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Volume 1, Issue 2   March/April 2006

NEIGHBORHOOD QUALITY OF LIFE                                             NEIGHBORHOOD LEADERSHIP
    The idea of “quality of life” is a multi-faceted concept                Chesapeake’s Spring 2005 Neighborhood Leadership
that seeks to include a wide variety of                                 class included 29 participants. Classes were held one
issues under one umbrella. During
                                                                        night per week in March and April. A Class Celebration
2004, the City of Chesapeake initiated
a Neighborhood Quality of Life (QOL)                                    was held at the Chesapeake Conference Center involving
Study to measure conditions in all                                      almost 100 family members, friends, neighbors and city
residential areas of our community.                                     officials. Participants were formally presented to the
    Some may argue that in order for a                                  Mayor and City Council at their meeting on April 26th,
community to enjoy a good quality of                                    2005.
life; residents should feel safe from
crime, live in decent and affordable   Theo McClammy
                                       Neighborhood Services
housing, and have access to            Coordinator
education, employment, health care,
and recreation. Also, have well-maintained property
throughout and a positive neighborhood image and
   Chesapeake’s QOL Study, scheduled for presentation
to City Council during June 2006, is being conducted by a
research team from the Metropolitan Studies and
Extended Academic Programs at the University of North
Carolina at Charlotte. UNCC has extensive experience in
the field, having conducted similar studies in Charlotte, NC
since the early 1990’s.
    Measuring quality of life in Chesapeake’s large
complex environment has been a tremendous undertaking;
requiring comprehensive collection of data, statistical
analysis, and collaboration involving City departments and
agencies. Results of the study will help residents,                       Back row from left to right: Aaron Gallop, Berry Hightower,
government, and agencies work in partnership to develop,                  Raymond Futrell, Henry Muhammad, Marylyn Hurdle, Eddie
revitalize, and maintain healthy neighborhoods.                           Matney, Jesse Featherston, Gail Marshall, Kevin Dolzier.
                                                                          Middle row: John Leach, Garland Williams, Dorothy Whit-
                                                                          more, Eva Deese, Christine Enochs, Alice Featherston,
                                              Continued on next page
                                                                          Donna Daniels. Bottom row : Reginald Foote, Tawanda
                                                                          Anderson, Pat Faircloth, Eloise Casper, Jacqueline Muham-
                                                                          mad, Lorraine Leach. Not pictured: Roslyn Covington &
                                                                          Patricia Wright
    The Chesapeake Neighborhood Services Coordination Divi-
    sion coordinates revitalization efforts and connects residents
    to services and information to enhance the quality of life in the     IN THIS ISSUE:
    City of Chesapeake, Virginia.
                                                                              Neighborhood Quality of Life
    VISION                                                                    Neighborhood Leadership Spring 2005 Class
    The Chesapeake Neighborhood Services Coordination Divi-                   Profile of West Munden Civic League
    sion shall be a national model for its innovation and empow-
    erment of communities to actively develop, revitalize and
                                                                              Annual Neighborhood Symposium
    maintain healthy neighborhoods.
Neighborhood QOL continued

   City Manager Dr. Clarence V. Cuffee stated during 2004, “A Neighborhood Quality of Life Study will provide the City a
resource for benchmarking and the development of performance measures neighborhood-by-neighborhood; thus be-
coming an invaluable tool for City government, residents, and agencies as decisions are made about resources. This
project is a major change initiative for our organization. It will significantly enhance our ability to achieve City Council's
neighborhood goals.”
   Residents interested in Chesapeake’s QOL Study should register to attend the City’s 3rd Annual Neighborhood Sym-
posium on April 29, 2006. The research team will describe Chesapeake’s study methodology and tell how other cities
use QOL studies as a tool for resource allocation decisions and how they are put into action by neighborhood groups
and city departments and agencies.

What is a Neighborhood QOL Study?
•    Constructs an index measurement that provides an objec-        •   Public and community leaders are informed and collabora-
     tive assessment of neighborhood social, crime, physical, and       tion enhanced
     economic conditions
                                                                    •   Objective research framework permits neighborhoods to be
•    Identifies neighborhood assets and liabilities                     compared to each other, to the city as a whole and – in fu-
                                                                        ture years – to themselves over time
•    Every neighborhood is evaluated and quality of life assessed
                                                                    •   Benchmarking and policy effectiveness are fostered

