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                                               Grocery Ads/Coupons
Every Monday the Publix sales that begins the upcoming Thursday are posted, along with corresponding coupons.
Sign up to print a $5 coupon. You can sign up with everyone’s email address to get multiple coupons.
TIP: Sign up, and then use the refer a friend form to put down your friend’s email addresses. You will get a coupon for
each of them that sign up, plus they will get a coupon.
Great blog promoting organic deals in stores and throughout the web.
An out of area health-food store’s coupons. About half of the coupons are manufacturer and half are store coupons.
They can be used as competitor qs (if your store accepts).
Whole Foods Store coupons. If you have a store local, you can use them there along with manufacturer qs, or if your
Publix allows, use them as a competitor q.

                                                  CVS Ads/Coupons
Publishes CVS ads several weeks in advance, as well as matching up the sales with coupons, etc.
Another CVS blog with coupon, sale matchups.

                                                Coupon Databases
Coupon database. You can search by category (i.e. produce, meat) or by brand (Kraft, General Mills)

                                                 Clipping Services
A coupon clipping service. You can buy coupons and have them mailed to you.

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