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London, England
London School of Economics
Rosebery Hall
Monday – Tuesday                  How To Use Direct Marketing and the Internet
March 17 – 18, 2008               to Increase Enrollments at Your . . .
                                  • Public Workshops, Seminars & Conferences
                                  • Free Seminars
                                  • Association Meetings
                                  • Medical Meetings and Briefings
                                  • Distance Education Programs
Chicago, Illinois                 • Consulting Workshops
Thursday – Friday                 • Trade Shows
August 7 – 8, 2008
                                  • Executive Development Programs
                                  • Engineering Workshops
                                  • Lead Generator Programs

                                  You Will Learn To Build Profitable
                                  • Programs
Miami South Beach,                • Databases
Florida                           • Promotional Packages
Monday – Tuesday
January 12–13, 2009               • Hotel Contracts
                                  • Email Offers
Get Your FREE Comprehensive
Reference workbook and com-       • In-House Sales
panion CD . . . updated before
                                  • Web Sites                                  A Two-Day Seminar
each session. You will use them
time and time again!              • Timing Schedules                           By Ralph Elliott

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                                                      Yo u r H i g h P a y - B a c k C o m p r
“Ralph Elliott guar-          Day1
anteed we’d leave this
                          Making Direct Mail Work for You to get Inquiries and                           • The pros and cons of text versus HTML
seminar with at least     Customers                  9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.                             • How to comply with the spam laws and assess your spam score
                          • How to use direct mail for two-step marketing                                • Strategies/techniques to get past the spam filters
2 new ideas . . . well    • Using envelope mailings for inquiry generation                               • How to use the early bird discount for email marketing
                          • How to increase the effectiveness of a self-mailer for inquiry generation    • Testing strategies so you can increase your email click-through rate
I’m leaving with a        • What to include in your direct mail follow-up letter to an inquiry           • Optimal frequency of contact for effective email marketing
                          • How to use direct mail to market with a memory to your customers             • Eight steps for email quality control
list of 51 excellent      • Six variables to increase the impact of your direct mail packages            • When do you unsubscribe a person in your email database?
                          • Effective headlines for your direct mail envelopes                           • Email design and layout recommendations
ideas immediately         • Twenty-three ways to increase the impact of your cover letter                • How to reactivate the deadwood on your email database
implementable when        • How to use direct mail for multi-party marketing
                          • How to capture database names for direct mail follow-up after a              How to Use External Databases to Complement Your
I get back to the of-       seminar/conference
                          • How to key code your direct mail more effectively
                                                                                                         House File and to Build Attendance     2:15 to 3:00
                                                                                                         • Growth strategies and external databases
fice. A definite return   • How to use direct mail to convert more first-time customers into repeat
                            attendees                                                                    • How the list market works
on my investment.”                                                                                       • Database categories and how you can effectively use them
                                                                                                         • Email marketing with outside lists
                          How to Build a Highly Responsive Permission Based Email                        • A six-step process for selecting outside databases
Lucia Fusaro,
                          Database                             10:45 to 11:30                            • Selection options to get more responses when renting outside lists
Marketing Manager,        • How to get more people to register online                                    • How to get more mileage out of a database broker
Concordia University,     • Four compelling reasons why you need your customer’s email address           • How to turn your list into an income-producing asset
                          • How to use search engine marketing for email inquiry generation              • Effective use of merge-purge to find multi-buyers and the best list
Montreal, QC, Canada      • How to improve the conversion rate at your website landing page              • How to target your audience using multi-list databases
                          • How to use popup screens and qualifying techniques to improve the qual-
                            ity of your email database
                          • How to use Google ad words and how to control the pay-per-click budget       Optimal Timing to Reach Your Attendance Goals
                          • Key variables to track with your analytics software                                                                                   3:15 to 3:45
                          • Ten ways to capture more email addresses                                     • Selecting dates, days, and times that are best for seminars and conferences
                          • How to use permission emails to increase open rates and click-through        • The best and worst months and days to hold your programs
                            rates                                                                        • The best months to promote your seminar
                                                                                                         • Ten variables that affect your promotional lead time
“Your presentation        How to Use Database Segmentation to Build                                      • Optimal lead time for programs based upon length
was full of content       Response Rates                      11:30 to 12:00
                          • Segmentation options Segmentation options for database marketing             Marketing Plans and Offers to Close the Sale
and delivered in a        • How to capitalize on the four generations in today’s seminar market                                                                 3:45 to 4:30
                          • How to use geographical segmentation                                         • The impact of multiple offers on your promotional response rate
dynamic and enter-        • Effective use of recency, frequency, and monetary value to determine         • Recommended timetable for events so people can book
                            marketing priorities                                                         • How to use “save the date” strategies to begin enrollment building
taining style. You                                                                                       • How to get inquiries to register now
                          Email Marketing Promotion and Design to get More Clicks                        • How to get a commitment from prospective attendees early in the
provided so many                                                                   1:30 to 2:15            promotional cycle
                                                                                                         • When to use multi-channel follow-up promotion options
good examples of          • How to capitalize on the “Welcome to Your Organization” email                • How to use team attendance to build your class enrollment
                          • Factors that determine recipient’s willingness to open and read your email   • Identifying and capitalizing on your double-down day
what works, leav-         • How to use link placement to increase CTRs on email offers                   • How to use a regret email to guide future promotions
                          • Selecting the optimal email timing and delivery
ing our group with        • How to use pitch versus teaser subject lines

practical ideas, tips,
and techniques that
                                           12 SPECIAL BEnEFITS                                            9. On a display table, you will have access to a library of
                          1. An experienced seminar leader . . . Ralph Elliott, who                          direct marketing materials — books, manuscripts, ar-
could be immedi-              is doing what he is talking about…call him at (864)                            ticles, studies and more — to reference for future study.