Remarks made to the Chesapeake City Council on May 24, 2005 by Patricia Wright, Spring ’05 NLP Class Repre-
   “The 2005 Neighborhood Leadership Class is yet another demonstration that the City of Chesapeake is on the
move. Clearly, our city has invested in its physical capital through economic development, but Neighborhood Lead-
ership Class does something different, more challenging and ultimately just as important. It is a first step in invest-
ing in Chesapeake’s human and social capital for community building—its people. This investment will accomplish at
least two important goals: reduce isolation and build trust. Our class learned to work and communicate more effec-
                        tively within neighborhoods, bonded with citizens from other neighborhoods and deepened
                        our understanding of the workings of city government. Trust is being built within neighbor-
                        hoods, across neighborhoods, and within City Hall. But, it is only a first step and, as these
                        relationships continue to grow, we look forward to networking with each other and our city
                        in the hope that community level concerns are heard and indeed acted upon no matter how
                        uncomfortable or un-pretty; we trust that they will be and we believe that the energy and
                        enthusiasm radiated in our class sessions will continue as our work as individual and as class
                        continues in the City of Chesapeake. For their vision we commend Dr. Cuffee, Theo
                        McClammy, Patrick Hughes, and Jen. Together we are all helping to build Chesapeake, if not
brick-by-brick, then person-by-person, and neighborhood-by-neighborhood. Chesapeake is on the move.”

                                 3rd Annual Neighborhood Symposium
“Neighborhood Improvement through Collaboration and Partnerships” is the focus of Chesapeake’s Annual Neighbor-
hood Symposium scheduled for Saturday, April 29, 2006, 8:00 a.m., Chesapeake Conference Center. Continental
breakfast at 7:30 a.m. The Honorable Lionell Spruill, Sr., Virginia House of Delegates, will be the keynote speaker.
Topics to be addressed at the Symposium are:
•    Chesapeake Neighborhood Quality of Life Study
•    Gang Awareness
•    Access to City Services (382-CITY)
•    Pros and Cons of Incorporating Civic Leagues
•    Youth and Community Improvement
The purpose of the Symposium is to exchange ideas and share best practices that have been successful in develop-
ing, revitalizing and sustaining healthy neighborhoods and capture citizen’s ideas and recommendations for neighbor-
hood improvement plans.
There is no fee to attend. If requested in advance, lunch will be provided to participants attending the gang awareness
session, scheduled to start at 11:30 am. Residents are encouraged to pre-register by calling Neighborhood Services
at 382-6018. A registration form can be downloaded from the City’s web site,
L   ocal volunteers
approached the City
                                                              “CRHA and its staff are
                                                                                       Saundra Stewart-Delk, CRHA
                                                              proud to be a partner in Community Development Manager
                                                              the “World Changers”
of Chesapeake in
                                                              project. This project
2003 about World
Changers, a faith-based partnership to help alleviate sub-    exemplifies how pooled
standard housing conditions. It was agreed World Chang-       resources of local gov-
ers could benefit our community because it helps cities       ernment,     non-profit,
leverage community development resources and increases        and faith-based organi-
use of volunteer labor. Additionally, collaboration with      zations, can make a dif-
World Changers is con-                                        ference in the lives of
sistent with City Coun-
                                                              our citizens that need our help the most. Our staff is
cil’s goals of supporting
established neighbor-                                         dedicated to making this project a continued success.”
hoods by keeping hous-
ing and infrastructure                                                            Civic League Profile:
up-to-date and enhanc-
ing community involve-                                                 West Munden Civic League
                                                               Garland Williams
   In accordance with     2005 World Changers Volunteers                             Officers:
their goals, on February 10, 2004, the City Council                                  Garland Williams, President
adopted a resolution approving the City of Chesapeake as                             Reginald Foote, Vice President
the sponsoring agency for the Chesapeake World Changers                              Ethel Bernard, Treasurer
Project. Neighborhood Services Coordination was ap-                                  Shirley Williams, Secretary
pointed the City’s representative.                                                   Earl Foote, Chaplin

