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									FOUND. Day 1         FOUND. Day 2         FOUND. Day 3            FOUND. Day 4        FOUND. Day 5
JD Edwards           Default Location &   Address Book            GL Business Process Setting up of G/L
Evolution            Printer              Overview                Overview            Constants

Technology           Working with                            Setting up General        Setting Up Fiscal
Overview             Attachments          Address Book Setup Accounting                Date Patterns
Getting into JDE     Interactive          Address Book       Revising the              Setting up
EnterpriseOne        Applications         Constant Setup     organization              Companies

Interactive                               Address Book            Processing Journal   Setting up Business
Applications         Interactive Versions Country Constants       Entries              Units

                                          Creating an Address Simple journal           Design & Manage
Batch Application    Batch Application    Book Record         entries                  Chart of A/Cs

                                          Address book record Reversing journal        Setting Up a Model
Grid Customization   Batch Versions       Batch Processing    entries                  Business Unit

Exporting the Grid                        Purge Address Book Model Journal             Creating a Model
Data                 Processing Options   Batch Program      Entries                   Chart of A/Cs

Importing the Grid   Submitted jobs and                                                Dynamic A/C
Data                 Report Output        Parent Child Relation                        Creation

User Defined Codes                        Address Book
& Category Codes   Table Browser          Supplemental Data
                   Data Dictionary (DD)   Address Book
                   Items                  Calendar
                   Working With Work      Address Book
                   Centers                Reports
FIN Day1                          FIN Day2                         FIN Day3                           FIN Day4
                                                                 Reviewing Customer Ledger            Setting Up Automatic Payment
Setting up of G/L Constants       A/ R Business Process Overview
                                                                 Information                          Processing
                                                                 Updating and Reviewing Tax
Setting Up Fiscal Date Patterns   Setting Up Components For A/R                                       Create Automatic Payments
                                                                 Reviewing Accounts Receivable
Setting up Companies              Setting Up Customers                                                Processing Manual Payments
                                                                                                      Approving and Posting Payments
Setting up Business Units         Processing Invoices              Reviewing A/R Integrity Reports
                                                                                                      to G/ L
                                                                                                      Updating and Reviewing Tax
Design & Manage Chart of A/Cs Posting Invoices                     AP Business Process Overview
Setting Up a Model Business                                        Setting up Components for          Reviewing Accounts Payable
                                  Post Invoice To G/L
Unit                                                               Accounts Payable                   Reports
                                  Performing Order To Cash                                            Reviewing Accounts Payable
Creating a Model Chart of A/Cs                                     Setting up UDCs for A/P
                                  Process                                                             Integrity Reports
                                                                   Setting Up Next Numbers for
Dynamic A/C Creation              Sales Order Entry
                                                                   Accounts Payable

GL Business Process Overview      Print Pick Slip                  Set up AAIs for Accounts Payable

Setting up General Accounting     Confirm Shipment                 Setting up Suppliers

Setting up Intercompany                                            Performing Procure to Pay
                                  Invoice Printing
settlements                                                        Process

Revising the organization         Sales Update                     Processing Vouchers

Processing Journal Entries        Cash Process                     Posting Voucher Batches

Simple journal entries            Processing Manual Receipts       Post Voucher to G/L

Reversing journal entries         Speed Receipts Entry

Model Journal Entries             Approve & Post Receipts To G/L

Setting up Allocations            Revising Receipts

                                  Processing Credit
Recurring Journal Entries

Recurring JE Compute and Print

Indexed Allocations
Indexed Computations Compute
and Print

Variable Numerator Allocations

Variable Numerator Compute
and Print

Using Account Reconciliation

Bank Account Reconciliation
Update & Review Tax
Reviewing G/L Reports &

Reviewing G/L Integrity reports

Reviewing Financial Reports
FIN Day5
FA Business Process Overview

Setting Up the System
Setting Up Other Features of the
FA System
Setting Up User Defined

Managing Asset Records

Tracking Asset Locations

Processing G/L Entries for Fixed
Posting Journal Entries to Fixed

Calculating Asset Depreciation

Processing Fixed Asset Journal

Splitting Assets

Transferring Assets to New
Disposing of Fixed Assets
Reviewing Standard Fixed Asset
Reviewing Fixed Asset Integrity
Performing Year-End Processes
for Fixed Assets
Performing Fixed Assets Global
DIS Day 1                            DIS Day 2                       DIS Day 3                         DIS Day 4
Understanding JDE Inventory
                                     Setting up Customers            Direct Ship Order Processing      Setting up Supplier Information
                                     Describe Soft, Hard & Future                                      Understanding JDE Procurement
Setting up Warehouse                                                 Direct Ship Order Process flow
                                     Commitments                                                       Process