                              656-3983 or email your questions to elliot@clemson.edu.                    10. Save $200 or more . . . register two or more for the same
ately implemented.            (only one ‘t’ in elliot)                                                       session or for different sessions at $595 each and save
I highly recommend         2. A workbook and companion CD for reference                                      $100 per person.
                              during the program and for back-home use.                                  11. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or a full refund.
your presentation to                                                                                     12. Special Hotel Room Rates . . . contact the hotel at the
                           3. A personal critique of your promotional mate-
my MPI colleagues.”           rial/strategy supplied prior to the                                            location of your choice for special Clemson University
                              program.                                                                       room rates.
Danielle Bowman, CMP,                                                                                    England:        Delegates should book accommodations
                           4. Answers to your post-seminar questions with a
IMPI Communications           30-day free “hotline” service directly to the instructor.                                  in South Islington, near the Angel
Board Liaison,                                                                                                           Underground Station
                           5. Networking. . . with colleagues at breaks, lunch
Indianapolis, Indiana         time and networking dinners.                                               Illinois:         The Allerton Hotel
                           6. Two manuals are included . . . one on mailing                                                Chicago • 312-440-1500
                              lists, the other on marketing in-house programs.                           Florida:          Courtyard by Marriott Miami Beach Ocean-
                           7. Complete a three-month accomplishment form that                                              front, South Beach • 305-538-3373
                              will be sent to you three months after the seminar.
                                                                                                           Or call Clemson’s Hotel Broker, Judy Nugent, at
                           8. As soon as you register, you will receiv e. . .                              619-758-9097 or email her at jnug@earthlink.net
                              a questionnaire to supply questioans you would like                          for help with your accommodations in Miami South
                              answered during the seminar, a free tote bag you can use                     Beach and Chicago. For hotel questions about London,
                              to bring material for the swap table and to take home                        contact Janis Stanger at 864.656.2715.
                              the conference workbook and companion CD.
                          Register Online at www.clemson.edu/esm or Call Kay James at 864-656-2200
ehensive                                   P ro g r a m A g e n d a
      Day2                                                                                                                                                      “Elliott provided LOTS
                                                                                                                                                                of information I can
  Financial Issues to Improve the Bottom Line                                     •How to turn your exhibitor prospectus into a marketing masterpiece
                                            9:00 a.m. to 9:45 a.m.                •How to use your program agenda to get people to register                     put to use right away . . .
                                                                                  •Effective use of networking opportunities, and speaker bios in your
  • Pricing considerations so you can maximize your revenue                        promotional marketing                                                        such as ‘run with the
  •How to build trust so that you can increase your price                         •How to get testimonials and use them more effectively to sell your
  •How to use price to build credibility                                           seminars/conferences                                                         winners’ and ‘dump the
  •Effective utilization of the psychological price barriers                      •Effective use of photos and color along with winning shapes in your
  •Benchmarking best practices on marketing percentages for enrollment             promotions insert attachment here                                            dogs’ programs that take
  •How to use cost base pricing
                                                                                  Finding the Ideal Venue for your Event
                                                                                                                                                                up a lot of my time.”
