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					Teeth Whitening Manual
   Reveal Your Smile
       October, 2009
                                                       Reveal Your Smile
                                                 Teeth Whitening Manual    1

                     Table of Contents
Chapter 1    Welcome                                        Page
Chapter 2    About the Teeth Whitening Industry             Page
Chapter 3    The RYS Difference                             Page
Chapter 4    By the End of This Manual, You Will Be…        Page
Chapter 5    Teeth Whitening Explained                      Page
Chapter 6    Product Comparisons                            Page
Chapter 7    Procedure Comparisons                          Page
Chapter 8    Safety, Hazards, and Side-effects              Page
Chapter 9    Client History and Client Release Forms        Page
Chapter 10   Contra-Indications                             Page
Chapter 11   Shade Assessment                               Page
Chapter 12   Dealing with Unrealistic Expectations          Page
Chapter 13   Dangers of Over Whitening                      Page
Chapter 14   Table of Approximate Wear Times                Page
Chapter 15   Performing a Teeth Whitening Procedure         Page
Chapter 16   Follow-up Appointments                         Page
Chapter 17   FAQ’S                                          Page
Chapter 18   Professional Conduct                           Page
Chapter 19   Record Keeping                                 Page
Chapter 20   Booking Appointments                           Page
Chapter 21   Storing Product                                Page
Chapter 22   How to Take Professional Looking
                  Before and After Photos                   Page
Chapter 23   Don’t sell; Just Show                          Page
Chapter 24   Business and Marketing Resources               Page
Chapter 25   Conclusion                                     Page
Appendix     Client Handouts
                                                                              Reveal Your Smile
                                                                      Teeth Whitening Manual           2

                              Part 1 – Associate Information

Chapter 1 – Welcome
                              A Welcome Message from the Founder
                                  My name is Renee Hawkins and I am the founder of Reveal
                              Your Smile. On behalf of myself and my team, we would like to
                              offer you a warm Welcome, and congratulations on taking the most
                              important step towards your financial freedom. We are honoured
                              that you have chosen to join the ranks of our highly sought after
                              teeth whitening professionals. As a Reveal Your Smile family
                              member, you can rest assured you will be given everything you will
                              need to go out and create your future the way you have always
                              intended it to be- on your terms!
                                  At Reveal Your Smile our focus is always on prosperity, not
                              scarcity; on abundance, not lack. And one of our core values, both
                              for ourselves, our business, and all our team members is Financial
                                  ―Money freedom allows me to have time freedom, relationship
                              freedom, spiritual freedom, physical freedom, and the freedom to
                              discover and develop my own unique genius. Thereby sustaining me
  Focus on freedom, family,   so that I may be of greater service to the planet, to the universe.‖
          and fun
                                  Another one of Reveal Your Smile’s important core values is
                              Family. Life isn‘t fun at all if you haven‘t got anybody to love and
                              share it with. We believe, that on the very last day we have on planet
                              earth, we will not be looking back at all the material things that we
                              have enjoyed, the places we have been, the clothes we wore, or the
                              cars we drove. But rather all the cherished, intimate moments we
                              have shared in love and happiness with our loved ones. Life is too
                              short to miss out on these.
                                  Hence, you will discover, that our business structure has been
                              created around our families. All our staff have them, and Reveal
                              Your Smile deeply honours and cherishes them.
                                  And finally, our last core value is Fun. We don‘t take ourselves
                              too seriously at head office. We are human, we make mistakes, we
                              learn from them, and then we have a laugh. We truly believe that
                              our purpose in life is to be happy. Doesn‘t sound like a sound
                              business principal to base a business upon? Well it‘s working pretty
                              well for us so far. Our business is based on smiles, and we sure do a
                              have a lot of them around here.
                                                                             Reveal Your Smile
                                                                     Teeth Whitening Manual            3

                                So remember the three F words: Freedom, Family and Fun.
                                 We believe that they are the keys to having success in everything
                            you do. So read on and start your journey towards releasing your
                            full potential, after all, that is why you are here.
                                We look forward to helping you achieve your success.
                            Renee Hawkins
                            Founder, Reveal Your Smile Pty, Ltd.

Chapter 2 – About the            It‘s big business finding a market that is about to take off in a
Teeth Whitening             new domain, and then positioning yourself in front of that trend as
Industry                    a leading provider. Large corporations all over the world spend
                            billions of dollars researching market trends and making sure they
                            become leaders in their field when the market tells them that the
                            time is right. Millions of articles and books are written, talking about
                            finding that niche, finding that gold mine where the demand is high
                            but the supply is low. These finds are far and few between. So rare,
                            that you have to move quickly and stake your claim before you miss
                            the boat.
                                 One such market that is about to explode in Australia and New
                            Zealand is the cosmetic industry of Teeth Whitening. Already it has
                            taken hold of the American, European, Asian, and Canadian
                            Markets. Australia and New Zealand are in fact its final destination.
                            Here in Australia, we are in a unique position in that we have
                            available to us all the market history and data that has been collected
                            from our predecessors. We can see by studying this information that
    Teeth Whitening is an   Teeth Whitening is a massive worldwide industry (18 billion dollars
                            at last count), that it is not just segmented to one part of the world.
      18 Billion Dollar
                            This means that teeth whitening is demanded over a broad range of
          Industry          demographic, age, gender, socioeconomic and cultural groups. We
                            also know that it is in an upward trend cycle, with the US reporting
                            that, even after 10 years, the industry is still growing at a
                            phenomenal rate of 300% every few years. This also tells us that
                            cosmetic Teeth Whitening is not a fad, that the industry is here to
                                 Now, when we investigate what the Australian market has to
                            offer , we discover that demand is outstripping supply. And that is
                            fantastic news for you. Within Reveal Your Smile‘s Special Report(
                            if you haven‘t done so already, visit
                            http://www.revealyoursmile.com.au/success.htm to read this
                            exciting report, you will not want to miss it!) you would have
                            discovered that the actual demographic figures of our target market
                            (which is both men and women, aged between 15-64, and
                            specifically, those who indicated that they would consider a teeth
                            whitening procedure) a staggering 10,990,003 potential teeth
                                                                              Reveal Your Smile
                                                                       Teeth Whitening Manual           4

                              whitening customers! That’s a whopper of a market! Just to
                              make it a little clearer for you, that means for every 2 people you
                              know or meet, one of them would be a potential client. You will not
                              find figures like these when you go researching other markets and
                                  So if you are a hairdresser or salon owner, straight away you can
                              confidently know that at the bare minimum, 50% of your customers
                              are already interested in purchasing a teeth whitening product or
                              service. Real market figures actually calculate to more than this,
                              since you are already established within a specifically segmented
                              target market consisting of people who like to look good. And if
                              you are a new business owner, you can feel assured that when
                              starting up your new venture, you will not have to search far and
                              wide for your client‘s. At least one of your two neighbors either side
                              of you will be keen to Reveal their Smile.
  Be a part of this amazing       Reveal Your Smile is excited to be able to offer you this once
  and emerging opportunity    in a lifetime opportunity to create for yourselves a business that is
                              hugely profitable, solidly sustainable, extraordinarily easy, and
                              phenomenally fun. And because you have chosen to partner with
                              Australia’s one and only homegrown teeth whitening training
                              and wholesale provider, you can feel proud that you are
                              contributing to the sustainable and long term growth of this very
                              profitable market within our own backyard.

Chapter 3 – The RYS               You might be surprised to learn that Reveal Your Smile is not in
Difference                    the Teeth Whitening business, but rather the People business.
                              Reveal Your Smile does not sell a product or a service, but rather an
                              experience. Reveal Your Smile is about creating long term
                              relationships with people; hence we have client‘s not customers.
                                   Reveal Your Smile is a REAL business with REAL opportunity.
                              And its success comes from creating relationships, not sales. And at
                              the heart of any relationship, whether it be personal or professional,
                              is trust. Trust comes over time, and is built when you really care
                              about the person who is sitting next to you. And in business, when
                              you Really care for someone, you care about what it is that makes
                              them happy, what it is they want and especially listening to what it is
                              they don‘t want. Reveal Your Smile has found over and over again
                              that at the heart of any relationship, what people don‘t want the
                              most is to be lied to.
                                  Reveal Your Smile prides itself on being a no bull company
                              that works alongside a client offering them a professional service
                              without all the hype and misleading expectations that is so prevalent
                              in this industry. Individuals are bombarded with advertising
                              promising that model smile in less than 20 minutes or a whiter smile
                                                                         Reveal Your Smile
                                                                 Teeth Whitening Manual          5

                         up to 9 shades in under 30 minutes.
                             Our business is built on smiles and we love our work. We
                         strongly believe for us to continue to have a successful business it
                         must also continue to be built upon a foundation of trust. We pride
                         ourselves on providing a premium service minus the hyperbole
                         associated with most other providers who take advantage of these
                         unrealistic images.
                            At Reveal Your Smile our motto is:
                                Every person is different. Every result is different. Every
                          treatment plan is different. We don’t over promise. And we never
                                                    under deliver.
                              We would like this to be your motto too. And if you do chose
                         to work this way, we guarantee that you will create relationships for
                         life and your business will grow exponentially from year to year.
                         And we promise you that you will stand out from the crowd and
                         become a leading teeth whitening service provider, someone whom
                         people can trust to deliver every time.

Chapter 4 – By the End         Ready to start contacting clients to demonstrate your
of This Manual, You             product.
Will Be…                       Able to effectively run and manage your growing business.
                               Educated in various teeth whitening procedures and able to
                                communicate these ideas with your clients.
                               Ready to effectively demonstrate your teeth whitening
                               Prepared to address specific issued regarding client‘s teeth
                               Instructed on maintaining your established professional and
                                legal position.
                               Able to provide your clients with excellent the Customer
                                Service required to grow your business.
                             By dedicating yourself to learning what is in this manual and
                         applying it in your business, you will quickly find yourself a sought
                         after provider of excellence and outstanding service, someone
                         whose knowledge and professionalism far outshines all those in the
                         same field. You will be able to go forth confidently and boldly and
                         become a leader.
                             Reveal Your Smile has helped people from all walks of life
                         look younger and healthier. By rediscovering their smile our clients
                         have become more confident in job interviews and more relaxed
                         meeting new people; they‘ve enjoyed renewed vigour in the office,
                         and they‘ve achieved that stunning wedding photo brides always
                         dream of.
                                                                                Reveal Your Smile
                                                                        Teeth Whitening Manual            6

                                So get ready. It is time to start your new career as a Teeth
                              Whitening Professional.

Chapter 5 – Teeth                 Teeth whitening is the process of removing the dirt and gunk
Whitening Explained           that builds up on the surface of the tooth. Cleaning your teeth with a
                              whitening toothpaste or getting your dentist to do a good scrub is
                              referred to as teeth whitening.
                                  Teeth whitening may also be aided by a variety of special
                              toothpaste products including smoker‘s toothpaste, or even
                              products such as a pre-wash mouthwash which contains alcohol to
                              loosen plaque prior to brushing. As you will soon see, most
                              whitening toothpastes also contains a very small concentration of
                              Hydrogen Peroxide, the same active ingredient found in whitening
                              gels. After a prolonged use of whitening toothpastes, some people
                              report an improved colour of their teeth.
                                  However, teeth bleaching goes a step further and is the
    Reveal Your Smile is      process of improving the overall colour of a person's teeth by
   actually Teeth Bleaching   removing the stains and discolourations that the build up has left
                              behind, using a bleaching agent such as Hydrogen Peroxide or
                              Carbamide Peroxide. This process actually whitens and brightens
                              the tooth enamel – the very top layer of your tooth.
                                  Because teeth whitening sounds better than teeth bleaching, it‘s
                              used most often. You will find that both terms will be used
                              interchangeably throughout the text. However, we are always
                              referring to the bleaching process itself.
                                  To understand how teeth bleaching works lets first take a closer
                              look at our teeth to see how stains penetrate them.
                                  Teeth have three basic layers: the enamel, the dentin, and the
                              pulp. As seen in the illustration, the hard enamel shell surrounds
    Anatomy of a Tooth        the teeth. Made of primarily Crystalline Calcium Phosphate, it is one
                              of the most mineralized and hardest substances in a living body.
                                  As you will learn, depending on the base shade, the colour of
                              the enamel is white or a shade of white in most people. When we
                              are young, this layer usually is quick thick. As we grow older we
                              slowly wear down this layer, which then becomes varied in
                                   While the enamel is very hard, it is also very brittle. To prevent a
                              tooth from breaking under pressure caused by chewing, the enamel
                              is laid over a second layer of the tooth, called the Dentin. The
                              structure of dentin is similar to bone and is more amorphous than
                              crystalline, with a yellow pigment to it. The dentin is softer and
                              more flexible, allowing teeth to absorb the stresses of chewing
                              without actually breaking. This does allow some micro bending and
                                                               Reveal Your Smile
                                                       Teeth Whitening Manual            7

              cracking of the enamel.
                  As we get older and the top white enamel layer wears thin in
              some places, the yellow colour of our dentin will begin to show
              through. That is why young children will have such white teeth, and
              adults generally will not. Some individuals are blessed with thick
              enamel layers which help them to sustain their bright white smile
              well into adulthood.
                  The next layer is the Pulp which exists to carry blood vessels
              needed to maintain the inner layer of the teeth. A layer called
              Cementum exists to hold our teeth in place, just like cement holds
              structures in place.
                  For the purpose of teeth whitening, it is the enamel and dentin
              layers that we are concerned with.
                   As mentioned before, the outside layer of our tooth is called
              enamel. And if we look at it a little closer (like under a microscope),
              we would see that the enamel is made up of loads of tiny calcium
              phosphate tubes shaped like hexagons, tightly packed together
              called enamel rods. The grouping or bunching of the tubes is what
              makes the enamel strong, much as the fiber or grain in wood makes
              a board strong when compressed on then ends.
                  But just as a board can crack, or splinter under stress, the
              calcium crystals can separate under stress in a similar way.
                  When this separation occurs, it is our saliva that has re-
              mineralizing qualities that help to ‗patch-up‘ the separation.
              However, if the tooth does not re-mineralize quickly enough, or the
              separation is too great (as say, from an impact), food and debris
              particles can get in between the crystals.
                  Think of all the gnashing, eating drinking and chewing you‘ve
              done over the years—it‘s not surprising these tiny tubes get filled up
              with debris and stains. And because these stains are now trapped
Enamel Rods
              within the tooth‘s structure, brushing alone will not remove them.
                  The illustration to the left shows a section of crystal, magnified
              further. It also shows a crystal removed (arrow), showing how
              debris can get trapped in the crystal layers.
                   Bacteria also can get into these spaces and when inside, it will
              produce a sticky cement providing a ―hold‖ for the bacteria to stick
              to the teeth. This bacterial buildup is called plaque. If left untreated
              it can calcify creating a substance called calculus. Calculus generally
              needs to be removed by a dentist or hygienist.
                  There are numerous stains working hard to take the sparkle out
              of your smile. They can be categorized into the following two stain
              types: intrinsic and extrinsic. Spend some time getting to know the
              main causes and culprits behind these stain types, as soon you will
                                                                    Reveal Your Smile
                                                            Teeth Whitening Manual            8

                   learn that they will affect the treatment plan that you will be creating
                   for each of your individual client‘s.
                   INTRINSIC STAINS
                       Sometimes also called Structural Stains, Intrinsic stains are part
                   of the tooth‘s natural structure. These are the deposits trapped in
                   the crystalline enamel as it is formed. Even a diamond gemstone,
                   which is crystalline carbon, has some flaws. Some of us have
                   structural stains that date back to when the tooth was formed.
Intrinsic Stains   We‘re all unique, so teeth vary from person to person – that
                   includes colour. As noted in the section above, the teeth and
                   specifically the enamel, is comprised of crystalline layers. As these
                   layers form, various environmental factors allow the inclusion of
                   other minerals and substances to become present. These inclusions
                   are trapped in the teeth and are not easily removed. These inclusion
                   variations are responsible for the natural variation in teeth color
                   between individuals and can be caused by a variety of factors
                   including maternal diet during pregnancy and the client‘s diet during
                   the formation of adult teeth.
                       The outer layer of enamel is somewhat translucent and as you
                   age the enamel of your teeth begins to wear thin, revealing the
                   brownish yellow of the inner dentin layer. Genetics can play a big
                   part here – certain people simply have thinner enamel than others.
                       Medications release compounds, which may be absorbed by and
                   trapped in teeth. Some medicines are well known for causing
                   structural stains. Perhaps the most widespread is tetracycline, along
                   with its cousins minocycline and doxycycline. If administered to
                   children during the crucial years when their enamel forms, it can
                   lead to yellow-brown or blue-grey staining. If a child receives too
                   much fluoride during these early years they can also suffer from
                   fluorosis, a condition that results in white streaks and spots on the
                       Overall, when it comes to structural stains, bleaching can be
                   effective, but only to a point. When a person‘s enamel has worn
                   thin, there is very little you can do to whiten teeth beyond a certain
                   shade, as it will be the inner, darker dentin layer showing through,
                   which bleaching does not affect. For stains that have been caused
                   by medications, some whitening is possible, but this can be difficult
                   depending on how deep the trapped compounds are. The individual
                   would need to be committed to sticking to a long-term whitening
                   program to see only slight results. Sometimes the only treatment for
                   these stains is bonding or veneers, which we will learn about later.
                                                                     Reveal Your Smile
                                                             Teeth Whitening Manual        9

