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                               THOMAS J. SHELLEY

General Information

      Address: ll8 E. Court St., Ithaca NY 14850
      Phone Number: (607) 342-0864
      Born: June 3, 1946, Bellevue, Ohio


      High School: York Local School District, Clyde, Ohio, 1960-1964
      Bowling Green University, Bowling Green, Ohio, 1964-1969,
         Geochemistry and Archaeology

Work Experience

      Research Assistant: Veterinary Pathology Dept., Ohio State University,
      Columbus, Ohio, Aug.-Dec., l969. Duties included the care of experimental
      animals; e.g., cleaning and sterilizing cages and equipment, weighing out, mixing,
      and record keeping and administration of special diets and extensive reporting of
      the health and other conditions of cats, dogs, monkeys and other animals under
      my care.

      Analyst Assistant: Standard Lime and Refractories Co., Woodville, Ohio,
      Jan.-April, l970. This was a quality control position. Duties included grinding
      and weighing lime and refractory samples and performing routine tests using wet
      chemical and instrument-based techniques (for CO2, S, etc.).

      Sewage Treatment Chemist: Dept. of Public Works, City of San Francisco,
      Calif., Aug.-Dec., l970. This was a temporary civil service job, which was mostly
      quality control. Duties included performing routine physical and chemical tests
      on raw and treated sewage samples; e.g., sedimentation tests, titrations to
      determine chlorides, sulfates, etc., making standard solutions, maintaining
      equipment (pH meter, etc.), washing glassware and writing reports on test results.

      Laboratory Technician: Dept. of Genetics, Development and Physiology,
      Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, Nov., l976-June, 1977. I was the private
      laboratory technician for a molecular biologist, an assistant professor, studying
      ribogenesis. Duties included all aspects of molecular biological research: cell
      culture, protein extraction using wet biochemical techniques and sucrose gradient
      ultracentrifugation, electrophoresis, radioisotope labeled compounds and other
      techniques. In addition, I was also the general manager of the laboratory,
      ordering glassware and chemicals, maintaining cleanliness and order in the
      laboratory, and handling relations with other laboratories and departments.
Laboratory Technician: Dairy and Food Labs, Inc., San Francisco, Calif.,
June, l982-June, l983. In this position I was a laboratory technician for a large
dairy and food testing lab. Duties included fat and total solids determinations
using the Mojonnier method; general food chemistry, including tests for vitamins,
sugars, salt, protein, AOAC total solids, ash, etc.; added water; and all of the tests
needed to grade powdered milk, butter, cheese and other food products under the
supervision of the resident U.S.D.A. Inspector. I was a licensed California
Mojonnier Tester and a U.S.D.A. licensed All Products Technologist. I also
participated in other aspects of the business such as a customer's sample pick up
and delivery route and large-scale preparation of calibration samples used by
other labs equipped with infrared spectrophotometers.

Department Supervisor: Dairy and Food Labs, Inc., San Francisco, Calif.,
July-Nov., l983. I was the supervisor of the Chemistry Department at DPL.
Duties included daily and long term supervision of five to seven employees,
training new employees, monitoring and facilitating a large volume sample flow,
monitoring the output of results, research and reporting on worker performance,
directing and establishment of internal quality control standards, facilitating
communication between the workers and management, working closely with the
resident U.S.D.A. Inspector to obtain a maximal output of Certificates, ordering
supplies, checking time cards and approving overtime as well as continuing my
        position of laboratory technician described above.

Environmental Health Technician: Office of Environmental Health, Cornell
University, Ithaca, NY, March, 1990-March 1994. I worked in the Industrial
Hygiene Unit of OEH. My primary duties were the testing of the laboratory
fume hoods located on the Central Campus and fringe areas. This consisted of the
testing of the hoods with an Alnor thermoanemometer, computer data entry, and
generating reports to the facilities equipped with the fume hoods which were
tested. The position also involved much time creating computer data bases,
generating the report forms used, the writing of letters and reports and other
computer based tasks. Other duties consist of maintaining inventory control for
the Industrial Hygiene staff, including creating a computer data base for the
inventory, and assisting the Industrial Hygiene staff with routine investigations.

Coordinator of Laboratory Safety Services: Department of Environmental Health
and Safety, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, April, 1994-March 1995. Developed
and implemented the first full-service laboratory safety program for the Cornell
campus. Dispensed safety information to the campus, conducted laboratory
inspections, reviewed research protocols and related duties. Supervised the fume
hood tester and managed the fume hood testing program.

Chemical Hygiene Officer: Department of Environmental Health and Safety,
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, April, 1995-July, 2003. Developed and
implemented the Chemical Hygiene Plan and all other aspects of the
      implementation of the Lab Standard. Managed the fume hood testing program
      and supervised the fume hood tester. Implemented and managed the safety
      shower and eyewash testing program and supervised the staff in this program.
      Undertook extensive Web site development for the Laboratory and Chemical
      Safety section. Conducted extensive laboratory inspections, implemented a
      listserve-based information dispensing system, developed the departmental safety
      representative system and implemented many safety committees, implemented the
      RTK label system in use at Cornell and undertook a wide range of additional
      activities required to sustain a laboratory safety program at a major research

      Laboratory Ventilation Consultant: Department of Environmental Health and
      Safety, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, August, 2003-present. Represent Cornell
      University EH&S on the Lab Building Energy Use Task Team, a component of
      the Cornell Energy Conservation Initiative project. Work with Utilities
      Department, Facilities Engineering, College and unit staff to develop and
      implement energy saving strategies in lab buildings. Review the proposed
      designs of new and renovated facilities for health and safety and energy
      management considerations. Recommissioning of renovated laboratory HVAC
      systems. (20 percent FTE.)

Related Experience

      In addition to the above technical positions I have taught general science,
      chemistry and biology at the elementary and high school levels contributing
      valuable experience to my store of laboratory and communication skills.

      I have also maintained an active interest in geology, chemistry, physics, space
      science, and sustainability topics by keeping abreast of the literature of these
      fields. I have been a life-long amateur mineralogist, petrologist and
      paleontologist and I have an avocational interest in archaeology.

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