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					                   Biopowders Marie Curie Network RTN 512247

    WORKSHOP on Particle & Powder Technology as applied to
         foods, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals
                                    September 18-19th, 2008
                             1 avenue des Olympiades, 91300 Massy, France

The main purpose is to share and disseminate the final results of the research conducted during 3
years by 13 researchers in 14 institutions/research centres/companies in Europe, in the
framework of the BIOPOWDERS Marie Curie Network.


DAY 1 - Thursday September 18th

13:30-14:00 Registration
14:00-14:15 Workshop opening - Welcome address by John Fitzpatrick, Department of Process and
            Chemical Engineering, University College Cork (Ie), Coordinator of the Biopowders
            Marie Curie Network
14:15-14:45 Why is it useful to characterize powders ?
            John Dodds, Professor, Ecole des Mines d'Albi, Albi-Carmaux (Fr)

   First session: Powder Caking & Agglomeration
                  Chair: Dr Christelle Turchiuli, Agroparistech Massy (Fr)
14:45-15:20 Powder caking and glass transition.
               Nicolas Descamps, PhD student, Nestlé Singen (Ge), University College Cork (Ie)
15:20-15:55 Caking of binary particles mixtures of amorphous dextrose and crystalline sodium chloride.
               Elsa Schreyer, PhD student, Nestlé Singen (Ge), University of Münich (Ge)
15:55-16:30 Spray drying process engineering: measurements, stickiness, powders properties.
               Alessandro Gianfrancesco, PhD student, Agroparistech Massy (Fr), Nestlé Singen (Ge)
16:30-18:00 Poster session - Coffee break

DAY 2 - Friday September 19th

   Second session: Powder Coating Technology
               Chair: Dr Frederic Depypere, University of Ghent (Be)
9:00-9:35    Water-soluble cellulose derivatives as coating agents - influence of solution properties and
             process parameters on coating quality and mechanical strength.
             Katarzyna Nienaltowska, PhD student, University of Ghent (Be)
9:35-10:10 Starch particle coating using a dry powder coating process.
             Luca Bilancetti, PhD student, ENITIAA Nantes (Fr), University of Ghent (Be)
10:10-10:45 Modification of surface properties of biopowders by dry particle coating,
             Serkan Otles, PhD student, Ecole des Mines d'Albi (Fr)
10:45-11:05 Poster session - Coffee break
11:05-11:40 Characterization of coating formulation and process manufacturing for determination of
             coating strength.
             Giacomo Perfetti, PhD student, Delft University of Technology (Nl), DSM (Nl)

   Third session: Nano-Particle Technology
                Chair: Dr Janos Gyenis, University of Pannonia (Hu)
11:40-12:15 Production of nanostructured solid-phase biocatalysts and comparing their catalytic properties.
              Emese Biro, PhD student, University of Pannonia (Hu), Delft University (Nl)
12:15-12:50 Sub-micron grinding of organic crystalline products.
              Stephen Hennart, PhD student, DSM (Nl), Delft University (Nl)
12:50-14:00 Lunch break - Poster session

   Fourth session: Particle Handling, Processing & Monitoring
                Chair: Dr Luc Aerts, UCB Pharma SA (Be)
14:00-14:35 Potential of infrared heating as a method for decontaminating food powders.
              Norman Staack, PhD student, SIK, Göteberg (Sw)
14:35-15:10 Dextrose crystallization - Control of crystal growth and crystal size.
              Abhay Markande, PhD student, Syral (Be), University College Cork (Ie)
15:10-15:45 Study of mass flow rate in pneumatic conveying systems.
              Cecilia Arakaki, PhD student, POSTEC, Tel-Tec Centre (Nw)
15:45-16:20 Establishment of a test procedure for direct measurement of adhesion strength of powder
              flavour in contact with crisp surface using a novel adhesion tester.
              Ertan Ermis, PhD student, Wolfson Centre, University of Greenwich (UK), University of
              Münich (Ge)

   16:20-16:30 Conclusion
             John Fitzpatrick, Department of Process and Chemical Engineering, University College
             Cork, Coordinator of the Biopowders Marie Curie Network

Call for poster presentation of research works
All topics related to the four sessions are concerned by poster presentation.
One page abstracts will be sent before June 30th, 2008, to
Acceptation will be known for July 30th.
The abstracts will describe objectives, methods and results, with references of published papers issued
from the proposed work. They will contain title, authors, with full address, telephone and email of
corresponding author. The text (Word) will contain less than 600 words (Arial 10, simple space).
A booklet with abstracts will be edited for the workshop.

Equipment exhibition
In relation with the topics of the Workshop some equipment companies are welcome to participate.
Contact must be taken with organizers.
Christelle Turchiuli and Elisabeth Dumoulin
Food Process Engineering Research Unit
1 avenue des Olympiades 91300 Massy, France
Tel 33 1 69 93 5069 (secretariat) – 5015 or 5093 (scientific staff),

Registration (ACIA) before July 15th, 2008
Fees for workshop (including proceedings, lunch on Friday 19th, coffee breaks)
        Full rate                      150 €
        Universities, RTN Members      50 €

Extra participation for - lunch on Thursday 18th        15 €
                        - dinner on Thursday 18th       70 €

No reimbursement after August 31th, 2008.

            Agroparistech Massy, 1 avenue des Olympiades, Massy (91), 20 km South of Paris
              From Paris centre 35 min by RER B (direction Massy, stop “Les Baconnets”), then 10
              min walk
              By car via motorway A6, exit Massy.
              From CDG airport (follow signs “RER B”, “Paris by train”) 1h30 by RER B
              From Orly airport, 40 min by Orlyval (to Antony) then RER B (direction Massy “Les
              Train station: Massy TGV, 15 min by taxi

Some hotels in Massy are close to the workshop venue.

         (* walking distance from Workshop site)

       Hotel                  Tel/Fax                                        Web site
Kyriad*                  T (33)1 60115554
82 place de France
91300 MASSY
                         F(33)1 60110591                               (m
Relais de Massy*         T (33)1 69200423
1 rue Gabriel Péri                  
91300 Massy
                         F (33)1 60117430                                                                              (m
Ibis                     T (33)1 60119489
6 rue du Saule Trapu
91300 MASSY
                         F (33)1 60119553     tel.shtml
Mercure–Massy Gare       T (33)1 69328020
21 avenue Carnot
91300 MASSY
                         F (33)1 69328025     otel.shtml
Relais de Palaiseau      T (33)1 64539292
82 r Gutenberg
                         F (33)1 64539290     iseau-91.html
Hôtel Alixia             T (33)1 46749292     http://hotel-location-de-salle-hotel-3-etoiles-chambre-hotel-
1 rue de la Providence
93160 Antony
                         F (33)1 46745055

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