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 fall Meeting 2008
 Volume 99 number 1
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                                                                    Elks                            official publication of the utah elks association
                                                  Utah Elks, “Putting Fun in Elkdom”
                                             Peter Bravo, President • Utah Elks Association
                               Welcome to Price Lodge #1550 for the Fall Meeting of the Utah Elks Association. What an exciting time is in store for
                          us. This will be the first meeting for new State and Grand Lodge Officers, Committee Chairs and Committee Members.
                               Regina and I would like to welcome our Grand Lodge Sponsor, the Honorable Don Dapelo, Past Grand Exalted
                          Ruler, and his wife Nancy, Nevada State Elks Association President Ken Curto and his wife Terri, Special Deputy Grand
                          Exalted Ruler Richard Lyons and his wife Geri, Grand Lodge Government Relations Committeeman Pat Whitt and his
                          wife, Lynne, DDGER-North Brian Lindsay, DDGER-South Alan Manson, and all Utah Members, Ladies and Guests.
                               What an honor it was to carry the Utah flag at the opening session of the Grand Lodge Convention in Anaheim. I
                          attended all the Grand Lodge sessions, several workshops and ritual competitions along with all the social events that were
                          planned for state presidents. Regina and I regretted not being able to attend the Utah Night cruise, due to a scheduling
                          conflict, but we heard everyone enjoyed it. We visited a couple of Orange County lodges before the convention and we were
treated like royalty. Our whole trip was fantastic.
     Thank you to all the Utah delegation who attended Southwest Night. As I had to stand and shake hands for four hours, it was nice to see a
large number of Utah Elks. Also, our new state photographer, Al Saunders did an outstanding job that night and during the whole convention.
     Congratulations to the Dixie Lodge Ritual Team on their performance. I hope next year more Utah Lodges will compete for the chance
to represent Utah in Portland. It requires a big commitment from all the officers, but the rewards are tremendous.
     Congratulations to our new District Deputies, Brian Lindsay and Alan Manson and I wish them well this year. I encourage all lodge officers and members to attend the
                                                                    District Deputy clinics because that is your chance to learn more about the programs and ideas of our Grand
                                                                    Exalted Ruler, Paul Helsel.
                                                                     I want to thank the Price Elks Lodge Officers, Members and Ladies for all their hard work in hosting this meeting.
                                                                    It will be as memorable and fun as it has been in the past. Utah Elks prove that, “Elks Care - Elks Share” and one Elk
                                                                    CAN make a difference.
                                                                  Sincerely and Fraternally,
                                                                  Peter Bravo, PER, PDDGER
                                                                  President, Utah Elks Association
                                                                  Cottonwood-Murray Lodge #2344

                                          Price Lodge #1550 Veterans “Wall of Honor”
                                        Cindy Martin – “One Elk MAKING a Difference”
                             Every Elks Lodge I have been to has a Veterans Memorial; that is, every lodge except ours in Price. The respect and

                                                                                                                                                                             Hurricane, Utah
                                                                                                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                                                                                                              Permit No. 10
                         admiration I feel for Veterans cannot be put into words. I told ER Jay that we needed a memorial, and when I asked if

                         I could start working on one, he gave me the go ahead. I began asking for photos of Veterans from Carbon and Emery
                         Counties. We would scan the photos brought in, and then return the originals. After more than six months, Jay asked me
                         what I was going to do with all the photos. I still didn’t know, but I was determined to find a solution.
                             One day, Dana Anderson, a new Member of Price Lodge brought in two different pieces of art. I looked at Jay
                         and said, “There’s our Wall of Honor!”
                             Now, we had a plan and began collecting Veterans photographs in earnest. We worked with Dana and his father,
                         planning, sketching, and developing ideas for our Veterans Memorial. At the Veterans Day Dinner last year, I showed
our idea to the Vets, and described what we wanted to do and that we needed photos for “The Wall.” Eight of the Vets there actually cried
when they saw the photos appear in the sample (shown at right), and envisioned their own photographs memorialized in that way.
We also began asking for a brief history of each Veteran, describing their time in the military. These will be recorded in a journal that will
be displayed on a podium near the “Wall of Honor”.
     This “Wall” is not just for Elks only. We simply ask that the Veteran has ties to Carbon or Emery Counties. Whether the Veteran lives
here now, or has ever lived or visited here, the Veteran has ties to the area regardless of when they served. Our feeling is if it were not for
Veterans, ALL Veterans, our Order of Elks would not be the patriotic organization that it is today.
     We are so excited to have this project in its final stages. We believe it will be one of the most unique Veterans Memorials anywhere.
                                                                                                                                                        2056 East Middleton Drive #41

Once seen, it will not soon be forgotten, which is as it should be: “As long as there are Elks, Veterans will never be forgotten.”
     While you are at Fall Meeting, we hope you will take time and look at our “Labor of Love”; if you would like
to make a donation, please see Jay, myself, or any Price Lodge Elk, and “Thank You” in advance for supporting our
                                                                                                                                                        St. George, Utah 84770

“Veterans Wall of Honor”.

Fraternally submitted,
                                                                                                                                                        The UTAH ELK

Cindy Martin
Esteemed Loyal Knight
Price Elks #1550

                                     Please see “the rest of the Story” on Page 7
The UTAH ELK                                                Publication of the Utah Elks Association                              Fall Meeting 2008 - PAGE 2

                           AGENDA                                                INTRODUCETION OF ALL PSP/PDD
                                                                                      State Elks of the Year
                                                                                      State Officers of the Year
 UTAH ELKS ASSOCIATION FALL MEETING                                                   State Committeepersons of the Year
       Price Lodge # 1550 Price, Utah                                                 Past Grand Lodge Officers and Committeepersons

           September 4, 5, 6, 2008                                               SICKNESS & DISTRESS

Thursday, September 4, 2008                                                      MINUTES of UEA CONVENTION held May, 2008 - Secretary Phillip Johnson

3:00 pm to 7:30 pm - Registration                                                ANNOUNCEMENTS

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm - Dinner (No Host) Casual dress in the Dining Room            Advisory Council will meet at 9:30 am – Upper Dance Floor
                                                                                 Trustees will meet at 10:00 am - Downstairs
                                                                                 UBET Committee will meet at 11:00 am - Downstairs
Friday, September 5, 2008
                                                                                 Committee Meetings (held on the Lodge Floor)
7:00 am to 8:30 am – Registration
REGISTRATION CLOSED DURING GENERAL MEETING                                       10:00-11:00      Accident Prevention/Insurance       Bernie Kahus - #1743
11:30 am to 8:00 pm - Registration                                               11:00-11:10      Americanism                         Julie Vance Smith - # 849
                                                                                 11:10-11:40      Protocol                            Meryl Arns - #1556
GENERAL MEETING - Lodge Room - Business Dress                                    11:40-12:00      Ritualistic                         Dale Whysong - # 719
     Call to Order PROMPTLY at 8:30 am
     The Sergeant at Arms retires to the Anteroom and escorts honored            12:00-1:00       Members lunch in the Dining Room or Lounge
     dignitaries into the Lodge room and introduces them to the membership.      12:30-1:30       Ladies lunch with First Lady Regina in the small Dining Room

        President, Nevada State Elks Association           Kenneth Curto         1:00-2:00        Youth Activities Scholarships       Jim Fuqua - #849
        Area 7 Government Relations Committeeman           Patrick G. Whitt                       Soccer                              Richard Clayton - #2442
        Special Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler                 Richard B. Lyons                       Jr. Golf                            Harry Saltzgaver - #1743
        Past Grand Exalted Ruler, Utah State Sponsor       Donald D. Dapelo                       Hoop Shoot                          “Basic” Joe Warren - #1743
                                                                                                  Drug Awareness                      David Tisdale - #1743
POSTING OF THE COLORS                                                                             Jr. Elks                            Kathy Setters - #719
      Utah National Guard, Company A, 1457 Engineer Battalion                    2:00-2:10        State Pins                          Jack Ryan - #1673
                                                                                 2:10-2:20        Web Master                          Linda Gaines - # 849
TRIBUTE TO THE FLAG                                                              2:20-2:35        Veterans Service                    Jewell Weston-Stevenson - #2442
     Sergeant at Arms - David Tisdale                                            2:35-2:50        Membership                          Allen “Hortt” Carter - #711
                                                                                                  New Lodges                          Terry Johnson - #849
INVOCATION                                                                       2:50-3:00        Elks Training                       Louis Derickson - #1743
     Chaplain - Susan Somers                                                     3:00-3:15        Laws                                Patrick G. Whitt - #2344
                                                                                 3:15-3:25        Government Relations                Dennis Dooley - #1550
GUEST SPEAKER                                                                    3:25-3:35        Hides                               Gary Nelson - #849
      Karl Kraync – Native Carbon County resident and local businessman          3:35-3:45        Brochures/Lodge Activities          Bonnie Campbell - #2442
                                                                                 3:45-4:30        Public Relations                    Barbara Stringham - #1743
      State Secretary - Phillip Johnson and Sergeant at Arms - David Tisdale     4:30 pm Park City LOE - Patio (weather permitting)

INTRODUCTIONS                                                                    7:00 pm Dinner (No Host) Casual Dress in the Dining Room
     Price Lodge Exalted Ruler - Jay Martin
     Fall Meeting Convention Chair - Mary Alice Johnson                          8:00 pm “MIXED NUTS” in the Lounge
     State Officers
              2nd Vice President       Jim Barnes                                Saturday, September 6, 2008
              1st Vice President       Dan Johnson
              President Elect          JoAnn Aldridge                            7:00 am to 8:30 am – Registration
                                                                                 REGISTRATION CLOSED DURING GENERAL MEETING
HONORED GUEST                                                                    11:30 am to 1:30 pm - Registration
     Nevada State Elks Association President – Kenneth Curto
                                                                                 Meeting Reconvened PROMPTLY at 8:30 am
GRAND LODGE OFFICERS                                                             The Honored Guest and dignitaries are seated on the stand
     District Deputy North – Brian Lindsay
     District Deputy South – Alan Manson                                         POSTING OF THE COLORS
     Area 7 Government Relations Committeeman – Patrick G. Whitt                       American Legion Post # 3
     Special Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler – Richard B. Lyons
     Past Grand Exalted Ruler, Utah State Sponsor – Hon. Donald D. Dapelo        PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE
                                                                                      Sergeant at Arms – David Tisdale
The UTAH ELK                                                Publication of the Utah Elks Association                            Fall Meeting 2008 - PAGE 3

