiday	Inn,	Meadowlands,	PA                  D.C.
     CA                                        •	   Holiday	Inn,	Monroeville,	PA             •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Alexandria,	LA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Reno,	NV               •	   Holiday	Inn,	San	Diego,	CA               •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Alexandria,	VA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Richmond,	VA           •	   Holiday	Inn,	Soho,	NY                    •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Allen,	TX
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Ridgefield	Park,	NJ    •	   Holiday	Inn,	Strongsville,	OH            •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Amarillo,	TX
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Riverhead,	NY          •	   Holiday	Inn,	Virginia	Beach,	VA          •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Altoona,	PA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Roanoke,	VA            •	   Holiday	Inn	Express,	Dodge	City,	KS      •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Arlington,	TX
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Roanoake	Rapids,	      •	   Homewood	Suites,	Allentown,	PA           •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Atlanta,	GA
     NC                                        •	   Hotel	Indigo,	Jacksonville,	FL           •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Akron,	OH
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Rochester,	MN          •	   Hotel	Solamar,	San	Diego,	CA             •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Avon,	CO
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Rockford,	IL	          •	   Hyatt	Place	Chesapeake,	VA               •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Bangor,	ME
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Romulus,	MI            •	   La	Quinta	Inn	Old	Town,	San	Diego,	Ca    •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Basking	Ridge,	NJ
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Russellville,	AR       •	   Marriott	Austin	Airport	South,	TX	       •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Baton	Rouge,	LA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Salt	Lake	City,	UT     •	   Marriott	Bakersfield,	CA	                •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Beavercreek,	OH
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	San	Antonio,	TX        •	   Marriott	Baltimore	Hunt	Valley	Inn,	MD   •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Bellevue,	WA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	San	Diego,	CA          •	   Marriott	Baltimore	Inner	Harbor,	MA      •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Bethesda,	MD
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	San	Jose,	CA           •	   Marriott	Baltimore	Waterfront,	MA        •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Bloomingdale,	IL
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Santa	Maria,	CA        •	   Marriott	Biscayne	Bay,	FL                •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Blue	Springs,	MD
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Sacramento,	CA         •	   Marriott	Boston	Copley,	MA               •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Bowling	Green,	KY
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Santa	Rosa,	CA         •	   Marriott	Boston	Newton,	MA               •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Brooklyn,	NY
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Scarborough,	ME        •	   Marriott	Boston	Peabody,	MA              •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Cambridge,	MA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Schaumburg,	IL         •	   Marriott	Chicago	Oakbrook,	IL            •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Cary,	NC
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Schenectady,	NY        •	   Marriott	Coronado,	CA                    •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Carrollton,	TX
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Sierra	Vista,	AZ       •	   Marriott	Costa	Mesa,	CA                  •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Centennial,	CO
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Seymour,	IN            •	   Marriott	Crystal	Gateway,	MD             •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Champaign,	IL
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Shelton,	CT	           •	   Marriott	Dallas,	TX	                     •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Charlotte,	NC
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Shreveport,	LA         •	   Marriott	Dallas	Quorum,	TX               •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Chesapeake,	VA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Southfield,	MI         •	   Marriott	Denver	Tech	Suites,	CO          •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Chevy	Chase,	MD