  •How to eliminate buyers regret or buyers remorse after the sale
                                                                                                                                       2:45 to 3:00             Andrew Walker,
  How to Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to                                  • The influence of your cover on enrollment                                   Program Coordinator,
                                                                                  • How to select the perfect place for your meeting or convention
  Make Your Website a Strategic Marketing Tool                                    • Capitalizing on the best states and cities                                  University of Akron,
                                                        9:45 to 10:30             • Negotiating hotel contracts that complement your seminar conference         Akron, OH
  • How to boost your website’s natural organic ranking                             delivery image
  •Search engine optimization for top-ranked organic results
  •How to use title and meta tags that catch the spiders
  •Lift your rankings with alt tags, site maps, links, and site architecture
                                                                                  Program Implementation and Evaluation
  •How to capitalize on directory programs                                                                                             3:15 to 3:45
  •Nine special ways to get more hits at your website to build your database      • Nine key questions to evaluate a program failure
    and website revenue                                                           • Marketing questions you should be asking on the evaluation form
                                                                                  • When and how to use online evaluation strategies and techniques
                                                                                  • How to use telephone follow up for evaluation and future course
  Website Promotion through Viral and Benefit                                       promotion
  Marketing                            10:45 to 11:15
  • How to use “word-of-mouse”                                                    Effective Marketing and Selling of In-House Seminars
  •How to use quizzes and viral marketing together
  •How to capitalize on viral marketing in a direct mail environment                                                                   3:45 to 4:15
  •Using gift certificates and on-site training to increase website conversions   • Five reasons you should present courses in-house
  •How to use a “training plan” to make your web site sticky                      • Five ways to generate in-house inquiries or leads
  •Podcast and RSS feeds to provide information to customers                      • Twenty practical tips on how to sell to potential customers
  •Website metrics you should be using to assess your success                     • Six alternative pricing approaches to help you maximize net income from     “Your marketing session
                                                                                    in-house training
                                                                                  • Three critical post-sale activities to ensure course presentation success   at the Distance Educa-
  How to Get More Leads / Bookings from Ads and                                   • Three post-seminar follow-up recommendations
  Telephone Marketing                 11:15 to 12:00                              • Nine reasons/justifications to make an in-house callback or follow-up       tion and Training Coun-
  • Recommendations on space ads to get inquiries
  •How to integrate telephone and email marketing                                 Wrap-Up and Adjourn
                                                                                                                                                                cil (DETC) Conference
  •How to complement email and telephone marketing with direct mail                                                                    4:15 to 4:30
  •How to build and use a telemarketing script                                                                                                                  provided many practical,
                                                                                                                                                                down-to-earth and excel-
  Using Copy that Builds Rapport and Empathy so that
  Recipients Respond                     1:30 to 2:00                               YOU’LL BEnEFIT MOST BY ATTEnDInG                                            lent insights for our mem-
  • Copywriting recommendations so that prospects read your promotions
  •How to use the active voice in your emails and on your website                     THIS PROGRAM IF YOU ARE A . . .                                           bers. The DETC program
  •How to capitalize on the four great copy motivators
  •Know when to use long copy versus short copy
                                                                                                                                                                was a great success, and
  •How to capitalize on individual communication styles
                                                                                  • Private sector supplier of seminars and conferences
  •Twenty-one general copyrighting tips to lift response rates                    • Association administrator providing seminars and conferences                that success was due in
                                                                                  • Trade group executive presenting seminars and                               large part to your partici-
  How to Overcome Objections to Get people                                          conferences
  to Register now                       2:00 to 2:45                              • Continuing medical and health education specialist
                                                                                                                                                                pation. I appreciate your
  • The nine most common objections to registering and how to overcome
    them                                                                          • Continuing engineering education planner/                                   outstanding presentation
  •How to build credibility with your advisory board                                administrator
  •Capitalizing on clearing houses to build your credibility
                                                                                                                                                                on how to market distance
                                                                                  • Meeting planner responsible for seminar/conference marketing
  •Using freelance organizers to build trustworthy conference programs
  •Finding a co-sponsor to build trust in your events                             • University/college seminar and conference planner/                          education!”
  •How to create a title/subject line that grabs the prospect’s attention           administrator                                                               Michael Lambert,
                                                                                                                                                                Executive Director,
                  EIGHT REASOnS YOU AnD YOUR COLLEAGUES SHOULD ATTEnD                                                                                           Distance Education and
                                                                                                                                                                Training Council,
  1. Get more miles out of email, direct mail, telephone                             5. Write titles, use the agenda, testimonials, bios,                       Washington, DC
     marketing, inserts, ads and your web site.                                         pledges and guarantees to boost attendance.