INVOCATION                                                                        Committees under President Peter Bravo
     Chaplain - Susan Somers                                                            Utah Elk                            Barbara Stringham - #1743
                                                                                        Ritualistic                         Dale Whysong - #719
ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS AND LODGES                                                        Laws                                Patrick G. Whitt - #2344
      State Secretary – Phillip Johnson and Sergeant at Arms – David Tisdale            Meetings Coordinator                Patrick G. Whitt - #2344
                                                                                        Government Relations                Dennis Dooley - #1550
INTRODUCTIONS                                                                           Public Relations                    Barbara Stringham - #1743
     Price Lodge Exalted Ruler - Jay Martin                                             Grand Lodge Travel                  Tom Anderson - #1550
     Fall Meeting Convention Chair - Mary Alice Johnson                                 Website/State Directory             Linda Gaines - #849
     State Officers                                                                     Protocol                            Meryl Arns - #1556
              2nd Vice President       Jim Barnes
              1st Vice President       Dan Johnson                                ADVISORY COUNCIL REPORT – Terry Andregg
              President Elect          JoAnn Aldridge                             U.B.E.T. REPORT - Dave Troseth
                                                                                  CAMP WAPITI BOARD REPORT - Robert Prince
HONORED GUEST                                                                     TRUSTEE REPORT - Jay Averett
     Nevada State Elks Association President – Kenneth Curto                      TREASURER’S REPORT - Perry Collins
                                                                                  SECRETARY REPORT - Phillip Johnson
GRAND LODGE OFFICERS                                                              NEW BUSINESS
     District Deputy North – Brain Lindsay                                        UNFINISHED BUSINESS
     District Deputy South – Alan Manson                                          GOOD OF THE ORDER
     Area 7 Government Relations Committeeman – Patrick G.Whitt                   ANNOUNCEMENTS:
     Special Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler – Richard B. Lyons
     Past Grand Exalted Ruler, Utah State Sponsor – Hon. Donald D. Dapelo         12:00 pm        PSP/PDD and Spouses Luncheon in small Dining Room
                                                                                  12:00 pm        Lunch - General Membership in the Dining Room
INTRODUCTION OF ALL PSP/PDD – not present yesterday                               7:00 pm         Dinner (No Host) Business casual in the Lodge Hall
     All State Elks of the Year – not present yesterday
     All State Officers of the Year - not present yesterday                       Sunday, September 7, 2008
     All State Committeepersons of the Year – not present yesterday
     All Past Grand Lodge Officers and Committeepersons – not present yesterday   9:00 am District Deputy South Clinic in the Dining Room


COMMITTEE REPORTS                   2 minutes each

Committees under 2nd Vice President Jim Barnes
      Business Practices                Mike Nelson - #1556
                                                                                                   LOE Meeting Agenda
      Elks Training                     Louis Derickson - #1743
                                                                                                 LOE Executive Board Meeting 9:00 AM.
      Major Projects                    Joan Curtis - #719
      National Home                     Louis Manson - #2021                                     LOE Project Meeting         10:00 AM.
      Sponsor’s Award                   Brian Smith - #849                                       LOE Historian Meeting       10:30 AM.
      New Lodge Committee               Terry Johnson - #849                                     LOE General Meeting         11:00 AM.
      Brochures/Lodge Activities        Bonnie Campbell - #2442

Committees under 1st Vice President Dan Johnson
      Accident Prevention
                                         Bernie Kahus - #1743
                                         Julie Smith - #849
                                                                                      DeaDline for the Spring
      Hides for Vets                     Gary Nelson - #849
      Membership                         Allen “Hortt” Carter - #711                         Meeting iSSue of the
      National Foundation                David McCall - #1673
      National Veterans Service          Jewell Weston-Stevenson - #2442                                 utah elk iS
Committees under President-Elect JoAnn Aldridge
      Pins                             Jack Ryan - #1673                                thurSDay, January 15, 2008
      Convention 2009                  Mike Nelson - #1556
      Youth Activities                 Jim Fuqua - #849                               pleaSe SenD your inforMation to
      Scholarship                      Jim Fuqua - #849
      Hoop Shoot                       “Basic” Joe Warren - #1743                                BarBara StringhaM
      Soccer                           Richard Clayton - #2442
      Drug Awareness
      Junior Golf
                                       David Tisdale - #1743
                                       Harry Saltzgaver - #1743
                                                                                                    phone: 435-674-1222
      Junior Elks                      Kathy Setters - #719
                                                                                                       Cell: 435-229-4885
                                                                                          eMail: elkwoman1743@gmail.com
The UTAH ELK                                                     Publication of the Utah Elks Association                                      Fall Meeting 2008 - PAGE 4

                    State Sponser                                                                       Richard B. Lyons
               Donald D. Dapelo, PGER                                                          Special Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler
                     My friends:                                                                                        As we meet in Price for the Fall Meeting of the Utah Elks
                         Some of you may remember the article I wrote just a year                                  Association, I want to give a hearty Utah Welcome to our
                     ago about my experience with Priscilla, a young lady I saw again                              State Sponsor, PGER Don Dapelo and his lovely wife Nancy,
                     for the first time in about 15 years. She had been a theme child                              and to Ken Curto, Nevada State Elks President and his wife
                     for the Elks therapy program. A victim of cerebral palsy very                                 Teresa. Ken is not a stranger to Utah as he was the Area 7
                     early, she was able to walk only with the use of crutches and her                             Public Relations Committeeman some years ago.
                     ability to speak was severely restricted. She and her family had                                   I want to congratulate Ken Kay and Marty for 11 great
                     just recently moved into our neighborhood and she had walked                                  years of leadership as our Special Deputy GER. They have
                     over to say, “Thank you” to the Elks for all they had done for                                truly represented you and me very well. It is my hope that
her. We moved shortly after that and I had not seen Priscilla for at least another three   Geri and I can do equally as well.
years. Well, guess what? About a month ago, I received an invitation from Priscilla             Exalted Rulers, you are now one quarter of the way through your year. You need
to attend her graduation ceremony from High School!                                        to look at your lodge programs and see how they are progressing. Membership has to
     This, my friends, is what the Elks are all about; helping those in need wherever      be our #1 priority, with retention and lapsation being the key to success and initiation
and whenever we can. We don’t expect a “thank you”. We do what we can to relieve           the frosting on the cake.
the less fortunate, because Elks Care and Elks Share.                                           I would like to ask all Exalted Rulers and Lodge Secretaries to please put me on
     We’ve been sharing here in Utah for close to twenty years with Camp Wapiti            your mailing lists for reports, lodge bulletins, etc.
and all the other benevolent programs sustained by the local lodges in their                    I would like to thank the ritual team from St. George for representing Utah at the
communities. On that subject, is your lodge participating in the ENF funded                Grand Lodge Convention. I hope everyone enjoyed the Grand Lodge Sessions and
Gratitude Grant and Impact Grant programs? What a great way to double, or even             the valuable information that you could get from the information booths of all the
more, the magnitude of your charitable programs in your vicinity?                          committees and other state associations. Speaking of booths, congratulations goes
     For many years the Utah Elks Association, through the generosity of its               to the committee that put together the Utah booth, because it won 5 stars. That’s
members, has been doing an outstanding job of supporting our great National                GREAT!
Foundation and is entitled to share in its benevolence. If you are not yet                      To one and all – let’s do our Elks work, have fun and be safe.
participating, find out why. Get involved, get a committee appointed and get started.
This is a great way to demonstrate to your fellow citizens what the Elks are all           Respectfully,
about. Keep up the good work, see you in Price.                                            Richard B. Lyons
                                                                                           Golden Spike Lodge #719
Donald D. Dapelo
Past Grand Exalted Ruler
Utah State Sponsor

                                                                                                                      Kenneth Curto
                         Patrick G. Whitt                                                         President, Nevada State Elks Association
                 Member, Grand Lodge
             Government Relations Committee                                                                            Terri and I are looking forward to attending the Fall
                                                                                                                Meeting of the Utah Elks Association in Price, Utah, as this
                             How was your summer? Too hot and too short I’ll bet.                               will be my fourth official visit to Utah. I have been privileged to
                        You know fall is on the way because we are meeting in Price                             attend three UEA meetings as Area 7 Committeeman for Grand
                        for the UEA Fall Meeting. I guess that’s why they call it that,                         Lodge Public Relations in St. George, Richfield and Moab.
                        huh? I hope you and yours are okay and with no problems                                        I have been in the Order of Elks for 32 years and am
                        that have effected you since last we met.                                               currently serving proudly as President of the Nevada State Elks
                             If you can’t come and be with us in Price, we will miss                            Association. I was Exalted Ruler of Ely Lodge #1469 and Past
                        you, and you will miss out on a good time of fellowship with                            District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler - Nevada South. I am an
                        your fellow Utah Elks. These state meetings which we hold          associate Member of Tooele Lodge #1673 and a proud member of the Park City
                        three times a year can be very informative for those of us who     Ladies of the Elks.
are active and concerned members and officers. There are good ideas and valuable                I have been married to my wife Terri for 28 years and have two children; a son
information shared that can be taken back to our local lodges that can have great          who is 27 and an 18 year old daughter. I have been employed as a deputy sheriff for
benefit. But, you have to attend to be able to share!                                      White Pine County for over 20 years and will be retiring in about five or six years.
     Due to a conflict with my work, I was unable to attend the recent Grand Lodge         My occupation is described as 90% boredom and 10% sheer terror - believe it or not,
Session held in Anaheim. For all of you that were able to be a part of the convention,     we live for the 10%.
I hope you enjoyed the experience and that you came home refreshed and renewed                  UEA President Peter Bravo and I shared a wonderful honor in Anaheim at the
as Elks. We are now coming into that part of the lodge year when we can put to good        Grand Lodge convention, when we were initiated as Jolly Corks by a California
use all of the ideas and programs that we have learned about over the summer.              lodge. Peter’s photograph was published in the Grand Lodge convention newsletter
     On behalf of my wife Lynne and myself, we want to welcome you to Price and            and I believe that my photo is in this newspaper somewhere. It was great fun and
we hope that you have an enjoyable and informative time.                                   quite an honor to become a Jolly Cork. I look forward to lots of fun and a great
                                                                                           meeting with the Utah Elks Association in Price in September.
Patrick G. Whitt,                                                                          Ken Curto
Member, Grand Lodge Government Relations Committee                                         President, Nevada State Elks Association
Cottonwood-Murray Lodge #2344                                                              Ely Lodge #1469
The UTAH ELK                                                     Publication of the Utah Elks Association                                    Fall Meeting 2008 - PAGE 5

