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					                            The           Elk’s Horn
                                                 Roseville Lodge No. 2248
                                                 Volume 16 No 5             August 2009                                 Since 1868

           Lodge Officers                                                                 “Let’s Have Fun!”
            2008 – 2009
                                                                     I have just returned home from the 145th Grand Lodge 
Exalted Ruler              Troy Asher                                Convention in Portland, Oregon, with a new perspective on 
 Leading Knight            Bill Faubel                               Elkdom.  One of the important things I’ve learned is how much 
Loyal Knight              Kris McKim                                 the Elks do for children and students. 
Lecturing Knight        Chuck Mitchell                                

Esquire                  Brian Lentsch                                This year, Elks gave 2.294 million dollars in scholarships to 500 
Chaplin                  Chuck Purcell                               participants in the Most Valuable Students contest.  There 
Inner Guard                 Rob Tuttle
                                                                     were scholarships from $8,000 to $60,000, over a four‐year 
Tiler                      Bill Swayne
Secretary                 Harry Hovan                                period.
Treasurer                 Peter Lococo
Organist                         Vacant
                                           There were the two first place winners from the Hoop Shoot contest at the 
Trustee 5 year           Harry Hopton      convention.  We met the 8‐9 year old boy winner, Oakley Baker, and the 8‐9 year old girl 
Trustee 4 year              Dick Law       winner, Tommi Olson.  Baker shot an amazing 25/25 and then 5/5 in the shoot off.  Olson 
Trustee 3 year              Don Ireton     shot 24/25.  Baker and Olson both won the Getty Powell Award for the highest scoring 
Trustee 2 year              Dave Deas      girl and boy in the contest. 
Trustee 1 year             Mel Borden       

                                           The business sessions were at the Portland Convention Center, just a few blocks from the 
              Honor Roll                   hotel.  I and several other Elks took the light rail train at no cost.  The meetings were long 
              2009 - 2010                  and sometimes boring.  There was an agenda, but even so, the presentations and 
Elk of the Year              Dick Law      discussions ran over the allotted time.  Several committee reports took longer than 
Officer of the Year   Marionette Mason
Citizen of the Year      Bill Markham

                                           On Monday July 6, all delegates attending the business session received a pamphlet on 
          July Lodge Meetings              the current resolutions that were up for vote on Wednesday, July 8.  For those of you 
      Thursday, Aug 6, 7:30 pm             who want a list of the resolutions and the outcome can go to the Elks.org members’ 
 Pre-meeting Dinner begins at 6:15 pm      website and see the results.  For those of you don’t have a computer and are interested 
                                           in the results, just contact me through the Lodge and I will be happy to share that 
      Thursday, Aug 20, 7:30 pm
 Pre-meeting Dinner begins at 6:15 pm      information with you. 

                                           Wednesday evening, Elk Grove Lodge ER, Bill Tomlin, and I made our way over to the 
   Your Attendance is a valuable           Gateway Lodge for a cocktail and a tour.  Their facility is quite large.  There is a two‐story 
        asset to the Lodge!                building and about 30 thousand square feet.  Their membership is over 1,600 and the 
      You can make a difference;           dues are about $132.  They have a game room, a Sauna for the men and women, a weight 
      You will make a difference.          room, a nice lounge for dining and a great dance floor.  I was surprised to learn they have 
      The success of your Lodge            a problem with membership retention.  The trustee that gave Bill and me the tour was 
           depends on you!
                                           most gracious and polite.  Seeing this Lodge was certainly worth the effort.   
       “Crying Towel Report”
         (Attendance Drawing)              Troy Asher
 June 18 ($400), Robert Perry, Absent
                                           Exalted Ruler