  2. Create an irresistible offer . . . making it attractive for                     6. Select the best packaging...self-mailers, emails,
     delegates to book, marketing after the sale, market-                               envelopes, cover letters, web pages and email blasts.
     ing with a memory, using the “rule of two” and                                  7. Write the best copy length, create a sense of
     reduce buyers regret.                                                              urgency, personalize the promotions and overcome
  3. Maximize timing . . . lead time, time of the year, time                            the 9 most common objections to registering.
     of the month and double-down day.                                               8. Select winning programs . . . get free speakers, capi-
  4. Utilize correct pricing strategies including discounts,                            talize on location and increase profits on
     team fees, how much to spend on promotions,                                        in-house programs.
     psychological price barriers and cost-based pricing.
  Register Online at www.clemson.edu/esm or Call Kay James at 864-656-2200
 HAVE YOU EVER ASKED YOURSELF THESE                         1. What information           11. What are the economics of using compiled,
  QUESTIOnS? YOU’LL GET THE MOnEY-                          should I include on our
                                                            web site to optimize con-
                                                                                              circulation and response databases?
                                                                                          12. How can I use psychological price barriers to
   SAVInG, MOnEY-MAKInG AnSWERS                             versions to bookings?             increase revenue?
                                                           2. What’s the best way to      13. How do I minimize the tradeoff between my
                                 track email and internet marketing efforts to know           response rate and price?
                                 what works best?
                                                                                          14. How can I convert more public seminar
“You gave me over             3. How can I use our web site to get sponsors and               attendees into in-house clients?
                                 sell more exhibit space?
100 ideas to look at                                                                      15. What are some pricing strategies I can use to
                              4. What incentives work best to get early book-
when I get back to               ings?
                                                                                              fill empty seats?
work. I am already                                                                        16. Which email components should I use to drive traf-
                              5. How much lead time should I allow for pro-                   fic to the web site and to increase registrations?
reviewing one idea               motions to get the highest response rate?
                                                                                          17. What’s the best way to integrate direct mail, email,
                              6. How can I use lunches and socials to increase
that will save me                attendance?
                                                                                              space ads and telephone marketing into our promo-
                                                                                              tional campaigns?
$20,000 this year.”           7. When should I use short versus long copy in
Scott Murphy, Director,          marketing materials to generate maximum atten-
Technical & Professional         dance?
Training, ASTM,               8. Which variables have the greatest impact on
                                 response rates and how should I test them?
                                                                                             AnSWERS TO YOUR
West Conshohocken, PA
                              9. How much money should I spend on seminar/                   QUESTIOnS
                                 conference promotion?                                       After you register, we will email you a questionnaire
                             10. How many dates/locations of each program                    you can use to supply questions on the burning
                                 should I offer?                                             issues that affect you. You’ll receive answers during
                                                                                             the seminar.

         YOU’LL PROFIT 21                          1. You will be prepared to ef-         12. You will learn when to use envelope mailings
        WAYS BY ATTEnDInG                          fectively integrate multiple media
                                                   into your marketing mix to pre-
                                                                                              versus self-mailers.
                                                                                          13. You will learn about post-course marketing of
                                                   vent a drop in your response rate.
                                                                                              in-house programs to build your office’s income.
                              2. You will learn 23 ways to make your emails more
                                                                                          14. You will receive answers to your individual ques-
                                 appealing so you improve your “click-through”
                                                                                              tions during exchanges with your colleagues and
                                 response rate.
“I attended your                                                                              your instructor.
                              3. You will learn how to use marketing after the sale
course on ‘Effective             to eliminate buyer’s regret/remorse.                     15. You will take away a project action plan of ideas
Seminar/Conference                                                                            for immediate action back home.
                              4. You will learn 21 ways to structure a “user-friend-
Marketing’ way back              ly” offer to produce a response.                         16. You will receive samples of surveys you can use to
                                                                                              determine your customers’ interests and needs.
in 1988. It was prob-         5. You will learn how to use “the rule of two” to
                                 bring back first-time customers.                         17. You will receive a free copy of Elliott’s manual
ably the best seminar                                                                         on Effective Marketing and Selling of In-House
… on any topic … I            6. You will learn how to develop titles, testimonials,          Programs for back-home sales success.
                                 outlines, special features and benefits that will sell
have ever attended; I            your course.                                             18. You will learn how to tweak existing promotion
still use the notebook                                                                        models to crack that elusive break-even bar.