                     JoAnn Aldridge                                                                Dan Johnson, 1st Vice-President
                    UEA President-Elect                                                                Utah Elks Association
                         Howdy everybody! I hope everyone that went to Anaheim                                         Mary Alice and I are happy to welcome everyone to the
                     had as good a time there as David and I did. By the way, Dave                               2008 UEA Fall Meeting, and to our home lodge. We hope that
                     says, “don’t drink the water”…just an inside joke for those who                             you will enjoy your stay in Price. We are excited to welcome
                     were at the Grand Lodge Convention.                                                         PGER Don Dapelo and Nancy, SDGER Dick Lyons and Geri,
                         I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Price; it has                                and the Nevada State Elks Association President, Ken Curto
                     been a few years since we have had a meeting there. It was a                                and his First Lady, Terri.
                     wonderful time then, and I know it will be again thanks to the                                    We really enjoyed ourselves at the Grand Lodge Convention
                     efforts of the wonderful, hard working Price Lodge Elks.                                    in Anaheim. It was good to see everybody there, and learn what
                         Half of the year will have passed by the time we meet and I                             Grand Exalted Ruler Helsel’s goals are for this year.
                     am sure all of you in office have some interesting stories to tell.                               The Fall Meeting is a great place to learn from your State
I can tell you that my time as President-Elect has been very informative and fun as        Committee people on how to achieve these goals and better serve our communities.
well. I appreciate all the help I have received from my committee chairs, and I am
                                                                                           I encourage you to attend the break out sessions, not only to learn, but also to ask
looking forward to the next reports.
                                                                                           questions and get a better understanding of Elkdom. Talk with members from other
     I want to send a personal invitation to all Elks Members and Officers to
                                                                                           lodges and see how they are being successful in their endeavors to make their lodges
come to Price and take part in the meetings, share the fraternal fellowship, and
help strengthen Elkdom in Utah. These meetings are not just for State and Lodge            and communities better places. Your State Officers and Committee people are here to
Officers, they are for everyone. Remember, this is YOUR organization and what              help and guide you along the way, so do not hesitate to talk to us about any problems
better way to find out what is going on than to attend this and all our UEA Meetings.      or new ideas that you would like to discuss.
     David and I would like to welcome our Sponsor, PGER Don Dapelo and                             We are here this weekend to advance Elkdom in Utah, and also to relax
Nancy, SDGER Dick Lyons and Geri, and Nevada State Elks Association President,             and enjoy ourselves. Mary Alice, her Committee people, and Richard, our Lodge
Kenneth Curto and his First Lady Terri, as well as all of our friends in the Utah Elks     Manager, have worked hard to make this a great time for everyone; see us if you
Association to Price Lodge #1550 for the 2008 UEA Fall Meeting. I know we will             need anything. Mary Alice and I are looking forward to seeing you in Price, and we
have a great time because of all the efforts of the Officers and Members of the Price      are ready to do all we can to make the Fall Meeting enjoyable for all. Have Fun!
Lodge. See Y’All in Price.
                                                                                           Sincerely and Fraternally,
Fraternally,                                                                               Dan R. Johnson
JoAnn Aldridge                                                                             PDDGER, PER, UEA 1st Vice President
UEA President-Elect                                                                        Price Lodge #1550
Cedar City Lodge #1556

                                                                                                                   UEA 2007-2008
          Jim Barnes, 2nd Vice-President                                                                         Citizen’s of the Year
              Utah Elks Association
                          Minnie and I want to welcome everyone to the UEA Fall
                      Meeting in Price. We look forward to seeing all of you, and to
                      especially welcome our State Sponsor, PGER Don Dapelo and
                      Nancy, and Nevada State Elks Association President Ken Curto,
                      and his wife Terri, and SDGER Dick Lyons and his wife Geri.
                          It looks like we all survived the Grand Lodge Convention,
                      although I don’t know how a couple of us did. I’ve often said
                      that being an Elk is like belonging to a huge family. And
once again that is what it seemed like, with Elks from every state coming together,
visiting with one another and just having a great time at our yearly ‘family reunion’.
Along with everyone else, I had a great time, and as with the other Grand Lodge
Conventions I have attended, I came away very impressed to see all the activities our
great Order supports and the positive difference our time and money makes.
     I look forward to our UEA Fall Meeting at Price and visiting with everyone once                       Directors of Tooele Children’s Justice Center
again. As they have done in the past, I am sure the Officers and Members of Price
Lodge will once again do a super job.
     As we all know, the next few months will be our busiest time of the year for our
different committees. They will need everyone’s help to make this another successful
year, so please get out there and do what you can to help them out. To our committee
chairs, both at the Lodge and State levels, THANK YOU for all your hard work. It
is because of your dedication and efforts as Elks, that we will continue to make a

Jim Barnes
UEA 2nd Vice-President
Tooele Lodge #1673
The UTAH ELK                                                        Publication of the Utah Elks Association                                          Fall Meeting 2008 - PAGE 6

                             Alan Manson                                                                                   Brian Lindsay
    District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler Utah South                                                District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler Utah North
                          Greetings and a hearty red rock welcome from Moab to all Utah                              It’s about time for the colors to change and fall to begin. Here’s hoping
                      Elks and LOE at the UEA Fall Meeting. I am looking forward to                              everybody had a safe and enjoyable summer. Welcome everybody to the
                      seeing everyone in Price. I know the great people at the Price Lodge                       UEA Fall Meeting at Price Lodge #1550. I wish to extend a warm Utah Elks
                      will provide us with a wonderful time and a great meeting.                                 welcome to our State Sponsor, PGER Don Dapelo and our lovely Nancy, to
                          I certainly wish to extend a warm welcome to our State Sponsor,                        the President of the Nevada State Elks Association, Ken Curto and his wife,
                                                                                                                 Terri, and to our new SDGER Dick Lyons and Geri. I am looking forward to
                      PGER Don Dapelo and his wife Nancy, and to our new SDGER
                                                                                                                 meeting and visiting with everyone again. I know Price Lodge will be great
                      Richard Lyons and his wife, Geri. Also, I am looking forward to the
                                                                                             hosts and do a wonderful job for our Fall Meeting.
                      return of Ken Curto, Nevada State Elks Association President, and
                                                                                                   For those who don’t know much about me, I’ve been a member of Tooele Lodge
his wife, Terri. It wasn’t too long ago we enjoyed his visit to our lodge in Moab.           #1673 for nine years. I became Loyal Knight in 2001-2002, and then became Exalted
     I am honored to be the District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler - Utah South.                Ruler in 2002-2003. After fulfilling my duty as ER, I became the Esquire for a year, and
It was such a great experience to be installed at the                                        then moved to the Board of Trustees where I remain an active Trustee at the Tooele Lodge.
Anaheim Grand Lodge Convention. Truly, it was the                                                  For the UEA, I have served as Sergeant-At-Arms, Soccer Co-Chair, Lodge Activities
highlight of my life in Elkdom to this point. This year                                      and Drug Awareness Chairs. I also served as the Auditor to the DDGER.
will be a nice change from being Exalted Ruler, but                                                To me, Elkdom is getting involved with your local community: helping out a local
next year I promise to get back on pace to set the All-                                      child with medical problems; helping kids get information to stay drug free; helping
Time Lodge ER record!                                                                        families through hard times during illness or when a family member is serving our country
     For ALL Utah South Lodge ER’s, please                                                   in the military; and making the community a better place to call home by getting involved
remember that our DD Clinic will start promptly at                                           with local community events. This sometimes requires us as Elks to put on events to help
9AM on Sunday, September 7th in the Price Lodge                                              out, which helps us share with the community what Elks do: “Elks Care – Elks Share”.
Dining Room. Let’s make it an interesting and                                                      As I am still a young Elk, heavily involved with my lodge, my goal this year as
informative session. I am looking forward to the                                             District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler is to get younger members involved with their local
upcoming lodge visits, and will do anything and                                              lodges. To do this, we need to allow our new and / or younger members the chance to try
everything to help you keep your lodges moving                                               different things and new ideas, without discouraging them. Our support must be positive,
forward. We are part of a great Order, and we are                                            not negative. We can not tell them what won’t work – we must step back and let them
members of a wonderful state association, keeping                                            try, so they will become the future for their lodges. In this we still can’t forget about the
alive our motto, “Elks Care – Elks Share”.                                                   past and how dedicated past members have been. Working together and NOT AGAINST
     Please call on me if I can do anything to help you                                      one another will make our lodges grow stronger and become more united. In turn, our
further our combined efforts for the Benevolent and                                          membership will increase and we will be a better organization offering support to our
Protective Order of Elks.
                                                                                                   Exalted Rulers, my visitations will be starting soon after this meeting. I look forward
                                                                                             to visiting each of our North District lodges to help make your year the best it can be.
Alan Manson                                                                                  Sincerely and Fraternally,
DDGER Utah South                                                                             Brian Lindsay
Moab Lodge #2021                                                                             DDGER Utah North
                                                                                             Tooele Lodge #1673

