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					Adrien WIESEBRON                                                                 
+1 (408) 398 4061                                                       American and French citizen (09/23/1981)

                                        Web Software Engineer
  Specialized in computer science and in particular in software engineering, network engineering, IT security and IT
  systems with two Masters of Science. Versatile, adapting easily and efficiently to new situations, very effective in
  team work, willing to learn new skills and technologies.
  With a background of two years of professional experience in the Silicon Valley, I work primarily on web front-end
  technologies in web services and e-commerce companies. My technical versatility and my wide set of skills led me to
  a promotion from network/system admin to software engineer, during my first year at gBox.

   Web Engineer             GreenNote, Inc Web Software Engineer – Redwood City, California
           May 2008-Present  Lead web developer: implemented and maintained a social lending platform.
                              Implemented a Facebook application fully using its social/viral   features.
                              Moved and maintained the assets to cloud services.
                            Other side projects (equity-based)
                              Worked on a social sharing platform: development of PHP API methods with Youtube and
                                Flickr integrations.
                              Implemented a Facebook application that allows any user to update the status
                                automatically (with cron tasks), based on Yahoo! Weather and API (I had to
                                tweak the facebook library and create my own update method).
                              Helped creating a cloud service (website creation, counsulting)

   Software Engineer        gBox, Inc Software Engineer – Cupertino, California
              Dec-May 2008  Designed, implemented and developed the application integration for Facebook Platform.
                              Developed    a statistics/reporting tool using PHP5, AJAX, MySQL and LDAP

   Network Engineer         gBox, Inc Network Operations Center – Cupertino, California
               Jan-Nov 2007  Maintained and supported a fault tolerant, scalable, highly available 7x24 web operation
                              Troubleshoot issues that affect the infrastructure
                              Worked directly with other Engineering and Operations  personnel with some need to
                               interface with the QA group to release new and fix software in the operational
                              Worked with other vendors for maintaining and supporting key 3 party infrastructural

   Software Engineer        Mo’Blast Comitter – Berkeley/San Jose, California
         July 2006-May 2008  Worked on a web application service (planning, designing the database and the
                                architecture and deploying the n-tier architecture): a social networking platform that
                                allows users to aggregate their events using XML/RSS and iCal calendars.
                              Implementation of the front-end interface using web 2.0 components (AJAX, DHTML)

   IT Systems               Esme Sudria Engineering School – Paris, France
              Sept-Dec 2005  Teacher assistant (C and Fortran languages, Linux)
                              Network   and system administrator (OpenVMS, DNS/BIND and DHCP maintenance)

   IT Security              Accenture Global Core Technologies – Paris, France
               April-Oct 2005  Implementation of a Public Key Infrastructure based on open standards: developed web
                               application in Java based on a Linux/Apache/LDAP system (open source software only)
                               and J2EE platform (Eclipse framework and JBoss web applications).
                              Proof of concept: set up, verify and validate all components of a PKI architecture using
                               SSL strong authentication and digital signature

   IT Security              France Telecom Research & Development – Lannion, France
               July-Aug 2004  Assessment of France Telecom’s innovation piracy: identification of a number of leaks

   IT Security & Network Dassault Systems IT Security Division – Suresnes, France
             July-Aug 2003  Follow-up of the traineeship done the previous year at IBM EMEA:
                             search of Internet software piracy (recent versions of CATIA)
                            Applied software security rules to the DS network

   IT Security              IBM EMEA Security Division – Paris, La Défense, France
               July-Aug 2002  Search and analysis of Internet software piracy (Catia, WebSphere, Tivoli)
                              This   mission led to several arrests throughout Europe
Adrien Wiesebron                                           1/2                                                   August 11
Adrien WIESEBRON                                                               
+1 (408) 398 4061                                                     American and French citizen (09/23/1981)


           Skills (Windows, Linux, Mac and OpenVMS ):
            Languages:            PHP5, JavaScript, C/C++,XML/XSL, Fortran, CSS, Bourne Shell and assembly
            Client/server:        XML, AJAX programming, Apache Struts, Spring MVC, Hibernate, .NET, CORBA
            Web:                  Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, LAMP, Joomla CMS, Facebook API
            Java:                 J2EE, Eclipse, JDBC, JSP, EJB, JUnit testing
            Database & Directory: SQL Server, mySQL, OpenLDAP, PostgreSQL, MS Access
            Network:              Cisco Catalyst switches 6500, Juniper routers, F5 load balancer
            Security:             PKI, OpenSSL, X.509 certificates, RSA PKCS, Netscreen firewall
            User interface:       X11, Motif, MFC, Swing

   San Jose State University, Master of Science, Software Engineering (San Jose, CA)                  Spring & Fall 2006

   Enterprise Software Technologies (GPA: 3.7): - Enterprise Distributed Objects/Components
                                                     - Software Engineering management
                                                     - Business Intelligence Technologies
       developed three different web applications in Java, Javascript, PHP
       defined the architectures using Spring MVC/EJB/Tiles and Struts/Hibernate/SiteMesh
       wrote a significant portion of the code of the User Interface components using AJAX
       defined the database architecture with mySQL and PostgreSQL

   ESME Sudria, Engineering School (Paris, France)                                                            2000-2005
   Engineering degree equivalent to a Master of Science, Computer Engineering

   End-of-study project awarded at the 2005 ESME Symposium, comparable to Dean’s List:
       development of a HTTP proxy server using C language for the multithreading kernel (the
        web server provided session and system authentication, content filtering, parental
        monitoring, caching and optimization of the client/server transfers)
       research: Quality of Service appliances and mechanism applied to Wide Area Networks
   Five year program      - major: network, computer and software engineering
                          - minors: telecommunications, electronics, automatics

           Language skills (american, french and dutch citizenships):
            English, French:     fluent
            German:              good level
            Dutch:               basic knowledge (I can have a basic conversation, and can read basic dutch writing)
            Portuguese:          basic knowledge
                                                                        th       th
           Sports: President of the skating and climbing student club ; 27 and 28 Paris Marathon, 2008 San Francisco
            Marathon and Silicon Valley Marathon, volleyball, hiking-climbing-bouldering

           International: ● frequent travels in Europe, in the U.S.A. and to Brazil
                           ● summer jobs: - casino attendant and lifeguard in Wildwood, NJ (Summer 2001)
                                            - Jamba Juice employee in San Jose, CA (Spring, Summer and Fall 2006)
                           ● Resident Advisor at the International House of San Jose, CA (Fall 2006)

           References available upon request

Adrien Wiesebron                                         2/2                                                    August 11