                              7. You will learn when to use second and special
from that course as              promotions to increase attendance.                       19. You will start off above break-even if you are new
                                                                                              to the seminar/conference promotion business.
reference material.”          8. You will learn how to test and track outside data-
                                 bases to build your meeting enrollments.                 20. You will know how to tailor your message and
Christopher Harley, Direc-                                                                    image to fit your audience, whether your offering
tor of Development, LIFE,     9. You will learn hotel selection criteria and practical        costs thousands or $100 or less.
Los Angeles, CA                  ways to reduce your hotel costs.
                                                                                          21. You will leave with a brand new plan that has
                             10. You will learn how to avoid seven pitfalls of course         a fresh look and feel, more compelling benefits,
                                 implementation.                                              a reposition pitch with a sweeter offer, a rock
                             11. You will receive a week-by-week timetable on how             solid guarantee and an incredibly simple sign-up
                                 far in advance to promote your programs.                     process.

                             Register Online at www.clemson.edu/esm or Call Kay James at 864-656-2200
                                                               Shanghai and Beijing as the country         THREE WAYS YOU WILL BEnEFIT
                        Ralph Elliott, Ph.D.                   prepares for the 2008 Olympics and            FROM YOUR InSTRUCTOR,
                        Consultant, Seminar                    2010 World’s Fair.
                        Marketing Leader                                                                          RALPH ELLIOTT
                                                                  Ralph holds a Ph.D. in economics
                        and Economist                          from North Carolina State University.
                                                                                                                              “After a slump in public
                                                               As Professor of Economics Emeritus at Clemson, his 70
                        “Master of Event                       publications include a best-selling database monograph         workshop registrations,
                        Marketing”                             and the classic “Effective Marketing and Selling of In-        I contacted Ralph to
                                                               House Programs.”
                                                                                                                              consult on sharpening
   As faculty consultant, seminar marketing leader, and           Part of Ralph’s work at Clemson included building the
economist Ralph Elliott has been refining his marketing
                                                                                                                              up our marketing tools.
                                                               Continuing Education program from a base of $70,000
technique in a broad variety of markets since the late         to a multi-million dollar program. Ralph’s years of practi-    Ralph came well-pre-
80s. Now the acclaimed “master of event marketing”             cal, hands-on experience in developing, marketing and          pared, full of value-
brings his field-tested know-how to you at three loca-         presenting literally thousands of seminar/conference pro-
tions… Miami South Beach, London and Chicago.                  grams means you can capitalize on his success by making        added suggestions and
                                                               him a part of your team.                                       comments, and gave us
    Ralph is known nationally... and internationally... a
dynamic seminar leader, having delivered more than 100            Whether you attend his public seminar, have Ralph on-       lots of action items we
presentations at various state, regional, and national con-    site, or schedule him for a keynote, you will walk away        put into motion imme-
ferences for organizations across North America as well        with a battery of ideas and ways to get potential custom-
as at numerous international venues. Your colleagues           ers. Elliott will offer simple but effective techniques that   diately. I highly recom-
around the world have been in his seminars in Oxford,          will build trust in your organization, remove obstacles to     mend him to you!”
England; Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Belfast, Northern Ireland;         registration and court fence-sitters to attend your events.
                                                                                                                              Jane Sink, Vice President
Brisbane, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand, to              Ralph’s philosophy and his workshop’s slogan are one
                                                                                                                              Marketing, Darryl L. Sink &
name a few.                                                    in the same....You Will Learn How to Pack the House
                                                                                                                              Associates, Inc., Monterey, CA
                                                               without Breaking the Bank!
  Most recently he has been invited by the People’s
Republic of China to give marketing presentations in
                                                                              TAKE THE nEXT STEP AnD COnTACT CLEMSOn’S
 BRInG THIS PROGRAM AnD ITS BEnEFITS                                                        SOLUTIOn SLEUTH
         TO YOUR ORGAnIzATIOn                                                 Ms. Tiffany Smathers, Phone: 864-656-1601
by bringing Ralph’s session to your location                                          Email: tsmathe@clemson.edu
        or a location of your choice.
   What do organizations like SAS, Carnegie Mellon, The        marketplace and collected “best practices” examples
Association of State Hospital Administrators, The Con-         of seminar conference marketing so you receive an              “Ralph Elliott’s two-day
ference Board and the Association for Continuing Legal         unbiased, even-handed view of what works and what              in-house presentation to
Education have in common? They are all very successful         doesn’t. This means you and your colleagues can im-
organizations, and they have all had Ralph Elliott do a        mediately apply ideas that work.                               AHEC was information
special presentation for them.                                                                                                packed with actionable
                                                               3. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
   Here are the top 3 reasons to bring Effective Seminar/         Achieve the results you expect or there is no fee.          ideas for all of our North
Conference Marketing to your location for a cost-effec-
tive, onsite team training session:
                                                               ESM Onsite delivers an effective and enjoyable active          Carolina offices. Prior
                                                               educational experience for your entire team and this
                                                               commitment is backed by our unconditional guaran-              to the seminar, Ralph
1. Get training at substantial cost savings to
   your organization.                                          tee...unless you feel 100 percent satisfied that ESM           studied our promotional
                                                               has delivered even more than you expected, there is no
   If you want your entire team to benefit from increased      fee for the course.