                    Jim Barnes Named UEA’s Elk of the Year
     Jim Barnes was born in Dexter, Missouri in 1951, moved to Chicago at age 6, and grew up to marry his
next door neighbor Minnie in 1970. Married 38 years with three children, daughters Michelle and Nicole,
and son Jay, he is proud to say he is still deeply in love with his wife. Minnie and Jim are also the proud
grandparents of Victoria and Ellyn.
     As a member of the Tooele Elks Lodge for 18 years, Jim has had numerous roles serving his lodge and
the Utah Elks Association. He has held lodge officer positions for all but one of his 18 years. He has been
UEA Chair for Scholarship and Youth Activities. He has served as District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler-
Utah North and currently serves as Treasurer for the Utah Benevolent Trust; Director of Camp Wapiti; and
Secretary of the UEA PSP / PDD Association.
     Being an Elk means a great deal to Jim and it shows, as he is extraordinarily involved, enjoying
every minute. He actually looked at two other fraternal organizations to see what was being done by each
organization before deciding to become an Elk. Growing up in Chicago, Jim and Minnie lived about 7 blocks
from the National Elks offices and Elks Veterans Memorial. Though he had seen it many times he had never
given it much thought. Jim believes all Elks should be proud of what Elks do. He has met many really good
people as an Elk, and treasures each and every friendship made. Working for the government afforded him
the opportunity to travel all over the United States. Visiting local Elks lodges whenever possible, including Puerto Rico (where their meetings are held on the beach), Jim has
visited almost 100 different lodges. Jim has discovered that when you are an Elk, you have friends all over the United States. Although you have never met them, they are
there to help you out during times of trouble. For Jim, to be an Elk means having a very big family.
     Jim served in the U.S. Army for eight years with tours in Vietnam as a Door Gunner and in Korea as a Communications Specialist. Stateside, he served in the 101st
Airborne Division (later the Air Assault Division) at Fort Campbell, the Eighteenth Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg and at Fort Drum, Fort Stewart and Fort Gordon. While
in the Army, he transferred to Dugway Proving Ground as an Air Traffic Control Repairman. Receiving orders for Germany, he and Minnie left active duty, but remained at
Dugway working as a Department of Army civilian. As a civilian, Jim received the Department of the Army Research and Development Achievement Award in 1995 for the
Robotic Mannequin Development.
     Jim retired in 2005 and works at Stansbury Golf Course during the summer, attends classes at the IRS in the winter, and through AARP, provides free tax services with
electronic filing at both the Tooele and Grantsville Senior Centers. In 2007, he became the Utah State Technical Coordinator for AARP responsible for all technical issues
and equipment for all the volunteers throughout the state. Minnie is also very involved at the Tooele Children’s Justice Center.
The UTAH ELK                                                    Publication of the Utah Elks Association                                 Fall Meeting 2008 - PAGE 7

    “The Rest of the Story” of the Price Lodge
                “Wall of Honor”                                                                     Jay Martin, Exalted Ruler
     While we wanted to create a Veterans Memorial, we were struggling                                  Price Lodge #1550
for ideas. One of our members, Dana Anderson brought in a carving of four
photographs on a piece of Corian. Looking down at the piece on the table, it was
                                                                                                                On behalf of the Price Lodge, I would like to take this
different yet very nice. But then Dana held it up to the light and asked what I
                                                                                                              opportunity to welcome all Utah Elks Association Members
thought about it. The details were amazing. Four black-and-white photographs
                                                                                                              and Officers to Price Lodge #1550 for the 2008 Fall
appeared in the Corian, and the photos were of Dana’s parents and their
Pomeranian. I could see the dark eyes of the dog and details of its long hair. It
                                                                                                              And we are honored to welcome PGER Don Dapelo and
was a beautiful piece of art, and we knew we had what we had been looking for.
                                                                                                              his wife Nancy, SDGER Dick Lyons and his wife Geri, and
     After completing the plans for the wall and choosing the design, production
                                                                                                              a special welcome to the Nevada State Elks Association
finally began this past March. Wendell Christensen, a Marine Veteran from
                                                                                                              President, Ken Curto and his First Lady, Terri.
nearby Wellington is doing all the work, and we could not have found a finer
                                                                                                                We are proud of our Lodge and you will be in the
                                                                                                              company of some the finest “Mixed Nuts” around. Mary
     Each photograph is scanned onto a computer disk and “cleaned up”. The
                                                                                     Alice Johnson and her committee have pulled together a Fall Meeting to remember.
background detail is removed; the image of the person refined and often touched
                                                                                     Richard Anderson, our resident chef, will personally prepare all of your meals.
up due to the age of the photo, removing scratches, repairing faded spots, etc.
                                                                                                               DON’T MISS ANY OF THEM!
All color pictures must be black and white, so color photos must be converted.
                                                                                          The committee has organized a unique raffle and an entertainment schedule that
When the photograph is ready, it is programmed into a computer-driven milling
                                                                                     will keep you smiling so much, that when you get home, everyone will wonder what
machine, and engraved to gray-scale into Corian. 2 1/2 hours is needed to carve
                                                                                     you’ve been up to.
each 5” by 7” picture. The carvings are then cleaned up, removing any particles
                                                                                          Carbon and Emery Counties offer golf, dinosaur museum, unbelievable sight-
from the engraving process. These photographs will never fade, discolor, be
                                                                                     seeing at The Wedge, Little Grand Canyon, Nine Mile Canyon, pictographs, the
scratched or marred; and only a very hot fire will damage them.
                                                                                     Greek Orthodox Church, which is on the Historical Register, and many other
     Wendell is also handcrafting the cabinets from oak to display the pictures,
                                                                                     picturesque places.
and each cabinet will display nine photographs. A fluorescent light fixture is
                                                                                                            DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMERA!
installed in each cabinet for back-lighting, which brings the pictures to life.
                                                                                          We have very friendly people for being “Mixed Nuts”, and we’re going to do
A brass name plate will be mounted below each Veteran, with the name and
                                                                                     everything we can to make sure you will enjoy your time at the Fall Meeting. You’re
years of service, where possible. We currently have approximately 65 pictures,
                                                                                     always welcome back to Price.
space on one lodge wall for roughly 175 pictures, and Wendell has most of
them engraved. When we run out of room on that wall, we’ll find another one.
                                                                                     Fraternally yours,
Wendell will continue making the engravings as photos are submitted. Our
                                                                                     Jay Martin
“Wall of Honor” will be perpetual.
                                                                                     Exalted Ruler
     The sample panel (see on the front page) has been on display in our lodge
                                                                                     Price Lodge #1550
for about two months, and it has generated a lot of interest. People attending
various functions and visiting Elks from other lodges have expressed interest
in our “Wall of Honor”, and we have had inquiries from as far away as Georgia
about the process and construction.                                                      Mary Alice Johnson, Convention Chair
     Costs run about $30.00 per picture for the materials and the cabinet, not
including labor. There is no charge to place a photo on the “Wall of Honor.”                     Price Lodge #1550
The Veterans have given enough by helping to keep us free, so this is our gift to
them. We are seeking donations from anyone and everyone who wants to help
                                                                                                                 Welcome UEA to Price and the 2008 Fall Meeting
out to support us. We will be holding fundraisers to benefit the “Wall” in the
coming weeks.
                                                                                                              Price Lodge #1550 is pleased to welcome all Elks Members
                                                                                                         and guests to the Utah Elks Association Fall Meeting September
                                                                                                         4, 5, and, 6, 2008. There is a registration form in this newsletter if
                  When this photo was taken, Bruce Metz, with his weapon,                                you haven’t had the opportunity to fill one out. Your Exalted Ruler
                  was in a helicopter preparing for a mission. For the                                   also has been mailed a copy. Our manager Richard Anderson has
                  engraving, the gun and helicopter must be removed, as too                              planned wonderful meals and his staff is ready to serve you.
                  much background detail makes the end product too hard                   We are honored to welcome our State Sponsor, the Honorable Don Dapelo and
                  to see. When lighted, Bruce’s eyes appear to follow you            his wife Nancy, our SDGER Dick Lyons and his wife, Geri, and from the Nevada
                  around the panel. How amazing that an engraved photo               State Elks Association, President Ken Curto and his First Lady, Terri.
                  can do that! Coincidentally, Bruce’s photo was one of 9                 The Greenwell Inn is our host hotel, 655 East Main Street, phone number 435-
                  randomly chosen for the sample panel. When Bruce saw it            637-3520. They have non-smoking and smoking rooms available.
                  for the first time, his eyes filled with tears. How wonderful!          Cindy Martin, our entertainment chair, has been busy finding more “Mixed
                  At that moment, I knew why I was an Elk.                           Nuts” for the Friday evening entertainment, but without the participation of our
                                                                                     visitors, it won’t be complete. So be ready to sing, dance, or be the Last Great
                                                                                     American Comedian.
                                                                                          Price is a great place to visit in September since the weather is great. The Green
                  The photo of Mary Trebue,                                          River melons are in season and the natives are friendly. So put your Elks card in
                  a former Marine, is from a                                         your pocket and come to Fall Meeting. We are excited you are coming to see us at
                  portrait, and I wanted to try                                      the Price Lodge!
                  to show the difference from
                  a photo.                                                           Mary Alice Johnson
                                                                                     Convention Chair
                                                                                     Price Lodge #1550
 The UTAH ELK                                                                       Publication of the Utah Elks Association                                                            Fall Meeting 2008 - PAGE 8

                                                                                         for th                                                                                  naMarie Teep
                                                                                                                                                                                              les                                                     to C a
                                                                                    eady                                                                            arter and Ti                                                         o n a ti n g
                                                                               get r Night                                                                Suzanne C            hospitality                                       y LOE d       m a jo r p ro
                                                                           ates Utah                  Linda                                                                 at                                       P a rk C it
                                                                     deleg     f                            Grime                                              having fun
           1st VP JoAnn Aldridge ready for UEA                  UEA as part o                             Short
                                                                                                                   s, Nan
                       Convention                               cruis
                                                                      e                                         attend cy Dapelo, an
                                                                                                                       the LO
                                                                                                                              E Mem d Lynn

                                                                                                                                                                                     ra St                                              Mary Alice Johns
                                                           Meryl Arns tells Members about                                                                                                  rin                                                           o
                                                                                                                                                                g th
                                                                                                                                                                     e               Dapel gham he                                         Martin having
                                                                convention activities                                                                       in                            o with       lps
                                                                                                                                                     e   dur                                     his ch PGER D
                                          ers                                                                                                                                                           ocola    on
                                     Memb                                                                                                        ndl                                                          te
                            ced to                                                                                                           a ca ce
               es in trodu                                                                                                                ts
                                                                                                                                       igh Servi
        nitari                                                                                                                    er l     l
     Dig                                                                                                                      e mb moria
                                                                                                                           E m E Me
                                                                                                                         LO LO