 July 2 ($450), Brian Calnan, Absent                                       Attention Golfers
                                          We’re looking to start a Lodge ‘golf group’ to play 9 holes at Diamond Oaks Golf
                                          Course on Wednesday evenings after 6 pm. Cost will be $13 if you walk or $21 with a
                                          cart. All interested please call Dick Law and make reservations for the following
                                          Wednesday. For more information, contact Bob Cress or Thorn Cervantes, or call Dick
                                          Law at 791-3346.
Aug 2009                                                  Elk’s Horn                                                  Page 2
      The Elk's Horn                        COMMITTEE CHAIRS                              Roseville Elks Lodge
        Published Monthly                      2009 - 2010                                      No 2248
Roseville Elks Lodge No. 2248          House Committee Chair,      Jerry Durrett
                                                                     Bill Faubel           Past Exalted Rulers
        3000 Brady Lane
                                                                   Kris McKim
      Roseville, CA 95747                                                          Floyd H. Knudsen*                1962
                                                                      Tom Bizal
          P.O. Box 247                                                             Joe Giannoni*                 1962-63
                                                             Gary Buckhammer
      Roseville, CA 95678                                   Harry Hopton, PER      F. J. LaFreniere*             1963-64
     "Non-Profit Newsletter"           Presiding Justice     Bob Thayne, PER       Robert F. Brown*              1964-65
     Volume 16 Issue No. 4             Mediator            Mel Rojko, PDDGER       Roy E. Busick*                1965-66
            July 2009                  Grand Lodge alt. Rep Dan Fisher, PER        Joseph Mandella*              1966-67
                                       Auditing and Accounting      Joe Wagner     Roger Blay*                   1967-68
      Lodge Information                Membership                  Harry Hovan
      Business Office Hours                                                        Merle Elson*                  1968-69
                                       Indoctrination             Brian Lentsch    Ray E. Taylor*                1969-70
     Monday through Friday             Investigations                Dave Deas
           9 am to 1 pm                                                            Richard L. Speak              1970-71
                                       Lapsation                  Harry Hovan      George F. Sachs               1971-72
   Office Phone (916) 783-4515         Community Activities        Kris McKim
   FAX            (916) 783-6320                                                   Francis A. Gridley            1972-73
                                       Lodge Activities             Bill Faubel
                                                                                   Myron M. Durfee*              1973-74
                                       Americanism               Chuck Purcell
    Internet Connections:              Flag Day                   Deborah Deas
                                                                                   Earl P. LaChapelle*           1974-75
         Lodge Web Page                Government Relations Chuck Mitchell         Robert G. Thayne              1975-76
        www.elks2248.com               Memorial Day             Dick Law, PER      Charles A. Jackson*           1976-77
                                       Veterans                  Deborah Deas      William H. Olson*             1977-78
              Email                                                                George Zigmont                1978-79
                                       Public Relations       Marionette Mason
       roselks@comcast.net                                                         Cletus B. Cory*               1979-80
                                       Visiting        Jim Carpenter, PDDGER
       editor@elks2248.com             Youth Activities              Rob Tuttle    James D. Lamb                 1980-81
                                       Scholarship                  Bob Persky     Delbert E. Queen *            1981-82
The Elk's Horn is a monthly            Drug Awareness             Dick Gaspari     Carl G. Billings*             1982-83
publication, produced by Elks          Hoop Shoot                    Gary Platz    Theodore W. Glade*            1983-84
Lodge No 2248. All articles for        Scouting                   Sean Goetzer     David G. Russell              1984-85
                                       Elk National Foundation       Bill Faubel   David G. Russell              1985-86
publication must be in the Editor's
                                       Elk Training            Dan Fisher, PER     Michael A. Malone             1986-87
box or submitted by email no later
                                       By-Laws               Bob Thayne, PER       James J. Carpenter            1987-88
than the 12th of the month, no         Major Proj      Jim Carpenter, PDDGER
exceptions. All submissions are                                                    George V. Stan                1988-89
                                       Major Proj co-chair Harry Hopton, PER       Kirk Watkins                  1989-90
subject to space available and         Blood Bank                         Vacant
editing. Articles submitted timely                                                 Gordon Stebbins*              1990-91
                                       Accident Prevention Harry Hopton, PER
and not appearing in the current                                                   Charles H. Gipson*            1991-92
                                       RV Club                     Bob Kinman
issue may be included in a                                                         Andrew E. Anderson            1992-93
                                       Elk's Golf               Dick Law, PER
subsequent edition. In order to        Ritual Coach            Dan Fisher, PER
                                                                                   David G. Russell              1993-94
better serve your Lodge, all Elks,     Assistant Coach      Bill Markham, PER      William E. Griffiths          1994-95
Officers and committee chairman,       Bulletin Editor              Bob LeGro      Cal Jones*                    1995-96
are encouraged to submit their         Mailing              Harry Hopton, PER      Randy Beck                    1996-97
reports, stories, articles and event   Webmaster                 Brian Lentsch     William Markham               1997-98
flyers (relevant to Elk or Emblem                                                  Lyle Heidemann                1998-99
activities) to the editor as soon as                                               Joseph Halstead               1999-00
                                                   Attention Elks                  Charles Halter                2000-01
possible, no later than the 12th.
                                       You can now receive direct notification     Phil Sanborn                  2001-02
                                       of Lodge news or any change to our          George Mountford              2002-03
                                       program, calendar or scheduled events       Jerry Buck                    2003-04
                                       by joining our Email Directory. You         Dick Law                      2004-05
                                       can sign-up at the Lodge office anytime
                                                                                   Gus C. Stamas                 2005-06
                                       during normal business hours (but please
                                                                                   Kelly Lamberton*                 2006
                                       print your email address plainly), or you
                                       can go to the Lodge website at
                                                                                   Dan Fisher                    2006-07
                                       www.elks2248.com. The Lodge will            Brian Lentsch                 2007-08
                                       not give out (nor sell) this Directory or   Harry Hopton                  2008-09
                                       your email address, nor use them for any
 Support Your Purple Pig!              purpose other than indicated above.         *Deceased

