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                                           PRESENTED BY:
                                           Madeline Cauthen
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                Coastal is a Group of Like Minded Professionals
                Promoting Exceptional Opportunities for Travel,
                                      Affluence and Well-Being.

       "Your big opportunity may be right where you are now." - Napoleon Hill
C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S   P R O F I L E                                                 -   2   -

    Can You See Yourself Earning $2,000.00 to $5,000.00 Or More
         A Week, Every Week, for Life? Starting next week!

Dear New Friend and Fellow Entrepreneur,

        Does it ‘Sound too good to be true?’ Skepticism is understandable, in fact, normal. However, I am
going to ask something of you. Simply be open-minded and investigate! I am your Information Tour Guide!
At no point will I pressure or convince you to work with us. If I had to do that I would not want you on our
Team! Prove to yourself that Coastal Vacations is a very profitable and totally ethical business that frankly is
just too good to pass up!

What Can This Business Do For You?
       This business makes it possible for you to solve your financial problems and provide you with the time
freedom to pursue worthwhile life goals! Here are a number of unique features that help you in ways where
most home-based business plans fail:
       1. You are rewarded for you own efforts and performance ($1,000.00 to $9,705.00 per sale).
          Once you do just two training sales, you won't share a dime of your profits ever with
          anyone. This isn't like multi-level marketing in which you will indefinitely share your
          profits with the person who sponsored you, as well as the person who sponsored your
          sponsor, and so on and so on. With Coastal everyone has equal opportunity for success.
       2. You earn money very quickly! Your very first month! Your first week! Your first day! Go
          ahead! Totally unlike MLM where you can work for months and sometimes years to get out
          of the red! In MLM, by the time you have recruited 50 people your profits may be $2 - 300
          per week, however, with Coastal when you have 50 Level I package sales you will have
          $50,000.00 to show for it! With 50 Level II sales - $150,000.00! With 50 Level III sales -
          $350,000.00! Even traditional businesses require huge initial outlays and usually take a
          long time to build a customer base and bring in enough revenue to offset startup costs. This
          remarkable business provides immediate cash return!
       3. You are properly trained with an easily duplicated system right from the beginning. I will
          personally train you. Additionally you are supplied with training tools and support showing
          you step-by-step, how to do the business. There are also training conference calls provided
          four nights every week that you can tap into.
       4. You are provided access to the same automated turnkey system and tools we use so you
          won’t have to “sell”! You merely point people to your personal 800-voicemail number, to
          the 24 hr. message phone numbers on page 13, and to your personal websites. Supply this
          Profile (personalized of course) to them, and finally introduce them to the Live Conference
          Calls where a member of the Board of Directors will answer their questions personally, yes
          exactly the same steps we’ve taken with you. Let the turnkey system do the “selling” for
       5. You are able to use your very own Automated Marketing System
          ( to consistently supply you with fresh
          leads, and follow up on those leads for you. Talk to people who respond to our ads! People
          who are seeking a home based business! People who have been interviewed and pre-
          qualified! Your business will be on AUTO PILOT! No “cold calling”!
C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S   P R O F I L E                                                    -   3   -

        6. Finally, the ingenious plan for trainer compensation absolutely explodes your income the
           longer you work the business! Your sponsor works with you training you for your first two
           sales and earns $1,000.00 from each sale ($3,000.00 each for Level II and $7,000.00 each
           for Level III). Once you are trained you train each person you sponsor and earn
           $1,000.00/$3,000.00/$7,000.00 from each of his or her first two sales. Then you train these
           two and you earn $1,000.00/$3,000.00/$7,000.00 each from their first two sales. They
           provide four more people for you to earn $1,000.00/$3,000.00/$7,000.00 from their first 2
           clients, who bring you eight more; the eight bring you sixteen; the sixteen bring you thirty-
           two, and on it goes.          Soon you spend all your time training others, earning
           $1,000.00/$3,000.00/$7,000.00 from each one you train. The compounding effect is
           incredible! This brilliant plan truly rewards you for your efforts!

There Are Many Home Based Businesses Out There, So Why Coastal?
        Coastal Vacations is different. We are the only ones marketing travel packages with this much value
at anything close to the price we offer and still giving $1,000.00 to $9,705.00 commissions! Our company
has hardly scratched the surface of the 5+ trillion dollar travel industry that is growing at the rate of 23% a
        With Coastal Vacations, credibility will never be an issue. Neither will stability, since every company
chosen to be in our package has been in business for at least twelve years (such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean,
Alamo, Quest, Access International, Walt Disney World, Kodak). If any of the companies in our package
were to fail in their performance our Board of Directors would immediately replace them. Additionally, a 25-
year-old company provides the vacation packages.
        Perhaps you’re confused about what to do and where to turn to find a legitimate home business that
really works; perhaps you have even lost money in the past. Admittedly, I don't know exactly what you're
looking for, but I do know what you're going to need if you are to succeed with a home-based business.
• You need a great product with universal acceptance, huge demand, and incredible value. Coastal
    absolutely has it! Human nature alone shows us that people buy what they want versus what they need.
    People want this product! It makes them happy! If for you, “seeing is believing” then thoroughly study the
    product on my website.
• You need the right pay plan. You can’t beat Coastal’s pay plan! $1,000.00/$3,000.00/$7,000.00 per sale
    with explosive potential growth due to the generous trainer pay plan!
• You need to be able to earn money quickly. With Coastal you have the potential to earn $1,000.00 -
    $9,705.00 or more your first week. We have an Automated Marketing System that works while you
    sleep! Where else can you find such an immediate return on your investment of time and money?
• You need the right training, coaching, & mentoring in the early stages until you have internalized
    everything you need to know. This Coastal provides you. My Team and I will personally assist you!
• You need to get quickly up to speed, and Coastal has everything in place for you to be able to do that.