                                                                                                                                                               Lady Elk of the Year, Ann Blackner and
                                                                                      wha    t you
                                                                                dies,                                                                               UEA First Lady, Julie Smith
                                                                          , ‘La
                                                                   ay says bout?’ “                                                                                                                                                              itaries w
                                                               ny K ughin’ a                                                                                                                                                       Visiting Dign
                                                          “Ken     la                                                                                                                                                                 Bravo and LOE Pres

Jolene Goff, Cedar City councilwoman speaks to                                                        Marty
                                                                                                            Kay a
                 UEA Members                                                                              sharin d PDDGER D
                                                                                                                g a mo
                                                                                                                       ment t ave McCall

                                                                                                                                                                                                 isit   with
                                                                                                                                                                                       Sm   ith v                                                Wyom
                                                                                                                                                                                and RC                                                          UEA ing
                                                                          Ted S                                                                                          Judy                                                                   ER D res-E
                                                                                alaz                                                                                                                                                                ave A
                                                                            at Ch ar condu                                                                                                                                                                l
                                                                                  rist t       c
                                                                                         he Ki ts the Elk
                                                                                              ng C          s Mem
                                                                                                   athol          oria
                                                  e his point                                            ic Ch
                                                                                                               urch l
                         Johnson      tries to mak
   UEA Sec   retary Phil

                                                                                                                                                                          ect                  Cindy First Lady V
                                                                                                                                                                     es-El t                         Newma       ir
                                                                                                                                                                                                          n give ginia Hansen
                                                                                                                                                               es Pr       n
                                                                                                                                                      gra tulat pointme                                         Colt Sm
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ith som nd
                                                                                                                                             Rya n con oming a                                                                e lovin’.
                                                                                                                                        Jack       s upc
                                                                                                                                   PSP avo on hi
                                                                                                                                   Pete B

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PSP D
                                                                                               ith condu      cts the                                                                                                                                     ick
                                                                                   ent Don Sm
                                                                        UEA Presid     meetin g

  Bagpip                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ts
           ers beg                                                                                                                                                                                                             ccep
                  in the                                                                                                                                                                                                  ll a
                           closing                                                                                                                                                                                     pbe PGER
                                     of the M                                                                                                                                                                        am rom
                                             emoria                                                                                                                                                             ie C   f         on
                                                     l                                                              The Ha                                                                                 B onn rophy Johns
                                                                                                                          rrison’s                                                                      ER sor t Dan
                                                                                                                                   and th                                                            ful pon nd VP
                                                                                                                                          e                                                      nti     S
                                                                                                                                  Vernal Webster’s fr                                       Bou State and 2
                                                                                                                                        Lodge         om the                                  t he apelo
                        The UTAH ELK                                                                    Publication of the Utah Elks Association                                               Fall Meeting 2008 - PAGE 9

                   e U E A ’s
       p it i – th
amp Wa                                                                                                                                                                    UEA State
je c t                                                                                                                                                                                President D
                                                                                                                                                                                                  on and Juli
                                                                ris        on to its                                                                                                                            e Vance Sm
                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Har                                                                                                                                                            ith end thei
                                    UEA presents                                                                                                                                                                                       r year.
                                                                                                  2008 – 2009 Utah LOE Officers

                                                                                                                                                                            displ y
                                                                                                                                                                      apelo       a
on and Price ER                                                                                                                                                   cy D Marty K
                Jay                                                                                                                                           Nan
g too much fun                                                                                                                                           n and nny and
                                                                                                                                                    R Do      Ke
                                                                                                                                                PGE ift from                                                                         t Whitt
                                                                                                                                                      g                                                             mmitteeman Pa
                                                                    tire                                                                        their                                                Grand Lodge Co               ter Bravo
                                                          rm  al at                                                                                                                                                  President Pe
                                                    ic” fo                                                                                                                                          presents UEA               statue
                                               “Bas                                                                                                                                                           Elk
                                        Your                                                                                                                                                             with

                                                                                               Golden Spike ER Brad Hill receives 11
                                                                                               O’Clock Toast First Place Award from
                                                                                                   Ritual Chair, Dale Whysong

                                                                                         ual                                                                                 dancing at
                                                                                       nn                                                                    honored for his
              ct Pete                                                             he a                                                         PSP Don Smith              his Officers
with Pres-Ele                                                                ys
                                                                                t                                                                      Spring Meetin
                                                                                                                                                                     g by                                 visits w Dick Lyon
      egina Bravo                                                        njo                                                                                                                                      ith Elr     s
 s. R
                                                                   il y e gether                                                                                                                                          o
                                                                                                                                                                                                                in Ana y the Elk
                                                                 am on to                                                                                                                                              heim
                                                            re f     i
                                                         ede nvent
                                                      elv co
                                                Th eB

                                                                                                 State President and First Lady Peter and
                                                                                                  Regina Bravo with Utah LOE President
                                                                                                               Jodie Smith

                                                                                                                                             2008 - 2009
                                                                                                                                                             UEA State O
                                                                                                                                                                         fficers wait
g Sta                                                                                                                                                          installed             to be
Elect Pres-Elect                                                                                                                                                                                            UEA booth wins 5 Stars
      Pe           P
ldrid te Bravo a aul Botki                                                               ect
                                                                                                                                                                                                            in Anaheim (Dan is sooo
     ge tal       nd C      n,                                                      es-El s’                                                                                                                   proud of his baby!)
            king       e
                 about dar City                                               ts Pr       e
                      Elkd                                          lo p resen ew ‘brac
                           om                                 n Dape ith her n
                                                         R Do       ew
                                                    PGE Aldridg
                                                     JoA nn

                                                                                                           Utah L
                                                                                                                 OE Pas
                                                                                                                        t Presid

                                                                                      ,K                                                                           Past
                                                                                   bby iss
                                                                                  u k                                                                                     Every
                                                                             er h                                                                                                     , Ken
k McC                                                                    es h tory                                                                                                         ny K
             relaxin                                               y  giv atula                                                                                                                 ay sh
      PDD lu         g after                                     Ka ongr                                                                                                                                aring
             nch             PSP/                            rty     c                                                                                                                                          the lo
                                                         Ma                                                                                                                                                           ve

                                                                                                                                                  a Gaines
                                                                                                                                          r, Lind
                                                                                                                                 ebmaste ard
                                                                                                                          Star W      her aw
                                                                                                                    UEA 5    receives
The UTAH ELK                                                  Publication of the Utah Elks Association                                   Fall Meeting 2008 - PAGE 10

                          Attention all Ladies                                               Dixie Lodge Ritual Team Says Thank You!
                                                                                            On behalf of the 2007–2008 St. George ‘Dixie’ Elks Lodge Ritual Team, we
                          Looking for something to do                                  would like to thank everyone who helped support us in our fundraising endeavors.
            Friday, September 5th in the afternoon during Fall Meeting?                To name just a few: Barbara Stringham and her
                                                                                       many baskets, ideas, flyers, and posters; Don Krist
                       Why not join Utah’s 1st Lady Regina,                            and Jackie Comeau for selling the majority of our
                               Nevada’s 1st Lady Terry                                 50/50 tickets; (and Jim Barnes for winning it!)
                 and our state sponsor’s lovely wife Nancy Dapelo                      Wayne Preston for designing, printing and donating
                       at the Price Lodge for no host lunch                            our raffle tickets; Gayle Webb for donating one of
                  then car pool to Helper for a guided tour of the                     her beautiful paintings; Marty Lane for the signed
                            Railroad & Mining Museum                                   guitar and bringing the KONY Country Showdown
                                                                                       preliminaries to the Lodge; Gene’s OK Tires for their
               Please RSVP Regina 801-580-0062 by September 1st                        gift certificates; The Boulevard Home Furnishings
                        Purchase your lunch ticket at the                              for their donation; Red Dirt Car Wash for their contribution; Camp Wapiti Board for
                                Lodge for $9.00                                        having us prepare and serve lunch at the Camp Clean-up; the two baskets donated by
                       Lunch is in the small dinning room                              the ‘Dixie’ Elks Lodge; Ann Sanborn for her two generous donations, and the money
                                    12:30 pm                                           from the UEA. There are so many people to thank and we offer our apologies if we
                       Leave Lodge for Helper at 1:30 pm                               missed anyone.
                                                                                            It was truly a great experience to represent the UEA in Anaheim at the Grand
                                                                                       Lodge Convention Ritual contest. We had several substitutions including a last
                                                                                       minute one, and we still did not finish in last place.
                   Jewell Weston-Stevenson                                                  A sincere and fraternal thank you from your state Ritual Team and Coaches
                 Chair – UEA Veterans Service
                                                                                                                    UEA 2007-2008
     The reports at the UEA Convention
in Cedar City of Jewell being in ill health                                                                        Officer of the Year
were misreported…Jewell is in fine health
and it is confirmed by her doctor. So then,
where was she? Jewell was being honored
for her efforts of commitment and the love
she provides to our veterans at the Salt Lake
City Veterans Administration Hospital.
     While the UEA was meeting in Cedar
City, Jewell was being honored with two
awards from the VA Salt Lake City Health
Care System:

From the Department of Veterans Affairs:

    ♦	    A Voluntary Service Certificate was presented to Jewell in appreciation                                      Cindy Shepherd
          of 2,908 hours and 7 years of volunteer service to veterans through                                Secretary, Bountiful Lodge #2442
          dedicated participation in the Voluntary Service Program

From the George E. Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center:                     FALL FUN FEST 9 (Aka – AREA 7 FUN FEST)
                                                                                                     OCTOBER 23rd -26th, 2008
    ♦	    A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Jewell in recognition of
                                                                                                ST. GEORGE “DIXIE” LODGE #1743
          significant volunteer services rendered while serving on the VA Voluntary
          Service Committee in the position of Vice-President, VAVS Executive          All information including registration
          Committee during the years 2007 – 2008.
                                                                                          forms are on the UEA Website,
     The Executive Committee is comprised of representatives from various               www.elksinutah.org , or the Dixie
organizations volunteering at the VA Hospital. The positions are elective at their
annual May meetings (which is why she wasn’t at this year’s UEA Convention in          Lodge website at www.elks1743.com
Cedar City). Jewell has served on this committee for six of the seven years she has
represented the Elks at the VA, and is now serving her second term as President for    Registration fee is $5 per person by Oct. 3rd.
the 2008 – 2009 year.                                                                  After Oct. 3rd registration is $10 per person.
     Although we missed her, and her wonderful and heart-stirring Veterans             The golf tournament registration deadline is Oct. 3rd.
Commission reports, we are extraordinarily proud of her being recognized for all she
does for our Veterans, and representing the Utah Elks Association and the work of
our Order.
     Please remember to thank her for her service and her dedication, and also
congratulate her on her well deserved awards. Jewell demonstrates daily that, “As
long as there are Veterans, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks will never
forget them”…nor will she!
The UTAH ELK                                                      Publication of the Utah Elks Association                                 Fall Meeting 2008 - PAGE 11

                                                                            To The UEA, ULOE, DOES, and all the Utah Elk

                                                                         I appreciate and am grateful for all the support, encouragement,
                                                                         hospitality, and council throughout my 38 years of activity in the
                                                                                                                      Utah Elks Association
                                                                                                                      that you have given me.