Creating a Business Unit             Soft Commitments                Work with Line Type               Setting up Purchase Order Entry

Creating a warehouse                 Hard Commitments                Direct Ship Order Creation        Setting up Order Line Type

Setting up Locations                 Future Commitments              Invoice Printing                  Setting up Order Activity Rule
                                     Understanding JDE Sales Order
Creating Location                                                    Lab exercise: Direct Ship Order   Executing Purchase Order Entry
                                                                                                       Requisition Process - Setting and
Create Locations Individually        Sales Order Process             Sales Update

Entering Speed Locations             Entering a Sales Order          Lab exercise: Invoice Printing    Review Order Activity Rule

Lab Exercise: Create Locations
                                                                     Sales Order Transfer processing   Entering Requisition Order
Creating Item Master/Item
                                     Order Acknowledgement           Sales Order Transfer Process Flow Printing Requisition Order
Branch Record
                                                                                                       Generating Purchase Order from
Creating Item Master record          Picking Document                Enter Sale Order - Transfer
                                                                                                       Blanket Order - Setting and
Creating Item Branch Record          Ship Confirmation               Print - Pick Slip
                                     Print Invoice                   Ship Confirmation                 Review Order Activity Rule
Lab Exercise: Creating Item
                                     Sales Update                    Invoice Printing                  Entering Blanket order
Master record
                                                                                                       Generating Purchase Order from
Setting up Non-Stock Item                                            Transfer Sales Update

Determining Availability                                             Transfer Order Receipts           Communicating to the Supplier

Inventory adjustment, Issue &
                                                                     Credit Order Processing           Process Receipts
Transfer transaction
Issues Transaction                                                   Credit order Process Flow         Vouchers Matching
Adjustments Transaction                                              Work with Line Types
Transfers Transaction                                                Enter Credit Order
Cycle count and Tag count                                            Print Credit Memo
Understanding Cycle Count                                            Sales Update
Process – : Set Up Item
                                                                     Quote Orders Processing
Branch/Plant Category Codes
Process – : Select Items for Cycle
                                                                     Quote Order Process Flow
Process – : Print Cycle Count
                                                                     Enter Quote Order

Process – : Enter the Cycle Count                                    Print Quote Order

Process – : Review Cycle Count                                       Lab exercise: Entering Quote
Variances                                                            Order
Process – : Update the Cycle
                                                                     Release Quotes
Understanding Tag Counts                                             Blanket Orders Processing
Process – : Selecting items for
                                                                     Blanket Order Process Flow

Process – : Print Inventory Tags                                     Enter Blanket Order

Process – : Recording Tag
                                                                     Releasing Blanket Order
Distribution Information
Process – : Recording Tag Receipt
                                                                     Setting up Base Price
Process – : Entering Tag Count
                                 Setting up Preference Hierarchy
Process – : Reviewing the Tag
                                 Entering Base Price
Process – : Reviewing the Tag
                                 Setting up Order Activity Rules
Count Variance
Process – : Running Tag Count
                                 Release Back Order
DMAAI Setup                      Apply and Release Order Hold
Automatic Accounting
Instructions for Inventory       Applying Order Hold
Management System:
                                 Releasing Orders Hold
Dis Day 5
Setting up Next Number and

Setting up Next Number

Procurement Constant - Defining
Branch/Plant Constants

Procurement Constant - Defining
System Constants
Setting up Line Type

Setting up Order Activity Rules

Setting Print Message

Setting up Item Cross Reference

Setting up Tolerance

Setting up Order Hold

Setting up DMAAI

Setting up Template

Process Order Revision
Setting up and Process Order
Setting up and Process Receipt