                   EXTRINSIC STAINS
                       Extrinsic stains on the other hand, are stains caused by factors
                   external to the tooth structure such as cleanliness, damage or
                   external coloring agents including smoking, drinking coffee and
                   food and beverage dies. Theses stains adhere to teeth, or get in
                   between the crystalline structure of the tooth. Sometimes these
                   stains are also known as embedded stains. These stains can become
Extrinsic Stains   real eyesores, leading to a loss of confidence and a hidden smile. A
                   standard toothpaste is ineffective in removing embedded stains.
                       Food Stains
                       Food stains come from the various natural and artificial dyes
                   found in food and beverages. What makes these difficult to deal
                   with is the fact that they can wick into teeth if not brushed away
                   soon after eating or drinking. An interesting fact is that artificial
                   dyes are specifically chosen to work with and be stable with
                   biological products (food), which are not all dissimilar from your
                   teeth and mouth. Some specifics of each are shown below.
                        Fruit may be good for your health, but some can be far from
                   kind to your teeth. Blueberries, cranberries and cherries taste like
                   heaven, but their heavy pigmentation makes them devils for
                   staining. Highly acidic foods like cheese, potatoes, tomatoes and
                   apples are also far from angelic, causing enamel erosion, leading the
                   enamel to become more pervious. Soy sauce may add flavour to an
                   Asian dish, but its staining effects will be visible long after the
                   washing up is done. Same goes for curries. A general rule of thumb
                   is if it stains your shirt, it‘ll stain your teeth!
                       Coffee & Tea
                       Coffee and tea are both acidic. This means that the coffee and
                   tea can actually etch the surface of the teeth, aiding the staining
                   process. Coffee and tea stains are caused by micro size particles of
                   the coffee beans or tealeaves, brewed into water. The staining is
                   much the same as a weak, water based paint. The particles are
                   suspended in water by brewing. When you drink the coffee or tea,
                   they will adhere to the teeth in variety of ways. As we have seen
                   previously, the enamel is comprised of microtubules. These
                   microtubules can draw minute amounts of liquids though capillary
                   action. When the water left on the teeth from drinking evaporates
                   or dries, the micro particles remain. The coffee or tea may adhere to
                   the polysaccharide file (cement) from bacteria as well.
                      Coffee and tea stains manifest as a browning of the teeth,
                   usually darker closer to the gum line due to plaque buildup.
                       Fruit Juice
                                                   Reveal Your Smile
                                           Teeth Whitening Manual            10

    Fruit juice along with coffee and tea is also generally acidic. This
means that like coffee and tea, the juice can soften the surface of the
teeth, allowing the juice to wick in. The staining comes from the
variety of natural and artificial food dyes present in all juice.
    Fruit juice stains manifest as a slight tinting of the color of the
juice the person most often consumes.
    Carbonated Beverages
    The ―fizz‖ in carbonated beverages is Carbon Dioxide, CO2,
which when dissolved in water becomes carbonic acid. The staining
process is then similar to fruit juices in that the acid weakens the
teeth. Staining is also similar to fruit juice except all of the colorants
are artificial, usually caramel color, but others as well.
    Red Wine
    The active ingredient in red wine (and also beer by the way) is
the alcohol, ethanol. While it is a clear liquid, it is a very effective
solvent. Ethanol can dissolve the polysaccharide layer on the teeth
from bacteria as well as clean other contaminants as well. This
however leaves the teeth subject to any colors or dyes. Red wine
contains strong anthocyins, which can wick into teeth producing a
pink color. Red wine stains manifest as a pinkish color while beer
has a more yellow-gold color, which is similar to discoloration seen
from aging.
    Smoking Stains
    Smoking stains are caused by tar and nicotine stains, as well as
stains from a variety of other hydrocarbon compounds. Tar and
nicotine are sticky, and can easily attach to teeth. Once a layer is
formed, the tar is especially impervious to water, and therefore hard
to remove unless specially formulated ‗smokers toothpaste‘ is used.
Smoking stains are usually on the front of teeth. On the sides of the
mouth towards the cheeks (buccal side) there is generally less
staining. On the inside of the teeth (lingual side), there is also
staining caused by sucking in the smoke. Smoking stains are
manifest as brown and black and having a patchy appearance.
    You may not realize it, but your teeth are as susceptible to
trauma as any other part of your body. Teeth are a living entity,
being made of crystalline structures, teeth are sensitive to shock,
compression or other engineering stresses caused by impact to the
mouth. Teeth can crack and even if they are able to re-mineralize,
the trauma may still leave visual traces. Teeth that crack severely
may bleed internally (bruise), and this may wick into the enamel
from the inside of the tooth.
                                                                             Reveal Your Smile
                                                                     Teeth Whitening Manual           11

                                It sounds obvious, but by regularly brushing and flossing your
                            teeth you can ensure staining foods are removed regularly, before
     Stain Prevention =     they get chance to do their worst. Neglecting your teeth allows
      Basic Tooth Care      bacteria to flourish, leading to unsightly yellow and green stains.
                            Washing your mouth out with water after drinking any acidic or
                            dark liquid can help to prevent staining. Drinking through a straw
                            also offers additional protection to your front teeth. Brushing your
                            teeth after eating staining foods greatly reduces the risk of stains.
                                Unlike intrinsic stains, extrinsic stains are the ones that are the
                            primary focus of teeth whitening and bleaching. Depending on the
                            level of staining, extrinsic stains respond very well to teeth
                            whitening. An exception to this general rule is the staining incurred
                            by damage. Damage may be difficult to bleach, depending on how
                            deep the crack or fracture goes. It may be necessary for an
                            individual who presents with this type of staining to visit their
                            cosmetic dentist for a deep power bleaching process.
                                Now that we have explored the anatomy and physiology behind
                            our teeth and what causes our teeth to stain, let‘s now take a look at
     How does Teeth         how the actual teeth whitening process works.
    Whitening Work???           And this is where the fun begins. The active ingredient of our
                            teeth whitener (or bleach if you want to get technical) enters the
                            same way as the dirt and stains do. It then breaks down into tiny
                            oxygen bubbles that hunt down and attach themselves to the
                            offending stains and oxidizes them into colourless molecules, thus
                            permanently removing them and leaving your teeth whiter and
                                There‘s no need to worry about trapping harmful chemicals
                            inside your teeth. Our whitener loses its power pretty quickly, and
                            when applied as directed, will leave the structure of your tooth
                                With results lasting up to two years, it‘s easy to see why teeth
                            whitening has become one of the most popular forms of cosmetic
                            enhancement. No needles, no nipping or tucking. It's easy, safe and

Chapter 6 – Product              The most commonly used oxidizing agents in teeth whitening is
Comparisons                 Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) or Carbamide Peroxide (CH6N2O3 ). The
                            difference between the two lies in the extra molecule. When in
    Types of Gels Used in   contact with water, Carbimide Peroxide breaks down into urea and
      Teeth Whitening       Hydrogen Peroxide. The Hydrogen Peroxide in the presence of
                            water then disassociates into water and free oxygen anion species. It
                            is these highly reactive oxygen species, which react with the stain
                                                                             Reveal Your Smile
                                                                     Teeth Whitening Manual          12

                         making them more water soluble, transparent, or both.
                         Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
                              Hydrogen Peroxide is water with extra oxygen. This compound
                         will react readily to produce free oxygen. The free oxygen is what is
                         responsible for the bleaching action. This can be harmful if used in
                         concentrations above 6 %, which is the form normally found in
                         pharmacies. The main drawback is that it dissociates to water and
                         oxygen while on the shelf.

                         Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) dissociates to water H2O
                         and a free Oxygen anion (O+)

                         Carbamide Peroxide (CH6N2O3)
                             This is a compound, which contains Hydrogen Peroxide, and is
                         about 1/3 the strength of straight Hydrogen Peroxide by volume. It
                         is considered safer since even the higher concentrations contain a
                         safe level of Hydrogen Peroxide. Carbamide Peroxide is also more
                         stable, and therefore has a longer shelf life.

                         Carbamide Peroxide dissociates to Carbamide (Urea) and Hydrogen Peroxide,
                         which further dissociates to water and a free Oxygen anion (O+)

Reveal Your Smile Uses       Reveal Your Smile uses a proprietary formula of Carbamide
 Carbamide Peroxide      Peroxide. And right now you are probably wondering ‗why use
                         Carbamide Peroxide when you can just use Hydrogen Peroxide?‘
                         Well the answer to this lies in the stability that a Carbamide
                         Peroxide formulation has over its brother Hydrogen Peroxide. By
                         using Carbamide Peroxide in our formulations, we can still deliver
                         the Hydrogen Peroxide needed for a whitening effect. However our
                         formulations now are more predictable and have a longer shelf life
                         (two years). Carbamide Peroxide formulations are also more suitable
                         for tray-based whitening systems, which is a system that Reveal
                         Your Smile uses.
                             Initially, the Carbamide Peroxide is in a liquid form and needs to
                         be produced into a gel so it is able to be applied to your clients‘
                         teeth. The following is a list of the ingredients you will find in our
                                                 Reveal Your Smile
                                         Teeth Whitening Manual         13

Carbamide Peroxide Gel Syringes and an explanation of what role
each compound plays in our formulation:
    Carbamide Peroxide/ Whitening agent- this is what bleaches our
   Sodium Hydroxide / Buffering agent- because Carbamide
Peroxide is naturally acidic, Sodium Hydroxide counters this acidity.
Our formulations are at a pH of 6. The industry standard that is
generally considered as an acceptable pH range for whitening gels is
between 5.5 to 8.
   Hydroxypropylcellulose / Stabilizing agent-this helps our
formulation to have a shelf life of two years.
    Carbopol 940, Carbopol 974 / Emulsifying agent-an emulsifying
agent is a compound which ensures components of the gel don‘t
separate. An example of this is vinegar and oil salad dressing. An
authentic salad dressing will allow their ingredients to separate.
Many food companies will add emulsifiers to prevent separation.
    Glycerin / Gelling agent -this helps the components of the gel to
stick to the teeth of the individual.
    Triethanolamine / Buffering agent -this is another compound that
is used as a buffer. Buffers prevent chemical reactions from shifting
too far to either acid or base.
    EDTA / Stabilizing agent- this is a standards medical/food
    Water / Gelling agent- bleaching gels must be thick enough
(have a high enough viscosity) so they don‘t run out from the tray,
but also be runny enough so it can spread evenly over the teeth of
your client.
    Natural Flavour
    Some manufacturers include a de-sensitizing agent within their
whitening formulations to help minimize the degree of bleaching
induced sensitivity that is a common side-effect of teeth whitening.
However, we have discovered that the presence of a fluoride
compound (what is typically used in de-sensitizing formulations)
actually slows down the whitening process. For this very reason,
Reveal Your Smile offers a separate de-sensitizing gel syringe to be
used immediately after a whitening session with you client. Please
refer to the section on ‗treatment plans for sensitive client‘s‘ for
more information on this topic.
    Reveal Your Smile Carbamide Peroxide formulations come in
the following strengths: 44%, 35%, 22%. This equates
approximately to 16%, 12%, 8% Hydrogen Peroxide respectively.
Higher strengths gels will create a whitening effect more rapidly
than a lower concentration. However, they are also more likely to
                                                                              Reveal Your Smile
                                                                      Teeth Whitening Manual            14

                             induce bleaching side effects such as tooth sensitivity and gum
                                 No matter what information your competitors are promoting
                             about the safety of their products, it is just not possible to guarantee
                             that an individual will not experience any side effects when it comes
                             to using a peroxide based teeth whitening product. A lower
                             concentration whitening gel will take longer to produce a whitening
                             effect, however.
                                 Whether it is a higher or lower concentration whitening gel you
                             chose to use with a client, both can still be expected to produce
                             essentially identical levels of whitening.

Chapter 7 – Procedure           Let‘s take a moment and examine the various available
Comparisons                  procedures commonly used for teeth whitening.
                                 OVER THE COUNTER
                               Procedure: Whitening toothpastes; foam strips; paint-on gels;
                                 Price Range: $20-$200
        Procedures                  Use in your own time, in the privacy of your own home.
                                    Initially inexpensive
                                    Stable results
                                    Extremely low strength gels. 2-18% Carbamide Peroxide /2-
                                     5% Hydrogen Peroxide equivalent
                                    Long term use, in order to see any measurable results
                                    Expensive over long term
                                    Can be messy
                                    Open to user error
                                    Unsupervised
                                    Unpredictable results
                                 SHOPPING CENTRE CUBICLES / BEAUTY SALONS
                                 Procedure: Powerful LED lighting combined with dental
                             strength gels
                                 Price Range: $149-$199
   Beauty Salon Procedures
                                    Dental strength gels. Usually 35% Carbamide Peroxide or
                                     Hydrogen Peroxide equivalent.
                                                                    Reveal Your Smile
                                                            Teeth Whitening Manual          15

                           Quick, with treatment duration of 20 minutes. Some
                            locations offer a second 20 minute session.
                           1 session only, after that, you are one your own.
                           No shade assessment performed (please note; the customers
                            before and after shade are recorded on a paper guide for
                            the customer to keep).
                           No individualised treatment program developed
                           Mouthguards are not customized to fit the individual
                            customers, hence they sit loose and away from the
                            customers teeth. This regularly leads to overfilling of the
                            mouth trays, leading to a high incidence of burns and
                            swelling of the soft tissues of the mouth.
                           Results from this treatment are predominately due to the
                            massive dehydration of teeth from the powerful light. This
                            leads to the appearance of dramatic results, however, 80%
                            of customers reporting a shade relapse to their original
                            colour after a few weeks.
                           Powerful light, which lead to dehydration of the teeth can
                            lead to acute sensitivity, and heat burn of lips and gums.
                           No re-mineralisation offered/available
                           No follow-up
                           Partial privacy. A curtain that covers the face of the
                            customer only is all that stands between the customer and
                            traffic walking by. Salons will offer much more privacy than
                           Patchy results
                        DENTIST-CHAIR SIDE WHITENING
                          Procedure: In office procedure with the use of powerful
                     lighting combined with very high concentrations of gel. Sometimes,
                     a patient will be sent home with a follow-up take home whitening
Dentist Procedures      Price Range: $800-$3000
                           Fastest whitening method with up to three 20minute power
                            sessions in one visit, using extremely high concentrations of
                            32% Hydrogen Peroxide (or 96% Carbamide Peroxide
                           Professional supervision
                           Thorough shade assessment
                           Dental office follow-up‘s (*within dental office hours)
                           In office privacy
                                                                         Reveal Your Smile
                                                                 Teeth Whitening Manual           16

                                Customized trays
                                Most expensive
                                1-2 follow treatments (at extra cost) are usually required due
                                 to a whitening relapse caused by massive tooth de-
                                Most people report extreme (transient) tooth sensitivity due
                                 to the high peroxide dosage.
                             REVEAL YOUR SMILE
                              Procedure: Combination of professionally supervised sessions
                          with take home treatments.
                             Price Range: $149-$300
    Reveal Your Smile’s         Several sessions spaced over a period of time to allow for
         Procedure               maximum results and safety.
                                Supervised sessions
                                Several follow-up opportunities
                                Thorough shade assessment
                                Blue light exactly designed for accelerated whitening,
                                 however does not de-hydrate teeth or burn surrounding
                                 soft-tissues of the lips, mouth and gums
                                Re-mineralization (also known as de-sensitisation) included
                                Stable long term results
                                Private
                                Flexible
                                Mid-range price tag which makes it cost effective and
                                 affordable for most people, given the massive value offered
                                Client‘s not customers
                                Reveal Your Smile creates a complete experience (not just a
                                 product or service) for people through the education and
                                 individualisation, hence creating relationships, not sales.