               Get involved! Volunteer your time and talent … call the office at 916-783-4515
Aug 2009                                                               Elk’s Horn                                                                  Page 3

    Past State Vice Presidents
  Cletus Cory*                  1982-83
  James Carpenter               1994-95   Sam Simpson                                  1         William T. Clair                                 17
  Chuck Gipson*                 2001-02   Karl H. Weiss                                2         Terry S. Altomari                                18
                                          James A. Gavin                               4         Arthur F. Naylor, Jr                             18
  *Deceased                               William K. Green                             4         Norm Butner                                       20
                                          Michael F. O’Bryan                           4         Stewart W. Eskridge                               21
                                          Edward Reynolds                              4         Sheldon Bulmer                                    22
      Past District Deputy                Marvin E. Bennett                            5         Norman Cadmus                                     23
      Grand Exalted Rulers                Barry M. Kendrigan                           5         Ronald Fincham                                    23
                                          Ron McCormick                                5         James J. Hanley                                   23
  James Carpenter             1997-98     Ted P. Hovanec                               7         Robert LeGro                                      23
  Mel Rojko (Bay Dist)        2000-01     Dale K. Little                               7         Shirley L. Rose                                  23
                                          James C. Sipes                               7         Richard Alvarado                                 24
      Past Exalted Rulers                 Mel Baker                                    8         De Wolfe Emory                                   24
   By Association or Transfer             David P. Alsgood                             9         Richard Anderson                                 26
                                          Gil L. Feis                                  9         Larry Abbott                                     27
          Vince Catalano                  Lester J. Schroeder                          9         Joseph Cancilla                                  28
           Donald Davis                   Kenneth C. Sparks                            9         Gordon L. Odell                                  28
            Dan Fisher                    Eldon Jacobus                                11        Leland J. Robinson                               28
          Joseph Gleason                  Gene Packebush                               11        William O. Williams                              29
            Lee McCoy                     Fred Romero                                  11        Kenneth P. Chaffin                               30
             Al Nunn                      Warren McClain                               12        Hagop Gagosian                                   31
           David Russell                  Wesley H. Clark                              15        Douglas A. Lewis                                 31
          Thomas Ryan*                    Douglas J. Mathews                           15        Carl R. Rick                                     31
        Edward Schlesinger                Donald L. Ireton                             16
       Norman J. Sutherland
                                                                          AUGUST HEADLINE EVENTS OF THE PAST 
       Secretary’s Journal                Pittsburgh Pirates beat Boston Braves, 2-0, in 21 innings (1918) • 1st intercollegiate
                                             rowing race, Harvard beats Yale by 4 lengths (1852) • At Berlin Olympics, Jesse
                                            Owens wins his 3rd Olympic medal (1936) • 1st Spanish ship, San Carlos, enters
                                           San Francisco Bay (1775) • Douglas J. Mathews born (1936) • George Washington
                                               creates Order of Purple Heart (1782) • Betty Boop debuts in Max Fleischer's
        Membership Report                 animated cartoon Dizzy Dishes (1930) • 1st U.S. steam engine train run - Albany to
          June 30, 2009                      Schenectady, NY (1831) • Battle of Adrianople, Visigoth Calvary defeats Roman
                                           Army (378) • Gold discovered at Klondike River at Dawson (1896) • Juan Ponce de
   Beginning                      619       Leon arrives in Puerto Rico (1508) • Battle at Bosworth Fields: Henry Tudor beats
   Initiated                        6       king Richard III (1485) • Earliest recorded hurricane in U.S., Jamestown, Virginia
   Transferred in                   5     (1667) • 1st black Americans (20) land at Jamestown, Virginia (1619) • U.S. Senate
   Reinstated                       1     confirms Thurgood Marshall as 1st black justice (1967) • Hubert Cecil Booth patents
   Dropped                          8       vacuum cleaner (1901) • Thomas Edison patents motion picture camera (1891) •
                                          Thomas Colley executed in England for drowning supposed witch (1751) • 1st potato
   Transferred Out                  1
                                                chips prepared by Chef George Crum – Saratoga Springs New York (1853)
   Absolute Demit                   1
   Deaths                           3

   Total                          618                               Roseville Elks Lodge Birthday Policy
                                          As a courtesy to member Elks having a birthday this month, the Roseville Elks Lodge will extend to
                                          them a complimentary birthday dinner at any Friday Night Dinner Event or Tuesday Night Spaghetti
       Membership Activity                 Feed during the month in which their birthday occurs (lounge drinks not included). Please call the
           Balloting – August                               office at 783-4515 and make your reservation to assure seating.