        As you have noticed we have a proven, automated system for you to follow! Think about the people
who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, for a McDonalds franchise. Why? Not because
McDonalds has better hamburgers, but because McDonalds has a duplicatable system that works. A
McDonalds franchise is the next best thing to a guaranteed money machine! But to earn $2,000 - $5,000 a
week you don’t need a McDonald’s franchise! You don’t need to go to college for years! You don’t need to
re-mortgage the house! Coastal Vacations can provide you with that income because Coastal has a system
that works. Coastal can be your money machine, and for a relatively small investment!
        I am not going to tell you that "you're in the right place at the right time" with this business, because
that isn't the case, this is even better. The market for our product is absolutely huge and totally untapped, and it
will be for a very long time. As I mentioned it is a $5+ Trillion industry and growing!
C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S   P R O F I L E                                                    -   4   -

Take Action To Change Your Life!
        You obviously want to make a change in your life and you want to start making money right now, not
next year! That is why we met. Regardless of your situation, I am here to help guide and train you. We need
to talk again so that I can further your knowledge of this outstanding opportunity, and especially to make sure
you understand the power of the compensation plan. So let me show you how you can start earning money
right now!
        Understandably you may still have some concerns as to whether you can really succeed in this
business. I’ve been there, too, so I understand that fear of the unknown is what keeps people from doing
"entrepreneurial" things. However, let me reassure you, that with this business very little is left to chance. I
promise you that you will be taking advantage of systems that are time-tested and proven. You also have
access to training by incredible leaders in this field.
        However, let’s face it. To achieve success in anything, you must put forth some effort. First you need
to invest some valuable time to investigate this opportunity. Do that! Take advantage of all the sources of
information I am providing you. See for yourself that this business works! Find out for yourself that hundreds
of ordinary people are indeed making exceptional income from it. You will not be pressured, pushed, or
convinced. My goal is that you get all the information you need so that you can make an informed and
educated decision.

Following this letter is a detailed description of our program, and our products.

        You will find a detailed description of most of the contents of all three of our packages; they are the
Level I package, the Level II package and the Level III package. The Level I package offered by Coastal
Vacations is valued at over $15,000.00, yet is priced at approximately the cost of just one cruise for two
persons. The product itself may or may not be something that you could enjoy entirely by yourself, but I
guarantee you will enjoy the life of ease it could produce for you! Recreational facilities invariably have
vacancies that could be filled if you and I just knew about them and could make the connections. This
company can make that happen. The Level I package sells for $1295 and you earn a cool $1,000.00 profit on
each sale! The Level II package sells for $3500 and you earn a cool $3,000.00 profit on each sale! The Level
III package sells for $7500 and you earn a cool $7,000.00 profit on each sale! Just show the info and it pretty
much sells itself, as we mentioned, people want this product!
        You owe it to yourself to look at this opportunity with open eyes and with no preconceived
misconceptions. It is a great business with serious potential, and is a lot of fun to work! If after investigating
the opportunity you can't see its potential, than maybe this is not for you.
        On the other hand if you do see the potential in this business; if you do see that this opportunity is real;
if you do see this business changing your life, then you must take decisive action to make it happen! Take
the next step! Let me help get you started on the way to a truly profitable new business!
        I am looking forward to discussing this business in greater detail with you soon, and whatever you
decide to do, I wish you ultimate success with all of your endeavors.

Yours truly,

Madeline Cauthen

PS - I encourage you to call the recorded messages listed under the "FOR MORE INFORMATION" section on
page 13, and to visit my Website. There is also an, ‘Invitation Only’, live conference call Mondays thru
Thursdays where you will be able to listen to one of our Board of Director’s explain the business and answer
questions, including yours if you wish. On the live call you will also receive a free vacation with 10
destinations to choose from just for looking at our opportunity! Call me for that number!
C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S   P R O F I L E                                                         -   5   -

                                                    OUR MISSION:
        C   oastal Vacations is an association of entrepreneurs, professionals and home-based business owners
dedicated to providing the highest quality vacation values and travel benefits on the market today, and making them
available to their clients at rock-bottom prices. This has in turn created one of the hottest and most lucrative business
opportunities in the World!

Founded Based On An International Trend
       John Naisbitt, the world’s leading authority on trends, defines in his book ‘Global Paradox’, one of today’s
most important trends – Travel – currently at $5+ TRILLION annually, the world’s largest industry. It employs
10.6% of the world’s workforce and is growing 23% faster than the world economy!

                         Vacation and Travel is now the third largest retail industry in America!

        Trends such as this lead to financial success and define our lives. We either make money or spend money on
trends depending on where we position ourselves. A good example of this is Bill Gates, who maintains the elite
status of being the richest man in the world because he positioned himself in front of one of these hot trends: The
Computer Revolution!

        To take maximum advantage of this amazing trend, over eight years ago a Board of Directors committed
themselves to researching and building business relationships with travel companies that possess a proven track
record of customer satisfaction and industry credibility. The result? Coastal Vacations.

Stability And Service
       Coastal Vacations continues to offer Membership Benefits and Services that are unparalleled in the industry
today. Coastal offers an incredible Vacation Package that has unbeatable value to the consumer, as well as
tremendous financial rewards for the marketing team.

         Working with thousands of resorts and leaders in the field of travel and leisure, Coastal Vacations pursues
this commitment by consistently seeking out the best vacation and travel values in the industry and making them
available to clients at rock bottom prices. The Companies chosen to fulfill the benefits and services in our packages
are of the highest caliber. Most are publicly traded companies, licensed and bonded, with a track record of 12 years
or more. Our Independent shipping facility has 25 years of proven experience in the industry.

Room For You!
         Regardless of your previous work experience, you have an excellent opportunity to be extremely successful
with Coastal Vacations. Our commissions of $1,000.00 to $9,705.00 can quickly replace an existing income or add
to it nicely! Our marketing program is truly "turn-key," in that much of the sales and training needed to build a large
income is provided by the SYSTEM itself.

         From business professionals to homemakers, factory workers to executives: thousands are experiencing
amazing results with this tremendous opportunity!      JOIN US TODAY!
      C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S   P R O F I L E                                                          -   6   -

                          Savings Of Up To 75% Off Regular Rates
                                              The Coastal Vacations Level I discount travel membership package is a
                                              combination of 25 PLUS membership cards & dozens of vacation bonuses
                                              valued at over $15,000.00. The items listed on these next pages are all
                                              included in our Level I Package!
                                              *The first three of your membership cards offer up to 50% discounts on thousands of
                                                                          hotels and resorts worldwide!

1. Quest: 4,000 locations!                          2. Hotel, Motel and Resort Card: 4,000 Hotels Internationally!

3. Hotel Access Card: 2,400 Hotels Internationally!

4.        Coastal Condo Resorts Card: Discounted Stays at Luxury Resort Condos Worldwide at up to 75% Off regular
      prices. "Burn Week" last minute deals for as low as $250 per week.

5.        Golf Access International Card: Save up to 50% at Golf Courses and Driving Ranges Worldwide!

6.        Adventure Camping Network Card: Enjoy $10.00 Per Night Camping at Almost 500 Campgrounds!

7.       Recreation Access International Card: Save up to 50% on Recreational Activities such as amusement parks,
      miniature golf, laser tag, horseback riding, museums, biking, hiking trips, whitewater rafting, zoos, and more!