Chapter 8 – Safety,
Hazards, and Side-
effects                      90% of commercial teeth whiteners are peroxide based. This
                          means that they contain either Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide
                          Peroxide as their core whitening ingredient. As a Teeth Whitening
                          Professional you need to become acutely aware of the potential
                          hazards that any peroxide based formulas can have if not used
                                                                   Reveal Your Smile
                                                           Teeth Whitening Manual            17

                  within the prescribed guidelines. The whitening gel is, in a sense,
                  concentrated bleach, hence there are some safety concerns that you
                  and the client need to be aware of.
                       Let‘s take the hydrogen peroxide that hairdresser‘s use every day
                  all over the world to dye their client‘s hair as an example. Used
                  safely and within the prescribed guidelines, hydrogen peroxide can
                  result in the customer having a wonderful transformation,
                  completely changing the colour of their hair, resulting in a brand
                  new look. However, if the hair dresser allows the peroxide to come
                  into prolonged contact with the customer‘s scalp, it can irritate the
                  scalp and even cause minor burns. Also, if the hair dresser leaves
                  the peroxide in too long, it can severely damage the hair, leaving the
                  hair brittle, lifeless and even to fall out. This can have a devastating
                  effect on the customer, physically, emotionally and aesthetically.
                      It is the same with any peroxide based whitening gels used in
                  the teeth whitening process. Just as the hairdresser does every day,
                  you too will be using the whitening gel to ‗dye‘ your client‘s teeth.
                  Hence you need to be aware of the following hazards so that they
                  can be easily avoided or quickly remedied:
Safety Concerns       Blanching or whitening of the gums. This is caused when the
                  gel comes into contact with the gums for a prolonged period of
                  time. The client may complain of a burning sensation in their
                  mouth. Have the client wipe the excess gel off of the gums with a
                  cotton swab, tissue or the like or allow the client to cease the
                  treatment and rinse out their mouth with cool water. Assure them
                  that the sensation and whitening is temporary and usually goes away
                  within 24hours.
                       Swelling of the lip. The client may experience a burning
                  sensation on the lips and a slight swelling. Like the burning
                  sensation in the gums, this is caused by excess gel spilling out of the
                  trays and onto the lips. Stop the procedure immediately and advise
                  your client to re-apply vitamin E from a swap provided in the
                  Reveal Your Smile Professional Teeth Whitening Kit or apply any
                  lip balm type product to the affected area. Explain that the
                  sensation is only temporary and will subside within 24 hours.
                      Contact with skin. If the whitening gel comes in contact with
                  the skin, simply wipe the gel away and wash the affected area with
                  cool water. A slight irritation may occur, but this will subside within
                  a short period of time.
                      Contact with hair. The bleaching agent is similar to Hydrogen
                  Peroxide, a common hair dying agent. If the gel comes in contact
                  with the hair, blot the gel out of the hair. The affected hair will
                  probably be a different color than the surrounding hair. Wiping the
                  gel or rinsing the gel with water will cause the gel to spread to other
                  areas of the hair, causing more discoloured areas.
                                                                         Reveal Your Smile
                                                                 Teeth Whitening Manual            18

                            The key to avoiding all these hazards is not to overfill your
                        client‘s mouth trays with the whitening gel. LESS IS ALWAYS
                        BEST. With practice, you will be able to know exactly the right
                        amount of gel to place in the trays with maximum results and
                        minimum discomfort to your client. Do not be concerned that
                        there is not enough gel in the tray to have a whitening effect. One
                        of the reasons why we instruct our clients to paint on a small
                        amount of the whitening gel onto their teeth prior to the whitening
                        treatment(see chapter …….) is so that there is already an evenly
                        applied layer of gel on the teeth even before the loaded whitening
                        tray is placed within the clients mouth. This is yet another practice
                        that only Reveal Your Smile practitioners apply, which leads to
                        many more happy customers and allows them to stand apart from
                        the rest of the crowd.
                            SIDE EFFECTS
                            Due to the very nature of the teeth whitening process, no matter
                        what strength gel you use or what system/procedure you apply,
                        across the board there are inevitably going to be some potential side
                        effects. Side effects can occur within any teeth whitening system.
                        Most of these are minor and can quickly be remedied, or will fade
Possible Side Effects   with time. Most people who suffer from side effects only experience
                        minor pain and/or irritation, but they are something to be aware of
                        and should be communicated to the client.
                            Not every client you see will experience them, however some of
                        your client‘s will experience one or all of them to varying degrees. If
                        you follow the guidelines set out in this manual, you are able to
                        minimize these for your client. It is your professional responsibility
                        to clearly inform your client of any potential side effects so that they
                        may make an informed decision as to whether they wish to undergo
                        the treatment or not.
                            Tooth Sensitivity: This is the most common side effect of any
                        teeth whitening system. The sensitivity can be thermal sensitivity
                        (sensitive to hot or cold foot items), air sensitivity (when a person
                        breaths through their mouth), or simple tooth pain. Half of all
                        people who bleach their teeth experience some form of tooth
                        sensitivity after treatment.
                            As discussed within chapter ….., the process that goes on
                        within a person‘s teeth when whitening, actually draws water and
                        moisture away from the inner dentin layer through the tiny tubules.
                        This causes the tiny nerves within this layer to sense the dehydration
                        as pain. Hence why tooth sensitivity is a common occurrence.
                            To help reduce tooth sensitivity, Reveal Your Smile includes
                        within every Reveal Your Smile Professional Teeth Whitening Kit a
                        De-Sensitisation (aka re-mineralization) Gel Syringe. This helps the
                        teeth to re-hydrate much quicker, hence reducing sensitivity. It is
                                                  Reveal Your Smile
                                          Teeth Whitening Manual            19

important to note that one of the roles that saliva plays is to re-
mineralize our teeth on a continual basis, and after any teeth
whitening procedure this will naturally occur over a period of
several days.
      A handy tip is to have your client brush with a toothpaste
especially formulated for sensitive teeth, such as Sensodyn
toothpaste, for two weeks prior to the commencement of a teeth
whitening program, and for the duration that the treatments are
taking place. The active ingredient within such a formula is actually
potassium nitrate. Some companies add potassium nitrate to their
whitening formulas as 2 in 1 application. However, potassium
nitrate actually slows down the whitening process. These ‗clever‘
little companies are marketing a benefit with a 2 in 1 formula,
however, what they are actually doing is making more revenue from
each customer with increased application time, hence increased
product use. That is why Reveal Your Smile has a separate de-
sensitizing gel.
    It can be suggested (only) that having a dose of ibuprofen or
Advil right before your client places in their loaded mouth trays,
may help with any sensitivity after the treatment. This is because
ibuprofen acts as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic to
counteract the inflammatory response that goes on within the
nerves of the teeth when they are de-hydrated. If your client
chooses to take ibuprofen, they should first consult their doctor to
see if it is safe for them to do so. Hence, you can make this
suggestion (say over the phone, when making the appointment)to
your client well before the first whitening session, so that they have
time to seek the counsel of any required health professional.
     Gum Irritation: During the whitening process, a person‘s gum
tissue can come in contact with the bleaching agent and become
irritated. Proper use of the bleaching trays will help minimize this
risk. Instructing your client to trim their trays along the tooth and
gum line, will allow for easier and more complete removal of any
excess gel that may spill over onto the gums. Ensuring that not too
much gel is placed within the trays will help prevent the gel from
spilling over onto the gums. Make sure you have the client wipe
away any excess gel after inserting the trays.
    Sore Throat: It is almost inevitable that some gel will be
swallowed during the treatment. Like the gums, the bleaching agent
can irritate the soft tissues in the throat. To help minimize this,
instruct your client to allow all their saliva to fall out of their mouth
and onto their dental bib. Reassure your client, that this is far better
than swallowing the gel and saliva mixed together and not be
embarrassed about it. Explain that it is a normal part of the
procedure and that you see it all the time. If any irritation does
occur, assure your client that that it is transitory, meaning it will not
                                                Reveal Your Smile
                                         Teeth Whitening Manual           20

last long and will resolve itself without any need for treatment.
    Marbling or uneven tooth color: This usually has one of two
causes: 1) uneven application of the whitening gel; or, 2) uneven
absorption of the gel into the enamel.
    We have discussed earlier, how the application of a layer of
whitening gel onto the teeth prior to the placement of the loaded
tray, can help in the first instance. As for the second scenario, some
peoples teeth have differing levels of thickness of enamel covering
the tooth‘s surface. For this reason, the whitening gel penetrates the
tooth‘s surface in varying degrees. However, in both cases, this side
effect is easily remedied through continued treatment and usually
corrects itself quite quickly.
      Sharp Pain Within A Tooth: Be aware that if a client has
fillings that are breaking down, decay in their teeth, erosion of their
teeth, or exposed root surfaces due to periodontal disease, the
peroxide gel may have direct access to these affected areas and may
cause discomfort. All of your client‘s need to be screened for these
conditions before a whitening treatment can begin. If your client
has not seen their dentist for a thorough clean and check-up prior
to their visit with you, and that they suspect that they might have
one of the above mentioned ailments, then please recommend that
they see their dentist immediately, and do not undertake a whitening
program with them until this has taken place.
     Nausea and/or Vomiting: This is extremely rare, however
needs to be mentioned regardless. Nausea or vomiting can occur if
the client has ingested a large amount of the whitening gel. Due to
the whitening gel being an irritant to any mucosal membranes, if
your client ingests a large amount, the body‘s natural response is to
try and get it back out. The best thing to do is have your client drink
a big glass of milk, do not try to induce vomiting(this could make it
worse) and seek medical advice immediately, by either ringing their
doctor or going straight to the emergency department of the nearest
local hospital.
     Again, instruct your client to allow any excess saliva and gel to
fall out of their mouth and not to swallow it. Just to reassure you,
you will likely never come across this situation; however it‘s good to
be prepared.
    Overall, as long as all the Reveal Your Smile Professional Teeth
Whitening products are used according to the directions and
established guidelines that you will find within this manual, you and
your client will be safe from any problems or damage and will find
any side effects to be minimal or none at all. And just like the
hairdresser whose customers‘ leaves feeling great about their new
style, your client too can enjoy the excitement that comes when
their desired whitening results are achieved.
                                                                        Reveal Your Smile
                                                                Teeth Whitening Manual          21

                           A WORD ON CANCER
                          WHAT??? Yes, because of the myth going around about teeth
                       whitening products causing cancer, we must address it here in our
                           Concerns have been expressed that teeth whiteners containing
                       peroxide can cause cancer in the soft tissues of the mouth (i.e. lips,
                       gums, cheek, etc.). These concerns stemmed from the fact that
     The Cancer Myth   peroxide breaks down to form ―free radicals.‖ You may remember
                       in the Chapter 6 when we explained the chemistry of peroxide and
                       how it disassociates to water and an anion of oxygen. This anion is
                       the free radical.
                          While these free radicals are capable of causing cellular damage,
                       appropriately used teeth whiteners containing peroxide have not
                       been shown to contribute to cancer risk.
                           In fact:
                              The amount of peroxide used over a teeth whitening
                               program is negligible as a carcinogen.
                              Bleaching trays help prevent the peroxide from coming in
                               contact with the soft tissues.
                              A natural compound found in saliva neutralizes up to 30mg
                               of peroxide in less than one minute. During a normal
                               whitening treatment, the dosage of Carbamide Peroxide is
                               less than 3.6mg.
                              The human liver produces 99% more peroxide per day than
                               is found in a single treatment of teeth whitening.
                           Bottom line, there is no significant risk of cancer through
                       the normal use of a teeth whitening system.
                           On a side note on overall health, our bodies are bombarded
                       daily with free radicals coming to us from all directions. Our bodies
                       best defense against free radicals are anti-oxidants. And the most
                       well known of these is Vitamin C. A daily dose of powdered
                       Vitamin C (the body absorbs Vitamin C powder more readily) will
                       help your body to fight back the attack of free radicals and help
                       your body to maintains its natural balance, health and vitality.

Chapter 9 – Client
History and Client
Release Forms

Chapter 10 – Contra-       Generally speaking, everyone is a good candidate for teeth
Indications            whitening. As mentioned above, three out of four people have
                       indicated they would like to change something about their smile.
                                                Reveal Your Smile
                                        Teeth Whitening Manual          22

Often times, teeth whitening is a major part of that.
   However, the Reveal Your Smile system may not be
appropriate for everyone. There are some contra-indications that
may disqualify some candidates. They are:
      People with significant periodontal disease
      People with fillings that may be breaking down
      People with unfilled cavities or chipped or worn teeth
      Pregnant women should get their doctor‘s permission
       before trying the whitening procedure
      People with minimal discoloration (teeth are already white)
       may not see a substantial degree of whitening
      DO NOT have your teeth whitened if you:
        Are unable to breath through your nose for 15-20
        Are under the age of 14
        Suffer from inflammation, bleeding, soreness to the
        Have not had your teeth checked in the past 12 months
        Have had Dental Surgery within the last 28 Days
        Are pregnant or currently breast feeding (Hydrogen
          Peroxide MAY affect breast milk) If you Have a piercing
          in your mouth that cannot be removed
        Have an allergy to Hydrogen Peroxide, Glycerin or
          other products contained in the Cosmetic Teeth
          Whitening System
        Suffer from severe tooth sensitivity
        Currently have cold sores, mouth ulcers, cracked teeth,
          open cavities, or any oral or dental condition that causes
          you pain
    There may be other reasons that preclude people from being
good teeth whitening candidates. Oral conditions such as canker
sores or cold sores may create overly-sensitive areas and trigger
extreme pain if placed in contact with the bleaching gel in the teeth
whitening system.
   As you examine your potential clients, be aware of these
conditions and advise the client accordingly.
   Canker Sores
                                                 Reveal Your Smile
                                         Teeth Whitening Manual           23

    The term Canker sore, sometimes confused with cold sores is
used for small sores or ulcers in the mouth. These are generally seen
on the insides of the cheeks or on the gums. They can be caused by
a variety of reasons including allergic reactions to foods of
medicine, trauma such as biting the inside of the cheek, or reaction
to invasive dental work.
    Cold Sores
    Unlike canker sores, cold sores are located just outside the
mouth, and on the lips. Sometimes these may be as high as on the
nose. Cold sores are caused by a virus, and therefore can be
contagious. Cold sores are never completely eliminated by the body
but they are most contagious when active.
    As noted above, the gums should be pink and evenly colored.
Puffiness around the bases of the teeth is sign of gingivitis. This is
the condition where bacteria have gotten down into the space
between the teeth and gums. This is actually and active bacterial
infection and untreated can get down for enough to cause teeth to
loosen and eventually come out.
    Tooth Abscess
    If a puffy spot is seen on the side of the gums, a few centimeters
below the gum line, and the client reports tooth tenderness, it may
be a sign of a tooth abscess. A tooth abscess is when the root of the
tooth becomes infected. This can be from a gum infection or a
cavity or crack in the tooth. A dentist must treat a tooth abscess
usually by a procedure called a root canal, a procedure that drills out
the tooth and removed the infection. Depending of the extent, the
tooth may be filled, or may need a crown. The dentist should be
informed, so that a crown can be planned to match bleached teeth
later on.
    Plaque and Calculus Buildup
    Also touched on earlier, Plaque and calculus need to be
removed by a dentist or hygienist prior to whitening. Plaque and
calculus as seen as deposits at the bases of the teeth, and while
bleaching would reduce there appearance, the deposits could lead to
gingivitis and worse.
    This term means bad breath. A healthy mouth should not have
any unpleasant odors and a potential client who uses chewing gum
to mask the odors is masking a hidden problem. This can be an
infected tooth, or an infection hiding in the margins of crowns or
                                                                        Reveal Your Smile
                                                                Teeth Whitening Manual           24

                     bridges. A person with extreme bad breath (hard to work on the
                     client), should see a dentist before progressing
                         Plaque and calculus can build up on teeth due to poor oral
                     hygiene. Plaque can be removed with toothbrush and whitening
                     toothpaste, but there can be some difficulties removing it when it
                     turns to calculus.
                         Plaque is the result of bacteria in the mouth and these bacteria
                     produce a polysaccharide (sugar based compound), which literally
                     glues the bacteria to the teeth. As the bacteria reproduce and die,
                     these plaque deposits will build up, along with minerals and food
                     particles, and then calcify. The calcified build up is call calculus or
                     sometimes tartar. This calculus can be as hard as the teeth
                     themselves, and needs to be removed by a dentist with special tools
                     including sharp instruments and ultrasonic devices, which actually
                     ―crack‖ the deposits loose with high frequency vibrations.
                         Recommend a trip to the dentist
                         Before beginning the bleaching process, a trip to the dentist may
                     be in order for and exam and cleaning before any teeth whitening or
                     bleaching. A dental cleaning can remove plaque and calculus, and
                     can spot serous cracks or voids in the enamel, known as cavities.
                     These cavities must be cleaned and filled prior to bleaching.
                        Care should be taken to not allow too much time to pass
                     between the dental checkup and the teeth whitening process.
                         Also, when examining a client for whitening and any serious
                     condition exist such as puffiness of the gums, bleeding gums, or
                     obvious cavities or damage to teeth, you need to instruct them that
                     you cannot bleach their teeth with conditions present, but you must
                     not make a dental diagnosis, or official referral.