                                                                                                                             What experiences
                                                                                                                             and memories and

                   Jodie Smith                                                                 A heartfelt THANK YOU and
                                                                                                gigantic hug to you all, my
          President, Utah Ladies of Elks                                                                   friends!
                                        I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer.
                                  I didn’t have as many adventures as I would have           Fraternally,
                                  liked to have had, but I got to go see my good friend      Ken Kay, PAST
                                  Mickey Mouse, floated around in my pool and I got                                             P.S. Marty
                                  a dog. It’s always hard for me to say goodbye to                                              says,
                                  summer even with the temperatures in St George that
                                  are less than pleasant.
                                        But it’s time to start our LOE year and it’s kind                                       you”, too!
                                  of fun to do it in Price. We haven’t met here for a few
                                  years and I always have an eventful time in Price.
                                        Some members of your Utah LOE have
                                  been busy this summer. I assigned a task force to
                                  investigate and present to the membership a better
                                  way to have our nursing scholarship administered.
This was to include an outside organization to judge the applications and decide
to whom the scholarship would be awarded. This group, under the direction of
                                                                                               Thank You from a Grand Lodge Ritual Judge
Parliamentarian Virginia Hansen, has met with the Utah Public Nursing Directors
                                                                                                                                    I wish to thank the Utah Elks Association
Association and they have agreed to assist us. We will still be able to set guidelines
                                                                                                                               for providing me the chance to be a Ritual
(second year nursing student, graduate of a Utah high school, etc), but this will allow
                                                                                                                               Judge at the 2008 Grand Lodge Convention in
the scholarship to be awarded by people who can better judge the applications and
                                                                                                                               Anaheim, California. As the opportunity to be
give our scholarship program some consistency that it has been lacking. If we want
                                                                                                                               a Ritual Judge at Grand Lodge can only happen
the program to be successful, local organizations will still need to contact schools
                                                                                                                               once, I can not begin to express my gratitude to
with nursing programs to make sure they are aware of the scholarship.
                                                                                                                               you all for allowing me that honor.
     Many of you know that I resigned my position on the Camp Wapiti Board of
                                                                                                                                    It was the ultimate experience in Ritual
Directors in April. I served on the board longer than anyone else and want to move on
                                                                                                                               Judging. I judged over twenty-five teams over 3
and do other things before I am too old! Besides, I thought it was a one or two-year
                                                                                                                               ½ days, which ultimately gave me the chance to
assignment and that was twenty years ago! I am confident that the current Board of
                                                                                                                               judge the Grand Lodge winning team. Only ten
Directors will do an excellent job safeguarding our investment in the facility.
                                                                                                                               judges are selected out of 980 certified Grand
     I look forward to visiting your organizations. I haven’t been to some of them
                                                                                                                               Lodge Ritual Judges each year. It was definitely
since 1999!
                                                                                            an honor and a privilege, and a memory I will never forget. Thank You!
                                                                                            Ron Buress
Jodie Smith, President
                                                                                            PER, PDDGER
Utah LOE
                                                                                            Dixie Lodge #1743
St. George ‘Dixie’ LOE
The UTAH ELK                                                      Publication of the Utah Elks Association                                 Fall Meeting 2008 - PAGE 12

    Meet Utah’s Exalted Rulers
      Arlen Humphries, Exalted Ruler                                                              Douglas Gilbert, Exalted Ruler
            Vernal Lodge #2375                                                                       Richfield Lodge #2423
                            I was born and raised in the Aberdeen area of South                                       As an Elk Member in my fourth year, I have been a
                        Dakota, and my wife Ruth is also from South Dakota. We                                     bartender, bar manager, Inner Guard, Leading Knight, and
                        have 3 daughters, 2 are in Utah and 1 is in Texas.                                         now Exalted Ruler. I have worked on several projects at our
                            I have been an Elk for twenty years in Minnesota, South                                lodge in this short time, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,
                        Dakota, Arizona, and now Utah. Ruth and I moved to the                                     Flag Day, the Elks Memorial, Hoop Shoot, Camp Wapiti,
                        Vernal area five years ago from Glendale, Arizona, and I                                   our Richfield ATV rodeo, the Camporee, the Easter event,
                        joined the Vernal Lodge. I became the Lodge Secretary where                                Christmas charity baskets, and several fundraisers.
                        I served for three years before becoming the Exalted Ruler.                                   Currently, I am doing a ‘Seven Nights Out’ fundraiser,
                            I am a veteran of the U. S. Army having served during the                              and working on a literacy program with our local libraries. I
Vietnam War.                                                                                                       am 46 years old, married and have a two year old daughter
    My business career has been in electronics, which included service repair at Sears   named Sunny, and a boy due in the next few weeks, who will be named Michael.
and as manager of the repair department in Willmar, Minnesota; at Lang”s TV &            I am a service department manager with Classic Motors in Richfield. I also enjoy
Appliance in Aberdeen, South Dakota; and I did audio-visual equipment repair for the     camping, horseback riding, archery,
school system in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Kingman, Camp Verde, and Nogales, Arizona.         fishing and spending time with my
    Since I have been ER, our                                                            family.
projects have included the Annual                                                             My passion for Elkdom is about
Camporee which included a Flag                                                           helping the kids. To be a part of a
Ceremony with 35 attendees; a Flag                                                       fraternal organization that helps kids is
Ceremony for the Roosevelt Senior                                                        my reward. It is my way of giving back
Center; Fourth of July Parade and                                                        for all the blessings I have in my life.
Fireworks; and our annual Lodge
Junior Golf Tournament.                                                                  Fraternally,
                                                                                         Douglas Gilbert
Arlen Humphries                                                                          Exalted Ruler
Exalted Ruler                                                                            Richfield Lodge #2423
Vernal Lodge #2375

                                                               What’s Going on in Vernal
    July 4th Parade: The Vernal Elks Lodge was in charge of the annual July 4th parade, the theme of which was “It’s STILL A Grand Old Flag!” Chaired by Exalted Ruler
Arlen Humphries, they enlisted the help of the area VFW, American Legion, and the DAV groups. George Long, a WWII veteran and local historian, was chosen to serve as
Grand Marshall. In addition to compiling the histories of Uintah, Duchesne and Daggett Counties, Long also regularly visits with the veterans in the local care facilities.
    The parade was one of the largest in recent years with over 70 entries and included the ever popular Air Force Flyover. The patriotic day was successfully capped by the
annual community funded fireworks display, also under the direction of the Elks and supervised by Elk Member and PER Phil Jackson, who is a licensed pyrotechnician.
                                   Elks Early Flag Day Service at Roosevelt Senior Center: Per a request and invitation by Charles Gray, who is active in local veterans
                                     organizations, the Vernal Elks ER Arlen Humphries, accompanied by Ken and Marty Kay, presented a Flag Day program at the
                                          Crossroads Senior Center recently to a very appreciative audience. The service related the history of the American Flag and
                                               reiterated its symbolic importance in our past and present military endeavors. A nice lunch followed.
                                                       ‘Give Me Liberty’ Awards: The fifth grade of Maeser Elementary School recently presented a patriotic program to the
                                                      entire school and repeated it for proud parents, siblings, and other family members. As part of the patriotic theme, the
                                                      Vernal Elks rewarded those youth who successfully completed the requirements for the “Give Me Liberty” Award.
                                                       To accomplish this feat the student had to know or do the following: sign and recite, or write the Pledge of Allegiance;
                                                     a line from the Declaration of Independence; the Preamble to the Constitution; the Star-Spangled Banner; symbols
                                                     of Old Glory, the USA, and the State of Utah; the Gettysburg Address; continents and the 50 states and their capitals
                                                     named and located on the map in their booklet; the US Presidents in order; and, finally, correctly answer 25 citizenship
                                                   questions. Forty students each received an American flag and certificate of recognition from the Vernal Elks.
The UTAH ELK                                                      Publication of the Utah Elks Association                                   Fall Meeting 2008 - PAGE 13