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Spanish	Fort,	AL       •	   Marriott	Fairview	Park,	VA               •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Collierville,	TN
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Spearfish,	SD          •	   Marriott	Hanover,	NJ                     •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Cool	Springs,		
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Spring	Valley,	NY      •	   Marriott	Irvine,	CA                           Franklin,	TN
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	St.	Agustine,	FL       •	   Marriott	LAX,	Los	Angeles,	CA            •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	D’Iberville,	MS
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Starksville,	MS        •	   Marriott	Legends	Edge,	Panama	City,	FL   •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Dallas,	TX
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Statesville,	NC        •	   Marriott	Miami,	FL                       •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Dallas	NW	Hwy,	TX
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Tallahassee,	FL        •	   Marriott	Monterey,	CA	                   •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Danville,	VA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Tehachapi,	CA          •	   Marriott	Newport	Beach,	CA	              •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Deerfield	Beach,	FL
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Texarkana,	TX          •	   Marriott	Norfolk	Chesapeake,	VA          •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Denton,	TX
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Traverse	City,	MI      •	   Marriott	Orlando	Airport,	FL             •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Des	Moines,	IA	
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Troy,	AL               •	   Marriott	Park	Ridge,	NJ                  •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	East	Point,	GA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Turlock,	CA            •	   Marriott	Plaza,	San	Antonio,	TX          •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	East	Providence,	RI
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Tuscaloosa,	AL         •	   Marriott	Raleigh	Crabtree	Valley,	NC     •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	El	Paso,	TX
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Tuscon,	AZ             •	   Marriott	San	Antonio,	TX                 •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Elizabeth,	NJ
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Warrenville,	IL        •	   Marriott	San	Diego	Marina,	CA            •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Fairfield,	NJ	
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Washington,	D.C.       •	   Marriott	San	Diego	Mission	Valley,	CA    •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Fitchburg,	VA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Weatherford,	TX        •	   Marriott	San	Fransisco	Airport,	CA       •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Franklin,	TN
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Weirton,	WV	           •	   Marriott	Santa	Clara,	CA                 •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Fredricksburg,	VA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	West	Munro,	LA         •	   Marriott	Savannah,	GA                    •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Danville,	VA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Wichita	Falls,	TX      •	   Marriott	South	Park,	Charlotte,	NC       •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Daytona	Beach,	FL
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Williamsport,	PA       •	   Marriott	Tampa	Bay,	FL                   •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Gastonia,	NC
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Wilkes	Barre,	PA       •	   Marriott	Tampa	Waterside,	FL             •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Gettysburg,	PA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Winchester,	VA         •	   Marriott	Ventura,	CA
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Winston-Salem,	NC      •	   Marriott	Vail,	CO
•	   Hilton	Garden	Inn,	Wisconsin	Dells,	WI	
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Glen	Allen,	VA        •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Richmond	North,	VA      •	   Ritz	Carlton,	Buckhead,	GA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Goodlettsville,	TN    •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Rochester,	NY           •	   Ron’s	Steakhouse,	Arizona	
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Greenbelt,	MD         •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Rock	Hill,	SC                Charlies,	Las	Vegas,	NV
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Greensboro,	NC	       •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Rutland,	VT             •	   Roosevelt	Hotel,	New	York,	NY