8. Ski Access International Card: Free Lift Tickets, 2 for 1 Lift Tickets, and Other Discounts at Over 260 Ski Resorts
   Worldwide. Free paintball admission at over 50 locations and up to 25% off whitewater rafting and canoeing trips!

9.        Coastal Travel Card: Specializing in Airfare & Group Package Tours

10.       Coastal Cruise Card: First rate cruises like Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Princess at best available

11.       Coastal Vacations Card: Choose from over 100 Vacations & Cruises as often as you want, in unlimited Qty.

12.       Dining Access Card: Get up to 50% off at thousands of restaurants Worldwide!

13.       Coastal Tour Card: Major discounts on hundreds of Tours Worldwide! Groups and Family!

14.       Coastal Theme Park Card: Substantial savings at well – known theme parks across the US, such as Universal
      Studios, Sea World, Six Flags, Busch Gardens, Dollywood and many more.

15.       Coastal Roadside Assistance Card: Discounted emergency assistance through approved towing companies.

16.       Car Rental Card: Discounts with Budget, Hertz, Avis & Alamo. Get 15% - 40% off normal rates!

17.      Coastal Travel Gifts & Services Card: Unlimited Access to $1,000.00 Gift Certificates to give out to anyone you
      choose as Rewards, Gifts, Incentives and more!

18.       Coastal Travel Services Cards: Discounts on everything Travel. Great resource for the latest deals on travel!

19. Worldwide RV Savings Card: Save 5% - 15% off class A and class C motor home rentals worldwide!

20.       Coastal Agent Program Card: Get all the benefits and perks that professional travel agents do!

21.      Grocery Travel Card: Online coupon service allows you to save thousands with manufacturer’s name-brand grocery
      coupons you can print off right from your computer.
      C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S   P R O F I L E                                                                  -   7   -

      Level I continued…

22.       Vacation Homes Card: Save hundreds or thousands of dollars off of private home rentals all over the world. Choose
      from 2-7 bedroom condos and private residences fully stocked with all the comforts of home.

23.      $1000 Gift Card: Shop for $1,000 worth of merchandise from your choice of hundreds of items—such as vacations,
      jewelry, cookware, books, electronics, theatre sets, knives, sunglasses and more! Give these away to friends and family
      members or as business incentives. Just $10 each. Order in any quantity.

24.      The Big Ten Card: With this card you can order a variety pack of 10 activated vacation certificates, depending on
      what the shipping center has on hand, for just $25. That’s only $2.50 each, instead of $6.95. This is a one-time use card.

25.       5000 Free Leads Card: This card is a one-time use card that gives you 5000 free leads from one of several different
      lead vendors to help you kick your business into high gear! A great way to get started fast.

26.       Cruise 5 Card: Order 5 cruises for just the shipping and handling of one! With this card you can order a variety pack
      of 5 cruises, depending on what the shipping center has on hand, for just $30. This is a one-time use card per renewal

27.        Timeshare Services Card: Now that you are a member of Coastal, would you like to sell an old timeshare you
      realize you’ll no longer need? This service gives you access to Sell, Buy, Trade, Rent, Lease or Exchange from their
      network of thousands of timeshare properties.

28.        All Inclusive 6: Enjoy 6 great All-Inclusive vacation certificates with this membership card for just $50. The
      destinations and details vary depending on what the shipping center has on hand at the time of your order. Travel in style
      like our Platinum members do…with an all-inclusive vacation.

          •   Carnival or Royal Caribbean Cruise - 4 day/ 3 night Cruise for 2 adults on either Carnival or Royal Caribbean
              cruise lines! You have your choice of at least 3 ports to depart from. (Other ports options based on availability) With this
              cruise you sleep onboard the ship, and all meals and onboard entertainment are included. ($1000.00 Value)

          •   Vacation for Two - Round-trip Passage aboard the Discovery I or the Seascape from Port Everglades to Freeport,
              Grand Bahamas Island - this is about a six hour cruise with your meals & entertainment included onboard. Once
              you reach Freeport enjoy 4 days & 3 nights Accommodations at the Island Palms Resort. (Other upgrade options
              available) Then you get back aboard ship for the return cruise to Florida. ($1,000.00 Value)

          •   3 Night Cruise & Stay - 4 days / 3 nights. Round trip cruise from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Grand Bahama
              Island. All meals and activities are included on the ship. Once you reach the island, you will get off the boat and
              stay for 3 nights at a 3-star resort hotel.

          •   5 Night Cruise & Stay - 6 days / 5 nights. Same as above accept you stay for 5 nights at a 3-star resort hotel.

          •   7 Night Cruise & Stay - 8 days / 7 nights. Same as above accept you stay for 7 nights at a 3-star resort hotel.

          •   Royal Caribbean Cruises- 4day/3night Royal Caribbean Cruise with three great itineraries: Miami to the
              Bahamas, Cape Canaveral to the Bahamas, or Los Angeles to Mexico. All meals, snacks and entertainment
              included onboard.
C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S   P R O F I L E                                                         -   8   -

Disney World, Orlando , FL Holiday: 4 days/ 3 nights complimentary lodging at a resort hotel in Orlando, Florida
located just minutes from Disney World. Includes 2 tickets to Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Islands of
Adventure, plus many other choices available. You also get over $1,000 in coupons for food, entertainment, activities,
and dinner shows around the Orlando area. This is good for 2 adults. You can also add children for a small fee.

Disneyland, Anaheim, CA Vacation: 3 days/ 2 nights with lodging.

Hawaii or Puerto Vallarta Vacation: This is known as the Western Fling vacation! This one gives you 3 days/ 2 nights
in your choice of Hawaii or Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Vacation Your Way: 3 days/ 2 nights at your choice of several destinations in the U.S., the Caribbean or Mexico.

Your Personal Vacation: 3 days/ 2 nights; up to 86 destinations to choose from.

Fabulous Florida Getaway: 3 days/ 2 nights stay in Florida or other selected destinations.

Las Vegas Vacation: 3 days/ 2 nights stay at a major hotel, plus $500.00 in benefits to put toward meals, shows, drinks,
or chips. (Valued at over $700.00)

Your Dream Vacation: 3 days/ 2 nights; destinations include Las Vegas, Florida, Mexico, Hawaii, Aruba, and St. Martin
in the Caribbean.

Lake Tahoe, NV Vacation: 3 days/ 2 nights at a wonderful resort with complimentary lodging.

Honolulu, HI Vacation: 3 days/ 2 nights complimentary lodging.

Atlantic City, NJ Vacation: 3 relaxing days & 2 glorious nights’ complimentary lodging accommodations for 2 adults.