                Dan Stott, Exalted Ruler                                                               Don Schlegel, Exalted Ruler
                  Moab Lodge #2120                                                                         Provo Lodge #849
                         I have been an Elk in Moab for 14 years. I started as                  I am in my fourth year as an Elk and a Member of Provo
                     Chaplain, and continued as Lecturing Knight, Loyal Knight,            Lodge #849. After being initiated, and an Elk for a week, I
                     Lodge Trustee, and am currently serving for the second time           was appointed as Chaplain. Following that, I began through
                     as the Lodge Exalted Ruler. I have chaired the Lodge Hoop             the chairs, bypassing Lecturing Knight and becoming Loyal
                     Shoot Committee, the PER Association, served on the House             Knight in my second year, then as Leading Knight, and this year,
                     Committee, chaired the lodge entertainment committee, and am          I was elected as Exalted Ruler. I was a member of the House
                     currently Junior Golf Chair.                                          Committee in my second year and was named Officer of the Year.
                         I have been married for 20 years, and have two sons, ages 20      The following year, I was the House Committee Chair.
and 17, who both still live at home, and work for me in my drywall business, that I             I have a wonderful family. My wife Unee and I have been
have owned for over 30 years.                                                              married for 48 years. We have two children, our son Rick and
     Perhaps my reason for being involved with the Elks is because of the                  our daughter Maureen. And the best part of parenthood is our three grandchildren,
brotherhood and camaraderie of Elkdom. My passion for the Elks is helping the              Joffrey, Matthew and Scott.
youth, and I especially enjoy helping with youth scholarships.                                  During my career, I was a truck driver for 50 years, and owned Don’s Disposal
     Having been in a fraternity while attending college, as I got older, I decided that   Service for 15 years in Northern Wisconsin. I am now retired, which gives me time
it was time to join another fraternal organization, the Elks. Although it is quite a bit   for my hobbies of golf, fishing and playing pool. It also gives me time to be active at
different than the fraternity I was involved in while in college, I have grown to love     the lodge.
what the Elks stand for, and what they provide to their individual communities.                 My passion with Elkdom has been the people I have met as an Elk. I like going to
                           This Summer at the Moab Lodge                                   conventions and visiting other lodges. There are so many wonderful people that have
     This past 4th of July, we had our first wild boar pit barbecue with the               befriended us in the past 4 years. This is one of the many great aspects of Elkdom.
anticipation of only 20 or so attending. To our happy surprise, we had almost                   Some of my contributions to Provo Lodge so far as Exalted Ruler have been
50 Members and guests join us for dinner at the lodge. The Harrisons used their            getting pizzas served in the Club Room. I also started the lunch program and helped
backhoe to dig out our pit, and to retrieve the meat from the coals. We placed             in choosing the lunch menu. I have just started recognizing a Lodge Elk of The
the meat in the ground at 11:30 the night before, and pulled it out at 6:00 pm on          Month, to recognize special members who do so much for our lodge and Elkdom.
the 4th. Everyone had fun and good food, and we sat out on the patio deck to               This honor also includes a special parking place during the month. Currently, we are
watch the fireworks later in the evening, or at least what we could see. All UEA           in the process of getting horseshoe pits installed at
Members are invited to visit us at the lodge                                               the lodge.
when you are in Moab.
                                                                                           Don Schlegel
Dan Stott
                                                                                           Exalted Ruler
Exalted Ruler
                                                                                           Provo Lodge #849
Moab Lodge #2120

                                                                                                One of my favorite fundraisers annually is
           Dave Aldridge, Exalted Ruler                                                    the Lodge Scholarship Golf Tournament – I will
                                                                                           gladly share those results with you when I see
             Cedar City Lodge #1556                                                        you in Price. Another great fundraising event is
                                                                                           our Deer Hunters Ball held every October – we
                                                                                           would love to have you join us for this, and I will
                   I would like to say hello to everyone, and say it was great seeing      share that with you as well.
                  everybody that came to the Grand Lodge Convention in Anaheim,                 During my tenure as Treasurer, I was also the UEA Soccer Chairman for 5
                  and I look forward to seeing y’all in Price.                             years, or maybe it was 6? With other things going on in my life, I finally needed to
                   For those who do not know me, I should tell you a little about          pass the position on to someone else.
                  myself. I am a father of three children, the proud grandfather of two         I believe the Elks is a great organization and I am just trying to do my little
                  grandchildren, and am married to the President-Elect of the Utah         part where I can. Hopefully in the future I will be able to get a little more involved,
                  Elks Association.                                                        but for now I am just happy being the Cedar City ER and helping to keep my lodge
                   I have been an Elk for 10 years, and had to look at my card to tell     going strong. My passion in Elkdom is making it through my year without making
                  you that! I started out with the Elks to assist my wife, JoAnn, as she   anyone really mad at me, including JoAnn…especially JoAnn!!!
                  became Exalted Ruler for the first time. That year I jumped right
into the chairs and became the Tiler for Cedar City. The next year I was asked to be       Fraternally,
Chaplain, but the job of Treasurer came open and I jumped at the chance to see what        Dave Aldridge
all the lodge does and where the money goes. Well, after 9 years in that position, I       Exalted Rule
have it pretty well figured out. This year I am the Exalted Ruler and I am trying to do    Cedar City Lodge # 1556
what I can to just keep up.

                                                                 Cedar City Lodge #1556
                                                                    Summer Events
                             The Cedar City Elks have been staying busy since we were last together at the UEA Convention.
                             The Lodge Scholarship Golf Tournament was held July 19th. We had 20 teams, including about 10 Elks and 12
                         LOE’s participating, and we were able to raise $3,100 for our Youth Activities Scholarship fund. We had a great day
followed by lunch at the lodge.
     Our lodge participated in the Pioneer Day Parade on July 24th. We had 6 Elks, 5 kids and 1 non-Elk representing the Cedar City Elks and Elkdom in Utah. We gave out 1,200
Drug Awareness Coloring books and we were a huge hit. And as a community service, not only did we give away the books, we were the last entry in the parade and I, Dave
Aldridge, your very humble Exalted Ruler, was the official “Pooper Scooper”, for all the horses in the parade! And there were a lot of horses, Y’All!!! I got the most cheers.
The UTAH ELK                                                       Publication of the Utah Elks Association                                       Fall Meeting 2008 - PAGE 14

             Aline France, Exalted Ruler                                                               Rodney Draper, Exalted Ruler
                Park City Lodge #734                                                                    Eureka/Tintic Lodge #711
                    I first became involved about 30 years ago as an LOE in                                          I originally joined the Elks just because I wanted to rent the
                   Richfield. I held offices of auditor and historian, and really enjoyed                        building for my wedding. A bit selfish, but true. I married my wife,
                   volunteering at the social functions that were held. (You all know                            Shena at the lodge on September 9th, 1989. Afterwards, we moved
                   what I am talking about!!!) I enjoyed the atmosphere as it was                                to Nevada for a short time, so I didn’t really get involved with the
                   always very community and family oriented.                                                    workings of Elkdom for awhile after that.
                    When I moved to Park City a few years later, PER Craig Cooper                                    Once we came back home, I became more active, and have
                   asked me to a dinner the Elks were having, and I liked the people                             served as Tiler for two years, Hoop Shoot Chair for two years, Inner
                   who attended. I submitted my application in 2000 and was very                                 Guard, Chaplain, and Leading Knight, each for one year. Now,
                   excited to become part of the Elks Organization. I began as                                   coming in to my twentieth year as an Elk, I am proudly serving this
committee chair of the Christmas party we hold each year for the underprivileged              great little lodge as Exalted Ruler.
children in our area, and this has been my pet project ever since. I learned a lot                 Through all of this, Shena and I have been busy raising our three children, two
that first year, then began assuming officer chairs ever since. I have chaired many           sons and a daughter. The kids have all been very active in all types of sports, from
committees, and have been Loyal Knight, Lecturing Knight, and now currently                   the somewhat normal to the extreme of racing motorcycles. We have been, and still
serving my 2nd year as Exalted Ruler.                                                         are, an outdoor family, enjoying things such as hunting, fishing, camping, or just
     Park City only hosts a few functions a year; our annual community officers’              going out to build a fire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows.
recognition BBQ in August, and our Christmas party. Since our lodge has become                     Last year, Shena and I organized the first annual Tintic Elks Poker Run. What a
more active, we have started a few more traditions that I hope will continue. Our first       day that turned out to be. We had over one hundred forty riders, and gave away about
Crab Crack was held in February and in September, we will be holding a Sock Hop.              $2,500 in prizes. We were able to raise over $2,000 for our lodge charities. And all
I am very proud of our lodge and our members. Our lodge has also made some                    thanks to the hard work of our members, friends and family, not to mention the 140
drastic changes in the past 8 years. If you have not been here before or for a long           plus riders who braved the weather that day to make it a great success. I truly look
time, come check us out!!! We have all of our information                                     forward to seeing you all out again this year. We will be hosting the Second Annual
available on the website.                                                                     Poker Run on October 4th. Look for our flyer on the
                                                                                              website soon, and you can ask me about it at Fall Meeting.
Aline France
Exalted Ruler                                                                                 Fraternally,
Park City Lodge #734                                                                          Rodney Draper
                                                                                              Exalted Ruler
   DECADES OF TRADITION CONTINUES                                                             Eureka/Tintic Lodge #711

  Park City BPOE #734 BBQ - August 16th, 2008
     Park City has held a deep-pit BBQ for many years. I can’t seem to find anyone
old enough to tell me when it began, but my best guess is over 50 years ago. Initially,                 Terry Andregg, Exalted Ruler
the Park City BBQ was held at the old “City Park in Old Town” where ambitious Elk
Members built the pit. I believe that during the early 1980’s the activity - deep pit                        Tooele Lodge #1673
and all - was moved to Rotary Park.
     The menu is Traditional Deep Pit BBQ: Potatoes/onions, lamb quarters, and                                         I have been an Elk for 10 years, having served as Lecturing
baron of beef. The food is seasoned (now that is a time consuming job) and placed                              Knight twice, and now I am Exalted Ruler for the second year. What
on the racks and lowered into the pit. The pit is 3’ x 6’ and 5’ deep. The procedure                           keeps me involved is helping all the people and kids that need some
is pretty common: clean out the pit, fill it with wood, start the fire, letting it burn                        help to make their lives a little better and happier. My passion as an Elk
down to coals. Place the racks of food into the pit, cover pit with large overlapping                          is all the joy from seeing all the people we touch.
tin plates, and then with sand - AND PRAY! I’ve always had NIGHTMARES the fire                                         A little about myself, I like to fish and hunt and just be
would go out and the food would not be cooked. That would break the TRADITION!                                 outdoors going camping, and doing a little gardening. You know,
     Around l991, Roy Lodge, now Golden Spike, furnished and cooked corn-on-the                                about all the usual things guys like to do.
cob, a good idea that is now part of the TRADITIONAL menu. Lynnette G. provides
                                                                                                                       I am married to Sherri, the love of my life and a lovely
the service for all. Of course, the menu includes sliced fresh veggies, tossed salads,
                                                                                              person. We have three kids and eight grandchildren, four boys and four girls. I
rolls, and the TRADITIONAL brownies. I believe that beverages are an important
part of the TRADITIONAL MENU as well.                                                         drive semi trucks for ATK Aerospace Systems, and have been there for 28 years.
     Prior to the Camp Wapiti Golf Tournament, the TRADITIONAL BBQ was                             At Tooele Lodge, we are getting ready to do a fundraiser for the Children’s
scheduled for the 2nd weekend in August. Now the TRADITIONAL DAY is the 3rd                   Justice Center and I am sure our committee will do an outstanding job. Our
Saturday in August. We would like you all there, so put it on your calendars for next year!   fundraiser is to help the center with some of their needs to take care of the children
     The Park City BBQ was “THE” summer event. Anybody that was anybody                       that come to them. The three ladies that run the Justice Center were UEA Citizens
attended, and frequently had to help do the work. Oh, the stories that could be told!         of the Year for 2007-2008, and were honored in Cedar City. The Children’s Justice
Just ask Pat, Myron, Dan, Bob, AJ, Dale, and Elaine!                                          Center is setup to help kids that are in trouble, and have been abused and neglected.
     The Rotary Park is an awesome facility with a pavilion, shade trees, green grass,        These three women are great assets to our community and are often overlooked for
cool breeze and even a steam trickling through - sounds picturesque, doesn’t it?              the great things they do.
Most recently, in the last 5--6 years, this activity has included recognition of the civil         Our fundraiser is a murder mystery dinner, and will be on November 14th, 2008
service staff, such as policemen, firefighters, highway patrol, emergency medical             at the Tooele Elks Lodge. We would like to have any and all Utah Elks join us for
technicians, etc. It is kind of exciting to see the fire trucks, ambulances, and our          this worthy cause. We just had a golf fundraiser at the end of May for a child that
Drug Awareness trailer -- and all of those glamorous uniforms. It is nice to have their       was born with some birth defects and the parents needed help with the doctor bills.
families there to celebrate with us too.                                                      We will also be sponsoring families in the community that need help for Christmas.
     Over the years, the activity has included a soccer shoot off, volley ball, sand-         God bless America.
box prizes for the kids, and raffles for children and adults. Winning overnight stays,
dinners, golf games, etc., all have been included in the fun. Sometimes we even               Fraternally,
sponsor a band and dance at the lodge. I believe we now have included karaoke, too.           Terry Andregg
                                                                                              Exalted Ruler
Genny B., PER                                                                                 Tooele Lodge #1673
The UTAH ELK                                                     Publication of the Utah Elks Association                                  Fall Meeting 2008 - PAGE 15