                                            Notify the office if you are eligible and your name is missing from this month’s list.
     Ben Sliger by Roger Machado
                                           Please clip here and present to cashier                            Please clip here and present to cashier
   Craig Beechum by Lloyd Robertson
  Mary Ann Stanton by Ralph Robinson
             Transfer in:                                                            Birthday Coupon
    John Russell from Paradise #2026                                           Roseville Elks Lodge No 2248
            Re-instatement:                                                  Good for one complimentary Dinner
            Howard Cabezas
             Richard Mong                   Member Name__________________________________________
   “Sponsor a new member.
                                            Date of Birth___________________________________________
   Invite a friend or family
  member to join our Lodge”                 Date Redeemed_________________________________________
Aug 2009                                        Elk’s Horn                   Page 4

                         What?              Roseville Emblem Club #407
                                                  “Lazy Days of
 “A cynic is a person searching for an
 honest man, with a stolen lantern.”
                     Edgar A. Shoaff

 “A narcissist is someone better
 looking than you are.”
                          Gore Vidal
 “Conscience is the inner voice that

                                               August 22, 2009
 warns us somebody is looking.”
              Henry Louis Mencken
 “I am free of all prejudices. I hate
 everyone equally.”
                          W. C. Fields
 “I know the world isn't fair, but why
 isn't it ever unfair in my favor?”
                          Bill Watterson
 “An honest politician is one who,
 when he is bought, will stay bought.”
                                                No Host Cocktails – 11:30
                     Simon Cameron
                                                     Lunch – 12:30
 “At no time is freedom of speech
 more precious than when a man hits
 his thumb with a hammer.”
                                              (Baked Potato and Salad Bar)
                   Marshall Lumsden
 “Even Napoleon had his Watergate.”
                        Yogi Berra
                                               Fashions to follow by the
 “‘Twas a woman who drove me to
 drink, and I never had the courtesy to
                                                  Draper’s & Damon’s
 thank her for it.”
                          W. C. Fields
 “Always do right -- this will gratify
 some and astonish the rest.”

                                                    Tickets $15.00
                          Mark Twain
 “If God had really intended men to
 fly, he'd make it easier to get to the
                       George Winters
 “The ultimate measure of a man is
 not where he stands in moments of          Reservations by 8/10/09 to
                                                 Barbara Ferreira
 comfort and convenience, but where
 he stands at times of challenge and

                              Jr. King
 “It is odd, is it not, that a person's
 worth to society is measured by their
 wealth, when instead their wealth
 should be measured by their worth to
                                 A. Cygni
 “Nothing is more admirable than the
 fortitude with which millionaires
 tolerate the disadvantages of their
                           Nero Wolfe
Aug 2009                                                       Elk’s Horn                                                         Page 5