Chapter 11 – Shade
Assessments          ASSESMENT FOR YOUR CLIENT
                         A Shade Assessment is the process by which the provider
                     performs a (subjective) analysis of both the current tooth shade of
                     their client, and the client‘s case history of past oral habits, possible
                     tooth damage, etc in order to determine the likely possible length
                     and outcome of a teeth whitening procedure for the individual
                         The truth of what teeth whitening can offer an individual lies in
                     performing a comprehensive shade assessment and providing
                     information on what is really possible given their unique shade and
                     oral history. When it comes to teeth whitening, results vary from
                     person to person. Unfortunately, those trying teeth whitening for
                                                  Reveal Your Smile
                                          Teeth Whitening Manual          25

the first time tend to have unrealistic expectations. Today we are
bombarded with media images of freakishly white Hollywood
smiles. In most cases these shades of white are neither possible nor
     At Reveal Your Smile we really want to help our client get the
results they want: a bright, healthy, natural looking smile. So when
meeting for the first time, we‘ll undertake a thorough assessment.
Based on the severity of tooth discolouration and the client‘s
specific needs, we can advise them on an appropriate treatment
plan, length of time that it is expected, and a realistic idea of the
likely outcome they will achieve from their teeth whitening
treatment. We‘ll leave the client in no doubt of what to expect.
    An important part of the process is differentiating the type of
stains the individual is presenting with. The assessment is not only
done so as to give an idea on likely treatment results, but also so the
provider can formulate an individualised whitening treatment plan
for their client. A shade assessment is accomplished by two
methods; a visual inspection under proper lighting conditions and a
client history.
    (Please note: before any whitening treatment is undertaken, your
client should see their dentist for a check-up and thorough teeth
clean. Performing an accurate shade assessment for you client
should be done after a professional teeth cleaning, so that surface
stains do not mask the actual colour of the teeth.)
    There are several important factors you need to take into
consideration when forming a treatment plan for your client. These
are original baseline colour; age; level of exposure to chromogenic
agents; history of trauma; previous or planned dental work,
antibiotic or brown fluorosis, and white fluorosis. Let‘s take a closer
look at each of these.
    Baseline colour refers to the natural shade that an individual‘s
teeth were when they were young. The range of colour that
constitutes as ‗natural‘ is as varied as the cultures on our planet. It
cannot be assumed that white or even an off white is the natural,
original ‗baseline‘ colour of an individual. Some people‘s teeth may
be naturally yellowed, others may be slightly gray
    It is important to ascertain what shade your client felt they had
as a child. Those people who think that they have always had a
somewhat darker shade of teeth, even from when they were young,
tend to have a harder time achieving a bright white smile. In fact,
for the rare individual, it may not be possible at all. The individuals
who have an inherently darker shade of teeth will still achieve a
whitening improvement, enough to see a marked difference,
                                                 Reveal Your Smile
                                         Teeth Whitening Manual           26

however the treatment duration may be an extended one, and the
results may be harder to predict.
    Someone who feels the shade of their teeth has always been
relatively white and has only stained over time, will achieve a
whitening result much faster and more pronounced.
    As discussed previously age does play a part in the structure of a
person‘s tooth. It is normal to see younger individuals with a
naturally thicker and whiter shade of enamel. Where as an older
individual will have a thinner enamel layer, and hence have more of
the underlying dentin showing through. This gives the appearance
of a yellow, sometimes brown shade.
    Although it is not always a rule of thumb to go by, a much older
person may not achieve the same degree of whitening as a younger
person. Teeth whitening does not bleach the inner dentin layer, so
no amount of whitening will change that. If an individual has been
able to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and has avoided a highly
acidic diet and taken care not to brush their teeth too hard, no
matter what their age, they should respond favourably to a teeth
whitening procedure.
    These types of stains will vary in colour and intensity, from a
yellow, brow , grey to pink . Chromogenic stains respond well to
whitening. Generally, yellow to brown tooth stains of this type
whiten much quicker than grey.
    As a teeth whitening provider, the toughest type of stain within
this group that you will face is that of smoking. Due to the ‗sticky‘
nature of tar and how it easily wicks to the surface of an individual‘s
teeth, you will find that your client will have a greater chance of a
whitening result if they have their teeth thoroughly cleaned of this
surface build-up first. Smoking stains are persistent and do take
longer to whiten than general staining. However, if your client
remains committed to a consistent whitening program, they should
receive very pleasing results.
    Because our teeth are living, breathing entities with their own
blood supply, damage and trauma can affect the inner layer of our
teeth as well as the visible outside layer. When internal damage
occurs to an individual tooth, this can result in the darkening of the
individual tooth. When this occurs, it is possible for an individual to
whiten just the individual tooth without the need to whiten all of
their teeth with the use of a Reveal Your Smile Whitening Pen.
                                                   Reveal Your Smile
                                           Teeth Whitening Manual             27

Depending on the level of trauma, this treatment alone may be
enough to lighten the damaged tooth. If not, a process called ―KoR
Whitening Deep Bleaching‖ may be more appropriate, however,
this whitening technique is still relatively new to the dental
community, so your client would need to do their research and
expect to pay a lot of money for it ( upwards of $2000).
    Cosmetic Dentistry is a branch of dentistry and oral care that
combines art and science to optimally improve dental health and the
aesthetics and function of a patient‘s teeth and smile. Procedures
such as dental crowns, bridges, bonding, porcelain veneers, implants
and fillings all fall under this realm of dentistry. Let‘s take a closer at
each of these so that you become familiar with them.
    Crowns: also referred to as "dental caps," "tooth crowns," or
"tooth caps," are dental restorations that cover over and encase the
tooth on which they are cemented. Dentists make use of dental
crowns when need to rebuild broken or decayed teeth, strengthen
teeth, or improve the cosmetic appearance of a tooth.
    Bridges: also known as a fixed partial denture, is a dental
restoration used to replace a missing tooth by joining permanently
to adjacent teeth.
    Bonding: encompasses a wide range of procedures that make
use of a dental composite which is then used for a variety of
purposes ranging from dental procedures that just address cosmetic
concerns, such as closing gaps; to those that replace lost tooth
structure ,such as that lost due to tooth decay or fracture; to those
procedures that provide a combination of both of these functions,
such as covering a discoloured tooth or correcting chipped,
disfigured or misaligned teeth, or providing a white filling for front
or back teeth.
    Porcelain Veneers: are extremely thin casings of porcelain
which are bonded onto the front side of teeth .They can be applied
to teeth that are stained, chipped, or slightly misaligned.
    Implants: Dental or tooth implants provide a way by which one
or more missing teeth can be replaced. Dental implants function as
"artificial tooth roots" on top of which a dental prosthesis, such as a
dental crown, bridge or denture, can be placed.
    Fillings: a dental restorative material used to restore the
function, integrity and morphology of a missing tooth or part
     As a general rule, teeth whitening treatments cannot be expected
to lighten any existing dental work such as crowns, bridges,
bonding, implants or fillings. An exception to this rule may be
                                                  Reveal Your Smile
                                          Teeth Whitening Manual            28

porcelain veneers, whereby the bleaching process will lighten the
existing tooth underneath the veneer, which is slightly transparent.
Hence, the lightening effect which occurred on the tooth
underneath the veneer will be reflected through, appearing that the
veneer itself has lightened.
    If your client presents with existing dental work, there are two
extremely important considerations that need to be examined before
any whitening treatment should be undertaken.
   Your client needs to determine whether their dental restorations
were colour matched to the natural surrounding teeth, that:
    1. were already stained. OR
    2. were a lighter shade, with the surrounding teeth becoming
       stained over a period of time.
     Dental restoratives do not lighten, nor do they stain like regular
teeth do. So as with the first scenario, a whitening treatment will
lighten natural teeth, but not the restorative. If your client falls into
this group, then they will need to consider whether they will be
willing to have the restorative replaced to match their newly
whitened teeth. This can become expensive. Any shade discrepancy
between their natural teeth (after whitening) and their restorative
could really stand out and become quite distinct. This is especially
true if the restorative is located within a person‘s smile zone. In
some cases, if a person is not willing or able to replace restoratives
new for old, then they should be counselled as to whether whitening
their teeth will be an overall improvement to their smile or not. This
decision should not be made lightly and it is recommended that you
advise your client to seek the counsel of their cosmetic dentist.
    As with the second scenario, whitening can be an advantage.
The natural teeth of the individual have become stained over time,
as a by-product of age and exposure to numerous staining
substances. A whitening program can once again restore the teeth to
their original colour at the time of the restorative being placed. The
whitening program will need to be closely monitored, so the
bleaching effect can be matched correctly. If the process is not
monitored and the natural teeth are whitened to a greater degree
than the restorative, then you can have a situation like that
described above, whereby the restorative is darker in colour to the
rest of the teeth.
    As with both cases, you need to thoroughly explain to your
client the possible outcomes of a whitening program and the effect
it will have in matching with their restoratives. Your client needs to
decide whether they are prepared to take on any cost associated
with the subsequent shade matching of their restoratives to their
newly whitened teeth, and whether in fact it will be a welcomes
improvement or an unwelcomed result.
                                                Reveal Your Smile
                                         Teeth Whitening Manual          29

    If you find that your client is planning to have some form of
restorative work done in the future, then you can recommend that
they undertake a whitening program before that time. Having
restorations matched to newly whitened teeth means that the
restorations will blend in, leaving your client with a uniform white
smile. This too means that they will easily be able to maintain their
white smile with a Reveal Your Smile Professional Whitening
Pen or a Reveal Your Smile Touch-Up Kits, without the
expensive hassle of having to replace their restorations.
    Antibiotic stains such as tetracycline and brown fluorosis stains
are one of the most stubborn stains to treat. Both you and your
client need to be committed to a long term program of consistent
whitening. Your client should be counselled that any improvement
may only be minimal. Even though there have been many reported
cases of successful whitening treatments, results with this kind of
staining are hard to predict.
    It is important to note here, that after some initial success, a
plateau of whitening may be reached with this type of client,
whereby it is unlikely that any more whitening will occur. Both you
and your client need to be ready to cease treatment when this
occurs, so that any effects of over whitening do not result.
    When working with this type of client it is important that you
do NOT make any promises or guarantees. An alternative for this
type of client is the ―KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching‖ as
mentioned above.
    This occurs when, as a young child, too much fluoride was
ingested, resulting in white patches or streaks within the tooth‘s
enamel layer. Undertaking a whitening program may be able to
lessen the colour discrepancy between the fluorosis and the enamel,
by whitening the surrounding enamel to match the fluorosis
staining. However, a word of caution, as with dental restoratives, a
whitening program does run the risk of whitening the teeth to a
lighter shade than the fluorosis staining, thereby resulting in the
fluorosis staining to stand out even more. The whitening program
with this type of client needs to be monitored regularly, so that this
does not occur.
    You need to explain the possible outcomes to your client, so
that they may decide whether undertaking a whitening program will
be of benefit to them or not.
      When you meet your client for the first time you will be taking
a client case history. The information that you will receive from this
                                                 Reveal Your Smile
                                         Teeth Whitening Manual           30

document will be invaluable in helping you to determine your
treatment plan. Within the form, your client will be asked questions
pertaining to their eating habits, oral hygiene routines, their past
history surrounding tooth colour and overall health, etc. Please take
the time to familiarise yourself with this form (refer to
     By taking into account what you have learned about the
different stain types and the likely results that a whitening treatment
will have on each of these types of stains ,and using the information
that you have gathered from the client history form ,and taking an
actual look at your clients teeth, you will have a good idea of an
appropriate treatment plan for your client, and the likely results they
will be able to achieve (Please refer to page.... for a table of
approximate wear times).
    At this point, it is important to point out that when performing
a shade assessment for your client, the results you obtain are
subjective to your own interpretation of light. And, unless you were
to have access to a spectrophotometric shade assessment device,
which offers an improved visualization and possibly a more
objective way to perform tooth shade analysis, it is not possible to
offer a 100% accurate assessment.
    To give an example of how humans perceive things differently
to each other, a study *(1) was performed whereby the objective
was to evaluate patients' shade perception of their own teeth
compared to objective professional tooth shade examination by a
dental clinician using a standardized colour shade guide. The
conclusions to the study were that participants tended to rate their
teeth darker than the actual shade, and that Dental clinicians should
present patients' tooth shade assessment together with the actual
shade scale in order to match patients' expectations with reality.
    A second study *(2) evaluated the validity and reliability of the
visual assessment of tooth colour using a commercial shade guide
compared to the use of a digital spectrophotometer. Despite its
subjectivity, visual assessment of tooth colour using the Vitapan
Classical shade guide is a valid method, with good reliability for
differentiating between dark and light colours.
    So when performing the shade assessment for your client it is
important to understand a few principles of light, so that we may
offer them a more accurate representation of tooth shade. The main
principal being: the colour that an object is perceived is based on
the colours it reflects. Thus there are two considerations; the actual
colour of the individual‘s tooth, which is based on the reflectivity of
the minerals making up the tooth; and the light projected at the
    The guidelines below will assist you in ensuring your assessment
                                                 Reveal Your Smile
                                         Teeth Whitening Manual           31

is accurate.
    1. Have your client wear neutral coloured clothing and make-
       up. Strong colours will reflect on the tooth‘s surface and
       distort the assessment, e.g. a yellow jumper will reflect upon
       the teeth, so the teeth may be perceived as being more
       yellow than they actually are.
    2. Have your client stand near a neutral coloured wall. Walls
       with brilliant colours reflect coloured light, e.g. a red wall
       will actually project a slightly pink colour onto teeth. The
       same would be true whether the walls were green or orange
       or blue.
    3. Ensure there is adequate lighting, such as sunlight or bright
       white light from several angles. Because artificial light is
       naturally colored (yellow light bulbs, blue fluorescents, etc.),
       natural sunlight is always best.
    4. Ask your client to turn his/her head different directions to
       get several good views. Shadows can prevent you from
       making a proper assessment.
    5. Avoid using a flashlight or electric torch to shine into the
       client‘s mouth as this too will shine too much concentrated
       light on the teeth, also preventing a proper assessment.
    6. Use the 3D Vita Shade Guide to help you make an
       accurate assessment. Compare the shades in the guide to
       your client‘s teeth and select the shade that most closely
       resembles the natural colour (see page… for a more in-
       depth look at how to assess your client‘s tooth shade with a
       vita shade guide).

