Communicating Love Through Touch Certified Infant Massage

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					      What is Infant Massage
Infant Massage is a parent education
program, based on family strengths, which             Certified Infant
promotes the physical and emotional well-            Massage Instructor
being of babies and young children.
Clinical research confirms the importance                     with the
of a secure, loving environment and nurturing
touch in the healthy growth, development and        International Association
maturation of children (T. Field-University           of Infant Massage (IAIM)
of Miami Medical Center). Parents bond
and attach strongly to their children when
nurturing touch is deliberately introduced to
foster secure relationships (S. Bavolek).
Current findings on early childhood brain
development reveal the benefits of positive
contact as an integral part of baby’s early life,
and the unfortunate results when this early
attention is lacking (B. Perry).
Parents report increased feelings of
confidence in caring for their baby as a result
of infant massage

    Benefits of Infant Massage
                                                     Communicating Love
•   Encourages secure attachment.
•   Helps parents understand their baby’s
    unique language and cues.                         Through Touch . . .
•   Reduces baby’s stress and irritability.
•   Helps relieve discomfort of gas and
•   Enhances weight gain and overall
    development in premature infants.
•   Establishes a pleasurable, nurturing
    routine of positive touch for families.
            Certification Training                                  Continuing Education                                         Application
The four day training includes lectures, discussions,                                                              Name___________________________
audio-visual presentations and student practice          The Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) Training   Address_________________________
teaching experience at a three day parent/ baby          Course is approved for 30.9 contact hour as follows:      City____________________________
demonstration class. Training materials include a copy   (Partial credit is NOT granted.)
                                                                                                                   State ______________ Zip _________
of Infant Massage: A handbook for Loving Parents,
                                                                                                                   Phone __________________________
Teaching Infant Massage: A handbook for Instructors,                          Nursing
student materials packet and an extensive up-to-date     The International Association of Infant Massage –US
                                                                                                                   Email __________________________
bibliography.                                            (IAIM-US) Chapter is a licensed continuing education      Special areas of training/ experience?
                                                         provider in the State of California, approved by the      _______________________________
Certification is granted only after attending the        California Board of Registered Nursing, provider
                                                                                                                   Please attach the following information:
four-day instructor training and the successful          number CEP 12114 for 30.9 contact hours.
                                                                                                                   Why do you want to teach infant massage?
completion of the take-home exam, practice                                                                         (Please use a separate paper.)
teaching and required reading. Certification                                  Massage                              Do you need lodging information?____
                                                         The IAIM, US Chapter is approved by the National
enables the participant to teach parents and             Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body
                                                                                                                   Are you interested in contact hours?___
caregivers to massage their children. They are           Work (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider          Tuition is $595. for the four-day training
not certified to be “hands-on” practitioners.            under Category A Provider Number 025761-00.               and includes the books Infant Massage: A
These Certified Infant Massage Instructors                                                                         Handbook for Loving Parents and the Infant
(CIMI) join thousands who teach not only in                            About the Trainer                           Massage Instructor's Manual.
the US, but world in over 37 countries.
                                                         Linda Storm holds a bachelors degree in                   Full tuition must be included with the
                                                         Elementary/ Special Education with continuing             application and received 3 weeks prior to
Participants will learn to:                                                                                        the training. If received less than 3 weeks
Upon completion of this course, participants should be   education in Early Childhood and has
able to:                                                 designed products to promote early                        prior to the training fee is $625.
• Discuss current research on the benefits of touch      developmental skills. She actively promotes                        Send application and fee to:
     and tactile stimulation.                            infant massage in the Northern Virginia/ DC                               Linda Storm
• Review the benefit so infant massage for families.     area and has facilitated the formation of a local                    7620 Bertito Lane
• Demonstrate skill in observing and guiding
          parents’ response to their infant’s cues.
                                                         IAIM branch. She works with the WIC                                Springfield, VA 22153
• Adapt massage to specific needs, such as the           program at Ft. Myers, VA and Ft. Belvoir, VA                             571-241-1075
     newborn infant, infants with special needs,         She currently serves as the Vice-President for             
     and the growing child.                              the IAIM International Board and is a                                Cancellation Policy
• Improve communication skills with parents and          committee member with the several national
     caregivers.                                                                                                   An applicant who is unable to attend the
                                                         and local organizations.                                  training must notify the sponsoring agency.
• Improve facilitation skills for use in group and
     individual instruction.                                                                                       The cancellation fee will comply with the
                                                                                                                   sponsoring agency guidelines.

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