                    Words from the PER’s                                         What other Lodges are doing
                       PER-spective                                 Ontario, California, Lodge Members purchased $500 worth of
 Wow! Another month has gone by and a busy one at that. It          Girl Scout cookies from the Girl Scout Troop No. 593 to be
 started with a BANG on the Fourth with the annual Roseville        shipped to US troops serving overseas.
 parade to which our lodge donated (to save the Parade) a           Yucaipa, California, Lodge and Kamper Klub members
 generous contribution of $250. This is just one example of         participated in a Pray for a Cure Walk held by a local church and
 Elks giving to the community. This was followed by an              donated $110 to the American Cancer Society.
 enjoyable afternoon and BBQ honoring “Ride to Walk,” a             Brighton, Colorado, Lodge held a fundraiser for five-year-old
 therapeutic Equestrian group that works with disabled youth.       Justiz Keeler, who suffers from leukemia, and raised more than
 ENF chairman, Bill Faubel, with help from others, hosted this      $15,000 to help pay Justiz’s medical bills.
 event. A grant from the ENF, made possible due to the
                                                                    Denver, Colorado, Lodge members presented a Blue Star Service
 generous contributions from lodge members during the               Banner to Esteemed Leading Knight Peggy Allen to honor the
 previous year, topped off the event. This again was another        service of her son, US Army PVT Sean Allen, who was attending
 way we as a lodge give back to the community. These                Advanced Individual Training at Fort Huachuca in Arizona.
 examples of “Elks care, Elks share” are a small part of what we
                                                                    Southington, Connecticut, Lodge, in cooperation with the Arc of
 do. However, they do not happen without work and dedication
                                                                    Southington, an advocacy organization for people with
 of members. Ask yourselves is there more I can do? If you          developmental disabilities, held a fund-raiser for Bruce Panella
 haven’t been to a meeting since you were initiated you are not     and his family. Panella suffers from myelofibrosis, a rare blood
 taking advantage of what you can do to make your membership        disease that affects bone marrow. The fund-raiser drew almost
 all that it can be. The feeling that you get from doing and        600 people and, along with ticket sales and prior donations, raised
 involving yourselves in these activities is truly wonderful. To    about $41,000 to help pay for a bone marrow transplant for
 see the smiles on faces of youngsters and their proud parents is   Panella.
 extremely rewarding and gratifying. Come out to a meeting,         Sebring, Florida, Lodge donated $2,000 to the South Florida
 enjoy a dinner with fellow Elks, make new friends, and get         Community College Foundation to pay for scholarships to be
 involved … this is your lodge. You have a voice and a stake in     awarded in the coming academic year.
 what happens here. We meet on the first and third Thursday of
                                                                    Robinson, Illinois, Lodge donated a $500 ENF Gratitude Grant to
 each month with a dinner and meeting following. All members        a VFW color guard to help them purchase new coats for each
 are welcome and we appreciate your presence. Get involved          member of the guard.
 and you too can get a great feeling of achievement and have a
 voice in what happens. See you at the meeting!                     Seymour, Indiana, Lodge donated $500 to Anchor House, which
                                                                    provides housing and life skills education programs to homeless
 Respectfully and Fraternally                                       people.
 Harry Hopton                                                       Warsaw, Indiana, Lodge hosted a Fish Fry fund-raiser for Teal
 PER                                                                Stamper, a teenager due to undergo heart transplant surgery. The
                                                                    event drew more than 500 people and raised $2,500, which will be
                                                                    donated to the Children’s Organ Transplant Association to be
                                                                    applied toward Teal’s medical expenses.
                                                                    Dover, New Hampshire, Lodge held its fourth annual From the
                                                                    Heart—For the Heart fundraiser and raised more than $3,300 for
                                                                    the American Heart Association—Northeast Affiliate through
                                                                    raffles and food sales. About 260 people attended the event.

                                                                                 Still time to get your shirt!
                                                                      Currently, we have access to a supply of Elks shirts especially
                                                                      made for our members. The shirt will come embroidered with
                                                                      the Lodge logo (as seen below) and your name. Some of you
                                                                      may have seen our bartenders wearing theirs. These shirts are
                                                                      made of high quality material and come in all sizes. The cost is
                                                                      $31.55 each due at the time you take delivery. When ordering
                                                                      please specify size, and the name you want embroidered on your
                                                                      shirt. All shirts usually delivered in ten to 14 days.

                                                                                                 To order your shirt, call
                                                                                                  Marionette Mason at
                     Let’s Rumble                                                                    (916) 989-0255
     Exalted Ruler, Troy Asher, rides ‘rumble seat’                                                       $31.55 ea.
       during Roseville’s Fourth of July Parade.
Aug 2009                                                    Elk’s Horn                                                            Page 6

              ROSEVILLE ELKS &
               EMBLEM CLUB
                                                              Elks Lodge Dining Room
                HAWAIIAN LUAU
                                                                      All Dinners include
                 AUGUST 15, 2009
                                                              Soup or Salad, Bread, Coffee or Tea
              BUFFET DINNER OF                                         All meals prepared by Chef, Windle Jackson
            ROASTED PIG
   RICE – SWEET POTATOES – FRUIT                          New York Steak                                             $11.50
  BOWL – GREEN SALAD – HAWAIIAN                           USDA Choice Beef (10 oz), Prepared to your order
            SWEET BREAD                                   Filet Mignon                                               $15.00
               MAI TAI BAR WITH                           USDA Choice Beef (8 oz), Prepared to your order