Nevada Vacation (Reno, Las Vegas, or Laughlin): 3 days/2 nights with lodging.

South of the Border Vacation: Includes Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, or Cancun Mexico. 3 days/2 nights with lodging.

Branson, MO Vacation: 3 days/2 nights with lodging.

California Getaway: 3 days / 2 nights lodging. Choose from 8 exciting locations: Anaheim, Carlsbad, Lake Tahoe, Napa
Valley, Newport Beach, Palm Springs, San Francisco, or San Luis Obispo.

Trip to the Beach: 3 days / 2 nights complimentary lodging for 2 adults at your choice of the following 13 destinations:
Atlantic City, NJ -- Cape Cod, MA -- Cocoa Beach, FL -- Daytona Beach, FL -- Fort Lauderdale, FL -- Key West, FL --
Maui, HI -- Mazatlan, MX -- Myrtle Beach, SC -- Newport Beach, CA -- Ocean City, MD -- Puerto Vallarta, MX --
South Padre, TX.

Canadian Holiday: 3 days / 2 nights complimentary lodging for 2 adults at your choice of one of the following 5
locations: Calgary, Alberta -- Collingwood, Ontario -- Jasper, Alberta -- Kelowna, British Columbia -- Niagara Falls.

Your Nevada Vacation: 3 days / 2 nights complimentary lodging for 2 adults at your choice of Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas,
Mesquite, Reno, or State Line, Nevada.

Your Personal Florida Holiday: 3 days / 2 nights complimentary lodging for 2 adults at your choice of one of the
following 10 Florida locations: Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral, Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Miami Beach,
New Smyrna Beach, Orlando, Palm Beach, St. Augustine, or St. Petersburg.

3 Days of Play: 3 days / 2 nights complimentary lodging for 2 adults at your choice of these 6 exciting gaming towns:
Atlantic City, NJ -- Biloxi, MS -- Lake Tahoe, CA -- Las Vegas, NV -- Laughlin, NV -- Reno, NV.
C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S   P R O F I L E                                                          -   9   -

Level I continued…

My Orlando Getaway: 4 days /3 nights accommodations for two at a Ramada hotel in the Disney area, plus 2 boarding
passes on the SunCruz Casino.

My Las Vegas Getaway: 4 days/ 3 nights accommodations for two at the Sahara, Palace Station, Fitzgeralds, or the
Stratosphere Resort, plus a $500 Funbook.

Gateway to Paradise: 3 days / 2 nights lodging for two adults and up to 2 kids under 18 at your choice of over 60
destinations. Bonus Bahamas cruise & stay offer.

Disney World Vacation: 6 days / 5 nights complimentary lodging accommodations for 2 adults plus 2 tickets to one of
the following theme parks: Disney's Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Disney-MGM Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom,
Sea World, or Universal Studios.

Get Up and Go: 3 days / 2 nights complimentary hotel accommodations for 2 adults and up to 2 kids under 18 at your
choice of over 20 destinations. (Value up to $560)

Wanna Get Away? - 3 days / 2 nights complimentary lodging for 2 adults and 2 kids under the age of 18. Choose from
hundreds of nationally known hotels and exciting destinations.

Experience Orlando - 4 days/ 3 nights accommodations for 2 adults and 2 boarding passes on the SunCruz Casino,
plus a $5 table match per person.

                  Your Level 1 membership contains all of the above, plus even more exciting benefits,
                                        and more being added all the time.

Coastal Vacations is a membership that you can use for the rest of your life. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars
elsewhere when you can book the same accommodations at wholesale and most importantly when and where you need
them? Why pay $400 to $800 a year for maintenance and exchange fees on a timeshare when you can enjoy the same
benefits for only $89.95 a year (optional annual renewal fee due at the end of your first year) through Coastal Vacations?

                             “Why pay retail, when you can travel for wholesale?”

          For a more detailed description please visit my website under ‘Product Packages’.
                                           (CONTACT INCOME WEBSITE)
C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S   P R O F I L E                                                                 -   1 0   -

                                               (Valued at over $20,000.00!)
                                                    Coastal’s Level II Package comes with such incredible value
                                                    that there is not a package anywhere that comes close!
                                                    1) The International Vacation Membership Card - With your
                                                    membership, you have access to thousands of 7 day/ 6 night (or longer)
                                                    vacations in beautiful condo resorts for two or more adults all around the
                                                    2) Unlimited Access to these vacations certificates for $20-$30 each:
        Carnival or Royal Caribbean Cruise: Your choice of a 5 day/ 4 night or a 4 day/ 3 night Cruise for 2 adults on either
        Carnival or Royal Caribbean cruise lines. You have your choice of at least 3 ports to depart from. (Other ports options
        based on availability) With this cruise you sleep onboard the ship, and all meals and onboard entertainment are
        Disney Florida Holiday: 4 days/ 3 nights complimentary lodging for 2 adults at a resort hotel in Orlando, Florida
        located just minutes from Disney World. Includes 2 tickets to Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Islands of
        Adventure, plus many other choices available. You also get over $1,000 in coupons for food, entertainment, activities,
        and dinner shows around the Orlando area. You can also add children for a small fee.
        7-day Tropical Fantasy: Get 3 trips in one! A 2-night Orlando vacation stay, a 2-night Fort Lauderdale, Florida
        vacation stay, and a 3-night Bahamas Cruise & Stay round-trip from Fort Lauderdale.
        Orlando Getaway: Complimentary 3 day/ 2 night lodging for 2 adults. PLUS 2 tickets to attend the Arabian Nights
        dinner show OR 2 Sterling Casino Cruise Passes.
        Mexico Getaway: 5 days/ 4 nights complimentary lodging for 2 adults in your choice of exotic Mexico locations.
        8 Day Resort Getaway: 8 days/ 7 nights complimentary lodging for 2 adults at your choice of over 3500 resorts
        Caribbean Cruise: 3 days/ 2 nights cruise for two from Ft. Lauderdale to Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas aboard
        the Regal Empress. Includes all onboard meals, snacks and activities.
        Enjoy Cancun in Style: 5 days/ 4 nights luxury resort accommodations in beautiful Cancun, Mexico for two adults at
        your choice of 5 beautiful all-inclusive resorts.
        Time for Fun: Do a little of everything! 9 days/ 8 nights. First, enjoy a round-trip Discovery cruise from Ft
        Lauderdale, Florida to Freeport, Grand Bahamas and stay there for three nights at the Island Palm hotel. After that,
        cruise back to Ft Lauderdale and get 3 nights accommodations in Orlando and then 2 nights in Daytona Beach.
        Your Resort Condo Awaits: 7 days/ 7 nights complimentary lodging at over 150 worldwide destinations.
        Your Florida Holiday: 8 days/ 7 nights complimentary lodging accommodations for 2 adults plus 2 tickets to one of
        the following theme parks: Disney's Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Disney-MGM Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom,
        Sea World, or Universal Studios.
        Get Up & Go West: 5 days / 4 nights getaway to 2 great destinations for 2 adults and up to 2 kids under 18. First,
        enjoy 2 nights at your choice of over 10 western U.S. destinations, then go to Las Vegas, Nevada for an additional 2
        nights there. (Value up to $758)
        Your Vacation Getaway: 3 days / 2 nights for two adults at your choice of over 90 destinations.
        Fiesta Mexico: Your choice of accommodations for two adults in either Puerto Vallarta for 7 days/ 6 nights or in
        Cancun for 5 days/4nights.
        5 Day Hawaiian Getaway: 5days/ 4nights accommodations at your choice of Kona, Hilo, Maui, or Honolulu, Hawaii.
        5 Day Mexican Getaway: 5 days/ 4 nights accomodations for 2 adults at your choice of Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Los
        Cabos, Cozumel, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Guadalajara, or Mexico City.
        3) Free Ticket to any future Coastal Training Seminar - For an Itinerary, Dates and Location of our next Seminar pull
        our Fax-on-Demand at 732-463-6423 Doc. # 10!
C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S   P R O F I L E                                                              -   1 1   -

