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Suffolk GOP/Conservatives For Altschuler


									Suffolk County, August 8, 2011 – Suffolk County Republican and Conservative
Party leaders reacted to news that George Demos is entering the race today by
calling for unity behind job-creating businessman Randy Altschuler.

“We need to learn from last year’s mistakes and not let divisions within our
own party allow Tim Bishop to sneak back into office again,” said County GOP
Chairman John Jay LaValle. “Our country is in the midst of a severe economic
and fiscal crisis, and we need a business leader like Randy Altschuler in
Washington to fix it.”

“George Demos claims to be a conservative, but after his announcement today
he might as well be on Tim Bishop’s payroll,” said Conservative Party Chairman
Ed Walsh. “The fact of the matter is that Demos can’t win this race and he knows
it. The only thing his candidacy does is make it easier for a job-killing liberal like
Bishop to get re-elected. He has zero support within the Conservative Party and if
he cared at all about defeating Bishop he would get out of the race.”

“I’ll be blunt, we can’t afford a primary and should be united with a single goal
in mind – defeating a tax and spend liberal incumbent and electing Randy
Altschuler to Congress,” said Brookhaven Town Republican Chairman Jesse
Garcia. “George should stand down for the good of the hardworking families of
the First District; the good of the party, and abandon plans to run again. Frankly,
I am surprised he’s making this announcement when there is so little support for
him locally.”

“Randy Altschuler is the best candidate we can put forward to recapture the 1st
Congressional District in 2012,” stated Smithtown Chairman Bill Ellis. “Randy
has the pulse of the district and tremendous support among Suffolk County
Republicans and Conservatives.”

“Today’s announcement by George Demos has no impact on our strategy moving
forward,” said Altschuler spokesman Chris Russell. “Randy is humbled by the
broad support he’s receiving from Republican and Conservative Party leaders,
and he’s focused on holding Tim Bishop accountable for the mess in Washington
and defeating him next November.”

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