Setting up Landed Cost
MAN Day 1                MAN Day 2                 MAN Day 3                   MAN Day 4                 MAN Day 5
Understanding the        Flow of Inventory & the
features of Inventory    Integration with other    JDE Product Data            JDE Shop Floor           Understanding Shop floor
Management               Modules                   Management Overview         Management Overview      Automated processes
                                                                                                        Understanding JDE Shop
Inventory Management                               Setting up Manufacturing Understanding JDE Shop Floor Automated
Process                   Setting up Warehouse     Constants                     Floor Process          Processes
Cycle count and Tag                                Setting up Shop Floor         Setting Up Shop Floor  Setting Up Shop Floor
count                     Creating Location        Calendar                      Management System      Automated Processes
                          Assigning Primary &      Setting up UDCs for                                  Setting Up Item / Branch
                          Secondary location to an Product Data                  Setting Up Shop Floor  Manufacturing
Cycle Count               item                     Management                    Calendar               Information
                          Creating Item
Understanding Tag         Master/Item Branch       Setting up Work Center - Setting up Manufacturing Setting up Supply /
Counts                    Record                   Discrete                      Constants              Demand Inclusion Rules
Define Unit of Measure of Item Notes and Print     Setting up Routing            Setting up Employee
an Item                   Messages                 Instructions - Discrete       Labor Rates            Setting up Line Type
                                                   Setting up Bill of Material - Setting up Item / Line Shop Floor Automated
Identify Non Stock Item Item cross reference       Discrete                      Relationship           Processes
Impacts of Inventory                               Setting up Work Center -
Management                Determining Availability Process                       Shop Floor Processes   Processing Lead time

                         Automatic Accounting      Setting up Routing            Shop Floor Processes
                         Information               Instructions - Process        (Discrete Manufacturing) Generation of MPS / MRP
                                                   Setting up Work Center -                               MRP Detail Message
                         Inventory Reports         Repetitive                    Creating Work Orders     Processing
                                                   Setting up Resource Units                              Creating Work order
                         Transaction Records       - Repetitive                  Processing Work Orders through Sale Order
                                                                                                          Inventory Issues (Pre
                         Updating item and         Setting up Routing                                     flush) through Work
                         location information      Instructions - Repetitive Issuing Inventory            order processing
                                                   Setting up Bill of Material - Recording Hours and      WO Completions (Back
                                                   Repetitive                    Quantities               flush)

                                                                               Work order completion     WO Completions (Super
                                                   Lead time Rollup            to Inventory              back flush)
                                                                                                         Releasing Sales
                                                                                                         Backorders & updating
                                                                               Manufacturing             SO status (WO
                                                   Product Costing             Accounting                completions)

                                                   Setting up Cost             Shop Floor Processes    Online viewing of Supply
                                                   Components                  (Process Manufacturing) Demand Inquiry
                                                                                                       Online viewing of Shop
                                                   Define Cost Method          Creating Work order     Floor Work bench
                                                                                                       Online viewing of Lead
                                                                               Processing Process Work time inquiry / Parts
                                                   Simulated Cost Rollup       Orders                  availability
                                                                               Issuing Inventory to    Online viewing of
                                                   Frozen Cost Update          Process                 Production Status
                                                                               Recording Hours and     Online viewing of
                                                                               Quantities in Process   Production History

                                                                               Work order completion
                                                                               to Inventory
                                                                               Shop Floor Processes

                                                                               Creating Rate Schedules
Rate schedule completion
Reviewing Item Ledger
Reviewing Work Order
CNC Day 1                                    CNC Day 2
Technology Overview                          Understanding The Installation Process
Configurable Network Computing Advantages    E812 Pre-Install Preparation 5

Different Client Server Architectures        Installing The Deployment Server Prerequisites
Enterpriseone Product Architecture           Important Post Installation Tasks

CNC Concepts                                 Understanding The Platform Pack Installation
Objects                                      Troubleshooting Platform Pack Installation
Path Codes                                   Location Of VpdProperties File
Data Sources                                 Create Installation Plan
Database Structures
Object Configuration Manager
Understanding Object Configuration Manager
CNC Roles And Activities

Securities In Enterpriseone
CNC Day 3                                               CNC Day 4
Installation Workbenches                                Understanding Package Deployment
Accessing Installation Workbench                        Installing And Configuring The HTML Web Server

Processing Installation Workbench                       Installation Process Of HTML WEB SERVER
                    1 Starting Installation Workbench Starting The HTML Web Server

             2 Working With Initial Tasks Workbench Accessing The HTML Web Server
                              3 Configuring Locations
                          4 Configuring Data Sources
                          5 Configuring Environments
                               6 Machine Workbench
                               7 Package Workbench
                   8 Finishing Installation Workbench
Data Configuration Workbench
                      1 Data Configuration Process
            2 Components & Tables Updated By Data
                         Configuration Workbench
                   3 Adding A Data Configuration Plan
                4 Running A Data Configuration Plan
Running Porttest

Starting Jdenet Services On The Enterprise Server
Media Object Queues
Understanding The Package Build Process
Installing The Workstations For Developers And
System Administrators
CNC Day 5
Applying Software Updates
Package Build

Tool Release
Applying 897 Tools Release

Using Object Management Workbench
Omw Concepts
Omw Action Buttons-Operations
Accessing Object Management Workbench
Using Object Management Configuration

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