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									               The Inn Antigua | Massage Therapy

The Relaxation – Swedish Massage (60 mins or 90 mins)
This full-body treatment incorporates long- flowing strokes designed to soothe muscles,
relieve tensions and improve circulation, creating a relaxed state.
                                                                    $90.00 & $133.00

The Muscle Melter – Deep Tissue Massage (60 mins or 90 mins)
The massage uses a variety of deep, direct pressure and strokes to decrease pain loosen
tight muscles and assist in the relaxation of the muscles.
                                                                    $103.00 & $150.00

Aromatherapy Massage (60 mins or 90 mins)
The powerful effects of essential oils combined with Shiatsu, Lymphatic and Swedish
massage techniques relax, detoxify the immune system and release muscle tension.
Experience aromatherapy, easing away daily stresses and bringing mind and body back
into balance.
                                                                  $109.00 & $157.00

Sports Massage (70 mins)
This massage is designed to work on tight, stiff and fatigued muscles and joints, using
gentle massage to warm, then deeper techniques to manipulate and ease the body with
stretching and range of motion.                                            $108.00

Head, Neck, Shoulder, and Back Massage (30 mins)
This treatment loosens tight, fatigued muscles in specific high-stress areas and clears
your mind.

Warm Stone Therapy (80 mins)
Warm stones are used during the massage to melt away stress and deeply relax the body
at its deepest level by penetrating tired muscles.

Couple Massage (60 mins or 90 mins)*see Masseuse
A wonderful massage treatment experience shared with a loved one or friend.
Choose from The Relaxation- Swedish Massage, The Muscle Melter-Deep Tissue
Massage or Aromatherapy Massage.

The Relaxation or Swedish Massage                                    $181.00 & $265.00
The Muscle Melter – Deep Tissue Massage                              $205.00 & $301.00
The Aromatherapy Massage                                             $217.00 & $313.00

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