               ONE FREE MAI TAI                           Catch of the Day                                           $11.00
                                                          Ask your Server for this weeks selection
     MEREDITH and the SOUTH C’s                           Diet Plate                                                    $6.00
            DANCERS                                       Ask your Server for this weeks offering
                 $32 PER PERSON
            BAR OPENS AT 5:30 PM
                                                                                  A La Carté
                                                          Gourmet Hamburger                                              $5.75
               DINNER AT 6:30 PM                          Ground Beef (8oz) Served with Fries
     RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE                            Gourmet Hamburger                                              $6.00
          AND PAID FOR BY                                 Ground Beef (8oz) with Cheese Served with Fries
           AUGUST 3, 2009
                                                          Turkey Burger                                                 $5.50
   JERILYN BEESLEY, CHRIS CORGILE                         Veggie Burger                                                  $5.75
       AND DEANNIE MARKHAM                                Soup and Salad                                                 $6.00
              CALL THE LODGE                              Garden Fresh Vegetables and Homemade Soup
            FOR RESERVATIONS AT                           Dessert                                                       $1.50
                  (916) 783-4515                                                 Menu for August
                                                            Aug 7                Fish & Chips                               $10
              What’s Cooking …                              Aug 14               Roast Beef with Mashed
                    By Chris Corgile                                             Potatoes and Gravy                         $10
As you have noticed, we have made a few changes in the
                                                            Aug 21               Linguini w/Clam Sauce                      $10
kitchen and bar. Filet mignon is a regular menu item.       Aug 28               Open Menu – No Special
Our specials continue to be 2 for $20.
Tuesday nights “Happy Hour” is 5 to 7 pm. All well                                All Friday Night Specials
drinks are $2.50 and $1.50 for domestic beers.
                                                                                         2 for $20
Again, I ask that you are considerate of other Elks and
their guests when seated in the small dining room. Due
to the limited space, we cannot accommodate all
                                                                                         Lounge Service
requests for dining in the small dining room. When you                     Lounge Service is available in the Dining Room.
are finished with your meal, please move to the bar to                      Please order your favorite Wine, Cocktail or
continue socializing so others can get their seating                                Beverage from your Server.
There is a suggestion box in the lobby. I would like to   All prices are subject to California Sales Tax. A 15% gratuity added to all
hear your suggestions or ideas.                                 parties of ten or more. Separate checks available upon request.
Aug 2009                         Elk’s Horn                 Page 7

                   Roseville Elks & Emblem

                         Western Nite
                       September 12, 2009
                    Saloon Opens at 5 pm
                   Games of Ranch Hand Chores
                          Barn Yard Bingo
                            5:30 to 6:30
             Prizes of Belt Buckles for Men and Women
           Grub at 6:30 pm of BBQ Chicken, Ranch Beans,
           Salad, Corn on the Cob, Corn Bread and Dessert
                            Cost $15.00
             Dance to the Country Western Music of
                         Band of Gold
                          (from the Bay area)
                    Your Cowboy & Cowgirl Hosts:
                   Bill and Deannie Markham
                         Call 916 783-0392
           Reservations must be made and paid for by
                          September 7
               Call Lodge Office for reservations:
Aug 2009                                                                 Elk’s Horn                                                          Page 8

            Ride to Walk Event Huge Success
 ‘Ride to Walk’ event, held July 12, was a huge success for the                    Support Your Elks Lodge
 therapeutic equestrian program for disabled and handicapped
                                                                                  and Emblem Club Activities
 children. Those attending included members of the Elks Lodge,
 staff and members of the non-profit organization and the
 program’s participating children along with, of course, their
 families.                                                                             Don’t Forget!                     A Reminder
                                                                                      Breakfast with                       Emblem
                                                                                         Emblem                           Taco Night
                                                                                          Sunday                           Thursday
                                                                                         August 2                          August 27
                                                                                  From 9 am until Noon               From 5:30 to 7:30 pm

           Elk’s Horn Bulletin is back On-Line
  The Roseville Lodge’s monthly bulletin, the Elk’s Horn, is
  now back on-line for those of you who would like to see the
  bulletin in living color.           Go to our website at
 Some of the children received hand paintings by Doodles the
  www.elks2248.com and check out the new and improved                            Elks Spaghetti Night               Friday Night Dining
 Clown while others enjoyed participating in games.
  features provided by our Webmaster, Brian Lentsch.
                                                                                      Every Tuesday                     Every Friday
 Also attending the event
 in support of the “Ride                                                                   From                              From
 to Walk’ program was
 former Roseville Lodge                                                                   5 to 7 pm                       5 to 7:30 pm
 member, Joe Halstead,
 PER. Joe, who is
 currently a member of
 the Auburn Lodge, has a
 long history of
 supporting various
 Elks youth programs
 right here in Roseville.

                                       Pictured at left is program
                                       riding therapist, “Doc”                                The PER Association sponsors a
                                       Livingston, posing with event
                                       committee member, Bill                               COOK YOUR OWN STEAK NIGHT
                                       Markham. “Doc” is one of                                 Fifth Thursday of every month.
                                       several staff persons attending
                                       the event with other program                           Next scheduled event October 29
                                       personnel. Roseville Elks                          Support the PERs and make plans to attend.
                                       Lodge and ENF, through event
                                       chairman, Bill Faubel,                                     Cost is $10 per person.
                                       presented the “Ride to Walk”                   Call 783-4515 for reservations and more information.
                                       program with a donation of
                                       about $1,000.00.
                                                                                              MEMBER RESPONSIBILITY
                                                                                 Roseville Elks Lodge #2248 is a private facility licensed
                                                                                    by ABC (Alcohol and Beverage Control) Board to
  “You want fries with that?”                                                       operate our on-site lounge. As a licensee (license
                                                                                   #512829), we must comply with all ABC regulations.
 Exalted Ruler, Troy Asher, does                                                     Therefore, to assure compliance we remind our
 kitchen duty serving hamburgers,                                                   members they are responsible for signing-in their
 hot dogs, potato salad and beans to                                             nonmember guests upon entering the Lodge. Failure to
 the many hungry guests during the                                                do so may jeopardize our license. We appreciate your
 “Ride to Walk” festivities.                                                                 help in complying with this rule.
Aug 2009                                                      Elk’s Horn                                                       Page 9


