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Choosing baby toys from the millions available can be tough. baby toys will help
you choose birthday and holiday gifts for one-year-olds. Babies of this age are
always on the go, and t they're on the cusp of becoming full-fledged toddlers.
The following toys allow babies to get out some of their extra energy or develop
some new skills, such as imaginative play. No matter which skill they're
developing with these toys, the learning will be fun!

Lightweight baby strollers have come a long way from the basic umbrella stroller.
Today's lightweight baby strollers have many of the same features as larger
strollers, but the pared down versions are much easier for travel and quick trips
to the mall or zoo. Here are ten great baby strollers that are lightweight, 20
pounds or less, but feature-heavy, allowing your baby to ride in style. compact
strollers should be easy to stash in a trunk without taking up too much space

Car seats:
Convertible car seats can be used both rear-facing for infants and forward-facing
for toddlers. Weight ranges vary on these car seats, so consider your child's
height and weight before buying a car seat. meet minimum safety standards, but
based on my experiences as a child passenger safety technician, as well as the
experiences of other techs, these car seats are easy to install in many vehicles,
hold up well over time and are easy to adjust for proper harness fit. All of these
car seats have high rear-facing weight limits so you can keep baby safely rear-
facing to about age 2, or beyond