Expand the boundaries of your travel to the rest of the world. With the impressive array of destinations in the Level III
                                Universal Travel Package, you are sure to find a destination that suits your desires.
                                Level III includes unlimited Prestigious Bonus Vacations (shown below)!

                                     The Universal Travel Package includes…
                                     1) Lifetime Level 3 Universal Membership Card

                                     2) Complimentary all-inclusive resort vacations - 6 destinations to choose from
                                     (Bahamas, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic) 3 days / 2 nights lodging. All meals,
                                     drinks, taxes, gratuities, and activities on the beach and at the resort included. (Value -

                                     3) Central Florida Getaway - 5 days / 4 nights lodging in Daytona Beach or Orlando

                                     4) 8 days / 7 nights Resort Vacation - Studio or one bedroom luxury condo stay.
                                     (Retail Value - $1050.00 - $1400.00).

5) Bonus Vacation Program - Buy one, get one free 3-7 night Carnival Cruises, complimentary accommodations (3-7
nights) with purchased airfare, Complimentary Airfare for two with purchased accommodations (7-14 nights). Locations
include Jamaica, Costa Rica, San Juan, St. Thomas, Barbados, Aruba, Rio De Janeiro, Greece, England, France, Italy,
Egypt, Israel, Singapore, Bangkok, Thailand, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Hawaii, Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand, Acapulco,
Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Manzanillo, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Orlando, Southern California, Spain, Portugal, &

6) Carnival or Royal Caribbean Cruise - (same as in Levels 1 & 2) Your choice of a 5 day/ 4 night or a 4 day/3 night
Cruise for 2 adults on either Carnival or Royal Caribbean cruise lines. You have your choice of at least 3 ports to depart from.
(Other ports options based on availability) With this cruise you sleep onboard the ship, and all meals and onboard
entertainment are included.

7) Royal Caribbean Ocean Cruise - 4 Days / 3 nights Cruise For two adults. Choose from an Eastern Caribbean cruise
from Port Canaveral or Miami, FL to Nassau and Coco Cay, Bahamas, or an Eastern Baja cruise from Los Angeles, CA to
Ensenada, Mexico. Available upgrades for a surcharge: upgrade to a 4, 5, or 7 night cruise, or choose to leave from one of
the following premium ports - Seward, Alaska -- Tampa, Florida -- Galveston, Texas -- Cape Liberty, New Jersey --
Miami, Florida -- Vancouver, British Columbia -- New Orleans, Louisiana -- Ft. Lauderdale, Florida -- Baltimore,
Maryland -- San Juan, Puerto Rico -- Los Angeles, California -- Port Canaveral, Florida.

8) 1,000 Fantastic Locations - 3 days / 2 nights accommodations at Marriott’s or Holiday Inns at over 1,000 domestic or
international locations.

9) Central American All-Inclusive - 3 days and 2 nights all-inclusive accommodations at your choice of Panama City,
Panama - Acapulco, Mexico - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Cancun, Mexico - Isla Mujeres, Mexico - Puerto Plata,
Dominican Republic - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

10) Tropical Getaway - 3 days/ 2 nights all inclusive vacation at your choice of 4 locations in Mexico - Cancun, Riviera
Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, or you can also go to the Dominican Republic.

11) Caribbean All-Inclusive - 3 days / 2 nights all-inclusive stay for two at your choice of: Montego Bay, Jamaica;
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic; Cancun, Mexico; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Punta Cana, Dominican
Republic; Playa del Carmen, Mexico; Cozumel, Mexico; and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S    P R O F I L E                                                       -   1 2   -

Level III continued…

12) Your Florida Holiday - 8 days / 7 nights complimentary lodging accommodations for 2 adults plus 2 tickets to one of
the following theme parks: Disney's Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Disney-MGM Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom,
Sea World, or Universal Studios.

13) Choose Your Dream Cruise - Buy one, Get one Free cruise on board Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, or Carnival Cruise
Lines for 3-17 days for you and a guest, leaving from your choice of ports worldwide. Two get to go for the price of one!
Additional bonus certificate for 3 days / 2 nights complimentary lodging at your choice of over 25 destinations.

14) Wyndham Resorts Plus More - 3 days / 2 nights all-inclusive stay for 2 adults at your choice from 6 fabulous beach-
front Wyndham resorts in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, or the Grand Bahamas Island. All meals, snacks, drinks,
recreational activities, entertainment, massage and babysitting services available for a fee.

15) Jamaica Getaway All-Inclusive - 4 days / 3 nights resort hotel accommodations at the family-friendly Super-Club
“Starfish” resort. Upgrades to other Super-Club resorts are also available for a fee.

16) 5 Day All-Inclusive Mexico Getaway -Enjoy a 5 days / 4 Nights all-inclusive stay in Beautiful Cancun, Mexico.

17) Choose Your Bahamas or Caribbean Getaway -Choose from two great vacations - either 4 days / 3 nights All-
Inclusive accommodations at your choice of Bahamas, Dominican Republic, or Mexico -OR- 8 days / 7 nights
in St. Thomas, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Sint Maarten or Guadelupe.