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Greenville,	NC        •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	San	Antonio,	TX         •	   Ruby	Princess,	Princess	Cruiseline
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Gulfport,	MS          •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	San	Diego,	CA           •	   Sheraton	Carlsbad,	CA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Hagerstown,	MD        •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	San	Francisco,	CA       •	   Sheraton	Northsore,	Chicago,	IL	
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Harlingen,	TX         •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Sandy,	UT               •	   Sheraton	Columbia,	MD
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Houston,	TX           •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Santa	Ana,	CA           •	   Sheraton	Resaurant,	Columbia,	MD
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Hudson	River	         •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Scottsdale,	AZ          •	   Sheraton,	Dallas,	TX
     Valley,	NY                                •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Seekonk,	MA             •	   Sheraton	Ft.	Lauderdale,	FL
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Irving,	TX            •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Shelton,	CT             •	   Sheraton	Great	Valley,	PA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Irwin,	PA             •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Sioux	Falls,	SD         •	   Sheraton	Orlando,	FL
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Jackson,	MS           •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Springfield,	IL         •	   Sheraton	San	Diego	Hotel	&	
•	   Marriott	Couryard,	Jacksonville	Beach,	   •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Springfield,	OR              Marina,	CA
     FL                                        •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Springfield,	VA         •	   Sheraton	Seattle,	WA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Jordan	Creek,	VA      •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Somerset,	NJ            •	   Springhill	Suites,	Akron,	OH
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Kenner,	LA            •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Stockton,	CA            •	   Springhill	Suites,	Baytown,	TX
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Landover,	MD          •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Stoughton,	MA           •	   Springhill	Suites,	Cary,	NC
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	La	Vista,	NE          •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Suwanee,	GA             •	   Springhill	Suites,	Conroe,	TX
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Laramie,	WY           •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Tifton,	GA              •	   Springhill	Suites,	Landover,	MD
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Laredo,	TX            •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Torrance,	CA            •	   Springhill	Suites,	Laredo,	TX
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Lawrence,	TN          •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Trenton,	NJ             •	   Springhill	Suites,	Macon,	GA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Lebanon,	NJ           •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Tupelo,	MS              •	   Springhill	Suites,	McDonough,	GA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Lima,	OH              •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Tuscaloosa,	AL          •	   Springhill	Suites,	Milford,	MA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Lincoln,	RI           •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Tyler,	TX               •	   Springhill	Suites,	Owensboro,	KY
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Louisville,	KY        •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Vicksburg,	MS           •	   Springhill	Suites,	Poughkeepsie,	NY
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Lubbock,	TX           •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Virgina	Beach,	VA       •	   Springhill	Suites,	Quakertown,	PA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Lufkin,	TX            •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Wakefield,	MA           •	   Springhill	Suites,	Raleigh,	NC
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Madison,	WI           •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Waldorf,	MD             •	   Springhill	Suites,	Rutland,	VT
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Maple	Grove,	MN       •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Warner	Robins,	GA       •	   Springhill	Suites,	San	Diego,	CA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Matairie,	LA          •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Waterbury,	CT           •	   Springhill	Suites,	Seekonk,	MA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	McAllen,	TX           •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Westampton,	NJ          •	   Springhill	Suites,	Tarrytown,	NY
