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                           July 01, 2009

     NUMBER OF FACILITIES:                                         4
     TOTAL FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT                              214

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                            A product of the
         Kentucky Economic Development Information System (EDIS)
                                      Introduction and Methodology
The Kentucky foreign investment reports provide a list of facilities (with 10 or more employees) normally
associated with Cabinet programs designed to locate and retain industry. Most information is taken directly
from surveys completed by each facility or from phone or personal contact with the facility. Survey information
is collected on an annual basis. Some facilities do not fully complete the survey instrument and in some cases
incorrectly complete surveys. Facility name, address, location, product or service, employment, ownership,
and other information may change and often does change between annual survey attempts. While all
attempts are made to capture changes between annual surveys from data provided by facilities, local
economic development contacts, media announcements, and Cabinet programs designed to locate and retain
industry, no guarantee can be made that changes will be discovered.

If information indicates foreign ownership, either direct or indirect, the facility is included on the Foreign
Investment reports; a specific percentage of foreign ownership is not required. Multiple owners of a facility
will be included on the report where applicable. The use of an asterisk (*) preceding an owner's name
indicates direct ownership.

The information provided herein by the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development is believed to be
accurate but is not warranted and is for informational purposes only. While all attempts are made to insure the
correctness and accuracy of information in this report and to make corrections and change errors brought to
our attention, no representation or guarantee, express or implied, is made as to the accuracy of the
information presented. Any information provided in this report is provided without assurances or warranties
and should not be relied upon as fact. The Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development assumes no liability
for the accuracy of the information contained in this report.
              FACILITY                PRODUCT                FULL-TIME            DIRECT(*) & INDIRECT OWNERS
                                                              EMP. (Year)
Clark Material Handling
4901 Commerce Crossings Dr    Distribution                           31 *Clark Material Handling Co     United States
Louisville, KY 40229-2155                                          (2008)
                                                                        700 Enterprise Dr
PHONE:         502-966-3979                                             Lexington, KY 40510
FAX:           502-966-2343
Established          1999                                                   Young An Hat Co Ltd           Korea,
                                                                            202 1 Ochong Dong           Republic of
                                                                            Buchon Korea (South)

Clark Material Handling Company
700 Enterprise Dr             Headquarters, R&D facility,           140 *Clark Material Handling Co     United States
Lexington, KY 40510           and engineering/logistics            (2008)
                                                                        700 Enterprise Dr
PHONE:         859-422-6537   center and assemble                       Lexington, KY 40510
FAX:           859-422-7476
Established          2001                                                   Young An Hat Co Ltd           Korea,
                                                                            202 1 Ochong Dong           Republic of
                                                                            Buchon Korea (South)

INFAC North America INC
800 Industrial Drive          Manufacture control cables               8 *INFAC Corp                      Korea,
Campbellsville, KY 42718      for the automotive industry          (2008)
                                                                         732-2, WonShi-Dong Danwon-Gu   Republic of
PHONE:         270-789-1040                                              AhnSan-Si, Gyeonggi-Do 425-
FAX:           270-789-1045                                              851
Established          2008                                                South Korea

Kiswel Inc
7950 Dixie Highway            Manufacturing welding filler           35 *Kiswel                           Korea,
Florence, KY 41042            metal products from mild             (2008)
                                                                        Heungkook Building, 8th Floor   Republic of
PHONE:         859-371-0070   steel flux cored wire, metal              Juja-Dong, Chung-Gu
FAX:           859-371-5210
                              cored wire, stainless                     Seoul, Korea
                              FCW, MIG/Tig wire and
Established          2006
                              sells solid wire, stick
                              electrodes & other

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