        Sunday             Monday           Tuesday          Wednesday           Thursday           Friday          Saturday
           2                  3                 4                  5                 6                 7                8
                                                                                                  Elks Lodge
      Emblem Club                        Spaghetti Dinner                       Elks Meeting
                                                                                                Lounge open 4
        Breakfast                          5:30 to 7 pm                           7:30 PM
                                          Happy Hr 5 to 7                                       Happy Hr 5 to 7

                                                            Scouts 7 to 9 pm   PERs Mtg. 6 pm   Dinner 5 to 7:30

        Sunday             Monday           Tuesday          Wednesday           Thursday           Friday          Saturday
           9                 10                 11                12                13                14                15
                                                                                                  Elks Lodge
                        Committee Mtg    Spaghetti Dinner                       Emblem Club                           LUAU
                          6;30 pm
                                                                                                Lounge open 4
                                           5:30 to 7 pm                           Meeting
                                          Happy Hr 5 to 7                                       Happy Hr 5 to 7
                                                            Scouts 7 to 9 pm                    Dinner 5 to 7:30

        Sunday             Monday           Tuesday          Wednesday           Thursday           Friday          Saturday
           16                17                 18                19                20                21                22
                                                                                                  Elks Lodge       Fashion Show
                                         Spaghetti Dinner                       Elks Meeting
                                                                                                Lounge open 4
                                           5:30 to 7 pm                           7:30 PM
                                          Happy Hr 5 to 7                                       Happy Hr 5 to 7
                                                            Scouts 7 to 9 pm                    Dinner 5 to 7:30

        Sunday             Monday           Tuesday          Wednesday           Thursday           Friday          Saturday
           23                24                 25                26                27                28                29
                                                                                                  Elks Lodge
                                         Spaghetti Dinner                       Emblem Club
                                                                                                Lounge open 4
                                           5:30 to 7 pm                          Taco Night
                                          Happy Hr 5 to 7                                       Happy Hr 5 to 7

                                                            Scouts 7 to 9 pm                    Dinner 5 to 7:30

        Sunday             Monday
           30                31
                                         Fashion is something we deal with everyday. Even people who say they don't care
                                         what they wear choose clothes every morning that say a lot about how they feel that
                                         One certain thing in the fashion world is change. We are constantly being bombarded
                                         with new fashion ideas from music, videos, books, and television.

    Cultural icons have always influenced what we're wearing, but so have political figures and royalty. Newspapers and
    magazines report on what Hillary Clinton wears. The death of Diana, the Princess of Wales, was a severe blow to the high
    fashion world, where her clothes were daily news. Fashion is revealing. Styles show who you are, but they also create
    stereotypes and distance between groups. Acceptance or rejection of a style is a reaction to the society we live in. Fashion
    is a language which tells a story about the person who wears it.
Aug 2009                                                       Elk’s Horn                                                      Page 10

           Donate to American Cancer Society                                           Sickness and Distress
                                                                     Charley Halter, PER and former Lodge trustee, and his wife,
   American Cancer Society's Discovery Shop is in great need
                                                                     Joyce, were involved in an automobile accident last June.
   of donations. The Elk's Lodge has agreed to be a collection
                                                                     Both were injured, but Joyce received sever injuries (broke
   station for your donations. You may bring them to the
                                                                     both ankles and suffered some injuries to the spine) requiring
   lodge (donation bags available) or to the Discovery Shop.
                                                                     hospitalization. She is now in Roseville and will be in a
   They will gladly accept donations of clean gently used
                                                                     rehabilitation facility for two or three weeks. Charley is
   items in saleable condition (clothing, accessories, jewelry,
                                                                     currently at home recuperating from his injuries.
   collectibles, artwork, home decor items, kitchen items,
   linens, antiques and china). Your donations fund cancer           Bob Anderson recently had successful surgery for an
   research, education, advocacy, and patient services. For          aneurism and is now recuperating at home. When fully
   large items, please call the Discovery Shop to set up an          recovered, he will undergo surgery for esophagus cancer,
   appointment for pickup. Call the shop manager, Chris              probably this month (August).
   Silver, at the Discovery Shop, 1813 Douglas Blvd., (behind
                                                                     Jo Dell Durrett, wife of former Lodge trustee, Jerry Durrett,
   the old Mervyn's building.), 786-7773, or Norma Law,
                                                                     recently had serious and extensive back surgery. Jo Dell is
   ACS volunteer, at 791-3346.
                                                                     currently recuperating at home.