18) 4 Day All-Inclusive Getaway -4 days / 3 nights all-inclusive stay at your choice of Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto
Vallarta, Riviera Maya, Jamaica, or Curacao.

Plus, Free Ticket to any future Coastal Training Seminar - For an Itinerary, Dates and Location of our next Seminar
pull our Fax-on-Demand at 732-463-6423 Doc. # 10!

                                    Have our amazing packages left you with questions?

                      See the next page for answers to our most commonly asked questions!
C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S    P R O F I L E                                                                   -   1 3   -

                                    VACATION QUESTIONS & ANSWERS
  Q: Are these vacations genuine? How can they do this?               Q: Are the individual vacations transferable?

       A: Absolutely genuine. Resorts as well as marketing                 A: YES!! Most families simply could not take
       companies have been selling similar vacation packages               advantage of all of these great vacations, so why not
       for 25 years, generally selling them for much higher                pick the ones you want the most and then share the rest
       prices. Nearly all hotels, resorts, cruise lines, etc. have         with family and friends. The membership cards (issued
       vacancies on an ongoing basis. They find that                       in your name) are not transferable.
       participating in Vacation Package programs is a viable
       form of “advertising” to bring in guests—who                   Q: How far in advance must we make our reservations?
       obviously then spend money in their bars, restaurants,
       shops, etc. Then they return home to tell their friends             A: Plan ahead as you would for any major vacation
       about the marvelous time they had! Complimentary                    choosing several preferred time periods. Through your
       trips have long been a mainstay for travel agents.                  club membership you will also have access to “shorter
       Today, many savvy travelers use promotional packages                notice” trips at huge discounts for cruises, vacations
       such as this for all their vacations, saving thousands              and condos worldwide that are not sold out.
       each year. After all, who visits an empty hotel or
       resort?                                                        Q: Are there restrictions on when we can travel?

  Q: Are there expiration dates on the various offers?                     A: Generally speaking, the package vacations will not
                                                                           be available during the heaviest peak season or major
       A: The first two free vacation certificates that come               holidays. Most providers will ask you to submit three
       with your package are good for one year. All the other              choices as to when you’d like to travel—and nearly
       free vacations are good for one year after the date you             always accommodate. With so many available
       mail in the voucher to activate that particular vacation.           destinations, you should be able to travel almost
       The travel discount membership cards that come with                 anytime you wish.
       your Level 1 package can be renewed as a group for
       only $89.95 per year (no renewal required for Levels 2         Q: With such great bargains, can I resell some of these
       & 3). Many regular cardholders who deal directly with              individual vacations?
       the companies we represent pay from $50 to $139 a
       year to renew a single card!                                        A: No. These are promotional vacations and not to be
                                                                           individually resold. But you can give away some of
  Q. Are these associated with a Timeshare Presentation?                   the trips to others! You might even “donate” a vacation
                                                                           to a non-profit organization or school raffle! If you
       A: NO! This is not a timeshare program! This program                own a business, reward your best employees! Or use
       is Usually Sold Exclusively by Resort Properties for                some of the vacations as incentives to increase sales of
       $2,500 and more to timeshare presentation participants              big-ticket items.
       who decide not to buy a timeshare, but still want the
       benefits of timeshare ownership. This is even better!

                                    BUSINESS QUESTIONS & ANSWERS
Q: Why is this not MLM?                                                  employment until they have achieved the level of income
                                                                         they desire. Others choose to quit so as to focus all of their
    A: There are no monthly purchases required. Normally                 efforts toward earning a faster return with Coastal.
    with MLM, a large downline or Team is required to make a             Obviously, this is a personal decision.
    sizable income, decreasing on each lower level, whereas
    our bonuses remain the same on each level                        Q: How much money can I make and how fast can I start to
                                                                         make it?
Q: Do I have to approach my family?
                                                                         A: You determine your level of income based on your
    A: No. However, most clients get so enthused about this              efforts. Many clients begin earning one or more thousands
    program and the package that they feel compelled to share            their very first week. You can begin immediately upon
    it with family members. There are many others eager to be            faxing your completed pre-application to your sponsor,
    contacted by using our various sources.                              who will provide you with a Fast-Start Manual. For those
                                                                         who are extremely serious, ask about our automated web
Q: Do I have to quit my job?                                             based system!

    A: No. Many clients will continue their current
     C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S    P R O F I L E                                                                    -   1 4   -

Q: What if I don’t have at least $1,295 right now?                     Q: Will I need to sit through a sales pitch to get a free
     A: As you know, any realistic opportunity will require
     some investment of time and money. You must also ask                  A: No. All you do is submit a request for you’re preferred
     yourself, if I don’t make a financial change now, where do            dates and you will be notified when you are scheduled to
     I see myself in 2 months? Where will earning $2,000 to                totally enjoy your vacation or cruise.
     $3,000 a week, or more, now put me in 2 months?
                                                                       Q: How can I get started the FASTEST?
Q: Let’s say I am not a salesperson. How can I become
   successful?                                                             A: Obviously, study all materials you’ve been provided by
                                                                           your Director, making a list of any Questions you might
     A: There is really no selling involved; you’re just giving            have. Get them answered so you’ll sound like you know
     information. You can earn a couple thousand dollars a                 what you’re talking about when you begin contacting
     week at least, from home, where people call you and you               others. Prepare a business plan with your Director
     just give them information, similar to a tour guide.                  implementing the tools and systems we already have in
                                                                           place! As soon as your Vacation Package arrives, you can
Q: I have never owned a business, how do I make it a success?              probably sell a few by simply “showing and telling” an
                                                                           ordinary person, because what we offer is such an extreme
     A: Most of our clients were in a similar situation. You can           bargain. With each package you sell at $1,295 you have
     do the same as they do, use the tools that are provided and           $1,000.00 profit (or $3,000.00 - $7,000.00)! And your
     direct people to these quality tools. Since the majority of           clients, even if they take advantage of just ONE of the
     the population spends many hours each week to work for                major vacations, will have more than their money’s worth!
     their employer to profit, you can apply a portion of that
     same effort to your own business by following our proven          Q: Outside of people I know, how can I find those wanting
     system and receive greater rewards.                                   to build a business with us?