                                                                                                           ST. GEORGE “DIXIE” LODGE #1743
             Terry Jones, Exalted Ruler                                                                     ANNUAL CHILI COOK-OFF AND
                 Dixie Lodge #1743                                                                             QUICK DRAW SHOOT-OUT
                                                                                                              In the fall, for the past two years, “Dixie” Elks Lodge has held
                           My first recollection of the Elks was my 12th birthday party                     an amateur chili cook-off as a fundraiser for the Shop with a Cop
                       at the Elks Lodge in Champaign, Illinois. Both my parents were     charity. The first year, teams of Elk Members challenged teams of local radio
                       active in the Elks, and after women were permitted to become       personalities in a contest to determine who made the best chili. The second year,
                       members, I investigated joining the Elks. I wanted a place         the concoctions were made by Elk Member teams and were pitted against teams of
                       where I could meet people in a casual, friendly atmosphere who     officers from local police and sheriff departments. A panel of five judges consisted
                       had goals similar to mine, helping those in need and giving        of Past Exalted Rulers and people from the competing groups. To sample each chili,
                       back to the community.                                             you purchase a ticket for $.50 or five for $2.00. If you want a bowl of your favorite,
                           I was initiated May 27, 2003 and immediately started           a ticket costs $2.00. You can also buy a piece of homemade cornbread, made by
                       volunteering wherever I could. I have been the Volunteer           the “Dixie” Widows of Elks for $1.00 to go with the chili, or dampen the fire when
Coordinator, Lodge Activities Chair, Chair of the ARC Christmas Party, Shop               necessary. Desserts were offered by the Youth Activities Committee and “Dixie”
with a Cop, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Charity Ball, fund raising banquets, dinners,         Ladies of Elks for a nominal charge. Raffle tickets were sold for a chance to win
and events. I have also been the New Member Investigation Committee Chair and             prizes donated by lodge members and local businesses.
a member of the House Committee. I have a Fish Night crew and help with the                    To add to the coffers, the Wild West Cowboy Quick Draw team had a great
Sunday buffet breakfasts twice a month. I’ve helped score scholarship applications        set-up. For those interested, they can strap on a holster and six-shooter, and go up
on both the local and state levels, and proof read our lodge bulletin.                    against the clock to see how fast they can draw and fire. The ammo is crushed walnut
     After being encouraged by several members and my sister, who was an officer          shells which makes the charge lethal enough to pop a balloon, but safe enough not
in the Lake Elsinore, California Lodge, I agreed to be the Chaplain, and continued as     to injure anyone. This allows for children to get in on the fun. All the money that the
Lecturing Knight, Loyal Knight, Leading Knight, and now as Exalted Ruler. Every           Wild West Cowboys collect goes donated directly to Shop with a Cop.
aspect has been an educational, exciting, fun-filled, and rewarding period in my life.         To complete the day’s events, there is a Turkey Shoot where attendees can buy a
                                                                                          chance to win a turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner. All proceeds from this activity
     My first passion with Elkdom is working with and helping children and young
                                                                                          also go directly to the Shop with a Cop program.
adults. It is gratifying to show them that we are proud of who they are, what they
                                                                                               In December, at last year’s Shop with a Cop event, we had
accomplish, and to share their dreams for the future. My second passion is our
                                                                                          approximately 90 children and over 100 local law enforcement
veterans. I don’t think I will ever be able to thank those who have served and those
                                                                                          officers and firefighters that took the kids shopping with $100 for
now serving our country enough for their sacrifice and for all they have done and
                                                                                          each child to spend. This was preceded by breakfast, provided
continue to do.
                                                                                          by members and officers, at the “Dixie” Elks Lodge. With sirens
     On a personal note, I have two adult daughters, four grandsons and one
                                                                                          blaring and lights flashing, the children rode in police cars from
granddaughter, all living close by. I work for a publishing company that publishes        the lodge to our local Wal-Mart store.
a bi-monthly magazine on alternative, self-
managed, preventive health care. I am an IHC
Hospice volunteer and was awarded the Hospice
Volunteer of the Year award in 2005.
                                                                                                 Bonnie Campbell, Exalted Ruler
Terry Jones
                                                                                                     Bountiful Lodge #2442
Exalted Ruler
Dixie Lodge #1743                                                                                                 My beginning in Elkdom started as a Lady of Elks, and I soon
                                                                                                             became President of the LOE. Our lodge was one of the first to have
                                                                                                             men join the LOE organization, and we immediately had nine male
                                                                                                             members. I have belonged to the Ladies of Elks for 25 years. Later, I
                                                                                                             was asked to join the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.
                                                                                                                  As the first Utah woman to become an Elk, I was also the first
                                                                                                             woman to join in the western United States, and only the second
                                                                                                             in the nation. I began by taking an officers position as the Inner
                                                                                                             Guard, and our team went all the way to Grand Lodge. We came in
                                                                                          third in the nation, and received the highest score Utah has ever attained.
                                                                                               Having been an Elk Member for 14 years, I have served as Exalted Ruler for
                                                                                          two years, and this year, I am the Exalted Ruler for the third time. A few years ago, I
                                                                                          was awarded UEA Officer of the Year, and recently was named UEA Elk of the Year.
                                                                                               I am married, and have two sons and seven grandchildren, three boys and four
                                                                                          girls between the ages of 6 and 19. I worked as a Management Assistant at Hill Air
                                                                                          Force Base, until retiring almost two years ago.
                                                                                               My husband Ross and my children are the inspiration behind all my work in
                                                                                          Elkdom. Without their support, I could not do this job. I have had Elkdom in my life
                                                                                          for so long now that I don’t really know what it would be like without it.
                                                                                               I think Hoop Shoot is my passion. I’ve worked with the Hoop Shoot program for
                                                                                          nine years. But really, everything about Elkdom is close to my heart.
                                                                                            The Swing Dance Class we have been promoting at the Bountiful Lodge has
                                                                                          raised over $1,000 for Primary Children’s
                                                                                          Hospital and the Bountiful Food Bank.

                                                                                          Bonnie Campbell
                                                                                          Exalted Ruler
                                                                                          Bountiful Lodge #2442
The UTAH ELK                                        Publication of the Utah Elks Association                             Fall Meeting 2008 - PAGE 16

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E   K   S   U   T   A   H   E   L   K   S   L   K   S   A   T   T   H
U   A   L   H   A   U   E   L   K   S   S   K   L   E   H   A   T   U
T   T   U   E   H   A   T   U   S   U   S   E   S   L   H   H   E   E
A   U   T   A   H   E   L   K   S   K   H   K   K   E   U   E   L   H
H   T   A   H   E   A   K   U   L   S   A   S   L   S   K   L   K   A
E   S   H   E   L   H   T   E   A   K   K   K   E   E   T   K   S   T
L   K   E   L   K   A   H   U   T   L   S   E   T   U   H   S   L   U
K   L   L   K   S   A   T   K   E   E   S   K   L   E   H   A   T   U
S   E   K   S   T   L   E   H   A   H   T   U   L   S   U   A   T   K
K   H   U   U   L   U   A   E   U   A   A   U   T   E   H   E   L   U
L   A   T   E   E   T   T   L   K   T   S   K   L   E   H   A   T   U
E   T   A   H   U   U   E   A   U   U   T   E   L   A   S   A   H   T
S   U   H   E   T   T   H   T   H   A   L   K   T   K   H   E   T   U
K   T   E   L   A   E   A   A   U   E   S   K   L   E   H   A   T   U
L   E   L   K   H   H   U   H   T   K   L   S   L   L   U   A   T   T
E   L   K   S   E   L   K   S   E   U   E   K   T   K   H   A   U   A
H   U   S   L   L   L   S   A   K   L   S   U   S   S   H   H   T   H
A   T   K   K   K   L   K   H   A   T   K   K   L   E   U   E   A   E
T   S   U   S   S   E   L   T   K   U   H   S   L   K   T   L   H   L
U   T   A   E   K   H   E   U   T   E   S   K   H   E   E   K   E   K
A   H   T   U   T   A   H   E   L   K   S   U   T   E   S   S   L   S

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