    7. Photograph your client before and after treatment so he/she
       may see the results (See chapter ….. for more information
       on taking effective photographs).
   The visual assessment tools you will be using are the paper
shade guide that is within the Reveal Your Smile Professional Teeth
Whitening Kit and, if you chose to purchase one, a 3D Vita Shade
    The 3D Vita Shade Guide is a universally accepted shade
management system used within the dental industry. It allows
different dental professionals to identify and to communicate to
each other the shade of an individual‘s teeth. For example, between
a cosmetic dentist and the manufacturer of dental restorations, or a
dentist and their patient. And in your case, between you and your
    The paper shade guide within the Reveal Your Smile
                                                Reveal Your Smile
                                        Teeth Whitening Manual           32

Professional Teeth Whitening Kit is based on the vita shade
     Another visual assessment tool that you are able to employ if
you chose is the Teeth Whitening Simulator
(http://www.teethwhiteningreviews.com/simulator/). This is a free
web based software program that can be accessed thru the web, via
your desktop computer at your clinic, or a laptop for those mobile
businesses. This is an excellent tool to use with your client‘s, as it
will allow them to see firsthand what they might be able to expect
from their whitening treatment.
     Being an interactive tool that uses the Vita Shade Guide as its
basis for shade assessment, you are able to play with the sliding
scale, really getting the overall picture of how the colour of a
person‘s teeth can really affect their whole appearance. Your clients
will be thoroughly impressed with this tool. The employment of this
tool will have them raving about your services to all their friends,
and have you positioned as a leading provider. It will also help you
to prepare your client for the results they can expect, so that they
are not caught unawares.
    We cannot stress enough the importance of performing a
thorough shade assessment for you client before their whitening
treatment begins. Too many people expect instant results with teeth
whitening. They have been falsely lead by the giant marketing
‗heroes‘ to expect dazzling smiles in just one quick 20 minute
whitening session, and this is simply not the case.
     Your clients are invariably going to ask you ―So how long will
this take before I start to see results?‖ And your answer should
always be ―I don‘t know, nobody does, not even your dentist could
tell you‖. You are however, able to give your client a general ball
park figure based on the type and severity of tooth stain that they
have. The best rule of thumb is to never over promise the results. If
a cosmetic dentist cannot, then neither should you.
     Every person is different. Every result is different. Simply
put, some stains are more resistant to whitening than others. If you
spend the time to educate your client on the process of teeth
whitening, and based on the results of their individual shade
assessment, explain to them the likely results they can expect to
achieve from their commitment to a whitening program, your client
will not be left surprised or upset that they did not achieve the
brilliant white smile they were hoping for after just one session.
    An important topic that you can discuss with you client is the
real reason why 20 minute ‗power sessions‘ appear to work at first
bluff. These power sessions are usually accompanied by a very high
powered light source. This powerful light source helps to de-hydrate
the teeth. Now, any peroxide based whitening gels already naturally
                                                Reveal Your Smile
                                         Teeth Whitening Manual           33

de-hydrate the teeth through the process of bleaching, this is
something that you just cannot escape. However, coupled with a
powerful light source, the customer receives a double serve of de-
    The result; extra white teeth. The process of tooth de-hydration
actually results in the teeth appearing whiter than they actually are.
And until the teeth have had to time to re-hydrate, they will take on
a whiter shade. Once the teeth have had time to re-hydrate, the
individual (in most cases) experiences what is called a colour relapse,
where by their original, stained colour (un)magically re-appears.
YOUR SMILE DIFFERENCE. Our personal blue light system
is engineered with the exact nano-frequency of cold blue light
required to accelerate the whitening process, no more, no less. Our
cold blue light does not burn, produce UV radiation or dry out the
teeth. Every Reveal Your Smile Professional Teeth Whitening
Kit contains one of these personal blue lights for your client to take
home with them. This means no expensive, dangerous, large and
heavy teeth whitening lamps for you to lug around and operate.
    As mentioned previously, any peroxide based whitening gel will
invariably dry out the teeth to some degree. This is why we have
included a DE-SENSITISING GEL within our Reveal Your
Smile Professional Teeth Whitening Kit’s. Our de-sensitizing
agent also acts as a re-mineralising agent, helping the teeth to re-
hydrate quicker. You will find with other companies, that these two
agents are sold separately (if at all). With Reveal Your Smile, we
have combined the two, saving you money, and your client time.
DIFFERENCES. Reveal Your Smile is a premium service that
you can trust to deliver a premium product. But wait, there‘s more.
Here comes yet another important point of difference that every
other company and dentist will neglect to look after.
    While your client‘s teeth are being whitened, the peroxide
releases oxygen inside their teeth, which grabs hold of the unsightly
stains and zaps them into colourless molecules. At the end of the
appointment they still have these tiny oxygen bubbles bouncing
around inside their teeth, and although harmless, it will make their
teeth appear a little whiter. These bubbles will dissipate over a
period of two to three weeks, leaving your client with a more stable
    Now, most of your client‘s will be thrilled with their new ‗stable‘
smile. However, some of them will want to go a little whiter,
brighter. At Reveal Your Smile we never leave our clients in the
lurch by simply walking away at the end of the procedure. So two
                                                                            Reveal Your Smile
                                                                    Teeth Whitening Manual          34

                          weeks after every one of our consultations with our client, we‘ll
                          make contact again, and work with them in implementing their
                          whitening program, so that we can help to take them to the results
                          they want, all the while ensuring they don‘t damage their teeth
                          through over-whitening.
                               The best results are derived from a whitening program that is
                          implemented over time, rather than one power session. The degree
                          of whitening that a person can expect to achieve also relies on the
                          commitment of the client to stick to a consistent treatment plan
                          over a prescribed period of time. If your client is properly informed
                          before a whitening treatment is undertaken, then they are far more
                          likely to commit to a regular whitening program that will take them
                          to the results that they want and which can be expected for them.

Chapter 12 – Dealing          Sometimes, for whatever reason, a client may expect to see
with Unrealistic          immediate results and have perfectly white teeth after one
Expectations              treatment. A client might feel quite disappointed when results are
                          not what he/she expects.
                             Remain calm. Again, good Customer Service dictates that you
                          handle all complaints in a friendly and professional manner. Avoid
                          conflict the best you can and help the client to realize that this is a
                          process. Do not get defensive or use the phrase, ―I told you…‖
                              Explain to the client that Teeth Whitening is a process, even
                          for a dentist. Teeth are not like clothes that become white when
                          they come in contact with strong bleach. It often takes several
                          treatments for all the enamel rods of the teeth to become whiter.
                             Assure the client that if he/she continues with the procedure,
                          he/she can expect to see visible results soon.
                              Also, explain to the client that it might be impossible to get the
                          client‘s teeth to a shade of pure white. Explain the various intrinsic
                          factors that affect the colour of teeth and what factors might have
                          contributed to his/her shade.
                               Above all, be courteous. Respect the client‘s feelings and be
                          empathetic to any concerns he/she might have. Even thought, the
                          client may not get the results desired, an unsatisfied client may have
                          a large impact on the number of referrals you continue to receive.
                          Be professional always.

Chapter 13 – Dangers of       We touched upon the subject of unrealistic expectations in the
Over Whitening            prior chapter of shade assessment. As part of the high standard of
                          service you should be offering your client, you need to have a
                          discussion regarding the actual level of whitening that your client
                          desires. In some cases, you will come across individuals whose
                                                Reveal Your Smile
                                         Teeth Whitening Manual           35

desire is to have their teeth whitened to the shade of their favorite
Hollywood star or famous personality. Upon inspection, you will
discover that most of these ‗hollywood smiles‘ sit along the 3D Vita
Shade Guide at 010-040. These levels of whitening do not refer to
the natural shades of individuals, but rather those shades that can
only be achieved through extensive bleaching treatments.
    This level of whitening is not for everyone. First of all, you now
know that it is not possible for some individuals whose stain
presentation prevents this level of whitening. And secondly, after
interacting with the teeth whitening simulator, your client may see
for themselves that if they were to go too white, they may end up
drawing attention to themselves for the wrong reasons.
    Apart from those really stubborn stains that we have discussed
in the previous chapters, 90% of the people you see can reasonably
expected to achieve a whitening result of between 2-9 shades, and
sometimes even more. This is quite a significant result that will be
noticed considerably by your client and those around them. And for
most of your clients, this will be enough for them. They will have
reached their target and walk away with a brighter, healthier, natural
looking smile.
    For some of your client‘s, this will not be enough. Just like other
cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening can become additive if the
person becomes obsessed with a whiter smile, and there is a risk,
that if your client continues on a whitening program beyond the
recommended limit, they could be in danger of over whitening.
   Take care to look for signs with your client‘s in regards to the
possibility of over whitening:
       a client who wants one more shade lighter and won‘t listen
        to reason.
       continued treatment in excess of that recommended
       regular requesting of ‗touch-up‘ kits
       the teeth start to take on a blue-ish white colour.
    Aside from how their teeth will look (they will take on a blue
hue, instead of white), over whitening can cause tooth damage by
allowing the tooth to become permanently porous and de-
mineralized. This is not just cosmetic. When the teeth are porous
they allow the dentin to dehydrate causing permanent teeth
sensitivity to hot and cold and pressure. Over whitening can case
teeth to become brittle and chip or crack more easily.
   Finally, over whitening can cause gum and tissue damage from
excesses drying.
    Over whitening is a serious problem and cannot be easily
rectified. A dentist may apply a sealer to help with de-
                                                                          Reveal Your Smile
                                                                 Teeth Whitening Manual            36

                        mineralization, but as the sealer wears or chips away, the teeth
                        become sensitive again, and the sealer does not help prevent or
                        repair brittleness.
                            While the teeth bleaching process is essentially safe, the
                        following guidelines should be followed. This will prevent accidental
                        harm, either by the provider or by the client.
                               Teeth whitening gels come in 44%, 35% and 22%
                                concentration strengths. The 22% is the only
                                concentration that the client can self-administer. 44%
                                and 35% should never be sent home with the client, never,
                                even for the most insistent, informed or expert client.
                               The provider should follow accepted guidelines, and never
                                cave in to pressure from a client who wants ―just one more
                                shade lighter‖. Teeth whitening can become dangerous, like
                                dieting. Just as a person who is skinny, but views themselves
                                as fat, a person with perfectly lightened teeth feels their
                                teeth are never light enough and will not stop until they
                                cause damage.
                               It is very important for the practitioner to be aware and alert
                                for unrealistic client expectations. Treatments should not
                                exceed accepted guidelines. If the client should desire
                                lightening in excess of the normal treatments, it should be
                                suggested that the client should see a cosmetic dentist.
                               Have your client‘s best interest in mind and be ready to say

Chapter 14 – Table of      Below you will find a quick reference guide to approximate wear
Approximate Wear        times.
                                     1st          2nd           3rd          Home Use
                                     Treatment    Treatment     Treatment
                         Light       44% for                                 22% for 30mins
                         Staining    30mins                                  per day for up to
                         Regular     44% for      35% for                    22% for 30mins
                         Staining    30mins       30mins                     per day for up to 7
                         Heavy       44% for      35% for       36% for      22% for 30mins
                         Staining    30mins       30mins        30mins       per day for 7-14
                                                                             days depending on
                                                                             severity of stain.
                         Sensitive   22% for                                 22% for 20mins
                                     20mins                                  per day working
                                                                             way up to 30mins
                                                                             per day for 7-14
                                                                             days depending on
                                                                             severity of stain.
                                                Reveal Your Smile
                                        Teeth Whitening Manual           37

Detailed Scheduled Treatment Plan
    Below you will find an outline of how Reveal Your Smile
recommends providers should schedule and carry out their
appointments with their clients. Please keep these outlines in mind
as you schedule your Follow-up Appointments.
    Due to the strength of the 44% and 35% whitening
formulations, only one treatment per session is recommended for
the safety of your client.
    After the initial session with your client, a minimum of two
weeks should pass before completing subsequent follow-up
sessions, due to the stabilizing effect that occurs with teeth
bleaching. (Please refer to page......)
    A thorough shade assessment and oral case history needs to
take place before every whitening session or take home treatment
plan is undertaken, to ascertain whether it is both appropriate
(needed) and safe to undertake any further treatments. ALWAYS
when making a decision to continue further treatment with your
client, make sure there are no contra-indications that would prevent
further treatment from taking place at that time. Also, investigate
the possibility of dangerous and unrealistic expectations which
could lead to over-whitening.
    Regular/excessive whitening is not a substitute to good oral
    With every interaction with your client, make sure he/she is
abstaining from consuming any staining products whilst undergoing
treatment. Any consumption of these products will slow down and
hinder the whitening process, and the longer the treatment
continues, the higher the risk of long term side-effects.
     At-home treatments can be performed twice a day—once in the
morning and once at night—for 30mins each for quicker results. It
is recommended that the treatments be performed one in the
morning and one at night. However, it is possible for both of them
to be performed back to back, in the evening before bed. Instruct
your client to rinse the mouth-trays then re-fill them after the first
30min block. The later routine is especially recommended if your
client will not cease smoking or if he/she continues to consume
staining products such as coffee.
   Light Staining:
    Generally, this includes younger individuals or persons who
have managed to avoid staining substances and kept up with a
regular hygienic dental practice.
   Initial Treatment: 44% Carbamide Peroxide for 30mins. For
                                                    Reveal Your Smile
                                            Teeth Whitening Manual             38

light staining, usually this is all it will take for the client to achieve a
desired level of whitening. Allow two weeks for the whitening effect
to stabilize.
    After this two week period, most clients will be ecstatic with the
stable results. However, if the client feels he/she would still like to
go whiter, schedule a follow up appointment. At this meeting a
thorough shade assessment should take place.
    Follow-up Treatment: allow the client to self administer the
22% Carbamide Peroxide for 30 mins per day morning and night
for one week. At which point, a shade assessment is performed
once again.
    Regular staining:
    The bulk of your treatments will be with this group of people.
Usually in the median age range and with generally good oral
hygiene practices.
   Initial Treatment: 44% Carbamide Peroxide for 30mins. Allow
two weeks for the whitening effect to stabilize.
    After the initial treatment, if your client feels he/she would like
to go whiter, schedule a follow up appointment. At this meeting a
thorough shade assessment should take place.
    Follow-up Treatment: 35% Carbamide Peroxide for 30mins.
Allow two weeks for the whitening effect to stabilize.
     After the follow-up treatment, if your client feels he/she would
like to go whiter still, schedule a follow up appointment. At this
meeting, a thorough shade assessment should take place.
   2nd Follow-up Treatment: allow the client to self administer the
22% Carbamide Peroxide for 30mins per day for one week. At
which point a shade assessment is performed once again.
    For regular staining, usually this is all it will take for the client to
achieve a desired level of whitening.
    Heavy Staining:
    This group usually included older individual who have had
plenty of exposure to staining substances over time. Smokers or an
individual with staining that has resulted from antibiotic use.
   Initial Treatment: 44% Carbamide Peroxide for 30mins. Allow
two weeks for the whitening effect to stabilize.
     After this two week period, if the client feels he/she would still
like to go whiter, schedule a follow up appointment. At this meeting
a thorough shade assessment should take place.
    Follow-up Treatment: 35% Carbamide Peroxide for 30mins.
                                                Reveal Your Smile
                                        Teeth Whitening Manual           39