                                                                                                                              materials and brought
seminar marketing savvy, you should consider bringing                                                                         specific, practical recom-
ESM Onsite to your location. Whether you require a
single day for a small group or multiple days for exten-                                                                      mendations to us.”
sive training for your entire team, ESM Onsite delivers                                                                       Russet Hambrick, MLS, AHIP,
significant savings, an ideal location and exceptional                          • Along with your registration                Chief, Educational and
convenience with the same quality enjoyed in the public                        confirmation, you’ll receive a free tote       Information Services,
program.                                                                  bag you can use to bring your brochure/             Southern Regional AHEC,
2. Build practical skills with benchmarking                          form/catalog samples and to fill with other              Fayetteville, NC
                                                                     brochures from the swap table that will be at
                                                                     the back of the room.
   Onsite, you receive ample opportunity to discuss best
                                                                   • A 30-day FREE “hot-line” service directly to
practices for seminar/conference marketing...reflecting
                                                                     your program leader after the seminar.
real-world situations. Essentially, Elliott has searched the
Register Online at www.clemson.edu/esm or Call Kay James at 864-656-2200
    Don’t just take our word for it that Ralph’s workshops really
           work, hear what past attendees have to say...                                   along with practical examples. Elliott’s information
                                                                                           is very specific and actionable.”
                                                                                           -Rennay Barton, Director of Marketing Programs,
“The program                                                                               MapInfo Corporation, Nassau, New York
                               1. Return on Investment Impresses
greatly exceeded my            Attendees...                                               • “Your presentation was full of content and delivered
expectations. The                                                                           in a dynamic and entertaining style. You provided
                               • “Ralph Elliott guaranteed we’d leave this seminar
                                                                                            so many good examples of what works, leaving our
quality was equiva-              with at least two new ideas...well I’m leaving with at
                                                                                            group with practical ideas, tips, and techniques that
                                 least 51 excellent ideas immediately implementable
lent of an MBA-                                                                             could be immediately implemented. I highly recom-
                                 when I get back to the office. A definite return on
                                                                                            mend your presentation to my MPI colleagues.”
Level Marketing                  my investment.”
                                                                                           -Danielle Bowman, CMP, IMPI Communications Board
                                -Lucia Fusaro, Marketing Manager
                                                                                           Liaison, Indianapolis, Indiana
Strategy Course. I              Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada
would recommend                • “You gave me over 100 ideas to look at when I get        3. Colleagues find Effective Seminar/Confer-
to any small com-
                                 back to work. I am already reviewing one idea that       ence Marketing so beneficial, they come back
                                 will save me $20,000 this year.”
pany CFO.”                      -Scott Murphy, Director, Technical & Professional         several times. . .
                                Training, ASTM, West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania           • “This is the best program on marketing seminars
Michael Beattie, CFO,                                                                       and conferences! Ralph’s presentation skills and
Educational Symposia,          • “As a result of what I learned in your course, I           humor are excellent while providing so much
Tampa, FL                        increased the revenue from our major conference            information in two days. I have attended twice and
                                 program from $400,000 to $1,000,000 in one                 can’t wait to get back and start using all of the new
                                 year. I followed that with similar successes in other      ideas.”
                                 conference programs.”                                     -Char Alexander, Program Manager,
                                -Michael Critser, Director, Reed Exhibition Companies,     Governor’s Industrial, Safety and Health Conference,
                                Norwalk, Connecticut                                       Olympia, Washington
                               • “I traveled from Auckland, New Zealand to Chi-           • “My second time attending and the seminar proved
                                 cago to attend Ralph Elliott’s seminar. I had gotten       to be a wonderful refresher. Wonderful information
                                 my money’s worth by lunch time the first day!”             and a great networking opportunity.”