    Annually, World Changers connects over 350 adult and      Boundaries: Campostella Road to the East; Narrow
youth volunteers with Chesapeake City government and
                                                              Street to the South; N&W Train yard to the West; N&W
the Chesapeake Redevelopment and Housing Authority
(CRHA) to repair owner-occupied homes for low income,         train track to the North.
elderly and disabled persons. Through the Southern Bap-       Annual Events: Christmas dinner and July cookout. This
tist Convention, World Changers gets students out of the      year, our July cookout went well and we had another one
classroom and into a hands-on mission experience. The         in November.
volunteer experience changes the lives of the participants    Q: What is working well in your civic league? What are
by giving them an opportunity to change someone else’s        you proud of?
                                                              A: The participation of our members— our meetings are
Facts about Chesapeake’s World Changers Project:              well-attended. We have about 25-30 people that come
                                                              every month.
•   Chesapeake’s first World Changers project occurred        Q: What do you consider the greatest asset of your civic
    in 2004. It was funded with the City’s Community De-      league?
    velopment Block Grant administered by the CRHA.           A: The greatest asset is the people. Whatever we need
•   Resulted in improved housing conditions for almost 45     done, all we have to do is ask—they’re great. Also, the
    homeowners and families in the South Norfolk com-         seniors are the backbone of the civic league and they are
    munity, a focus area for the City’s revitalization ef-    an inspiration to the younger folk.
    forts.                                                    Q: How did your participation in the Neighborhood Lead-
•   Home improvements include roofing, painting, floor-       ership Program help your civic league?
    ing, siding, handicap ramps, decks and porches, win-      A: It helped strengthen our civic league. Vice President
    dows, doors, and drywall.
                                                              Reggie Foote and I brought back lots of good ideas to the
•   The 2006 project will take place June 24 - 30 in South    civic league that members got really excited about. It
                                                              gave us insight for creating a mission/vision statement.
•   Almost 50 applications were received for the 2006         We also got some ideas about tapping into the businesses
                                                              in our area. We can approach them to help with making
•   Applications are processed by the CRHA to determine       fliers or contributing funds so that we can start having
    income eligibility. Including this year, CRHA has proc-
                                                              the Seniors Banquet again. We also made some good
    essed approximately 150 applications.
                                                              contacts. We were invited to the Dunedin Civic League
•   Final determination regarding jobsites is made by
                                                              Banquet and also the Norfolk Highlands community to
    World Changers volunteers.
                                                              discuss community issues with City Council.
•    Employed by the City of                                         Neighborhood Leadership Spring 2006
     Chesapeake since 1999                                                      Class Celebration
                                                                           April 20, 2006, 6:30-8 p.m.
•    Hired as Senior                                                     Chesapeake Conference Center
     Neighborhood Resources
     Specialist in September                                            Annual Neighborhood Symposium
     2005                                                                   April 29, 2006, 8:00 a.m.
                                                                         Chesapeake Conference Center
•    Worked previously as a                                    World Changers Homeowners Orientation Sessions
     Property Maintenance                                                  May 15, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
     Inspector & Zoning                  Sheri Arnold                      May 16, 1:00-3:00 p.m.
     Compliance Officer              Senior Neighborhood                    South Norfolk Library
                                     Resources Specialist

•    Currently pursuing a B.S.
     in Environmental Health from Old Dominion Uni-                          World Changers Project
     versity                                                                   June 25-July 1, 2006
                                                                             South Norfolk Community
•    Enjoys creating stained glass art

Mrs. Arnold’s office is located at the 2nd Police Pre-              Neighborhood Quality of Life Presentation
cinct in South Norfolk. She can be reached via email                        City Council Work Session
                                                                                  June 27, 2006
                One City, One Number

                               To request City Informa-
                                    tion & Services
                                 382-CITY (2489)                What you should know before
                                Call your Chesapeake
                                  Customer Contact
                                                                  placing a temporary sign
                               Center, Monday– Friday
                                                            Signs fixed to road signs, staked in the medians, planted
                                from 8:30 to 5:00 pm.
                                                            on roadsides, tacked to utility poles and nailed to fences
          or go to
                                                            are illegal. They can pose a hazard for motorists and pe-
    to request services and get information anytime.
                                                            destrians by distracting drivers and landing in traffic, hit-
                                                            ting a car or a passing pedestrian. No sign shall be placed
Next Issue:                                                 on roadway medians or between a sidewalk and the road.
                                                            To report an illegally placed sign, call the Chesapeake
•    Review of Neighborhood Symposium                       Customer Contact Center at 382– CITY (2489). For more
•    Camelot Civic League Profile                           information about specific regulations please call the
•    Neighborhood Leadership Fall 2005 Class                Neighborhood Services Department at 382-6018.

                                                                         NEIGHBORHOOD CONNECTIONS
                                                              This newsletter is published by the City of Chesa-
                                                              peake’s Neighborhood Services Department,
                                                              Neighborhood Services Coordination Division. If you
                                                              would like to submit content or content suggestions,
                                                              or would like more information, please contact
                                                              Neighborhood Services Coordination at (757) 382-6018
                                                              or e-mail