Allow two weeks for the whitening effect to stabilize.
     After the follow-up treatment, if your client feels he/she would
like to go whiter still, schedule a follow up appointment. At this
meeting a thorough shade assessment should take place.
    2nd Follow-up Treatment: 35% Carbamide Peroxide for 30mins.
Allow two weeks for the whitening effect to stabilize.
     After the follow-up treatment, if your client feels he/she would
like to go whiter still, schedule a follow up appointment. At this
meeting a thorough shade assessment should take place.
   3rd Follow-up Treatment: allow the client to self administer the
22% Carbamide Peroxide for 30mins per day for 7-14 days. At
which point a shade assessment is performed once again.
    At this point, even really heavy staining should have lightened to
a colour that the client is happy with. As a practitioner, you need to
assess whether the client will respond to further whitening
treatment. Remember that some people‘s inherent baseline colour is
naturally dark and no amount of whitening will lighten this. If you
and your client agree that the level of staining is a result from
extrinsic factors, then suggest a (further) course or 22% Carbamide
Peroxide for 30mins once per day in a one week block, with a
thorough shade assessment taking place after each week. If the level
of staining is still persistent, make a recommendation to the client
that they see a dentist before proceeding any further. Over
whitening can cause long term damage to a person‘s mouth,
ALWAYS act in the best interests of the client.
   Sensitive Clients
    This is anyone who has already experienced some kind of
sensitivity issues, such as when eating hot or cold food.
    Initial Treatment: 22% for 20mins. This consultation is really
forming your client‘s mouth trays and about teaching your client
how to apply the whitening gel to their formed trays. 22%
Carbamide Peroxide is the only whitener syringe that is safe to send
home with the client.
    After the initial treatment: send the client home with the
appropriate after care handouts. Please keep in regular phone
contact. As per the handouts, the client should apply treatment for
20mins once per day. If the client reports that they are able to
handle any side effects he/she may be experiencing, increase the
wear time to 30mins once per day. If all goes well with the client,
you can increase this amount to 30mins twice per day. We
recommend that this is spaced between a morning and evening
   If the client has heavy staining, the treatment course may be up
                                                                        Reveal Your Smile
                                                                 Teeth Whitening Manual           40

                         to several weeks, even months. A consistently implemented
                         program is the key with these types of clients. It is imperative that
                         you stay as a support person throughout this process, for there may
                         be times when your client feels like nothing is actually working.
                         Remind him/her that they will start to see results, provided he/she
                         continues a regular whitening regime. Remind the client of the
                         process, how it works and how the level of their staining just needs
                         extra time. This will help to re-assure the client and give him/her
                         the encouragement needed to persist with the program. Please Note:
                         some individuals‘ inherent baseline colour is naturally dark and no
                         amount of whitening will lighten their teeth or change their baseline
                            If a client does not have any sensitivity issues but feels that
                         he/she may not take well to a higher strength gel, 35% Carbamide
                         Peroxide is a good initial treatment application as opposed to the
                         44% strength.
                            Maintaining Colour
                             The best way to keep teeth white after regular treatments is
                         through periodic maintenance. The Teeth Whitening Pen is ideal
                         for keeping teeth white longer.
                             After the client has achieve the desired shade, explain to
                         him/her that continuing these bleaching treatments can actually be
                         detrimental to teeth. Talk to them about the benefits of the Teeth
                         Whitening Pen and how it, with regular use, can keep teeth white
                         for up to two years.

Chapter 15 –Performing       You are now ready to perform your first teeth whitening
a Teeth Whitening        procedure. There will be a few things you will need in order to
Procedure                perform this procedure:
                               1 Packet of disposable latex gloves
                               1 Bottle of sanitizing/disinfectant hand lotion
                               1 spray bottle of household disinfectant (RYS recommends
                               1 packet of chux wipes (hygienically sealed in a zip-lock bag)
                               1 Roll of good quality plain print paper towel
                               1 Packet of plastic throw away spoons or 30ml paper
                                medicine cups (hygienically sealed in a zip-lock bag)
                               1 Packet of cotton tips (hygienically sealed in a zip-lock bag)
                               1 Medium sized hand mirror on stand
                               3D Vita Shade Guide
                               1 Digital camera
                               Laptop with mobile internet **(this is totally optional , this
                                               Reveal Your Smile
                                       Teeth Whitening Manual           41

       gives you the ability to access the teeth whitening simulator,
       which your clients will love).
      Client History Forms
      Client Release Forms
      Client Handouts
      2 Pens
      1 Pad of paper
      Invoice Book
      1 Reveal Your Smile Teeth Whitening Kit
      Reveal Your Smile Teeth Whitening Pens (for up-sell)
    If you are performing the treatment outside of you own office,
please make sure before you arrive at the planned destination that
the client has access to:
      Hot and cold water
      Basin
      2 mugs
      Pair of small sharp scissors
      Packet of ibuprofen (neurofen) (this is if they suffer from
       any sensitivity issues)
      A comfortable chair to sit in
      A good book, magazine or movie for the client to watch
    Obviously, if you are providing your service ‗in-house‘ (at your
own clinic), you need to have available these above mentioned items
   Please Note:
    From the outset, you must inform your client that you DO
NOT practice dentistry and are not a dentist or a trained
dental professional in any way. You do not and will not offer
dental advice or provide any assessment or diagnosis of any
oral condition.
    You must always verbally explain to your client that this is
a self-administered process and you act to provide instruction
and assistance in the understanding of this procedure.
    You must always verbally explain the known risks and
potential side-effects to your client before they have signed
their ‘Client History’ and ‘Client Waiver’ form.
   DO NOT undertake any whitening treatment until both
you and your client have signed both the above mentioned
  Carbamide Peroxide 44% Whitening Gel is a ONE TIME
USE ONLY. Dispose of the syringe safely after the first
                                                Reveal Your Smile
                                         Teeth Whitening Manual           42

    Presentation, hygiene, and cleanliness mean everything in this
business. It is imperative that you keep both yourself and your
location (whether it being mobile or in-store) at an exceptionally
high standard of cleanliness. This not only helps ensure the safety of
yourself and your client (which should always be your first priority)
but will also assist in customer retention. Anything lower than these
high standards and you can be assured to lose customers, referrals,
and even your legal right to operate your business.
   As a Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Professional you MUST
You are only allowed to assist your client in performing the
procedure themselves with step-by-step instructions.
    You must wear a new pair of sanitized gloves (non latex)
throughout each treatment.
    Always place all Reveal Your Smile teeth whitening product on
a sanitized, throw-away cloth/towelling for the client to pick up
from. At the end of the treatment, throw this cloth in the rubbish.
     Throughout the treatment, dispose of any rubbish as it presents
itself. If you are a mobile practitioner, it is recommended that you
have available your own waste removal bag that can be safely and
hygienically disposed of after the treatment.
   When first meeting with your client, please take the time to
connect with them in a professional but friendly manner.
Remember, your business is built upon smiles, so the clients
comfort and happiness is of utmost importance.
   Now, follow the next 23 easy steps to complete a teeth
whitening session:
    STEP 1
    From the outset, it is important to ascertain whether the client is
in a position to have their teeth whitened safely or not. To do this,
have your client fill out the Client History Form and Client
Consent Form. (Please refer to page ..... for further in-depth study
of the purpose and proper use of both the client history and client
consent form).
    Please take the time to thoroughly explain the possible side
effects and dangers of teeth whitening. You don‘t want to scare the
client off, but to be an outstanding teeth whitening provider, it is
your responsibility to give all the information to the client so that
they can make an informed decision.
    Give the client time to read the form in full and then sign and
                                                  Reveal Your Smile
                                          Teeth Whitening Manual            43

date it. You are then to sign and date it also. DO NOT
    STEP 2
    Find an appropriate place to set up your tools. For the mobile
practitioner, this could be in someone‘s kitchen, bathroom, living
room, even out in a sunlit yard.
   Use the disinfectant and paper towelling to sanitize the work
bench on which you will be placing the Reveal Your Smile Teeth
Whitening Kit contents. Throw away used towelling.
    In front of the client, place a small amount of the
sanitary/anti-bacterial hand lotion on your hands and rub it all
in. Then, put on a pair of sterile latex gloves. Open up the Reveal
Your Smile Teeth Whitening Kit and empty the entire contents
onto a laid out, new, sterile chux cloth or other sterile working tray
(for example, you could choose to use a metal serving tray that you
sterilize and place a sterile cloth over it). Please lay out the contents
of the Reveal Your Smile Whitening Pack in a neat and presentable
    Now it is time to perform a shade assessment of your client‘s
teeth. Make sure the client is not wearing any heavy coloured make-
up or clothing. Pick a neutral coloured wall as a background (walls
with brilliant colours reflect coloured light) and make sure there is
adequate lighting, such as sunlight or bright white light from several
angles. Shadows can prevent you from making a proper assessment
so you may want to ask the client to turn his/her head different
directions to get several good views. Avoid using a flashlight or
electric torch to shine into the client‘s mouth as this too will shine
too much concentrated light on the teeth, also preventing a proper
    STEP 3
    Ask your client to open their mouth to expose their teeth. If you
have purchased a 3D Vita Shade Guide, run the shade guide along
the side of their cheek, in line with their top arch, NOT touching
any area of the mouth. Find the closest shade match to their natural
teeth. Be sure the tooth you are matching is not bonded or capped.
You will find that it is common that the eye teeth are darker than
the rest of the teeth. You may also find that some clients have a
variation of colours of individual teeth. Just make note of these
variations on your client’s history form.
    Pull out the correct shade from the 3D holder and show it to
                                                 Reveal Your Smile
                                         Teeth Whitening Manual            44

your client (they may want to see the match for themselves in the
mirror). Mark the initial shade on both your client‘s take-home
shade guide and on your client‘s history form. Once the teeth
whitening service has been complete, you will record the new whiter
shade for a comparison by the client and for your own records.
    Next, set your client up to take their before photo (please refer
to page ...... to learn how to take professional looking before and
after photos of your client). Remember to hold the matched Vita
Tooth Shade near your client‘s open mouth, but making sure not
to actually touch your client.
    If you have not purchased a 3D Vita Shade Guide, follow the
above steps using the client’s paper shade guide. However, there
is no need to hold the paper shade guide up to your client‘s mouth
when taking the photo, as the print quality of the photo does not
accurately indicate the shade of the paper guide.
   If you have access to the internet, now is the time to access this
     On the left of the web page, you will find the drop down profile
form. With your client sitting next to you, use the profile form and
fill out your client‘s specifics; gender; age; skin tone; hair colour.
Press the simulate button. Once the simulated picture has been
uploaded, find the current shade of your client‘s teeth on the slide
bar below the picture (you can choose to use the regular slider view
mode or the Vita Shade slider view mode).
    Now using the information that you obtained from your client‘s
history form, make an assessment of the realistic results that your
client can expect to achieve from their whitening process.
Remember, everyone‘s teeth whitening results are different due to a
number of factors (refer to Chapter 6 – Teeth Whitening
Explained). Talk to your client about this. It is important for them
to understand that the teeth whitening results they may expect
might not be possible, either after the first treatment or at all. Also,
talk to them about the dangers of over-whitening.
     Play with the simulator and slide it up to the very whitest,
showing the client that extremely white teeth can look odd and out
of place. Slide the scale back down to the very end and show your
client what they might look like if they don‘t look after their teeth at
    Now that you have performed a thorough shade assessment and
taken the all important before photo, it is time to mould the client‘s
                                                Reveal Your Smile
                                         Teeth Whitening Manual          45

take-home, thermo-forming mouth guards.
    STEP 4
    Move both you and your client to a sink/basin.
    (If you are mobile) Ask your client to fill two mugs, one with
boiling water and the other with warm tap water. Note: To save
time, you may want to ask the client to begin boiling water on the
stove or in the microwave before making the assessment.
    Next, identify and open both the thermo-forming mouth
trays, placing them back onto the cloth/tray.
    Place the dental bib around your client‘s neck.
    Ask your client first to place the upper tray in their mouth and
practice sucking the air from the tray. Have your client pretend that
they have something stuck in-between their teeth and that they are
sucking it out from the back. This will give your client the feel for
the action that is required to mould their impression trays correctly.
    Ask your client to now practice with the lower tray. This time
have your client push their tongue gently against their lower teeth
whilst sucking back and down at the same time.
    When the client is ready, ask them to rinse their mouth with the
warm water a couple of times. This will help their mouth to
acclimatize to the warm temperature, while forming their trays.
    STEP 6
    Make sure your client is in front of a mirror, as sometimes this
helps the client when forming their trays. Have a cup of boiling
water ready.
    One at a time, ask your client to lower the tray by the tab into
the boiling water for 5 seconds only.
     Now, have your client smile to pull their lips back, open their
mouth and place the first tray in their upper arch, making sure the
tab is in the centre of their upper teeth. Ask them to close their
mouth and use their tongue to suck the tray against their teeth, just
like they practiced. Have your client do this for ten seconds,
keeping their mouth closed at all times. Before taking the tray out,
instruct them to use their fingers to press against the front of their
upper mouth in line with their front teeth. Now, instruct your client
to take the mould out. Both of you need to inspect the mould to
make sure the teeth have made a good impression, and if not, repeat
the process. It is important to have the tray clearly contoured to the
front surface of the teeth.
    Now follow the same procedure for the lower mouth tray. But
this time, when your client places their guard in, have them flick
                                                  Reveal Your Smile
                                          Teeth Whitening Manual            46

their tongue back, place their tray in, and then push their tongue in
against their lower teeth and suck the air from the tray in a
backwards and downwards motion. Have your client do this for ten
seconds, keeping their mouth closed at all times. Before taking it
out, instruct your client to use their fingers to press against the front
of their lower mouth in line with their bottom teeth. Now, instruct
your client to take the mould out. Both of you need to inspect the
mould to make sure the teeth have made a good impression, and if
not, repeat the process. It is important to have the tray clearly
contoured to the front surface of the teeth.
    Instruct your client to rinse their trays with cold water and place
their newly formed trays out onto the clean cloth/tray.
    STEP 7
    Locate the personal teeth whitening light. Open the packet
and twist the battery cover counter clockwise until the upward
arrow on the battery cover is aligned with the downward arrow on
the light unit. Pull and remove cover. Remove the plastic protective
sheeting within, discard and then insert both batteries + side up.
Replace battery cover and turn clockwise until the upward arrow on
cover is aligned with the downward arrow on the light unit.
    STEP 8
    With their own pair of scissors, instruct your client to cut the
tabs off both their trays.
     Instruct your client to stretch his/her mouth and lips wipe
open, as wide as they can without hurting. Explain that this exercise
will help the client to comfortably place both their impression tray
and light into the mouth at the same time.
   Now ask your client to place both trays in his/her mouth to
check for fit and comfort.
    Then, instruct your client to place the light piece into his/her
mouth, with the light source facing the teeth and the blue handle
placed on the outside of their mouth. Demonstrate to your client
how to place their lips over the clear plastic mouthpiece of the light
so as to hold the light in their mouth. Explain to your client that it is
not necessary to clench down tightly with the lips to keep the light
from falling out. A gentle pressure is all that it takes. Now show
your client how to turn on the light by pressing the white button.
    When your client understands how to use the light with the
customized trays, ask your client to remove the light and trays, rinse
the trays with cold water and place them on the cloth/tray.
    Now it is time to prepare your client for the teeth whitening
                                                 Reveal Your Smile
                                         Teeth Whitening Manual           47