                                -Mike Groves, Director of Executive Education, Univer-     -Darlene Robbiano, Coordinator, Dr. James M. Bell,
                                sity of Auckland Business School, Auckland, New Zealand    Training Institute, Canaan, New York
“You asked me how
                               2. Ralph Wows You... Keeps You Interested                  • “This is my fifth time at this program...each time
the program might be                                                                        I come away with valuable stuff I can use! Ralph
                               & Makes Learning Easy...
improved . . .                                                                              has a huge depth of knowledge on this subject and
                               • “In my 17 years as Director of Continuing Medical          conveys it in an effective and engaging way.”
don’t change a thing.            Education, Elliott’s marketing course is the most         -Robert Bradford, President, CSSP, Vero Beach, Florida
I attend approximately           useful one I have attended. Excellent delivery of
                                 relevant materials!”                                     • “After attending Effective Seminar Marketing in
7 national conferences          -Rob Guerette, President, New England Educational           2005, I applied many of the rules and principals
per year and your               Institute, Pittsfield, Massachusetts                        learned, and we experienced a 26 percent increase in
                                                                                            registrations ... which translated into $150,000.00
seminar has been by            • “You asked me how the program might be                     additional revenue. This year I’m back in 2006 and
far the best I have ever         improved...don’t change a thing! I attend approxi-         I have brought our staff!”
                                 mately seven national conferences per year and            -Lynn King, Director of Continuing Dental Education,
attended.”                       your seminar has been by far the best I have ever         University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
Leona Draper,                    attended.”
                                -Leona Draper, Executive Director, Illinois Municipal     • “I have worked in the continuing education area of
Executive Director,                                                                         the University of Wisconsin for almost 30 years. I
                                Utilities Association, Springfield, Illinois
Illinois Municipal Utilities                                                                have attended Professor Elliott’s seminar on Market-
Association, Springfield, IL   • “Your marketing session at the Distance Education          ing Continuing Education twice. The principles
                                 and Training Council (DETC) Conference pro-                and tools I gleaned from those seminars have been
                                 vided many practical, down-to-earth and excellent          the corner stones for in house list development,
                                 insights for our members. The DETC program                 measuring marketing effectiveness and pricing.
                                 was a great success, and that success was due in           Attending this seminar is worth every dollar and
                                 large part to your participation. I appreciate your        hour spent. Since my attendance at the seminar I’ve
                                 outstanding presentation on how to market distance         contacted Professor Elliott on numerous occasions
                                 education!”                                                for a question or an update on a resource. He has
                                -Michael Lambert, Executive Director, Distance
                                                                                            been responsive and helpful each time we’ve been in
                                Education and Training Council, Washington, DC
                               • “I was calling in changes to my conference registra-      -Roberta Wang, Director Division of Continuing
                                 tion forms and website as I was learning immediate        Studies, The University of Wisconsin-Madison,
                                 great ideas to increase response rates. I really liked    Madison, Wisconsin
                                 the fast pace and the combination of PowerPoint

                               Register Online at www.clemson.edu/esm or Call Kay James at 864-656-2200
                                                          shuttle from O’Hare Airport is approximately
         HOW TO ATTEnD                                    $27 per person one way or from Midway Airport
                                                          it is approximately $22 per person one way. You
                                                                                                                  Dates & Locations:
                                                          can find the airport express shuttle in the baggage       London, England
              Five Easy Ways To Register                  claim area.
                                                                                                                   Monday and Tuesday
                                                          The Courtyard Miami Beach Oceanfront in
                                                                                                                   March 17–18, 2008
              InTERnET REGISTRATIOn                       Miami South Beach is 25 minutes from the
                                                                                                                London School of Economics
                                                          Miami International Airport. SuperShuttle also
              www.clemson.edu/esm                         provides transportation to the Miami Beach area;            Rosebery Hall
                                                          rates are approximately $19 per person one way.
              FAX your registration 24 hours a day by                                                              Chicago, Illinois
              dialing 864-656-3997                                                                                Wednesday – Thursday
                                                          Bring Your Team and Save $200 or More!                   August 7– 8, 2008
                                                          You’ll save $200 or more by bringing colleagues to
              CALL Kay James at 864-656-2200              this information-packed seminar, plus the tech-             Allerton Hotel
              between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. EST            niques you learn together will drive down your             312-440-1500
                                                          costs and increase your enrollments and revenue!