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	McDonough,	GA         •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	West	Des	Moines,	IA     •	   Springhill	Suites,	Torrance,	CA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Mesa,	AZ              •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	West	Palm	Beach,	FL     •	   Springhill	Suites,	Virginia	Beach,	VA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Midland,	TX           •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Wilmington,	DE          •	   Springhill	Suites,	West	Des	Moines,	
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Miami,	FL             •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Wichita	Falls,	TX            IA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Milford,	MA           •	   Marriott	Courtyard,	York,	PA                •	   Springhill	Suites,	Yaphank,	NY
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Moorhead,	MN          •	   Marriott	Fairfax,	Fair	Oaks,	VA             •	   Statton	Lodge,	VT
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Moosic,	PA            •	   Marriott	Vacarion	Club	Grande	Vista,	       •	   Star	Princess,	Princess	Cruiseline
•	   Marriott	Couryard,	Morrisville,	NC             Orlando,	FL                                 •	   Stonewall	Jackson	Resort,	WV
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	New	Briton,	CT        •	   Marriott	Vacation	Club	Harbour	Lake,	FL     •	   The	Parkview	Hotel,	Chicago,	IL
•	   Marriott	Courtyard	Newport	News,	VA       •	   Marriott	Vacation	Club	Legends	Edge,	       •	   Vista	Mirage	Resort,	Palm	Springs,	
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Norfolk,	VA                Panama	City,	FL                                  CA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Normal,	IL            •	   Marriott	Vacation	Club	Mountainside,	       •	   W	Hotel	Buckhead,	Atlanta,	GA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Norman,	OK                 Mountainside,	UT                            •	   Wyndham	Hotel,	Ft.	Lauderdale,	FL
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Norwood,	MA           •	   Monte	Carlo	Hotel	&	Casino,	Las	Vegas,	NV   •	   Whyndham	Hotel,	Myrtle	Beach,	SC	
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Oakville,	ON          •	   Pinnacle	Hotel,	Solana	Beach,	CA            •	   Wyndham	Hotel,	Milwaukee,	WI
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Ocean	City,	MD        •	   Ramada	Parker,	CO
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Oklahoma	City,	OK     •	   Renaissance	South	Park,	Charlotte,	NC
                                               •	   Renaissance	Baltimore	Harborplace	Hotel,	
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Omaha,	NE
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Orange	Park,	FL            MA                                          •	   Balboa	Naval	Hospital,	San	Diego,	
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Orlando,	FL           •	   Residence	Inn,	Amelia	Island,	FL                 CA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Ottawa,	ON            •	   Residence	Inn,	Branchburg,	NJ               •	   Celebrations	Hospital,	FL
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Owensboro,	KY         •	   Residence	Inn,	Irvine,	CA                   •	   Green	Manor,	San	Diego,	CA
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Parsippany,	NJ        •	   Residence	Inn,	Oceanside,	CA                •	   GW	Univ.	Hospital	Cancer	Center,	
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Pearland,	TX          •	   Residence	Inn,	Burbank,	CA                       Washington,	DC
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Phoenix,	AZ           •	   Residence	Inn,	West	Chester,	OH	
•	   Marriott	Couryard,	Raleigh,	NC            •	   Residence	Inn,	Charlotte,	NC
•	   Marriott	Courtyard,	Reading,	PA           •	   Residence	Inn,	Tampa,	FL
•	   Health	Care	Systems,	Sarasota,	FL          •	   US	Military	Acadamy,	West	Point,	NY            •	   Red	Lion	18-Fifty	Restaurant,	
•	   Howard	County	General	Hospital,	           •	   US	Military	Base,	TX                                Anaheim,	CA
     Columbia,	MD                               •	   US	Military	Base,	Korea                        •	   RMG,	Encinitas,	CA
•	   Kaiser	Permanente	Hospital,							         •	   VA	Hospital,	Oceanside,	CA                     •	   Rim	Pacific	Management,	VA
     S.San	Fransisco,	CA                        •	   VA	Hospital,	San	Diego,	CA                     •	   RREEF
•	   Kaiser	Permanente	Hospital,	Los	           •	   VA	Hospital-	Atrium	Clinic,	La	Jolla,	CA       •	   San	Diego	Trust	Bank,	San	Diego,	
     Angeles,	CA                                                                                         CA
•	   Kaiser	Permanente	Hospital,	Pinole,	                                                           •	   San	Marcos	Civic	Center,	CA
     CA                                                                                             •	   SDCERA	