                                      Support Our Sponsors

                     Hey! Put your Card Here

               Call Lodge Office and ask about
                 Our Sponsorship Program

         Call Harry Hovan,                      916-783-4515
        Lodge Secretary
Aug 2009                                                    Elk’s Horn                                                        Page 11

                                            Tuesday             Wednesday           Thursday               Friday           Saturday
                                                1                     2                 3                     4                5
                                                                                                         Elks Lodge
                                         Spaghetti Dinner                          Elks Meeting
                                                                                                       Lounge open 4
                                           5:30 to 7 pm                              7:30 PM
                                         Happy Hr 5 to 7                                               Happy Hr 5 to 7

                                                               Scouts 7 to 9 pm   PERs Mtg. 6 pm       Dinner 5 to 7:30

            Sunday         Monday           Tuesday             Wednesday           Thursday               Friday           Saturday
               6              7                 8                     9                10                    11               12
                                                                                                         Elks Lodge
           Emblem Club                   Spaghetti Dinner                          Emblem Club                              Western
                                                                                                       Lounge open 4         Night
            Breakfast                      5:30 to 7 pm                              Meeting
                                         Happy Hr 5 to 7                                               Happy Hr 5 to 7
                                                               Scouts 7 to 9 pm                        Dinner 5 to 7:30

            Sunday         Monday           Tuesday             Wednesday           Thursday               Friday           Saturday
               13             14               15                    16                17                    18               19
                                                                                                         Elks Lodge
                         Committee Mtg   Spaghetti Dinner                          Elks Meeting
                           6;30 pm
                                                                                                       Lounge open 4
                                           5:30 to 7 pm                              7:30 PM
                                         Happy Hr 5 to 7                                               Happy Hr 5 to 7

                                                               Scouts 7 to 9 pm                        Dinner 5 to 7:30

            Sunday         Monday           Tuesday             Wednesday           Thursday               Friday           Saturday
               20             21               22                    23                24                    25               26
                                                                                                         Elks Lodge
            Pancake                      Spaghetti Dinner                          Emblem Club
                                                                                                       Lounge open 4
            Breakfast                      5:30 to 7 pm                             Taco Night
                                         Happy Hr 5 to 7                                               Happy Hr 5 to 7

                                                               Scouts 7 to 9 pm                        Dinner 5 to 7:30

            Sunday         Monday           Tuesday             Wednesday
               27             28               29                    30                              Cowboy Wisdom
                                         Spaghetti Dinner
                                                                                                 Don't squat with your spurs on.
                                           5:30 to 7 pm
                                                                                             Never kick a cow chip on a hot day.
                                         Happy Hr 5 to 7
                                                               Scouts 7 to 9 pm             Always drink upstream from the herd.

                                            Western Nite                            There are three kinds of cowboys: The one that
                                                                                        learns by reading. The few who learn by
                                              Saturday                              observation. And the rest of them have to pee on
                                         September 12, 2009                                the electric fence for themselves.
                                         Be there, Pardner!                          There's two theories to arguing with a woman.
                                                                                                       Neither one works.

                                                                                    Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot
                                                                                             of that comes from bad judgment.
                                                               (See Page 7 for details)

                               Roseville Elks Lodge No 2248
                               PO Box 247
                               Roseville, CA 95678                                                       NONPROFIT ORG
                                                                                                        U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                          PERMIT No 122
                                                                                                    AUTHORIZATION #0871359-NXR
          What’s inside …
                                                                                                       ROSEVILLE, CA 95678
ge 1   ER Message
   3   Elk Birthdays
   4   “Say What?”
   5   Words from PERs
   6   Club Menu for August                                          ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED
   9   August Calendar
  10   Sickness and Distress
                                                                          TIME DATED MATERIAL
  11   September Calendar


                                                              HAWAIIAN LUAU

                                                                    August 15, 2009
                                                                  Buffet Dinner of
                                Roasted Pig, Roast Beef, Sweet & Sour Pork, Rice, Sweet Potatoes
                                       Fruit Bowl, Green Salad and Hawaiian Sweet Bread
                                                                     Mai Tai Bar
                                                                  One Free Mai Tai
                                                 Entertainment Featuring Doug Meredith and the
                                                                South C’s Dancers
                                                                   $32 per person
                                                                   Bar Opens at 5:30 pm
                                                                    Dinner at 6:30 pm
                                                RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE AND PAID FOR BY
                                                              AUGUST 3, 2009
                                                         CALL LODGE FOR RESERVATIONS

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