                                                                                                                 Miami South Beach,
              EMAIL odcereg-L@clemson.edu                 Now is the time for you to act. Call Kay James
                                                          today at 864-656-2200 to register you and your                Florida
                                                          team!                                                     Monday–Tuesday,
              MAIL Kay James, Clemson University,
                                                                                                                  January 12–13, 2009
              P.O. Box 912, Clemson, SC 29633-0912                                                                Courtyard by Marriott
                                                          Two Free White Papers on Seminar Marketing
                                                          Go to www.ralphelliott.com to get your free copies     Miami Beach Oceanfront
                                                          of the papers plus you can join Ralph’s Effective           South Beach
                                                          Seminar Marketing List Serv and network seminar            305-538-3373
What You Will Receive After You Register
As soon as you register, you will receive an email        marketing ideas with colleagues around the world.
confirmation, a free tote bag, a questionnaire to
supply questions you wanted answered, a copy of
Elliott’s 21 profit-making strategies to improve           Effective Seminar/Conference Marketing Sponsors
your bottom line and instructions on how to join
Elliott’s Marketing List Serv. Prior to the confer-        ACEware Systems, Inc. …
ence, you will receive a roster of fellow attendees so       Registration management software for your seminar and conference busi-
you can begin planning your networking contacts.           ness. Join hundreds of other programs who use our registration software to
                                                           track registrations, programs, and finances. Call ACEware to get the best
Registration & Fees                                        customer support in the business, powerful marketing tools, integrated
Reserve a block of seats for yourself and your asso-
ciates today by completing the registration request        e-mail, real-time web registration and hundreds of
or by calling Kay James at 864-656-2200. The fee           reports specifically designed to help you manage your
is $695 per person ($595 for two or more) and              conference and seminar business.
includes admission to all sessions, two continental        For a FREE evaluation copy call 800-925-2493,
breakfasts, special breaks, a comprehensive course         email – info@aceware.com, or catch us on the web at
workbook and all follow-up services. A check-in            www.aceware.com.
desk will be open at 8:30 a.m. outside the meeting
room at each location. The program begins each
day at 9 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m.                        MoreVisibility Search Engine Marketing …
                                                             MoreVisibility is a recognized leader in Search Engine Marketing and
Accommodations                                             Optimization. We can help you leverage the Internet to cost effectively
Rooms and meals, except for the continental
                                                           promote your conference or seminar online.
breakfasts and special breaks, are at the participant’s
expense. To make a room reservation, call the Al-          To learn more, please contact Andrew
lerton Hotel (Chicago) at 312-440-1500 or call             Wetzler 561-620-9682, awetzler@
the Courtyard by Marriott Miami Beach Ocean-               MoreVisibility.com or visit our website,
front (Miami South Beach) at 305-538-3373.                 www.morevisibility.com.
For hotel questions about London, contact Janis
Stanger at 864-656-2715.
                                                           Lewis Direct …
Transportation Information                                    Mark Lewis of Lewis Direct is experienced in all areas of direct marketing;
The London School of Economics’ Rosebery                   including strategy, list brokerage and management. Mark also helps ensure
Hall, at 90 Rosebery Avenue, is located in South           first-time list owners successfully place their
Islington, a 5 minute walk from the Angel Under-           lists on the market to generate high list
ground Station (Northern Line, Bank Branch).
                                                           rental income.
The Allerton Hotel in Chicago is 45 minutes
from O’Hare International Airport. An airport              Contact Mark at LewisMails@aol.com.

Register Online at www.clemson.edu/esm or Call Kay James at 864-656-2200                                                             7
“I think that Ralph’s skills as a

                                               EffEctivE                                                                            Chicago, Illinois
  presenter are the greatest asset
  to this program. Second would
  be the abundance of material I                                                                                                    August 7–8, 2008
  leave with. One final note – I               Seminar/conference
                                                                                                                                    Miami South Beach, FL
  teach a public speaking course.
  Ralph is one of the best present-
  ers I’ve ever seen. Great balance                                                                                                 January 12–13, 2009
  between personality, knowledge,
  approachability, humor, and
  dedication to the training of his
                                               LOnDOn, EnGLAnD • MARCH 17–18, 2008
              —John Ferrare, Partner,          CLEMSON UNIvERSITY                                                            NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION
                 Enerdynamics, LLC             P.O. Box 912                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                                               CLEMSON UNIVERSITY
                                               Clemson, SC 29633-0912
 A TWO-DAY SEMInAR                             Phone: 864-656-2200
 BY RALPH ELLIOTT                              FAX:       864-656-3997
                                               If you receive more than one
                                               brochure, please pass the extra
                                               along to an associate.
                                               If addressee is no longer
                                               employed, please forward to
                                               his/her replacement.
                                               Call 864-656-2200 to update
                                               your record.

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   n YES! I want proven ways to substantially boost responses and profits.
   Register me for Effective Seminar/Conference Marketing - ESM
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