Q: Is the training schedule made to fit around my schedule?                A: Advertise! If you want to work locally, gather up
                                                                           sample copies of local shoppers, newspapers, magazines,
     A: Yes. Your sponsor will be available to assist you as               etc. Examine their Biz Op sections, and decide where
     much as possible to meet your schedule; however, the best             you’re most likely to reach the men and women you want
     times to work with new clients is Monday through                      to attract. Even better, there are also dozens of publications
     Thursday and Saturday afternoons in the wintertime. Most              that cater specifically to opportunity seekers nationally.
     of our Team only works part-time during these days.                   And, for the extremely serious, we have our automated
                                                                           web based system! You Director will be happy to go over
Q: How does the association offer assistance to me?                        any additional cost you will incur with advertising. With a
                                                                           bargain such as we offer, plus the gigantic $1-9,705 per
     A: We have every type of lead generation available. We                sale earnings, any advertising will quickly provide a
     have national camera-ready materials, national advertising,           lucrative return!!
     fax blasting, post cards, internet sites, e-mail letters,         .
     scripts, audio tapes, video tapes, quality brochures, lists of    Q: What support systems should I put in place?
     names of prospects who are expecting to be called who
     want to get involved in a home-based business. We even                A: Get a voice mailbox so multiple incoming calls can be
     have an exclusive automated web based system that will                received at once, 24 hours a day. Ask your Director about
     literally put your business on autopilot! Additionally, we            vendors. Get a website that comes completely
     do have daily live conference calls and periodic optional             personalized! Plug into our automated web based lead
     seminars.                                                             generation system! We will show you how to completely
                                                                           eliminate all of these expenses! You will also want to order
Q: How is it that you can give all this value for $1295 and                3-way calling from your phone company. You may choose
   still earn a thousand bucks?                                            to set up a fax machine on a dedicated line; however the
                                                                           majority of our work can be done very easily on a
     A: One reason is because Coastal has been marketing                   computer and through the Internet. Set up an office area
     these for well over 10 years, which is longer than all the            where you can get and stay organized with your
     others, and now buys these packages by the millions. Also,            paperwork and follow-up files. Ask your Director.
     it is in the best interest of the properties to make sure their
     facilities are filled to near capacity both for appearance        Q: Are their live opportunity/training calls or pre-recorded
     sake and to cover their expenses.                                     24-hour presentations?

                                                                             A: Yes! Ask your Director for the schedule of live calls
                                                                             and training. Send all your guests to these calls. For your
                                                                             convenience, we have a series of 24-hour pre-recorded
                                                                             numbers that tell our exciting story.
C O A S T A L    V A C A T I O N S   P R O F I L E                                                   -   1 5   -

                                             FOR MORE INFORMATION
                Listen to these five Information Packed recorded calls and visit my Website.
    2) 24 HOUR MARKETING PLAN OVERVIEW.......800-628-6435
    3) 24 HOUR RECORDED Q & A CONFERENCE CALL.......212-461-2750
    4) TESTIMONIAL LINE.......212-461-2755 & 212-461-2748
    5) Coastal Intro Lines.......732-463-6436 & 732-463-6435
                                     FAX ON DEMAND.......732-463-6423 Doc. #1- 10
        24-HOUR VOICE MAIL…… (CONTACT Toll-free)
        E-mail: (CONTACT Email)
                 (CONTACT WEBSITE)

                   Listen To What Coastal Vacations Clients Have To Say:
                             "I’ve been working with Coastal Vacations for only 2 1/2
            months and I’ve already earned over $60,000! It has been an extremely easy product to sell
                                   because of its incredible value."- Al, Florida

                "I've just started with Coastal Vacations 10 days ago and I'm already a Director! I also
                               have 3 more sales on the way! Thanks Coastal!" - Gene, Texas

                          "In my first week with Coastal Vacations I made more money
                      than I had working a whole month at my previous job!” - Robert, California

            "I'm making $8,000 a month, part-time! If you’re looking for a great opportunity check out
                                  Coastal Vacations!" - David, Pennsylvania

                "I am working from my home making 3 sales a week! I simply ask people if I can show
                you how to make three thousand a week, will you take 15 minutes of you time? Everyone
                 says yes! I just give people the fax on demand and have them listen to a conference call,
                                                 that's it!" - Bob, New York

“I am twenty-one years old and I got into the program a little over a year ago when I was twenty. I’ve had about
a sale a week, which amounts to about a thousand dollars a week. I am a full-time college student so I don’t have
a lot of time to punch a clock and things like that, so I really appreciate the time freedom that Coastal has given
                                                me!”- Greg, California

C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S   P R O F I L E                                             -   1 6   -

                                            HOW TO GET STARTED

1. Purchase Your Resort Vacation Package

Complete the ‘Customer Purchase Order’ on pg. 16 and purchase one of the following Packages:

The Level I Package:                         YOU EARN A $1,000.00 COMMISSION ON EACH SALE!

Over $15,000 Value; All membership cards, over 20 Bonus Vacations! YOUR INVESTMENT IS ONLY $1295!

The Level II Package:                        YOU EARN A $3,000.00 COMMISSION ON EACH SALE!

Intl’ Travel Package & Ticket to a 3-Day Seminar. Valued at Over $20,000! YOUR INVESTMENT IS ONLY $3500!

The Premier Package*:                        YOU EARN A $3,200.00 COMMISSION ON EACH SALE!

Includes BOTH the Level I and the Level II Package! Huge advantage; Passing up two Premiere Sales will
Qualify you at both Levels I and II simultaneously. This is a very fast way to build your business!
                                 * This offer is only valid as an initial purchase.
                   Save $800.00 Your Investment Is Only $3995! *MOST POPULAR BUY

The Level III Package:                       YOU EARN A $7,000.00 COMMISSION ON EACH SALE!

Universal Travel Package & Ticket to a 3-Day Seminar. Value is Priceless! YOUR INVESTMENT IS ONLY $7500!

The Platinum Package**:                             YOU EARN A $9,705.00 COMMISSION ON EACH SALE!

Includes ALL THREE packages; Level I, II and III! The Ultimate; Purchasing a Platinum Package and passing
up two Platinum Sales is the fastest way to Qualify you at the highest Director level, a Platinum – Level III
Director! This is the fastest way to build your business!
                                 ** This offer is only valid as an initial purchase.
                Save $1295.00 Your Investment Is Only $11,000! **ABSOLUTE BEST BUY

      I will send the wholesale amount ($295 for Level 1 and $500 for Level 2 and Level 3) to the
wholesaler and keep the $1,000.00, $3,000.00, $3,200.00, $7,000.00 or $9,705.00 profit. The wholesaler
immediately forwards your appropriate Coastal Vacations resort package/s to you, along with your
complimentary cruise certificates and vacations. You may immediately begin to use the Coastal Package/s
and take the vacations you’ve always dreamed of!
C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S   P R O F I L E                                         -   1 7   -

2. Setup your Automated Marketing System

       Set up your complete Automated Marketing System. This system includes a Toll Free Voicemail
Service, Four Websites, an Autoresponder System, Advertisement Business Cards and a Complete Members
section full of training and support. (You can learn more at

This Automated Marketing System was designed using the proven successes of numerous Coastal Directors!