    STEP 9
    Locate the oral brush-up and instruct your client to open the
packet and remove the wipe. Show your client how to extended
his/her index finger, and explain how to slid the wipe on (like a
finger glove), with the longer side toward the palm. With the longer
side of the wipe, instruct your client to lightly scrub all his/her
    When the client is finished, ask him/her to remove the wipe
and dispose of it in the rubbish.
    STEP 10
    Holding onto one of the trays, demonstrate to your client how
to trim the trays, cutting just above the gum/teeth line. Explain to
your client that by doing this, gum irritation can be reduced by
creating a more custom fit. Also, by trimming the trays, he/she will
be able to more easily remove any excess gel that may come into
contact with the gums.
    For hygienic reasons, let the client to cut his/her own
mouth trays. We suggest a small pair of sharp scissors for the
    STEP 11
    You are now going to demonstrate to your client how to put the
teeth whitening gel into their trays.
    Locate the correct strength whitening gel syringe that you are
using with your client and unscrew the cap. Some people chose to
use the syringe tip provided, where others don‘t. If you like to apply
the gel with the syringe tip, now is the time to screw it onto the gel
syringe tightly.
     Ask your client to watch as you place a small bead of gel per
tooth on the inside of the tray, in the frontal portion of both the
upper and lower tray, for the front 6-8 teeth only. Be sure the gel is
applied only where the impressions of the teeth are and not on the
top or bottom of the tray. Be careful not to overload the tray, less is
best. Warning: if you over fill the tray, gel will sit on your
client’s gums which may lead to burning of their gums and
other soft tissue.
    Place the loaded customized trays back on the clean cloth/tray.
    STEP 12
    Next, locate one of the Vitamin E lip and gum swabs and
instruct your client to open the packet, and crack the tip along the
                                                  Reveal Your Smile
                                          Teeth Whitening Manual         48

red line (being careful not to break the entire tip off).
   In front of the mirror, instruct your client to wipe the Vitamin
E over his/her lips and gums.
    STEP 13
    Place a small amount of the whitening gel from the syringe onto
a disposable plastic spoon or paper medicine cup. Replace the
cap on the syringe, and dispose of safely.
    When your client has finished wiping the Vitamin E oil on the
gums and lips, instruct your client to use the clean end of the tip to
dip into the gel that is on the spoon or in the cup, covering the
entire tip. Instruct your client to open his/her mouth, exposing the
teeth and to wipe a small amount of the gel onto the front 6-8 teeth,
both upper and lower, being careful to avoid the lips and gums.
    Instruct your client to keep his/her lips pulled back and teeth
exposed once they have finished. Once complete, instruct your
client to place the Vitamin E swab into the rubbish.
   Now that you client is all ready, it‘s time for the whitening
process to begin.
    STEP 14
    Instruct your client to pick up the loaded upper mouth tray
(make sure he/she has the right tray) and to carefully place it into
his/her mouth, making sure that the client aligns his/her teeth in
the correct corresponding tooth impression and to gently bite
    Instruct your client to do the same for the lower mouth tray.
    Instruct your client to wipe away any excess gel from the gums
with a tissue, paper towel, or cotton tip and then to throw it into
the rubbish.
    Instruct your client to place the personal light piece in his/her
mouth, exactly how was practiced, with the lips over the clear plastic
mouthpiece. Ask the client to turn on the light by pressing the white
    STEP 15
    Now it is time for your client to sit back and relax with a good
book, magazine or even a movie. This will help the time to pass
quickly for your client.
     It is a good idea to have a pen and paper placed next to your
client. This is a good way for your client to communicate with you.
                                                 Reveal Your Smile
                                         Teeth Whitening Manual           49

    Regularly check in with your client and ask them about his/her
comfort level. Sometimes the client will need reassurance that what
they are experiencing is normal, and sometimes he/she may want to
stop the procedure altogether. A good system to measure comfort
levels is to say a zero means no problem at all and a ten means they
need to stop the procedure. Let the client know that the light and
mouth tray can be pulled out at any time he/she might wish.
     In some people, the whitening procedure can cause the person
to produce an increased amount of saliva. Please inform your client
that it is normal for the saliva to fall out of their mouth during the
whitening process and not to be embarrassed about it. Make your
client feel comfortable, explaining that the dental bib is in place for
that very reason and not to worry about it, you see it all the time.
   Also, explain to your client that it is preferred that they allow
excess saliva and gel to fall out of their mouth as opposed to
swallowing it. If they swallow a little bit, that is no problem.
However, if they swallow large amounts, they may begin to feel
    Wear times for the whitening gel will vary from person to
person, but for the average person with no sensitivity issues it will
be 30 minutes. For the first session, check in with your client every
5-10 minutes.
    STEP 16
    When the time is up, or when your client has chosen to end the
session, move your client to a basin/sink.
    Instruct your client to turn off the personal light system and
carefully remove the teeth whitening light and mouth trays, placing
them onto the cloth/tray.
   Now instruct your client to rinse their mouth with water. It is a
good idea to have a cup/bottle of water available at room
temperature for your client to rinse their mouth, as this will
reduce any sensitivity that cold water may induce.
    Ask your client to rinse their trays out with cold water,
removing the left over gel and saliva, and to place them back on the
    Hand your client a clean paper towel to wipe their mouth, and
then a mirror to inspect the results.
    STEP 17
    After the whitening process has finished, locate the de-
sensitizing gel syringe, unscrew the cap and place a small bead of the
de-sensitizing gel on each tooth impression, in your client‘s trays.
Place the trays onto the cloth/tray.
                                                 Reveal Your Smile
                                         Teeth Whitening Manual           50

    Instruct your client to place their trays, one by one in their
mouth, just as before, and have them wear them for 5 minutes. No
    Once complete, instruct your client to rinse just the mouth
guards with water, not his/her mouth, and to place the guards onto
a clean paper towel (that you have laid out) to dry, before putting
them away in the provided mouth guard container.
   It is now time to finish up your session with your client.
   STEP 18
   To finish your session, take the dental bib off your client.
     Using the same steps described in Step 3, record your client‘s
new shade on both the paper shade guide and on the client history
form. If you have a 3D Vita Shade Guide, locate the correct shade
and using the same instructions in step 3, ask your client to Reveal
their new smile and take an after photo shot (please refer to ‗How
to Take Professional Looking Before and After Shots‘ in your
   STEP 19
    Next, it is time to repack the Reveal Your Smile Teeth
Whitening Pack for your client to keep. The following are items
that the client is allowed to keep:
      Paper shade guide
      Personal teeth whitening light
      Mouth tray container
      Pair of thermo-forming mouth guards
      Vitamin E swab
      Oral Brush-up
      De-sensitization gel
      22% whitening gel syringe
      Syringe tips
      44% Whitening gel. Please dispose of this gel immediately
       after the initial treatment. It is not to be used again with the
       same or a different client.
      35% Whitening gel. Please place this gel in a sterile zip lock
       bag and store it in a cool, dry place, in the event that your
       client would like to have a follow-up treatment. Make sure
       you label the bag with your client‘s details, so as not to mix
                                                  Reveal Your Smile
                                          Teeth Whitening Manual            51

        up product between clients. This gel is NOT to be used with
        a different client. Dispose of the syringe safely once it is
        empty or when the client no longer needs it.
    STEP 20
    Now it is time to give your client the client handouts. For your
client to achieve the best results possible, it is important that you go
through each handout and explain in detail what is required of
them, post whitening.
     At this point, if your client is not happy with the results, discuss
with him/her again how the whitening process is not instantaneous,
like most companies wrongly promote (you should really discuss
this very important point before any treatment is undertaken, so
your client does not feel unprepared for a minimal result).
    If your client already knows that he/she would like to go whiter,
re-affirm how the whitening process works and how it is imperative
to good oral health to allow the stabilizing affect to take place over a
two week period.
    An important side note to be aware of is the fact that most
individuals report that they notice a significant whitening effect a
day or two after their whitening session.
    STEP 21
   Now is a great time to show your client how they are able to
keep their brand new smile in tip top condition with a Reveal Your
Smile Teeth Whitening Pen.
    Explain to your client that the pen will take care of all required
touch-ups for two whole years. Demonstrate how easy it is to use
and carry, and how it provides an easy, quick and economical
solution to keeping his/her bright smile.
    STEP 22
    Fill out an invoice for your client, and exchange payment.
    STEP 23
    Now it is time to congratulate your client.
    Strongly re-iterate to your client that he/she will not be left
without support. Let the client know that as part of the premium
whitening service that you offer, you will be in contact with
him/her within a week or so, and if needed, a follow-up
appointment will be scheduled.
    Advise the client to avoid any foods that will stain teeth (such as
coffee, tea, fruit juice, colored beverages, red wine, etc.) and to
refrain from smoking for up to 12 hours following a treatment.
                                                                         Reveal Your Smile
                                                                 Teeth Whitening Manual           52

                         However, if this is not possible, brushing teeth immediately after
                         eating stain causing foods or smoking can help minimize re-staining.
                            Encourage your client to call you if he/she has any questions.
                             And to top off a great service, remind the client that you will
                         send him/her a copy of his/her very own before and after photos
                         via email that very night, so that the client can print them and show
                         them off to family and friends.

Chapter 16 – Follow-up       After consulting the Wear Times Chart in Chapter 9, or at the
Appointments             client‘s request, you may feel additional follow-up appointments are
                         necessary. Making follow-up appointments in a timely manner is a
                         great way to ensure continued business and satisfied customers.
                             Due to the stabilizing effect that occurs with any teeth
                         whitening procedure, it is imperative that you follow up with each
                         of your clients no more than two weeks following the initial
                            A good rule of thumb is to set up a contact time before you say
                         goodbye to a client. At the end of the treatment, give the client the
                         After Care Handouts and immediately set up the following:
                            1. A time when you will be contacting the client to see if they
                               have any additional questions regarding the treatment or
                            2. A time when you can meet with them again—either in the
                               client‘s home or at your office—to re-assess the current
                               shade of the client‘s teeth and to make any necessary
                               adjustments in the treatment plan.
                            3. A time when you can take additional photos of the client‘s
                             By establishing these follow up appointments, you are providing
                         excellent customer service and letting the client know you are
                         interested in his/her success. This feeling of satisfaction
                         experienced by the client will lead to additional sales and referrals,
                         generation more business for you.

Chapter 17 – FAQ’s          Below is a list of frequently asked questions you may
                         encounter as you approach new and prospective clients:
                            What is tooth whitening?
                             Teeth can often be whitened by the several new techniques of
                         "bleaching" available today. The most common methods involve
                         making trays which fit into the mouth which are filled with
                         bleaching materials. When worn for a few minutes per day,
                                                 Reveal Your Smile
                                         Teeth Whitening Manual          53

noticeable results can be seen generally within a few days to a
couple weeks. Results vary from individual to individual. Some of
the factors involved include the intensity of the stains, whether or
not you have fillings or crowns on your front teeth as well as what
may have caused the stains.
    What causes staining of teeth?
      The most common include aging, consumption of staining
substances (coffee, tea, colas, tobacco, blueberries etc.), and old
fillings in the teeth. During tooth formation , consumption of the
antibiotic tetracycline or excessive fluoride may also cause tooth
    Who may benefit from tooth whitening?
    Almost everyone with healthy teeth will benefit. There is
virtually no downside to whitening and lots of upside. As long as
you do not have any fillings or crowns on front teeth, you will
benefit from tooth whitening by having a whiter younger smile.
    Is the process safe?
    Whitening is gentle and safe when supervised by your dentist. In
fact, dentist-supervised whitening has been done for nearly a
century, but has increased in popularity in recent years as yellowed
teeth are becoming less and less acceptable, both socially and
professionally. Procedures have been simplified and shown to be
safe. Reports that claim that the bleaching gel will destroy your
enamel are not true. The bleaching process causes no long term
harmful effects to your teeth or gums.
    How long does it take?
    With tray bleaching some people may notice a change in the
color of their teeth the first night they bleach. Tray bleaching takes
about 7-10 days to complete.
    Are there any side effects?
    Some people may experience a transient sensitivity to cold while
bleaching. This disappears soon after the treatment is finished.
However you can decrease the frequency of wearing the trays to cut
down or eliminate the symptoms. Your dentist may also choose to
prescribe a fluoride gel that you wear in the trays for extreme
sensitivity. It is important to note that all symptoms are temporary
while you are bleaching. There are no long term harmful effects to
    How long do the results last?
    Teeth will stay bleached permanently. However depending on
                                                Reveal Your Smile
                                        Teeth Whitening Manual          54

your habits, you may need a touch up treatment once every 6
months. If you smoke, drink tea, coffee, or red wine, your teeth will
stain faster therefore requiring more frequent touch ups.
    You can help your teeth remain white by brushing twice a day,
cleaning between the teeth daily with floss or interdental cleaners,
seeing your dentist for regular professional cleanings.
    What are the different methods available for whitening
   The two main methods for bleaching are In-office bleaching
and a tray system.
     With in office bleaching, a special light is used to heat the
bleaching gel to start the whitening process. The light can be either
a laser or a plasma arc curing light. The basic idea is to heat the
bleach to make the whitening reaction go faster.
    With tray bleaching, custom fitting trays are made for your teeth
in which a bleaching gel is worn for a short period of time per day
over 7 to 10 days. Although slower, the results achieved are usually
superior than in office treatment.
   How did my teeth get so yellow?
    Over the years, like almost everyone, you've experienced a
natural buildup of organic pigments on your teeth. Colorized
proteins from coffee, tea, and other foods have simply darkened the
natural whiteness of your teeth. The use of tobacco, antibiotics, and
certain minerals usually speeds the darkening process. But,
yellowing can be easily reversed.
   What's the difference between dentist-supervised and
Reveal Your Smile treatments?
     To be honest, not much. Our procedure is nearly identical to
your dentist's procedure and far less costly. We use customized and
fitted trays to apply the whitening agent the same as your dentist.
Our whitening agent is also the same strength as your dentist, which
is much more effective than other over-the-counter teeth whitening
   How does whitening work?
    You will take an impression of your teeth in order to provide
you with a custom fit plastic tray designed to hold the bleaching gel
next to your teeth. Following the Reveal Your Smile treatment
program, you'll notice the results quickly, as the gentle oxygenating
action of the gel begins to whiten your teeth.
   Is there any discomfort?
                                                                        Reveal Your Smile
                                                                Teeth Whitening Manual           55

                           There is little, if any. Some patients might feel an increased
                       sensitivity to cold, heat, or pressure during the whitening process,
                       but this sensitivity ends a day or two after the treatment is
                       completed. Any note of persistent discomfort should be reported to
                       your dentist.
                           Will the whitening damage my teeth?
                           Not at all. The whitening process will not affect your enamel,
                       tooth structure, bonding or restorations. Whitening acts only on the
                       molecules that carry the discoloration.
                           How long will it last?
                           Non-smokers who don't drink coffee or tea often see little or no
                       change over five years. But your own long-term results will depend
                       on your habits and the specific foods you eat. Based on those
                       variables, some people may require a "touch-up" treatment at
                       regular intervals.