•	   Memorial	Hospital,	Modesto,	CA             •	   Adat	Yesurum	Synagogue                         •	   SDEA
•	   Northport	Medical	Plaza,	Sarasota,	FL      •	   Admiral	Baker	Club,	San	Diego,	CA              •	   Sentre	Partners,	San	Diego	Tech	
•	   Paradise	Valley	Hospital,	Chula	Vista,	    •	   Admiral	Kidd	Club,	San	Diego,	CA                    Center
     CA                                         •	   Adobe	Systems,	CA                              •	   Shea,	Stokes	&	Carter,	San	Diego,	
•	   Potomac	Hospital,	VA                       •	   BRE	Construction                                    CA
•	   Scripps	Green	Hospital,	CA                 •	   CHUBB	Insurance                                •	   St.	Agnes	Hospital,	Baltimore,	MD
•	   Scripps	Memorial	Hospital,	La	Jolla,	      •	   City	of	Chula	Vista	City	Hall,	CA              •	   Supralife,	Inc
     CA                                         •	   Conference	Center,	Morrow,	GA                  •	   The	Department	of	State,	Miami,	
•	   Scripps	Rehabilitation	Hospital,	CA        •	   Consumer	Credit	Counselors                          FL	UCSD	Commons-	Dining	Room,		
•	   Seacrest	Hebrew	Home,	Rancho	              •	   Contigo	Software                                    San	Diego,	CA
     Bernardo,	CA                               •	   Cox	Cable	Communications                       •	   UCSD	Muir	Apartments,	San	Diego,	
•	   Seacrest	Hebrew	Home,	Encinitas,	CA        •	   Cyberknife                                          CA
•	   Senior	&	Healing	Spaces-	MRI,	             •	   Deloitte	&	Touche,	San	Diego,	CA               •	   University	Mall,	Chapel	Hill,	NC
     Sarasota,FL                                •	   Deloitte,	San	Diego,	CA                        •	   Viasat,	Carlsbad,	CA
•	   Spring	Valley	Hospital,	Las	Vegas,	NV      •	   Deloitte,	Portland,	OR                         •	   Waxie	Sanitary	Supply,	Livermore,	
•	   St.	Agnes	Hospital,	Baltimore,	MD          •	   Douglas	Wilson	Companies,	San	Diego,	CA             CA
•	   Sun	City	Retirement	Home,	FL               •	   Driver	Building,	San	Diego,	CA                 •	   Waxie	Sanitary	Supply,	Ontario,	CA	
•	   The	Crawford	Long	Hospital,	GA             •	   Ellis	Law	Office,	Los	Angeles,	CA              •	   Waxie	Sanitary	Supply,	Santa	Ana,	
•	   VA	Hospital,	Oceanside,	CA                 •	   Ernst	&	Young                                       CA
•	   VA	Hospital,	San	Diego,	CA                 •	   FDIC,	Arlington,	VA                            •	   Waxie	Sanitary	Supply,	Salt	Lake	
•	   VA	Hospital-	Atrium	Clinic,	La	Jolla,	CA   •	   Hitachi	Home	Electronics	America,	Inc               City,	UT
•	   Valley	Medical	Center,	Specialty	          •	   JMI	Equity,	San	Diego,	CA                      •	   Various	Private	Individuals
     Center,	San	Jose,	CA                       •	   KPMG
•	   Various	Medical	Offices                    •	   KWB,	Frisco,	TX
•	   White	Memorial	Hospital,	Los	Angeles,	     •	   Landmark	National	Bank,	Solana	Beach,	CA
     CA                                         •	   Landmark	National	Bank,	La	Jolla,	CA
                                                •	   LC	Restaurant,	San	Diego,	CA
                                                •	   Marston	Townhomes,	San	Diego,	CA
                                                •	   Mountain	West	Reality,	San	Diego,	CA
•	   Balboa	Naval	Hospital,	San	Diego,	CA       •	   Moss	Adams,	San	Diego,	CA	
•	   BEQ	#P-167,	Barstow,	CA                    •	   NAHB	Research	Ctr.,	Upper	Marlboro,	MD
•	   BEQ	#52609,	Camp	Pendleton	                •	   NASD,	Washington,	D.C
     Oceanside,	CA                              •	   NAS	North	Island,	Coronado,	CA
•	   BEQ	#210636,	Camp	Pendleton,	              •	   National	University,	Fresno,	CA
     Oceanside,	CA                              •	   National	University,	Stockton,	CA
•	   BEQ	#41303,	Camp	Pendleton,	               •	   National	University,	San	Jose,	CA
     Oceanside,	CA                              •	   National	University,	Rancho	Bernardo,	CA
•	   Camp	Pendleton	Fitness	Center,	            •	   National	University,	Carlsbad,	CA
     Oceanside,	CA                              •	   National	University,	Sacramento,	CA
•	   Chula	Vista	Library,	Chula	Vista,	CA       •	   National	University,	Torrey	Pines	North,	CA
•	   FAU,	Naval	Medical	Center,	San	Diego       •	   North	Block	Lofts,	San	Diego,	CA
•	   Fort	Campbell,	KY                          •	   OMG,	San	Diego,	CA
•	   Fort	Campbell,	Tullahoma,	TN               •	   Optimum
•	   IRS	Building,	Washington,	DC               •	   Passport	Office,	Minneapolis,	MN
•	   Navy	Medical	Center,	Bldg	26,			San	       •	   Philadelphia	Insurance	Co.,	Solana	Beach,	
     Diego                                           CA
•	   Navy	Medical	Center	NICU,	San	             •	   Philadelphia	Insurance	Co.,	Tulsa,	OK
     Diego,	CA                                  •	   Philidelphia	Insurance	Office,	Cleveland,	OH
•	   Single	Sailor	Center,	Navy	Subase,	CA      •	   Polexis
•	   Travis	Air	Force	Base,	Bldg	P-3012,	       •	   Potomac	Management	Group,	VA
     Fairfield,	CA                              •	   Prudential	Realty	Office,	Chula	Vista,	CA