Home Relaxation Thai Traditional Massage by liaoqinmei


									           Home Relaxation                                                                 Courses & Service Rates

        Thai Traditional Massage                                                           Body massage
                                                                                           1 hour (5000 Yen), 1.5 hours (7000 Yen),
                                                                                           2 hours (9000 Yen) excluding transportation
   Home is the best place for relaxing                                                     Thai Foot Massage
             your mind…                                                                    1 hour (5000 Yen) excluding transportation

                                                                                           Thai Aroma Oil Massage
  Bringing Thai massage to your home                                                       1 hour (7000 Yen), 1.5 hours (9000 Yen),
             (female only)                                                                 2 hours (12000 Yen) excluding transportation
              Yokohama & Tokyo Area                       Thai Foot Massage
                                                          This method of foot massage      Thai Herbal Ball Massage
                                                          integrates the knowledge of      1.5 hours (8000 Yen),
                                                          Chinese reflexology points       2 hours (10000 Yen) excluding transportation
                     ``Hi, my name is Surintorn from
                     Thailand. I do enjoy giving          with the most relaxing Wat Po
                                                          massage techniques.
                     massage because I can see how
                                                          Moreover, pressing and
                     good my clients feel after           massaging through                Dates & Time
                     receiving massage. Massage at        reflexology points are           Wed-Saturday 10:00 -18:00
                     home is an option for those who      beneficial in regaining and
                     like Thai massage but have no        improving activities of the
                     time to go to ordinary massage       internal organs.
                     shops. Another option is that you                                     Contact me
                     come to my place where I provide                                      Tel: 090-6346-2930
                     you with a friendly atmosphere.      Thai Aroma Oil Massage           E-mail: surintorn@hotmail.com
Surintorn Grasmück
                                                          Thai aroma oil massage is a      Blog: http://ameblo.jp/thaishiki-massage/
                     Please feel free to contact me for
                                                          combination of Thai and
                     more information``
                                                          Western massage techniques
                                                          proving relaxing feeling.
Thai Traditional Body Massage
Giving whole body massage can
help to relieve muscular fatigue                          Thai Herbal Ball Massage
and pain, reduce tension and                              A combination of Thai
headaches, regain mobility in                             massage and Thai herbal
muscles and joints, and promote                           compression improves blood
relaxation. Thai massage is also                          circulation and nourishes the
helpful not only to stimulate the                         skin. Herbal compression has
circulation of blood and the                              many benefits, including anti-
lymphatic system, but also                                inflammatory, when applied
improves body immunity,                                   with pressure and heat along
promoting anti-aging and                                  energy lines.

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