Chapter 18 –               The teeth whitening industry is an unregulated industry in
Professional Conduct   Australia and New Zealand. This means that there has been no
                       rules, regulations, standards or laws set that allow for the protection
                       of both the teeth whitening professional and the person receiving a
                       teeth whitening treatment. Even though not bound by law, Reveal
                       Your Smile advocates the strict adherence to a number of practices
                       within the areas of teeth whitening procedures, professional
                       behavior, infection control and distribution of products to the
                           By the stringent observation of the following practices, you will
                       not only be helping to protect yourself and your client‘s from any
                       possible harm or damage, but also helping to maintain the integrity
                       of this industry, ensuring its long term growth and expansion within
                       Australia and New Zealand.
                           LEGAL GUIDELINES
                              First and foremost, you must NEVER STATE or GIVE
                               THE IMPRESSION that you are a dentist or trained dental
       Legal Issues
                               professional of any sort. Instead, you must declare from the
                               outset and within any printed or digital materials that you
                               offer, that your services include the offering of instruction
                               to the individual with regards to the application of a teeth
                               whitening procedure ONLY. Hence you shall be called a
                               Teeth Whitening Professional/Provider.
                              As a general guideline, you should not be considered to be
                               practicing dentistry when you discloses to the consumer that
                               you are not licensed as a dentist and:
                                            Reveal Your Smile
                                    Teeth Whitening Manual            56

  i.      Discusses only the use of teeth whitening products with
          a client,
  ii.     Provides instruction on the use of teeth whitening
          products with a client,
 iii.     Provide appropriate equipment on-site to a client for the
          client to self-apply teeth whitening products.
 Explain to every client that the treatment is a self-
      administered process and your assistance is only there to
      provide basic instruction in the use of the teeth whitening
 Require all clients purchasing a cosmetic teeth whitening
      treatment to read, understand and sign an Informed
      Consent Form prior to commencement of treatment. This
      document must explain known risks of the procedure,
      conditions that would preclude a person from undertaking a
      whitening treatment and the limits of such a procedure.
 Do not touch any part of the client‘s mouth, or body.
 All teeth whitening tools and devices that are to be placed
      within the client‘s mouth should be done so by the client
      only. You are not to hand to the client or place within the
      client‘s mouth any of these items, but rather instruct your
      client to pick the items up and place them into their mouth
 Do not offer any dental advice or diagnosis or assessment of
      the client‘s dental condition (or any other condition), other
      than recommend the client visit their dentist.
 Do not prescribe or offer to your client any medications, or
      otherwise, both over-the-counter or prescribed.
 Do not discuss the client‘s personal or medical information
      with anyone other than the client.
 Do not discuss the client‘s personal or medical information
      in an environment where you might be overheard by
 Do not disclose or allow to be disclosed any clients‘
      personal or medical information to a third party without the
      prior written consent of the client.
 Do not allow your client to take home any strength
      whitening gel that is any stronger than 22% Carbamide
      Peroxide. This is the maximum strength gel that they are
      allowed to take home.
 It is you duty to provide your client with all written
      information and instruction with regards to any take-home
      teeth whitening kits, and to discuss any matters that they
      may not understand prior to the commencement of a take-
      home kit.
                                                                          Reveal Your Smile
                                                                  Teeth Whitening Manual           57

                                 Do not make any comments about the client‘s physical or
                                  personal appearance, other than the shade assessment of the
                                  client‘s teeth.
                                 Do not make guarantees or false claims
                                 Do not leer or stare unduly at the client.
                                 Do not ridicule the client in any way, sarcastic or otherwise.
                               Please read the following information thoroughly. Claimed
                           ignorance of infection control procedures will NOT be an
                           acceptable reason for failure to observe them.
                               It is solely your responsibility to investigate and apply the
Infection Control Issues
                           appropriate laws on infection and hygiene control within your state.
                           For more information refer to the following sites (please note, this
                           is not an exhaustive list):
                                 Remove all jewellery, and refrain from putting it back on
                                  until after the end of the treatment with your client.
                                 Clean your hands with antibacterial soap or sanitizer gel
                                  prior to touching gloves or any equipment
                                 Wash hands thoroughly and vigorously for 15 seconds using
                                  antibacterial soap or sanitizer gel.
                                 DO NOT touch taps with your clean hands - use elbow
                                  controls or paper towels to turn off the taps.
                                 Dry hands using paper towels.
                                 Gloves MUST be worn for all treatment.
                              Data from controlled experiments show the following:
                                 A proportion of new gloves is likely to have primary holes.
                                  This proportion is very high for vinyl gloves and but much
                                  lower for latex gloves.
                                 Washing causes deterioration of gloves and produces
                                  secondary holes which increases leakage of all glove types.
                                 Washing gloves, like washing hands, does NOT assure
                                  consistent removal of all microbial contamination.
                                 Latex gloves should be worn, and a new pair should be used
                                  for each client.
                                 Always sanitize your hands in front of the client. This lets
                                  the client know that you are free from disease spreading
                                            Reveal Your Smile
                                    Teeth Whitening Manual            58

   Always put on your gloves immediately after sanitizing your
   If you need to leave the presence of your client for any
    reason, immediately sanitize and re-glove with a new pair of
    gloves upon your return.
   Do not scratch or touch any part of your body while you
    have your gloves on.
   If you need to sneeze or cough, do so with the use of a
    tissue, then immediately sanitize and re-glove with a new
    pair of gloves.
   When handling products intended to go into the mouth of a
    client, avoid touching at any time any surface of the product
    which will make contact with the client‘s mouth, teeth or
    gums without appropriate gloves
   Replace gloves with every new client
   All products used in the treatment must be hygienically
    sealed from the factory and opened in the presence of the
    client, then disposed of after the treatment is complete.
   Wipe all surfaces of non-disposable equipment which may
    have been exposed to saliva or other bodily fluids from the
    client or assistant, with a medical type alcohol or appropriate
    disinfectant wipe prior to treatment of the next client, such
    as chair, basin, work bench,etc. The chair in which clients sit
    for the procedure should be cleaned with disinfectant in
    areas where hair or bare skin touches after each client, then
    cleaned all over periodically.
   Do not work if you have any contagious infection or
   Avoid breathing on, coughing or sneezing near any client. A
    surgical type mask might be appropriate in some cases.
   Again, do not give any medical or dental advice other than
    to refer the client to his/her personal dentist.
   If you remove any product from the packaging, place the
    product on a clean disposable towel and let the client apply
    the product.
   Be clean. Always dispose of items that have come in contact
    with a client‘s bodily fluids immediately. Discard any left-
    over product and syringes as per the instructions.
   Instruct the client to remove any excess bleaching gel from
    their gums themselves with a disposable cotton tip or any
    other disposable type wipe.
   Ensure that fresh water and a basin is available so that the
    client can rinse their mouth following the treatment.
                                                                         Reveal Your Smile
                                                                 Teeth Whitening Manual            59

                           (The following guidelines are developed for those of you who
                       decide to offer a mobile service. They have been devised to help
                       your clients feel at ease with treatments and having you in their
      Ethical Issues   homes):
                              Be polite and respectful of a client‘s personal property.
                              Do not handle a client‘s personal property.
                              Respect the client‘s privacy and only enter a home or room
                               into which you have been invited.
                              Do not open a client‘s cabinets or cupboards for any reason
                               unless invited by the client.
                              Come to an appointment prepared with your own items (i.e.
                               paper towels, rubbish sack, cotton swabs, etc.) and do not
                               rely on the client to provide them.
                              Do not perform any treatment in a client‘s bedroom. If the
                               client lives in a studio apartment, you may ask to leave the
                               front door open, if practical.
                              If you feel uncomfortable with a client at any time, you may
                               cease the treatment and reschedule.
                              Allow the client the same courtesy
                           We realize that some of these guidelines may seem a bit
                       extreme, but remember that as a professional, you must protect
                       yourself from any semblance of misconduct in your dealings with
                       clients. Following these guidelines can help ensure a productive
                       business with many satisfied customers.

Chapter 19 – Record        For legal reasons, it is imperative that you keep accurate records
Keeping                of client information. Some client information is personal and
                       should NOT be disclosed or allowed to be disclosed.
                            As part of the procedure, you and the client will both sign the
                       Client Consent Form. This form gives you permission to show
                       them the procedure and makes them aware of the risks. It also
                       indemnifies you from any responsibility due to improper use. You
                       will retain the original signed copy for your records and provide the
                       client with an unsigned copy for their records. If the client desires,
                       you can both sign two separate copies of the same Client Consent
                           Have the client fill out the Client History Form. As this deals
                       with a client‘s medical history, it is better for the client to enter the
                       details of this form, rather than you filling out on the client‘s behalf.
                       Again, you will retain the original signed copy.
                           You will also want to keep records of appointments, reports of
                       shade assessments, dosages applied during the procedure, and
                       recommended follow-up procedures. Keeping this information will
                                                                        Reveal Your Smile
                                                                Teeth Whitening Manual          60

                       allow you to keep track of all client data in case there are questions
                           Below are some guidelines to safe and accurate record keeping:
                           1. Keep all the original, signed documents.
                           2. Maintain all original, signed documents and other client data
                              in a secure and lockable filing cabinet.
                           3. Organize the filing cabinet in a logical order. Alphabetically
                              by client‘s last name works well.
                           4. Do not keep clients‘ medical information on a computer,
                              laptop, flash memory drive, CD-ROM, or any other
                              electronic storage device. This information is protected by
                              national law and requires stringent safeguards that may be
                              too expensive to implement.
                           5. Write clearly and legibly on all forms. Ask your clients to do
                              the same.
                           These guidelines will help you maintain a good professional
                       relationship with your client and protect both you and your client‘s
                       legal position.
                       So, what do I use all these stored records for?
                           Bottom line, these stored records will help you grow your
                       business. Here is how:
                              Find past clients and contact them again for follow up
                               appointments or to tell them about the Teeth Whitening
                               Pen for maintenance.
                              Contact past clients and ask for additional referrals. Some of
                               your best current clients will come from satisfied past
                              Categorize the clients and find out where the best leads are
                               coming from (i.e. certain referrals, people in a particular
                               industry, people with certain special occasions coming up,
                               etc.). This will help you with your marketing and business
                               development. (For example, if many of your clients are
                               coming from people with weddings coming up, perhaps a
                               business alliance with a wedding planner might be
                              Ensure that you are in compliance with any regulations
                               regarding the maintenance of medical records and/or
                               payment transactions
                           Maintaining these records is an excellent tool for growing your

Chapter 20 – Booking       Appointments are the mainstay of your business. Your success
                                                  Reveal Your Smile
                                          Teeth Whitening Manual          61

as a Teeth Whitening Professional depends on your ability to
make AND KEEP appointments.
How do I get appointments?
    The best place to get appointments if from referrals from
current clients. A good habit to get into is at the end of a procedure,
asking your client if he/she knows anyone who could benefit from a
thorough teeth whitening. This is an excellent way to get new
business and contacts.
    If you are just starting out, practice on your family and friends.
Don‘t just practice the procedure, but the entire process of making
appointments. Be professional, even with people you know well.
You are more likely to get referrals from family and friends if you
can conduct yourself in a professional manner, especially with them.
     It never hurts to ask the client to let his/her friend know that
you will be calling them. It helps when the client is expecting your
How do I contact a person for an appointment?
    The simplest method of contact is by telephone. You already
got the name and phone number from your client. Call them on the
phone and set up the appointment using the following script:
    1. ―Hello. My name is ________ and your friend _________
       told me that you might be interested in my teeth whitening
       procedure. Did she tell you I would be calling?
    2. I expect excellent results with your friend‘s procedure and I
       know that you could also expect great results. I am sure you
       have a special occasion coming up where you will want to
       look your best, right? (Possible suggestions might include a
       party, job interview, wedding, anniversary, family photos,
    3. I am sure that you, too, will get great results from my teeth
       whitening system. When would be a good time for me to
       come out and show you how easy it is to use?
   The above script is merely an example and you may change the
wording as you see fit.
   The main point is that when you call to make an appointment,
you want to:
       Introduce yourself and your product
       Let them know how you received the referral
       Let them think about why they need a teeth whitening
       Let them know that they can get results from your teeth
        whitening system.
    This first call is all about establishing a rapport with the
                                                Reveal Your Smile
                                        Teeth Whitening Manual           62

potential client. You want to be friendly and courteous while at the
same time establishing a firm time when you can demonstrate the
   Once the appointment is made, WRITE IT DOWN. It is a
good idea to maintain an appointment book of all your
appointments to ensure professionalism and minimize scheduling
How do I make sure that the client will keep the appointment?
    Call him/her a few days before the scheduled appointment and
confirm. Use this time to explain anything the client will need to do
before you arrive. Again, this establishes a good rapport and lets the
client know you haven‘t forgotten about the appointment.
   Again, use this confirmation call to prepare the client for the
procedure. Let them know the following:
      Do not wear heavy coloured clothes or make-up as this can
       affect the shading assessment. Neutral colours work best.
      Brush your teeth well the day of the appointment, but do
       not brush right before the appointment.
      Dress comfortably.
      We will need a clean area with water and a basin available.
      We will need to boil some water to prepare the trays.
      The trays must be in the mouth for about 30 minutes. Have
       a good book or magazine or a good movie to watch during
       the procedure.
      If you have a problem with sensitive teeth, brush with a
       toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth, such as
      DO NOT have your teeth whitened if you:
        Are unable to breath through your nose for 15-20
        Are under the age of 14
        Suffer from inflammation, bleeding, soreness to the
        Have not had your teeth checked in the past 12 months
        Have had Dental Surgery within the last 28 Days
        Are pregnant or currently breast feeding (Hydrogen
           Peroxide MAY affect breast milk) If you Have a piercing
           in your mouth that cannot be removed
        Have an allergy to Hydrogen Peroxide, Glycerin or
           other products contained in the Cosmetic Teeth
           Whitening System
        Suffer from severe tooth sensitivity
        Currently have cold sores, mouth ulcers, cracked teeth,
           open cavities, or any oral or dental condition that causes
                                                                       Reveal Your Smile
                                                               Teeth Whitening Manual           63

                                  you pain
                       What happens if I need to change or cancel an appointment?
                           Life happens. Sometimes you will need to change an
                       appointment. Again, call the client immediately and let them know
                       of the change. Set up a new appointment then. Do not wait or say
                       you will call again to reschedule. Follow-through and get a new
                       commitment right away.
                          Remember, appointment making is all about Customer
                       Service. Good Customer Service is the key to a successful business.

Chapter 21 – Storing       Many Teeth Whitening Professionals have questions regarding
Product                storing the product before and after use. This section provides a
                       quick tutorial on where and how to store the product.
                          Storing Kits Before Use
                           Store the kits in a cool dry place such as a cupboard, closet, or
                       cabinet. Do not store the kits in your car as variances in air
                       temperatures can cause the ingredients in the gel to separate. Cold
                       temperatures can make the molding trays brittle and difficult to deal
                       with where hot temperatures can warp the plastic of the syringes.
                          Rule of Thumb: Keep the kits in your home or office until it is
                       time to take them on an appointment.
                          Storing Gel After Use
                            As per the instructions above, discard the 44% Carbamide
                       Peroxide syringes immediately after use. These are for a one-time,
                       initial application and should not be used again.
                           The 32% gel should be placed in a plastic zip-lock bag in case of
                       leaking. Store it in a cool, dry place, in the event that your client
                       would like to have a follow-up treatment. Make sure you label the
                       bag with your client‘s details, so as not to mix up product between
                       clients. This gel is NOT to be used with a different client. Dispose
                       of the syringe safely once it is empty or when the client no longer
                       needs it.
                          Throw away an unused gel after one year.
                          Storing Trays After Use
                           For hygiene reasons, allow the client to keep his/her own
                       molded trays after the initial treatment. Rinse of the trays with warm
                       water (not hot) after use to remove any excess bleaching gel and
                       store the trays in a plastic zip-lock bag, but NOT THE SAME BAG
                       THE GEL IS STORED IN. If the gel were to leak, it would leak on
                                                                       Reveal Your Smile
                                                               Teeth Whitening Manual            64

                      the trays and may cause irritation to the gums and mouth.
                          Storing Light After Use
                          Like the trays, the client should keep his/her own light. This
                      light can be rinsed with water to remove saliva and stored anywhere,
                      although the light should be kept with the rest of the system. It is
                      advisable to remove the batteries from the light to preserve their

Chapter 22 – How to       Taking photos of a client‘s teeth both before and after the
Take Professional     treatments is an excellent way to allow the client to see the results of
Looking Before and    the program. It gives them confidence and helps them become
After Photos          good referrals and even repeat customers.
                         There are certain things to keep in mind when taking the before
                      and after photos:
                             For the best quality digital photos, use a camera of at least
                              1.2 megapixels.
                             Ensure that the room is well lit, especially the client‘s teeth.
                             Do not shine a light directly on to the teeth as this might
                              cause slight discoloration.
                             Use a flash, preferably a delayed flash with pink-eye
                              reduction, but don‘t over-expose the picture.
                             Stand a moderate distance from the client and use the
                              camera‘s zoom to get the proper shot.
                             Do not touch the client in any way during the photo session.
                             Take several photos so you can pick the best ones, but be
                              sure to not take too many.
                             Remember, for purposes of the shade assessment,
                              concentrate on photographing the teeth, not the face.
                              However, if the client wishes, it is a good idea to include a
                              few shots of the entire face so the client can see the overall
                              effects of the whitening treatment.
                             Assure the client that these photos are for business use and
                              will not be distributed in any way.
                             Have the client grin wide to get the best possible picture of
                              his/her teeth.
                             Allow the client to pose naturally with a normal smile, if
                              he/she desires.
                             Let the client rest in between shots.
                             Download the photos from the camera immediately after
                              the appointment and e-mail them to the client as promised.
                              This is just good customer service.
                             Provide any recommendations to changes to the agreed
                              upon follow up treatments that may occur as a result of
                                                          Reveal Your Smile
                                                     Teeth Whitening Manual   65

                               viewing the photos.

Chapter 23 – Don’t Sell;
Just Show

Chapter 24 – Business
and Marketing

Chapter 25 – Conclusion

                           Appendix – Customer Handouts
     Reveal Your Smile
Teeth Whitening Manual   66

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