Call COA Network @ 800-454-5930 and tell them you are with Coastal Vacations and would like to get
the PowerSuite Pro System. Your Toll-Free Voicemail will be setup with pre-recorded professional
recordings. Your personal Websites and Autoresponder system will be personalized with your name, phone
number, and e-mail address. Your Members Section will provide you with instant training and support

By utilizing our proven marketing techniques along with the Automated Marketing System, you will be
able to generate and prospect to numerous leads that soon become money in your pocket!

3. Complete Two Training Sales With Your Directors Help

       I will help you make your first two sales. With all the leads you will generate through our
marketing system, and our assistance, you will easily be able to make your first two sales. I will train
and assist you in generating these first two sales. I will retain these first two and you now become a
Qualified Director, and purchase directly from the wholesaler.

4. You Are Now A Director;
                  Make $1,000.00 to $9,705.00 on Each And Every Sale

       As a qualified Director you are now qualified for life! You will now earn $1,000.00,
$3,000.00, $3,200.00, $7,000.00 and $9,705.00 commissions on every sale that you make. This is
yours to keep. There is no need to split this with an upline or downline, like in MLM. It’s all yours! Now
you will train each of your new sales to become Directors. As you do, you will earn $1,000.00,
$3,000.00, $3,200.00, $7,000.00 and $9,705.00 commissions from each of the first 2 sales that you
help your new associates make!
C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S   P R O F I L E                                                             -   1 8   -

                                                                   PO #        Date:
    INDEPENDENT DIRECTOR                                           New Customer - Please Print

            Madeline Cauthen
         (CONTACT NAME)
                                                        Ship To:
             (206) 984-4079
                                                        Street Address:
                                                                              (We Cannot Ship to a Post Office Box)

   Coastal Vacations                                    City: ____________________ State: _____ Zip:
                                                        Phone:                      Fax:
Customer Purchase Order                                 E-mail:

                                                TERMS                                                      SHIP VIA
                                                                                                        OVERNIGHT -
                Cashiers checks or money orders in full with order.                                         $25

LEVEL – I: Resort Vacation Package
  Membership Cards, Deep Discounts on Condo Rentals, RV Hookups, Recreation,
  Hotel Stays, Restaurants, Golf, Cruises, Car Rentals, the Industries Lowest Airfares,
  Theme Parks, Hundreds of Vacations and Cruises and More………...Qty. _____ X $1295 =

COMPLIMENTARY Carnival Cruise, 3-Piece Luggage Set, Camera and Film……………..…                                   N/C

LEVEL – II: International Vacation Package
 Includes Membership, Hundreds of Vacations around the World, Unlimited Cruises.
 FREE Ticket to a Coastal Training Seminar etc………………...............Qty _________x $3,500 =
Premier Package: Purchase L-I and L-II Together
                      (Save $800.00)……………………………… Qty _________x $3,995 =
LEVEL – III: Universal Vacation Package
  Travel the Planet with Level III, Lifetime Membership, thousands of vacations, hundreds of 5, 6
  and 7 Days cruises, Many all exclusive vacation, plus more………... Qty _________x $7,500 =
Platinum Package: Purchase L-I, L-II, and L-III Together
 Level I - FREE (Save $1295.00) Level II – $3,500.00, Level III - $7,500.00
                      (Save $1295.00)……….…………………... Qty _________x $11,000 =

                                                              Freight         FEDEX $25 EACH

                                                                    Balance Due

                                     CUSTOMER PURCHASE ORDER
         As per our agreement with the independent business people of COASTAL
        VACATIONS, you must be a certified Level I, II or III Director to purchase
              products directly from us. (Sorry No Exceptions) – N.B. Management

      Signature: X______________________________________________ Date: ___________________________
C O A S T A L   V A C A T I O N S   P R O F I L E                                                   -   1 9   -

                          MARKETING YOUR WAY TO
                                    FINANCIAL FREEDOM!
                          You can earn money as an associate primarily in three ways:
    1) Personal sales to consumers: You purchase the Level I, Level II and Level III packages
       wholesale, market them retail, and keep the substantial difference, ($1,000.00 each for Level
       I, $3,000.00 each for Level II, $7,000.00 each for Level III) as profit!
    2) Training Sales: With your support, each new associate choosing to earn income with
       Coastal will make 2 training sales to qualify as a Director. You receive the profit ($1,000.00
       each for Level I, $3,000.00 each for Level II, $7,000.00 each for Level III) from those 2
       training sales and gain two new associates who will need to be trained as well!
    3) Qualification Sales: Your associates will advance to the Level II and Level III Director
       positions which require additional qualification sales. You receive the profit ($3,000.00 each
       for Level II and $7,000.00 each for Level III) from those qualification sales!
       (Premiere Package Qualifies as Both a Level I & II Sale, Platinum Package as a Level I, II and III Sale)
     Unfortunately in today’s society, most only pretend to want to make changes in their life,
spending most of their time complaining about life. Only a few actually do something to change
their life, to “Realize Their Dreams!” We can honestly say we are realizing our dreams! Each
day we talk to many people in our search for those who see their dreams as a reality rather than,
just a dream. What about you? We enroll several new clients every single day! We will commit
ourselves to teaching and helping you to do the same with our simple; proven system, but only if
you are serious and ready to commit to us. We will not waste our time with “tire-kickers”. We will
not pursue, sell or try to convince people to see the AWESOMENESS of this opportunity. If you
can’t see it, then it’s probably not for you. I hope though that you will at least study this
opportunity thoroughly so you can make an informed and educated decision rather than a
blind one. However, if you can see it, then you had better look-out, because you are about to
realize your dreams!!!
   Remember to call the phone numbers listed on the page that begins FOR MORE INFORMATION,
and visit my Website listed there too. As you read through this information, write down any
questions you might have so I can answer them for you when we speak.
    I will be here to answer any questions you may have at any time. I will also provide you with
as much information as you need to be able to make an informed and educated decision. Just
call me! If my voice-mail picks up, I am probably on the other line, so leave a message telling me
the best time to return your call and I will do my best to accommodate you. I look forward to
answering your questions. Remember, the next step is to call me! I will show you how to get
your free vacation just for having looked at the opportunity! Have a terrific day!


                                                    Madeline Cauthen
                                                    (CONTACT NAME)

                                                     (206) 984-4079
                                             Phone: (CONTACT NUMBER)

"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." - Abraham Lincoln

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